i was wearing boots but i took them off


“It’s NOT okay! You keep saying that but YOU don’t know what you’re doing! Now we’re going to suffocate or starve at the bottom of the ocean and only my parents will notice because no one else cares about me!“

Rude Awakening {Dylan Massett Imagine/One Shot}

               I wrote this because I love Dylan Massett from Bates Motel, and I have failed to find any imagines/one shots about him on tumblr. What is wrong with the world?! The boy is perfection!      

 You jolted awake when you heard the loud knocking on your door. You groggily got out of bed, your fear vanishing when you recognized the voice that was yelling your name from the top of his lungs.

               “Dylan, what the hell are you doing?” You sighed tiredly as you swung the door open to reveal Dylan Massett, a boy who you had recently befriended.

               He ignored your question and only strolled into your apartment, his beer bottle swinging in his hand as he made his way over to the sofa, which he collapsed onto with a contented sigh. You winced as you watched him lift his muddy boots onto the armrest.

               “Dylan, feet down.” You snapped. You were always irritable when you were rudely awakened.

               “So bossy!” Dylan complained drunkenly, moving his feet with a pout on his face.

               You failed to stop yourself from smiling at your cute expression. This had happened a lot in the past few weeks, Dylan would drink his entire body weight in beer and then he would come shouting and stumbling over to your apartment. It had almost become a common routine for him to sleep on your small sofa.

               “You are such a pisshead.” You laughed, shaking your head at the blonde boy.

               “Shut up, I’m not even that drunk.” He slurred, only proving how drunk he really was.

               You rolled your eyes, “Sure you’re not Dyl.”

               “Dyl.” Dylan repeated your nickname for him with a happy smile on your lips.

               You laughed at him and walked over to your airing cupboard to grab your thick red blanket. You threw it over his long body, smirking when you saw how his feet dangled off the edge. You took his boots off and threw them to the side.

               “I always knew you were desperate to undress me.” Dylan smirked teasingly, his blue eyes burning into your skin as he stared intensely at your face. He had always thought you were attractive, even when you were wearing no makeup and had a messy bedhead, he thought it was sexy.

               “You wish Dylan Massett.” You sniggered, pulling tongues at him.

               “I do.” He sighed as he watched you leave in the direction of your room, his eyes fixed on your arse before you switched the lights off, engulfing him in darkness.

               You sunk back into your bed and wrapped the duvet around you. You were freezing, it was mid-November and your heating had been dodgy for weeks. You shivered and buried your head in the pillow, letting out a sigh as you slowly drifted back to sleep – that was until Dylan stumbled into your bedroom, swearing when he stubbed his toe on your bed.

               “Dylan!” You hissed, “What the hell are you doing?”

               “I don’t want to sleep on your sofa, I’m too long for it, besides it freezing out there!” Dylan complained as he flopped into the bed next to you.

               “Dylan, we both can’t fit in my bed!” You stated the obvious. You had a single bed with a single duvet. Dylan was hanging off the edge and your back was pressed firmly against the cold wall.

               “Well come closer then.” Dylan grumbled, turning on his side and wrapping his arms around your waist. You blushed at his actions, even though it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Dylan to act boldly around girls, he had a lot of experience, he had lost his virginity when he was twelve for crying out loud! You on the other hand barley had any experience, you had only ever slept with one person, and it had been rubbish, making you conclude that sex wasn’t the amazing thing that everyone made out it was.

               “You’re freezing.” Dylan noted as he tangled his legs with yours.

               “My heating broke.” You explained.

               Dylan frowned, “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have sorted it out for you.”

               “I know, I just didn’t want to bother you, I know you’re busy with…stuff.” You mumbled. By stuff you meant the weed business, and the fact that he was sleeping with his boss.

               “I’m never too busy for you Y/N.” Dylan said softly, his voice sincere.

               You gave him a small smile, “Really? Because it seems the only time I see you is when you’re as drunk as a skunk.”

               “I know.” Dylan sighed guiltily, “Sorry, I’m just dealing with some stuff at the moment.”

               You reached out and ran your hand over his cheek, feeling the slight stubble that was on his jaw. He gazed at you, his heart stuttering slightly at your gentle gesture.

               “I’m sorry that everything’s so messed up Dylan.” You whispered.

               You knew that Dylan was going through a lot at the moment, he was living with his boss because things had been harder than normal with Norma and Norman, and the weed business was becoming more and more dangerous for Dylan. He didn’t know that you were terrified that something was going to happen to him, he didn’t know how much she hated Jodi for putting your life at risk. You hated the fact that you were living with her, sleeping in the same bed as her like you both were now, you hated knowing his hands had been all over her, that he had been ravishing her and not you.

               At the thought you removed your hand quickly from his face and moved away from him. He frowned at your abrupt movement and how your face had become closed off, your eyes sad and jealous.

               “Hey, what just happened?” Dylan questioned, his tone slightly angry. He didn’t like you moving away from him, he wanted to be close to you, to feel your small body against his own and the sound of your heartbeat against his chest. “Why did you spring away from me like I just electrocuted you?”

               “It’s nothing…” You dismissed, “I just don’t know how Jodi would react if she knew we were in bed with each other.” There was a bitter edge to your voice, something that Dylan picked up on.

               “Are you jealous?” Dylan gasped, suddenly understanding your strange behaviour.

               “No.” You snapped, making it incredibly obvious that you were in fact very jealous.

               “Yes you are.” Dylan smirked, moving towards you.

               You moved backwards, only to collide with your bedroom wall once again. Dylan smirked again, knowing he had you trapped. He wrapped his arm around you, tugging you towards him, his hand resting on your hip.

               “Are you jealous because I’m living with her?” Dylan asked, his hot breath warming your face. He smelt of beer and peppermints, and you could smell his aftershave on his neck. “Or because I’m having sex with her?”

               His hand slid over your arse, his fingers trailing down your thigh before he lifted it, hooking it around his own hip. He flipped you over so you were on your back and he hovered over you, his hand trailing over your thigh until it reached the hem of your t-shirt. He slid his hand under the material, caressing the skin of your stomach as he supported his weight on the hand that was beside your head.

               “I’m not jealous.” You breathed shakily. Your heart was hammering in your chest as he continued to caress his skin.

               “Oh really?” Dylan chuckled throatily before he ducked his head into the crook of your neck. His lips kissed your neck softly, causing your eyes to flutter shut. “That’s a shame, because you’re sexy when you’re jealous.” His teeth nibbled at your skin causing your lips to part. You gasped as he ground his hips into yours, feeling the large bulge beneath his jeans rub against you.

               “That feel good baby?” He asked huskily, rolling his hips onto your again.

               You moaned in reply, your hands knotting in his hair as you pulled his face down so you could kiss him. You kissed him hard, biting his lip and rising your hips to meet his own. He groaned at the contact and the force of your kisses, he had always pinned you as an innocent girl, but boy, was he wrong. He kissed you back hungrily, his fingers fiddling impatiently with your shirt, annoyed with the piece of fabric that was concealing your gorgeous body from him. You moved so that you were straddling, pulling away from his lips with a smirk. You took your top off and threw it to the side of the room, your smirk widening as Dylan licked his lips, his eyes skimming over your stomach and your breast before he locked eyes with you.

               “Jesus, you’re gorgeous.” He breathed, a gentle smile on his face.

               You laughed as he tugged you towards him, pressing your body beneath his own as he kissed you fiercely. You quickly discarded his top so that you were skin against skin, your hands trailed down his chest, feeling the taut muscles of his abdomen before you traced the waistband of his jeans.

               “Y/N, if you keep touching me like this, I’m not gonna be able to stop.” Dylan told me huskily, his eyes dark with lust as his fingers dug into your hips. “I’ve been imagining this for months, and now that it’s finally happening I’m finding it hard to control myself.”

               “What about Jodie?” You questioned in shock.

               “I slept with her once, it was bad and it meant nothing. The only person that I’ve wanted for months is you, you’ve been driving me crazy Y/N.” Dylan confessed.

               You smiled and tugged him forward, your hands quickly undoing his belt as you kissed heatedly.

               “Then let’s not waste any more time then.” You smiled, causing him to grin, his blue eyes lighting up as he leaned down to kiss you passionately.

The Night Crew // Chapter 1

hi, I suck at updating bUUUT I hope u enjoy this chapter,, and amber will probably be in the next one more. /// prologue 

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I woke up the next morning, sitting up, I rubbed her head, and looked around the room, immediately noticing the sleeping body next to me.

“Oh, fuck.” I quietly groaned, quietly and quickly trying to get out of the bed without disturbing the body next to me. I immediately stiffened when Amber started to move around, but as soon as she stopped and started snoring again, I relaxed. 

“Now where did she throw my clothes?” I whispered to myself, looking around on the floor, she soon found the dress that she wore to the club and immediately put it back on, debating on whether or not to put my underwear on. ‘Nah, she should keep them, let her have a reminder of what she had for a night,’ I thought, after I put my dress back on and picked up my heels and my phone, and saw 5 missed calls from Yoongi, and 4 texts from Jimin. Before responding to Jimin, I looked at Amber one more time, and noticed that she look fucking gorgeous with the morning sun shining on her tan skin making her look like a goddess, more than she was already. I quickly shook my head and texted Jimin back and got out of the room. 

As soon as I exited the room, my phone vibrated, letting me know that Jimin had texted me back. 

I immediately felt my blood run cold, even if Jimin was telling me he’s fine, I still felt bad that I wasn’t there for him. I respond and started walking towards the elevator, and after pressing the button, I heard the ding that my phone made. Jimin and I talked for a moment before the elevator doors finally opened, after locking my phone and walking in, I returned to the conversation.

