i was waiting for tom

i was tagged by my pal @codestones!! 

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i’m making a new post because that reblog chain was overwhelming 

1. to bobby - joan baez 
2. god knows i’m good - david bowie 
3. no surrender - bruce springsteen 
4. i feel fine - the beatles 
5. train in the distance - paul simon 
6. snow is gone - josh ritter 
7. finishing jubilee street - nick cave 
8. sitting on a barbed wire fence - bob dylan 
9. i hope that i don’t fall in love with you - tom waits 
10. ghost riders in the sky - johnny cash 

wow!! look at all those old white men

i tag…. @blorpulous @placeboat @la-jefa @drackless @lidsmichelle @wintertundra @cloisenne @verygoodsloths and @pavinp if he ever logs on again. is that 10? perhaps 


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

x & x

  • me when i first heard about tom holland being the new spiderman: wait...what? that smol child? spiderman? nah too precious
  • me when i saw tom holland/peter parker in civil war: holy SHIT ALKJHFAJKGH
  • me when i saw the new spiderman homecoming trailer: thATS IT IM FUVCKING DONE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO FVK U TOM HOLLAND FOR MAKIN ME LUV U EVEN MORE

i don’t think we appreciate enough the years voldemort spent working in retail.

voldemort dealing with angry customers trying to return items. voldemort explaining that the sale actually begins tomorrow you can see it in the sign on the window. voldemort being forced to listen to loud arguments between a parent and their angry child. voldemort kicking out people who insist on staying half an hour past closing time. voldemort. in retail.