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Sweet ChocoMog Festival

Glad to hear requests are open! I love your blog! May I request something sweet and fluffy? Either Gladio and s/o or Ignis and s/o comfort the kid at the ChocoMog festival who lost their balloon! They can’t warpstrike like Noctis, but maybe it gets caught on something and the bro has to climb to get it? Oh gosh this might be too specific. Anything you feel inspired to do from this would be just fine. 💕

Guys doing something sweet for a kid is always the ‘best-est’! I tweaked Gladdys a little so we don’t have the same story back to back.

These two drabbles were for a friend that has since deactivated their account. I am so sorry that I couldn’t get this out to My Sweet Chocobae sooner. I hope that you are doing fine, and didn’t deactivate for any horrid reasons.  💕



You hugged Gladiolus arm tight to your chest, a smile on your face. It had been quite some time since the both of you last got to go out and enjoy a day together as a couple. You knew that as the Future King’s Shield he rarely got a day off, or a moment away from the Prince. Whom you love almost as much as your Gladdy, but sometimes you wanted to cling to him like the affectionate girlfriend that you were.

“So I got you all of the stuff Moogles, what else you wanna do today, Babe?” Gladiolus asked, use to your clinging and hadn’t fallen over you since you latched onto him once you got out the car.

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“She was living in Venice, California, at the time and she had a condo on the top floor of a six-story building right on the sand in Venice Beach and we had a great shoot, she couldn’t have been easier. But I still wanted that one last killer photograph and I said almost at the same time as she said: “Why don’t we go up on the roof and shoot as the sun is going down?” I thought it was a fantastic idea.
She had put on this white outfit with long sleeves of fabric that really caught the wind like a sail on a sailboat. The second I put the camera to my eye the wind starts kicking up. She is posing and the sleeves are going all over the place, and I realize about three frames in that the wind is going to be blowing so hard that one gust and she could be blown right off the side of the building, six stories down, which would have ruined Time Life’s insurance department’s day. There was only one thing to do because we were getting great photos and the sun waits for no man and it was going down. So I made an assistant of mine lie on his stomach out of frame and I said “You hold on to that white boot — you do not let go.” ‘And that is what he did. She stayed in one place and we got great pictures. But that is why you don’t see her boots in the pictures. There could be no full-length shot.“ Neal Preston - October, 2017.

Free London Sherlock tour: 26 October

For people passing through London on their way to the Sherlocked convention, I’ll be doing a free tour on Thursday 26 October.

Meet at noon at the entrance to the ticket hall of Euston Railway Station. I will be holding the Purple Folder of All Knowledge (aka the printed-out guide). I don’t want to put a phone number up here, but I’ll be checking this tumblr on the day.

It would be helpful to know in advance who is coming. You can also just turn up, but if you’re late we won’t be waiting.

First stop, Speedy’s! Exactly how much ground we cover will depend on walking speed, but the route will take in a couple of dozen locations, some major and some tiny, including Speedy’s, Russell Square (where Mike bumped into John), Angelo’s, the Diogenes Club, Sherlock and Faith’s bus stop and riverside bench, and probably a trip a few tube stops along to Barts. We should be done by six.

If you’re in town and don’t want to hear me enthusing about the Depressing Grey Pillars in person, you can of course self-guide yourself around the locations using the guidebook.

theninjamouse  asked:

Well, yes you're all one big happy family, but don't you think you guys need to figure out if Gaster knows or not? Waiting is only going to make things complicated

* we’re already know he doens’t know, which is good to know… ya know?

* We do?!

* yeah, we do. remember when you were teaching me to dance? the expression dadster had that day?

* Oh… yes… i thought it was because… i was doing something wrong… i never really registered it since we-

* weren’t into each other? yeah. so if it was like hat back then when i was 12, imagine if he did knew about us?

* ………………….. I don’t want to think about it.

I can’t wait to be a cute little housewife and come home from teaching my college classes to put on my cute frilly pink apron and make dinner for my wife and clean up the house so it’s all pretty and neat when she gets home, and then we’ll eat together and talk about our days and the book we’ve been reading together and what our friends are up to, and she’ll do all the straightening up afterwards because she will believe that the cook shouldn’t have to do the dishes, and then we’ll cuddle on the couch and I’ll grade papers and she’ll relax and we’ll be so happy and content and peaceful and the world will be bright and warm and full of the purest, sweetest love 👭💖


Jexabelle: Don’t you think that this is all happening…too fast?

