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“You’re everything to me, yet I’m nothing to you.” with Dick&Damian!

“Grayson?” Damian asks from behind him, but Dick doesn’t move or acknowledge his little brother’s presence in any way. He just keeps staring at the city spread out below him, the noises of pedestrians and traffic muffled all the way up here. But Damian hates to be ignored, so Dick isn’t surprised when Damian stomps over to him with a scowl. “Grayson, what are you doing up here?”

Dick shrugs, a sad smile pulling at his lips. He’d stopped asking that when his feet first started to take him up here years ago. “I like the view.”

Damian hesitates, obviously uncertain how to continue. “Father’s looking for you,” Damian says after a quiet minute or two. “He sent me to find you.”

“Bruce knows where I am,” Dick says, chuckling softly.

After all, it’s true. Bruce knows exactly where Dick goes when he starts feeling like this. Like the weight of the world is too heavy for his average shoulders. The answer is up high. It’s always up high. Bruce used to find him on the roof of the manor or in the chandeliers, or even in the attic if Dick really didn’t want to be found. Bruce had found him anyways.

I’m a detective, Bruce used to say when Dick had asked him, how?

Tim and Jason and Alfred and Cass all know of his penchant to disappear for a few hours, too, just looking to be above everything. Wanting to fly and to not feel that weight for a little while. But this is probably new territory for Damian, Dick realizes. He never did this while the two of them were partners, too wary of letting himself act as any sort of negative influence for Damian while wearing the cowl.

Actually, now that he thinks about it, Dick had stopped doing a lot of things like this to make Damian more comfortable, to give Damian someone a little better to look up to. This is the first time since Bruce had died and come back that Dick had actually let himself breathe, he thinks.

But for some reason, Damian just plops down on the ground of the roof of Wayne Enterprises. Just sits down right next to him, and watches the city with him.

“You know,” Dick says—mumbles, really, because this is hard to admit, “You’re everything to me.” He pauses, let’s that sink in, but Damian doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t agree or disagree, so Dick keeps going. “We’re partners, we’re brothers, and I love you so much, Dami. But—sometimes. Sometimes, I feel like I mean nothing to you.”

There’s silence for one, two, three, four, five seconds, and then—

Damian scoffs. “You’re an annoyance,” Damian says in that false bravado, but there’s something to his words that has Dick chuckling slightly, even if it’s tinged with a slight sadness. Damian continues, though, “But I will admit you’re more tolerable than Drake or Todd. Pleasant, even. But only sometimes.”

Dick doesn’t always think that he doesn’t mean anything to Damian. It’s just times like this, when it’s hard to believe even Bruce and Alfred and Wally and Barbara and everyone he loves—when it’s hard to believe that they love him back. They’re hard, and he doubts it sometimes. It feels like he’s spread his heart too thin, and he doesn’t know if he’s capable of understanding another person’s feelings.

Only sometimes, though. The other times he doesn’t have to remind himself, because he can hear it in Damian’s words, and his voice, and his actions. Damian loves him, whether he can admit it or not. Damian’s so much like Bruce sometimes, it’s scary. Too incapable of telling people how he really feels.

But Dick’s good at reading people.

“Thanks, Damian,” Dick says.

Damian nods once. “Of course,” he says quietly. “We were the best, after all.”

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Relationship: Batfam x Reader

Summary: Can u pls do a batfam x reader where she is from alternate earth n is the daughter of alternate!bruce wayne one who is not a batman? Somehow she ended up in another earth n meet the batfam. They took her in. Bruce has no idea how to deal with his alternate!daughter. She doesn’t exist here. Reader grow up normal n a pacifist. She doesn’t know how to deal with her vigilante!family. She just want to go home. But she learn shes stuck 4 good in this earth. Make it angst & fluff pls.

Key: Y/N= your name

part 2!

