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Teddy Remus Lupin

Teddy’s birth as seen by Lily, James and a very jealous Sirius

Sirius: I don’t like babies.

Lily: You almost died of happiness when you first held Harry. You even cried.

Sirius: *hissing* I did no such thing because I don’t like babies.

James: *grinning* Maybe it’s just this one baby Pads.

Sirius: Shut it, Prongs.

Lily: Another war baby, I hope his fate will be different.

James: It will be because this time the war will end, Lils.

Sirius: Tell me when it’s over.

James: You had begged to be there when Evans gave birth?

Sirius: I was young and stupid.

Lily: Aren’t you being a little bit too dramatic? You should be happy. It’s Remus for heaven’s sake.

Sirius: *sarcastically* I’m so happy that the love of my life is having a baby from my cousin’s daughter.

Lily: When you say it like that..

Sirius: *impatiently* Well, that’s how it is.

James: *excited* He is here and he looks like a handsome potato.

Lily: Oh this is weird.

Sirius: What is weird?

James: Let’s just say all those cousin marriages took it’s toll on your gene pool Pads.

Sirius: What the fuck are you talking about?

Lily: *quietly* He looks like you.

Sirius: You have got to be fucking kidding me.

James: Um, yeah, no.

Lily: Can I ask something? How will they know if he’s a werewolf or not?

Sirius: Full moon, there’s no other way to know. *pauses, stares at the baby* He really looks like me.

James: I think there’s another way.

Sirius: No, there i–

Lily: His hair is becoming ginger?

Sirius: *relieved* IS HE A METAMORPHMAGUS?

James: Apparently.

Sirius: It’s impossible to dislike him and I’m trying really hard.

Lily: Teddy.

Sirius: What?

Lily: His name is Teddy Remus.

James: *laughing* Oh, now that’s cheating. Harry James, Teddy Remus I mean, come on Moony.

Sirius: He always thought he couldn’t ever have a child because he wasn’t entitled to it being the monster he is. I tried to tell him maybe thousand times, look at his face.

Lily: You like Teddy, don’t you?

Sirius: Of course I like him, I love him even. Look at how Moony’s face lit up, I haven’t seen his eyes glow like that in years.

James: Now, he has a reason to survive.

Lily: Did Remus just apparate from the side of his new born baby and wife?

James: He did, where is he Pads?

Sirius: He’s at the Weasley cottage where Harry’s hiding.

James: He is scaring the living shit out of them.

Lily: *smiling* Ah, I missed excited Remus.

Remus hugs Harry.

James: *longingly* Hug him for us, too, Moony.

“You’ll be godfather?” he said as he released Harry. 

Lily: *starts crying* Merlin, Remus must you make me cry? 

James: *his hands in his hair* My son is the godfather of my best friend’s boy. I never knew I wanted this until this moment.

Sirius: *sadly* He will be a better godfather than I ever was.

James: Pads. we chose you. Me and Evans. We chose you because we knew you were perfect for it and you did everything you could.

Sirius: Yeah, I got myself locked up in Azkaban.

Lily: No one is blaming you for that, not us, not Harry.

James: Harry loved you even though you had two years together, you were his Paddy and he was your fawn. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of making another person the godfather of my first child.

Lily: *staring into distance* We were going to have enough kids for each one of you to become godfathers but you, you were the obvious first choice. You are James’ brother, please stop feeling guilty about this. 

James: *trying to cheer Sirius up* Let’s enjoy this moment mate, imagine how punk rock this kid would be.

Sirius: *softly smiling as he’s staring at his hands* Very.

Lily: Come on let’s just watch Remus before the dark times start again.

Sirius: Yeah, you are right. To Teddy Lupin then.

James & Lily: To Teddy Lupin.

I was listening to Hamilton with my little sister.
And it was her first time listening to it.
I mean she sometimes heard some songs when she happened to be in the same room as me and she also knew some names but she never really listened.
So today while we were listening to “Aaron Burr, sir” she immediatly fell in with Oak’s voice and everytime she heard him even if it was just a sentence she gasped and said Oak very quietly. (I think she was also fascinated by his Name) and in yorktown when he started to rap she said “ahh there’s my favourite deep voice again.”

And then in “what did I miss?” She asked me what happened to Hercules and I told her that he is not in the second act but that Oak plays James now.
And when he started to sing she looked at me and was like “THATS HIM TOO??”

