i was watching the grinch and thought of this

The Christmas Spirt

Prompt: “You remind me of the Grinch, you know? Except his heart grows three sizes and you stay and asshole.”

Warnings: swearing, angst, a little bit of fluff

Word Count: 2082 (oops)

A/N: i love christmas so much (maybe a little too much) this is for @nataliarxmanxva ‘s writing challenge

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When Soulmates Go Wrong (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4040 (Sorry, got carried away)

Warnings: Aaaaangst

A/N: I’ve got a part two, but I’m going to need you to tell me if you want it. This is just a little something that’s been in the works for at least a month, and I figured it was high time to put it out there. Gif is not mine, and feedback is greatly appreciated as usual. If you want to be added to the tag list, let me know.

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Ah, soulmates. True love smiled upon by the stars themselves. Every person had a mark matching their soulmate’s. The mark could appear anywhere on one’s body, in any color, or any shape, but it always matched what their soulmate had - color, location, shape, everything. And everyone had a soulmate. Except for me.

I’d been born without my soul mark. This terrified my mother on the day of my birth as the nurses had almost frantically tried to find something that could even possibly be a soul mark. There had been nothing to find.

When it turned out that I had powers - the ability to command the elements - in addition to a concerning propensity for all forms of weaponry and an uncanny gift for reading people’s body language… let’s just say that she and my father were afraid for me. Afraid that people would exploit me for my lack of connection as well as my powers.

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Either/Or: Single II


Previously on Single

The apartment was decked in all of the holiday spirit. Lights on every surface, sloppy snowflakes cut and taped on the windows, stockings hung with care and construction paper and cotton ball snowmen on the walls. The tree itself was modest in girth, but laden with ornaments, all kinds of handmade, hot glue gunned and glitter bespeckled entities.

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A Year and Six months

This a thing I guess not a very good thing but it is a thing.

Part 2

AN: Butt chins. My best friend says when i write I try to explain my self too much … i agree. Also the author is fucking shit at titles and endings and writing in general but whatever

It’s been a year and 6 month since you left the tower. A year and 6 month since you’ve talked to anyone at the tower besides Steve and Pepper. A year and 6 months since the day you found them, the man you loved most and some woman, together in your once shared room lips pressed together and bodies bare of everything but each other.

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Christmas/Holiday AUs
  • we’re going ice skating for the first time this year and it’s pretty obvious that you’re secretly an olympic figure skater or something how the hell are you so graceful you’re literally twirling around on one foot on a frictionless surface and i can barely make a left turn
  • what no i totally have no idea how mistletoe got under every doorway in our house… *cough cough* …but since it’s there we should really honor the tradition right
  • we’ve been just cuddling here watching movies for like six hours and this is officially the most cozy and comfortable we’ve ever been so we’re not getting up until new year’s 
  • yes you look like a movie star with your tinsel boa but the i think it suits me better so ha
  • i love you but your christmas ornaments are weird we’re not putting those on the tree
  • you put a santa hat on my head this morning and i thought i took it off but it turns out i didn’t so i’ve been walking around all day wearing a santa hat i hate you
  • yes i know it’s almost christmas no that doesn’t mean you should watch every movie with snow in it seriously i can hear you singing along to love is an open door in front of my room and this needs to stop
  • i didn’t know that this holiday party was a dress-up thing and when i came to get you, you answered the door in your full-on GRINCH COSTUME and i almost had a fucking heart attack
  • you’re jewish so we’re celebrating hanukkah and most of this stuff is really new to me so you’re teaching me how to say the names of everything and so far all i can pronounc is menorah 
  • you’re gonna fall off the roof if you try hanging lights with that ladder 
  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE’S EIGHT DAYS OF HANUKKAH yeah i know we have the 12 days of christmas song BUT IT’S JUST A SONG
  • come cuddle with me there’s this movie called “love actually” and it looks really cute i wanna watch it (a few hours later) W H Y
  • you asked me what i wanted for christmas and i was feeling really sarcastic so i said “a unicorn” and you actually went out and got me a stuffed unicorn i hate you so much but actually it’s really cute and i might sort of love it
  • i already told you i don’t like ugly christmas sweater parties because everyone just wears one that’s vaguely cute anyways so what’s the point and wHAT THE FUCK IS THAT I’VE ACTUALLY NEVER SEEN A SWEATER THAT UGLY WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S PART OF A MATCHING SET
  • we spent christmas with my family and now we’re going to spend kwanzaa with your family we’re gonna need a vacation after all this
  • let’s go walk around and look at all the lights and stuff
  • stop eating the popcorn you little shit, i can’t make caramel popcorn balls with just caramel
  • if you try stealing the whipped cream off of my hot chocolate again i swear i will stab you with a candy cane
  •  it’s new years’ eve and i am so determined to kiss you when the ball drops
  • you know i think getting engaged on chrismas it’s the most cliche thing ever but you fucking proposed anyway 
  • ^ but you proposed in the most amazing unexpected way and i’m actually getting really emotional about it aND I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING SHUT UP)