You walked to into your father’s office. He was busy with something involving Wayne Enterprises. You shook your head smiling. Your dad was always busy, but he would never be to busy for you, especially after your mom died. You slipped behind him, looking over his shoulder.

Bruce turned to look at his computer and found you over his shoulder. “Jeez! My little ninja, Y/N, you’re quite as a mouse,” your father chuckled and kissed your cheek. Then he went back to his computer.

“Sorry pops, I was wonder what you were doing. So, what are you doing?” You leaned further over him to get a better look at the paper in front of him. He grabbed your face and pushed you back chuckling. You gave him a face of mock offense.

“We’re working to better protect the citizens of the world from those ‘heroes’,” he explained still grinning, using air-quotes to emphasis his point. Your father had an disdain for superheros though he never told you why. You didn’t really mind heroes, but you didn’t trust them as much as the rest of the world because of your dad.

“So…you’re trying to make, like, hecka reinforced buildings? Or cars that float in rivers and survive a fall?” You jokingly suggested.

Your dad turned and beamed at you. “Y/N! You’re a genius, those are great ideas!” He hopped up and kissed your cheeks then whipped out his phone. “Baby, I’ll be down for dinner later than normal, eat with Alfred without me!” He shooed you out of the office and started furiously dialing numbers.

You chuckled as you exited and slipped down the stairs to the kitchen. You called out for Alfred, ready to explain that dad wasn’t going to be joining dinner AGAIN. It never really bothered you, but it did happen more than you liked. You couldn’t imagine your dad being busier than he was now.

You walked past a window right as a bright white flash blinded you momentarily. You stood still for a moment, rubbing your eyes before you could see again. You ran to the window and looked around feverishly. Nothing outside changed. Then you looked around the hall. Nothing inside had changed. Slightly dazed, you walked slowly to the kitchen.

“Alfred? Did you see that? Alfred?” You peaked into the kitchen to find it completely empty and clean. Like no one had ever entered the room. You were confused, you were down here only a few minutes ago and Alfred was preparing dinner. “Alfred,” you shouted into the emptiness. You walked to the study, a place Alfred spent a lot of time cleaning, and scavenged the room for him. 

Discouraged, you began to walk out of the room, but halted when you saw the grandfather clock was stopped. “Hmm?” You looked at your watch, it was five o’ clock and the clock had been stopped at 10:48. You hoped to fix the clock by putting it at the correct time, so you moved the minute hand slightly. The clock began to shudder and move from under your hand. You jumped back and watched wide-eyed as the clock revealed a stairway down to dark nothingness.

“Wha-what the…” you stuttered. Curiosity got the better of you and you began to descend the stairs. You slipped down slowly and quietly, as male voices became clear through the silence.

“Looks like nothing changed, but we can’t be too sure…”

“We can ask Clark and see if he noticed anything new.”

“If Bruce doesn’t think anything changed, then Clark probably won’t find anything.”

You could tell the voices varied in age, but they were all definitely male. None of them were familiar, until one voice rang through the air.

“I’m going to check with Clark, you all will stay here and keep eyes out for anomalies.” Your father’s voice. Your dad. Tears welled up in your eyes as you finally found something familiar within the peculiar. You couldn’t care about being quite anymore, you just needed your dad.

“Dad!” You called to that wonderful man, that lovely human who would never let anything bad happen to you. You wrapped your arms around his waist, “I’m so glad you’re here!”

He didn’t hug you back. He didn’t touch you. You pulled back to see his face was surprised and confused. You stepped back and studied the man in front of you. He looked like your father: the hair, the eyes, the thinking crease between his eyebrows, but he had something in his eyes. A feeling you’ve never seen. In that moment you realized…that’s not your dad.

“Who are you?”

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Prompt: I’ve never seen anything like the way you handled that. I’m just so moved.

Pairing: Space Husbands, with a little Sarek/Amanda thrown in there for good measure.

Requested by anonymous, thank you so much for the request!!!!! I had trouble thinking of a situation but anytime one can bring Sarek into the equation, one must, am I right?

