i was watching old stages

okay this very quickly got too long for your ask box shades so,

After Sasshi’s comment last night I got thinking: what if we had gotten new stages? 

they never would have come out on the schedule they gave us, but say that each existing team got a new stage by the end of 2015. This would be after most of the big grads, and these new units would have been tied to newer gen members. The new girls would have had their own images, their own memorable songs to put their mark on the idol landscape. RH would be more interesting with wota competing for their new favs. 

Instead of new48 being a gigantic akb cover band, they could develop their own style and sound without being compared to the ori members every time they step onstage. because right now that’s what 48g is. a cover band of itself.

new songs/units could have easily brought the new lifeblood that the group needed over the past two years, and i may not be a marketing genius, but I feel like giving new music to the you know, music group, could have kicked off the new era way better than a chicken nugget promotion and a fucking boat.

The thing is, I fell in love with the ori girls through the stages and unit songs. This singles were great, but you only get to see so much of each member in them. It was the stages where their personalities came out and they shined the most. 

I have members of the 10+ gens that I like, but I never fell in love with any of them (minus lemon obvs) because apart from in variety, they are just replacements for the girls I knew. Giving the new gens their own foundation of great songs could have captured all those fans of the ori gens who were now without oshis and favorite teams. 

What should have happened is one big shuffle, then 2 solid years of new stages. Can you imagine how popular some of the 10-15 gen combos could have been? A Tano/Tomu unit? A 3 Musketeers unit? A Jurina centered unit to help propel some of the newer SKE girls? 

Yeah there were the Chu units and stuff, but they seemed like an afterthought tacked onto existing singles.

HKT has been a group, and bc of Sasshi, a driving force in the 48G for more than 4 years. And there are no stage songs I associate with them because they don’t have any. A group supposedly based around stage shows has no songs. Minus Sasshi, and maybe Sakura, the HKT members as a whole have fewer original songs than Team A. 

Watching concerts got boring because as much as I love the old stage songs, I’ve seen them each a dozen times or more, and they never live up to the wonder of the originals. not because the new girls are worse, but because the stage songs will always be tied to the original members in the heads of fans.

Call me a cynic, but even Sasshi can see that akb is dying, and no amount of new ngt wota money is going to change that. New stages might have. And I am bitter af. There was a passion in old 48, something you could feel through the staff, the fans, and the amount of work and care put into the concerts and events. Everything I hear about now and over the past two years just feels like aki milking the last out of cash cow hooked up to life support. There’s not heart left. No core of familiar faces and lovable characters. The stages could have been a fresh start for 48g, a solid foundation upon which to launch new and exciting idols, just as iconic as the ori gens in time.

but no. instead we got a ton of talented 10-15 gen girls burning out and leaving because they realized that it just wasn’t worth it, a totally new team full of possible stars that got almost completely ignored, and a super hyped new cover band who apparently has a lot of money but almost nothing to spend it on.

Oh, and a boat. Because fuck you.


GD & TOP off the record

**updated with clear fancam

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are you planning to watch the stage play?

I am a broke 17 year old student all the way in the UK :(( if they do more stage plays in the future (cough SHIRATORIZAWA) I could possibly go after uni or something bc me and my otaku friends are planning to go to Japan anyway

I just watched that one clip of the old Aladdin stage show in Disneyland where the actress for Jasmine trips and just fucking RAMS her head through the set, and even though of course I’m super worried whether she’s okay or not I still can’t help but fucking cry from laughter every time I see it because it’s just so NOT what you expect to happen. AT ALL.

So, I’ve reached the “re-watching old episodes looking for secrets” stage and I noticed something in “The Love God.”

Only one grave has dates on it in this shot. …It would be much easier, with three in a row being blank, to leave that blank too. Putting writing on just one of them makes it stick out, and makes no visual sense.

Here it is again, and it’s shifted so that we can see it behind Wendy. It’s moved too far to the right to be plausibly just a result of changing the angle. Almost like the animators pushed it down a little, deliberately, so we could see it a second time.

I have no idea what those dates could mean, thought. …Just to be thorough, I grabbed screencaps of the other tombstones with dates in the cemetery….very few have actual numbers.

The one almost behind Robbie says “1989-1971,” which could just be a joke. (Looks like this poor fella only lived to be negative eighteen years. Such a waste.) The other goes from 1885-1959.

Do these dates mean anything at all any of them a reference to anything outside the show? Are they clues–particularly the first one, which sticks out so much? Or is it all just nothing?


Okay, okay hear me out: Dance Competitors!Suckington AU Where Kai and Tucker are really good but lack determination and seriousness and Wash is the perpetually stressed and tired ex-pro who just wants these kids to do well. Meanwhile Kai and Tucker will totally screw steps up on purpose so that Wash will dance with either of them to show them how the fuck this is done jesus tucker i thought you had this

he also forces tucker to get some more muscle strength because listen we can’t have kaikaina lift you up during competitions now can we

And Kai and Tucker have a goal alright i mean the championship is important and stuff but look if it makes wash any more likely to jump into bed with them they will work their asses off to win that think okay

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Can you help me? ELF-BR are watching Mr. Simple mv, our goal is to reach 100M views till SJ comeback. We need help, can you share it? Thank you!

Hey! OF COURSE!!!!! :D LET’S DO IT! Just last night I was watching all their mvs, stages and old shows cuz I missed them on comeback stages and etc.