After finally reaching the lobby, I started walking towards the front doors, ignoring the looks I got, and focused on getting to the coffee shop that Jimin was picking me up from.

I heard Jimin’s voice yell, “(Y/n)!” causing me to snap my head up, and look around, I finally spotted the car, and quickly walked over, getting in and shutting the door, and Jimin had a smirk on his face. 

“What?” I asked, tone slightly bitter. 

“You have a hickey on your neck.” He said, before busting out into giggles, pointing at my neck. 

“Are you fucking-” I said, as I quickly pulled down the sun visor to look in the mirror, “Oh, god fuck.”

“The boys are never gonna let you hear the end of this, you know that right?” He said, with a chuckle, as he started to drive. 

“They will if they wanna keep their fucking lives,” I grumbled, slamming the sun visor up, “Why on my neck of all places? It’s huge as well! I’ve never even let someone give me a tiny hickey before!”

“She must really be something, huh boss?” He said, stretching out the ‘e’ in 'really’. 

“Yeah, and that’s what scares me,” I replied, putting a hand to my forehead, “Also give this to JK when we get there,” I tell him, holding up the food and drink I bought him, “I got to change and take care of this hickey.”

Walking into the “mansion” that we call our headquarters, I immediately walked towards my office, wanting to get out of these clothes, and hid this god forsaken hickey. Walking into my office, and locking the door shut, I took off my heels, walking towards the dresser the I kept hidden in the back of the room. Opening the drawer, I found the clothes I wanted to wear, socks, and my boots next to the dresser. Once putting them on, I walked towards my desk to find my makeup, and cover this hickey. Once it was finally finished, I heard a knock at my door, forcing myself up, I walk to the door and unlocked it, opening it to see it was Yoongi. 

“Oh, so you are alive. What did you do last night that was so much more important that my phone calls?” he asked, his eyebrow raising as he waltz into my office, grabbing a water bottle from my mini fridge lazily sat down on one of the chairs in front of my desk, and started drinking the water. 

“Sex. Sex is more important,” I said, jokingly, but still causing him to choke on the water, and his head whipping around to meet mine. 

“Wait, you actually had sex? I thought Jimin was joking,” he said, his eyes slightly watery after him just choking. 

“Jimin told you?!” Looking at him wide eyed, “I’m gonna fucking kill him,” bring a hand up to rub my eyes. 

“Well, yes and no. I honestly forced it out of him, but when he said you had sex, I didn’t believe him because you usually don’t get laid,” he shrugged, turning back around in the chair, and bring the water bottle back to his lips. 

I started walking towards my desk, muttering, “Yeah, do you know how hard it is to find a girl to have sex with nowadays?“ 

Yoongi choked on his water again, making me comment, "How many times are you gonna choke on that, huh?”

Cause him to glare at me. “I mean, if you stop saying shit that’s shocking to me, I would,” he retaliated, putting the cap on the water bottle and sitting it down. 

I took a seat at my chair, and looked at him, “Did you not know I liked girls, or?” Raising my eyesbrows, and my tone curious. 

“Honestly? No, but then again, I can’t make assumptions,” He shrugged, before continuing, “Also JK is in his, "room”, and he’s on some pain meds that Jin hyung gave him.“ 

"Thank you, Yoongi. Were you hurt as well, or just JK?” I asked, before leaning back in my chair. 

“I got a few scrapes, but I’ll probably die,” he said sarcastically, “Anyway, I have a few errands to run, see you boss,” he said, grabbing the water bottle, rising out of the seat, and started walking towards the door. 

“Yoongi?” My voice rung out, making him stop in his tracks. “Yeah?” He turned around to look at me. 

“A few things. One, thank you. Two, Please be careful, I don’t trust the people that you’re going to meet. Three, send Jin in here, please.” I said, my voice, more friendlier than usual. 

“Boss, I’m always careful, JK isn’t always careful, although he should be, and yeah, I’ll send him in.” And with that he was out and shutting the door leaving me to my papers. 

“Well, let’s work on these till Jin gets here,” I muttered to myself, as I started rearranging the papers, and starting on them.

After about 20 minutes of working on some papers, I heard a knock at the door. 

“Come in!” I yelled out, and Jin poked his head in. 

“Hey, you wanted to see me?” his voice sounding nervous.

“Yeah, come in and shut the door, please,” I responded, after he shut the door, I added, “Jin, you have no reason to be nervous. I just want ask you something, is all." 

I saw him visibly relax, "Oh, thank god, I thought I was in trouble,” he said with a chuckle, “but what is it?" 

I took a deep breath and leaned back in my chair, "How had are JK’s wounds? I heard they aren’t bad, but I wanna heard them from the doctor himself,” Worry evident in my voice. 

Jin sat in the chairs in front of my desk before responding, “They’re not too bad. He didn’t need surgery, thank god, but I did have to pull the bullet out,” a slight grimace passed across my face, causing him to chuckle, “Yeah, that was JK’s reaction too, but he should be healed within 6 weeks? So go easy on him." 

"You mean, give him paper work?” I asked, raising my eyebrow, before laughing, then realizing he wasn’t laughing, but there was a smile on his face, “Oh shit, you’re serious. Look dude, I’d love to give JK my paper work and shit, but I don’t trust him to handle all of this. Hell, Joon barely can, and I mean barely. He rather go do some errands before he does paperwork.”

“That’s saying a lot,” Jin said, chuckling, “Joon hates errands with a passion." 

"You see what I mean? I can always get him to help on somethings around the headquarters, but he’s not doing paperwork." 

"Oh, so thoughtful of you,” Jin said, sarcastically.

“What? You think i’m gonna let him sit on his ass the entire time? As long as his arm isn’t in too much pain, he can help around my office,” I responded, rolling my eyes, “and unless you have anything to talk about or ask me, you’re free to go, unless you wanna nap in here or something." 

"That’s more Yoongi’s thing than mine, but do you want to come with me while I go check on JK? I need to change his bandages,” Jin asked me, standing up. 

“Actually, yeah. Also,” I said, as I stood up from my chair and went around the desk to meet him, “remind me to pay you double for the shit you do around here. He wouldn’t be alive without you." 

"Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be, and I don’t mind getting paid double, so you bet your ass I will remind you,” He said, smirking, and put his arm in front gesturing to go ahead, “lead the way boss.”

Arriving at JK’s "room”, I knocked on the door before hearing a, “come in,” ring out. I opened the door and saw JK sitting on his bed, his left arm wrapped up in bandages, and him looking at the TV. 

“Hey hyung, hey noona,” he said as he turned towards us.

“Hey, JK, how’s the pain?” I heard Jin ask from behind me after he shut the door. “About a 6? Maybe? I don’t know, I’m just trying to ignore it now,” he said with a grimace, then looking at me, “what were you doing while I got shot?” he asked, his voice salty.

“I swear the one time, that I’m busy, one of you gets hurt, and don’t use that tone with me, JK. I’m still your boss.” I said, a slight dominance to my voice. 

“Sorry, noona. It’s just, i’m used to you being there, and I felt alone, you know? I’m still the youngest, and as much as I benefit from my hyungs, i’m still closer with you.” He said, his voice trailing off at the end, and his head immediately being hung, like he was getting scolded, immediately making me feel bad.

“Ah, fuck, JK. You know that I didn’t do it on purpose,” I said, walking towards his bed and pulling his chair from his desk to next to the bed, “As soon as I saw the texts from Jimin, and the missed calls from Yoongi, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t want to think too much until I knew, and once I did, trust me. They immediately assured me that you were okay, so I wouldn’t freak. I think of you as my little brother, so please be more careful, okay?" 

He grabbed my hand, "Okay noona, I’m sorry for scaring you though." 

"Don’t be, the little bastard that hurt you is gonna pay, don’t worry,” I said, as I squeezed his hand.

“Okay, I hate to break up the little family reunion,” Jin said, as I immediately glared at him, “But I need to change his bandages, so unless you wanna see this stitches that he has, I suggest you leave." 

"Okay, chill Jin, I get it,” I said laughing, which he returned with a smile, “I’ll check on you later, okay?” I told JK, and smiled at him, which I received one in response. 

“See you, noona,” I heard JK say.

“Bye JK, bye Jin,” I waved, stood up and walked towards the door.

After shutting JK’s door and walking down the hall a bit, I felt my phone vibrate. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, and seeing the message I got, I felt my heart drop. 

Oh fuck.


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In case you missed the previous parts…





Nessian Part Five by L.J. LaFleur 

I slammed the door behind me, as if a piece of wood would keep the monsters out. My spine rested against the smooth surface, stiffening as I stared at the cedar colored boots Cassian gave me. The lump in my throat enlarged, my vision blurring—I’m a fool.  

The burning sensation in my feet flourished, climbing up my legs until I moved. Pacing, I needed a release. Back and forth, until the flooring beneath me discolored with scratches. The more I thought of what happened during training, of admitting that even just looking at him killed me–it shook me to my core.

I’ve told him enough, I’ve let him in enough–why bother letting him in further? When the only outcome of letting him in would crush my soul? Heart? And then Mor—what does she want? To be with Cassian? Azriel? Both? My heart sunk as I bit my lower lip, endless questions twisted within.  

The window to the right of the bed was large enough for me to fit through. A prettily decorated prison, that’s all this place is, all it’s become. I unhooked the sterling silver latch, and pushed forward. I needed to escape. I tilted my body out of the window, giant bushes lined the bottom. I peered closer, my vision adjusting as it magnified every leaf, every sparkling-white jasmine petal. Even towards the tiny insects that trailed around the stems.

