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Wedding and pop-corn - Batmom x Batfamily

So I decided to combine those two requests, because they’re very similar, and it’s not my thing to write two stories that are basically the same thing :-). So here for Batmom and Bruce’s wedding and all of that ! IT’S SUPER LONG SORRY !! It’s been a while since I wrote such a long fic…I just didn’t wanna make two parts… Hope you’ll like it

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The angry (or rather, annoyed), loud and deep voice of their father stop them all right in their track. It isn’t often your Bruce raises his voice like so, but sometimes, your boys just push him too far. 

Like right now. 

You were all in the biggest living room in Wayne’s Manor, enjoying some family time for the first time in ages ! It was rare that you could hang out altogether outside of the Batcave…

But things weren’t going like you wanted them to go. 


You had wished to spent some times with your sons, husband and the man you came to consider your father, Alfred. Watching movies, eating junk food, drinking too much coffee and soda…It started out so well. 

You guys were all sitting in a gigantic couch, with tons of things to eat and drink, and a movie to put on…Unfortunately, said movie was Dick’s favorite, and the young man seemed unable stop himself from saying every lines in the movie before they actually happened. 

You and Bruce were used to him doing that, as he’s been doing it since he arrived first in the house, when he was barely eight years old. The first time he said a line before a character would say it, he looked at you two worriedly, afraid to be annoying…And of course it was annoying, but he was so damn cute, that you let him do it. And some things never change. Even though he was know a almost a man, you still let him do it, because to you, he was still your baby boy, and he was still as cute as ever. 

Jason never cared either, because usually, when it was movie night, it meant cuddling against you or one of his brothers (rarely against Bruce, because of stupid pride), and he’d never admit it, but he didn’t care one bit about the movies you’d all watch, as long as he was with his family. Oh yes, of course he’d never admit it, it’d ruin his “tough guy reputation”.

Tim would usually doze off on your shoulder, or if your shoulder was taken by one of your siblings (only one shoulder available unfortunately, the other one was always automatically reserved for his father), then he’d fall asleep on one of them instead. The poor boy always had so much trouble sleeping, than when there were truly calm moments, like your movie nights, he just couldn’t stay awake. 

But Damian…Oh Damian hated Dick’s habit. And apparently, this evening, he was grumpier than usual, not even twenty minutes into the movie and he started to argue with his older brother about him “having to shut up because he’d like to enjoy the damn movie !”. Of course, because Dick loved the way Damian would get all worked up about something that silly (even though it really was annoying), he did it even louder. 

This sprout Damian lunging at Dick and yelling at him to be silent…the commotion he made woke Tim up, and when Tim got woken up from one of his rare peaceful sleep, he wasn’t in a good mood. So out of annoyance, he elbowed Damian in the ribs with a groan. 

It so happened that that particularly night, it was Jason’s turn to snuggle against you, and the fight their brother were starting made you straighten up to see what was happening, dislodging him from against you…And it wasn’t fair. it was his turn to be with his mommy (oh God he wished to everything he held holy that no one would ever know what he was thinking just now), and they were ruining it !  

All Hell broke loose as your four boys started to yell, kick, slap, damn even BITE each other ! All the while Dick kept saying the lines from the movie before it happened, as he was dodging punches and such. 

It lasted about thirty seconds before Bruce got genuinely angry that his sons were ruining one of their only family moments of the month ! It was so difficult to gather everyone together, and they were messing everything up ! 

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Princess of Themyscira: Part 4

AN:This chapter came fairly easy, I love how it turned out.

Words: 1813

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

The only thoughts on your mind as you climb the steps up towards your grandmother’s palace are ones of sleep. Your body aches, your spirit is sore, and to be completely honest, you feel a bit hollow inside. All you want is to collapse on your bed and sleep. Of course, life isn’t that easy.

    At the top of the stairs, you find your grandmother and your sisters waiting for you. You’re a bit surprised. Usually, by this time, they’ve drunk themselves into a stupor, having told each and every one of your mother’s battle stories. The hangovers typically last for days, and you’re usually the one to hold back your sisters’ hair in the morning.

    You say nothing as you take a seat at the top of the stairs, and turn to face the horizon. The sun is just beginning to rise, and no one seems inclined to say anything, so you sit in silence until Io finally asks, “What was she like?”

    You turn towards your sister and stare. You’d heard the stories, how Io had been madly in love with your mother, and how she had cried for days when she had been officially banished. After a moment you say, “You knew her longer, shouldn’t you know?”

    Artemis’s hand lands roughly on your shoulder, “We knew Diana, Princess of Themyscira. Warrior of the Amazons. We did not know Diana, mother of Y/N, Warrior of Man’s World.”

    You bite on your lip, “You don’t want to hear what I have to say.”

    “And why not?” Euboea asks.

    “Because it involves Man’s World. It involves my brothers. It involves my father, and however much love you have for my mother, and for me, you have just as much resentment for them.”

    “Have we ever shown this resentment? Said bad things?” Hellene asks.

    Your answer is swift and unforgiving, “Yes.” You can see the shock on the faces of your friends, of your grandmother, and from the rest of my sisters. “It didn’t take you long to accept me, despite being hesitant at first. But I remember the hushed whispers in those early days, what you all would say when you thought I wasn’t around.”
    You swallow thickly, “You hate my father for having taken my mother away, but if you knew my mother as you claim, then you would know that no one could make her do anything. And to understand who my mother became when she left here, you’d first have to understand my family. And that starts with my father. And to be honest, I don’t know if it’s a story you’re going to like.”

    There’s several long minutes of silence before Io finally says, “Diana was our sister. We wish to know her. You come from her, if you say we need to start with your sire, then that is where we shall start.”

    You take a shaky breath before nodding once, “Well, to start, he wasn’t my sire. He was my father, and whatever your misgivings toward men are, he was a good man. He was born into wealth, to a loving mother and father. My grandmother, his mother, wanted a child desperately and it took several miscarriages before she was able to have my father. But he was her world. And my grandfather, Thomas, was a doctor. He turned away from corporate America to help people. To try and relate to those less fortunate than him.

    “They were murdered in front of my father when he was eight. That one moment defined the rest of his life. He was left in the care of the family’s butler, Alfred.” You smile at the name, and pause for a moment as the memory of the older man takes center stage in your memory.

