i was wearing that

I did say I was gonna draw class 1a kids in stuff I own didn’t I? todoroki is the only one i have finished with colors so far cus im biased but other sketches will be done soon!

this was supposed to be clothing practice but my wardrobe is so very plain lmao


OC outfit doodles that took forever because for some reason I didn’t have that much fun drawing them, but they look hilariously dumb so I’m just gonna blame the end of semester burnout and draw something else for a while!

Except how do I draw again.

Me in-game: calm, collected, patient, and unintimidated

Me irl: what do i do what do i do help he is tall and i am intimidated, *inwardly screaming*, a problem has been detected and the operating system has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

more self-insert

was just thinking that if i actually was the MC in Jumin’s route, i would have screwed things up so badly