“What am I?” I shakily whispered to myself.  

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The Kingsglaive + Their Appearance (Spoilers?)

And here I am once more, trying to pick apart the armor the Glaives have available to them. I’ll be honest: I always thought they have two outfits, the black coat one with black boots and their battle uniforms.

But since I took my time to find every little bit of clothing, I’m wiser than before. Read More if you want to!

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King Of The Poisoned Youth - Chapter ONE

King Of The Poisoned Youth is going to be a series of chapters set in an alternate reality version of Once Upon A Time, focusing on Peter Pan and Captain Hook. It’s told in the point of view of Raven, who is (unbeknownst to her) Hook’s daughter.

Take note that the title might also change.

Plot: Raven has lived her whole life on the Jolly Roger, aiding her father and the crew on their many voyages and expeditions. Hook loves her deeply, and she is the thin tendril that keeps him from spiraling into a bloodthirsty need for revenge on the one who killed her mother. Hook has kept Raven secret from Peter Pan; Pan doesn’t even know she exists, and Hook plans to keep it that way for good reasons. But luck isn’t always on his side. One night during a very bad storm, the Jolly Roger was unknowingly steered into Neverland’s waters. Raven was blown from the ship and she crashed into the raging sea. In the struggle, she nearly drowned. The waters beat her around like a ragdoll so viciously she was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, as fate was to have it, she survived. Her body washed ashore of Neverland overnight. But she awakes with no memories of who she is or where she came from. That’s when Peter Pan finds her, and he figures out pretty quickly who she is. He takes a liking to how defiant, confident, and skilled she seems to be. And in a way to get back at Hook for keeping Raven a secret, he decides to indulge in playing a game, and Raven is his pawn. He never intends to fall in love her though. Surprise! Turns out, Pan is capable of loving someone else other than himself. In his own twisted way. And after Hook comes to Neverland in search of his missing daughter, Pan will do anything to make sure Raven stays his.


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I awoke with a start, sucking in a huge gulp of air. Frigid water lapped over ashen skin, slightly pushing and pulling my body back and forth with each roll of waves. I heaved myself onto my side, coughing and retching as salty sea water spurted from my mouth. Panic surged through me and I struggled to sit up. I was in shallow water that was only a few inches deep, and it felt arctic. I coughed, tasting nothing but salt in my parched mouth.

Though a warm breeze washed over me, I was unforgettably cold. A grayish-white sky stretched into the distance, meeting in a straight line with the ocean. The sound of waves crashed over each other against large rocks met my ears.

My head throbbed and I pressed my hand against it, briefly shutting my eyes at the pain. Within a few moments it lessened. I stood, which made me realize how weak I was. I felt drained. My legs shook slightly, I was dizzy—mostly with confusion. My soaked clothes were freezing and sticking tightly to my body, therefore I shivered visibly.

As I splashed to the shore, I noticed how battered and bruised my body really was. I was sore all over and my legs felt as heavy as stones.

Out of the water now, I hurried over the pebbles and onto the sand, hugging my body in a feeble attempt to warm myself. The white sand I was standing on ended about fifty meters from the water, lined by tall, sinister looking trees that faded into darkness.

Where was I? How did I end up here?

I racked my brain for any memories but found nothing.

Raven, I thought suddenly. How random. But that….that was the only thing I could remember about myself. The only thing I could remember at all. Raven. The word echoed in circles inside my throbbing head. My name is Raven.

I didn’t understand how this could be possible. My mind functioned without flaw, trying to calculate my surroundings and predicament. Knowledge flooded my thoughts—well, more like hazy details of the world and how it worked. It all came to me naturally. And yet I didn’t know where I came from, or how I’d ended up lying in the water, or even who my parents were. I couldn’t recall a single damn thing about myself or who I was; just my name. I didn’t even know my last name. All I knew was that I was standing alone on this seemingly-desolate shore, and that my name was Raven.

I slowly eased myself to the ground, hugging my knees to my chest. I was so cold. I looked down at my clothes: I was wearing a black boned corset with strings pulling it together in the front. My white gypsy shirt was ripped along the sleeves as if a giant bear had clawed them. My tight black pants also had a few tears.

I took off my brown leather knee-high boots and dumped water from their soles before putting them back on. I had a belt with a satchel and sheathe—I pulled a dagger from the sheathe and felt along the blade. It was sharp. At least I had a weapon.

That’s when I noticed I was wearing a large, curved, black claw tied to a string around my neck. I held it in my hand, feeling its sharp point. What kind of gigantic animal did this come from? Frustration made me clench my fists. Why couldn’t I remember anything?

I sat there for a while, shivering, trying to remember something. Anything. My mind was blank. I racked my brain until it hurt and still came up with nothing.

Eventually, when my clothes had dried enough to be only damp, I began walking along the shore, looking around. I saw nothing but trees and thick vegetation on one side, and the minacious ocean on the other. For some odd reason I can’t explain, the forest radiated a menacing feel. I wasn’t ready to go in there yet.

I kept going till I found some low, flat rocks that spilled from the sea. I sat on one, relishing in the warmth the surface held. And I put my mind to work. Right now I had hardly any options. I was out in the open, exposed, vulnerable, hungry, parched, cold, bruised, and I couldn’t remember a damn thing about how I ended up here. Were there other people? Was I in danger of being attacked by some kind of lurking predator hidden in the trees? Minutes ticked by as I weighed my options.

Groaning in frustration, I let out a big sigh. If only I could remember! I slowly rose to my feet. What I really needed was water. I decided that’s what I would go after first, before doing or thinking of anything else. Drinkable water.

“And who may you be?”

Startled, I spun around at the voice to see an older boy standing behind me. He stared at me with idle curiosity; yet his gaze held iniquity to them that made my skin prick. A feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like a shadow over me. It vanished in an instant, but it was undeniable. His smile wasn’t friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise.

He was tall and lean, with rich chocolate hair tousled in griminess that promised finesse. His strong arched brows really brought out his eyes—they were deep and catastrophic, a dark green that was the color of the forest. His fair skin made him look devilishly handsome. But there’s a dark energy about him that ebbed and flowed as unpredictably as the waves of the ocean. I could almost feel it. And my gut instinct was screaming he’s extremely dangerous!

I yanked my dagger from its sheath. “Who are you?” I demanded, unable to look away from those eyes—they seemed to be holding me in his piercing gaze even though that was physically impossible.

“I’m Peter,” he said nonchalantly, taking a step closer. “Peter Pan.”

I didn’t reply, but I continued eyeing him. How did he even get so close without me noticing him before? Surely I’d have heard him?

“Sound familiar to you, laddie?” he asked.


He narrowed his eyes, lifting his chin, as if not pleased with my answer. “How did you get here?”

“I don’t know.” I flicked my dagger to indicate the sea. “I literally just woke up here on the shore. No memories of anything else.” Immediately I wanted to smack myself. I had just made myself even more vulnerable than before. Why would I just tell this strange, dark boy I had no memories? I’m such a fool!

“Looks like you had a nice swim,” he noted, his gaze travelling up and down my body.

I looked down at my battered, sandy, wet clothes. “Yeah, that’s what it looks like.” I don’t want to look away from him for long, out of fear that he will do something. There is a weird light in his eyes, a way he looks at me, that sets me on edge.

“What’s your name?” he pressed.

“Raven. That’s all I remember: Raven.”

He smiled, cocking an eyebrow. “Raven?” he tested. “I like the sound of that.”

I frowned, unsure of the compliment. “Okay…um, Look, Peter Pan,” I cast a glance at our surroundings. “Where are we? What is this place?”

“Why, it’s Neverland, of course.”

“Neverland,” I repeated, a little too enthusiastically. That sounded familiar, like I’ve heard it before. “Is there a village near?” I could get some answers there. Some food, maybe.

“A village?” Peter Pan scoffed. “No, I’m afraid you won’t find any villages here. Villages mean a kingdom, and a kingdom means a king. We don’t have any kings in Neverland.” He paused, then smirked. “Just me.”

“Oh?” Despite my feelings of weariness, I mocked a bow. “My apologies, your Majesty, I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of such….royalty.”

Peter Pan rolled his eyes. “And I wasn’t aware I was in the presence of such a dweeb.”

“Fair enough.”

Was he like a leader of some sort? He did seem have an aura of authority. And I just knew that this boy knew a lot about Neverland, everything, maybe. I needed to get information from him.

That’s when I saw he had a sheath around his waist, and it was longer than mine. If he had a weapon, that means there’s something on this island that he needed to defend himself from. This sent dread creeping through me. Was it animals? Or other people? He sure as hell looked as if he knew how to fight.

Peter Pan watched me with one eyebrow raised and his arms crossed, the faintest hint of a smile edging his lips.

“What?” I said wearily.

He shrugged. “What?”

“Is there a way to get off this island?” I pressed.

“Yes,” he answered vaguely. “There’s a way.”


“You’ll need my permission.”

“What?” I frowned. “What do you mean?”

His expression suddenly grew sinister and he stepped closer, his dark eyes boring into mine. “No one gets off this island without my permission.”

Anger and defiance washed away my fear. “Who are you to decide if I can leave this island or not?” I retaliated.

Peter Pan suddenly pulled out his knife, which sent panic fluttering through me. I gripped my dagger tightly, raising it in a defensive stance.

“Do you want to find out? Let’s see what you’re capable of, Raven.” Before I could say anything in response, he lunged at me. As I leaped out of the way his blade painfully cut my arm. I had no time to linger in shock at his sudden attack. Furious, I slam my dagger toward him but he blocked it with his wrist hitting mine, and kicked me hard in the stomach. I doubled over, in which he took advantage to kick my rib cage and send me crashing to the ground.

