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hi!! heres my choices selfie day thing!! srry i look so serious i obviously don’t know how to smile lol

name: yall call me allie here but my irl name is aiesha lmao!! 

age: 16 in september WOO

zodiac sign: VIRGOS UNITE

favourite choices game: endless summer ofc

how long you have been playing pixelberry games: i was a casual hss player in 2013 but then forgot about it until 2016, then saw choices in september ish im pretty sure!!

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do you think togashi is writing romantic subtext in killugon intentionally? it feels that way but tbh theres been other authors who write the gayest shit but unintentionally wtf... The only thing i have to support my faith so far is the lack of obvious female love interests thats been introduced haha

tbh i think he is. there’s a lot of moments that feel very deliberately written w/ subtext in mind – besides the whole “lovers’ suicide” bit i’ve written about before, you have some pretty blatant connect-the-dots moments like illumi explaining how the two people that die from a failed nanika request are lovers and literally hisoka concludes outloud that “gon and killua will both die”.

i can’t find a link to the post right now but someone once analyzed the subtext during the scene where palm is talking about love and how it happens unexpectedly and gon and killua are framed in a way that implies this could be referring to them. same with hisoka explaining to gon that “enhancers and transmuters can become intimate”.

anyway, there’s two main points i was to emphasize:

- while i’m sure that some authors do unintentionally write subtext-y material, i think togashi is perfectly aware of this, seeing as how the amount of subtext has only grown over the course of hxh as gon and killua’s relationship has developed.

- there are a lot of people who deny gay subtext in media, their reasoning being “well, it’s not like this particular author would ever canonize something gay anyway”. to that i just wanna say that togashi has written canonical gay relationships before and once proposed a sports manga where the plot was basically “everyone is gay”. sure, maybe “so-and-so would never ever write a canonical gay relationship” applies to some creators but it definitely does not apply to togashi.

lmao but the amis grew up in the same town right? so grantaire had this ridiculously fucked up crush on enj in 3rd grade and still being in that insulting-your-crush-is-flirting phase he would pick fights w him ALL THE TIME and once he even flat out walked up to enj and slapped hIS BLUE BUBBLEGUM AND RAINBOW SPRINKLES ICE CREAM CONE OUT OF HIS HAND WTF (it was on a school party night so there’s a very beautiful printed pic of the moment too. Enj’s older brother took it. Years later R scanned the pic and made it his fb profile photo with the caption “didn’t they tell you that i was a savage” smfh r)
So the years went by and R grew and read more and became this super artsy boy with adorable hair, a successful art tumblr, ink-stained fingers and a caustic sense of humour while enj became fucking homosexual as fuck he was so over the fuckin moon for R in high school it was a lil embarrassing ay yo enj i feel u tho and so???? he kept getting red in the face and VERY aggressively defensive whenever R addressed him and OFC R was still In Love™ like enj was his first crush and that never faded and????? also Enj kept becoming prettier??? and R kept becoming gayer lmaO but he kept it under wraps bc CLASSIC GRANTAIRE he didn’t think it was even a possibility and that it was insulting towards enj to even deign to hope so he was SUAVE ASF and excruciatingly casual which only served enj’s thirst more HAHAhahahxfnjcocis but anyway fast forward after college grantaire proposes with a blue bubblegum and rainbow sprinkles ice cream cone and fcK me Up bahorel FILMED A 15 MINUTE SEGMENT OF THEIR ENGAGEMENT PARTY A LA SHIA LABEOUF JUST FILMING HIS FACE W TEARS STREAMING DOWN IT i love him

Power Rangers/One day at a Time AU

• Elena goes to the same school as the six friends, but she was never noticed because she is that “annoying” girl (Abuelita’s words) that no one really can bond with;

• Than Josh, who is like, the only one on the school who really knows Elena and how amazing she is, encourages her to come out at the school, and know more LGBTQ+ people there;

• She kinda does it in the wrong way, like, in the middle of the cafeteria, the girl just screams “I’M A LESBIAN” because she felt very brave to do it in that moment, and then everyone is just silent like “WTF”, but Trini feels like she can be supportive and shouts back “GIRL ME TOO”;

• From that day on, Elena and Trini hang out together all the time, sometimes just the two of them, others with their friends, and they share SO MUCH IN COMMON they can’t even believe how they never knew each other before;

• Trini hangs out a lot at Elena’s house:

– Lydia loves her right away because 1) she may not be cuban, but her Spanish is fluent and 2) she watches those cheesy telenovelas (don’t tell Kimberly that, she will make fun of her girlfriend for the rest of her life);

– Penelope first thought that Trini was Elena’s girlfriend, and she never heard from her daughter or Trini that the girl is gay or whatever, but her gaydar is getting better and she FEELS that girl’s vibe. But, one day, Trini brings Kimberly to a movie night with Elena and Josh, and Penelope understands that “yeah, that cool girl is not with my daughter, she is in love with another girl though, KNEW IT.”

– Alex kind of had a crush on Trini and gets pretty upset that the girl is dating someone else and is gay, so he moves on, but “there will be always a room for you in my heart, my love”;

– Schneider always feels intimidated by Trini, and she tries so hard to be very sweet to him, but “she’s got a SCARY resting face, like I said something homofobic or racist or both”;

• They also hang out a lot with Trini’s friends:

– Billy is so exited because he shares his love and care for nature with someone, and he and Elena spend HOURS talking about good ways to protect the planet with simple actions;

– Kimberly loves her because Trini loves her, she would never go against her girlfriend happiness. Also, Elena’s hair is AMAZING and she loves to braid it and play with it;

– Zack at first seconds guess Elena, but then she tells him about how much she loves Buffy and he is like “I LOVE THAT SHOW” and they bond right away. Josh kind of become friends with Zack and Trini and Elena secretly shipp them;

– Jason likes her a lot because she is a hardcore Trimberly shipper, and they share what they know about their relationship (he LOVES to talk about how he got the girls together);

– Tommy at first is very friendly with Elena, but after a while she just can feel the butterflies every time the other girl gets exited about one big project she is being part of, or thinks about how beautiful her smile is, and after MONTHS keeping it to herself, she tells Elena, who responds like “I’m so gay for you, Tommy Oliver” and the next day they are just holding hands and smiling and being so cute (Josh call them Tolena, Zack thinks it’s lame and it should be called Olvarez).

