i was very amused by this


Man: [amused] Very well. [He steps forward, drops into a crouch, and drives his fist into the guard’s face. The guard’s nose crumples and they stagger back in shock. Another punch to the temple knocks them out. The man towers over Yajd]. You don’t look very well. Yajd? Yajd, my name is Kaofthe. I’m going to take you away – oh never mind, you’re not listening. Come on.

[Kaofthe hefts Yajd onto his shoulders and walks to his ship]

Kaofthe: [strained] Moon, open up will you?

Moon: Gladly. There are medical supplies within my third cupboard. The dog needs antibiotics. They are labelled appropriately. I shall open up a room for them in a moment.

Kaofthe: Fantastic. [places Yajd carefully on the floor, strips off hoodie and jeans to reveal his usual clothes underneath] Right, let’s head off. Back home. If there still is one…

Moon: Of – Kaofthe, we are not alone on the ship.

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bofur/frerin (berin?? WHATS A GOOD SHIPNAME FOR THEM) headcanons pls

@determamfidd came up with Frofur which is the cutest ship name ever <3

anyway… (trying not to make this too spoilery I wanna keep some aces up in my sleeve) (pun not intended)

- first saw each other at Dís and Víli’s wedding and incidentally both thought “hmm, I’m gonna tap that later”

- and they did. many times.

- they had a killer hangover afterwards but actually found it amusing rather than embarrassing - and that was when the feelings kicked in

- they have a very similar sense of humour despite having such a different background

- Bofur doesn’t give a single shit that Frerin is a prince

- despite being clearly super in love with each other they’re trying to keep their relationship a secret

- everyone knows though

- seriously they’re the least subtle buggers in the whole of Arda

- even Dáin knows and at this point he hasn’t even met Bofur

- I bet even Gollum knows

- Frerin is definitely not as emotionally consipated as Thorin (which you are gonna see as Amnâs goes on), so after he realised that he loved Bofur, well, he wasn’t keeping it a secret from Bofur

- well for that matter neither was Bofur

- as said, they’re not subtle, not with each other or with the rest of the world

- they love cuddling <3

- unlike the rest of his family, Frerin isn’t much of a singer, but he makes up to it with his whittling skills; he made Bofur his flute

- Bofur isn’t much for jewellery but that flute he treasures more than anything

- they’re gonna come out pretty soon in Amnâs

- everyone be like:

- Bofur made Fíli and Kíli a lot of toys when they were kids and tried to brush it off with “I just like kids and I wanted to do a nice thing”

- Dís, Víli, and Thorin knew instantly at this point that Frerin and Bofur were an item because they hadn’t interacted with Bofur’s family that much (and Dís and Víli pretty much saw Frerin and Bofur doing it up against a window)

- Thorin caught on a bit later (actually Dís and Víli had to tell him)

- with the reaction akin to:

(how many Friends references are too many?)

- nobody said anything, however, because even if Frerin and Bofur are glaringly obvious, they still wanted to give them the chance to tell about it on their own terms

- and they’re honestly the cutest buggers in the world I love them so much holy shit~

- I have so many ideas for them but I don’t wanna tell everything, I wanna keep some things a surprise (plus sä tiiätkin jo jotain, Jonna^^)

I had an amusing dream last night.

Sara came up to Jaal, hid her face in his chest and made a very loud (yet muffed by his body) scream. Then stepped back, relieved.
Jaal (shocked): … what was that? Dearest, are you all right?
Sara: Sure, just had to deal with an owerwhelming feeling of loving you more than anything in this world for a moment.

Orange is the new Blaugrana - MessiFangirl (hpdm4ever), hpdm4ever - Football RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 15 You Never Forget Your First

Of course, because Neymar’s a fucking idiot, he can’t hide his surprise. Especially since Messi’s staring right at him. But at least this is a welcome distraction from Messi’s ass. “What favor?” Neymar asks, looking back wide-eyed at Messi. “I thought—It was made very clear to me that Dani took my favor,” he says, somehow keeping his voice level.

He remembers that feeling of betrayal very well.

Messi seems amused, pausing to lean against the wall. His dark hair sticks slightly against the cement but he doesn’t seem to mind. “Why would you question me owing you a favor?” His eyes flick over Neymar’s head, perhaps making sure they’re alone, before looking directly at him again. “I’ll deal with Alves. He’ll have to wait for Luis to heal a little before he gets what he wants. Even if patience was never something he was good at.” He tilts his head to the side, the motion pulling his hair from the wall. “This isn’t about Alves, in any case. It’s about you. And I repay my debts.”