    “Alfred was amazing. Managed to raise my dad, and my brothers and even helped raise me. He and mom got along so well. He took care of cleaning and cooking, and everything, and anytime one of us had a problem we would go to him.”

    You pause to wipe away a tear, before continuing, “As my father grew up, he became obsessed with vengeance.”

“Of course.” Artemis’s voice is sure, understanding, as she says, “If any of us were in the same position we would do the same.”

You smile, “Except he didn’t.” You receive puzzled looks before saying, “He found the man who murdered his parents, only to find out he’d been hired to do the job. He had a gun in his hand, he could have killed the man but decided against it. Decided that he wouldn’t become the very thing his parents had tried so hard to fight.

“He went on a journey across the world. Trained under hundreds of masters in escape and martial arts. He was gone for nearly eight years, and when he returned, he took on the persona of Batman. He donned a mask and a cape, and worked to protect the city he loved. That’s how he met my brothers.

“Dick, Jason, and Tim all came to him in different ways. Each had their own journey with him, but they all were of the same mentality. To protect. It’s the same way he met Mom. The Justice League was formed out of need, not desire. Some Earth shattering crisis, where Mom first appeared. She thought dad was too broody. She worked so hard to get him out of his shell.

“The thing that did it was her almost dying. She took a hit for him. It would have killed him, but it only wounded her. Unlike most of the League, Dad didn’t have any powers. He was extremely smart, cunning, and a master of fighting. But he wasn’t invulnerable.

“Tim said that he never left her side after that. He refused to even eat until she woke up. And her first words to him were, ‘Your rules be damned, Bruce Wayne. I love you, and no matter how hard you push me away, I’ll fight even harder to get close.’ Jason said he just gave up after that.

“Dick said they became one of the most sappy couples ever after that. Only at home though. When they were in uniform they were all business. At least that’s what they claim. Dick said that a lot changed when he let Mom in. She didn’t let him isolate himself, or deny his feelings. She forced him to admit stuff, to become more open.

“My father, who apparently had a hard time admitting he cared, finally admitted that his number one fear was to lose those important to him; my brothers and my mother.”

You pause again to swipe at the tears running down your face. “I remember coming home from a night out with my brothers to find them dancing in the kitchen. We watched them for an hour. He was singing to her. Mom was the only one who could convince him to sing. He had such a pretty voice. He would have given her the sun and the stars if she had let him.

“My brother Damian came after they had been together for about two years. When my father had been traveling he met a woman named Talia. She was a smart woman. A strict woman. And a hell of a fighter. Unbeknownst to my father, a night together had created Damian.

“Damian resented Mom at first. Said there were months of snipes back and forth but my mother never backed away or coddled him. Any smart alec remark was met with one of equal standing until something happened that nobody would talk about. All I know is that Talia never came around again, and my parents were given full parental rights. I came about two years after that.”

“And?” Calyce asks.

You smile, “We were happy. We were a family. I grew up with four older brothers who meant the world to me. Who I could go to. My father wouldn’t go out on patrol without reading me a story before he left. Damian taught me fighting basics to defend myself. The others tried to coddle me too much, he said. But neither Mom nor Dad wanted me to join the family business.

“They wanted me to have a normal life, and I did. Or at least as normal as it can be in that situation. I grew up with the other league kids. I had chores and dance class. We had family trips and family dinners. Mom would tell me stories about her childhood. Dick taught me how to tumble, and Jason would taught me how to ride a bike. I’d spend hours playing video games with Tim. He made me my first cup of coffee for exams. Alfred nearly blew a gasket. Mom just took pictures.

“On weekends Mom would take me horseback riding, and we would race. My favorites memories are the ones of all of us together. Birthdays, galas, movie weekends. But my favorite is one of my mom and dad dancing.

“There was always something going on in the world. Some crisis, but I remember thinking I had never seen two people so at peace in that moment. I had never seen two people so in love. He used to call her ‘princess.’ And it wasn’t some in some condescending way either, it’s because that’s what she was, and she deserved that respect.”  

You take a deep breath, “My dad died about three months before I came here. It sent Mom into a rage. She destroyed that incoming fleet. Despite his own resolve not to kill he never tried to persuade her otherwise. He knew she did what she thought was best, that it was a last resort.

“What she did to that fleet though, it was pure vengeance. They had taken the love of her life away, and she was going to kill them for it. She became a different person after that. She was very withdrawn, and when the invasion got worse, they decided as a family that I needed to be saved.

“Alfred drugged me. Slipped something into the coffee Tim had made. They were all there as my eyes closed. They all told me how much they loved me. When I woke up, my mother was carrying me on the beach here. She’d packed a trunk with things she said were important. Put the key around my neck, and well… you know the rest.”  

This time, you let the tears come, you allow yourself to sob as you say, “She wasn’t so different from the woman you tell stories about.”

Artemis’s arms surround you, and she pulls you close, “She was very different, little one. She was a mother, not only to you but to your brothers. She was a wife. She was in love. She was a warrior.”

You swallow thickly, “She was Wonder Woman.”


Genre: Angst, Fluff, Highschool!AU

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 9,909

Summary: Although she was considerably out of his league, he couldn’t help but fall for the girl who always stood up for him when no one else would.

Author’s Note: This took forever to write but I think it’s okay for what it is…Some parts really had me in my feels ;-; but I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

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Two lies and a truth

“I just don’t see how he’s able to lie so well to B,” Jason threw his hands in the air, “Over and over! I mean, I expect him to pull one over on the rest of us, but you’d think Bruce would have figured out some sort of tell after all these years,”

Jason had stomped into the room after checking on Tim, recuperating upstairs after suffering severe blood loss on a mission he’d promised Bruce he wouldn’t attempt alone. Bruce and Alfred were sticking close to him, while the rest of the family helped out around the main floor of the house. Barbara had brought groceries and Stephanie to help Jason with meals. Damian and Cassandra had handled laundry and household tasks Alfred requested of them. Dick was out patrolling with Kate.

They were gathered in the den, reading or scrolling on their phones after a long day of activity.

“Looked him right in the eye, too,” Barbara said without looking up from her laptop. Jason paced, not ready to sit still.