Setting: Right after Journey to Babel

Once again, Spock found himself on the receiving end of his father’s anger. Well, since Sarek would never admit to anger, it was more that Spock found himself on the receiving end of Sarek’s perfectly logical disappointment. In either case, he wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it. He never was. He could stand against any furious tide but his father’s, and this situation was decidedly more serious than most.

“A human,” Sarek said once again, standing in the center of Spock’s quarters after seemingly not hearing Spock’s request that he sit. It was illogical to repeat the words, as they had at this point established that yes, Spock was in love with a human. Was, in fact, already mentally bonded to said human. He had been worried when his parents boarded the Enterprise that they may discover the relationship that had bloomed between he and Jim, but he had hoped with all the excitement of assassination attempts and Sarek’s own brush with death, they may have been distracted enough not to notice anything odd. Unfortunately, he underestimated his parents’ powers of observation.

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This got long and emotionally hilarious lmao have some mccoy fam feels

AN: Joanna’s age is based off of AOS timelines (aka it’s ten years since Bones was recruited in Beyond) and own headcanons (she’s not a tiny child when the divorce happens, but about 10).


Bones and Joanna are actually super tight, and she sends videos and things all the time. Each video is on a particular topic, generally something about her life or what she did that day. One day, however, she’s really anxious and nervous, sitting there in a black shirt in an unfamiliar room. “So, um, it was Careers Day at school a fortnight ago, and I didn’t really want to go, but you won’t believe who I saw! I saw Miss Carol! You know, the one who’s dad made shady missiles and stuff.

Anyway, she saw me and waved me over to the Starfleet booth, where everybody was because, Dad, it's Starfleet. Anyway, she’s going on about her adventures in space and stuff and then she started talking about you! Well, I knew she was talking about you because she mentioned a ‘super grumpy Georgian Doctor’ and that’s definetly you but everyone else was like ‘oh no, who could that be???’ But, ok, the story started getting really crazy, and I wasn’t paying attention until she started talking about some sort of crazy army general or something, yadda yadda yadda, and then, and then, Dad, she tells me that you almost blew yourself up!

What the heck, Dad? We had an agreement! No blowing yourself up until I can get out there and make sure somebody half decent is stitching you back up.”

Bones is laughing, and Joanna continues.

“So, I said to Miss Carol, ‘Hey, so how long do certain tracks take?’ and she said ‘it took me three years, and it took Captain Kirk that long too, however those were unusual circumstances.’ And then I said ‘If it wasn’t unusual circumstances, what do you think I could pull?’ And then Miss Carol said 'I bet you could do it in three.’

Of course, these little shits - oh man, Dad, don’t get angry that I swore - these little buggers start laughing at me, going 'oh, yeah, Dopey Jo? No chance.’ And I said 'Know what? I bet I could do it in three. Just watch.

And, um, so, that’s maybe why I’m now part of the Science Cadet programme at Starfleet set to be assigned to the Enterprise? Surprise?”

Bones pauses the video, and walks through the shared bathroom into Scotty’s quarters.

“Ye look a little confused, Leonard. What’s t-”

“My daughter’s cadet track means she’s assigned to the Enterprise.”


“Scotty, jeez, how much have you drunk?”

“I’m not too sure, actually. Who cares! We need to celebrate!”


Three years later, the Enterprise docks at Yorktown. Her crew disembarks, saying 'hello again’ to family and friends left waiting, and fifteen new recruits approach the Captain, the First Officer and the CMO.

“Ready, Bones?” Jim asks, and Bones nods. He’s bouncing a little.

“This’ll be the first time I’ve seen her face to face in over ten years, Jim. How do we work this out.”

“You have had continuous contact with your daughter during that time, Doctor McCoy. Your relationship will now only gain a physical aspect, no other changes should occur.” Spock says, before nodding towards one of the recruits in the back. “She is coming.”