Outraged now, and refusing to be humiliated like this, I nimbly rolled over and pop back up to my feet, bringing my dagger down on him in a slashing motion.

He narrowly avoided it and his knife almost plunged into my side before I instinctively knocked his arm away and kicked him hard in the knee. He fell back but just as he hit the ground his legs swept out and rammed into mine. I stumble backwards. Peter Pan was up on his feet again in an instant. I barely managed to block another blow with my arm and slice my dagger at his torso but it never connected. He vanished into thin air right before my eyes, and my blade cut through nothing.

Bewildered, I looked around wildly. What the hell?! Suddenly, a knife was pressed against my throat, and I could feel him standing behind me. I narrowed my eyes, lowering my weapon in defeat.

“That’s not fair,” I growled. The word magic popped into my mind. This bloody demon had magic. And though it should have surprised me, it didn’t.

“You’re not bad,” Peter Pan noted. His breath was warm on my ear. “I’ve got to say, I’m not disappointed.”

“Are you going to kill me?” I was panting hard, glaring at him as best I could without turning my head. I was defeated and completely at his mercy because he cheated, and that made my blood boil.

To my surprise, Peter Pan’s knife left my neck and he stepped away. “Actually, I’m not,” he said as I turned around to face him, smoldering. “You interest me. I’ve got a game in mind I’d love to play with you, so I can’t have you dead just yet.”

A game? I stared at him, puzzled and dreadful. What in the devil’s name did he mean, a game? I forced myself to repeat, “Yet?”

“Yet,” he confirmed, staring at me with those goddamn intimidating, piercing green eyes.

“So you still plan on killing me, huh? After playing a game with you? Like what, tag?” I scoffed. “After you just attacked me like that? I’m not doing anything with you! You’re crazy, and no help at all.” I pointed my dagger at him to show him I was ready in case he tried anything.

“I can be plenty of help,” Peter Pan assured.

“I just met you and you attack me out of nowhere,” I spat, cupping my hand over the cut on my arm. “I don’t want your help anymore.”

Peter Pan let out a breathy chuckle. “Oh boy, you have a lot to learn about this island.” He arched an eyebrow. “And me.”

“Oh, I’ve learned enough,” I said, throwing it like an insult. “Your name is Peter Pan, you’re ‘king’ of Neverland, you’ve got magic, and you like to attack people with no warning or reason.”

“Are we listing the obvious?” The corner of his mouth quirked up. “Okay, my turn, then. Your name is Raven, you’ve lost your memories, you can fight well, and you’re attractive.”

I opened my mouth for a fiery retort but stopped dead at that last past. Did he really just—

“Oh, and you’re wet,” he added. “Soaked through-and-through. Come to think of it, Raven, I know I’m hot, but that’s a little too much; I mean we just met. Though I’m flattered.”

My mouth fell open and my eyes widened at his wildly inappropriate comment. “I cannot believe—”

“Sh, don’t say that,” he interrupted. “This whole island runs on belief. You’ve got to believe everything, laddie.”

“Wow, you really are crazy,” I hiss.

“That’s one way to put it.” He twirled his knife in his hands and I took a step back, eyeing it warily as he slipped it back into its sheathe. “Call me Pan.”

“I’ll call you narcissistic.”

“And I’ll call you captivating, love.”

Something ringed in my head from what he just said, something I couldn’t put a finger on. I frowned, my mind frothing with frustration. Why did I suddenly feel something, like a little crack to my lost memories?

“What is it, love?” Pan asked, saying ‘love’ with a bit of charm because he thought it annoyed me.

There it was again, that spark of memory, but I couldn’t quite grasp what, and it scuttled away before my mental fingers were even around it. “Nothing,” I said flatly.

Pan was gazing at my dagger, and all the teasing in his face died. “What’s that?” He pointed to the handle.

I moved my hand down it slightly, revealing a skull and crossbones etched into it. “It’s a marking,” I answered in a duh voice.

Something sparked in Pan’s eyes, and he looked at me with furrowed eyebrows and a taut jaw. He seemed to be studying my face now, before his eyes moved down to my clothes, then back to my dagger.

“Is something wrong?” I demanded, uneasy.

His face spread in a smile. It made the hairs on the back of my neck raise. This grin was nothing short of twisted.

“No, nothing at all,” he assured, both eyebrows raised. He turned and scanned the sea, then looked back to me. “Raven, are you thirsty?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I can quench your thirst. If you want.”

I stared at him, knowing there was a hidden innuendo meaning to it. “With water,” I said. “Then go for it.”

Pan faced the trees, pointing with an outstretched arm. “Head northwest into the jungle, just keep going straight, and you’ll find a river within a couple miles.”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth? I can’t trust you.” I said.

“I guess you’ve got no choice.” Pan flashed a grin at me.

I uneasily walk toward the trees, to desperate for freshwater to give myself time to poke around and try to find out more. “If this is a trap, Pan, I swear on the devil I’ll—” I turned back around and stopped myself, realizing he was gone. Nowhere in sight, without even leaving a trail. Where did he go? Why did he just disappear? And why was he helping me?

More questions added to the list of things I had no answer too. I looked up at the sun. I had a couple hours until dark. I best start my trek so I’d make it to the river before nightfall.

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With my dagger in hand, I entered the jungle. The trees swallowed me up more and more until I could barely see the ocean between the trunks. My eyes were met with every shade of green imaginable. Broad, glossy leaves hovered over and around me, dotted with brightly-colored, large flowers. But just as unmistakable as the beauty here is the feeling of danger so thick it stirs the air. 

I stood still for a while, listening to the muffled sounds in this vast jungle. I was on edge.

Then I started my trek. I found myself cutting my way through the dense, suffocating undergrowth, fighting through the very air, which hung heavy, moist and still. Trees so tall I couldn’t see where they ended surrounded me, and a strange green light shimmered through the vast canopy of leaves. This jungle seemed to have an intelligence of it’s own. It was an assault on all senses. The virescent hues were the foreground, the background, and as high up as I could see. The heat and humidity pressed in on my skin, making sweat pointless. The sounds of the insects, the birds, and the larger animals, created a symphony of nature calling me deeper. The leaves brushed up against me, some soft, some rough. The air tasted both sweet and fresh, like flowers blooming on my tongue.

I became lost to my thoughts. Was I stupid to trust a boy who attacked me? Who had a dark energy about him that set me on edge? Yes, I am stupid. Very stupid. But I also felt like I had no choice. Maybe after getting some water I would think more clearly.

But for now I knew one thing for sure: I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something about Pan wasn’t right. Wasn’t normal. Wasn’t….safe.

It’s a new apartment, and there’s nothing to complain about, other than the red boots parked outside my door.

They showed up on the first day I moved in. I’d finished meditating at around 6:30 pm and I decided to go out for a walk around the complex, maybe meet some of the neighbours. I undid the chain on the door, slid the bolt to the left and unlocked the door.

A woman’s boots, red, glossy, sitting right before me, facing my apartment. I pinched them together and lifted them into the air. They didn’t look new so much as well-taken-care-of. Someone had been using these, but also keeping them polished. There was some dust on the bottom, but nothing particularly disgusting.

I placed them to the side of the corridor and went for the walk. When I returned, I was a little sweaty, but feeling much better than I had been before. The boots were gone. I considered asking the next-door neighbour, but decided it was a non-issue.

The next morning, I undid the chain, slid the bolt and unlocked the door again, this time so I could get some groceries, like milk, bread, cheese, vegetables, the works. And there they were, the red boots again, pointing towards my apartment. I stepped across them and rang the bell for the only other apartment on my floor.

A middle-aged man with a balding head answered the door. He wore an inquisitive frown and was wearing an a-shirt that did not leave his body hair to the imagination. “Yes?” he asked in a surprisingly soft-spoken voice.

“These red shoes, they keep appearing in front of my door,” I explained, “Would you know anything about that?”

For a moment, there was something in his eyes, reflected on his face: like he’d remembered something and then pretended that memory had never existed. Was it a shudder? He bent forward and looked at the open door to my apartment.

“What red shoes?” he asked.

He must have closed his door at some point, because I kept staring at the door. The elevator and stairs are both to the right of the neighbour’s apartment, so it was impossible for anyone to have moved the shoes. And more importantly, where could they have gone?

I pressed on the door to open it slightly more. There they were, the shoe: inside my apartment, a couple of feet away from the door, facing the wall. I took my own shoes off next to them and closed the door behind me.

Inside, I could hear sounds coming from the kitchen. It was the dishes. My feet wanted to run, but a cautious brain directed them to be quiet instead. I peeked into the kitchen area, but there was no one there.

I faced the exit door again. There she was, wearing her red boots, her skin falling apart, the blood on her clothes splattered so imperfectly, the eyes so piercing, piercing, piercing into mine. But what pretty red shoes she wore.

A Weekend in Paris

 Five months have passed since New Year’s Eve on the roof. The group of friends had been so happy since then. Farkle was overjoyed to be with Smackle again even if it was long distance. In a couple of days that distance would be no more. He would be in Australia with his beloved and they could pick up where they left off the day she had left for Australia. Video chats and late night phone calls were ok, but nothing could compare to the moment he would see her in person for the first time in months. Everyone had come with him to the airport and he was glad they did. He knew he would miss a lot while he was gone but would see them at the end of the year. They all had plans for the summer. Plans that didn’t really include the group as a whole. Maya and Josh would be spending the summer in Philly with his family. Zay and Sara would be staying in the city, as Zay was doing some summer theater and Sara was working. Riley and Lucas would be spending the summer in Texas and Lucas had some big plans for Riley. Lucas had mentioned his plans to Farkle and he couldn’t be happier for them. Riley was about to have a summer she would never forget.

