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When Soulmates Go Wrong (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4040 (Sorry, got carried away)

Warnings: Aaaaangst

A/N: I’ve got a part two, but I’m going to need you to tell me if you want it. This is just a little something that’s been in the works for at least a month, and I figured it was high time to put it out there. Gif is not mine, and feedback is greatly appreciated as usual. If you want to be added to the tag list, let me know.

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Ah, soulmates. True love smiled upon by the stars themselves. Every person had a mark matching their soulmate’s. The mark could appear anywhere on one’s body, in any color, or any shape, but it always matched what their soulmate had - color, location, shape, everything. And everyone had a soulmate. Except for me.

I’d been born without my soul mark. This terrified my mother on the day of my birth as the nurses had almost frantically tried to find something that could even possibly be a soul mark. There had been nothing to find.

When it turned out that I had powers - the ability to command the elements - in addition to a concerning propensity for all forms of weaponry and an uncanny gift for reading people’s body language… let’s just say that she and my father were afraid for me. Afraid that people would exploit me for my lack of connection as well as my powers.

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A Year and Six months

This a thing I guess not a very good thing but it is a thing.

Part 2

AN: Butt chins. My best friend says when i write I try to explain my self too much … i agree. Also the author is fucking shit at titles and endings and writing in general but whatever

It’s been a year and 6 month since you left the tower. A year and 6 month since you’ve talked to anyone at the tower besides Steve and Pepper. A year and 6 months since the day you found them, the man you loved most and some woman, together in your once shared room lips pressed together and bodies bare of everything but each other.

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I made my thoughts clear in the last post, so I won’t get into another rant about this, but jesus christ, twelve hours late? Twelve?

Like, maybe I’m a Grinch, but “I found love” is not an excuse for being late, and definitely not TWELVE hours late! Know what is an acceptable excuse for being twelve hours late? HAVING BEEN INJURED IN A TERRIBLE INCIDENT.

Sorry. I still have to actually watch this episode. I’m just very upset about the etiquette here. Like, at least bring the goddamn wine.

Surprise...Part 11

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14)

The first movie you couldn’t recall.  The second movie you only half-paid attention to.  You were so focused on your boss sitting next to you, sipping wine and slowly chewing pieces of food that your goal to have a restful, relaxing pajama-movie-day was slowly demolished.

By the fact that he was sitting so close you could feel his body warmth.

“Wow,” he breathes as the second movie comes to a close.

You suddenly drew a deep breath and slowly nodded your head.

“Yeah,” you breathe along with him.  “Wow, indeed.”

“What did you think of that cinematography!?” he asks as he turns his excited eyes towards you.

For a split second, you had forgotten his profession, and your role in his life.

And you felt your stomach drop a bit.

“It was…” you trail off.

But when you slowly turned your head towards him, while his eyes were elated with playful excitement, his lips were curl into an almost grinch-like smirk.

And you found yourself silent yet again.

You watched as he slowly turned his body towards you, his leg hiking up on the couch as his knee slowly brushed the silky side of your upper thigh.

“Miss Y/N?” he asks.

“Yes, Mr. Thomas?” you answer.

You could feel your face reddening to the deep shade of red that was your “pajamas.”

“Penny for your thoughts,” he smiles.

He could see the hesitation rolling behind your eyes.

“How about this?” he asks as he leans forward ever so slightly, “You can ask me one question, and I will answer with whole-hearted honestly, if you allow me the same courtesy.”

Sounded easy enough.

And you knew exactly what you wanted to ask him.

“Why would you buy me something like this?” you ask as you begin to run the edge of your robe between your fingers.  “Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely beautiful…but I’m your employee.  Why get me something so…racy?”

Tom smiled broadly as he quirks his eyebrow in the air.

“Which question do you want answered?” he asks.

“Huh?” you breathed.

“You asked me two questions.  Which would you like answered?”

“Weren’t they the same?” you ask.

“Oh, no,” he lulls lowly.

Alright.  Fine.  If he wanted to play this coyly, then you would destroy his coy.

By asking him the blunter question.

“Neither,” you smirk as you lean forward lightly to match his powerful stance, “answer me this: I see the ways you look at me, even though you think I might not be watching.  Did you purchase this present for me in the hopes of it becoming the wrapping paper you would soon remove?”

You watched his stare falter lightly as you smiled inwardly at yourself.


“Yes,” he answers honestly.

No hesitation.

No embarrassment.


And then he watched you falter.

“I promised you an honest answer to any question, Miss Y/N.  And my answer to that question, is yes.”

He wanted to naked?

“My turn,” he says.

But you were too stunned to register anything until he spat out his question.

“Do you want to be my dominant…or submissive?” he asks.

You felt your jaw physically unhinge as your shocked mind slowly wafts back to reality.

“What makes you think I want to be either?” you breathe as you lean back into your original position.

“You promised me an honest answer,” he smirks, “and just as you see me…I, as well, see you.”

Your boss.

With his beautiful eyes and his tall stance and his strong jaw…his jaw-dropping smile and his cute laugh and his…

…wait, what!?

When in the hell did you start noticing how handsome your boss was!?

Tom was clearly gaining great pleasure in how you squirmed and fought inside of your mind.

And you did promise him an honest answer.

Your mind wafted back to your book.


You thought back to the very last story in your treasured book.


Did you trust your boss?

Did you trust Thomas…?


Your soul craved it.  Something new.  Something exciting.  Something…shareable.

