i was watching ahs: coven


american horror story → 4.01 • monsters among us

my monsters, the ones you call depraved, they are the beautiful, heroic ones. they offer their oddity to the world. they provide a laugh, or a fright, to people in need of entertainment. everyone is living the life they chose. but you, you undoubtedly will be one of those soulless monsters. perhaps you already are.

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I always started(after coven) watching the AHS seasons then stop after a few episodes. So I didn't even bother to try with this newer season. Should I give it a go?

yeah i also did the same since hotel since i learned after freakshow. but i actually am enjoying ahs cult so yeah give it a shot haha its a meta ahs

watching ahs: coven and ahh i love the seven wonders sequence. i have no idea why they would need to but the thought of drawing the witch squad (lapis, peridot, sapphire) doing something similar ah how it excites me.

Ate some food and took some meds. Hopefully I feel better soon. SO glad I emailed my Prof last night bc I was worried I would fail my lab today. Luckily she said she drops the lowest grade so I should be fine :D Going to work on some posts and watch some witchy shows/movies. I just finished AHS Coven. What should I watch next? Preferably something I can find on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon video.

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What was the first season of AHS you ever watched? 😊

Coven! I saw the third or fourth episode when I was flipping channels and decided to watch it. It was great, so I started watching the other two seasons and getting involved with the fandom! So, boom! That’s how I ended up here.

What about you? :)