i was watching this interview

I browsed the youtube for a few SDCC Hoco interviews for you guys

• This is literally the only video I found of this interview. It’s repeating itself after the first time so just ignore the rest.


○ The cute look between them at 1.48

○ at 3.09 Is it just me or did Jon Watts say “Thomas/Tom’s sore –” Z laughed at that pretty hard lol

○ at 4.20 They both laughed at Tony’s comment almost at the same time

○ at 4.57 Funny moment with all of them and lol Tom’s “What did I do??”

But just watch the whole interview if you guys haven’t before. It’s a bit over 6 mins only.

• The radio interview that everyone surely have already heard


• Interview with Z and she mentions Tom during the first question


• And at 2.26 is the group interview where at the end they’re like “Where’s Zendaya?”





Wow, thank you anon for your work!!🙌 I wish you logged in with your username so I could give you proper thanks for helping out the newbie anons with link questions!

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did you see the new interview of camila on facebook live with music choice? she seemed nervous af to me. and like she didnt want to answer questions. she tried tl change the subject by eating marshmallows or singing a song that played on the background. idk it seemed off. i know she always does goofy stuff but this was weird

No. I don’t watch every interview of Camila, only when I’m in the mood.

What’s the context of the questions she seemed nervous about?

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How did you discover Jeremy?

Well, he’s a well-known actor! So i’ve always known who he was and i always found him very interesting, but it wasn’t until my love for Tom led me to watch “The Hollow Crown” where they star together that i was like… wait a second… 

Then Batman v Superman… then Tom and him together again in “High-Rise”, then Assassin’s Creed. So basically, he was all over the place and then i watched his oldest movies and died.

You obviously start watching interviews and reading articles and make peace with the fact that you’ve developed yet another crush.

And then i watched “The Correspondence” (2016) which basically was the nail in my coffin.

I love this man so much. 


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i'm watching that interview (the one where he was on a french tv show & the interviewer tried telling him that fundamentals are politics) & he said "I don't really comment on politics" & "stuff like equal rights doesn't feel like politics to me" this kid has been living under a fucking rock. how the fuck was he at the parliament debate about brexit when he has one brain cell. why the fuck are girls idolizing him when we have men who are actually smart like Chris Evans. Fucking open your mouth

im not surprised… he hung out with kendall jenner… and im pretty sure they think traveling around the world to get their jobs done is bRUTAL on them so… lmfao

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Kayley, I know how you're feeling. In my opinion, today is the saddest day of the year. :( I can't stop thinking about him. Hope you are fine... RIP Child Star. Jerry and Dean together again โค๏ธ

Thank you for your kind words….

My friend Kayla had a dream about them together again this morning, right before she found out. I actually saw figures that resembled them as clouds in the sky later this afternoon, as wild as that sounds. I truly believe they are together again. 

It’s been a very strange day full of despair, and I feel totally lost. I was watching Jerry’s interviews earlier just to hear his voice and see him. I can’t really watch his movies right now. At least I was able to smile at his jokes in his interviews. I’ve cried to the point where tears won’t form anymore. My eyes actually hurt. 

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This is one of the sdcc group interviews /watch?v=Bo_R8jCBprI i love how in the beginning when they're joking about "we've got to go" they both look at their "watches" at the same time ๐Ÿ˜„



The funny thing is when I was at the Grammy’s , people were actually texting me and sending me photos of the TV, because when they were on the wide shot , way back in the room and I’m in the front row you could see my hair. “

- Josh about his yellow goodDYEyoung hair on the Grammy’s


“It will be interesting, and sad, but also wonderful celebrating her life. I think everything, the kind of legacy she left. She’s gone too soon, but we can see everything that she did do, and kind of have joy in that.” —Daisy Ridley about the loss of dear departed Carrie Fisher.


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition