i was very wrong

As butch women and as lesbians, our relationship to gender can be so unclear and confusing. It can even be painful and scary.

Lesbians (especially butch lesbians) have always had a complicated relationship to gender. Identifying as nonbinary and using pronouns other than she/her is not uncommon or bad or wrong.

I think so many of us experience gender very differently than non-lgbt people so it’s ok to have identities and expressions that don’t align with (mostly white) cis hetero ideas about gender.

It’s ok to identify as butch or as nonbinary or to be confused about gender. I’m pretty confused. We’re in this together. We’ll figure it out, even if we need to take breaks from questioning, even if we need to take a long time to explore things. We’ll figure it out. We’ll find what’s right for us, whether it be a question mark or a solid and certain label. We’ll figure it out.

Someday I will do drawings in good quality, that day is not now

It’s my fav idiot’s birthday! @smoakedpirate 

since you never shut up about Izzy   and the hot she looks   It was indeed to draw for this occasion, I tried to draw it in my style in honor that you always support me to be more myself , Happy Birthday!

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what do you think was tsubakihara team's overall identity? i mean there's something about their chant calling themselves "lucky"

Me: *rereads all the chapters with Tsubakihara*

TBH, I’m kind of confused by this ask so what am i gonna do?  I’m just gonna talk about them!

So when we first met them, I got a “Johzenji” vibe from them (it was the bandanas.  definitely the bandanas).

So then I was kind of like “Oh okay, lmao we’re going to have one of those teams”.  But I was very wrong.

//under the cut because this got super long whoops//

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I've been thinking about that smiley tweet all day.Louis tweeted :) on February the 16.As we know something stunt related happens after two weeks he tweets that (usually the end of a stunt).So February 16th.Fifteen days before March 3rd.A friday.In March.I'm so ready for this. If they thought this Elouno shit would get me away they're so very wrong.I'll fight for them more than ever.

eleanor will probably stick around a little longer unfortunately but as for babygate let’s cross our fingers

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I kinda (okay really) misses some of the iconic looks lana had, like the liner + lashes, hair, nails, etc. I really loved Love and the MV for it and I get we're going into a new era, but the music video wasn't very Lana-y. Don't get me wrong I love this new era already and am not hating but I've just been feeling nostalgic about the past eras! I get lana is evolving and we are too as fans. Just was wondering if anyone agreed? Or not lol

I agree! Her looks for National Anthem, Blue Jeans, Ride are some of the best and very Lana-esque, but this is also Lana esque, just in a different way. But I do agree. Some of lanas past looks were iconic and I consider Love’s look to be iconic. It was gorgeous

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omg how does it feel to have a kickass, hilarious and beautiful character share the same name with you?? ;) (also im pretty sure you are these things too) :D

lmao it feels pretty awesome. i’ve always known i shared my name with some kickass beautiful people bc it’s also my grandma’s and mom’s name ;) but fun fact: before i read six of crows i saw ninej edits and i thought nina was actually the neelam gill fancast and it was THE MAIN REASON why i picked up the books. the fandom baited me, i don’t typically read fantasy, so i picked it up bc i not only thought it was a wlw ship in canon, but also a brown girl named nina just like me, but i was very wrong lmao. wasn’t too disappointed in the end obviously i still love and would die for each of them

This is me right now

I really don’t know what to think. This issue is to much for me because I don’t understand him.
I can’t understand Mutsukis actions. He was one of my favorite characters, and I thought I understood the character,but I was very wrong.
I always like the way Inshida has managed the history and characters,and we all had to know Mutsukis feelings towards Kaneki, but I don’t know why I can’t accept the fact this happened. Not for now.

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Months have passed by after a very very precious girl friend of mine 'brought me out' of my closet about. However, there is something wrong. I am still very ashamed of myself for being who I am. The stigma that I used to get from the people around me saying that LGBT+ people are nasty, disgusting, weird, mentally delusional, crazy and etc is starting to mess around with my head so much. My parents are pressuring me to get a boyfriend but I cant tell them I dont want to because.. homophobia...

internalized homophobia is really a pain and i understand how you’re feeling dear <3 

we made a post a while back about dealing with internalized homophobia here so that’s the advice i’d give you! 

also if your parents are pressuring you to get a boyfriend i honestly have Every Excuse in the book for not having a boyfriend/not being interested in boys so let me give you some of my favorites:

1. “i’m focusing on my studies right now”
2. “all the boys my age are only interested in sex” [this one is especially good if your parents are socially conservative and/or religious]
3. “i don’t have time for dating” [see #1]
4. “all the boys i like are taken and/or gay”

good luck dear!! being a lesbian can be rough sometimes but it’s also a beautiful thing and i hope you learn to love yourself! 

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i just dont get the hype around it. maybe if it didnt put these horrible stereotypes on full display then id like it a little bit. and jonathan larson is a phenomenal person dont get me wrong but rent is just okay its nothing spectacular

Honestly the whole concept that gives it its title irks me the wrong way, I dunno… White dudes make a very unfair deal with a black man for a long time… He realizes that it’s not at his advantage and decides to stand up for himself and ask for what’s due to him…He’s the bad guy and they’re the protagonists… What is this? 

1. We really don’t know if Louis cheated on Eleanor with Briana, we have no proofs of that, for all we know Briana and Louis were briefly together after he and Eleanor had already broke up.

2. We really don’t know if Louis cheated on Danielle with Eleanor, all we know is that at the beginning of he year Danielle and Louis split up and a month later we had the first little hints that Louis and Eleanor were interacting again.

So really, what’s the point of accusing Louis of cheating every single time?

Funny story, I slept with my current boyfriend just 2 weeks after I had broken up from a long term relationship with another boy I loved very very much. It happens. There’s nothing wrong with it. You can actually end a relationship and jump into another one, it can fucking happen.

Not to talk about the fact that Louis went through a really really difficult time, with the end of a 4 years long relationship, with Zayn leaving the band, with an unplanned pregnancy he took full responsibility of, with his mother dying. So I think we can give the boy a break, because he went through so so much and we don’t know what the hell happened.

Does any one else have a problem with emotional coercion within the church? Fair warning, this may seem really petty, and I could be very wrong about this, but it’s just how I feel. 

When I say coercion, I’m talking about pastors who try and get an emotional reaction out of the audience (”can I get an amen? Louder!!”), or worship leaders that almost force you to feel a certain way or that you should be on their emotional level during worship times. Look, maybe it’s just me struggling with my own rebellion and biases, but this stuff honestly turns me off of christian culture. I know it’s something I’ll have to suck up, because I love God, and by extension, the church….. it just bothers me that we put such a heavy emphasis on feeling a certain way. Idk, is this a problem with anyone else? 

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Hey, I'm really sorry with the Sup and dom request. And i did mean top and bottom, i just used the wrong description. my english is very poor and i certainly did not want to insult you or make you uncomfortable.

Don’t worry ! i’m not at all insulted or inconfortable ! But i thought that is a common mistake so i jumped on the occasion to educate people. Please don’t feel bad, i really am not insulted or anything! *hug the anon*

Mark Your Calendars

So I decided to see if I could work out how long we’ll be waiting for comic #7 and therefore the conclusion of the Team Fortress Comics. 

I made a table of the wait times for each issue.

and then graphed it 

Then I added a line of best fit

Using the equation of the line I can estimate the number of days we’ll have to wait until Issue #7

The Answer is:  612.679

So we will have to wait approximately 613 days (from 10th January) until Issue #7. Meaning Issue #7 will be released on September 15, 2018. 

Let the countdown begin.    

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job