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Chapter 1


Sunday, June 4, 2023 at the apartment of Lucas and Josh

Lucas and Riley were just returning to the apartment from the airport where they just said their goodbyes to Farkle. He was going to be in Australia with Smackle for the next 6 months. As a matter of fact, the whole group of friends would be gone for the entire summer. Riley and Lucas were due to fly out of La Guardia airport for Austin, Texas the next morning at 9 a.m. They would be spending the whole summer at Pappy Joe’s Ranch in Texas. Riley couldn’t wait to get away and have Lucas all to herself for the summer. She was helping Lucas finish his packing and they were going to have dinner with Maya, Josh, Zay and Sara upstairs at the Matthew’s apartment. Topanga had been cooking all day and wanted to send Riley and Lucas off with a small get together of friends and family.

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“It’s fine,” You reassure.

“Okay…” He sighs, unconvinced. “It shouldn’t take long. There’s a disturbance call and they want me to check it, then I just have paperwork.”

“Well, Officer, I guess I’ll just make myself busy,” You say, humming softly as you read over the sticky note placed on your workplace, “You’ll just have to make it up to me.“

“What do you have in mind?” He asks, voice low causing a blush to coat your cheeks.

“Surprise me,” You answer.

“Shoot,” He mutters, voices echoing in the background incoherently, “Gotta go. See you soon, princess.”

As the line goes dead, a soft smile coats your features. You couldn’t believe your luck. Richard is everything you love; he’s sweet, funny, understanding. He has you hooked around his finger. You shake your head and place the phone back onto its dock and turn your mind to something else. Grasping the sticky note, you purse your lips and type the address it displayed into Google. If your dear boyfriend would be late for dinner then you might as well check up on the lead.

You click on street view and look over the abandoned warehouse. It’s apparently linked to some new drug being passed around on the streets. The warehouse, though, is too rundown. Then again, looks can be deceiving. You exit out of the window and shut down the desktop. You push out of your chair, grab your camera, and make your way out of the office.

The drive there is rather quick. You listen to some radio show with your window down as you drove past the city lights. You stop a block away from the warehouse in caution and slip off your jacket. The only thing you plan to bring with you is your camera. You can’t risk being caught. Although, you highly doubt you would considering how vacant the area is.

The warehouse is big, but not pretty. Most the windows are gone, parts of the walls are in shambles, and the entrance is a giant hole. You snap a photo, happy that even in bad lighting you could edit it and make it clearer. You took a moment to look at your surroundings before moving towards the hole.

The only source of light is the streetlamp that stands by the sidewalk. You sigh, remembering that you could’ve brought along a flashlight. Nevertheless, you continue forward and stop in front of the hole. The hole seems to stare you down invitingly. It isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this but it still made your skin crawl. You take a step back wanting to walk around the building first only for your body to collide with something behind you.

“Well, look at what we have here, boys.”

You quickly turn around to face him. There are three men all wearing identical clothing (white tank tops, jeans, black combat boots) and ski masks. Their muscles bulge unnaturally.  Everything about them screamed inhuman. Your hands tightened around your camera as you thought of all possible outcomes of the current situation.

“I don’t want any trouble,” You say nervously.

“Guess trouble found you,” The man grinned, showing off his teeth as he gestured to the men behind him. The men took that as a sign and revealed their guns. “You’re coming with us.”

“What if I say no?” You swallow as you take a slow step back.

“Then we’re just gonna have to make ya.”


Nightwing looked down at the men below him. Each held the same type of gun, wore the same clothes, showed off the same muscles, had the same identical tattoo on their necks. Bane’s men are one of the most inhuman looking goons any villain could have. They drift through the room having a quiet conversation about coffee. Usually, Dick would’ve just loved to drag the mission out to relish in the adrenaline it gave him, but tonight is different. Tonight, he has big plans.

Any sign of Bane?” He asks his voice echoing through the minds of his teammates. A chorus of “Nope” and “Nah” great him. He bites the inside of his cheek and watches the men walk into the other room. “Okay. The moment the next group of men walks in, we attack. Robin, hack into the system and download all the information you can. Miss Martian, read their minds and see if they have any useful information. Superboy, take out the alarm system. Beastboy, you’re with me.

Then they waited. Robin and Superboy are in the vents on top of the security room, Miss Martian is hiding in the shadows close to Nightwing, and Beast Boy is a mouse scurrying across the floor. It is a simple mission. Gather information, take out as many men as possible, then get out. If Bane makes an appearance they are to leave and let Batman deal with him. Much to Dick’s dismay. Then again, his team did take orders from the Justice League when it concerns big leaguers.

The door opens and in struts two guards. Nightwing grins. “Now!

The entire thing happens fast. The man to your right drops to the floor, trapped and wrapped in a string thing. The man to your left is plucked up by a pterodactyl and flung into a wall. The man behind you, the one holding your arms, grabs his gun and presses it against your temple. The pterodactyl turns into a young boy with grin skin with a lopsided grin and stands in front of you. A man from the shadows drops down, landing beside the boy and brings out a staff.

“Let her go,” Nightwing says, glaring.

“C’mon,” The goon says, “The moment either of you tries anythin’, they get their pretty lil’ head blown off.”

“Um, how about you don’t do that?” You suggest, laughing nervously, “I sorta like my head where it is, thank you very much.”

“Shut up!” He growls, pressing the gun deeper into you causing you to grimace.

Before you know it, the man is no longer behind you but is instead flying across the room and into a wall just like one of the men before him. You stand there with wide eyes and mouth wide open in surprise as women lowers herself in front of you and the two heroes. She gives Nightwing a nod and then slips through the floor.

“I have so many questions,” You breathe.

“Are you okay?” Nightwing asks, taking this moment to give you a look over behind his mask. He had to contain his worry, make it less personal in the moment, and pretend to not know you. To deny the fear in his chest that he could’ve lost you tonight. In this moment, he wasn’t Dick and you weren’t his.

“I think so,” You reply, looking over yourself as you rub your wrists from where the man’s grip used to be, “My wrists may bruise, though, but I’ll live.

“What were you doing here?” He asks.

“I’m an investigative reporter,” You explain, “I was here on a lead when those guys showed up.”

“Aren’t you a little young to be a reporter?” Beast Boy questions curiously.

“Aren’t you a little young to be a superhero?” You shoot back.

“I’m getting you out of here,” Nightwing states and turns to the young hero, “Go help Miss Martian.”

“Yes, sir!” He grins and, in a split second, turns back into a rat and scurries out of the room.

“Listen,” You start, “I can easily get out of here on my own. You’re clearly here for some kind of awesome mission and I don’t want to be any trouble for you or your team.”

“Protecting people is what I do,” He replies.

“In that case,” You smile softly, “Lead the way.”

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Wolf Girl   part.2

Fandom; Game of Thrones

Pairing; Jon Snow x OC!Tatia

Warnings; drinking, I guess??

other parts;  Part 1 

AN 1: Since it was requested, I only thought it was right to make a part 2, or chapter two, of my Jon Snow fanfiction.

Tatia’s POV

I was staring up at the ceiling of the room I was given to stay in and heal, thinking about how I was going to get away. I’m not south enough, it’s too close. I’m probably going to die here anyway, they’re coming, they’re coming for all of us.

I turned my head to my left and looked out of the round window and just saw the black sky, only being illuminated by the candle in this room and a few outside.

I could hear men shouting and laughing, this could be a good time to leave. Everyone seems to be distracted.

I took the sheet off me without making contact with my side, covered in bandages. Wincing as I swung my bare feet onto the cold stone floor. I looked around the room for any clothes I could wear, appropriate for the winter, only to come across a dark coloured sheet, draped across one of the chairs next to the table. At least I think it was a sheet. Grasping what seemed like the top of it, it turned out to be a dress? Why would this be here?

I scanned the room, looking at the door and sighing. If I want to get out of here I’m going to need to find some better clothes.

Glancing down and what I was currently wearing, it wouldn’t be right for me to walk around in this, it was white as snow and seemed to reach just above my knees.

Sighing I shrugged off the thing I was currently wearing, only to get a sudden jolt of pain in my side due to the cut that wasn’t healed properly.

I somehow managed to get the long dress on and it was longer than I thought it would be, without shoes on it seemed it trail on the floor behind me.

Picking up the skirt of it I looked around the room, now looking for shoes, only to come across some brown boots, which looked it they’d fit, so I put them on.

As the dress, had sleeves I took the knife that was on the table next to some bread, in case someone tried to attack me.

I was just about to open the door when someone on the other side opened it before me, and almost hit me in the head in the process, which caused me to drop the knife, great.  

Looking at the culprit, she had long hair, almost ginger but not quite and a dark dress, a little like mine but it had more detail than mine.

“You’re awake, I came to see if you wanted to come to the feast, since I thought you’d be hungry.” She said looking at me expectantly.

“Feast?” I asked roughly, due to the lack of using my voice.

“Yes, there’s a lot of people there, mainly wildings like yourself but others as well.”

“We’re called the Free Folk.” I said defensively.

“Sorry, um…” she trailed on, not knowing my name.

“Tatia, I’m Tatia.” I replied whilst nodding.

“I’m Sansa, and you’ve met my brother Jon. Come on let’s go to the feast.” She said, looping her arm around my right one.

With my eyes bulging out of my head, I followed her until we got to where most of the noise was coming from.

