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12x07 - Extremely late review and meta

I know I am extremely late to the party here (and have been MIA since before the episode aired for many reasons – the big 3.0. being the main one) but here it is! My episode review and meta! I am 100% certain that every point I want to discuss has already been meta’d to death and I can’t wait to actually get back on my dash and go through it all since I have 5 days to catch up on but anyway I’ll try to sum up my thoughts as best I can. Overall I enjoyed it. I got a bit bored during the rock scenes and all the blabber about social media and the LA lifestyle and OMG they need to ease up on the establishing shots next time (we get it guys, you want us to believe that you are in LA. You did good okay? Better than you did in Hollywood Babylon anyway!) I liked the Winchester banter though and adored Cas as always. Bobo always writes well and tends to do a very good job of capturing the themes of the season. Overall it was a good episode. It wasn’t my favourite of season 12 and it wasn’t my favourite Bobo ep either (that medal goes to 9x06 every time) but I did enjoy it. 

Lets go over the main themes which are under the cut because this got loooong:

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! I can't understand what Arrow fans mean by S2 was better than S3. Did people really forgot S2 eps 12 to 20? UNWANTED Lance family angst, Flashbacks focusing on how exactly Sara and Oliver betrayed Laurel, birds of prey ep, blind spot ep(shudders) and meager amount of Olicity. It was last three eps of S2 that brought back the glory. I think we should wait till finale before reaching conclusions.

TRUTH, nonny.  Listen, s2 wasn’t awful.  Episodes 1-10 were great.  20-23 were great.  11-19…. had a lot more misses than hits if you get my meaning. Mostly for the reasons you say.  Plus, we had the Winter Olympics last year.  Remember all those god-damned hiatus’?  Waiting weeks and weeks only to get… more shitty Lance drama.  When we did get Felicity (which we didn’t get a lot of during that time) she was feeling insecure about herself and her place on the team and in Oliver’s life… she was not exactly happy.  And it HURT ME, as a Felicity fan, to see her that way.  And Oliver, while she was hurting, seemed not to really give two craps about it.  It drove me nuts. 

Then we had all the interviews and sneak peeks and everything… always talking about how Sara was perfect for Oliver.  Olicity mentioned in interviews and articles?  HA!  I wish!  It was a good day when we got tossed a little nugget.  ANYTHING to keep us trying to go.  And we just did not know. We knew there was a shelf life on his relationship with Sara (and that Sara would likely die).  But would they return to Laurel?  We hoped that all the Olicity hints we’d seen would mean something but we had nothing to base any hope upon.  There was no precedent.  This time last year was truly dark times.  And if you binged s2 you don’t really know what that was like.  What Tumblr was like as everyone grasped for some sort of HOPE. 

This year?  Its all Olicity. All the time. Ever since the last few eps last season, all the press all summer long, all the filming spoilers, all the interviews, comic con, buzz buzz buzz… its all been Olicity.  It’s… it’s still hard for me to believe sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like I’m back last year where we got NOTHING. And then I look around and go “oh wow, no, this is happening.”  

Now we can see what the writers’ intentions are.  Despite their diplomacy when drawn on the “endgame” question, the pictures on the screen don’t lie, baby. This whole season has been about building these two towards one another.  They had to get us ALMOST there in 3x01 (what do you honestly think would have happened had that date not blown up? if you answer anything besides “sex back at Felicity’s place” then you need to think again.).  Then snatch it away so we could see and appreciate and understand their relationship as it evolved and grew. 

I’m not sure why people complain about season 3. I have to believe it’s because of other factors other than Olicity.  Or that maybe they had different hopes for what the ship would be.  For me, I’m seeing exactly the ship I always thought they were.  But its like watching that dream come to reality.  It’s gorgeous.  And you know what? It’ll get even better.  Oh god, I could see it clearly in the last ep, they are building the road back to one another.  

So I do love s2, but you will never get me to say its better than s3.  And yeah, partly that is because we can’t really judge s3 entirely until its done and I think most people realize that.  But even comparing where we’re at in s3 to this point in s2, I still say this is far better.  

Buuuuuut, that’s my opinion.  And others are welcome to disagree.  I’m sorry they feel that way but at the same time, I’m not going to let it impact how I enjoy the show.  Will Wednesday’s ep be awesome?  Sure!  Will 3x19 be even better?  Definitely! Will 3x20 blow our socks off?  I guarantee it.  I can’t wait!  There’s things to look forward to right now, something I didn’t have at this point last year, so I’m going to savor every little minute of it. :) 

To the Moon and Back - Michael Clifford

So this is inspired by this post X by michaelschuckle. I saw this and pretty much was instantly in love with the idea of it. I know it’s incredibly short, but it just came to mind so, here ya go. - Kaeley


“How was your date?” Your roommate asked as you slammed the front door of your shared apartment. You groaned as you threw yourself on the couch. “I see.” 

You’d hoped that this one would go better than your last few. Unfortunately for you, it didn’t turn out that way. It wasn’t that he was a bad guy, or that you didn’t like him. You did. He was a gentleman, funny, attractive… He was the perfect guy, just not perfect for you. “Do you even try on these dates anymore? Or do you just give up before you even walk out the door?”

“Of course I try, (Y/RM/N). It’s just…”

“He’s not Michael.”

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