Lesbian Vilde and Magnus being friends
  • It takes a while for Magnus getting used to Vilde being a lesbian, it is probably a lot of him forgetting about it in the beginning. Like him being like “why don’t you hook up with guys anymore?” And vilde being like “I’m gay??? I told you?”
  • On the other hand Magnus is like super supportive to make up for all the times he is stupid. His text conversation with Vilde is something like this:
    • Magnus: “It is this very pretty girl that works at Coop”
    • Vilde: “????”
    • Magnus: “Since you like girls!!!1!”
    • Vilde: “Is she gay?”
    • Magnus “wait… I will run back and check”
    • Vilde: “NO MAGNUS”
  • On that note Magnus tries to be a good wing man, he really does but him running up to girls asking if they are gay is not the best way to help Vilde score.
  • When Vilde goes to her first gay club she brings Magnus along. Nobody talks to them and Vilde pretends that it doesn’t bother her. Magnus is like what?? then he walks around and overhears a conversation by two girls there:
  • “A straight couple in a gay bar….” Magnus relizees the girls are talking about him and Vilde and he buffs in to the conversation “excuse me?” The girls probably look at him like he is caring the plauge. “Hey, Listen the thing is that my friend over there just came out as a lesbian. We are not dating she just needed some support”. And the girls are like “oh.. sorry we didn’t know”. And then Magnus gets a great idea “can one of you girls walk over and flirt with her a little. She has some confidence issues, please”
    • One of the girls just shrugs and walks over to hit on Vilde. Vilde is sitting by the bar like a lost puppy constantly fixing her hair and fiddling with her straw and then this pretty girls comes over and Vilde is all ???me??you want to talk to me???I can flirt with a pretty girl in public!!!! They start talking and Magnus gives her thumbs up from the bar.
    • After that Vilde goes alone to the gay bars (or with Eva). 
  • On the subject of Eva Magnus is  the biggest evilde shipper around. Always pushing them together and if they all three hang out being caught between “I should leave so they can get together” or “I can’t leave I want to see them fall in love”
  • When they finally get together Magnus is so happy and smily and hugs them both.
  • When Magnus gets girlfriends (he falls so quickly in love. he likes to pretend he is an emanational less vessel also known as føkkboi but he is an lovesick puppy desperate for an significant other) Vilde is all nice and smile to the person’s face but the moment Magnus leaves she gives them the “I love my bff and if you hurt him I will be very angry talk”.
  • Eva is also very happy every time Magnus gets a new SO because then they can actually have double dates and not Magnus third wheeling after her and Vilde on dates. 
  • Everytime Magnus breaks up with someone Vilde is his go to shoulder to cry on, but seeing Magnus cry makes her cry and that is how Isak finds them like both crying on the floor and him being like “wtf happened here?”
  • One time when Magnus refers to his girlfriend and Vilde as “his girls” his girlfriend is like “Don’t do that we are not defined by our relationship to you or any other man” and Vilde is like “I like her she is like Noora”.
Jon, Looking Back, and “The Wars to Come”

So I have gotten close to ten asks since the episode about how either the Jon/Dany goodbye was “cold” or asking my opinion on why Jon “doesn’t look back” at Dany. So I’d like to address this and just give my two cents on their relationship development in 7.05 and the meaning/significance of their last words to each other on the beach. This is huge so I put it under a cut!

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what about her wardrobe is gay? genuinely curious what this means... i'm this close to tweeting @bijerogers for confirmation haha

Emily Prentiss’ wardrobe is like the perfect example you’d pick if you were making a textbook and needed photos to explain the futch gay aesthetic like

I come armed with much photographic evidence;

Exhibit A

 All the way back in season 2!!! peak Futch suit going on here (this is her 7th episode… and she wears futch outfits before this but honestly this is peak™ so i used this one instead)

Exhibit B

The in name and blood combat pants, military boots and… feminine pink sweater shirt! Which unfortunately bit the dust at the hands of a block of wood aimed at Emily’s head. RIP pretty pink blood covered sweater, i loved u 

Exhibit C

A  bootcut jeans and vaguely masculine rain coat look, for the Aesthetic rainy night and damp Emily we were treated to to signify her inner sadness and turmoil. 

Exhibit D

(Yes i am going through the seasons b/c i can) We have the Mosely lane, very tight turtle neck, horrifying hair do, leather elbow pads, side belt buckle, and damn if her lanyard doesn’t match the black cat futch aesthetic we have going on here.

Exhibit E

basically more of the same from s6 except with a blazer and possibly even more wtf were u thinkin’ hair do. And them latex gloves. 

Exhibit F

I have no comment but damn this is a LOOK that somehow the blood spray does not dampen

Exhibit G

Okay, Yes, this is also season seven, but, in my defense, this is the moment emily hits peak gay in the whole show. Like… Really. This is it. Doesn’t get gayer. I’m in love. 

Sub-Exhibit A)

she sits like this often, btw, it’s not uncommon, it would just take a long time to hunt down all the caps of it

Sub-exhibit B

This one is from last night’s ep. Cant stop this. Please don’t stop this. 

Exhibit H

This girl has a camo print sweater just for using at the gun range like… really

Ehibit I


Sub Exhibit A

Emily’s tan espionage colour scheme (seriously, every time her spy life is referenced she’s in beige and white, look it up) makes this look gayer tbh she has high waisted wide cut tan pants. Girl. She kinda looks like the lesbian version of Van Pelt from Jumanji in this getup. But like, much much hotter. 

and lastly. because you cannot make this shit up, a gem from S12 that may or may not be a gay marriage officiated by a cop (and may or may not be a conspiracy on behalf of the whole cm crew to make Emily appear as gay as possible without breaking the CBS imposed rule that Emily cannot be gay)

Seriously. Really. 

Here endeth the ‘does the cm wardrobe department deliberately make emily look really gay or is it just a happy accident’ post. I spent like an hour tracking down all those caps. 

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❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚 (sorry I'm super bored right now)

You know anon, when I’m bored I do new conspiracy theories  (thanks for the hearts tho)
So here we go :

Episode Two of “Joke Kidge Theories” : Keith is Pidges knight??? He knew she is a girl???