“Oh god I’m gonna throw up.”

“Bones, for fucks sake.”

“Captain, some level of professionalism would be nice.”

“Spock, I will fight you.“ The fifteen recruits stop in front of the three, and Jim turns to them. “At ease.” The fifteen move into parade rest, and Jim smiles. “Welcome to the Enterprise. I’m Captain James Kirk. Yes, this is my natural eye colour. Yes, my butt is also natural. And no, I do not need to know about your single siblings.” The recruit in the back snorts, while the others look around, confused.

“This is First Officer Spock. Yes, he is Half-Vulcan. Yes, he can still break your spine. And no, he also does not need to hear about your single siblings.” The laughter is unsure, and Spock looks at Jim, concerned.

“Finally, this is Chief Medical Officer McCoy. Yes, he has the steadiest hands in the fleet. Yes, he uses the word 'fortnight’. No, you cannot call him 'Bones’ until you’ve proven yourself worthy. For example, deal with his stupid fear of flying on the recruitment shuttle to Starfleet’s base of operations in San Francisco, and you get Bones privileges.” The laughter is more sturdy now, the new officers finally figuring out what sort of ship they’re on. “Command, Operations, you’re following me. Medical, you’re following Doctor McCoy. Rest of you, follow Commander Spock. Fall out.” The fifteen split, seven to Jim, seven to Spock, and one bright-eyed recruit stops just in front of Bones.

“Doctor McCoy, Lieutenant McCoy reporting, sir.” She says, and Bones grins.

“Specialty, Lieutenant?”

“Handling grumpy old Georgian doctors, sir.”

He wraps one arm around his daughter’s shoulders, and leads her towards the ship. “Well then, Lieutenant, you’ll fit right in.”

submitted by @ravenschmaven

​This is absolutely gorgeous, Jim’s command style is perfect, Spock is so in character and Bones! Bones freaking out over his kid and I love it so much. Also, shout out to Scotty! What a king! 

I’m gonna fucking die I can’t believe there’s a fortnight reference in here.

Also, I feel like Jim is gonna be pushing for Joanna to spend every second with Bones because she joined starfleet on a dare, matched his record, and has daddy issues but also has a chance and fixing her issues and Jim wants to see that happen.

Bones is gonna be so happy. Thank you for submitting.

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Daddy’s little kitten (Part 9)


You little bitch!” she shouted whilst storming over towards me. Everyone’s chatter grounded to a holt, as everyone anticipated her next move.

“You’ve ruined my life!” she screamed invading my personal space. “I believe you did that all by yourself” i smugly replied. “Don’t make me fucking angry” she spat back. “I’m not doing anything” i sarcastically smiled.

“Come on now y\n, that’s enough” Harry interjected, causing me to look at him in disbelief. “Enough?” i questioned. “Yes” he replied calmly. “You expect me to just stand here and take her shit?” i asked again causing him to slowly nod and look at me with a firm stare.

“Yeah, do as your boss says” the blonde bombshell spoke before me. “Shouldn’t you be groveling to daddy?” i asked whilst folding my arms. “At least i have one” she smirked back. Oh now this bitch has a nerve. “And what is that meant to mean?” i asked, getting angrier and angrier as each second passed.

“Oh come off it darling… you know exactly what it means” she replied. “I do have a dad. He might not be my biological father but he’s as good as. Anyway, at least i didn’t steal from my dad and cause my mother to die. How sick can you be” i scowled at her.

“Y/n, i said enough.” I couldn’t believe what i was hearing from Harry. How can he possibly defend this waste of a life that stood before us and not defend me? I thought he hated her guts. “No Harry, i’m not having her speak about me like that” i replied causing him to sigh loudly.

