i was watching this earlier

Conversation between me and a classmate on Friday.

Him: why do anime fandoms always fight so much (clearly not a anime fan and only seen the fandom wars that erupt now and then)

Me: look man, Anime fandoms and other Anime fandoms are natural enemies,
Like Naruto fans and Fate Fans,
Or Love Live fans and Fate Fans,
Or Slice of Life fans and Fate Fans,
Or Fate Fans and other Fate Fans,
Damn Fate Fans,
They ruined Fate!

Him: You Fate Fans sure are a angry bunch

Me: You just made an enemy for life!

my dad and i were watching mad max 2 earlier and in the middle of the end chase scene he touched the cat’s foot and just went “look at this fat foots”  

anonymous asked:

I've watched felixs' recent video earlier and made me wonder if a lot of people try to force positivity. Have you ever done so?

Nah, you’d be able to tell immediately if I was faking it or forcing the positivity out. My videos are one place where I’m truly enjoying myself 99% of the time.

Outside of videos I think we’ve all forced positivity in situations that made us uncomfortable though 

Alfie Enoch with a fan in Rio de Janeiro (December 2016)

Dialogue (according to the fan):

FAN (in English): I’m sorry but I have to talk to you!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): That’s okay buddy, you can talk.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, you speak portuguese, I forgot, sorry.
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Yes, I do. How are you?
FAN (in Portuguese): I’m fine.
FAN (switching back to english): I was just watching an episode earlier today, can you believe that? Big fan! Love Harry Potter too!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Cool dude, but you’re speaking in english again.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, I got nervous, sorry. Can I take a picture? My friend won’t believe this!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Let’s do it!