1. So, remember that one time he overreacted when Pidge was attacked by Allura? Keith turned straight into atac / protec mode like, he knew he HAS TO be protective over this little person. But it’s not necessary because she is capable of protecting herself very well… Yeet, KEITH.

“Go Loose Pidge!” - He said without thinking, throwing goo back at Allura

“WTF KEITH”  - team Voltron probably

“I should probably think before I do things, but PIDGES HONOR IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME FOR SOME REASON” - Keith probably

It was at this moment that Pidge knew, she has the craziest boy in the entire universe and he will die for her

2.The comics are not even subtle with hints

Hunk and Lance are babashook, Shiro is trying his best, while Keith…

Keith wants to fight a mushroom. Literally, a smoll mushroom.
His second career at this point is being Pidge’s protection Fanclub president. (along side with Shiro)

Do I even need to say more?

Bonus pictures:

Look, Shiro has a fist ready to fight, Pidge looks like she is going to fall. And look at Keith. He want’s to catch her, even tho he could attack her.
(not really good attack strategy if you ask me, normally Keith would use his weapon like Shiro did, he would use a stick, rock, his bayard ANYTHING.)

Pidge protec Fanclub at its finest. 

In conclusion. Keith is Pidges knight canonically. 

one day, link notices that sidon is openly staring at him for extended periods - we’re talking like 30 seconds to a minute solid of just looking, without talking or doing anything else, not even trying to hide it, and link is like ‘?????’ but just ignores it for a while because like whatever

but eventually, it gets to a point where it’s been going on for so long (all day long almost) and link is like ‘alright, what is going on? is there something on my face? did i dress myself funny? why he staring?’ so he asks sidon why he’s staring, thinking that the Zora must think he looks weird, that his features are funny

sidon continues staring for a moment then very calmly states ‘you’re very cute’ then kind of nods, more to himself than in response to anything, and walks off, leaving link now being the one staring silently after him, a gobsmacked expression on his face as he thinks to himself ‘wtf, i mean, thanks, but wtf?’

Tom Holland x Medical Student (Y/N)

I’m going to be starting a new fanfic/imagine. It will be about our so beloved British boy, Tom Holland and a simple girl Y/N, who is a medical student.

Short Summary:

Tom and Y/N meet in a rather unexpected way. Y/N is a medical student doing an internship at a hospital, on that day she was assigned for the emergency department. Somehow Tom gets into that same hospital and meets Y/N. They kick it off instantly, but how will their story develop?

By the way I don’t seem to find a title lol. If you have any suggestions, I’d be really thankful. ENJOY ;)

 Part 1 

Today I was feeling great. I loved my job so far it gave me the possibility to see into all the diverse spheres of medical specialisations, which was very useful since I still hadn’t decided what to study.

I had had 4 coffees, which is a personal record. Soon my shift would be over and I’d be going home get ready so that I could go out with my friends. It was my friend’s birthday and I promised I’d go out with them even, if I’d rather stay at home and get some sleep. But what should I wear tonight…?

“Y/N can you come over to see some patients” my supervising doctor called me over, I snapped form my day dream and rushed to where I was needed.

The doors of the emergency room opened. People were shouting out of the building, flashes came from outside. They were all calling a name. the voices were muffled, a guy appeared.

“Is there a doctor here? I think I need some stitches…” he said calmly as if nothing was wrong with him. I looked at him and saw he was holding his left arm with some bandages. “Are you a doctor?” he asked me and shrugged. I know his face. Where have I seen him before. I nodded at him telling him to follow me. I put him in the next bed and closed the curtain.

“Dr. Anderson will be shortly with you, let me get your bandages.” I said moving toward him. Dr. Anderson appeared from behind the curtain and took a look at the boy’s arm.

“It’s only a superficial cut nothing too serious. However, I need to ask what happened exactly, Mr. …?”

“Holland” a brief answer, I kept watching him from a distance

“Well I was practicing some stunts and I fell from the trampoline and cut myself on a piece of metal”

“Ok, did you hit your head?” he nodded slightly

Dr. Anderson finished stitching his wound and turned to me “Dr. Y/L/N will be doing the last checks. I believe that you are alright, but some patients need me right now more and my assistant here can do these check-ups very well on her own.” Dr. Anderson smiled shook Mr, Hollands hand and went to his next patient.

I cleared my throat and turned to the attractive patient that I’ve seen somewhere but still wasn’t able to recall from where… “So Mr. Holland I will do some very quick check-ups and you’ll be right out of here.” I moved toward the patient. My hands were all sweaty all of a sudden. WTF was going on here. Y/N focus, you are such a perv for having the hots for a patient! He looks at me with beautiful brown eyes and smiles slightly. Let’s just say that in that moment I was really happy that humans couldn’t read minds.

“Okay Mr. Holland I’ll need to check your sight first” I inform him taking my little flash light out of my pocket of my coat. “follow the light”, he does as I said. “mhm, so your sight is alright. Do you feel dizzy or something?” I try to hold his gaze and he grins. My cheeks are on fire. This is so embarrassing. He chuckles and replies “no, I feel okay”

“I’ll need to check for your heart and lungs”, a lump form in my throat I can’t believe I’m about to say this. “Can you take your shirt off, please?” He does what I tell him. And Holly molly I was not prepared for this sight. He was ripped. Yeah, my hormones were going nuts. I bite my lip. I decide to start with his back, not feeling ready to be in front of him touching his chest.

I put my stethoscope on and put it on his back. “Breathe in” I move it slightly “exhale”. But I think I was telling myself to keep breathing and not him. I repeat the process, my palms getting sweatier. Okay, Y/N now you only need to control his chest and you’re done. I move to put the stethoscope on his chest. He sits straighter.

“Soo, Dr.Y/L/N. Have you been a doctor for a long time? You are pretty young to be a doctor?” he tries to break the ice. I dare to look up to him. MISTAKE, abort mission!

“I’m doing an internship. I’m a medical student. I’m 20 years old, but I finished High school early… That’s why I’m pretty young compared to other interns”, I swallow hard and he smiles looking at me, his eyes never leaving mine. “Let’s finish this examination, Mr. Holland” I manage to say.

Dr. Anderson left some meds for hot guy over here and an appointment to remove the stitches. He thanks me and gets up from the patient bed he was sitting on.

