i was watching the grinch and thought of this


I made my thoughts clear in the last post, so I won’t get into another rant about this, but jesus christ, twelve hours late? Twelve?

Like, maybe I’m a Grinch, but “I found love” is not an excuse for being late, and definitely not TWELVE hours late! Know what is an acceptable excuse for being twelve hours late? HAVING BEEN INJURED IN A TERRIBLE INCIDENT.

Sorry. I still have to actually watch this episode. I’m just very upset about the etiquette here. Like, at least bring the goddamn wine.

My very straight best friend turned to me in the car out of the blue and asked a question about wlw representation on tv. Out of the blue.

So we talked and then at the end of the discussion - after she’d parked the car and talked and she’d asked questions, she turned to me and very quietly said she’d never thought about it before in that much depth and now she was gonna watch more closely and I just- I felt like the Grinch when his heart grew however many sizes.