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office party, before the kiss so they don't know about each other's feelings, he's with paula? idc just lots of angst plz

Office Christmas parties at Pearson Hardman were known for being lavish, grand affairs. But with the renaming, downsizing and restructure of the firm still so fresh, this year’s office party was humble in its location; a warmly-lit library with an elegantly decorated Christmas tree. 

As satisfying as it may have been to flash money around on an expensive party, Donna had deterred both Harvey and Louis from engaging in the extravagant display of years past. Instead they had shown their renewed success to their most loyal clients with personalised (and yes, expensive) gifts but kept the party an intimate, in house affair. The free-flowing champagne also did wonders for everybody’s temperament.

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Apparently I write gryles drabbles now: BBC special edition

“Did you see? How we looked?” Harry’s eyes were a little wide, and he was speaking a bit faster and higher than he normally did, brandishing some screenshot of the special as if long enough had passed that Nick might have forgotten about it.

“What, you, glowing and vibrant and putting Julie Andrews to shame in your ability to wear curtains, and me, old and haggard and wearing horizontal stripes? I did, in fact—”

Harry was rolling his eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous,” which, excuse him, Harry had looked—well, like he had—while wearing flared floral dress pants. Nick was not the ridiculous one in this situation. “I meant, like, our faces.”

Nick looked around for his drink, couldn’t see where he’d left it, and settled for substituting alcohol with laughter.

“Completely missed them. Total mystery, but they’d blacked both of our faces out on my screen. It was like a Halloween special, more-than-nearly-headless-Nick—”

Harry was undeterred, “Did you see how happy we looked?”


“Haz, what…”

“I was watching it and thinking about what you said, about like, the hiatus and how it had got crazy there, for a little while. And I think it’s…I think it’s died down a bit, now. I think I could, y’know—and people wouldn’t. It’s died down, a bit,” he repeated.

Which. “It hasn’t. Haz, it really, really hasn’t died down. What are you—”

Harry didn’t even seem to hear him, “Do you remember Mallorca?”

Nick could feel his heart rate pick up slightly, his body recognizing the danger before his mind. “Obviously I remember Mallorca, that was like five—”

“I thought it then, too.”


“I saw that picture of us, and I thought,” he took a breath, “Look at that. Look at how—I just…I thought it’s going to be us, one day. I’m going to—like, fuck, look at Pix and George, Aimee and Ian, even Jeff and Glenne,” he ran a hand through his hair. “I thought, that’s going to be us. I’m going to marry him, someday.”

Nick felt like someone had sucked all the air out of the room.

“You didn’t.”


“You didn’t think that. You’ve just—you’ve had too much wine, and you’re exhausted from tour, and I’ve lulled you into some sort of hypnotic hallucinatory state with my candles. Always dangerous, buying a new scent, but they were out of the usual one. With vanilla? Couldn’t find it. Too close to Christmas, guess they were all sold out. Which—that’s a bit of a shit present, innit? I mean, not for us, obviously, but if it wasn’t like—” a thing, he almost said, which, Christ. “If it was just—here! I could think of literally nothing that you might like, so I bought you the most impersonal gift of all time! That or I’m sending a message, hate the way your house smells, please fix it, ta! Which, not the most flattering th—”


He really needed that drink.