“Umm, Dr. do you have like another exit, one that is not really used by normal patients?”, he asks me.

“Mr. Holland, why do you need a different exit?”

In that moment I opened the curtain and a little kid, who was about 5 years old points at Mr. Holland and smiles up. “Spiderman what are you doing here?”, the kids’ eyes shine with pride and joy. SPIDERMAN?! I look back at the guy I just examined. He surpasses me and kneels down so that he is the same height as the little boy. He ruffles his hair and tells him about his injury.

“You see I was fighting evil guys, but got hurt. So I came here so that the Dr. could help me out”, he explains to the little boy pointing at me. I freeze. What? The kid takes a look at me and decides to come over and hugs my leg. “Thank you doctor for helping Spiderman!” he smiles sweetly. I do the same and look at Mr. Holland. His smile is full of happiness and satisfaction. He gave me one of those smiles that reaches the eyes and I feel all mushy inside. The boy goes back to his mother.

“Mr. Holland, will you follow me please?” I smile slightly. He follows me. I show him the entrance and exit for all doctors.

“This is a good exit”, I tell him, biting my lip again. How old are you Y/N?! 12 for being nervous around a guy?

“Thanks dr.”

“You are welcome, good bye Mr. Holland”, he is already walking away from me, but then turns around

“My name is Tom.”, he flashes a grin. He waves at me and I watch him leave.

“Bye, Tom…” I reply barely a whisper. In that moment I wonder, if I’ll see him again. Something tells me this wasn’t the last time. I smile.

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Part 2


OkiE my BabiEZzz here you go

*warning: Mentions of smoking and drinking BECAUSE I LOVE WINE??!!! (I don’t know why I thought to write this as a warning but yeah…)

(And yes, I’m old enough to be drinking wine)

Summary: You are drinking wine and texting your boyfriend when a parcel boy arrives. 

Genre: Mystery(lmao wtf????), fluff

Category: One-shot

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

You sat in the balcony of your apartment looking at the blanket of lights around the city of Seoul. It was a beautiful city really (especially at your height, the 22nd floor), a brilliant fusion of traditional and contemporary but what made this city even more loveable to you at this very moment was the glass of wine in your hand and although, you were having a great time having wine and looking over the beautiful city, you didn’t feel complete. 

“Min Yoongi that bastard.” You thought to yourself as you took out your phone to jokingly taunt your boyfriend over text. You knew it was a cheap shot since he was out making music in his genius lab but you couldn’t help yourself. He was supposed to be here chilling with you tonight, He had it coming. You lit a cigarette as you texted Yoongi. 

You took a drag and released the smoke. You were not a regular smoker, not anymore. You had reduced from a pack a day to one cigarette in a month or two over the past three years, after meeting Yoongi. You smiled at how he would be there with you whenever you were badly craving a cigarette and tell you, “shit smells better than those ciggies y/n” and you would immediately make a face and start laughing.

As you were reminiscing about the old days, you heard the bell ring. You frowned. 

“No one is supposed to come at this time”, You thought to yourself. 

Nonetheless, you put out the cigarette, got up and made you way to the front door, keeping the glass of wine on the dining table. You looked through the peephole to see a young man(about 22), definitely younger than you, with cap on his head. He was carrying a parcel. You opened the door and smiled at him. 

He looked up (quite an attractive young man), and politely smiled at you and showed you the parcel. 

“Are you sure you have the right house? I don’t think I ordered anything!” You told him politely.  

“221, it says ma’am. Cash on delivery for the item.” 

Now, you were confused. You never order COD. Had Yoongi ordered something? You asked the young man to wait a few moments as you texted Yoongi.

“Oh and ma’am? Can I have some water, if you don’t mind? I’m parched!” 

“Of course, gimme a minute.” 

You turned around and headed to the kitchen to get some water for him and texted the Yoongi. 

Shit.”  You cursed under your breath as you put your phone back in your pocket. You turned around to take a peek, he was still standing there with his head down but as if he noticed you looking at him, he looked up at you. You smiled a little and turned back around filling the glass with water. 

Yoongi asked me to keep him busy.

You turned around with a smile on your face and headed to the door with the water only to find the boy missing. Had he gone? 

Just as you were contemplating his sudden departure, you heard a crash in your bedroom. You turned your head towards the bedroom at the speed of light, dropping your own glass in the process. The shattering of the glass startled you once again and you let out a little gasp. Calming yourself, you stood stone still as you tried to listen to any noise. 


Then suddenly, you heard, “Sorry ma’am!” and from your bedroom emerged the boy with a steel pipe in his hand and a nasty smile on his face. 

Your eyes widened as you realized he was now in the house with you. You froze, working your brain to figure out options. You couldn’t run out the front door, he was way too close for that and he’d catch you. He was standing 6-7 metres away from you. The only thing you could do was to dash to the balcony and try to close the glass pane.

So you did exactly that. 

You made a run for the balcony and immediately the boy darted across the dining towards you as well. You stepped out into the balcony and closed the door just in time, before he could come outside. You stood there, breathing heavily from fear. He could easily break the glass pane if he wanted to but you could see in his crazed eyes and smile, that this was some sort of a game for him, that he would torment you before finishing you off. 

Hot tears made their way down your cheeks as you hurriedly wiped them. This was no time to cry. You had to get your shit together and try to find a way out of this. But even though you were telling yourself to stay strong, the tears wouldn’t stop falling. You were scared. So terribly scared. 

And he knew it. 

Yoongi darted towards the lift of the apartment complex and before anyone could get in, closed the the door and pressed 22 thrice. He knew he was going a little over the top but he couldn’t shake off the bad feeling. This court of the apartment complex had only two houses on each floor since it was relatively bigger and on your floor, yours was the only apartment occupied. Even if you asked for help, no one would hear you.That and there was no way a company would send a shipment at this time of the night. 

“Oh god Y/N, please be okay” he prayed as he reached floor number 22. Yoongi stepped out of the lift as soon as it opened and turned left to find your front door ajar. 


He carefully made his way. he had to. He couldn’t risk your safety and if he did something rash and excited the man, Yoongi had no idea what could happen. He didn’t even know if the man was carrying a weapon. 

He stepped inside the house and as he walked further in, he stopped dead in his tracks. He could hear voices from the balcony. 


