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@randomlyrandon suggested with Grantaire, Enjolras and Drink With Me lyrics
also this is re-do of THIS drawing I did for 2016′s inktober


these three looked like they were about to drop an album so i figured i would have a little fun with them hahaha

Track 01. I’m Miserable and Everything’s a Wreck

[from this set]


Okay guys, this is gonna sound crazy, but what if V was a former protagonist? He seems to know every character’s troubles that you encounter in each of their routes. Your “role” in the game is to heal their troubles, and you were chosen to do so. He thought he could do that, but gave up after realizing he could only save one at a time between resets. So he settles for Rika’s route, and that didn’t turn out so well. He’s not even fazed by you asking if you can “all clear this game.”

On top of that, V is a photographer. What are you doing all game? Collecting CGs. And he tells you to take care of the RFA, which was previously HIS role.

Being Bruce’s S/O and Getting Kidnapped HCs

Because we’re all disgusting sadists and I obviously have issues. Trigger warning for kidnapping, torture, and some cruel language from the kidnapper’s side … I have a lot of problems …

  • Bruce has a crapton of enemies, even without the members of his Rogues Gallery being taken into consideration
    • From the nameless thugs to the morally bankrupt dirty cops to the monstrous traffickers, everyone wants to take down the Bat of Gotham
    • But for Bruce, it’s a nearly entirely different crowd…
    • Overzealous competitors and enemies of Wayne Industries, people who just want to slander his name to detrimental effect, people who’ve never met even met Bruce yet have an intense obsession with his existence that could easily tread into murderous territories, even a few villains from his moonlighting job who simply want to take a crack at the Prince of Gotham
      • Of course, being that Bruce is a taller-than-average guy with pretty decent coverage, there aren’t many opportunities that can be taken to kidnap him
    • You, on the other hand…
    • You, the significant other of one of the richest men in not only Gotham, but the entire world, the one people liken to Cinderella, who still keeps an apartment in the city as well as the humble job they’d had even before dating the billionaire… You’re easy pickings

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| pro hero E R A S E R H E A D |

taehyung: *shouts out* Eye light!

taehyung: *turns to namjoon, in a doubtful voice* Eye light?

Namjoon: …

taehyung:  눈빛? (the look in his eyes?) ( •́ ∧ •̀ )…

Namjoon: *laughs and tells taehyung his english is correct*

taehyung: *in a cute, confident voice* Eye light (・▽・)~