“Stop panicking.”

“I’m not—panicking. I’m just…you’ve got no idea what you’re—You realize you’re Harry Styles? Like actual Harry Styles, off of everything under the bloody sun, linked to, to give the abridged version, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner and Tess Ward and Camille Rowe? You did not think that was going to be us. Which—is fine, Haz, obviously. Almost positive I’d have gone for Taylor Swift in your position. Bit batshit, evidently, but like, I’ve seen her. Minimal judgment. Your babies would have been a new breed of genetically guaranteed beauty—”

Harry was biting his lip, “This has taken a turn.”

It’s not that Nick disagreed, exactly, but, “What, and that’s my fault? I’m going to marry—”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it.”

Nick wasn’t sure exactly when or how, in the span of watching reruns of the Grinch, he’d completely lost control of his life, but…here they were.

“Of course I’ve—” Harry’s entire fucking face lit up, and Nick really did not deserve this. “But it was a moment! A brief moment of insanity before I blinked and you were still Harry bloody Styles and I was me and it was very very clearly never going to happen, and—”

“Of course it—” Harry shook his head slightly, caught his eye, “It was always going to be us, Grim. Don’t you—since I was seventeen, I’ve always thought it was going to be us.”

“You’re like, a bloody Hallmark card, all of the sudden. You did not think—”

“I did. Since Christmas, that year. With Aimee. I did.”

Nick was fundamentally unequipped for this.

“Haz, please. Let’s not—why are you…”

Harry bit his lip, “Gem texted me, after the special. Something about that scene of us with the chips being an excellent audition tape for me to send in if I ever wanted to star in a romcom, and she was joking, obviously, but. That was…it was the best day. There were cameras everywhere and I was wearing way too much makeup and my back was killing me and it was—the best day, still. Don’t you want to, like,” he broke off, licked his lips. “That could just be life. We could just—”

“We can’t, Haz. We—”

“Why not?”

And Harry was a bit oblivious sometimes, but he wasn’t that obtuse. “Would you like that list alphabetically, or?”

“Grim, if, if one of the reasons is that you just fundamentally don’t want to, then that’s—that’s the only one I need to hear. That’s it, I’ll drop it and I swear I won’t be, like. But if it’s not, if the list is just, like, Heat and the Mail and twitter, then do you really want to, like—do you care?”

“Do I…Haz, you care. You pretend you’re all laissez-faire, but you’re so…image conscious. Intentional, with what you put out, and it would be. Madness. It would be madness, and all that control you’ve got? It would be gone. And you’d hate me for that,” his voice broke on hate, and Nick stopped to take a breath. It was shakier than he’d have liked to admit.  

Harry was shaking his head. “I wouldn’t.”

“Easy to say now.”

Nick watched as Harry settled back into the sofa, ended up sitting closer than he’d been before. He shuffled around until their thighs were touching, leaned himself into Nick’s side, and Nick sighed, tried to calm his breathing into something resembling normal.

“I wouldn’t, and it’s Christmas, Grim. Will you at least think about it?”

“Yeah,” Nick lied, picturing media mobbings and photographers waiting outside his house and headlines about his age and Harry eventually waking up and looking at him earnestly and telling him that he was genuinely sorry, and he did love him, but he just couldn’t keep up this level of commitment, wasn’t ready to settle down forever with two dogs and a half-imagined baby, didn’t want to trap Nick in a half-life. “Yeah, I’ll think about it.”


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Growing up, you never really cared for summer. It was ridiculously hot, nearly everywhere you went was crowded (especially pools, beaches, or anywhere that offered any sort of relief from the heat), boredom came very easily, and overall, it was just an uncomfortable time of year. You never really understood the hype for summer (other than the brief break from school but even that perk disappeared with the passage of time).