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What was the thing that the crew said to link about his prediction? Very confused.

I don’t think it’s what they said per se. It’s the prediction itself that some people are saying was out of line. I think it would have been different too if Link didn’t look genuinely offended by the apparent joke. He obviously didn’t find it amusing though.

i was thinking about team same voice today and then i got sad that it couldn’t be applied to fahc but then i just. what if jack could mimic.

what if she can copy the voice of anyone she wants, and do it well. she can mimic any commanding officer and give false orders. she can pretend to be any high security member of politics, and find out their deepest secrets. she has a whole arsenal of voices she can whip out and use to her advantage.

but why do all that, when she can mimic the vagabond and make him say “I’m a very pretty girl and I like glitter and rainbows!” much to the amusement of the rest of the crew, while the vagabond seethes in the corner.

Rhys looks haunted.

“Who’s going to tell them?”

He gets nothing but avoided eye contact and silent sips of coffee in return.

“I am completely serious. Someone has to say something and it really shouldn’t be me.”

He had thought that all nine of them of them taking a weekend together in the cabin would be fun–and it had been, until he’d been kept up very late by the half-muffled sounds coming from Elain and Lucien’s room. Not of sex, per say; the cabin provides what soundproofing it can, and it should be enough for all the couples to enjoy themselves without bothering each other, but Elain and Lucien had been doing something… loud. Repeatedly.

Cassian is grinning like a maniac, amused beyond all reason. “Okay, I know Rhys is uncomfortable because he’s never done anything that actually qualifies as kinky, but does anyone else think this is hilarious?”

“I object to that profiling of my sex life, Cassian.”

“You’ve never done anything weirder with Feyre than a blindfold,” Cassian says, eyebrows raised, “I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just saying.”

“A blindfold is very kinky,” Rhys asserts, affronted. Mor snorts and he ignores it, focused on Cassian. “What have you two done that’s so much more exciting?”

Nesta, sitting straight as a queen, speaks before Cassian can. “If you answer that question in front of all our friends, Cas, you will never get to do any of those things ever again.”

“We’re off topic,” Feyre announces, setting down her mug of tea decisively. “The question at hand here is who is going to tell Elain and Lucien that spanking is off-limits during their time here.” Silence. She shrugs. “I think it should be Nesta.”

“I’ll do it if you want, but it won’t go well,” Nesta replies flatly. “I have a hard time not slapping the smirk off Lucien’s face on a good day.”

Cassian brandishes a spoonful of oatmeal. “Well, apparently he’s into that, so–”

“Why not Cassian?” Rhys says pointedly, “Since, as he tells us, he’s so knowledgeable about the whole area.”

“That would mortify Elain,” Feyre says, keeping them firmly on track. “It should probably be one of the girls.” Amren, in the corner, lowers her mug of blood to look less than enthused. “It should be Mor or I,” Feyre amends.

Mor gives an casual little shrug. “The noise didn’t bother me, to be honest.”

Rhys frowns in disbelief. “Surely you heard it.”

“We did.”

She does not elaborate, and Rhys suddenly finds it suspicious how quiet Azriel’s been, and how he’s not making eye contact. Cassian seems to have the same thought as he glances between the two of them.

“Mother’s tits,” Cassian says, gaping. “You guys got off on it, didn’t you?”

They don’t respond, but Mor reddens incriminatingly. Cassian’s eyes go wide and he throws his head back in a howl of laugher, over Nesta’s protestations.

Amren is surveying all of them with disdain. “I have been present for some truly insipid conversations between the lot of you but I must say, this one is exceptionally awful.”

“Now THAT’S what I mean by kinky, Rhys” Cassian proclaims, wiping tears from his eyes. “Fucking to the sounds of another couple’s pain play. Cauldron. I’m so proud.”

Rhys looks long-suffering as he turns to Feyre, takes her hand, and kisses it sweetly. “I’m so sorry, darling,” he intones dramatically. “I’ve exposed you to a nest of perverts.”

“Who’s a pervert?” Elain asks with a giggle, choosing this moment to sweep into the kitchen, bright-eyed and with a sated-looking Lucien in her wake. “Are we talking about Cassian again?”