Scarlett’s irritating snigger could then be heard. “Do you think Harry loves you?” i stared at her, in hope that i would be able to grow lasers from my eyes in order to zap this bitch away. “You think he wants to be with you? Get married to you? Have kids with you?” she chuckled. “Well keep dreaming because all Harry wants is sex. Sex, sex sex! He’s the real life version of Christian Grey” she laughed.

Still no word or defense from Harry. “See, he’s not denying it” she chuckled. “Just leave Scarlett” the curly haired man finally spoke. His shoulders were tense and his eyes had turned dark.

“You know. It’s no surprise that your parents abandoned you… I mean, look at the state of you. Your hair looks like rats tails, your makeup is a mess. And as for that outfit, well lets put it this way, it doesn’t flatter your curves. You think your so good, but really your nothing but a fat mess. Harry will get bored of you soon, just like mummy and daddy did” she smirked too herself. But that smirk was about to be wiped off.

You see, i’ve always been quite a fighter. You have to be with the background i hold. I was always bullied at school just for being adopted. I found that violence was the best strategy. If the bullies knew that you could defend yourself they stopped. It was as simple as that.

So when choosing between fight or flight i generally choose the first option. My fist hurled its way towards her face and a wicked crunch could be heard. The crimson liquid soon began to trickle out of her nose, as she stood there clutching onto her face. “Don’t speak about my parents like that!” i shouted ready to take her on again but a pair of muscular arms soon stopped me.

“That’s enough!” Harry roared. “Security, i want her out!” he bellowed and a group of four large gentlemen soon carried Scarlett out of the venue. “And you, you’re coming with me” he instructed whilst dragging me towards the back room by my arm.

“What the fuck was that!” he shouted at me aggressively closing the door behind him. “I was defending myself” “From fucking what?” he shouted again. “I didn’t see her lunging towards you!” he spat. “Well you didn’t exactly defend me did you or help!” i stared at him. “You’ve fucking shown me up in front of thousands! Made yourself look real classy y/n” he paced the room. “Oh well i’m so very fucking sorry Harry. I’m sorry that im such an embarrassment to you. I’m sorry that i felt the need to defend myself” i shook with anger. “The violence wasn’t necessary! You dont see me punching people when i get pissed off!” “Do you know how fucking hard it is when people make fun of you for being adopted.” He stared at me clearly having no answer. “No, you dont. So dont fucking lecture me on how i should react when you have no idea as to how it feels. I’ve grown up with this all through high school. Ive had to put up with the bullies, and im sick of it! It’s alright for you, your parents didn’t abandon you did they!” He didn’t even reply. “You know what fuck this Harry. I’m going. I’ll make sure nobody sees me leave, you know because im such an embarrassment to you” and those were my last words before walking out of the door.


Stepping out of the bath i wrapped my silk robe around me and walked into my bedroom. Today had been a disaster. Yes, i know own 20% of Styles’ enterprise, but me and Harry have had a huge fall out, i’ve probably broken Scarlett’s nose, and to be quite honest, i feel like crawling in a ball and never leaving my bed ever again.

Checking my phone, i noticed i had seven missed calls off Harry and 3 voicemails. I’m not even going to bother listening to them. He’s made his feelings very clear.

Harrys POV

Y/N hasn’t answered the phone again. I’m at my witts end. I dont even know if shes arrived home safely or not. The wheels of my black matte range rover span off the drive as i began my journey to her house.

I need to see her.

I love her so so much. Yes, i normally use girls for sex. Most of them are gold diggers anyway, but not y/n. She’s something different. Shes the one for me. And now that shes part of the company we have no reason not to be together.

Yes i was angry at first, but only because she didn’t inform me of what was going on. She went behind my back and made a deal that involved me. But that doesn’t matter now. What matters is us getting through this. 

I pulled up outside her place and speed walked towards her front door. I knocked on the door not really expecting an answer. To my surprise she opened the door looking like a vulnerable little child. The hurt in her eyes was evident.