“If you’d seen him interact with his parents you wouldn’t question it,” Stephanie said, pulling her hair back in a ponytail.

“Were they super controlling, that he had to lie constantly?” Jason tried to sound casual about the fact that he knew next to nothing about Tim’s home life before he’d joined their weird family.

“No. They were never there, they never paid attention.” Stephanie said, frustrated as her hair tie got caught on the tips of her hair when she tried to pull it through.

“Wouldn’t that have made him a less accomplished liar?” Damian asked from the window seat, sounding bored.

“No! It-” Stephanie threw her hair tie down on the coffee table and let her hands flop down onto her lap. “Cass, how did you put it?”

Cassandra was laying by the fireplace, her chin propped on her hands as she watched dance videos with one earbud in. She lifted her head to answer,

“Tim learned to hide himself so he wouldn’t be disappointed when people didn’t see him.”

The fire crackled in the silence. Barbara’s fingers were still, resting on her keyboard. Stephanie stared at the fire. Jason saw even Damian had lifted his nose out of his book to stare into space, unsettled by the statement.

He looked down at where Cassandra lay on the rug.

“That might be one of the truest things I’ve ever heard you say,” he said to her. She gave him a small, sad smile. When he looked back up he found Stephanie watching him. Barbara, too, was looking over her glasses at him.

It was a little unnerving, sometimes, how much better some members of the family were at knowing exactly what made them all tick.

First Person Shooter (Jason Todd x Reader)

@cuddles-for-cassie : “it’s Kori and I have a challenge for you! Write a drabble of Jason with this sentence: ‘I can’t believe you did that.’”

Schninner: Err… I tried to make this fluffy, but I think it turned out really cheesy, sorry!

(Reader is a girl)

Warnings: again, probably some grammar mistakes,  so if you’re easily triggered by improper grammar, do not read.

Word count: 499

Master List

The sounds of gunshots sounded throughout your tiny apartment.

Your boyfriend Jason Todd’s voice rang out in panic.

“[F/N], I swear to the gods, if you kill me, I’m breaking up with you!”

A devious smile spread over your face, “I’m sorry Jay, but I have to, I can’t tarnish my reputation! I would be considered a softy if I let you live!”

Jason let out a grunt of frustration, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his mouth formed into a scowl.

“I’m not kidding [F/N]! I will get a divorce! “

“Well it’s a good thing we aren’t married!”

The finishing shot sounded through your living room. Jason eyes grew wide in disbelief as the words on the TV screen flashed “Game over. [F/N] wins! Jay Bird Loses! “ he dropped his remote on the ground and groaned.

You on the other hand, were pumped. As soon as you beat Jason, you had jumped up from the couch and did a small little victory dance.

“Ah Yes! Eat virtual lead ‘Jay bird’!”

“I can’t believe you did that.” Jason said, his face dead serious.

“You killed me, my own girlfriend killed me.”

You rolled your eyes, “Come on Jay, don’t be such a drama queen.”

“That’s it,” he said, he turned toward you, his face dead serious, “[F/N] [L/N], we are getting a divorce.”

You crossed your arms, “Jay, hun, again, we aren’t married.”

“Well not anymore. Remember,  the divorce?” a small smile made it’s way across his face.

You mirrored his smile and played along, you let out an overly dramatic gasp and contorted your face into one of shock. “Oh no! My dearest Jay bird, the love of my life, whatever can I do to win back your love and trust?”

His smile widened more, and you plopped back down beside him on the couch, with a look of mocked despair.

“Well… you could let me me win…?”

The mask of a heartbroken lover that you wore immediately disappeared, replaced with fits of laughter. Jason’s eyes widened slightly in surprise at your sudden outburst. Once you finally got yourself together, you sat back up, with a big goofy grin on your face, you leaned over and gave your boyfriend a short sweet kiss on his lips. You parted and looked lovingly in his blue eyes.

“Oh Jay, I love you, but that’s never going to happen.”

You kissed him lightly on his nose, before hopping over the side of the couch.

“Now, do you want some popcorn to eat away your shame while we watch stranger things? Or do you just want to wallow in your failure?”

“Yeah, sure,  I’ll have some popcorn.”

Your lighthearted teasing placed a grin on Jason’s face as he watched you grab a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave. Sure you constantly teased each other and you would always destroy him in video games, but he loved you, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

anonymous asked:

“I don’t want to alarm you, but your dead brothers behind you.”

Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I thought I’d already posted the drabble for this!!! Better late than never though right?

Employees who are lucky enough to make it to the upper echelons of Wayne Enterprises - as in the literal higher floor levels where they are in direct proximity to Lucius Fox and whichever-Wayne-is-representing-the-company-now - are taught three very important rules. Rules that aren’t so important to the completion of whatever errand or job position has driven them to the top floors, but rather to the continued good sanity and wellbeing of the individual.

Rule number one: Do not ask Mr Wayne how he managed to get that bruise, or those stitches, or that broken bone this time. Not only is it pointless because you probably won’t believe him (it’s incredible what the wealthy can come up with to do in their leisure time), but it will only waste your time and the time of everyone who’s relying on you to do work as well. Just read the statement leaked to the press like everyone else. Whether you believe it or not is inconsequential to your job performance.

Rule number two: While it is true that there are no stupid questions, there are questions that you will look stupid for going to Mr Fox with. Mr Fox is a busy man and as such his time should not be wasted. If you’re here to ask something you could just as easily ask the employee in the cubicle next to you or your supervisor, please take an abrupt turn and return the way you came.

Rule number three: Timothy Drake-Wayne is not fit for social interaction, nor professional, business interactions, before his second cup of coffee. As such, no meetings will be scheduled with Mr Drake-Wayne before ten a.m. If it’s an emergency, please leave a message with his secretary, or send him an email. He’s remarkably good at responding to those no matter the hour, although there are no promises of intelligibility.

Personally, Tam thinks rule number three should actually be rule number one. Especially after the incident last week, which had led to the formalisation of the aforementioned rules on several printed notices around the top floor offices and a company-wide email memo.