Yoongi’s heart dropped, it was your voice. He peeked around the corned and saw you out, in the balcony and the man was looking at you with a grin on his face. An excited grin. 

The bastard is enjoying this. 

“Get the fuck in, you bitch, before I come out.” The man said to you as Yoongi saw you shrivel backwards towards the edge of the balcony. “Do you have any idea how tough it was getting here? I’ve been following you for months trying to get some alone time with you but you’re always with that man! Always!” He stopped to catch his breath and Yoongi just stood there shocked. “Come in baby, we’re alone now. That’s why I came here. There is no one here….we can do anything we want. C’mon, just one nigh- ” 

That was it. 

All Yoongi saw was red. 

Yoongi walked towards the man. He must have heard him because he suddenly turned around and stood there momentarily shocked to see him. Yoongi took this opportunity to kick the man in the hard chest before he could even raise his steel pipe. 

The man fell backwards and hit the wall so hard, it cracked a little on the outer surface. Yoongi picked up the steel pipe and raised it to hit the man when he heard you.


You were clutching onto his hand, stopping him from hitting the man. Tears were streaming down your beautiful face, your eyes were completely red from crying. You were scared. Your eyes were screaming fear and it was killing Yoongi seeing you like this. He looked you up and down for any physical wounds and saw none. 

You were fine. At least, physically. 

Both of you heard the man groaning.Yoongi pushed you back and stood in front of you protectively, more than ready to hit him with the wretched steel pipe. 

This is when you heard, “Freeze!”and in came the cops followed by Namjoon and Jin. Namjoon and Jin rushed towards you both, while the police handcuffed the man. Granted, they had a tough time doing that because that man was knocked out cold from Yoongi’s kick. 

Yoongi threw the steel pipe on the floor and turned around to face you. You were exhausted and almost spent from everything that had happened. Yoongi took in your state and he looked like he would cry. He came forward and took you in his arms, hugging you tight. You collapsed onto him and broke into heart-wrenching sobs, holding on to him for dear life. He picked you up bridal style and you immediately hid your face in the crook of his neck, your sobs now regressed to sniffles. Yoongi thanked and nodded to Jin and Namjoon and they both nodded back, understanding that you both need your own space. Yoongi took you to your room and placed you on the bed. 

“I’ll go and close the door. I’ll be back, baby.” He said as he bent down and kissed you on the forehead. You nodded assuring him that you would be fine. As he stepped out the door, your eyes grew heavy from the strenuous effects of excessive agitation you had experienced. You felt the blackness come over you, like a blanket, but not a blanket of warmth rather, a blanket of coldness making you shiver. But somehow it’s made your eyes feel heavier and heavier until you finally closed your eyes and went into a deep, dreamless slumber. 

You woke a little after two in the morning in the arms of the man you loved. He was awake, as well, as though he had been observing you. 

“Why are you up?” You asked him softly. 

“I couldn’t sleep.” He answered back just as softly. 


“I’m so sorry, baby.” Yoongi said as his face turned into a miserable expression. 

You sat up and he followed. You turned towards him properly and looked him in the eye. 

“For what? You saved my life Min Yoongi.” You scolded him. 

Yoongi shook his head and sighed. “If only I was here..the bastard had been stalking you for months and I didn’t even notice. Fuck.” 

You went forward and like you would do to a child, you hugged his head to your chest and then you started softly petting him on the head. He hugged you back and laid in your embrace. 

“Min yoongi, if you had already been here, both of us would have been dead. He was out of his damn fucking mind…how is that your fault, honey?” You said as you kept on softly stroking his head. 

Min Yoongi just sighed into your embrace and hugged you tighter before getting up again and suddenly, kissing you. It was a short kiss but it was full of love. 

“Just forget about everything y/n” He said as he laid back on the bed and spread his left arm as a gesture for you to rest your head on it and come close to him. You laid down and hugged him close. 

“It seems like you are the one who needs to forget, my love.” You chuckled.

At this, he let out a small chuckle as well. 

“I love you y/n.” 

You looked up at him, while you were still in his embrace and planted a quick peck on his lips. 

“I love you too, Min Yoongi. For life and beyond.” 


AHHHHH IM SLEEPY AF GUYS but I think I’m satisfied with this

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Y'all I saw the Great Comet of 1812 this afternoon