And even you were shocked when you parted your own lips and answered.

“I-I-I guess…your submissive,” you muse lightly.

Christmas/Holiday AUs
  • we’re going ice skating for the first time this year and it’s pretty obvious that you’re secretly an olympic figure skater or something how the hell are you so graceful you’re literally twirling around on one foot on a frictionless surface and i can barely make a left turn
  • what no i totally have no idea how mistletoe got under every doorway in our house… *cough cough* …but since it’s there we should really honor the tradition right
  • we’ve been just cuddling here watching movies for like six hours and this is officially the most cozy and comfortable we’ve ever been so we’re not getting up until new year’s 
  • yes you look like a movie star with your tinsel boa but the i think it suits me better so ha
  • i love you but your christmas ornaments are weird we’re not putting those on the tree
  • you put a santa hat on my head this morning and i thought i took it off but it turns out i didn’t so i’ve been walking around all day wearing a santa hat i hate you
  • yes i know it’s almost christmas no that doesn’t mean you should watch every movie with snow in it seriously i can hear you singing along to love is an open door in front of my room and this needs to stop
  • i didn’t know that this holiday party was a dress-up thing and when i came to get you, you answered the door in your full-on GRINCH COSTUME and i almost had a fucking heart attack
  • you’re jewish so we’re celebrating hanukkah and most of this stuff is really new to me so you’re teaching me how to say the names of everything and so far all i can pronounc is menorah 
  • you’re gonna fall off the roof if you try hanging lights with that ladder 
  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE’S EIGHT DAYS OF HANUKKAH yeah i know we have the 12 days of christmas song BUT IT’S JUST A SONG
  • come cuddle with me there’s this movie called “love actually” and it looks really cute i wanna watch it (a few hours later) W H Y
  • you asked me what i wanted for christmas and i was feeling really sarcastic so i said “a unicorn” and you actually went out and got me a stuffed unicorn i hate you so much but actually it’s really cute and i might sort of love it
  • i already told you i don’t like ugly christmas sweater parties because everyone just wears one that’s vaguely cute anyways so what’s the point and wHAT THE FUCK IS THAT I’VE ACTUALLY NEVER SEEN A SWEATER THAT UGLY WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S PART OF A MATCHING SET
  • we spent christmas with my family and now we’re going to spend kwanzaa with your family we’re gonna need a vacation after all this
  • let’s go walk around and look at all the lights and stuff
  • stop eating the popcorn you little shit, i can’t make caramel popcorn balls with just caramel
  • if you try stealing the whipped cream off of my hot chocolate again i swear i will stab you with a candy cane
  •  it’s new years’ eve and i am so determined to kiss you when the ball drops
  • you know i think getting engaged on chrismas it’s the most cliche thing ever but you fucking proposed anyway 
  • ^ but you proposed in the most amazing unexpected way and i’m actually getting really emotional about it aND I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING SHUT UP)

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Growing up, you never really cared for summer. It was ridiculously hot, nearly everywhere you went was crowded (especially pools, beaches, or anywhere that offered any sort of relief from the heat), boredom came very easily, and overall, it was just an uncomfortable time of year. You never really understood the hype for summer (other than the brief break from school but even that perk disappeared with the passage of time).

Fall, however, was a completely different story.

You absolutely loved fall. The fashion, the weather, the sports, the holidays; everything about fall was appealing to you. And you made sure that everyone knew just how excited you were for the change of seasons. It was just one of those quirks that your friends had come to expect and accept as part of your friendship but none of your friends truly shared your excitement for fall.

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Make It Work (Pt.4) // Wonwoo

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.” -Unknown.

Genre: fluff, neighbor! & best friend!wonwoo
Word count: 2.7k
A/N: uh…this felt quite eventful. please bear with me. Also, tell me what you think. I’ve read it too much that it sounds kinda ugh now.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /

The next few days passed by fast, you didn’t even noticed that it was already the second week of school. All traces of awkwardness have dissolved and vanished from you and Soeun, all thanks to Wooshin’s noisy self. Hanging out with them from morning, lunch, and even after school has been a natural thing by now that you’d catch yourself looking forward to meeting them every day. 

You still miss your old friends of course but being with new people, it was like being on an adventure every day, especially since there were less unnecessary attention and hate and more freedom to breathe and actually enjoy school.

Well, that could’ve happened more if not for the amount of homework the teachers has been giving everyone. Because of this, there wasn’t even enough time to meet and play with Wonwoo and the others. Still, it wasn’t that bad. Once you get through this, you’re going to play to your heart’s content.

“So we’ll continue this after school then?” Soeun asked.

“Sure!” Your attention shifted to your phone when it rang, Wonwoo’s name flashing on the screen. “Hello Mr. Jeon. What’s up?”

You heard him scoff. “Jun, Gyu, Sol and Chan are coming over tonight. Do you want us to stop by later? We’re buying food before going to my house.”

“Oh it’s that time already?”

“…you forgot didn’t you?”

“Hey. There were no fixed dates!” you protested. “Anyway, no, it’s fine. I have this thing later with my groupmates.”

“You do? …so, you’re not coming over?”

“Y/N, let’s go! They just refilled the sweet bread section!” Wonwoo heard a guy’s voice calling you.

“Really?” you asked before going back to Wonwoo. “I am, I am. Hey I have to go before the bread vanishes! See you later!” and the line went off.