Fall, however, was a completely different story.

You absolutely loved fall. The fashion, the weather, the sports, the holidays; everything about fall was appealing to you. And you made sure that everyone knew just how excited you were for the change of seasons. It was just one of those quirks that your friends had come to expect and accept as part of your friendship but none of your friends truly shared your excitement for fall.

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Baby it’s cold outside

Stiles Stilinski x Reader (Female)

#15 “Here, take me blanket/jacket.” - “I told you, I’m not cold.”

Shouts echoed across the street, anger filling the silence. A lonely man passing the source of horror shook his head mumbling something about “missing the silence”, stating how annoying these “young couple” and their “petty squabbles” were. Others were just looking at the house in silence.

The new couple was famous for being friendly and in love and even though they had only lived there for a few months they were loved. They were the couple the elder pair remembers being and the others wished they were. They were happy and in love, but tonight, tonight was bad.

“You know I really can’t believe you! This was supposed to be OUR Christmas, in OUR new house. At max, we both agreed it should be us and your dad. But no, Mr I-know-how-to celebrate decided to force his way into this mess and try and get me to plan –”

“Don’t twist my words (y/n). You know that’s not what I meant!”

“Not what you meant?” she threw her arms up in the air, facing away from him. She was trying to calm down. She knew nothing could be solved by yelling, but anger was what she needed right now to bring her point across. “I forgot you are the one that was planning everything, finding recipes buying groceries and decorating the house. Oh wait, that was actually me. Wasting away the last two weeks balancing my work and all this stuff while you had way too much to do”

Two weeks of planning. She wanted was to try and make everything be perfect, even if she realized that the night would end with the couple and Stiles’ father sitting on the couch eating sweets while watching the Grinch for the 100th time. But Stiles’ forgot to mention that he had invited the entire city it seemed…She thought that this year they could start a new life and relax. A party this size didn’t seem relaxing in the slightest and the worst thing is that the next day would be worse. Cleaning is never fun but now it was worse since it was just the two of them.

“Darling, I understand what you are saying but may be if you stop being so drama –”

“Stiles you better not finish that word, because I will leave.” He sighed. This wasn’t what he wanted. He forgot to tell his love about the change in plans. I mean between all his own planning and his work getting harder he just couldn’t remember if he had told her. Figuring he had and left it at that. Evidently, he hadn’t. “You know maybe, just maybe if you had been the one to tell me, not –”

“I know! Will you stop being so annoying? I just forgot to tell you. You are not the only that is having a hard time. Stop being so selfish.”

In the back of his head, he knew he was going to come to regret this. What he didn’t expect was to hear the door slam, though he assume it was the wind causing a door to slam.

His head was pounding already, and this didn’t help. Sighing he opened his eyes and started saying “Honey, I know that – Honey?” He looked around. The only respond that he got was silence. He started racing, searching. He hoped his angel was still here, it was below freezing and she was still wearing – “Fuck!” Quickly he went upstairs. Fetching coats and blankets, almost falling under their weight as he ran outside. He followed the road, towards their friends’ houses. Starting with Lydia, she didn’t live too far from them and he had his hopes up that she would just go there. You know gossip about him and just vent.

The rapping noise against the wood echoed, followed by a similar noise of footsteps. “Stiles, is everything alright?”
“Is (y/n) here?”

“Sorry, stiles. No, I haven’t heard from her all day. Is she okay? Did something take her?”

“Yeah, my stupidity.” The worried crease morphed, becoming her infamous glare. He didn’t need this. He needed her. “We had a fight and she walked out. I just want to find her.”

“I’ll call Scott, maybe he can –”

“No.” And with that, he walked away. He tried more home and searched their usually heartbreak spaces, but nothing. Scott told him that he last time he heard from you was days ago, in the end offering his help, but he was having non of it. He dad was the same, ready to send out a search part. And their favorite spots, well those were all abandon, not a soul to ask about his heart. His fear was getting worse. It was getting too much. But he had to focus, on you, on his breathing. On the two of you, on fixing this mess. He had to breathe. He could hear her voice instructing him In and Out Stiles. Just keep going. In and out. It was working. His muscles loosened and he started to drive to his last location. Our Spot The place he asked her to be his girlfriend.