But the whole room has gone silent. Elain falters, looking from one awkward face to the next. “What’s wrong?”

When no one answers, it’s Amren who gets up and says baldly to the two of them, “Everyone from here to Velaris could hear whatever it was you were doing last night. It made these fools uncomfortable, largely. Do with that information what you will.” In the shocked silence following, she puts her empty mug in the sink, unhurried, and heads for the door. “I’m going for a walk far away from this nonsense. If anyone needs me, you are encouraged to reconsider.”

The door slams shut behind her.

“Oh,” Elain says faintly.


I visited Shinsekai (translation: New World) in Osaka, Japan in October and the unique history of the city was very fascinating. It was built in 1912 and modeled after New York and Paris, but the place quickly fell into extreme poverty during WWII. In recent years it has seen a comeback with lots of shops and restaurants as tourist attractions. Nevertheless it had a slightly eerie feel to it, and reminded me of the amusement themed ghost town in Spirited away.

I used a photo base for the background (still working on tutorials), and drew in the characters. After drawing so many masks, now I want to make them :p

“…tell me, do not you think me very ugly?”
“That is true,” said Beauty, “for I cannot tell a lie, but I believe you are very good natured.”

“So I am,” said the monster, “but then, besides my ugliness, I have no sense; I know very well, that I am a poor, silly, stupid creature.”

“‘Tis no sign of folly to think so,” replied Beauty, “for never did fool know this, or had so humble a conceit of his own understanding.”

“Eat then, Beauty,” said the monster, “and endeavor to amuse yourself in your palace, for everything here is yours, and I should be very uneasy, if you were not happy.”

—  Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, Beauty and the Beast

Bender before Fry: suicidal, lonely, hates humans and wants them dead.
Leela before Fry: apathetic, low self esteem, stuck in a dead end life.

Bender and Leela like 5 hours after meeting Fry: 🚀🚀🚀👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 Never Been M౦re Alive!!!🚀🚀🚀👀 ✔✔10/10 ✔✔ Blessed™✔✔🚀🚀🚀👀👌 I’m Walking On Sunshine 👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 🚀🚀🚀

The other night I was watching some show and they said that picking hair or fluff or whatever off of someone is a “girlfriend thing”. Like only someone who’s your partner is supposed to do it because it’s an intimate, flirtatious thing. I thought that was silly so I looked it up.

Apparently it actually caused a huge scandal in the 1950s among the royal family. Princess Margaret was seen picking lint off someone’s jacket and reporters freaked out. They said “ Picking the fluff off a man is a gesture even more intimate than a kiss because it suggests that the kissing has already happened.” I mean, they were right in Princess Margaret’s case. She was in love with the man in question. But I just laughed because what would they think of all this:

Oh my. Scandalous. XD

i wanted to take a moment to make you all think about the scenario of karkat accidently tickling dave while wrestling w/ him

and dave is alarmed and confused because hes never had a tickle, its very frustrating that these touches are forcing laughter out of him that he cant supress??? what??? laughtouches???

and karkat, a troll who does not have very sensitive skin, is also alarmed and amused that there are parts of daves body he can squeeze to make him laugh and smile uncontrollably

and rose is like can you two please act normal for once in your goddamn lives

Honestly “You have to pick one of these two identities we made up as a society instead of one I think was recently made up or else you are mentally ill,” is actually a very amusing argument. Animals don’t have genders, they have sexes yes, but there is nothing gendered. It’s an exclusively human thing. It’s purely social. Yeah, Non-binary is made up, the concept of man and woman (and specific energies your religion may assigned to them) are entirely made up too. Which is why if you actually look at indigenous cultures around the world you’ll find plenty of references to more than two genders. Because we made it all up in the first place.

That’s how we do all of our cultural shit. We make it all up. Saying someone is delusional unless they identify with this concept that we fucking made up is absolutely hilarious and the opposite of “logical”.

It’s like people bitching about made up words. Do you even KNOW how languages are made? They’re fucking made up. We make noises in patterns and assign meaning to them. All of these words on this page are made up too.

The fact that people don’t recognize these concepts in the witchcraft community is sad, but unsurprising given the obsession with gender that Wicca seems to have. I feel bad for the sensible Wiccans that have to deal with the ignorance coming from their own religion, tbh.