Wonwoo stared at your name on his phone before the screen went dark. Attending the same school and classes together and having the same circle of friends for years, he was used to having you beside him most of the time. Quite literally, the only people that talks and hangs out with you at school are him and his friends. And so having that conversation made him feel strange. Really strange.

“Wonwoo, you coming?”

Wonwoo looked up and nodded, making his way back to the room with his classmate. Well, at least you’re still going. After days of barely having time to see each other, today was finally the day he’ll be spending time with you and his friends.

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"New Traditions” – Deputy Jordan Parrish Imagine (Teen Wolf)

My Teen Wolf Master List

It was the first week of December and your house was already decorated inside and outside from top to bottom with Christmas decorations. Outside, Christmas lights outline the house, fenced with lit candy canes around the driveway, huge inflatables of Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph with fake snow scattered on the grass, and a huge wreath hanging on the front wooden door. Inside the house, garlands with white lights were wrapped around the stairs, a pair of matching stockings with names hung from the fireplace that had Charlie Brown Christmas figurines on top of the mantel. Red and green throw pillows where placed on the white couches and in all the bedrooms, throughout the house where little Christmas figurines with peppermint candles everywhere, and a mistletoe hanging in the middle of the arch way before entering the living room. The only thing that was missing was a tree.

Jordan called earlier saying he would be home about an hour later than usual for a surprise. You didn’t mind because all day you had been working on a surprise for him as well. All week long you spent numerous phone calls and emails between your mom, grandma, Jordan’s mom and his sisters for different cookie recipes. Jordan had a sweet tooth for anything with sugar, even more so with Christmas cookies. Ever since Jordan left for work this morning, you had been baking non-stop, making the house warm, cozy and smelling like heaven.

“Honey! I’m home!” You heard from the kitchen. Right on cue, your last batch of cookies were done. You turned off the stove and walked to the living room to see your fiancé dragging in a very tall Christmas tree and placing it next to the fireplace.

“Umm, babe, what’s that?” You point at the tree. 

“That right there,” Jordan gives you a quick peck, “is an 10 foot Douglas Fir Christmas tree. I got the best for the best.” He grins. “I got the last one and the retailer sure gave me a run for my money but I knew the moment I saw it, it would be perfect for our first Christmas together. The first of many to come as we start our lives together soon.”

“Oh… okay. Thanks.”

Jordan noticed you’re not exactly thrilled about the tree. “Honey, if you don’t like it. It’s okay. I’ll take it back and we’ll pick one together." 

"No! It’s fine. You went through all that trouble to surprise me. I like it. I’m just not used to having a real Christmas tree. I’ve never had one before.”

“What?!” This time you surprised Jordan. “You’ll love it. The smell will make the entire house smell like Christmas.”

You walked up to the tree and examined it. It’s not what you’re used to seeing. You touched it and it felt like slippery rubber but fresh. You took a whiff of it and you felt like you were in the woods surrounded by pine trees. It’s different but you could make it work with some beautiful ornaments, white lights, and a lighted star on top.

“It’ll look better with some string popcorn, multi-colored lights, red ball ornaments and an angel on top,” Jordan says.

Your smile vanished at his words making you realize you two have two different visions for your Christmas tree. Then your mind began to wonder. What if you two have a lot of different Christmas traditions? Would you two be able to compromise together without hurting the other one’s feelings? What if this was a make or break situation in your relationship?

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12 Days of Christmas Day 2: You’re a Mean One Mr. Barnes

Request: How about one where Bucky and reader are together and Bucks is a Christmas grinch even though reader absolutely adores it. So reader ends up having to spend time with Tony or Steve, decorating the tower. Ends with Bucky realizing that maybe he could just learn to love Christmas for reader? (:

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: It might suck

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Sorry if it sucks. But if you don’t think it sucks then give me prompt to write about since I would love nothing more than to procrastinate on finals.

Heads up: @missallpony1234 @thecynicalnerd @heismyhunter @waywardimpalawriter @misspadfoot02 @flowercrownsandmetallicarms @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @rachelle-on-the-run @i-had-a-life-once @lilasiannerd @transdadlovesyou @aenna-4 @buckyb-avengers @amrita31199 @shamvictoria11

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“Meeerry Christmaas to one and aaall,” you sang happily as you entered the dining room in your fuzzy Santa hat and your traditional ugly Christmas sweater. Everyone who was eating breakfast turned to you and smiled.

“Good morning, Y/N,” Steve greeted while lifting his coffee mug in your direction.

“Is it that time of year already?” Clint asked.

“You know it,” you said merrily.

Soon your boyfriend Bucky walked in the room with coffee and a plate of eggs and sausage in hand. He paused then gave you an odd look.

“Good morning, babe,” you said while wrapping your arms around him and kissing him.

“Good morning, uh…” he trailed off and scrunched his eyebrows then finished, “Santa’s helper?”

“I’m not really dressed up as anyone, but sure,” you smiled while kissing him again then announced, “But I am decorating the tower today! You’re going to help me, right?”

“Oh…uh, no,” Bucky said flatly, “It sounds like a lot of work.”

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Week Celebration #6.

I chose Steve because why not? I’ve never written a thing about him and I’m sorry this took so long @romanovoff but I was feeling unispired and I not really proud of it but…

Hope you like it Kayla, of course your name is used on it. 

Prompt 69: Isn’t this supposed to be the part where we kiss?

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This time again, another year the same thing going around everywhere: bright little lights placed anywhere you could fixated your eyes into, people dressed up as Santa or some other well-known character, big trees decorated more than one of those hipsters cakes in the new cafés around the city, that time again, Christmas.