“The dress,” Sansa said, nodding to the dress I was wearing, “do you like it?”

Realising that she made it, I replied, “Yes, it’s lovely.”

“Thank you, it looks like it fits well, it was mine but I thought you needed it more.”

I gave her a small smile and thanked her, she smiled back in return.

Once we got the ‘feast hall’, we were greeted with, mainly men, laughing and drinking together. Not being used to being around this many people, I looked around the edges of the hall to look for another door, or a window that could be easy to get out of. However, my green eyes came across dark brown ones, it was the same man as earlier on. He was sitting next to a tall man who had orange hair and beard.

Without realising it Sansa was dragging me to where her brother, Jon, was. When he saw us coming he smiled a little, got up from his seat and made his way towards us. He nodded to some of the men that he walked past and eventually got to us.

“Sansa.” He greeted his sister, with his rough voice. Jon looked expectantly at me, waiting for me to tell him my name.

“Tatia.” I responded, holding eye-contact with him.

“You look beautiful.” He said still looking me at, but suddenly seeing Sansa’s smile she was trying to hide he said, looking to Sansa now too, “Both of you, you both look beautiful.”

“Thank you, Jon.” Said Sansa, however her eyes drifted across from her where a man was hiding in the shadows, I took a mental note to keep an eye out for him. “I’ll be back.” She said giving my arm a squeeze, and made her way to the hiding man, leaving me with Jon.

“Do you want a drink?” asked Jon.

I shrugged my shoulders, looking at Sansa as she spoke to that man. When Jon reached over to a table next to us and picked up a cup with something in it, and gave it to me. Holding the cup in my hands I asked Jon without looking at him, “Who’s that man, the one Sansa’s speaking to?” my northern accent coming out thick as I spoke.

Jon turned and looking at Sansa speaking to the man, “He’s called Petyr Baelish, but some call him Littlefinger.”

I looked at him questionably, “Littlefinger, what type of a name is that?”

Jon laughed, it seemed like a rare site because some people turned and smiled at the both of us. “It’s to do with where he’s from I think.” I nodded my head, still not properly understanding.

Jon asked if I wanted to sit and I happily obliged due to my side hurting. We drank some ale and I ate some of the food that was on the table in front of us. Jon took a breath after swallowing the gulp of ale he drunk, “Does you side hurt, is it still bleeding?”

With my mouth full of bread and some type of meat I replied, “Sometimes, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.” And rolling my eyes as I said, “And I don’t know, I can’t look it with a dress on.” Jon smiled and looked down into his cup. 

After an hour or so, Sansa came back and joined us, they both spoke about stories about when they were younger and I half listened, half looking at my surroundings.

The hall begun to get emptier as the night went on and a woman, I learnt her name was Brienne, lead her back to her room, Sansa wasn’t drunk but she couldn’t walk straight so Brienne thought it was a good idea to help her.

A silence was settled between myself and Jon as he walked me back to the room I was staying in, it was a bit awkward but in the distance, I could hear voices talking, breaking the silence. Once we got to the room, I was about to open the door when a hand on my upper right arm stopped me, turning around I made eye-contact with Jon and he took his hand away. “I had a good time tonight and I hope your side gets better.”

“I hope it gets better too.” I grasped the door handle and pushed it open, I was about to close the door when Jon stopped me.

“I know you’re planning on leaving, but I would wait until you’ve healed properly first.” He said, his voice tired.  

Clenching my jaw, I questioned him, “What, did you expect me to stay around forever?” he looked a little hurt and took a step back from me.

After a few moments of silence, he turned around and whispered, “Goodnight, Tatia.” With that he walked down the hall until I couldn’t see him.

I closed the door and held my back to it and said, “Goodnight, Jon.”

Once I carefully took the dress off and placed it onto the back of the chair and took the bandages off to see how the wound was, it wasn’t bleeding but it was still a little red. Seeing fresh bandages on the small table in the room i changed the bandages that were on me into the new ones and it felt better, i almost felt clean. 

i got under the sheets and said to myself, “I need to find a way out of here.” and eventually drifted off to a deep slumber. 

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I Want You (Taehyung x Reader Slight Smut)

Taehyung let his mouth gape wide open as the sensation rushed all throughout his system and gasped for the much needed fresh air in the hot atmosphere the room suddenly fell into. Sweat trickled down his forehead, drop after drop, they each slowly rolled down his seemingly perfect complexion. He leaned against the wall behind him and tossed his head up on it roughly, squeezing his shut eyes as he did. Taehyung finally released himself from his own grasp as he hiked down from his high. His brows knitted together and Taehyung angrily bit down on his bottom lips, not caring about that fact that he might just draw blood from the swollen flesh. He didn’t care. Taehyung was more bothered by the fact that this was the second time in the past twenty-four hour period that he had to sneak into the bathroom to pleasure himself. And it was all because of a girl. All because of you.

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Continuing with the shoes question, does architecture, interior design, or both reflect that you don't wear shoes indoors? Like, Japan has genkan where you take it from your shoes. Then you step up into the house. Or is it just typically like a foyer or hallway where you just kick off your shoes and maybe there's storage?

Well we don’t have genkan per se but some houses has a little entry space. In that space there’s often place to put shoes and boots. There is also often a closet in the entry where you put coats/vests/shoes/etc.

For visual, my house and a lot of my friends houses (constructed in the ~1990) are split level type houses :

So there was usually a space to put shoes (like under the bench or in the little desk thingy in that entryway). Shoes and boots are usually put neatly. Also, the shoes that are usually left by the door are shoes and/or boots you use often. All my heels are in my closet since I don’t wear them all the time. During the spring/summer, my winter boots are also in my closet but when it’s winter, they’re always by the door.

But you also have to take in the factor that not everyone has the same house rules and/or like things to be clean. One person I know never took her shoes off in her apartment because there was shit and cat litter everywhere…. so. Yeah. 


Anon: Can you do a one shot where the reader has car trouble and is stuck on the side of the road. Then this biker rides up and tries to help with her car but, he doesn’t have his tools with him. A storm is coming too quick to ride to safety so they have to wait in the car for the overhead storm to pass. And smut.

Warnings: SMUT in a car. Unprotected sex. Wrap it up family. Oral female receiving. Dirty talk. Cursing. Dominant male character. If I forgot something my bad.

Word count: 3143

You had been working way too hard in the office and you needed a well needed break. So what better way than take some time off and go for a drive through the back roads and ease your mind.

Hell you had a few dollars saved up. Why not take a chance and ride to Vegas?  It was only four hours away.

That was a great idea if you would’ve rented a car. You had a SUV and it was a gas guzzler. It was your baby but, you been neglecting your baby lately.

You knew your car had some miles on it and you needed to have it looked at but, impulse hit you and you figured you’d be just fine.

Well unfortunately you were wrong as two left shoes. You were no mechanic. You knew now you should’ve paid more attention when a couple of exes told you to look at this and check for that. Instead you decided to go for it.

Now you were sitting on the side of the road with your car not going anywhere. Was it the transmission? Was it the radiator? Was that belt supposed to be hanging off like that?

Ah shit you thought to yourself. Because you were in-between towers you had no cellphone reception.

Let’s face it you were screwed and not just screwed. Royally screwed because, your day was going so damn awesome. There was a bad storm overhead and you needed to get somewhere anywhere fast.

You had been sitting for a few hours when you heard a slight rumbling in the distance. Then it grew louder and louder until finally it was right on you.

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Daryl Dixon and Paul "Jesus" Rovia Smut

Idek… This is random.
Just to warn ya, English is not my first language. So I’m sorry for any mistakes and grammar.

Warning: Smut, Threesome, and swearing.

Imagine: You’re Neagan’s daughter but you left you dad’s camp because you couldn’t handle the violence.

Neagan’s part is somewhat made up.
Also the reader is 18 while Jesus is 33 and Daryl is 47.
Lastly Daryl will be somewhat the flirty kind.

-Your POV-

I started running to who knew where I was running to. The only thing I wanted is to be out sight of the guards of my father’s camp. I couldn’t handle the violence in that camp. I tried to talking my father out of this whole violent phase of his. Ever since mom died he’s been sleeping around with random women in the camp. I think he even calls them his “wives”. The dad that I loved and adore was now gone. He still showed his love towards me and protected me from danger. But I couldn’t handle what he was doing to people. Burning their skin with a flat iron, but the thing that was worse, was when he brought his most beloved love out. Lucille. Lucille can be deadly. Never mind that, of course Lucille is dangerous. She’s a bat wrapped around chicken wire for gosh sakes. My dad uses her to kill what he calls, the “competition”.

Back to my running. I was so caught up in thoughts that I didn’t noticed that I’ve had run almost 4 miles. Up to a gate, a gate that I presumably thought lead to safe heaven. I hid behind a junk car. But I was suddenly tackled by a zombie. Which led to me screaming out in fright. All of the sudden I hear a voice calling out. “Who’s there!?” It said. Sounded like a girl. But all I could do was struggle in the walkers grip. I tried to hold it from biting me with one arm while the other tried to reach for my knife. I successfully got it and with relief I stabbed the fuck outta the walkers brain. Rotten blood spraying all over me. Mostly my face which led me to almost throwing up.

I hear a gate opening. I quickly got my shot gun that contained a silencer on it and got ready for who ever was coming my way. “Hello? Is anyone out here?” The same voice I heard about a minute ago. I carefully stood up and came out of my hiding place. Once I was out of the hiding place the girl pointed her gun at me. I didn’t noticed the red head man standing next to her. “Who are you?” Said the girl with a firm voice. “Um hello I’m y/n… I um…” But I suddenly felt light headed and started to loose my balance. The last thing I saw was the red headed guy reaching out for me. Then it was black.