Jemma: Yes, yes I do. Sylas isn’t one to be patient and he’s waited such a long time. I-I’m sure that he is just a bit nervous just like you. 

Jexabelle: Really?

Jemma: Y-Yes, I mean he loves you so much. Today is going to be the best day of his life.

Jexabelle: I make him that happy?

Jemma: Of course you do. If you don’t mind, I have to go and get ready too.

Jexabelle: O-Ok, see you.

Jemma: Mhmm.

Please don’t be that guy

There’s always that *one* parent who doesn’t understand that the teacher has more on their mind than just the one child. And then has a complete panic attack or melt down when you don’t instantly answer and email. At all hours of the day, even in class. And sends random emails up until 11 pm, because clearly I’m going to stay awake that long, waiting with baited breath to hear from them 😣 so my dilemma is…email them back now and say I’m not taking any more emails after a certain time…or wait until tomorrow to do it within “office hours”

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What do you usually do when you're fasting and you start feeling hungry? I love your blog <3(σ≧▽≦)σ

Thank you!!! :* 

I usually have a big glass of iced green tea (Cold liquids burn more calories, warm liquids fill you up.) So that gets my metabolism going. And then when I start feeling hungry I take some vitamins (just basic ones that you can take more then once a day) and drink a cup of water with them. I work in an office so I can’t do a lot of the “do 10 jumping jacks” or “brush your teeth”, so I focus on work as much as possible, take breaks for thinspo (and don’t just look at it and say “wow, I wanna look like that”, you should be thinking “WOW, I CAN’T WAIT TILL I LOOK JUST LIKE THEM!!!” and go through all the things you’re gonna do when you reach your goal weight) When I do this, my compulsive tendencies come out and I start making lists and charts of random things (that I never use really XD), but getting excited over something other then food pushes the thoughts out of your head for a while. I hope this helped!!! I know I’m confusing!

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Do you have a Tina yet?

I think you’re referring to the possible maybe thread that might kind of happen some day I don’t know with these nerds as Queenie, Newt and Credence.



And of course myself as Jacob. Well we don’t have a Tina at all just yer because we also don’t have a script. Once everyone’s not overly busy I promise to kick things into gear though x

Don’t fret about the wait- I’ll get definitely impatient and do a bunch of Jacqueenie with Bea because we’re in love. 






M!A: Parents. END

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There is actually a mini comic in one of the manga where when Chise first arrived Silkie's first thought was "yup im gonna protect her and make her feel welcomed"


now my struggle is do i wait and watch the show for 22 more weeks or do i read all the manga in one day and spoil everything for myself in one go

ok all i gotta do is get thru turning my rough draft into a final draft tomorrow and the next day and then this weekend will be SO FUCKING Nice wait i just remembered i have a philosophy exam on tuesday.,., fuck.. well friday and saturday will be really nice n im gonna Finally get more stuff for calebs package and hopefulyl send it this weekend!!

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DUDE it's 2 weeks til i get to meet my boyfriend for the first time !!! we get to spend the month together and we'll be spending most of it in a place of our own. i can't believe it's so soon i remember when it was 70 days. i can't wait til i finally get to hold him and look at him in person. how are you doing ? anything been going on ? let us know what's happening with you sweets - 🍊

DUDE 2 WEEKS IS SO SOON! I can’t believe those 70 days are down to 14! I’m honestly so freaking excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about when you finally get to see him again! I’m doing okayyy, finally on fall break but also very sick so that’s unfortunate. I’m going to NY with my suite mates tomorrow and also low key crushing on this cute boy, but that’s about it right now. I hope you’re well xx

Claudia and Stiles, June 1998.

Here’s another sneak peek for the final chappy of Home, which I’m aiming to post in June (60 drawings + Lupus = Julie needs extra time) but now it’s 42 paintings down, 18 to go!! Thanks for your unending patience ♥

psa: for those of you who haven’t yet, you’re now one day closer to meeting taylor swift. in the meantime, keep in mind that she’ll forever adore and appreciate all of you with every fiber of her being. keep hoping, have faith and know that even if you’ve not yet been noticed by her, your dreams can truly become reality. whether it’s weeks, months or years from today, you all deserve to meet her and thank her for being a wonderful constant in your life. keep believing, as when your opportunity arises it will be the warmest, most blissful feeling in the world.