The Tower was no exception, decorations around every corner and scent candles were the big thing right now. Mostly everyone was excited, a sparkle in their eyes about the happy times but you couldn’t with all those… Well, those little things that made you uncomfortable because, let’s be honest you weren’t the Grinch but the last years Christmas became too much for you to handle.

And you were stuck into the damn whirlwind with a nice face and drinking some disgusting eggnog that Bucky decided to prepare following a 40s recipe as you watched Clint moving around the kitchen placing some stuff with a mischievous grin on his face and you couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to.

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10 Days of Christmas: Day 6

First Christmas Together-discourse over real vs fake tree 

Previously: Day 5

After spending the day sloshing through the muck and salty sludge of the city sidewalks, after a much too long day that consisted of much too much time running around, finishing what she could before the offices closed for the holidays, when she walked through the door to the empty townhouse, Lexa wanted nothing more than to thaw, drink a bottle of wine, drunkenly grope at her girlfriend after earning that right, and sleep, preferably in that order, though she honestly was alright to jump right to sleeping.

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The Bodyguard - Part 3

Luke Hemmings

Part 1 / Part 2


Girls POV

The flight was long, but I didn’t mind one bit if it meant I could keep sleeping with my head in Luke’s lap, his long fingers playing with my hair as he hummed gently.

His family were lovely. I had very briefly met Jack at one of their shows a while back, but then I had been whisked away as a girl broke free of the barriers. But Ben, Liz and Andrew were great as well, and it was obvious how Luke had turned out so great with his family.

We had some days away from the boys, just the two of us as he showed me around his favourite places. I had been assigned to Luke personally a while back, at a meeting that determined who got who if there was ever just one boy going somewhere. Michael was with Wren, Calum with Nate and Ashton with Oliver, so it helped that I was staying with him. There were a few days where I went out with Liz as well, helping her get the last bits for her huge day with the whole family. But the nights were my favourite.

Whether they were all playing board games or watching a movie, the Hemmings family were the kind that I had always wanted. It only got better on the night before Christmas Eve, when Jack put Luke in a particularly promising headlock as Liz nudged me forward, winking at me as she whispered.

“Put him in his place.” I grinned as I made my way over to him whilst Luke crouched uncomfortably, wrapping my hand around Jacks wrist and twisting it with just enough force as to not injure him. He turned in surprise as I swept him quickly, my hand resting on his throat as he looked up at me, shocked. I heard Luke and the rest of his family burst out in laughter as I grinned down at him, him returning my smile as I helped him up.

“BOOHYAH. I have a bodyguard, loser.” Luke taunted.

“That was awesome! How come you haven’t taught Luke any of that?” He rubbed the back of his neck thoughtfully, reminding me instantly of Luke as Luke himself chimed in.

“Yeah, actually, why not?”

“Trying to put me out of a job?” I giggled, shaking my head.

Later, Luke came in as I climbed into his bed. He made his way to the camp bed as I gulped my glass of water on the side. I still felt bad about sleeping in Luke’s bed whilst he was on the camp bed, though both Liz and him had insisted.

“Would you actually teach me?” He asked quietly as I turned, surprised.

“I never thought to before, but of course. I don’t actually just do this for the money; it’s about keeping you safe. It’s probably a good idea, in case I happen to not be there.” He turned to me after pulling off his shirt, looking slightly shocked as I stood up, revealing that I was only in one of his t-shirts and my underwear as I made my way around the bed to him.

“Grab me.” I said as his eyes widened. I laughed. “Come on Luke I’ll do it then you can try. We’ll just try one tonight. Anywhere. Grab me.” He hesitated as his large hand went to rest on my hip. I paused for a minute, leaving him confused until I took him by surprise and grabbed his wrist, twisting it and bringing him to his knees. He looked like jelly as he gazed up at me, my hand leaving his wrist and going to his hand to help him up.

Wordlessly, I put my hand on his bare hip, shown by the fact that his sweat pants were riding low. He chewed his lip ring thoughtfully as he tried to mirror what I had done. He gently took my wrist, twisting it the right way as he harshly pulled me down. I yelped as I went to my knees, him instantly letting go to drop to his again.

“Oh. I’m so sorry. Fuck. Damn. I’m SORRY.” He rambled as I rubbed my wrist, pain spiking up my arm.

“Don’t be. That was great.” I giggled as he smiled in relief, helping me up.

“It did hurt though. Kiss it better, now.” His gentleness took me by surprise as he ran his lips up my forearm, his eyes never breaking contact with me as my breath caught. I felt my warm feeling swell up again, hastily trying to push them down as I looked away, pulling my arm out of his grip.

I looked back at him, his smile seeming to falter a little until his eyes met mine again, when it returned fully.

“Can you teach me more tomorrow?” He sounded like an excited child, quite literally before Christmas as I chuckled, nodding.

“Of course. If you don’t break my arm.”

Christmas day came, apparently a big thing with the Hemmings family. I was woken by a large and familiar dog type thing bouncing all over my bed whilst he screeched.

“Y/N WAKE UP, WAKEEEE UPPPPP, ITS CHRISTMAS!” as I groaned. Luke eventually realised he wasn’t getting anywhere with his shouting, instead crawling under the covers with me and pressing his cold hands against my back as I yelped and wiggled away, falling with a bump off the bed. He chuckled as I groaned, rubbing my eyes like a child as I glared at the clock.