“Why is she here?, why did you guys bring her inside? We don’t know this girl. For all we know she can be dangerous” was all I could hear. Well aren’t they nice. I tried so hard to open my eyes, but my brain was stopping me from opening them. My third time I successfully did it. The light was so bright that I didn’t know it was now night time. Yet the lights were shining straight at me.

Tried to get my eyes to adjust, a firmed guy’s voice asked me harshly “who the hell are you? And what were you doing in front of our gate?” The man who had asked me appeared to be scruffy looking with blue eyes. He had a voice tone as if he were to be a sheriff. “Rick calm down she barely woke up, give her a break” a women next to him whisper yelled at who appears to be Rick. The woman had a beautiful dark tone skin, and dreads that made her look like a bad ass. “Hello, I’m Michone and he’s Rick. I apologize for his harshness” Michone apologized. “It’s fine, mind telling me why I’m in here?” I asked them. “Sasha and Abraham, two of our people brought you inside because you fainted. Our doc said that you fainted because it seems that you haven’t gotten anything to eat and you were also dehydrated” Michone informed me. “Now if you don’t mind telling us why were you in front of the gates I will be nice and give you a plate of food” once again Michone said. Rick was just standing next to her almost as if I were to do something. I wouldn’t blame him though. I took a deep breath and got comfortable on the bed I was. Wow it’s been long that I have been on a bed. Over at the camp they had really hard mattresses. Anyways the minute I got comfortable I told them my whole story how I ran away from my camp because I couldn’t stand the violence. They seem to believe me which that was good.

I felt so sticky and slimy I then remembered the Walker I had fought after I fainted. I think I still have its rotten blood on me. “I will send Maggie to get you a pair of new clothes, seems that you and her are the same size. The shower is right in the left corner of this wall. After you’re done come down to meet the rest of our people. Then we will give you that plate of food we promised you.” Rick finally decided to speak. I have him a nod and a thanks as well as I did to Michone.


Right after my warm shower I started to change to the new clothes that were left for me inside the room I woke up in. I then started to hear loud people speaking. I couldn’t make up the things they were talking about. I got dressed I had on some skinny jeans and a white v neck that fit me too tight for my liking. The bra made my cleavage pop out more. I put on my black dr marten boots on and pull my short/long hair in a ponytail. I started to make my way slowly down the stairs when I suddenly hear a familiar voice… Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I got a little shy and scared from all those stares I received. I put down my head down. “Guys this is -” Rick was about to introduce me to his people when the same familiar said my name “y/n! Is that really you!” I look up and my eyes locked to my one and only love Paul Monroe/Rovia or some people know him as Jesus. I ran up to him and hugged him with all my might. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and my head on his shoulder while his arms were on my ass. Typical Jesus. But sadly he let me down and hold my hand and led me to the table. We both sat down next to each other. In front of me was a man with a scruffy beard and long hair that almost fell to his shoulders. He had on a leather sleeves jacket witch a leather vest on top of it. I couldn’t help but squirm under his stare. His baby blue eyes made me melt just like Jesus gray blue eyes made me felt. All I got from that mysterious blue eyed man was a wink and a smirk. Fuck he’s making my panties wet. But how if Jesus is the one for me. Jesus was my first, he is the one who can only make me scream and have me begging for another round of glorious sex. I couldn’t be thinking like this for another guy. It made me feel uncomfortable with myself. I was startled with Rick’s firmed voice again “So Jesus how you know her?” “Well don’t freak out or anything I assure you that she’s no harm. She’s Neagan’s daughter the guy that we’ve been trying to look for. I know her because we’ve been together since all this shit happened. But her father took her when he found out we were together. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be alive today.” Jesus said while staring at me. I blushed from the stares I received once again. But the one that got me was the man with blue eyes. “Well I expect her not to be a problem to this camp and also she can be a great help once we get to meet that man Neagan” Rick said. “Okay enough with that lets introduced ourselves” Michone said. Once I met everyone, ate and drank a little, Jesus led me outside to the front porch where a couch swing was. We sat there kissing and caressing ourselves. Trying to show the love we missed. “I saw how you and Daryl were staring at each other” Jesus whispered in my ear. I moaned out from the feeling of his hot breath on my neck. It seems to be sensitive from the arousal stage I was in. “I uh well um sorry” I stuttered. “You see that house at the end of this door the one in the corner go in there that’s my home for a bit I’ve been staying here helping. So go get your naughty ass over there I expect you to be inside that room” I was shocked to hear what he just said but yet eager to see what was he planing on.

Once I got to the house he said I started to look for the room and I successfully did. I sat on the comfortable bed and waited. It didn’t took him long to get here. But all I hear were whispers. I started to squirm around. I then see Jesus and Daryl in the entrance of the room’s door. “I got a surprise for you baby, you see it’s been a long time since I had you underneath me naked. So now that you seem to be attracted to Daryl over here I’m going to make your night even better” he said while him and Daryl started heading my way. They made me stand up I was in between both of them. Then suddenly Jesus starts to kissing while Daryl starts to kiss my neck, it wasn’t to long that he found my sweet spot. I started to moan while Jesus was kissing me. I felt both bulges. Daryl’s right in my back while Jesus’ on my stomach. Daryl then decided to take off my white v-neck then followed by my push up bra. I was then thrown to the bed by both of them. I started to breath heavily. I then feel each set of hands on my boobs. Both men were playing with them. “Uh yeah” I moaned out while grabbing both of their long hair. Then suddenly Jesus started his way down kissing my stomach to the button of my jeans. He unbutton them. While Daryl took off my boots. Jesus then saw that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Naughty little girl ain’t she Daryl?” He asked Daryl while showing him that I didn’t have any underwear. “She sure is look at that pussy. Damn man you’re one lucky son’ of a bitch” Daryl said. I blushed so hard from the men that were staring down there. I couldn’t handle it no more so I started to play with myself. “Tsk tsk tsk who said you could touch yourself baby” Jesus said while taking away my wet fingers off my p*ssy. “I’m sorry just please both of you do something” I said desperately. Then they both started to get undressed. I just watched the striping show while squirming around. Once they were both finished Daryl got in between my thighs and spread them as far as he can and started to suck in my price possession. My little pearl. “Uh fuck yes just like that Daryl- Fuck” I moaned out. “You like it how he eats you out baby?” Jesus asked me. I just nodded while moaning out. Jesus then joined in but all he did was finger me. He entered two fingers inside of me. Daryl went to the side to give him some space. They were going so fast that I didn’t know that I was squirting everywhere. “Uh okay stop please no more” I tried separating them from myself. They finally stopped. “Oh honey we ain’t done yet. Daryl did you bring them” he asked Daryl. I gave them a questioning look. And Daryl went to his jeans and got out two wrappers of condoms. I didn’t noticed the size of his penis till now. Shit it was sure big… Even though Jesus looked a tad bit bigger than his. Daryl’s was thicker but Jesus’ was long.

They both put on the condoms and Jesus laid down on the bed. “Get on top of him girly” Daryl said. I got up and obeyed him. I straddled Jesus while he aligned his dick to the opening of my vagina. I slowly went down trying to adjust to his size. Once I was fully in and adjust I started to grind on him. “Uh fuck” “yes baby just like that” Jesus and I moaned. I then feel two big rough hands on my ass, Daryl then spread them apart.. The good thing was that I made sure I cleaned myself. Daryl then slapped my ass moaning out from the pleasured sting I received. I started to go up and down on Jesus faster. We were both moaning out. But then I felt myself being stopped by Daryl. His chest was on my back and his dick right on the entrance of my other hole. Shit. I started to squirm but Jesus and Daryl’s hands were holding my hips. Daryl started to slowly slip his dick inside my other hole. His thickness stretching it apart. I haven’t done this in my whole entire relationship with Jesus. But it sure felt good. Once I was all adjusted to his size. Jesus grabbed me and made our chest meet. I rested my head on his sweaty chest. Then it started both of them slamming into me with great force. Going in a rapid pace. All you could hear was moaning, screaming, the bed hitting the wall, the squeaking of the string of the bed, and skin slapping against each other. “Uh so close” I moaned out. After maybe 10 minutes later of pleasurable feeling. I felt the knot in my stomach ready to be released. “Go ahead girl, baby come for us” they both panted out. They were both kissing my neck. I couldn’t take it no more so I exploded. I came while tightening around both of them. That’s what triggered there ending as they both came at the same time. I could feel their warm cum inside me. Then Daryl got off of me and took of his filled condom I could feel my juices pouring out from my back hole. I then got off of Jesus and payed in the middle of both of them the feeling of my juices coming out of me. I was in a peaceful stage. That I didn’t feel both of Daryl and Jesus kissing me. And caressing my sore boobs. I kissed them back. Wow having a three way relationship didn’t seemed bad. I fell in love with Daryl even though I didn’t know him well but I knew that he was a total sweetheart like my Jesus. “How you feel to share her Dixon? Three way relationship. Are you in?” Jesus asked Daryl. “Only if y/n okay with it” Daryl said. “Fuck yes” I said dreamily while caressing both of their cheeks. “Then hell yes I’m in” Daryl said and kissed me. Then Jesus kissed me. “Go to sleep baby, it’s been a long night, don’t worry Daryl and I will be here when you wake up.” Jesus and Daryl kissed my forehead. And I just said goodnight and went right straight to sleep with both men besides me.

Well that’s that, sorry if it was too detailed. Lol. And long… Please tell me what you guys think.

