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Aunt May isn’t home (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Looking around in awe, you smile and take Peter’s hand, leading him towards the dance floor.
‘’Come on, Pete’’ you say, tugging at his hand.’’You haven’t asked me to homecoming to have me standing there!’’
After years of hoping your best friend would ask you, he finally has, giving you a chance to show him your feelings.
He just laughs, taking your hand and walking with you. A slow song is on, and he wraps his arms around your waist, a smile on his face.
‘’You know, Parker, I always thought you wouldn’t know how to dance’’ you say, wrapping your arms around his neck. He knows how to move and guides you through the song, slowly moving his body.
‘’May gave me a few lessons’’ he says, still smiling. You laugh and shake your head, putting your head on his chest. ‘’Why did you say yes?’’ he asks, whispering.
‘’Uh? What do you mean?’’
‘’Why did you accept on coming with me? I know a lot of boys asked you and you turned them down to come with me. You can do so much better’’ he whispers.
You look up and caress his cheek, a soft smile on your lips.
‘’Because you are my best friend, Peter Parker, and if I had to choose somebody to step on my feet, I would always choose you. Even if to my surprise you know how to dance’’ you say, hugging him. He kisses your hair, wrapping his arms around you even harder, but not hard enough to hurt you. ‘’Besides, why would I want to go out with them when I can go out with a boy that is also a spider?’’
‘’Sssh, don’t say that out loud’’ he says quickly, looking around.
You laugh at how paranoid he is and press your cheek to his chest, still dancing. 

When the night is over, you leave the school and start your walk home. Peter’s arm is around your waist, his jacket on your shoulders as you look around your purse trying to find your keys.
‘’We have a problem’’ you say, frantically searching through everything you have in there. ‘’I don’t have my keys and my parents are out of town. Think I can stay with you?’’ you ask with hopeful eyes.
‘’Of course. But Aunt May isn’t home either’’ he says. You shrug your shoulders and keep walking, changing directions to head to Peter’s house.
Once you reach his house, you go into the bathroom to take off your makeup, and asking Peter for a t-shirt to wear overnight, you change out of your dress and into the t-shirt, long enough to cover half of your thigh.
Leaving the bathroom and walking into Peter’s room, you find him sitting on his bed and looking at his hands, his brows furrowed as if he is thinking about something. That expression quickly changes as he sees you wearing only his t-shirt, his face now serious and his eyes full with lust.
Before you can even think about it, you feel his lips against your own, his hands on your face, cupping your cheeks. You kiss him back and wrap your arms softly around his neck, moaning when his tongue touches your lip asking for entrance. You open your mouth, allowing it, and softly bite his lip. He groans, his hands now on your hips, pressing you closer to him. All you can think about is the kiss and how it feel so right. You feel safe and at home, and you don’t want it to end.
You keep kissing as if there was no tomorrow, the only sound in the room being your lips crashing and your moans and Peter’s groans. You rub against him, making him groan even louder. You break apart to breathe, but that doesn’t last long, since his lips quickly travel to your neck, leaving soft kisses and stopping to create a hickey. You close your eyes, your hands still on his hair, and enjoy the moment. Seconds later, his lips are back onto yours, giving you a soft kiss before pulling apart.
‘’I… you don’t even know how long I’ve wanted to do that’’ he whispers, his mouth so close to yours you can feel his breath when he talks.
‘’Oh, trust me, I do’’ you whisper back, your lips red and swollen from kissing. You pull him in for another short kiss, enjoying the taste of his lips -a mix of mint from the gum he had been eating on the walk home, and the coke he drank on the dance.
He moves his head forward, not wanting the kiss to end, and you smile, pulling apart.
‘’Does this mean you want to go out with me?’’ he asks, whispering, locking eyes with you. You nod and smile, putting your head on his shoulder. ‘’Well, good, because it would have been such a shame not being able to kiss you again.’’
You laugh and kiss him again, making him lie on his bed, you on top of him, the soft kiss turning into another make out session.

Hi! I’ve been getting asks from people who are wondering if I’m alive/still around, so here are some news: I am! Both alive and around, but I’ve been on vacation to the US to see @beastlyart and @leapofdoom and needed to get a lot of work done before that so I could take the time off with a clean conscience. I might write a post about my time overseas one of the days, but not today.

So, in the meanwhile and since I talked about it with him yesterday, here’s a picture I made like two years ago, for a friend of mine (@eldstunga) who wanted to see me draw Bubbline. I have new art to post too, but I’m one of those people who wants to have a series of pictures before I upload even one of them… I’m also trying to collect finished works I haven’t shown before, since I’m planning to make an art book. More on that later too, I guess~

24.01.2016 || 21/30 Studyblr Challenge by @hayley-studies

Day 21: A photo of your diary/planner/journal

Sorry I couldn’t upload anything yesterday but I still was being productive though and finished 2 more chapters of my IM notes!
Anyway, since I’ve started to use a bullet journal not long ago I’m still trying out some stuff. Here is a try-out-page for the coming week.

