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why do you think he'll got to that UMA event?

(I think he never left London since 10 days ago when he arrived and stalkers saw him with Fizzy at the airport) I personally think they staged the pap walk to “officially put him in London” and this event is on Thursday so he’s now offiically here and he can officially go. The event is about unsigned music artists aka  another great moment in Louis’ public life where he has to talk about Simon and their imprint and how grateful he is Simon is by his side bla bla bla, I can be wrong and I hope I am really really wrong, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind. It’d have made no sense to have him in London for no reason after fans saw him arriving weeks ago. Also Calvin tweeted he’s going (i think with his band) so I don’t know, I just made the connection. That’s why I am sure D*nielle will be flown in London as well because where threre’s paps and public events she must be there. If I am right then.. at least we were warned with the selfie, weren’t we?  

today i saw an advertisement of some band-aid for the feet, you know, the ones used for heels shoes and it really ticked me off

you have to wear heels shoes to look professional at the job, and you will hurt yourself so fucking much doing it, but hey don’t worry here’s the solution: a band-aid

Yuri!!! On Ice vs. Free!

Okay, I never thought that I’d be making a meta on my NSFW blog; but I really feel like I need to put it out there. Yuri on Ice is completely different from Free! It is not the same. 

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Free! It was very interesting watch, and plus, I’m a fangirl so why the hell not watch hot dudes trot around in tights? But at the same time, I feel like people are really missing the point behind why YoI is important and why there is so much love and support toward this anime. 

One point I’ll make is that it was made for men to embrace their femininity. Basically it’s fighting against the idea of masculinity. In episode three, Yuuri realized that he was not the male playboy which some males feel as though they are. He was the more subdued, feminine, and seductive type so that he’d become the woman. Yeah, this show is gay. Like really gay. It’s not under implication that it is gay, or putting thing into place that it is slightly gay. 

This thing is real. It’s gay. You can’t change that. 

Yuri! On Ice is pretty much changing the dynamic right now. It’s doing something different than Free! or any other show that’s basically made for fan-service. They’re going past the idea of keeping the gayness under radar for us people to try and figure it out. No literally there’s nothing left to imagination. 

Free! made it quite obvious that their characters were going to be under high implication of more than platonic relationships. It was just left for us to assume that these characters had romantic feelings for each other. Hence why Free! received so much love because of the amount of fan-service it provided for us. But swimming isn’t something that’s considered a “feminine” sport. Ice skating? Yeah, people are going to shout gay in which it is. It’s supposed to be.

But Viktor, I believe and know genuinely has feelings for Yuuri, and Yuuri is the same. He does nothing to hide it. No this isn’t a little OVA that will have two episodes and leave us to read a manga to catch up. It’s literally what it is. 

It’s genuinely made to change the dynamic. It’s in the lyrics of the opening. Hell, the song is called History Maker. You can’t say that this isn’t meant to do something different. 

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Do you know how Mark and Amy met?

They’ve known each other for ages now I believe and I THIIINK (although i could be very wrong!) they met through Tyler.

But don’t quote me on that, I just remember reading that somewhere :P

Sexy Belgium

A national, weekly sex-day. Might sound a bit bizarre, but apparently it is much needed according to Flemish minister Jo Vandeurzen. The politician thinks that there should be more time spent on relationships and therefore makes it a cause to have a date-day and…

Netherlands: “B-Belgium… why are you so incredibly focused on the… sex life of your inhabitants?”
Belgium: “A happy population is a happy nation!”
Netherlands: “I went wrong somewhere very badly…

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I literally almost threw up during that episode but it was still good...but I'm still sad. And I hate/am very attracted to Negan! The fuck is wrong with me?!

Nothing, I am too lol. Most of us actually.

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I hooked up with my sisters boyfriend and I feel so bad. The guilt is eating me alive! And why would he do that? Like does he not like my sister and likes me or??? What should I do :((

listen ur gonna tell sis and ur gonna say it wasnt meant to happen it just did and u regret and u feel AWFUL, ur gonna cut off complete ties from said boyfriend because he’s awful. and out of respect for sis u will stay away from him even if sis stays with him. u will be loyal to sis & she will be def very mad. i love u so much, u ddint do anything wrong i promise and she will get over it. tell me how it goes! all the love

Day 9: With their best friends

TBH I have no idea who would want to be best friends with Crescent, esp canon units wise so I just went for fluff. They would be okay with that, right?

Also @dextronoms‘ Emmelia because although not quite best friends they are getting to know each other, even on the wrong foot.

This was extremely rushed since I’m very tired and not in a very good state of mind to work.

If you notice, a lot of people here are really sad about themselves, or about the love they want back, or wish they had. If it isn’t that, you see posts that appear to be less melancholic, but are giving off such a pitiful display of false happiness, living in denial– but hey i could be wrong, right? 
I just rarely see very confrontational kinds of posts, those kinds that really get you on edge for something you don’t believe in, I believe that there has to be a balance to this sadness, and instead replace it with chaotic mayhem

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That she's pure evil and a snake with human skin?