“Luke, its 7am.” I winced at the clock. He did a double take in the middle of his laughing.

“Yeah? And the whole family’s awake, we’re waiting for you!” He bounced up and down excitedly. My throat tightened as I bit my lip, hugging my knees to my chest as he stopped and looked at me, immediately rushing to my side.

“Do your family not do anything like this?” He whispered as I shook my head. His long arms wrapped around me as he kissed the top of my head, my stray tears wetting his shirt. “I’m sorry. I’m not used to people not having this. I’m really sorry.”

“S’okay. Sorry for dampening the spirits and all.” I mumbled into his chest as he stood us both up, shaking his head with a small smile.

“Come on. We got stuff to do, shortcake.” He went to his dresser, pulling out a jumper and chucking it to me as I pulled on leggings. The ends of the sleeves draped over my hands and the bottom hung to my mid thigh. It suited me almost as much as Luke’s millions of pet names.

We all crowded into the living room, the presents under the tree glistening next to the lights as Luke offered me the last seat, squished on one of their sofas. He took a place immediately in front of me as my hands absentmindedly went to his shoulders to squeeze as he wriggled in anticipation.

Liz handed out presents as I watched, laughing along at the jokes that Jack was belting in my ear.

“Ok ok, I admit that was a good one. But seriously, the others are just getting worse.” We bantered back and forth as Luke’s hand grabbed my knee, making me look down as a pile of presents landed there. I looked around confused, picking one up to pass to Jack as they all laughed.

“They’re for you!” Luke nudged me whilst I continued to gaze around at the smiling faces.

“B-but, I didn’t get you anything. Oh my god, I’m so sorry, if I’d have known… It was a last minute thing I just-” I rambled on as Liz came around and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Y/N stop! Its fine, we don’t expect anything off you! We want you to feel as comfortable as any of us in this family.” I blushed deeply as she gave me a quick hug, planting a kiss on my cheek as she went off to the kitchen to carry on preparing food.

The family turned back to their presents, eventually settling down as Jack went to pick up some other relatives from the airport and Luke replaced him. Andrew went to flick on ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas’ as we watched it, me looking down at the presents in my lap.

“They’re ok?” Luke whispered nervously as he played with my fingers. I smiled widely at him, going for a huge hug as he chuckled.

“Thank you so much for all of this.” I murmured, kissing his cheek as he blushed a little.

“It’s not over.” He grinned back as he stood abruptly, grabbing my hand and leading me to his room. “I didn’t want you to get really overwhelmed or whatever down there so I thought I’d wait. But of course, I got you a present because you’re awesome and you work real hard. I mean, I think the other boys did too. But here’s mine, anyway.” He fumbled around in his bag, pulling out a velvet wrapped box as I frowned at him.

“Luke…” He shushed me as he pressed it into my palm, wrapping my fingers around it, his hand staying on my wrist. I sighed, looking down as I clicked it open and gasped a little.

It was plain, but adorable. There was a dainty chain and a pendant that was shaped like an angel’s wing. It may not have seemed like much, but anyone could tell it wasn’t cheap.

“I figures Angels, right? They’re like guardians. You’re like our guardian. Do you like it?” He asked shyly. I squealed a little, standing on my tiptoes to throw my arms around him as he grinned at me, playing with his lip ring.

His eyes sparkled as I held him tight.

“You’re making this my best ever Christmas.”

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Our Little London Christmas

Summary: Dan and Phil celebrate christmas together with all their favourite traditions before going home for the holidays.

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: none, it’s all fluff :)

A/N: writing?? what’s that??  I would not know because i have had literally no time rip :’)  but here’s a little christmas thing because who needs to finish bigger projects (certainly not me, ever haha wow i have so many fics on hold please help).  actually though, I hope you are all having nice holidays and that you enjoy this fluff <33

Phil had always loved christmas time.  When he was little he had looked forward to it all year and people had always told him that he would grow out of that excitement, but Phil hadn’t yet, and he didn’t really plan to anytime soon.

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“Klaus? Klaus!” Caroline whispered urgently as she poked his shoulder.

“Uumph” Klaus grumbled as he rolled onto his side, facing away from her to get away from the fingers that had been prodding his shoulder.

Caroline frowned as he turned away from her, her eyes going up to the ceiling of their bedroom as a another muffled bang was heard. Being that it was Christmas eve and all she wasn’t certain that it was not Santa and his eight reindeer. Or was it nine? Did Rudolf make nine or was he part of the eight? And just as she was starting to recall the names of the reindeer another thump brought her back to the moment.

“Klaus!” Caroline whisper yelled as she grabbed his bare shoulder and shook him hard.

“Sweetheart, not again. I’m too bloody tired. Wasn’t three times enough for you?” Klaus mumbled as he rolled away from her and straight onto the floor with a thud. “Bloody Hell!”

Caroline would have laughed at the fall if she hadn’t been so incensed by what he had said. Scrambling over the bed she came to a stop at the edge and glared at her husband who was still laying on the floor rubbing his shoulder and hip that had taken the brunt of his fall out of bed.

“Three times not enough for me?! Are you implying that I am the insatiable one? Excuse me Mister Every Day This Week and I only initiated sex three times out of the bajillion times we have done it this week.” Caroline sassed as she waved three fingers in his face.

If Klaus wasn’t awake after the fall he was certainly awake now.

“Caroline, love, my apologies for implying that you are insatiable. However, there have been times you have awakened me before to claim your wifely rights, how was I to know this wasn’t one of those nights.” Klaus said with a salacious smirk on his lips.