She was so fascinated by Oak and got happy everytime she heard his voice.
I hate to admit it but today I can say my sister was a bit cute… once.

I was planning on getting a knife as an mcr themed tattoo so when I met James Dewees a few weeks ago I asked him to draw a knife for me, thinking of a kitchen knife or a switchblade but he went straight for pirate dagger. I don’t mind it’s fucking awesome and I’m very happy to have it.

Also the conversation went something like this:
“Can you maybe draw a knife for me?”
“A knife what the fuck yea I guess….. (Mumbles of what the hell did I do while fixing the handle) like this?”
“Yeah that’s awesome, thanks. I’m getting that tattooed.”
“Why the FUCK didn’t you tell me that first?!!”

Army Boys and War Machines

sequel to this ! Here it is! My first attempt!! I’m very excited about this kids!!

It started out, oddly enough, as a phone call from Bucky.

“Guess what your fucking boyfriend did?”

“So he’s my boyfriend now?” Rhodey responded, a happy smile on his face at being able to say those words.

“When he does stupid shit he is!”

“That’s all the time,” Rhodey said.

There was a sharp laugh from Bucky and Rhodey leaned back in the chair he was sitting in.

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Odd Friendships (Finale)


A/N: *Squeals of excitement*  THE END OF THE WAY. THE LAST PART. Thanks to everyone who supported me all the way until this point. I love every single one of you. <3 I really hope you like this!

the end?

They did it. The James you knew was gone but Bucky came back.

Tony, Bruce and Clara were in charge of the process, and nobody except Steve was allowed to be with Bucky during everything. But everyone was already expecting for them outside. Everyone except you.

It was very late at night when Steve came to your room to give you the news.

“(Y/N)! It worked perfectly! Bucky, he remembers almost everything! He might need another session, but still!” He was talking fast, happiness and excitement in every word. He was pacing up and down your room smiling, a shine in his eyes you’ve never saw before. “(Y/N)? Did you listen? He is confused of this last years but he’ll be fine”. Every word was like a punch. “Tony and Bruce are already working in something awesome to replace his metal arm. Some kind of organic tissue, it will look like normal skin! Isn’t it great?”

“Y-yes” you sniffed.

(Y/N)? Why are you crying?” Ah Steve, always so innocent.

You stood up and pushed him outside your room, closing the door almost in his face, you weren’t up for that; you rolled on the bed trying to fall asleep, but you couldn’t stop thinking in what you have lost.

The next morning wasn’t better. When you went down  -after a lot of begging from Tony- to take breakfast, everyone was already there except for the two guys that were ruining your life. Wanda welcomed you with a warm smile, Clint with a cup of coffee.

“Where’s Clara?” You asked when you didn’t see her there.

“Coulson came and took her to the S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities” Natasha explained “She’s going to be a good addition to the team in the future”.

“Nice” That was good, she was going to fine in S.H.I.E.L.D, though you couldn’t avoid feel sad, the last time you talked with her was the day before. She would have been a good friend. And you never knew her real name.

Then Steve came in followed by Bucky. He was smiling.

Tony held your hand under the table and gave you a little squeeze when you were about to stand up and leave. It was useless to avoid him. When he noticed your presence his smile got wider, and you felt your heart shrinking.

“Oh, hey! You must be (Y/N). Steve have told me about you”, You gave him a nod as response, holding the hand he was offering you. The feel was familiar, but there was something different. He kept smiling, but when you tried to do smile back you started to cry again and rushed outside the room. “What did I say?” Bucky asked confused.

Silence. Nobody answered, they just kept staring at each other. Natasha tried to go after you, but the pain of her wound made her stop, Wanda was the one who followed you, and the one who found you  collapsed in the common room. She sat next to you and pulled you close to her. She smoothed your hair and patted your back. You didn’t know if she was using her powers, but you started to feel more relaxed.

“You know, his feelings remain the same” Wanda spoke after a while. “But he hasn’t realized yet. Give him some time”. You wiped the tears from your face. Was that possible? No. You didn’t need to get your expectations high. Bucky would never be the same.

You muttered a thank you and walked again towards your room. You weren’t planning on getting out of there ever again.


“Shit” Tony exclaimed when Wanda ran after you. 