Tim had been running late for work, which meant that of course he’d left his wallet in the car after practically running out before it had even stopped. And because the reason he was running late was that he’d been out doing vigilante stuff with the Red Hood, Jason had been the one dropping him off at work on his way to do whatever it is he does during the day (Tam suspects it has something to do with the drug money she once found in a pair of boots he left at Tim’s apartment, but she doesn’t dare ask). And because Jason is sharp eyed and much more alert in the mornings, he’d noticed the wallet left on the passenger seat as soon as the door had slammed shut behind Tim. So Jason, being impulsive and in the mood to do a good deed for once, had immediately snatched it up and chased after his brother. Right into the lobby of Wayne Enterprises.

Tam had been waiting down there to meet Tim with coffee and an armful of files for him to skim through on the way up to the meeting he was running late for. Unfortunately, the lobby being a busy place, she hadn’t been the only one to witness Jason skidding across the polished floors in Tim’s wake with a wallet in his outstretched hand. Even more unfortunately, the intern who’d stopped to ask her which floor she could find the records department on also happened to recognise the supposedly-dead Jason Todd (Tam doesn’t know why, but Bruce had conducted a thorough investigation and she hadn’t been missing from work the next week so it probably wasn’t because of anything dastardly).

The young woman’s eyes had widened almost comically, her lips moving soundlessly before she managed to say to Tim, “Um I don’t want to alarm you, but your dead brother’s behind you.”

And Tim had been running on less than two hours sleep and not even half a cup of coffe so of course his immediate response was, “Which one?”

Tam had done a lot of damage control that day. Like, the banks trying to hide how much they’d fucked up in the lead up to the financial crisis of ‘07 kind of damage control. Between watching the poor intern being intimidated by her father, getting in touch with someone called Barbara to delete all video footage of the incident and locking Tim in his office for a much-needed nap, she’d (somehow) managed to find time to type up the unwritten rules that the interns these days clearly weren’t being taught. It was in everyone’s best interests.

Just to be on the safe side, she also bought Tim a shirt that said ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee’ and made him wear it into work the next day. Just in case anyone missed the memo.

Bed Rest

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by anon

Jason Todd x reader where the reader is pregnant and is on bed rest and Jason and his family are being super overprotective

“Jason, I’m fine!” you shouted as Jason tried to put you back in bed. “I just want to get something from the kitchen.”

“The doctor said that you are on bed rest, so you’re staying in bed,” Jason said, pulling the blanket over you. “Whatever you need I can get for you.”

“I want cereal,” you said, crossing your arms.

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A Good Dog With New Tricks

Batfam Week Day 2: Shenanigans 

Words: 3,423

Rating: Gen

AO3 Link

You all should know by now that I cannot resist the urge to make Damian the head instigate of any shenanigans, he is my favorite little troublemaker and the star of today’s fic. Though, Titus might give him a run for his money. Enjoy! 

Damian locked his eyes with the large, warm, black ones belonging to one of his closest friends. His companion held his gaze patiently waiting for the boy to begin.

“Titus, I must impress upon you the serious nature of this mission.” Damian started, keeping his tone serious, “If I asked anyone else they would surely fall victim to a double cross for a foolish photo of me in a compromising situation.” Damian grimaced thinking of the many times he’d tried to pull a fast one on his siblings only to have his assistant turn on him, “You are the only one I can trust with this, boy. Do you think you can do it?”

Titus blinked and then licked Damian’s cheek, his wet, velvety tongue tickling the boy’s face. Damian resisted the urge to smile and instead nodded his head. “Very well, let’s get started.”

He clipped a small camera to the dog’s collar, black and thin enough to be easily mistaken for hair then stepped back to check his tablet. He could see himself on the screen, albeit from a shorter height.

The two slipped through the manor silently making their way through the halls. They stopped in the hallway outside the foyer. The dog leaned against his side as he stopped, head ducking under Damian’s hand.

He scratched Titus’s ears, hand pressing into the warm soft fur while he peered around the corner. Today would be a bit of revenge for everything, all the unwanted coddling, the surprise photos, and the team ups his many family members often used to get him to ‘act his age’.

The front door rattled for a moment before Damian heard the sound of a key being inserted into the lock. He waited as the lock clicked open and the doorknob began to move again, this time turning unhindered.

“You know what to do.” Damian said and scratched Titus’s left ear twice in quick succession and the dog darted forward at the same time as the door swung open.

“Hey there, Titus .” Jason’s voice was warm as the door clicked shut behind him. “What’s up?”

Damian’s eyes locked on his tablet as he moved away from the foyer. He made his way to the living room as he watched Jason struggling at the front door. He had bags in both hands and was trying to move them all to his left. Titus was making it difficult for him, jumping up and pawing at his chest. Jason managed to hook the extra bags around his arm and reach out to pet Titus.

The dog let him for a moment before jumping back with a happy bark, back stepping a foot or so to allow Jason a few steps into the room before he did it again, jumping forward to beg for attention. Jason chuckled and gave him another good scratch on the head.

“Your pretty demanding today, where’s the Demon Brat?”

Titus’s answer was a lick on the face.

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Lemme See That Hoodussy

Fandom: DC

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Forever Tag: @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

Prompt: Inspired by a recent convo I had with @solis200213

Summary: Red Hood is one thic bih. Lemme see that hoodussy. 

Word Count: 282

Warnings: Memes.

A/N: Watch this before reading. (I’m so sorry I had to do this. P.S. Pretend it says “Red Hood” instead of Jason Todd.)

Originally posted by thedarkwolfpupil

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You Just Left Me To Die! (Part 6)

Originally posted by the-boy-wow

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Pairing: Jason Todd (Arkham Knight) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing, blood and talks of wounds, smoking

Rating: Mature

A/N: GUYS! LOOK AT WHAT IS FINALLY DONE!!!! This is the last part! Guys thank you so much all the support and love! Honestly all of it means so much to me, it really keeps me going.

You could feel someone holding your hand, but it was faint and far off. Breathing was hard, your ribs screamed in protest each time you took a breath. As consciousness slowly came back to you it felt like the person holding your hand was shaking. When your hearing finally came back you heard crying. Your eyes jerked as you tried to open them. After almost ten minutes of working your eyes open, you finally opened them. The room you were in was dark, moonlight was streaming through the windows. “I’m sorry y/n, I’m so sorry.” It took you a second to register that it was Jason speaking to you.

