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The Craft my story video I choose to save petra! And also i watched a friends video where they saved Jack and in the Background Romeo when I saw him WITHOUT like the grayish make up is that gonna be his Real self without his powers? Or no?

Yeah he was out of makeup while he was practicing his stunt work. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if we ever see him like that again!

This Way || Byron Langely Imagine

A/N — This is really short cause I’ve just started my other side blog and stuff like that so I need to figure stuff like that out, aswell as the fact I haven’t watched a buttercream video in almost a month? I dunno

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Warnings: Angsty

— Byron’s POV —

“Yeah, I thought that too I mean she was pretty rude.” She laughs from across the room, again the voice floating to my ears but instead of sending chills down my spine, I can feel my blood boiling.

He was there, again.

It’s like she couldnt tell, like she had no idea how I felt towards her. It’s like she didn’t know that everytime my eyes met hers, or out fingers touched, I fell even harder than I already had for her.

“Exactly, so I told her to calm down a little bit and she just walked off.” Jack laughs, as his voice angers me more than hers.

I want me and her to have conversations like that, I want me and her to feel the way they do about each other.

I want her to see me the way she sees him.

I could tell she liked him. I could tell that everytime they spoke she liked him that little bit more than she did the moment before. I could see that in her eyes it was more than friends, but he wasn’t right for her. He wouldn’t treat her the way I would and that he wasn’t good enough for her was proven.

“Anyways, I best get going. I’ll see you later yeah? Bye Byron.” Jack speaks, getting up from next to her on the couch, and turning to fist bump me.

After he leaves, she comes and sits back where she was on the couch, oblivious to my thoughts.

“What’s up with you? You’ve barely spoken today, you ok?” She asks carefully, sensing my silence had a reason behind it.

“It’s nothing, I’m fine.” I say, getting up and walking into the kitchen, my demons following close behind.

It was like everytime the traffic lights in my head turned green, I couldn’t get myself into gear. I couldn’t tell her, I couldn’t tell her exactly how I felt because deep down I knew about her and Jack. I knew she wanted him and not me, so I let the lights turn back to red and hoped things would change the next time the colour flicked back to green.

“Clearly you aren’t fine, ever since Jack came round you’ve been really quiet. By, I’m your best friend you can tell me things, you know that.” She insists, trying to pull the reasons from within me.

“Fine. If you want to know what’s up I’ll tell you. You always pay more attention to Jack when he’s around, and that’s obviously because you like each other. I’m always sat there wondering why you can’t love me like I love you but it’s obvious that it’s Jack you want. So yeah, that’s whats wrong. I love you and you don’t love me.” I say, emotions finally snapping and the words flowing out of my mouth unable to be stopped.

A coherent decision was needed.

“You’re kidding me right? You think I like Jack? Just because I have a friend of the opposite gender doesn’t mean we’re together. Don’t get snappy with me.” She replies, being defensive and having a right to do so.

I’ve messed up, massively. All i can think about is how stupid I’ve been this whole time.

They’re just friends.

“Of course I think you like Jack! For gods sakes, I’m not getting snappy with you I just can’t hold it back anymore.” I say, a little angry, I shouldn’t be and I know it, but I am.

I’m angry with myself for not telling her, but I’m also angry with myself for being so stupid.

“You know what Byron, if you wanted to tell me that you liked me you could have just asked me about Jack rather than getting angry over nothing!” She shouts, voice raised as her frustration flows out like a waterfall.

“How could I? How could I just ask you if you like him or not? I was scared of the answer, it’s harder than it sounds.” I ask, the truth evident.

“By talking to me. Best friends aren’t arseholes believe it or not.” She says, turning round and grabbing her backpack, swinging it over her shoulders.

“Where are you going?” I ask, voice quiet, almost a whisper.

I couldn’t let her go like this, not this way. I needed to talk it out with her. I needed to tell her how much she meant to me and how happy I was that I’d told her.

“Not like I’ll tell you that, you’ll probably think I’m off with my boyfriend somewhere.” She says, frustration riddled in her tone.

I didn’t mean it to come across that way. I was just sick of holding my feelings back.

“Y/N, don’t, just talk it over with me. Please.” I beg, insisting she stays to sort this out. I would never forgive myself if I let her go like this, if I lost her because of my stupid words.

“No, Byron,” She begins, opening the front door, “and you know what? I liked you that way too. That’s why Jack was here, because while you were out he was helping me with how to tell you I loved you.” She finishes, my heart stopping for a second as the door slams shut.

And that was it.

I’d lost the light in my life, the reason I woke up everyday, the reason a smile was painted across my face.

Everything I told her, everything I held back - I made it worse.

I pushed her away.

Maybe it was meant to be this way, maybe it wasn’t.

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Onision: "! am done! I am going to reveal all the truths you are all afraid of!" Also Onision: "Did you know BLAIR WHITE is right wing? BLAIR WHITE is a dumb dumb head and I am going to blame her for being assaulted and say BLAIR WHITE again and again because my audience is dumb enough they might forget I'm talking about BLAIR WHITE!" If this is the shit he was talking about, I think we're all going to be fine.(No anon because his fan's don't scare me)

YO I JUST WATCHED THAT VIDEO! I can’t get over that shit, it’s so fucking hilarious. If that’s really the best he’s got, I pity him just a little. Like, I don’t always agree with what Blaire has to say, but don’t victim blame her or try with this pathetic attempt to “expose” her. All of that is pretty public, she doesn’t hide any of it. It was surreal watching it, though, because he’s just trying so hard to sound smart.

Exposing someone in the Anti-O community would be like “I have evidence that X person assaulted someone and they have a criminal record and they haven’t posted it online/talked about it!” or some weird shit like that. Not something that has already been shared online and is readily available through that person’s social media. He’s such a dumb fuck, it’s so funny

I feel like for the past few years I’ve just been lost in my illness and I’m getting out now and becoming myself, maybe for the first time even

I’m listening to new music again, I’m reading a lot, I’m enjoying studying, I’m watching tv and playing video games again, I’m back into expressing myself w fashion, and I want to learn new things like sewing and drawing.

I have things in my life like I used to years ago and even if it seems lame that the things are all me being by myself but it’s been so long since I’ve done anything at all and I’m not lonely because I’ve been keeping in contact with my friends more even if I don’t see them much. I’m back to living but the difference between back then and now is that I feel happy and in control. It feels good and I deserve it.


Welcome to a world without Light.

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I haven’t seen anyone talk about this???? but during story of my life last night, Harry turned off the stage lights and let the whole audience sing for louis verse only. AND he flashed the goddamn blue lights right at the beginning.  

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)

Wounded, but ok

hhhhhhhh i finished all of my assignments and exams this week yaaaay~ Have a crying geno bois because why not ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. I had fun drawing this one too, with the gold paint and stuff hehehe~ 

Geno- @loverofpiggies

Tomoya Naka- Rainy Song