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The truth behind the S
  • Fan: So, Lili... We heard you like Jughead's S shirt. Is it true?
  • Lili: Yep. I would wear it all around if I could.
  • Fan: Awesome! And what does it mean to you?
  • Lili: .... *looks at Cole* well, to me... maybe it means strength and sincerity. *chuckles nervously* But it's Jughead, so it could really be sarcasm, right?
  • Fan: okay... Same question for you, Cole. What does the S mean?
  • Cole: *smirks, looking at Lili* Sprouse.


A comic dedicated to the anniversary of Beethoven’s death (March 26).
I like to imagine that my favorite trio traveled together after the show’s finale.
Also, I used screen tones for the first time :)

In my country, we bring an even amount of flowers to graves, and we give people odd amount of flowers as gifts for birthdays etc. So here, I split the two flowers into one on each grave to signify that the composers live on in a way.

Full version HERE

I hope that ed makes all of my fanfic dreams come true and have aaron and robert be wearing each other’s clothes because they were having sex in an a slightly inappropriate place and needed to get dressed quickly

Anyway until we know the scenario of the clothes swap I’m just gonna assume its because they were doing some public hooking up and had to rush to get dressed and picked up the wrong clothes. Thus having to walk through the village with essentially a big neon sign that says, “WE WERE JUST DOING THE DIRTY.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Bias Selfie tag!
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Here are some overly intense filter selfies~
(you almost cant tell that theyre mark but mmk i try)

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