Great comet 

• ok so to get to our seats we had to walk up some stairs to backstage where I saw a Chandelier from another show it was real cool
• also we entered onto the stage through the giant doors at the back of the stage…you know the dramatic entrance doors
Act one:
• the full cast was there
• I cried during the prologue
• so much was happening omg
• Oak fucking owning his accordion
• Natasha’s ‘spot’ was to the right of me so she was standing like right in front of me
• Lucas was to the left and was fucking gorgeous
• fucking Helene’s dress is even prettier up close like omg
• Dolokhov has better eyeliner then me
• the cast when sitting on stage is like right there like they are in your face and it’s beautiful
• also the mezzanine is fucking beautiful
• everyone in the room had such being smiles on their face during prologue
• then BAM it’s Pierre
• I also cried during Pierre
• fucking Oak owning the piano
• it was just really overwhelmed
• BAM time for Moscow
• it’s gets really quiet and Denee is standing in her spot again right next to me
• then all of a sudden Marya is yelling
• literally everyone jumps is funny as hell
• every once in a while either Marya, Natasha or Sonya would just come stand in front of our seating thing and smile
• it was so pure
• Also during the private and intimate life of the house the prince (too lazy to spell his name) literally was just whispering ‘not in my house, not my house’ over and over when Natasha entered
• ok nothing to exciting happened until no one else
• guess who cried
• the lights all go blue and Natasha is right in front of us and she just spins and in the very moment I swear to god a true princess was in front of me
• I cried when the fake snow starting falling like it was fucking gorgeous
• so the Opera
• honestly wtf
• so the guy who plays Balaga literally plays like 12 different roles and it’s really funny
• the Opera was still weird as fuck
• I got a piece of confetti from it so that was cool
• Natasha face during when the ights come up was funny as hell
• Anatoles dramatic entrance was great
•Also during the Opera Lucas got in some women’s face and she kissed him twice and Lucas just started laughing it was real cute
• literally Helene and Anatole during the Opera was literally sex wtf
• Lucas is also a really small person like he looks tiny
• then Oak looks like a giant like his hands are huge omg
• ok so the fucking Duel
• I still had no idea wtf was going on because intense strobe lights
• but at one point my mom fucking JABS me in the side so I turn to look at her and what to I see
• *heavy breathing*
• like he came down into the little seating thing we were in and shit
• so I’m freaking out and then I notice
• this boy be holding a whip
• there’s also a female ensemble member in the little seating area too
• this fucker WHIPS this girls ass
• like real Kinky
• Jesus Christ
• then all the lights came on and it was the duel like Jesus
• the actual duel part was pretty great
• ok so the lighting is all dramatic and it’s really pretty
• then Oak starts singing and it was like angels came down from heaven
• like Dust and Ashes does not make me sad like I can listen to that song and be perfectly fine
• but I was just a mess like I was tearing up
• if you look at the mezzanine there’s the entire cast minus oak just standing in a straight line singing and the lights are dimmed over them and they look like literal angels and I was tearing up at the point of the song but then my dad pointed out the mezzanine and I fucking lost it. It was truly magical
• everyone was crying during that song
• I actually cried the foundation around my eyes off my face
• I was a mess
• ok so after that emotional mess we GO TO CHURCH
• literally Sunday morning is so funny to me
• like it’s all dramatic with Natasha and Sonya talking about the future and shit them Marya just runs down the stairs screaming ITS TIME TO GO TO CHURCH
• it’s funny as hell
• literally Marya and Sonya sit on one of the stair cases and pray for the rest of the song
• it’s great
• Charming is amazing
• Natasha is literally so fucking happy during this song like awwww
• Helene has a different dress on and its somehow even prettier then the first one
• like I need Helene to style my wardrobe
• the song is beautiful
• Amber Gray is a true angel like god bless
• to prove my point during the Ball Helene walks out with a pair of black and gold wings on
• literal angel
• the Ball was magical
• like Lucas was so hot omg
• and Denee was so pretty
• they started dancing and I started crying
• I got hit with a dress like 5 times by one of the ensemble girls but that’s okay because the dress was really soft and like I appreciated it                                     • the very end of the Ball like the part we’re Natasha is like ‘I will love you Anatole’ that entire part is my favorite part of the entire show like it’s so beautiful and the notes just hit me hard

• I cried during that part 

~ intermission ~

Act two:
• still not recovered from act one
• letters was intense
• there were people everywhere
• a bunch of guys came and sat with us and handed out letters
• I did not get one
• I am sad
• but still it was great
• also Natasha and Anatole did the just say yes thing right In front of me and Lucas’ facial expressions were amazing
• I love Sonya and Natasha….the song that is
• the hurt on Sonya’s face was insane like Ingrid is such a good Sonya god bless
• Natasha got really fucking pissed when saying I hate you
• Sonya alone made me cry
• it made my dad cry
• it made everyone cry
• hell it even made Sonya herself cry
• so much fucking emotion coming from her it was amazing
• during preparations Anatole was just walking around with shaving cream on his face
• it was pretty great
• fucking Balaga
• we did not get shakers
• that didn’t fucking stop me from bouncing and fucking smacking the table in beat to the song
• everyone was having so much fun omg
• like the audience went fucking insane with the shakers
• good times
• Balaga did this thing were he slid across the stage and was right in front of us
• it was really funny
• holy fuck the abduction
• one of the ensemble members came down into our seating thing again and was like raise a glass…raise something literally anything just put something in the air
• it was fun
• during the part where Anatole is like ‘everyone raise a glass’ he held out the woah part really long and it was impressive
• also during that part Marya got really excited and was bouncing up and down and honestly it was so pure
• she’s so cute
• during the Abduction Marya and Helene make the Fuck out for like 3 minutes like amber gray had lipstick all over her face
• it was literally fucking insane during that song
• the second Lucas grabbed that violin I like yelped
• I was not ready for the green coat and violin
• so attractive
• during the ‘first we have to sit down’ part you could hear Lucas asking the girl in the row to move over a bit for him to sit and it was really cute
• “can you just move over a little bit. Just a little. Thank you so much.”
• pure
• the girl like laughed or something then Lucas started laughing and his laugh is so cute
• even more pure
• also during that song one ensemble member came down into our section, handed his guitar to the lady sitting behind me and said “ hi can you please hold my guitar just for a minute. I have to go dance. Thank you very much” it was really funny
• in my house was amazing
• like I love Grace McLean
• her voice is stunning
• she was standing really close to us for most of it and the hurt expression on her face omg
• Marya was very sad
• a call to Pierre was great
• during Pierre’s what’s oak kept getting like mad and it was really funny because during the last one is like balled his fists and like looked the Hulk
• the incredible Oak
• find Anatole wasn’t too exciting except for Helene’s costume change which now was literally just a corset and really short shorts and a long ass silk robe
• she still looked like a queen
• Pierre and Anatole is probably one of my favorite songs
• so much agression omg
• literally Oak just fucking slams Lucas down like five times
• It was quite amusing
• also Lucas’ hair got really messy during this song and it was really cute
• I fucking melted during the high note
• like shivers went down my spine
• it was beautiful
• Natasha very ill was really upsetting because it’s every character besides Anatole on stage just sitting down crying while Sonya sings
• like Helene was sitting by us and was just crying
• it was sad man
• Andrey is a prick
• not much about Andrey and Pierre except for at one point Andrey like pushes Pierre back and it looks so intense
• Pierre and Natasha
• I cried again
• Denee still looks like a princess even while in pajamas with messy hair and no shoes
• Natasha like sobs during this song and omg it was upsetting
• like Pierre is so gentle with her and Natasha just looks so fragile
• during the speaking part I just cried like omg
• the last song
• I fucking sobbed
• like Oak was so fucking good and the 'comet’ was so pretty up close
• generally the lighting for that song was beautiful
• so all in all I cried like a baby
• a lot
~ Stage door ~
• holy shit
• ok so they were filming for something with Ingrid so that was pretty cool
• I got to met Oak
• fucking kill me
• he’s so nice
• omg
• I love him
• also I met Ingrid
• she’s so pretty
• I met the girl who played Mary
• and the guy who played Andrey
• and Dolokhov
• and a bunch of ensemble
• it was great
• so after a while we were walking around and my mom was like look across the street
• the guys who play Andrey and Dolokhov were just walking down the street it was great
• also I saw Anthony Médina and he was taking pictures with fans and he was really cute omg I regret not getting a picture

EDIT: Okay so I write this when I was half asleep so that’s why it’s such a mess. Also I should point out that this was my second time seeing the show so this was a lot of little details that I noticed the second time round. Also I was sitting on stage at those little table sections to the left and right of Pierre’s parlor (that middle section on stage with the piano)

NCT Reaction to realizing they’re in love with their best friend: Dream Ver.