“What now Harry?” she whispered with her lip quivering. “Please, just let me come in, we need to talk.” I pushed on the door with my muscular arms whilst she stepped back to let me enter. I shut the door behind me and turned to face her small petite frame.

“Look, i’m so sorry kitten” i apologised. “So you keep saying” she replied before turning to walk away from me. Sitting on the sofa she resumed with what she was watching. I walked over to where she was sat and put the sky box on pause. “Just hear me out okay. I’m sorry for not sticking up for you, but it was all a shock, and i can’t be seen to be condoning violence. I’ve just never seen that side to you kitten”

“Yeah well that’s who i am Harry”

“I know and i accept that. This business deal can only bring us closer. We can manage Styles’ enterprise together, me and you as a couple” i beamed as her eyes lit up. She turned her head towards me and smiled. “You want us to be together?” she asked. “More than anything baby. Your the one okay.. yes i used to play girls and use them but those days are over. You’ve changed me beautiful. You’ve made me a better person, and my life wouldn’t be the same without you.” 

She smiled causing dimples to form on her small angelic face. “So, will you be my girlfriend? Pretty please” i smiled whilst taking hold of her small hand. She nodded like an energetic little girl. “I’d love too Harry” she smiled whilst wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a big cuddle. I held her tightly to my chest. Now that shes mine i’m never going to let go of her.

“I’m so happy right now” she beamed. “Me too baby” i replied whilst she traced the outlines of my tattoos with her fingers. “I love this casual look on you too” she whispered. “You just love to see my big muscly arms dont you kitten” i laughed. “Maybe” she smirked back, a smirk which soon turned into a giggle.

Everything was going exceptionally well until my phone buzzed. Pulling it out of my pocket i looked at my phone screen.

Scarlett: I’m going straight the police to press charges against that lovely little slut of yours… unless you agree to give me a fee to keep my mouth shut. The choice is yours, Mr Styles. xo

Just when you think that stupid cow is out of the picture she strikes again. Will this woman ever leave me alone?!

KITTEN TURNED INTO A BIG LIONESS… really hope this was worth the wait guys, i know a lot of you have been excited for it but its finally here! Please leave me feedback, it makes me smile when you lot say nice things about my writing.. and like if you read as always. Message me if you have a request too!

Kirstie xx

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Have you seen Star Trek Beyond yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts! To me it seemed (finally) like an episode of TOS, except with a big budget and waay too many explosions. But Simon Pegg and Doug Jung hit all the important things: progressivism, optimism, and the importance of unity. And no women in their undies.

I absolutely loved it! It was actually Star-Trek-y! The word I kept thinking of as I watched it was imaginative, like the writers were actually interested in looking at what a future universe could be like instead of just transposing a standard action film into space. There was a wonderful attention to detail, like the way the universal translators worked (so that you could hear the original language with a different, computerized voice over it – I loved that). Or the way the film actually thought about the placement and history of Yorktown and then paused with us to just look in wonder at it. The way the alien ships worked, swarming on the Enterprise, which genuinely had me on the edge of my seat. The consideration of Starfleet history and how the military generation had difficulty transitioning to a new, idealistic world. The splitting of the crew into different plotlines and interactions, so characters like Bones and Scotty (who had previously been sidelined as comic relief) got to showcase their skills and personalities. An older Iranian woman serving as the Commodore of Yorktown and advisory figure to Kirk. The lack of nudity. The lack of Kirk’s previous cockiness/sleaziness. The fact that the writers finally sold me on Spuhura (thank you). The revelation *spoiler alert* that the we created our own enemy (that’s classic Star Trek).

The climactic battle was kinda tedious and Idris Elba’s villain was a bit meh so, no, it wasn’t a masterpiece. But it was a good, fun, adventure film motivated and guided by the logic of its own world, not a standard action mad-lib with Star Trek jargon jammed into the blank spaces. It was colorful and unapologetic about the fact that Starfleet is not cool; it’s full of nerds and that’s what makes it great.