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I have a very complex relationship to activism and in particular to awareness-raising even as I partake in it. 

It is so important that people realize the truth of how badly the system is hurting us and how inherent that is to the system, how the system was designed to  function in this way, to hurt us and to continue to hurt us even as it is ‘reformed’. And it is so important that we realise the full brutality of it and that we fight back. 

At the same time, we are constantly saturating each others newsfeeds with death, torture, abuse, and a never ending line of pain as it is experienced by our siblings, without taking time to consider what we are doing to ourselves. Is it healthy to spend an hour mourning every day as we read our social media or talk about politics with each other? Do we take the same amount of time to hold each other, to dance together, to laugh?  

Is it strange that we spend so much time fighting each other, when we are all full to bursting with tears we haven’t cried because before they could manifest, before the pain could settle, we were already processing a new trauma, a next injustice? It seems like a miracle that we occasionally manage to be kind and forgiving to each other at all. 

In our activism we often treat each other the way our bosses treat us: work now, recover later. Push yourself further, get it right, don’t fuck it up, work harder, recover later. Or don’t recover at all as long as you keep working. This is no way to treat each other while we stand in an ocean of our uncried tears. 

So more often than before, I try to raise awareness about my vulnerability. I try to raise awareness of our raw open wounds. I try to raise awareness of our need to heal, to hug, to rest. I try to nurture kindness in activism and whimsicalness and flawedness. And I fuck up a lot, so above all, I try to remind myself to ask others what they need, how I might help them, what pools of uncried tears inside them I should be aware of.  

Respect Her "No"

As a 19 year old girl, I was shy and meek and very bad at standing up for myself. I worked at a Denny’s with a lot of creepy and rude customers, and one day a regular customer came in and he asked to borrow my pen. I was the only hostess on duty at the time, and the host stand only had one pen, which I very much needed almost constantly. We usually had more pens but servers would often lose theirs and come raid the host station for replacements. This particular pen was very excellent and I guarded the thing with my life… you all know the kind of pen I’m talking about, super ergonomic design and never runs out of ink and writes on any surface. This pen wasn’t going anywhere, not if I could help it.

Well anyway I told the customer, “oh I’m sorry, I’ve only got the one pen right now and I need it”. He said “don’t worry I’ll give it back when I’m done” and just took it. Well I sucked at standing up for myself and they drilled all that ‘customer is always right’ nonsense into our brains pretty well so I just resigned myself to having to track down another pen. (Not an easy task in that restaurant, there was some kind of black hole for pens there.)

Well another customer, a woman in her 40’s, saw the whole thing go down. After the guy had seated himself, the woman pulled a pen out of her purse, I thought she was just going to give it to me but she actually walked over to the guy, snagged my pen out of his hand, and smacked her pen down on the table and said very audibly “Respect her no.” And then she brought me my pen back. I was so touched by this simple gesture of coming to my defense that I paid for her lunch myself. The whole thing took less than 3 minutes but it honestly taught me so much, it taught me the importance of standing your ground, defending other women, and not letting men get away with ignoring your No. If a man can’t even respect a no on something as simple as borrowing a pen, how could he be trusted to respect you on even bigger issues? Anyway I just think about that incident a lot, the importance of standing your ground and not letting men feel entitled to take whatever they want. Bless that woman, I hope she is having a really excellent life.

“The trick [to avoiding being typecasted] is to plan wisely. I am very particular about what projects I choose to do. What people don’t see is the number of scripts that I get sent, with requests for me to play everything from an Indian spice merchant to a terrorist! If I decide that I am going to play an Indian character, I make sure that I am telling a different story from what I have done before.” – Dev Patel


He’s, doing his best , 

people are jerks, but not you (pietro maximoff)

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(note: I hc the Maximoffs as Eastern-European Jews who moved to the US (which is true in the comics but never addressed in the films)).

(warnings for non-descriptive mentions of blood, bullying, xenophobia, food)

Pietro Django Maximoff has never been popular. 

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How "Sexy Advertising" Works
  • Straight Men: I want to do her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Straight Women: I want to be her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Lesbians: I want to both be her and do her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Asexuals: That hamburger looks really tasty, but shouldn't someone get that poor girl a coat before she freezes to death?

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Handplates: Recollections - Chapter 4 - CaitieLou - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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So guys, I gotta come clean, I’m in a bit of a video-making slump at the moment. I’ve got a LOT of other creative projects going, but my productivity drops to nearly zero when I open my video software.

I was TRYING to keep this chapter under wraps until I got the video out, but screw it SOMETHING creative is coming out of me if it kills me.

So here is the next installment of Handplates: Recollections: I Shot the Serif!

Thanks to @ravvi-k for betaing this, as usual your rain of tiny notes and adjustments brought this to a new level of awesome ^^

And hi @zarla-s! I wrote you some more skeletons and quoted the thing.

grrlgeek72  asked:

Seanan, I support the USPS, but you need to know that the post you put up on tumblr has one error: UPS is all union. It is the largest employer of Teamsters Union members in the US. They aren't perfect, and they are more expensive than the USPS, but they ARE union!

Thank you for letting me know! Genuinely: I prefer to have misinformation corrected.

One thing that particular post is missing that I think is very important to this discussion: the USPS is legally required to deliver your mail. No one else is.

Festival Food

Context: I’m DM for a group of players on roll20. They are currently in a major city hunting down a Cult to Asmodeas, the city itself is the middle of preparations for a festival that is being held soon so there are plenty of festive stuff around. One of my players decides to search for a very particular festive food.

Swashbuckler: “I look for street tacos!”

Me: “Give me a search check.”

*rolls a nat 20*

Swashbuckler: “I find tacos!”

Me: *sigh* “You find tacos.”

Swashbuckler: “Are they real street tacos or big tacos?”

Me: “Their real street tacos.”

Swashbuckler: “Oh, then I order 20 of them!”

Me: “Oh god…”

Druid: “Dude, how do you not have PTSD from these sessions?”

So, volume 5 of the Persona 3 manga is finally out in English and it’s the first one with a Strega appearance. All of Takaya’s dialogue is… awkward, but I’m still cracking up over the fact that he says “Howdy.”