“Should I talk with her?” Bucky asked.  A chorus of ‘NO’ filled the room. “What happened?”. Everyone turned around to look at Steve encouraging him to give an explanation.

“Well…uhmm” Steve started. All the eyes were on him. “We better talk in private” he concluded, leaving the room. Everyone else growled in disappointment.

“Did I know her?” Bucky asked as he walked next to Steve to the common room. Wanda was still there, sitting in one of the couches.  

“It’s more complex than that, Buck” Steve sighed. It was going to be a difficult conversation. “You don’t remember anything about her?” Steve questioned his friend. Bucky shook his head and frowned. 

“You know that feeling of knowing someone but not remembering her name?” Bucky asked. Steve nodded.  “Something bad happened, isn’t it?” Bucky asked. Steve looked sadly at him.

“No. I mean…you did what you had to. She understands”.

“Did I hurt her?”. Bucky asked again. Steve didn’t know how to answer that. ‘Yes, you shoot her once’, he thought, but that wasn’t the most appropriate thing to say. Steve looked at Wanda searching for help. She approached slowly at the guys.

“You should talk with (Y/N)” Wanda said to Steve. “I’ll stay here with Bucky”. Steve looked at her, he understood that she would try to help Bucky with an easier way, so he stood up giving a pat on Bucky’s shoulder before walking outside. Wanda sat next to Bucky and started to concentrate in his mind.

“I do remember (Y/N)” Bucky suddenly said.

“What do you mean?” Wanda asked surprised. That wasn’t possible, he had been through the procedure. It wasn’t 100% effective yet, but there was no way he could remember (Y/N) above everything else.

“I just think that things will be easier if she doesn’t have to worry about me” Bucky stated. Wanda started to shook her head confused.

“You can remember her?! And you pretended it was the first time you saw her?!!” Wanda exclaimed in disbelief. “HOW DARE YOU?!”  her eyes and hands started to shine red. Bucky didn’t remembered much about Wanda but he was very sure that she had never been so angry.

“I-I don’t remember it all. But I feel this… thing, when I’m with (Y/N). Last night I dreamed of her and I’m very sure it wasn’t only a dream” he explained.

“Ok, ok” Wanda started to calm down “What do you exactly remember?”

“Well, not everything, but I remeber most of the time I lived with her” Bucky started. He frowned, trying to think in something more; after a long sigh, he continued “I think I love her, Wanda” Bucky asserted “Is that possible?”. Wanda nodded.

There are bonds that can’t be broken.


“(Y/N), can I come in?” You heard Steve’s voice on the other side of the door. You were lying down in your bed, your eyes closed trying to keep the tears inside.

“Yes” you whispered, wishing that he couldn’t hear, but he opened the door anyways.

“Hey” Steve said, approaching to you. You didn’t opened your eyes. The bed dipped when he sat in it, right next to you. One of his hands reached your face and brushed away the hair. “I know it’s hard”

“No, you don’t” you replied with a hoarse voice. “This is what you wanted” you continued. You didn’t mean to be rude, but right now you were really, really sad.  “This is what he wanted. There’s nothing to be sorry for”. When you opened your eyes Steve was looking at his feet.

“I should have know” he said with a low voice “How much he meant to you. I wanted my friend back, and  also I was wishing to be with you but–” he sighed. “I was being selfish. I should have seen before how much you loved him”.

Now you stood up, looking at Steve with wide eyes. He just declared his love for you and at the same time, he accepted that you won’t love him the same way you loved Bucky. You approached him and wrapped your arms around him, hugging him for a long time. You felt lighter, truth has been spoken.

“It wasn’t your fault, Steve” You reassured him “I should have realized earlier about that too” you said with a sad smile. “Now it doesn’t matter anymore. At least one of us is happy” You stated. Steve kissed your temple and held you close to his chest.  

“You’ll be happy too, (Y/N). I’ll be here”.


You spent the rest of the day with Steve in your room. You talked for hours about everything and nothing. It felt good, it made you forget Bucky for a while. Yet, you knew you wouldn’t be able to face him in the future without missing the days you spent together. So you made a decision: You would leave that night. No one had to know.

Where would you go? You haven’t thought about that, one step at the time. When Steve left your room, you started to shove your few possessions into a backpack. Then you waited until it was dark enough to escape without being seen.

