i was watching ahs: coven


american horror story → 4.01 • monsters among us

my monsters, the ones you call depraved, they are the beautiful, heroic ones. they offer their oddity to the world. they provide a laugh, or a fright, to people in need of entertainment. everyone is living the life they chose. but you, you undoubtedly will be one of those soulless monsters. perhaps you already are.

watching ahs: coven and ahh i love the seven wonders sequence. i have no idea why they would need to but the thought of drawing the witch squad (lapis, peridot, sapphire) doing something similar ah how it excites me.

Witchy (An Isaac Lahey One Shot)

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You walked down the school hallway, your boot heels clicking against the floor. You felt the eyes of the student body bore into your back. You held your head high as you continued to walk down the hall. You whispered a tiny spell beneath your breath, conjuring a coffee into your hand, hearing rushed whispers.

“Did you see that? She just made a coffee appear!”


“How did she do that?”

You smirked, you didn’t bother to hide your magic. Back in New Orleans you lived in a gated witch community, and you were used to using magic freely. When you moved to Beacon Hills you didn’t bother to hide it either. You knew a couple good memory wipe spells in case anyone figured it out, and you had enough funds to high tail out of the state if you needed. “Hey!” You heard a voice call. You turned to see an attractive young man jogging down the hall towards you. He stopped next to you, walking in step. “I’m Isaac, I’ve been assigned to show you around today.” You smiled, you liked this kid. His aura was telling you he was a werewolf, beta, bitten. “Hey do you want a coffee?” Isaac look puzzled

“Class starts in 3 minutes we don’t really have any time…” you smiled, showing off your teeth that stayed perfectly white and straight thanks to a few spells. “Who said anything about leaving.” You winked, before pressing another coffee cup into his hand. You walked into the classroom, leaving Isaac standing confused in the hallway. “What? How did..” He followed you into the room.

At lunch you walked quietly down one of the halls, sipping on a smoothie as you tuned in to conversations, the spell slipping off your tongue. You filtered through the conversations until one caught your ear. “She’s a witch! You can smell it on her, and she made coffee appear!” You heard Isaac exclaim to his alpha, Scott, who you had met briefly in class.

“I know that Isaac, but we need to talk to Derek before we rush in, she could be dangerous.” Closing your eyes you focused on where their voices where. The air twisted around you and you transmute in front of the pair. They both gasped, surprised at your forwardness. “You don’t need to talk to whoever Derek is, just bring me a coffee and I’m yours to keep.” You pressed two more piping hot coffees into their hands. “A witch needs a pack.” You wink again, walking away, leaving two stunned boys behind.


You smiled again, you had been in town for under a week and you were already probably in a pack. You thanked your lucky stars, a new town, a new pack and a cute new boy.

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anonymous asked:

I really want to jump on the AHS bandwagon but I have a problem.... I have a crippling fear of blood. Is there any season that is less gory than any of the others?

yeah i don’t think ahs is the show for you… maybe you can watch coven though I don’t remember there being much gore that season