                                Misconceptions || Accepting

         Correction: She is your meme and savior.

Okay, meme answer aside—- Rika isn’t pure evil. In fact her general alignment if anything is chaotic good. Which means Rika, at least to herself, rightfully believes that what she is doing will evidently benefit the rest of mankind. Did she commit multiple malpractice on human beings? Yes, she did. Did she force other people against her will? Yes. Did she commit a hundred different things that no one else knew about? Probably— but it did not change the fact that in her mind  what she did was morally justified. There is a saying that the end justifies the mean, and for Rika that was basically it.

However for people to plain out call her evil and disregard her as the most evil character, and more specifically an evil mary sue—I would argue that they are also very wrong. Rika is neither of those. In fact what Rika is a troubled mentally ill patient, who suffered from long term depression and schizophrenia. In a court of law, she is legally not considered responsible for her action (or at least in the western sense). Of course, not all mentally ill patients commits such heinous acts. Many of them, with proper medical help, can live a normal human life. In fact, up until a certain point Rika also did.

Even though she suffered from depression, paranoia, and schizophrenia, she made it her life’s mission to help others. By starting the R.F.A she brought meaning to her life, and evidently made special connections with everyone involve. Many people classify her as a mary sue because everyone pretty much compared her to Rika. And of course, there is a reason to that. Each one of them had a reason to love and admire Rika the way they did.

 For Zen, Rika was one of the first people to identify as his fan base, and pretty much gave him the encouragement to press forward his dream of becoming an aspiring actor. For Seven, a child prodigy who lived a very recluse since becoming an agent, she gave him hope in the form of a very special floppy disk. Which pretty much becomes the defining moment in his life that he was able to learn how to genuinely smile and enjoy life. 

For Jumin, a person who lived a very static life because of his elegant lifestyle, she gave him a friend. Someone who can understand him, and his own inner demons. The very person who gave him his most precious Elizabeth the third, and ultimately his best friend’s personification of happiness on earth. For Yoosung, a kind child who lived the most average life in the group, she granted him unconditional love. For him, she becomes his beacon of light, someone who always encouraged him and ultimately influenced him to do his very best. He relied on her so much that, the moment she was declared dead, he was absolutely devastated.

For Jaehee, there wasn’t much canon relationship established between the two.However like all others, I do imagine that Rika also gave her the much needed support and attention as all the rest. Let’s not forget Rika is someone Jumin considers his dearest friend, and therefore it is safe to assume that if anyone can give Jumin a clue to piss off, it would be her. The fact that they were also Zen’s biggest fan, and the only two female in the group can also stand into question they got along so well. And of course dearest V, the love of her life. She meant everything to him, to the point where he loved her unconditionally. She represented the joys in life, that he found absolutely enthralling. Someone who can never be replace, and hence gave him an ultimately new perspective in life. There is no denying that the love V carried for her was absolute to a certain fault. He was her sun, and she was his. They both completed one another, regardless of the fault they both committed against each other. 

All in all, it is easier to judge someone for their sins and not for their character. Rika, herself, is a complex character in every sense of the word. She wanted to help others by committing such heinous acts, and it wasn’t until the Secret Ending that she was able to snap out of her own delusion. Her traumatic experience and probably the unbearable sins she created caused her to shut down entirely, to the point where her mental process has become hopelessly frail. In the end, she becomes a shell of her former self no longer having the drive to live or do anything.

Therefore long story short, Rika is not evil. She is just a character who suffered emotionally and mentally to the point where becoming the Savior became her only purpose in life. Sally, her beloved dog, probably serve as a pillar of emotional support. And when Sally died, and V disapprove of her ideology, she becomes absolutely lost to the point where she needed to prove herself. Rika was just as much as a victim as Saeran and Luciel, Jumin, and pretty much everyone else who suffered some sort of psychological response.  

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For the character opinion thing, how about Kunikida Hanamaru and Hoshizora Rin? If you want to.


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: yohane, ruby, yoharuby and kanan

general opinions: god what an absolute cutiepie?? initially i thought she had a rlly boring design lmao but i was soon proved very very very wrong. it was the first years koi ni naritai aquarium drama cd that really hammered it in for me just how great she is ;; then the azalea drama cd revealed Trollmaru which is honestly. god i love her. also her dynamic with yohane in the anime was so out of left field and i fucking love it. yamete zura indeed


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: maki, eli, hanayo, nico

general opinions: ngl it took me a. Long time to really get into rin’s character - but after having written chapter 6 of in fair verona, i’ve found that she’s actually so much fun as a character? she has a lot of insecurities but she’s also really impish and genuinely playful and snarky. i’ve really grown to love my rinnya…