In the meantime you talked with everyone. First with Natasha, you were going to miss her like mad. Even though you knew she would understand why you were leaving, you decided not to tell her. You would see her again, eventually. Then you headed to the the lab where you knew you would find Tony. He and Bruce were talking about the perks and flaws of the components they were using on Bucky’s new arm; it really looked like real skin. You hugged Tony before leaving.

The twins were in the common room watching a movie; you sat next to them without saying a word and rested your head on Pietro’s shoulder. When the movie was over and you stood, Wanda hugged you before you could leave. You watched Pietro over her shoulder while she was holding you and he just shrugged. ‘Maybe she hugs everybody to say goodnight’ you thought. You hugged her back. It was a kind of ‘see-you-soon’ hug.

When you returned to your room you found everything where you placed it before. The clothes you would  wear to leave, your backpack next to the nightstand. But you were absolutely sure you haven’t left Bucky sitting on the bed looking through the window.

“Hi” you called his attention. “Can I help you?”. Bucky turned around to see you.

“(Y/N), I know it’s late but I wanted to talk with you” he said.

“Sure” you reply, trying to remain calm. You haven’t moved from the door frame.

“Please, come” Bucky says, patting the place next to him. You walk slowly towards him and sat on the bed, not so close to him.

“What’s up?”

“I-I talked with Wanda” Bucky starts. He takes a long breath before going on “She told me that I should tell you. But I think I better don’t, but if I don’t then I’ll never be good with myself again. Also she might punch me if I don’t do it–”

“Wait, I’m not understanding a thing!” you cut him off.

“I remember, (Y/N)!” Bucky says “Not only the old things. I can remember the time with you”. WHAT? You stand up looking at Bucky incredulously.

“W-WHAT?!”, you ask, trying to process what he just said.  Bucky nods and smiles.  He remembers? You look at him for a while. And then, you slap him.

“Why was that?!” He asks confused, rubbing his cheek.

“You know how painful it was?!” You yell at him. “You made me believe you didn’t know me!”

“I’M SORRY!!” He says standing up. “But, but–”

“BUT WHAT?” you demand.

“(Y/N) I LOVE YOU” Bucky finally blurted out, leaving you speechless. “Though I understand if you don’t feel the same, I mean, you and Steve are kind of together, and me being brainwashed countless times…” He keeps going as he walks inside the room.

“SHUT UP! Steve is only my friend” you say. He stops walking and looks at you. You stare back at him.  His gaze is so intense on you. “And…I love you too, James” you admit, the words leaving your mouth easily. They were meant to be said. Bucky starts to smile again.

Then, in sync, you walk to each other until there’s no space between you and your mouths collide eagerly. The  moment you’ve been craving for so long. He wraps his arms around you, caressing your sides and your back. Your arms are around his neck, and your hands running through his hair.  You pull apart only when you really need to breathe again.

“Guau” Yeah, that’s the best response your brain could make in that moment. Bucky giggles making you smile, you could get used to that sound.  “I was going to leave tonight but now I can´t” you say, looking at him.

“Then let’s go away together” Bucky suggested. He was still holding you. You look up at him.

“But Steve–”

“He’s a grown up man” Bucky said “He’ll be fine. It’s not like we are leaving forever”. You stare at him. Is this really happening? Were you about to run away with him? Yes. “So, would you come with me?” he asks locking eyes with yours.

Sometimes it takes a certain tone of voice to make anything happen. You took his hand in yours as response and let him lead you. He grabbed your backpack before leaving the room. You walked through the halls and then downstairs, until you arrived to the parking lot, where Bucky heads to Steve’s motorcycle.

“What are you doing?!” you ask in a low voice when Bucky pulled out the keys from his jacket, he must have stolen them from Steve before going to your room, always prepared.

“We’re just borrowing it” Bucky calmly explained “Steve won’t mind” he reassured you.

“He’s going to kill us” you say smiling, sitting behind him “Where are we going?” you ask, wrapping your arms around his torso, resting your head on his back.

“You were the one thinking in run away. I thought you had a plan” Bucky recalled. You could hear he was smiling You shrugged and ran your hands up and down his stomach.

“Anywhere is good. It’s up to you” you say yawning “Maybe we can go somewhere to sleep” you suggested yawning again. Bucky giggled.

“As you wish ma’am”.

