i was watching old videos

I can’t help but chuckle whenever I go on YouTube and watch Harry Shum Jr.’s old videos like his workout videos or videos from glee everyone in the comment goes ‘imagine Alec seeing this’ and whenever someone comments ‘there should be a fanfiction about Alec finding this’ somebody else immediately puts up the fan fiction link. It’s so funny but hey so cute

Sometimes I find it difficult to truly love myself and all that I am and have gone through. I was re-watching old videos from Snapchat and I just love the happiness I had in this moment. When someone makes you smile and laugh so hard your eyes close tight. Cassie was ranting to me and of course I had to get it on my Snapchat. But my smile is something I love. It sounds cocky but let me live real quick lol. It’s contagious. It’s a smile that makes other people smile and light up rooms. We need to love ourselves more and all we’ve gone through. We need to have those cocky moments. Learning or re-learning to be soft to our souls.

I’m re-learning to love myself.

me: i really need to sleep

my brain: there’s a place where we don’t have to feel unknown oh my god everybody needs to see this and every time that you call out you’re a little less alone i can’t stop watching this video seventeen years old if you only say the woooooord take five minutes this will make your day FROM ACROSS THE SILENCE YOUR VOICE IS HEEAARD OOOOOOOH share it with the people you love, repost the world needs to hear this a beautiful tribute OOOOOOOOH i know someone who really needed to hear this today so thank you evan hansen for doing what you’re doing OOOOOOOH i never met connor but coming up here reading everyone’s post someone will come runnning it’s so easy to feel alone that ooooooohhh evan is exactly right ohhhhhhh we’re not alone oooooooh none of us none of us none of us are alone like especially now oooooh with everything you hear in the news someone will come running like share repost thank you evan hansen for giving us a space to remember connor oooohhh someone will come running to find each other thank you evan hansen OOOOOHHH thank you evan hansen take you hoooooome OHHHHH OOOOOOH thank you evan hansen OOOOOOOOOH EVEN WHEN THE DARK COMES CRASHING THROUGH WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND TO CARRY YOU WHEN YOU’RE BROKEN ON THE GROUND YOU WILL BE FOUND


the softest man alive (x)

ok but on that ‘humans are weird’ train: think about how terrifying they would find out sense of humor?? Most of our humor is based off of some sort of pain. I mean - you’ve seen America’s Funniest Home Videos. 90% of the clips are people getting hurt. (The other 10% is cute animals.) Comedians almost always get their material from self-deprecation. Dark/horror comedy is a very popular genre. Insults are hilarious. And have you ever seen ANY slapstick comedy? Think about how terrifying that is.

Human Steve: AW MAN look guys I found a bunch of old Earth videos I used to watch as a kid!

Captain Hetch-*click*-tier: This is a wonderful opportunity for us to gain knowledge of your species’ fawnlings, Human Steve! Let us observe these videos.

Human: awright this was my favorite as a kid - it’s called Tom and Jerry.

Engineer Tra'che: H-human Steve, this is- oh deities, this is horrible! Is this a cautionary video for fawnlings?

Captain Hetch-*click*-tier: Human Steve, how are these animals still alive? Why would anyone - Human Steve, are you… are you laughing?!?

Human Steve: *guffawing* He ate the bomb!! Oh, this is a classic! Hahaha - he’s been skinned!

Hetch-*click*-tier and Tra'che: *back away slowly*


Let us not forget the time Yongguk tried to peek at Himchan’s underwearಠ◡ಠ