i was up at 4 am doing this otl

Inktober Day 4

“To amplify the sirens
And to find real amends
I’m through the echo-chambers
To other worlds away”

Two things about me: 1. I’m way too ambitious. 2. I’m also a huge procrastinator. The two don’t mix well at all.

So here I am, already a day behind in Inktober, told myself I would catch up today by doing 2 instead of one. And what do I do? Procrastinate all day after work and then get overly ambitious. :|

Anyway, next song up was Busted and Blue. This is just a WIP for now, and I’m totally going to finish it up because I want to make myself a new cell phone wallpaper out of it.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will catch up. OTL