And with that, he started the engines and rode into the darkness, leaving the Avengers HQ behind. You held him tighter, feeling his steady breath and his heartbeat under your hands.

You belonged there.


(Extended ending)

“What you mean they’re gone?!” Steve yelled. “And with my motorcycle?!”

“Well, they’re not here” Tony said, sipping coffee from his mug.

“They’ll come back. They’ll do something stupid and they will be here again in no time” Natasha stated as she rested in one of the couches.

“I give them two weeks” Clint said.

“I would say a month” Tony talked again.

“Wanna bet, Stark?”

“Deal” he replied shaking hands with Clint.

“Stop that! We need to find them!” Steve exclaimed again, pinching the bridge of his nose. ”I’ll call Sam”

“What’s going on?” Pietro asked sleepy, as he and Wanda entered the room.

“Bonnie and Clyde are on the run” Tony explained. Pietro nodded, not really understanding. Wanda tried to hold back a smile.  

“Calm down, Steve” Natasha told Steve. “Let them be, sooner or later they’ll come back”

“How can you be sure?!”

“Man, you need to chill” Tony said, getting annoyed. It was too early for this kind of dramas “We’ll just track down your moto, we’ll keep an eye on them”. Steve sighed in defeat.

“Ok, but if they do something dangerous, I’m going after them” Steve stated leaving the room. As he walked to his room again, he muttered something like: “Goddamit, (Y/N). Not again"

Happy Hour - Winter Soldier Smut

I’m in a Winter Soldier kinda mood, so here’s a smutty little fic I did a while back.

Pairing: James “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Summary:  When you find yourself tempted by a mysterious stranger, things get a little reckless and very, very steamy.

Word Count/Content:  3520 words/Explicit Content, mature audiences only

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I had a dream tonight that melted my heart. I’m actually posting this directly from my bed. It was about James and Lily. She woke up at Hogwarts’ hospital wing (or a very similar place). James was sitting on a chair, right by her side. He was gently combing her hair. When their eyes met I just can’t describe what appeared on James’. I can’t even understand his smile. His messy hair, the young and happy face I’ve always imagined on him. Lily raised her hand and touched his face. I just don’t have an explanation for the kindness, the fondness, the deeply love on said touch. James was so profoundly happy. So she stroked James’ chaotic hair and whispered “How did two became three?”
And I just knew she was talking about Harry. She had just found out she was pregnant. Then James smiled. The most pure and sincere smile I’ve ever seen. The smile I’ve always imagined on his face. So I woke up and I swear to God I was smiling too. Does it sound… silly?
I have no idea how this dream came up to my brain. And just one day after his birthday. But what I know is: this fuck increased 500% my Jily feelings.

Runes and Reindeer

This is a little bit of silly AU holiday fluff for lovely jabber-who-key! Happy DW Secret Santa Exchange! She loves Harry Potter and wanted reindeer, so I did my best. Enjoy and have a happy, happy holiday!

James was elbows-deep in a number of very complicated rune charts, minding his own business, thank-you-very-much, when a loud but distant rumbling interrupted his intense concentration. He scowled toward the corridor leading from the library and fought his persistent curiosity down. He had stayed at Hogwarts over the holiday break for a reason, after all. And it wasn’t just because he didn’t have anywhere else to go. No, O.W.L.s weren’t very far away and he was determined to score ‘O’s in all of his subjects. He’d get the best scores this school had seen since Hermione Granger and then he’d show everyone. Everyone who had ever doubted him or kicked him down or rejected him…they’d see just how clever and brilliant he was. And that was why he was in the library on Christmas Eve surrounded by every book on ancient runes he could find.

Anyway, this Christmas Eve wasn’t going to be as lousy as all the rest of his Christmas Eves had been because he was simply pretending like it was any other day. It was just a normal, boring, ordinary day and he had plenty of normal, boring, ordinary work to do. And none of that work had anything to do with silly, ridiculous holidays. Maybe he could even avoid the sad little feast with all the other Christmas orphans tonight. He didn’t need anyone’s pity, including his professors. Shoving his glasses back up his nose, he determinedly returned to scribbling runes on parchment, intent on ignoring the obnoxious rumbling.

The rumbling, however, didn’t seem to want to be ignored. In fact, it seemed to be growing louder and louder with every passing second. 

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