Anonymous requested: How would nct react when they realize they’re in love with their best friend?

Anonymous requested: mom I really like your nct reaction to their bff thingy💕could you do it with the other dreamies too? pretty please🙏

Anonysmous requested: moma could you start with the dreamies last request? about the bff thingy? please :D take careee!

A/N: Mark+Haechan are included in the other ver. so they won’t be included here.

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  • The lil prince fml. As opposed to the younger boys that are more shy and just think ‘well shit’ when they realize they like their best friend, I think Renjun would be one of the most giddy when he figures it out. Having a crush on a friend at some point is pretty normal, so when those feelings arise, Jun isn’t super scared, or worried, and he pretty much just ignores it, assuming just as the feelings came, they’ll go away. Boy thought wrong. He was already whipped for you to begin with, both being your best friend and having an existing crush, that it took him a long time to understand that the crush was more than he thought. Once Renjun clued in on how his feelings changed, he’s nothing but a smiley, blushy, ball of fluff. And probably teases you with that ‘guess what’ shiz until you yell at him to just spill. ‘guess what.’ ‘im not playing this game just fckin tell me.’ ‘i like you.’ ‘well jee i sure hope you do.’ ‘no i like you.’ ‘…lol that’s lame.’


  • Every time I see Jeno now, I think about how he was oh so scary to the babies and just their luck, they ended up in a group with him lmao. Fates funny. Anyways, he’d poker face tf out of the situation, you’d never know what was going on until he tells you. Jeno would be slower at realizing it, he’d only realize it after one of the boys tease him. ‘you’re literally a couple.’ ‘how?’ ‘listen…all you do is go on ‘they’re not date’ dates and you pay and you have heart eyes the entire time.’ ‘…you got me there.’ and just rolls with it, until he has to ask, ‘what are we.’


  • Imagine being Jaemin’s friend, let alone his best friend, and getting to see that beautiful smile all the time…a concept. Imagine just chilling with Jaemin one day, and you’re just messing around. Maybe playing a video game. Jaemin looks over for a second, and seeing you sitting there, so focused and button smashing the controller. His chest suddenly feels tight and he’s like, ‘what the fuck is thi-…oh.’. And you turn to look at him when you realized his character has stopped moving and you just see him sitting there with this dazed look on his face and a dorky smile, ‘hey, you still here, dude? i’m kicking your ass ma-…wtf is that face for?’ ‘nothing, nothing. just realized something.’ Jaemin won’t spit it out at that very moment, he’ll think about what he’s feeling and what he’s supposed to do about it, but he’ll likely spill later after he’s realized what he’s feeling.


  • *Que the dolphin screaming*
    Anyways, as dorky and cute as Chenle is, he’s going to be part of the savage squad, I think he’s quite a bit level headed? More mature than his age, and wouldn’t be super confused or freaked out by realizing he likes his bestie. The same with Jisung, Chenle realizes it in just a quick moment, that his feelings towards you have shifted from friendship to romance. Chenle is one that, unless he’s got some assurance that you might like him too, he’ll sit on his feelings and just try and forget it, and try and maintain your normal friendship. 


  • Lord I don’t even want to think about my son being in love, he’s a toddler, I still have to cut his grapes in half or he’ll choke…ugh. Ngl, being a teenage boy, I feel like he’s bound to ‘fall in love’ with his friend so easy, and then like a week later he’s over it and it’s all good again, but for the sake of he req. we’re going to pretend this is some Romeo and Juliet bs and Jisung is dead locked in love. But keeping with that, the realization smacks him in the face in a second, it’s literally a split moment acknowledgment of ‘fuuuuuuck i think love you’ kind of thing. And he freaks. The fuck. Out. You know he’ll talk to Taeyong about it, but Jisung wouldn’t flat out tell you anything. But you;ll know. The poor bub will be so anxious and antsy everytime he’s around you, you’re immediately going to know there’s something wrong, and probably guess it, while Jisung is lowkey peeing his pants. You pretty much confessed on his behalf…but hey, it’s all exposed now, stop shaking Ji it’s alright. 
honestly @u fu

I’m so fucking pissed.

I worked a 7hr retail shift today at a fucking shoe store.

At 5min till closing our manager closes 3 out of 4 of our doors, and dims the light to signal people to leave.

At 3min till close FOUR groups of people waltzed right in. Like did you not get the hint when THREE doors were locked, the lights were half out, and my manager was standing right at the door with her keys ??

Three of the groups left real quick after being told we closed in two minutes.

When we did close I had to go over to this lady and her daughter and tell them to very politely SCRAM and get the fuck out. She’s like okok in a pissy voice and went up to the register to pay. I’m like w/e and go to check her out so we can close but right AFTER i total everything and i tell her, her damage she sends her daughter to go look at our H U G E wall of stockings bc ‘hey dont u need stockings for school’ = the first ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

I very politely glare at her and i’m like are you all set? in my firm i’m annoyed as fuck but i kinda don’t wanna loose my job voice and the mom is like can u help her find her size. mind u our stocking wall has over 15 brands of stockings, approx like 25 colors of stockings and some colors have like 10 shades, and like 75 different styles. it’s a huge fucking stocking wall. = the second ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

(read: this is now 9 minutes after close on christmas eve)

so i go over and i’m like wtf do u want in my polite voice and she’s like this in this size so i’m like ok and literally find it in 2 minutes when she couldn’t find it in like 5

so we go back to the register and the mom snatches it and is literally like FUCK NO in russian and tries to have this discussion about how stupid i am that i got the wrong tights but fuck them I’m Ukrainian and can understand everything they say :’’’’’’’’’’’’) good thing i didn’t have my name tag on bc they would have known hahahaha = the third are you FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

so they’re arguing and i’m like is this it? and the mom turns and goes STOP BEING SO RUDE AND RUSHING US and i give her the tilted head snarl face an I’m like we closed 15 minutes ago