“Baby…” you moaned quietly. There was silence, “Jason?” You move your head slowly to face him. His whole face is pained, his eyes were bright red and puffy. “Jason?” you try to get up but you become too light headed. “What happened Jason?” Softly, he pushed you back down on the bed. His hands softly rub your face and he kisses your forehead.

“I…” He pauses, his breath hitching and another sob raking through him. With shaky hands, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, taking a puff. Slowly, you pulled yourself back up, slapping his hands when he tried to push you back down. You grabbed the cig out of his mouth and kissed his nose.

“These things will kill you.”

“Yeah, well so will a bullet to the heart but I walked away.” He snatched the cigarette out of your hands, placing it firmly back in his lips. You knew this was his was his way of calming down but it wasn’t healthy.

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Flying high

A/n: so daughter’s burden and the strongest Talon are finished! Which means I can start this one which I’ve had the idea for a while. If you like this I highly recommend reading the maximum ride series by James Patterson.
Description: Damian comes home after being gone for a year and finds that his father has a new ally.

Damian ran down to the cave to see batcow. He had been gone for a year working with some fellow heroes on an extended mission and it strangely felt good to be home.

Until a throwing star embedded itself in the doorframe next to his head.

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Red Pt. 2 [Jason Todd x Reader]

@jay-birdbitchez @roseangel013bf

A/N: Here’s the second part of ‘Red’. Thank you for the positive response of the first part! I’m sorry this isn’t as good as the first one, but I tried my best. Thank you @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom for this amazing idea!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1772

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 



There were many things that drew Jason Todd to you. When he first met you, you were the innocent one on the streets. Your heart was too soft for Gotham City, and while it was admirable, he also thought it was pathetic.

In Gotham City, kind people were betrayed, stepped on and left in the dirt. It was every child for themselves and everybody knew it. Jason had to survive using his wits and turning his heart stone cold.

You, on the other hand, seemed almost the complete opposite. You had a heart of gold, a rare find on the streets those days, and you only sought to steal bits and pieces of different places so no place would be damaged significantly.

“Hey! Get back here, that’s mine!” you yelled, chasing after a young boy your age. He was like you no doubt, a street rat.

“Better luck next time shortie!” he exclaimed, jumping over a fence.

After losing you–a fairly easy task–Jason grinned at his prize. It was a warm loaf of bread, no doubt just recently taken out of the oven. He wondered how someone as weak as you could get her hands on this, but no matter. It was his now. Besides, you had a bag full of them, losing one couldn’t hurt.

The thing about you that made Jason always come back to you was that you cared.

You cared for those who were weaker and younger than you on the streets. You gave them your share of food, provided them with clothing and blankets for the night and made sure they were safe. You treated their wounds and helped them find a place in the world, without question. You didn’t gain anything from it, you just did it because that was who you were. That’s what made you a person, and that’s what Jason loved most about you.

Your forgiving nature was also another feature Jason adored. You forgave people. You weren’t naive–you never forget–but you were willing to give those you truly cared about and the people who deserve it a second chance. You had this uncanny ability to forgive even him, and he certainly didn’t deserve a second chance. You saw something in him that no one else did. You forgave him over and over again.

Your caring and forgiving personality were your best features, and you had no trouble displaying them. So when Jason found that you were seemingly ignoring him after that night at the bar, he wasn’t necessarily disappointed or worried, he was royally pissed.

You had forgiven him for worse things than simply neglecting you for a few weeks. You had forgiven his sins and his wrong-doings yet you couldn’t see past this? Furthermore, you had forgiven criminals and street rats that were contaminating the city, yet you couldn’t find it in your heart to let this issue go?

Jason thought it was ridiculous, and childish. He knew you were avoiding him; your landlord had informed him that you were still paying your rent. You were still here, yet you chose to not face him.

He never thought after all these years, the friendship and what the two of you had would crumble because of some unnecessary jealousy. If you had kept in contact with him, you’d know he already broke it off with that woman–and it was over you as well! The damn bitch said some not-so-nice things about you when she was drunk off her ass. You had no reason to hold such a thing against him.

He knew that if you were going to continue avoiding him, he wasn’t going to be the one to initiate the first move. You were the unreasonable one this time, not him.

Though it was incredibly frowned upon, Roy Harper had a perfectly reasonable reason to break into the woman’s apartment.

He landed in your bedroom swiftly and quietly, noticing how eerily silent the entire place was. Running a finger along the desk, he narrowed his eyes at the dust that stuck to his finger. Upon closer inspection, the entire place was coated in a thin layer of dust, as if no one had been living there for the past few months.

Roy had initially came to your apartment to find and convince you to speak to Jason again. No matter how stubborn that man was, Jason was a mess without you. He killed more, had a shorter fuse, stay out drinking late, smoked more often and god knows what else. You were the one who kept him sane and though he acted pissed he was really hurt and upset.

Roy smiled as he remembered the first time he met you.

“So you’re Roy Harper.”

Roy glanced up from the computer screen and saw a pair of perplexing [E/C] eyes studying him with curiosity.

“That’s right, and you?” he asked, smirking. He had to admit, you did look pretty cute.

“Off limits.” Jason growled as he entered the room, standing in front of you protectively.

Roy glanced between the two of you and chuckled. “No way man, is she your girlfriend?!”

“What? No!” Jason exclaimed, his cheeks turning slightly red. Roy’s smirk widened. Yep. Jason was definitely into you.

“Just friends.” you corrected kindly, smiling.

“Yeah sure.” Roy drawled skeptically, wriggling his eyebrows at the two of you. “We’ll see how long that lasts.“

It wasn’t long until he befriended you, and it wasn’t long after that did he discover your feelings for Jason.

Roy continued to explore your apartment, taking care not to look too deep because he respected your privacy. The more he looked, the more he realized just how… wrong everything was.

The apartment had obviously been out-of-use, and as far as he knows no one had seen you, not even your landlord, yet you still paid your rent.

He sat on the couch and began to go through all the things you spent your credit card on over the last few months. When he saw that you had purchased absolutely nothing, and had not even used your money to pay your own rent, he knew that something was wrong.