The Purpose of Heels

Summary: The reader buys new heels for an undercover job and Castiel is confused about their purpose till he sees her in them 

Characters: Castiel x Reader

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 565

A/N: I bought super cute heels because they reminded me of Castiel so then this happened 

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#onlyingotham do you show red hood bat metal and he laughs his head off says he remembers that everyone else was drunk he was trying to embarrass bats while showing off his guitar skills I have an autographed on of his old helmets now he took out the explosives and tech I won a cosplay contest with it and the other parts of his costume that have somehow made their way into my house I wear the boots almost all the time they have knives in them like a lot of knives he told me im his sidekick now

A Dress For The Knight

To continue my b-day party, I thought I would self-indulgently post an original short story of mine! This one was a colab betweeen myself and @asparklethatisblue. The art is Val’s, the writing is mine, and we came up with the concept together. This is the story we got into the Buff Babes Zine, now finally available for all to read for free!

*posts story and ambles off to make cake*

Please Enjoy!



Sindri veered away from the door to the little dressmaker’s shop and walked past it for the second time, palms sweating, before she took herself firmly by the scruff of the neck and marched herself right back to it. Alfregg said this was the place to go, so go to it Sindri would. She would not flee from this battle like an unseasoned stripling, even if the beautiful dresses on display in the window were certainly not intended for a dwarf of Sindri’s build. She took a deep gulping breath to brace herself and pushed through the door into the shop.

It was warm inside, cozy and homey in comparison to the larger tailor shops Sindri had attempted in the past. Bolts of fabric in all shades and materials lined the walls as both decoration and storage, joined by swatches of fine needlework. The air smelled of spiced tea, comforting and familiar, and Sindri had taken several bemused steps deeper into the shop before she caught sight of the proprietress.

The dressmaker was a dainty little thing, perched on the edge of a stool as lightly as thistledown to be wafted away with a breath of air. She hardly even had a beard, just fuzzy sideburns to either side of her pointy chin matching the weightless poof of pale hair on top of her head. She obviously had faery blood, and was the polar opposite of everything Sindri was.

Sindri very nearly turned tail and ran.

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#11 Cooler than me (Imagine)

#11 from my au list ; We’ve been best friends since childhood but you’re way more popular than me and you drag me to this stupid party then ditch me cool :-)




REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN !!  want to see one sooner than later ? message me a #!!!


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“Justin I really don’t want to go” I groan as I fight him for the sheets which he was currently trying to pull off of me.

“Come on Y/N! This is the party of the year and I don’t want to go without my best friend” He argues , succeeding in pulling the sheets off of me making me sigh .

“They didn’t invite me , they invited you . So you go” I retort , turning around in my bed .

“Im inviting you!” He says , and I roll my eyes .

“You know parties aren’t my thing . I would much rather stay snuggled up in bed and watch Netflix “ I say , and he groans .

“Please Y/N , I really want you to come with me” He says , turning my body around so that I could see him.

“Just this one night? I promise after this I wont ever ask you to anything for me again .”He pleads and I roll my eyes , yeah right .

“Youll have funn I swear” He sits on the bed, and I sigh , already knowing I was gonna regret my next words .

“Fine.” I mumble and he jumps up , a huge smile on his face .

“Awesome. Get ready , we leave in thirty. Ill wait for you downstairs” He says , kissing my cheeks before walking out the room .

I let out a deep breath before getting up , not even bothering to shower since I did when I got home .

I opened my closet and walked inside of it , deciding what to wear.

“hmmm , dressy or casual?” I ask myself , then I remember Justins outfit . Black jeans , white shirt , black and red jacket over it , sunglasses and a hat .

I pulled out a black dress and my favorite black booties and threw them on the bed .

I took off my very comfy pajamas and slid into my skin tight dress , before sliding on my boots .

I took a seat in front of my vanity and brushed through my hair , deciding to keep it down . I added some simple eye makeup , with nude lips , and sprayed some perfume on before grabbing my black purse , throwing my phone and keys in it.

I looked in the mirror one more time , and shook my head , before walking out my bedroom .

“Mom im going out with Justin!” I call to my mom who was in her room .

“Okay have Justin bring you back home and be safe!” She screams back and I walk down the stairs and into the living room where Justin was sitting .

“Damn” Justin says as he looks me up and down , making me laugh .

“Can we get this night over with?” I say , and we both walk out of my house and into Justins car.

“You wont regret it Y/N , trust me” He says , and I don’t reply , instead I look out the window .


“Ayyy Justin!”

“Justin you came!”

“Hey Justinnn!”

Literally every direction , someone was calling Justins name and I immediately regretted my decision on coming .

“Hey guys!” Justin says , doing some manly handshake with his friends before grabbing a cup of something from the table , making me cringe . Gross.

“Here Y/N , have a drink” He says , handing me the cup and I bring my nose to it before crinkling it , giving it back to him .

“No thanks , im not thirsty” I say , and Justin gives me a look .

“Wow Justin , I didn’t know you were bringing your grandma to the party” This jerk says and his friends laugh , making me look down .

“Hey lay off alright?” Justin defends and they stop laughing , making me smile slightly .

“Wanna go sit?” Justin says into my ear and I nod , both of us walking to the couch in their gigantic living room .

“Justin you made it just in time! We were just about to start a game of truth or dare , wanna play?” This girl asks , smiling seductively at him, and he nods .

“Hell yeah , you in Y/N?” He asks , and I watch as his friends faces turn in annoyance slightly , so I shake my head no .

“No , ill just watch” I say , and he looks me in the eyes , trying to determine my mood but I smile reassuringly .

“Play” I say , and he nods , starting the game .


“Justin , I dare you to take Amber upstairs for ten minutes .” Some girl whos name I didn’t know dares him , and I silently hope he doesn’t because I really didn’t want to be alone .

Everyone ouuus and ahhhs which only boosts Justins ego and he stands up , along with Amber , and they walk up the stairs .

“Lets hope they ever come back down” Someone says and they all laugh .

The game continues and now im on the couch alone ,my thumb circling around the rim of a beer bottle I was trying to drink .

I checked the time on my phone and realized that Justin had been upstairs for almost thirty minutes , so I got up to go check on him .

The stairs were filled with couples kissing and practically having sex , and there was a cloud of smoke coming out of one of the other rooms . I opened multiple doors and was greeted by numerous couples having sex , but still no Justin .

As I reached one of the last rooms , someone called out , making me look back .

“What are you doing up here?” He asks , stepping in front of me and getting between the door .

“I-im looking for Justin” I stutter , trying to remain calm as the guy smirked at me .

“Well honey , Justin isn’t looking for you so why don’t you just run along now okay?” He says , and I roll my eyes .

“Can you please excuse me? Youre in my way “ I say , moving to twist the bob but he moves in front of it .

“I said , run alon-“ Before he could finish his sentence Justin opens the door , shirtless.

“Whats the commotion?” He asks , before his eyes focus on me but I was focused on Amber on the bed , in nothing but her underwear .

“Y/N” Justin says , but I turn around , quickly moving past the sweaty bodies and walking down the stairs.

“Y/N!” Justin screams behind me but I bolt out the front door , pulling my phone out to dial  my moms number .

“Hey! Y/N wait” He calls , his voice closer and I whip around .

“This is why you wanted me to come? So you could ditch me to screw Amber?” I shout at him , pushing him away from me .

“Im sorry , we just got caught up”

“Well just leave , go back to Amber and leave me alone . Im going home” I say , typing my moms number in .

“Wait Y/N , let me take you home” He offers and I laugh .

“Im good thanks”

“Come onnn , we can go back home and cuddle if you want. Let me make this up to you” He says and I scoff .

“Cuddle with you ? After you just got done hooking up with Amber no thanks” I say , shivering slightly  at the nights cold weather .

Justin noticed my shiver and he offered me his jacket , which was in his hand. I glared at it for a moment before snatching it from him , shrugging it on .

“Lets go home” Justin pleads and I sigh , rolling my eyes as I stomped to his car.

“I really don’t like you”

Original Imagine: Imagine Elijah pulling you into a passionate kiss and holding you there, not wanting to let go & Imagine Elijah asking you to undress for him. & Imagine Elijah watching you get undressed and calling you ‘Perfection’ before coming to help you out of your clothes. & Imagine Elijah grinding against you until you’re begging for him to fuck you. Imagine Elijah making you finish over and over again until you’re both exhausted.

Author: Amanda. The Outsiders FanFiction and More

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3,762

Warnings: Smut, slight suggestions of sub/dom, a bit of fluff, blood sharing. Technically this is written as a sequel to “Sleeping With the Enemy” but you don’t have to read that one to follow this. Sorry that this is so long, I got a bit carried away. 

           I was supposed to be meeting Caroline, Bonnie and Elena at the Grill for lunch today. I was older than them by a few years but still liked hanging out with them. Most of the time. It had been a bit over a week since Elijah and I had first slept together - not to mention basically confessed our love. We had seen each other every day since, even after the reaction from Damon and Stefan - which was not good. Not slept together every day since, but we had seen each other. Though, we had slept together a few of times since. But it had been a few days. Stefan and Damon wanted me to stay away from him, big surprise, but I didn’t want to. They also thought I was an idiot for believing that Elijah loved me. (Damon’s word, not Stefan’s). Which resulted in Damon being held by the neck against the wall by Elijah. The whole conversation ended with us saying we would do whatever we wanted and Damon angrily storming out. Stefan, more calmly, followed. Damon and Stefan were some of my best friends and I really didn’t want them upset with me but I wasn’t going to stop seeing Elijah because they said to. 

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