(read: this is now like 15 minutes after closing time)

so they’re standing there arguing in russian about me and the socks and my manager finally gets po’d enough that she comes over and is like can i help you find anything we have been closed for 15 minutes and i need to close the store. and the lady starts to say something changes her mind mid sentances and then goes THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER EXPERIENCE AND IT’S CHRISTMAS. YOU’D THINK YOU COULD NICELY HELP ME ON CHRISTMAS, IT’S YOUR job. =read fourth are you FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

 My manager literally stares at her and finally goes we closed 17 minutes ago. We’re are now working on our own time and we want to go home to spend time with our families on the holiday. This lady literally glares at her and goes but you’re here, what is the difference if I shop here until you leave or not. You are getting my money if I stay = read fifth are you FUCKING KIDDING ME MOMENT

anyway long story short she finally pays for her shoes and some tights her daughter picked out while her mom yelled at us…. and tbh i should have bit my tongue but as she was grabbing her bag handles I told the lady that our website is open 24/7 with the same price as if she would order the shoes in store (aka what she wanted to do, but dry anal fuck me if I was going to ring her in-store purchase and THEN open up the online ordering system and order her shoes for her (a 5~ minute process) 35 minutes after our store closed) or she could come back at 9am Monday when we reopen in Ukrainian but the fucking look on that bitch’s face was priceless  because in that moment she knew that i knew every piece of shit she just talked about me right in front of my face. 

anyway^2 moral of the story is DON’T BE A DOUCHE AND LEAVE WHEN STORES CLOSE



That moment when u are about to sleep,so u close ur eyes slowly and sleep takes u away gently,then u wake up brutally thinking
Wtf this doesnt make sense at all ?!!
Its been 5 years and I still dont get it,what fucking logic is that?
Its just something I cant accept,Its so unfair !
Don’t you feel the same way too ?

Why aren’t there more Labyrinth AU’s? Not for Labyrinth, but other shows. Like, Dean accidentally wishing Sam away, completely unintentionally, when telling Sam about how he use to secretly want to wish Sam away but never did, which leads to ribbing back and forth, until teasingly Dean pops off with a “yeah, well, I wish the goblins would come and take you away right now” possibly because Sam just told the waitress that his big brother believed in goblins and fairies, EXCEPT OH WAIT.

You know the drill, 13 hours to solve the laybyrinth and win Sam back, yada yada, except with Castiel as the Goblin King (w/ far less glitter or hair extensions, and probably as a punishment from the angels for having loved and fought for humanity at some point in history, so he was removed from them and made into a thing humans feared, but hey, he gets to rescue unwanted children and find them proper homes, so he’s not exactly complaining??).

Then we have Dean struggling to solve the labyrinth in the time limit, with run-ins and sexual tension with Castiel, an odd collection of unlikely allies, and Sam who’s having a blast in Castiel’s library with all the books on magic and lore, because Sam’s an adult and Castiel can’t force him to stay beyond the thirteen hour time-challenge.

And along the way, Dean and Castiel fall into serious attraction with each other, not love, though, not yet, but definitely something they’re willing to explore once Dean has won and Sam returned (and asking if he can come back sometime, like wtf, Sam, do you know what I just went through???), and Dean takes a moment to renegotiate Castiel in his head. “So this is really what you do? Steal babies?” “How can I steal what is given to me, Dean?”

And ultimately, it leads to the Underground and Goblin City being ruled by two kings, with a very wise and studious advisor, as well as a motely crew of friends and family making up the royal fae court.

Cue glitter fall.

Berlin in bullet points bc that’s all I’m capable of rn

- first thing’s first: I’ll never love another man as much as I love harry styles

- Muna was fucking GOOD. really fucking good and they have such a positive energy and they were very grateful and very cute

- from the moment they stopped all I could think was ‘oh god harry’s out there somewhere’ and then the pink curtain came and then I was like ‘wtf that bitch is probably standing right there’ and then the spotlight came and I was 'OMG THAT BITCH IS ACTUALLY STANDING THERE’ and then it was like that for at least four more songs

- I was crying by the second song. esny has been one of my favourites from the start and the fact that he was actually there singing was surreal and then two ghosts started and I was like ok bye and started crying

- he accidentally dropped his mic inbetween two songs and then was like 'woops’ and everybody was done for

- he sang/counted up to like 20 or something in german just to show he could and I was too endeared

- I think the rainbow flag he waved during only angel was one of his own bc the flag he took from the audience was a germany one and then he went to take the rainbow one from sarah’s platform and he waved them together which was a bit weird for me but he waved a rainbow flag so I’m good

- nearing the end of woman someone threw some duck thing on the stage and he used it to do the duck noise at the end of the song and then afterwards he was like 'who is this from??’ and then blew it again and said 'WOMAN’ and it was very cute

- he went to dance with mitch during woman which was very cute as well

- mmith live is the closest I’ve ever been and will ever be to a religious experience. it’s been one of my faves from the start and hearing it live literally rendered me speechless and it was everything I could have asked for

- jalboyh was so good??? it also made me cry but I think a big part of that was bc it was just after mmith which Fucked Me Up

- everyone kept singing the oooooh’s at the of jalboyh for so long that at one point adam was like standing there w his arms crossed like 'ok then’ and it was adorable

- the chain was SO FUCKING GOOD

- clare was clapping her hands in a cute way during and it made him laugh

- during the chain at one point he was like 'if you haven’t sang until now that’s completely fine, if you haven’t danced until now that’s completely fine etc’ but you knew that bitch was judging tf out of everybody who wouldn’t have danced yet

- his version of stockholm syndrome owns my heart

- he got a lot of flower crowns thrown at him and he tried putting one on his head but it immediately fell off but he tried I guess

- kiwi goes so fucking hard it was incredible

- when he was waving his goodbyes he bumped into mitch and patted him on the bum, thanks for doing me a solid styles

- he left the stage and was almost at the bottom of the stairs but then he returned and waved some more

- I like that after he’s left the stage the band keeps playing and the final applause is just for them

- I think that was everything for now and I just want to say this whole experience was fucking incredible and I’ll never forget it and I am gonna miss that guy so fucking much wth