You would think this would be the place to check first but no. He didn’t want to think she would be that stupid to go to such a open and definitely cold area…in sweat pants and a long shirt. I mean, it was in the middle of the forest. Yeah, he hoped (y/n) was smart enough to not leave him by freezing to death over their fight.

They loved the area. It was beautiful, always rich with color and the view. The view was perfect, over looking the city. Showing off their home. But for stiles the best part was that it was there’s. Few people ventured that far into the woods, and even fewer knew how to appreciate such a view.

The curves and twist were taken on instinct. He manoeuvred them quickly yet safely in a way he hadn’t before. He just had to find her.

Reaching the edge he spotted a hunched figure. Sitting there, visibly shivering. “(y/n), I found you,” reaching her only tripping a few times. He smothered her not caring that she was still mad and was trying to reject her. She was weak, tired and cold. Making his way back to the car he set her in. Grabbing the blankets.
“I’m not cold.”

Here, just take me a blanket.”

I told you, I’m not cold.”

“Sweetie, yell at me and be angry but you are taking this blanket.” He states softly, he turned his girlfriend into a burrito. And then himself around and started murmuring to her, it was soothing. “I need you to hear this and I wish the moment was filled with both of us not feeling great. But I have been busy – yes go for it scoff – and while part of it working get more and harder but the real work comes from me wanting to propose.”

“What?” she felt a smile creep up, propose. “Well, what were you proposing? A new idea?” He laughed.

“Well, it’s this wonderful concept. I call it “wanting you in my life for the rest of my life”.”

“That sounds like a great idea…Stiles?”


“I am sorry. I just wanted this one to be special. I mean I don’t mind our extended family but this one was supposed to be different.”

“It will be. And maybe we could make a Christmas party for the 23rd instead and the next day we have leftover dinner and clean together? I don’t know. I don’t want to fight. I just wanted this to be special and with our friends. I’m sorry.”

“Let’s go home, maybe tomorrow we can talk. I just want a bath.”

“’Course you do, mind if I join you?”

“Na, I can tolerate that.”

thanks for the request @aesthetic-arwen I hope you like it. If not or you want me to change something let me know,


I made my thoughts clear in the last post, so I won’t get into another rant about this, but jesus christ, twelve hours late? Twelve?

Like, maybe I’m a Grinch, but “I found love” is not an excuse for being late, and definitely not TWELVE hours late! Know what is an acceptable excuse for being twelve hours late? HAVING BEEN INJURED IN A TERRIBLE INCIDENT.

Sorry. I still have to actually watch this episode. I’m just very upset about the etiquette here. Like, at least bring the goddamn wine.

Surprise...Part 11

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14)

The first movie you couldn’t recall.  The second movie you only half-paid attention to.  You were so focused on your boss sitting next to you, sipping wine and slowly chewing pieces of food that your goal to have a restful, relaxing pajama-movie-day was slowly demolished.

By the fact that he was sitting so close you could feel his body warmth.

“Wow,” he breathes as the second movie comes to a close.

You suddenly drew a deep breath and slowly nodded your head.

“Yeah,” you breathe along with him.  “Wow, indeed.”

“What did you think of that cinematography!?” he asks as he turns his excited eyes towards you.

For a split second, you had forgotten his profession, and your role in his life.

And you felt your stomach drop a bit.

“It was…” you trail off.

But when you slowly turned your head towards him, while his eyes were elated with playful excitement, his lips were curl into an almost grinch-like smirk.

And you found yourself silent yet again.

You watched as he slowly turned his body towards you, his leg hiking up on the couch as his knee slowly brushed the silky side of your upper thigh.

“Miss Y/N?” he asks.