Ive been since since saturday and missed most of my work week. My manger asked me to get a doctors note and i found out i have strep. I dont have insurance right now.
Between applying to colleges, having to get to cvs, having to get the medicine and this i only have $40 in my account. I need food and supplies for my cat and wet wipes and food for my god son.
If anyone can help me out until i get paid i will appreciate it a lot and will find a way to repay with some form of service.



Hello I am Monsta X’s vocal, Kihyun. Yesterday for the first time, I uploaded a picture on Twitter and today, I’m writing this on the fancafe~ Firstly, thank you tot he fans that are supporting Monsta X. Because of the support you gave us on No Mercy, I’m greeting you as Monsta X’s vocal Kihyun, not Kihyun from No Mercy. We will work hard so you will support us in the future, let’s stay together!!!!!! Since this is the first time, it feels weird for me. I don’t know what to say but I’ll try harder so we can get closer! I’m not like trend-king Minhyuk but I will read all your posts! Our reliable and the oldest Shownu hyung, talented Wonho hyung, my friends Hyungwon and Minhyuk, gugu-gaga rapper Jooheon and even the cute maknae I.M. Please give Monsta X loads of love!!!!

(translation by ady @ monstax-trans, please take out with full credits!)

#216: Invisible

Inspired by the quote, “I am an invisible girl who falls for boys that shine like stars.”

Harry: He was amazing. You had known Harry your whole life; you watched him perform for anyone and everyone and now you were watching him perform at Wembley Stadium. And somewhere along the way, you had fallen in love with him; it was inevitable, like something that had come straight out of one of those romantic comedies. But of course, Harry didn’t know; Harry couldn’t know. Because everything was just so complicated now; he was famous and you were just his best friend. To him, you were practically invisible. But to you, he shined brighter than the sun.

Liam: "H-Hi,“ you stutter when you look up realize that it was Liam who was helping you pick up your books. "That guy was a proper dick, can’t even help you pick up your stuff,” Liam shakes his head, handing back your stuff to you. “It’s like he didn’t even see you.” “Most people don’t see me,” you mutter, blushing when you realize that your voice was loud enough for him to hear. “I see you,” he mumbles, looking at you earnestly. “I see you all the time. You just never notice…”

Louis: "This is so dumb, he doesn’t even know my name,“ you protest as your friends stubbornly push you towards Louis. "What the hell am I even going to say to him?” “You literally have three classes with him, I’m sure you can come up with something,” one of your friends rolls her eyes, giving you one final shove towards him. “Hi Louis,” you greet him shyly, already feeling your face begin to heat up. “I was wondering if you-” “Could give you a tour around school?” he interrupts you, standing up from where he was sitting. “Of course. So where are you from?” “I-I-I’m from here. We’ve gone to school together since primary…”

Niall: You nervously stood in the middle of the gym with the rest of your class, hoping that your teacher would pair you up with your best friend so you wouldn’t spend the entire period with someone you didn’t like. “Niall and (Y/N),” your teacher announced, your eyes immediately finding Niall as he looked up when he heard his name. “Who’s (Y/N)?” he asks, all of his friends laughing and repeating his question. You felt your cheeks flush as you tried to fight back tears, your teacher looking at you and asking you to raise your hand. “Are you new here?” Niall asks as he walks towards you. “No.”

Zayn: "Why do you like me?“ you ask one night as you and Zayn were hanging out in the back of the tour bus. "What do you mean?” Zayn laughs, looking at you and twirling a strand of your hair around his finger. “I like you for a lot of reasons.” “Yeah but…” you trail off, not exactly sure what you wanted to say. “I don’t know. I just- I’ve always been invisible. I’ve never really stood out to a lot of people. So why me? How did you notice me?” “That’s why,” he shrugs, shuffling closer to you. “You don’t try to stand out. You just do whatever, you’re quiet, you’re a- a wallflower. I like that about you.”

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Hey guys- so since I didn’t have access to Divvie until yesterday I know full well the pain of not getting to see all the mysterious PTX videos being posted there. I decided that unless someday it becomes possible to upload them to the internet or view them on a webpage, I’ll try to make a weekly video of all of the PTX ones from that week (probably posting every Tuesday) so the people who wouldn’t otherwise will still get to see them! The full video is quite long, so here’s one of just PTX’s clips. Enjoy!!

So I’ve been obsessed with this show since 8th grade, and yesterday I decided to try and mix two things I love: Theatre and Sims! The Hairspray Poster looked pretty simple, and it was so much fun to re-create! I’m probably going to make/upload a Tracy Turnblad and Penny Pingleton sim, if anyone is familiar with the show :)

So yesterday I uploaded this post for #anunexpectedanniversary - since then I’ve received messages about the audio and/or link not working, and I’ve had problems myself. I am honestly exhausted with trying to work around Tumblr’s buggy audio system and it’s terrible format, so I’ve created this video (complete with the lyrics) instead - to anyone who was hoping to hear it but couldn’t, this is for you.