Something was seriously wrong.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Alright I’m coming!” Jason yelled, marching over to open the door. The person in front of his door, whoever that asshole was, had been slamming their fist on his door for a straight five minutes. Jason had hoped to ignore whoever was outside but he had enough of the noise.

“What the fuck do you want?” he hissed at Roy.

“It’s [F/N].” Roy breathed.

Jason couldn’t help but roll his eyes, ignoring the beat his heart skipped. “Not interested. Goodbye.” He was about to slam the door but Roy’s next words stopped him.

“I think she’s been taken.”

Jason froze and his blood went ice cold. He pulled Roy inside the apartment and closed the door. “What do you mean ‘you think she’s taken’?”

“Because she’s been off the radar for months and nobody has seen her.” Roy explained.

“Wait her landlord said that–”

“The payments were paid by an outside account. She doesn’t even live in the apartment anymore, it’s covered in dust.” said Roy, frantically showing Jason the evidence; photographs, video footages and records. It didn’t take a great detective to see that you hadn’t been seen over the last few months.

As Jason scanned the evidence over and over again, that’s when he began to panic. Fear crept into his heart and seized it tightly, squeezing and twisting it until the pain was almost unbearable.

You hadn’t been avoiding him, you had been gone and he didn’t even notice.

“Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jason swore, his hands flying to his head. He paced back and forth, his mind already thinking of the worst-case scenarios.

“Do you know when she was last seen?” Jason inquired.

“Here.” Roy showed Jason a security footage of a very familiar bar. “This was the last time we saw her on camera.”

Jason watched you leave the bar he, his ex and you went to a few months ago. Your head turned from left to right; you were looking for a cab. After a few minutes and some frustrated gestures, you walked out of the camera’s view.

“I’m betting she must’ve been taken not long after that.” said Roy.

However, Jason wasn’t listening. There was a strange ringing in his ears that he couldn’t get rid of. His body felt numb and he fell into an armchair.


Laughter erupted from Jason’s throat when he heard another one of your stories. He couldn’t remember how long it’s been since he last spent time with you. Ever since he got a new girlfriend he hardly had time for you.

“Jason baby.” his girlfriend drawled. He turned to her and smiled, missing the look of sadness that appeared on your face. “Let’s dance!” She hopped off the stool and grabbed his hand, dragging him to the empty space in the bar. The jukebox was playing a rather slow song, perfect for a couple.

“Sure thing doll.” said Jason, grinning from ear to ear.

That night, his girlfriend was completely wasted. She could never really hold her alcohol well, so off course by the end of the night she was drunk as hell.

“Okay, that’s enough.” said Jason, dragging her away from her shot of tequila.

“But Jason!” she whined, pouting. He sighed, knowing he had to take her home. It was dangerous to walk in the streets of Gotham alone at night.

“[F/N], I have to–”

“I understand.” you smiled, and like before, he missed the sadness that flashed across your face. “Do what you have to do.”

“Thanks [F/N], you’re the best.”

He left the bar, his mind completely focused on getting his girlfriend home safely. He had forgotten that she wasn’t the one walking home alone that night.

He had forgotten you. Jason was so concerned about his girlfriend that night he didn’t realize he had left you to walk in the streets of Gotham all alone.

When you never returned his calls or made an effort to contact him, he immediately thought you were avoiding him. It never crossed his mind that you were taken because all this time, he had always been there for you.

He didn’t even realize he stopped doing that, he didn’t even realize he had left your side. Now, he faced the consequences of his actions.

And he felt his heart being ripped out of his chest because of it. The guilt and pain in his chest was immense and it only grew over time.

He had failed you.

MAJIM One Shots - The Multiverse Theory

A one-shot based on @majimforever’s short fiction. To all the Majim shippers - our ship’s not dead.

“So I just got off the phone and the flowers are all okay now, just had a last minute issue with the suppliers but they got that all straightened out,” says Melissa.

Jim was staring out the window of his New York apartment, deep in thought. He didn’t hear a word that his bestfriend just said. He was still unsure about telling Mayim of his important announcement. This is a big deal for the both of them and he knows telling her will not be easy.

“… and then Beth finally confirmed that they’re coming so I can close the final guest list unless you have some last minute changes?” She looks up from her iPad and realized that Jim wasn’t even listening. She walked to where he was and looked out the streets of Gramercy Park.

Jim notices and looks at her with furrowed brows when he was met with her raised eyebrows. “What?” he asks.

“Your mind’s not even here. I was asking about the guest list. Anyone else you want to add?” she asks him.

He looks down on his phone. He pushes the power button to check on the time. She should be in Manhattan by now…

“Yeah… let me just make a few phone calls and I’ll get back with you.” he answers.

“Alright, well I’m heading out for lunch with Ken. Want to go or do you want to wait for Todd?”

“I think I’ll stay in. Thank you, though.” says Jim.

With a hug from Melissa, he was finally alone in his apartment. He went to their study and sat behind his desk. Looking at his phone again, he noticed a notification. Mayim was live on Instagram. He quickly opened the app to to watch.

A smile quickly brightened up his features. She looked radiant - her dress makes her look like an angel. She was telling people how much makeup she had on and he couldn’t help but frown at her dismissal of her fans’ compliments. Without realizing it, he started to type the words, ‘You look very very pretty’ and posted the comment.

He blinks once, twice, a few more times when he realized what he just posted. He waited for her to notice, but with the constant comments coming in, she never did. The live video ended and he placed his phone on the study table. “She looks like she’s having a nice day…”

Even when he said the words, he knows that he wants her there. How he wished Melissa never told him about Mayim’s feelings. Granted, their co-star only revealed it accidentally, but still - he wished he didn’t know.

He decided to call her later that night. When the day is done. She still has a lot on her plate for him to interrupt her thoughts.

Mayim just started getting comfortable in her hotel bed when her phone rang. Reaching for it, he noticed who was calling and smiled.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to call me since I got here,” she rushes answering the call.

“Hey. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy too. How are you?”

“ A little tired, but I’m having so much fun, so that balances it quite nicely. And you?”

“I’m doing great. Thank you…” Silence followed his words. He needs to tell her.

“So when are we having dinner? I can only do evenings this week since I still have a few guestings.”