“Yes, Mr. Thomas?” you answer.

You could feel your face reddening to the deep shade of red that was your “pajamas.”

“Penny for your thoughts,” he smiles.

He could see the hesitation rolling behind your eyes.

“How about this?” he asks as he leans forward ever so slightly, “You can ask me one question, and I will answer with whole-hearted honestly, if you allow me the same courtesy.”

Sounded easy enough.

And you knew exactly what you wanted to ask him.

“Why would you buy me something like this?” you ask as you begin to run the edge of your robe between your fingers.  “Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely beautiful…but I’m your employee.  Why get me something so…racy?”

Tom smiled broadly as he quirks his eyebrow in the air.

“Which question do you want answered?” he asks.

“Huh?” you breathed.

“You asked me two questions.  Which would you like answered?”

“Weren’t they the same?” you ask.

“Oh, no,” he lulls lowly.

Alright.  Fine.  If he wanted to play this coyly, then you would destroy his coy.

By asking him the blunter question.

“Neither,” you smirk as you lean forward lightly to match his powerful stance, “answer me this: I see the ways you look at me, even though you think I might not be watching.  Did you purchase this present for me in the hopes of it becoming the wrapping paper you would soon remove?”

You watched his stare falter lightly as you smiled inwardly at yourself.


“Yes,” he answers honestly.

No hesitation.

No embarrassment.


And then he watched you falter.

“I promised you an honest answer to any question, Miss Y/N.  And my answer to that question, is yes.”

He wanted to naked?

“My turn,” he says.

But you were too stunned to register anything until he spat out his question.

“Do you want to be my dominant…or submissive?” he asks.

You felt your jaw physically unhinge as your shocked mind slowly wafts back to reality.

“What makes you think I want to be either?” you breathe as you lean back into your original position.

“You promised me an honest answer,” he smirks, “and just as you see me…I, as well, see you.”

Your boss.

With his beautiful eyes and his tall stance and his strong jaw…his jaw-dropping smile and his cute laugh and his…

…wait, what!?

When in the hell did you start noticing how handsome your boss was!?

Tom was clearly gaining great pleasure in how you squirmed and fought inside of your mind.

And you did promise him an honest answer.

Your mind wafted back to your book.


You thought back to the very last story in your treasured book.


Did you trust your boss?

Did you trust Thomas…?


Your soul craved it.  Something new.  Something exciting.  Something…shareable.

And even you were shocked when you parted your own lips and answered.

“I-I-I guess…your submissive,” you muse lightly.

"New Traditions” – Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine (Teen Wolf)

My Teen Wolf Master List

It was the first week of December and your house was already decorated inside and outside from top to bottom with Christmas decorations. Outside, Christmas lights outline the house, fenced with lit candy canes around the driveway, huge inflatables of Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph with fake snow scattered on the grass, and a huge wreath hanging on the front wooden door. Inside the house, garlands with white lights were wrapped around the stairs, a pair of matching stockings with names hung from the fireplace that had Charlie Brown Christmas figurines on top of the mantel. Red and green throw pillows where placed on the white couches and in all the bedrooms, throughout the house where little Christmas figurines with peppermint candles everywhere, and a mistletoe hanging in the middle of the arch way before entering the living room. The only thing that was missing was a tree.

Jordan called earlier saying he would be home about an hour later than usual for a surprise. You didn’t mind because all day you had been working on a surprise for him as well. All week long you spent numerous phone calls and emails between your mom, grandma, Jordan’s mom and his sisters for different cookie recipes. Jordan had a sweet tooth for anything with sugar, even more so with Christmas cookies. Ever since Jordan left for work this morning, you had been baking non-stop, making the house warm, cozy and smelling like heaven.

“Honey! I’m home!” You heard from the kitchen. Right on cue, your last batch of cookies were done. You turned off the stove and walked to the living room to see your fiancé dragging in a very tall Christmas tree and placing it next to the fireplace.

“Umm, babe, what’s that?” You point at the tree. 