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Top 15 Christmas movies 🎥🎄🎁🎅🏻

Hey everyone! As the Christmas season is approaching, I thought I’d make a list of my top 15 Christmas movies and films in no particular order;

1. Elf

2. The Polar Express

3. Arthur Christmas

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

5. Lampoon’s Christmas vacation

6. Nativity!

7. A Muppet Christmas Carol

8. Father Christmas

9. The Santa Clause

10. The Home Alone series

11. Santa Clause: the Movie

12. It’s a Wonderful Life

13. White Christmas

14. Miracle on 34th street

15. Love Actually

What are your favourite Christmas movies?


“Still not feeling well, huh?”

Your coughing fit must have brought Dean into the library. You shook your head and muttered out a very stuffy, sniffly “no.”

Dean looked at you for a few seconds, taking in your red nose and the dark shadows under your eyes. “Did you get any sleep?”

You shook your head again. “I was up coughing all night. Stupid medicine didn’t help at all…” You dabbed at your nose with a tissue. “I hate being sick around the holidays. I miss out on all the fun,” you said, pouting.

Dean stoked the fire which was starting to die down to coals. “I’ll tell you what… I’m going to make you some soup, and some tea with honey and lemon, and then we can stay in here and watch holiday movies all day. Your pick. Anything you want.”

You looked up at him, feeling positively pitiful. “Really? You shouldn’t stay around me. You’ll get my germs…”

Dean smiled at your concern as you sniffled into another tissue. “Please, Y/N. A few little germs can’t bring me down. Come on. It’ll be fun. We haven’t watched any of the classics yet this year.”

You thought about it for a moment… A day in with just you and Dean and some of your favorite holiday movies sounded like just the right medicine. “Can we start with the Grinch?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

“And you’ll even watch Love Actually with me?”

He laughed a little to himself. “Yes. But only if we can watch Die Hard, too.”

“Obviously… It’s clearly a Christmas movie.”

Dean leaned his elbow on his knee and looked at you fondly. “God, I love you,” he said with a smile.

You weren’t totally positive, but if you had to guess you’d say the rush of heat in your face after Dean’s reply wasn’t from the fever.

Chase’s 12 Days of Christmas 2016!

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming and I’ve got prompts open for this year’s 12 Days of Christmas! Submit your prompts so I can start working on them now in time to have them up for the holidays. If you’re looking for prompts to choose from, check below the cut because there are a LOT this year. If you have your own, don’t hesitate to send it to me!

Happy holidays everyone!


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Blackwood Academy

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit late! This one took longer than I thought… so for half of the world, this is technically a Boxing Day Special. >< Anyway, I hope you like this! Merry Christmas <3


Summary: Dan has been thrown into a completely new environment as he joins a popular boarding school, Blackwood Academy, as a new student. After meeting Phil, a ringleader of the most infamous group of students in the school, Dan realises there’s a lot more to him than the man-made definition formed by other people’s opinions.

Chapter Ten

“Merry Christmas!” Alex’s enthusiastic voice breaks through Dan’s deep unconsciousness, instantly transporting him from his dream back into the dim light of their bedroom, the dark blueness of the morning struggling through our curtains.
Dan chuckles sleepily, rubbing his eyes. “What time is it?" 
He peers at the alarm clock. "Like, seven?”
“Alex…” Dan moans jokingly, burying his head back into the pillow. “Do we really have to get up now? I didn’t even wake up this early when I was back at home." 
"Oh, lighten up, you Grinch! This is the tradition here,” Alex says. “So, are you getting up or what?”

“What time do we have to be down there by?” Dan mumbles.

“Well, we all go down to the Common room at 7:30 and exchange gifts, Then at 8, we all go to the dining hall for a crapload of breakfast, and then watch movies all day until Christmas Dinner. Sound good to you?” Adam chuckled.

“Yep,” Dan sighs in relief – the day seems to be pretty laid-back, in contrary to the idea he’d had of Christmas at school, fearing stupid lessons all day. He reluctantly wriggles out of the warmth of his duvet, sits up, and stretches, feeling the tension of the night’s sleep in his muscles unknot satisfyingly. He know there isn’t any time, or point, in straightening his hair so he shakes the brown waves out, letting them flop messily over his forehead.

As he notices Alex isn’t changing clothes either, he follows him out of the door, shuffling in his slippers and tying his dressing gown up.

The Common room is gloriously decorated, tinsel glittering up against the high walls and fairy lights prettily peppered around the room, giving off a warm light filling the room which adds nicely to the excitable atmosphere and chattering voices spreading to every inch of the room.

“Hey!” the others beckon enthusiastically, calling them over to their usual corner, which looks distinctly festive as opposed to the textbooks and plain sofas that would lay there on any other day – they had now been replaced with an enormous pile of presents.

To Dan’s relief, his Amazon deliveries had arrived on time, so he wouldn’t be empty-handed

“Merry Christmas guys!” Dan grins, rotating around the group and hugging them all individually. It’s almost unbelievable to him that he’d actually known these people for less than 3 months, yet he’d already made the closest friendships with them than he’d ever had before at his previous school. Sure, he had friends – as far as classmate acquaintances go, but he isn’t nearly as close to them as he is to these guys.

“Merry Christmas, Dan. Open your presents!” Zoe points to the pile eagerly after their hug.

Dan chuckles, sitting down into the sofa and putting his presents on the table along with the others.