“Yeah… I don’t think that’s possible anytime soon. Listen, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay, go ahead.” She tried to play it cool even though she felt like her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. Which was irrational since she had no idea what this was about. But the tone of his voice…

The silence that followed was defeaning. Mayim broke it by asking him what’s going on.

“I’m getting married this Saturday. Todd and I are getting married.” Jim said, point-blank.

Mayim was shocked. Her mouth was agape and for a second she didn’t know how to respond. She quickly recovers and managed to get a few words out. “Co- congratulations! Oh my goodness, that’s - that’s great news! When? How did this -”

“We just - I just decided after we filmed the finale. I wanted to keep it from Todd till everything was sorted out and when I told him, he was so happy and I was happy and… This just feels right. He deserves this.” Jim explains, interrupting her.

She was trying to blink back the tears and keep her voice from sounding like she was choking. “That’s great. Again, congratulations,” was all that she could say.

“Will you be there? We would greatly appreciate it.”

“Of course. Yeah… Jim, I should go. I think Heather wants to discuss something about tomorrow’s schedule,” she lies.



“Okay. I’ll send you an email about the details. Good night.” Jim disconnects the call.

He knows… Of course he knew. Was it that obvious? But why was he so hesitant to tell her? Was he being considerate of my feelings or… She shakes her head. She’s not going to that place. She’s been burned one, too many times. He obviously doesn’t share the same feelings. Otherwise he wouldn’t be marrying another person. She laid her head on the pillow and turned off the light. The bustling traffic is muffled and the city lights glimmer through the window of her room. In the city that never sleeps, a sad soul was lulled into unconsciousness by her tears.

The venue looked incredible - no doubt a work of Jim’s friend. The flowers and the arch under which the couple will stand under in a few minutes was the best one she’s seen. Out of all the weddings she’s been to, that certainly made the number one spot.

Mayim didn’t know how she managed to even get up at all, today. While this event will probably change a lot between him and Jim, she couldn’t be any happier that her friends are finally taking this step. It’s been a long time coming and if she were being honest, she knew that it was only a matter of time. Like all other times, she needs to and will be there to support Jim and Todd.

“Mayim!” A familiar voice came from somewhere in the crowd and she looks in time to see Simon walking towards her.

“Simon! Hi,” exchanging a hug and peck on the lips, Simon and Mayim quickly jumped into discussion about the wedding and her book tour. Shortly after, the guests were ushered in to the room for the wedding.

The music played, signalling the start of the procession of the grooms. When Jim came in, Mayim couldn’t help but admire how handsome he looked - how radiant his face was. Happiness. It was etched on his face. Her eyes moistened and took a deep breath. When he was about to pass by their row, Jim caught her eyes and he nodded with a solemn smile. She did too. She will not let her own feelings ruin this for her or for Jim. This was a special day, for a very special person in her life.

The ceremony went by, the reception program commenced - everything about the wedding was beautiful. The couple looked every bit as happy as all newlyweds should. From her table, Mayim was watching Jim dance with his sister. They were whispering and making each other laugh.

The evening went by quickly and before everyone knew, it was coming to a close. Jim hasn’t seen a Mayim all night and wanted to thank her for coming - that and he wanted to see how she was. He looked around and saw her exiting the room.

“Excuse me for a moment,” he tells Todd and a few other guests.

Jim made his way through the crowd and dodged a few well-wishers to follow Mayim out in the balcony. When he was finally outside, he spotted her at the very end of the walkway. She was just admiring the view with one drink in her hand. He makes his way towards her and she looks up to see him, looking at her with a blank expression. They stood side-by-side, looking at the New York skyline, not saying a word for a while.

“Lovely wedding. Everything was beautiful about today. Including you and Todd. You both look great,” she says, looking up at him. He, in return, looks down and gives her a smile.

“Thank you. And really, thank you so much for being here today.” Jim tells her.

“Of course. I’m really happy for you. You both are dear friends of mine. I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” she responds with teary eyes.

“Mayim, I - ” he starts. He wanted to tell her so much, but he cuts him off.

“I just need to know one thing. How long have you known?” Mayim asks.

Jim looks at her. She was back to admiring the lights in front of her. He knows what she means. He knows what she was asking. He may have found out by accident, but she deserves to know.“

"A couple of year,” Jim tells her.

She nodded. The tears she was trying to hold back just rolled down her cheeks and Jim hugs her. She allowed the tears to fall down - to let it all out. They were silent tears and it broke Jim’s heart to see her like this. She may be tough most of the time, but there are times when even the strongest, let their guards down. He just never imagined he’d be the cause of her pain.

“You know I feel like I need to apologize to every host or media correspondent who asked me if I ever learned any Physics. I lied. There’s one that actually stuck with me,” Jim says, rubbing her arms, while his head rests on hers.

“What’s that?”

“That theory about multiple universe existing along with this one that we’re living in.”

“Why do you think it stuck with you?” she asks, dabbing her eyes with a napkin.

He looks away, up at the sky and back at her before answering. “Because I believe that a universe exists where we are together - in that universe, I am yours and none of these complications exist,” looking away, he writes Mayim on the glass panel in front of them. “In all other lifetimes, in any other world where there’s you and me - we belong together.” As he said those words, tears fell from his eyes.

They held each other for a little while longer. They knew they would have to come back inside to face their friends and for Mayim to congratulate Todd too. But they stayed in that moment for as long as they could. One last time before they come back to reality, one last hug filled with honesty before they embrace what this universe they’re in, holds for them.

At least they both believe that somewhere, out there, a place where they can be more than just friends, exist. That was enough for Mayim.

Always Interesting

Last evening @whore4batfam​ gave me an amazing head cannon (two in fact), so amazing it demanded a fic. This is pure fluff and I make no apologies for it. Thank you so much Stell for inspiring me with such a lovely head cannon. 

Please enjoy the insanity that comes of Cass, the batfam, and one at home waxing kit. 

Warnings: None

Cass found it on sale, but it wasn’t because of the sale that she bought it. She thought it was interesting. An at home waxing kit when living with four boys would always turn out to be interesting. With her family, she could usually count on even more.