“That right there,” Jordan gives you a quick peck, “is an 10 foot Douglas Fir Christmas tree. I got the best for the best.” He grins. “I got the last one and the retailer sure gave me a run for my money but I knew the moment I saw it, it would be perfect for our first Christmas together. The first of many to come as we start our lives together soon.”

“Oh… okay. Thanks.”

Jordan noticed you’re not exactly thrilled about the tree. “Honey, if you don’t like it. It’s okay. I’ll take it back and we’ll pick one together." 

"No! It’s fine. You went through all that trouble to surprise me. I like it. I’m just not used to having a real Christmas tree. I’ve never had one before.”

“What?!” This time you surprised Jordan. “You’ll love it. The smell will make the entire house smell like Christmas.”

You walked up to the tree and examined it. It’s not what you’re used to seeing. You touched it and it felt like slippery rubber but fresh. You took a whiff of it and you felt like you were in the woods surrounded by pine trees. It’s different but you could make it work with some beautiful ornaments, white lights, and a lighted star on top.

“It’ll look better with some string popcorn, multi-colored lights, red ball ornaments and an angel on top,” Jordan says.

Your smile vanished at his words making you realize you two have two different visions for your Christmas tree. Then your mind began to wonder. What if you two have a lot of different Christmas traditions? Would you two be able to compromise together without hurting the other one’s feelings? What if this was a make or break situation in your relationship?

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Make It Work (Pt.4) // Wonwoo

The next few days passed by fast, you didn’t even notice that it was already the second week of school. All traces of awkwardness have dissolved and vanished from you and Soeun, all thanks to Wooshin’s noisy self. Hanging out with them from morning, lunch, and even after school has been a natural thing by now that you’d catch yourself looking forward to meeting them every day. 

Of course, you still miss your old friends. But being with new people, it was like being on an adventure every day, especially since there were less unnecessary attention and more freedom to breathe and actually enjoy school.

Well, that could’ve happened more if not for the amount of homework the teachers have been giving everyone. Because of this, there wasn’t even enough time to meet and play with Wonwoo and the others. Still, it wasn’t that bad. Once you get through this, you’re going to play to your heart’s content.

“So we’ll continue this after school then?” Soeun asked.

“Sure!” Your attention shifted to your phone when it rang, Wonwoo’s name flashing on the screen. “Hello, Mr. Jeon. What’s up?”

You heard him scoff. “Jun, Gyu, Sol, and Chan are coming over tonight. Do you want us to stop by later? We’re buying food before going to my house.”

“Oh, it’s that time already?”

“…you forgot didn’t you?”

“Hey. There were no fixed dates!” you protested. “Anyway, no, it’s fine. I have this thing later with my groupmates.”

“You do? …so, you’re not coming over?”

“Y/N, let’s go! They just refilled the sweet bread section!” Wonwoo heard a guy’s voice calling you.

“Really?” you asked before going back to Wonwoo. “I am, I am. Hey, I have to go before the bread vanishes! See you later!” and the line went off.

Wonwoo stared at your name on his phone before the screen went dark. Attending the same school and classes together and having the same circle of friends for years, he was used to having you beside him most of the time. Quite literally, the only people that talks and hangs out with you at school are him and his friends. And so having that conversation made him feel strange. Really strange.

“Wonwoo, you coming?”

Wonwoo looked up and nodded, making his way back to the room with his classmate. Well, at least you’re still going. After days of barely having time to see each other, today was finally the day he’ll be spending time with you and his friends.

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Week Celebration #6.

I chose Steve because why not? I’ve never written a thing about him and I’m sorry this took so long @romanovoff but I was feeling unispired and I not really proud of it but…

Hope you like it Kayla, of course your name is used on it. 

Prompt 69: Isn’t this supposed to be the part where we kiss?

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This time again, another year the same thing going around everywhere: bright little lights placed anywhere you could fixated your eyes into, people dressed up as Santa or some other well-known character, big trees decorated more than one of those hipsters cakes in the new cafés around the city, that time again, Christmas.