As the presents are being sorted into their individual piles, Dan lets his eyes wander over to the other far corner of the room, his eyes scanning through the distinctive group of dark t-shirts and facial piercings until he notices Phil.

He’d distanced himself slightly away from the others, in a separate conversation with Charlie, although it looked as if he’s zoned out of that too, his thoughts in a different place. His dark, unbrushed hair hangs messily over his fringe, partially covering his bright blue eyes until he flicked it away every so often. He’s wearing a loose, plain black t shirt and checked pyjama pants, although he seems to be able to look effortlessly good in them, almost as if he’s modelling some sort of designer label as opposed to just rolling out of bed at 7 in the morning. Unlike how Dan looks right now – as if he were ready to roll back into bed, let alone be seen modelling his fluffy dressing gown and bear pyjama pants down any catwallk.

Charlie chatters away to him, his hands fiddling with the fur on his wolf hat whenever he looked at Phil in a very teenage-girly manner. Dan can’t hear what they’re actually talking about, but by the amount of engagement Phil’s expressing, it doesn’t look like a very interesting conversation topic.

He doesn’t look bored , as such, he just looks… sad, almost. Like he’s in another world entirely, and probably not a very happy one. He hadn’t once smiled, or said anything to anyone else other than Charlie; and even then he hadn’t said much to him.

Dan’s heart suddenly jumps as Phil’s eyes avert to his, noticing him. Dan struggles to look away, despite knowing that in any other situation, staring is usually considered rude.

Being too caught up with his own inner turmoil, Dan hadn’t yet noticed that Phil’s actually smiling for the first time.

At him.


“Dan? Hello?” Alex waves a hand in front of Dan’s face as he snaps back into reality. He manages to give Phil a secret grin back, before turning to his own group of friends. Luckily, they hadn’t picked up on exactly who he’d been smiling, or even looking at, which is a huge relief. Dan doubts he’d have these friendships for much longer if they find out he’d been making eyes at their absolute arch-rival.

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Dan mumbles, reaching out to his pile of presents.

After he’d unwrapped most of the gifts and said his fair share of ‘thank you’s’, Zoe thrust her present to him, a flustered grin on her face.

Dan unwraps her present, feeling like a bit of a twat with everyone watching him. After a few seconds of silence, he’d exposed a heart-shaped box of chocolates and Zoe stares at him expectantly, giggling slightly.

"Are they okay? I was going to get the deluxe box but-”

“They’re fine,” Dan grins. "Thank you, Zoe,” he glances up at her, “that’s really sweet of you,” he pulls her in for another hug, and as he pulls away, he realizes her cheeks had flushed

“Are you blushing?” Louise asks, giggling as Zoe’s cheeks turn a deeper shade.

“No!” she denies bashfully, shielding her face with her hands.

Dan laughs along with them. They all part their separate ways to get dressed, before meeting back in the Common room for the movies.

Dan decides on a red checked shirt and black skinny jeans, and straightens out the hobbit-like mess that lay on his head. Looking self-consciously at himself in the mirror, he turns to Alex.

“What do you think?” he asks him anxiously.

Alex eyes him up and down, nodding. “Nice.”

“Thanks…” Dan turns back to himself, continuing to tug down on the shirt and smooth his hair out accordingly.

“Dude… it’s school. Not a Chanel fashion show,” Alex smirks, rolling his eyes at the way Dan stares at his reflection. “Come along, pretty boy.”

Dan gives himself one last nervous check-over before heading out of the door, being suddenly joined in the corridor by a crowd of others as they all made their way back into the Common room.

Several DVDs later, they begin filing up for Christmas Dinner in the dining hall. Dan couldn’t help but notice Phil’s disappearance after the second Harry Potter movie, and he hadn’t yet returned. Dan’s mind begins to wander, wondering where he’d got to, but he tries not to think about it too much – he’s probably just gone to his room, or something.

For five hours.

He tries to forget about him. He tries to join in with all the pulling of Christmas crackers, laughing, eating, and wearing paper hats, but he can’t stop himself from tentatively glancing over at the empty seat, or corner of the table where he should be sitting.

His other friends don’t seem at all fazed by his departure, not even Charlie. It’s as if they haven’t even realised he’d disappeared.

“Where’s Phil?” Dan thoughtlessly blurts out, and immediately regrets it.

“Who?” Carrie looks up blankly, as if she too had forgotten about him. She glances over at their table for half a second, not even taking in the fact he’d gone. “I don’t know. I don’t care.”

“Why’d you care?” Alex frowns suspiciously, and Dan’s face flushes red. He quickly glances down at his lap.

“Oh, no reason, I just-…” he shrugs awkwardly, silently scolding himself for being so stupid as to sound as if he cares about his whereabouts. He settles for a subject change. “So, what did you guys think about-…”

The rest of the afternoon followed pretty smoothly – no-one questioned Dan’s aloud thoughts any further, but the nagging thought wouldn’t vanish. Not even after the food, which he’d eaten unusually quickly to try and distract himself.

It’s useless. He discreetly excuses himself from the table, power-walks along the huge corridors, and disappears out of the main double-doors into the freezing cold December air before anyone can question him. It’s then he realises it probably would’ve been an idea to bring some kind of jacket, but obviously, being cold isn’t exactly his main priority right now.

He walks along the snow-dusted paths, completely deserted considering the entire population of Blackwood were either at home, or in their separate dining halls for the Christmas Dinner.