It was a simple kit containing just the sheets needed to do the actual waxing. Cass had grabbed a bottle of lotion to go with it, it never hurt and the scent was delightful. The kit wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, so Cass did what she did best. She laid a trap for her brothers. It was easy when they were all home, and she timed it as such. Walking in the front door with a bag of new stuff excited interest from them. Cass always brought home interesting things or stories.

Dick was the first off the couch, pausing their racing game, and flipping over the seat to a chorus of irritated grumbles. Pausing always threw everyone off. He hugged her before asking what she’d brought. His question spurned Jason and Tim to look over the edge of the couch, and Cass’s playful secrecy was enough to make them rise. Soon she’d tempted even Damian over, the boy pushing to stand in front of his older brothers, curiosity at his sister in the form of a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

“So?” Jason voiced everyone’s question in the single word.

Cass pulled the box out with a triumphant swishing away of the bag before presenting it to them. Their silence lasted for a few moments as each one took in the information before them.

“Tt. That’s not so special.” Damian said, trying and failing to hide his disappointment.

Cass let herself grin, she hadn’t expected her youngest brother to recognize the box. She herself wouldn’t have until Steph and Barbara had come into her life. There were few instances Cass could see her sister showing Damian waxing.

“Kid, you’ve obviously got no idea what that is.” Jason said taking the kit from Cass.

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Flying high: part 3

A/n: so there’s probably going to be one more part to this series and I’m guessing you guys don’t really like this idea as much as the other ones, because I’m getting less feedback about this one. Sorry, I’m an insecure demon. Hope you enjoy!

Jason read the message and growled. He couldn’t believe that those assholes dared to send that video of them torturing you to your phone. You were curled up into a ball and were sobbing right next to him.

Jason tried to put his hand on your arm, hug you, anything to calm you down but you fought against him the whole time. “I won’t let you take me! Never again!” You cried over and over. By this time, Damian and Bruce had made it down to the cave.

Bruce tried to grab you but you screamed at the contact. It was obvious that you were having a panic attack. Bruce and Jason were trying to talk to you but it was like you couldn’t hear them.

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You Just Left Me To Die! (Pt. 1)

Paring: Jason Todd x reader

GIF Credit: ?? Be sure to tell me if it’s your’s

Warnings: Graphic description of death, swearing. (The rest will be much more intense and graphic than this one) 

Rating: Mature

“He’s…he’s dead,” Bruce said. You couldn’t believe it. You feel your legs shake and you sit down at the kitchen table, your hands covering your face. You all were there, Dick sitting on the counter, his hands tight around a glass of whiskey. Tim was leaning next to the refrigerator, his eyes cast down. Alfred was slowly patching up a gunshot wound on Bruce’s shoulder. You had been confined to house arrest since Jason’s disappearance, since your fighting had become reckless and brutal. Tears were rolling down your face, hot and fast, your shoulders shaking. He couldn’t be dead, not your Jason. The love of your life was…no he wasn’t gone. A hand grips your shoulder, “I’m sorry y/n.”  Bruce didn’t know, how could he know how much Jason meant to you. 

“Where was he?” It wasn’t Bruce that answered, it was Tim.

“An abandoned wing of Arkham.” You looked up at the replacement, anger boiling up inside you. Not anger at him or Bruce, anger at yourself for not doing more. You could have found him, you know you could have. But no. You thought that they could find him, or Dick, or Barbra, but they never did. That’s when you should have gone to look for him. It had been over a year, you could have gone and found him. It was your fault, all your fault. 

“Where is his body?” you ask. Bruce looks at Tim and Dick, both of whom have hard expression on their faces. 

“There is none,” Dick replies. 

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Egg on His Face

For JayTim week- Valentines edition, day one: Handcuffs//Crush 

rating: T

length: 2.2K

summary: The man wipes yolk out of his eyes and Tim feels his feet freeze to the grass, fear keeping him in place even though he wants to run so badly. Like Stephanie is doing.

He hears her hiss out a curse and then her feet are slapping the gravel drive at an impressive pace. She’s gone, running away into the night, and Tim’s left standing there holding a carton of eggs. Caught red-handed. Or egg-handed.


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Detonate // Teen Wolf and Dolan Twins

Summary: Only two months of being miserably single you try to ignore the impulsive need to message Ethan. Not knowing that he’s just as miserable as you but when something terrible happens bring your Beacon Hills family to New Jersey it seems you don’t have a change to get back together or do you?

Characters: Ethan Dolan x McCall!Reader, Grayson Dolan, Sheriff Ryan (OC), Cameron Dolan, Sean and Lisa Dolan, Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, and Melissa McCall

Words: 4440

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any characters that are featured in this. I do not know the Dolan family so this is just a work of fiction. Lancaster High I made up for the story so if it’s a real school, I didn’t know.

Warnings: Swearing, school shooting, death, injury, blood, and a shit ton of angst.

Author: Caitsy

Tagged at the bottom.

A/N: Nobody seemed to read our previous post nor cared about it. Do you want sneak peaks of fics? Do you want to have an inkling of what will be posted within a week of seeing it? Then follow our snapchat: caitsyandash or use the image below. We’ll post after three people join. 

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Originally posted by teen-martinski

It was a cold December day that your finger hovered over the contact lit up on your phone in the busy cafeteria making you bite your lip. It had been barely two months since you had last talked to him but you were hurting so bad knowing that you both had thrown your years together away without really trying. He was busy with his career and you were busy trying to survive high school without drowning in the work you were given daily and the decisions about your future.

“Just call him.” Ellen, your best friend, said sympathetically squeezing your forearm.

“I can’t.” You mumbled locking your phone up once again, “He wouldn’t answer and I don’t know what I would say.”

“That you miss him?” Ellen replied, “He misses you.”

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The strongest Talon: part 6

A/n: wow this was a long one! Hope you guys enjoyed the series.

You watched the boys train in the cave and hoped that they would go along with your plan. You clutched your notebook, which had the messages, and walked over to Dick and Jason. You figured they could tell the other two a bit more discreetly than you would’ve been able to.

“Dick, Jay, could you guys look at this file? I’m trying to get back in the swing of things and I wanted to make sure the theory I have about the latest rash of robberies is right.” You said as you handed it to them.

Jason opened it up and they both began to read. Thank god that they had incredible poker faces. Otherwise, it would’ve been obvious something was wrong right off the bat.

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