The Tower was no exception, decorations around every corner and scent candles were the big thing right now. Mostly everyone was excited, a sparkle in their eyes about the happy times but you couldn’t with all those… Well, those little things that made you uncomfortable because, let’s be honest you weren’t the Grinch but the last years Christmas became too much for you to handle.

And you were stuck into the damn whirlwind with a nice face and drinking some disgusting eggnog that Bucky decided to prepare following a 40s recipe as you watched Clint moving around the kitchen placing some stuff with a mischievous grin on his face and you couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 2: You’re a Mean One Mr. Barnes

Request: How about one where Bucky and reader are together and Bucks is a Christmas grinch even though reader absolutely adores it. So reader ends up having to spend time with Tony or Steve, decorating the tower. Ends with Bucky realizing that maybe he could just learn to love Christmas for reader? (:

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: It might suck

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Sorry if it sucks. But if you don’t think it sucks then give me prompt to write about since I would love nothing more than to procrastinate on finals.

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“Meeerry Christmaas to one and aaall,” you sang happily as you entered the dining room in your fuzzy Santa hat and your traditional ugly Christmas sweater. Everyone who was eating breakfast turned to you and smiled.

“Good morning, Y/N,” Steve greeted while lifting his coffee mug in your direction.

“Is it that time of year already?” Clint asked.

“You know it,” you said merrily.

Soon your boyfriend Bucky walked in the room with coffee and a plate of eggs and sausage in hand. He paused then gave you an odd look.

“Good morning, babe,” you said while wrapping your arms around him and kissing him.

“Good morning, uh…” he trailed off and scrunched his eyebrows then finished, “Santa’s helper?”

“I’m not really dressed up as anyone, but sure,” you smiled while kissing him again then announced, “But I am decorating the tower today! You’re going to help me, right?”

“Oh…uh, no,” Bucky said flatly, “It sounds like a lot of work.”

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10 Days of Christmas: Day 6

First Christmas Together-discourse over real vs fake tree 

Previously: Day 5

After spending the day sloshing through the muck and salty sludge of the city sidewalks, after a much too long day that consisted of much too much time running around, finishing what she could before the offices closed for the holidays, when she walked through the door to the empty townhouse, Lexa wanted nothing more than to thaw, drink a bottle of wine, drunkenly grope at her girlfriend after earning that right, and sleep, preferably in that order, though she honestly was alright to jump right to sleeping.

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“Klaus? Klaus!” Caroline whispered urgently as she poked his shoulder.

“Uumph” Klaus grumbled as he rolled onto his side, facing away from her to get away from the fingers that had been prodding his shoulder.

Caroline frowned as he turned away from her, her eyes going up to the ceiling of their bedroom as a another muffled bang was heard. Being that it was Christmas eve and all she wasn’t certain that it was not Santa and his eight reindeer. Or was it nine? Did Rudolf make nine or was he part of the eight? And just as she was starting to recall the names of the reindeer another thump brought her back to the moment.

“Klaus!” Caroline whisper yelled as she grabbed his bare shoulder and shook him hard.

“Sweetheart, not again. I’m too bloody tired. Wasn’t three times enough for you?” Klaus mumbled as he rolled away from her and straight onto the floor with a thud. “Bloody Hell!”

Caroline would have laughed at the fall if she hadn’t been so incensed by what he had said. Scrambling over the bed she came to a stop at the edge and glared at her husband who was still laying on the floor rubbing his shoulder and hip that had taken the brunt of his fall out of bed.

“Three times not enough for me?! Are you implying that I am the insatiable one? Excuse me Mister Every Day This Week and I only initiated sex three times out of the bajillion times we have done it this week.” Caroline sassed as she waved three fingers in his face.

If Klaus wasn’t awake after the fall he was certainly awake now.

“Caroline, love, my apologies for implying that you are insatiable. However, there have been times you have awakened me before to claim your wifely rights, how was I to know this wasn’t one of those nights.” Klaus said with a salacious smirk on his lips.

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