After a cold walk, he finally arrives outside the music hut, his heart thudding. He swallows his fears, shivering outside the door before he grips the door handle and twists it. As he pushes the door open, surely enough, he finds Phil sitting alone on the sofa, a look of concern on his face which vanished after seeing that it was Dan behind the door, and not Charlie.

Shutting the door quietly, Dan walks over to him without saying anything, setting his bag down beside the sofa and sitting next to him.

Phil stares into space, and it’s the first time Dan’s seen him actually shiver.

"Why are you here?” he asked coldly after a short silence.

“You want me to go?” Dan raises his eyebrows.

“Never said that,” Phil responds, the iciness still in his voice although he shaking his head silently, so Dan stays put.

“Why are you here, more importantly?” Dan asks after another thick silence.

Phil shuts his eyes, sighing. “Because I don’t want to be there.”

“It’s Christmas, Phil,” Dan sighs. “Surely you’re not going to shut yourself away in here all day?” he shivers. “Besides, it’s freezing,” he scans the shabby hut they’re sat in.

“Yeah. Tells you something, doesn’t it? I’d rather be here than there.”

Dan feels a pang in his chest. “D’you want to tell me why?” he mumbles after an uncomfortable silence.

Phil shrugs, trying to look nonchalant. “Can’t see what difference it would make either way;

“I-…” he sighs, shutting his eyes. “Christmas was always shit. I can’t remember a single good one I’d ever had – my mum was a bitch, my dad was-… well, he was a bitch too,” he shrugs. “It just-… it just never worked. We didn’t work with Christmas; we weren’t enough of a picture-perfect family, y’know?” Dan nods slowly, gesturing for him to continue.

“I can barely remember half the Christmases we had together, until-… well, until the divorce, but-… I do remember one Christmas round my mum’s, with her stepdad and-…” he gulps. “he hated me, he really did. He’d never sa- no, he did say it,” he contradicts himself. “he said it all the fucking time, and I could see it in his eyes,” his own eyes glitter. “he wanted rid of me. He wanted to shove me off to a boarding school so he could live in peace, and-…” he shrugs. “He hated me.”

Dan gulps, his heart thudding. Phil’s eyes flicker to him for half a second, before he continues. “I don’t think I need to go into detail-… it doesn’t take a genius to piece together the evidence; a violent alcoholic stepfather plus an annoying brat of a kid-“

“You don’t need to go into detail,” Dan cuts him off. “Not if you don’t want to.”

“Thanks,” Phil throws him a grateful glance. “So-… I just can’t stand being in that hall,” he shakes his head. “I can’t stand that vibe of happiness,” he shuts his eyes. “It sickens me.”

“Phil-…” Dan sighs, awkwardly putting his arm around the black-haired boy’s shoulders.

Phil sighs, relaxing into his embrace. He rests his head on Dan’s chest. “Why did I just tell you all that?” Dan gulps, unable to answer. “You’re the only other person who knows about that, y’know.”

Dan pulls away. “Really?”

Phil nods. “Haven’t even told Charlie about it.”

“Why me, then?” Dan frowns.

“You’re not Charlie.” Phil shrugs. “I trust you.”

Dan gulps. “Oh,” he nibbles his lip.

Phil glances down at his lap, and if Dan’s not mistaken, he thinks he can make out an almost inaudible mumble of ‘you care more than he does’, but he doesn’t pry – Phil had obviously muttered it under his breath for a reason.

“Oh, I-…” Dan reaches over for his bag. “I nearly forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

Dan digs around through the mess of discarded wrapping paper and books until he finds the small wrapped box, pulling it out. He’d been intending to give this to Phil during another one of their ‘homework sessions’, but now will suffice; it is Christmas, after all.

“Here,” he hands him the small present, noticing the way his eyes had lit up. Dan can’t help but notice this is the only present he’d been given throughout the entire day.

“Oh, Dan…” he whispers hoarsely. “You didn’t have to-”

“Open it,” Dan urges.

He unwraps it with shaky hands, and once he opens the box, he’s speechless. Embedded in a velvet pillow, glitters a black quartz bracelet with gold plating between every jewel.

"Oh Dan-…” his voice cracks, his eyes glittering with tears.

“Do you like it?” Dan asks anxiously.

“I love it,” he whispers, holding up the bracelet with both hands, beholding its beauty.

Dan finds Phil’s genuine appreciation for such a small gesture touching, and he smiles softly at him.

Phil takes a deep breath, hooking the bracelet around his slim wrist.

“It fits perfectly,” he says, gazing up at Dan. His eyes shine brightly with emotion.

Before Dan can add to anything else, Phil pulls him in for an unexpected hug.

“Phil?” Dan tries to ignore the way his heart had leapt once they’d embraced.  

He feels Phil’s chest rise in a shaky sigh. “This-… this is the first present I’ve been given in three years.”

Dan sighs, tightening the hug and stroking Phil’s mess of soft, black hair. He smells of his familiar, slightly spicy cologne, and Dan breathes it in again as it lingers on his collar.

“You were the first person I bought a gift for, you know,” Dan mumbles. Phil doesn’t reply outright,, but he nestles into Dan’s chest.

Dan frowns. Everything feels… weird. In a strangely nice way. He’s overwhelmed with an unidentified feeling – not the same feeling that came over him when hugging Zoe, or Louise, or any of his other friends. It’s a feeling he’d never experienced before.

"Merry Christmas, Phil,” he whispers through a sudden smile.