i was trying to sleep and then you just decided to post the cutest video ever

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  • when i say this is the cutest thing peter has ever done for you
  • i can’t even exaggerate it
  • saying goodbye to him was a bitter-sweet moment for you because you were always worried about him and would miss him, but you were extremely proud of him for getting to go on his first mission
  • peter knew you’d be missing him
  • and of course lil’ homeboy was desperately wishing you could’ve gone with him
  • “happy, why can’t we bring y/n???”
  • “do you even think about the things you ask me before you do so?”
  • “no….”
  • anyways peter wanted to make sure you still felt included on this huge milestone of his
  • he’d decide he was going to take videos to keep you posted like all the vlogs he had seen on youtube
  • oh my god he tried to keep it secretive so he could surprise you once he got home
  • but he was just so excited you ended up getting multiple vlogs a day
  • and you were most definitely not complaining about how cute your boyfriend was
  • “ok so we’re getting on the plane now…if you were here you could’ve sat here”
  • and he’d point the camera to the seat directly next to him
  • “or here :))”
  • and now the camera would move to his lap
  • but he’d move the camera away hella quick as soon as happy came by the aisle and shut up
  • he didn’t get much sleep on the flight, so that was probably the longest vlog
    • a good 40 minutes after being edited
    • he had to split it up and send it to you in like 9 separate parts 
  • you watched every second of it
  • “what’s a movie we haven’t already watched?”
  • “how far do you think i can throw this cup without hitting anything?”
  • “i wonder if my webs would stick to clouds- wait no that doesn’t obey any laws of science or physics…they’d just cut right through… should i invent webs that stick to clouds??”
  • “oh wait, you can’t answer me at the moment so i should stop asking so many questions..”
  • waking up happy every hour or so with his shenanigans and getting it on film
  • stark even got a huge kick out of these clips
  • “ok.. *yawn* i think i’m gonna get some sleep since we got 35 minutes *yawn* left.. i miss you already”
    • pouty, sleepy peter aw 
  • the next one came from his arrival in berlin as he was walking around with happy
  • “so…not sure exactly why we’re here, but this is so cool!”
  • “oh my gosh i’m totally bringing you to berlin next time!!!!” 
  • “happy, say hi to y/n!!”
    • “please save me from your boyfriend” 
    • also: “i really don’t know how you’re dating him” 
  • him showing you allllll the scenery 
  • “woah, i feel like a really cool narrator” 
  • lots of !!!!!! coming from peter at actually everything he sees 
  • “peter, you know we’re in public, people are staring” 
  • “sorry babe, i guess that’s my cue to go, i’ll call you when i get to the hotel” 
  • lot’s of kisses being blown to the camera
  • him opening up his camera right after ending the last one 
  • next up was the iconic hotel introduction 
  • “we could both have king size beds in here”
    • “wait, that’s dumb you can just sleep with me” 
  • peter setting down the phone while he’s changing into his little homemade suit so the camera goes black for a minute and you hear a small crash 
  • peter hyping himself up in the camera and it makes your heart swELL 
  • “do i look ok? i think stark is gonna be impressed, i added a new-” 
  • “what is that? what are you wearing?”
  • “it’s my suit :))” 
  • oh my gosh you actually had to take a screenshot of the look on peter’s face when he showed you his new suit stark had designed for him 
  • sending him loads of supporting texts after getting all these videos that make him blush 
  • you don’t hear from him for the rest of the day, which is a bit alarming, but you try to think only the best and hope that he’s doing alright
  • then all of a sudden you get a facetime call
    • i know, not a vlog, but i think he’d actually do this tbh
  • he’s actually in the middle of the airport fight 
  • “woah, there’s captain america…black widow..hey who’s the new guy?”
  • “shit, babe that’s me i gotta go” 
  • hearing him in the background 
  • watching various superheros flying across the screen of your phone and seeing random explosions 
  • peter screaming often 
  • him swinging across the camera
  • head ass just left his phone chilling while he fought 
  • thinking he could actually get in lots of trouble for this??? 
  • oh well
  • after everything calms down, a disheveled peter returns to the screen
  • “oh hey, angel,  you’re still here”
  • he sounds kinda outta breath
  • his mask is half on 
  • he’s got a few bruises forming
    • followed by: “sHIT I GOTTA GO MISS YOU LOVE YOU BYE” 
  • him hanging up very quickly with a panicked look on his face 
  • not hearing from him until another hour later 
  • this one was shorter but it was still cute as hell 
  • he stopped when there was a knock at the door
  • “hold up, baby” 
  • homeboy flipping across the bed
  • you’re still in aw of his abilities ????
  • “hey” 
  • “we have thin walls, you know” 
  • “so sorry, happy, it’s for y/n!!” 
  • “goodnight, y/n” 
  • “goodnight, happy!!” 
  • *no response* 
  • “ok, i’m back.. i think i need some sleep though, i can’t feel the left right side of my face. but i love you and miss you a lot and i think i come home tomorrow, did i mention i miss you?  anyways, goodnight baby!” 
  • he didn’t even edit it he was so tired, but it made you happy he was finally getting some rest 
  • in the mornings he made you another vlog 
  • “ok, good morning, *rubbing eyes, lots of yawning*, i’m on my way home, berlin was crazy, did i tell you i stole cap’s shield last night, babe?” 
  • “anyways, i really really miss you. god, i haven’t kissed you in like 30 hours this is ridiculous” 
  • he also had tony give you a little hello 
  • “peter did great at the stark internship retreat, y/n, and-”
  • “oh, mr. stark, she knows it’s cool, she’s in on our little secret” 
  • lots of bloopers of him messing up his lines that he prepared in his head 
  • trying to speak german 
  • key word: trying 
  • retelling the captain america story 
  • talking about taking out bucky and sam 
  • he said he missed you about 73847493 times 
  • and he made sure you knew that
  • and you definitely felt it 
  • but it made it much more bearable having him being gone


Women United

Characters: Y/N Ackles, Danneel Ackles, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki

Pairing: Danneel x Reader x Jensen

Warnings: J2 being J2. And Kari being Kari and wishing Ana a happy bday in her own way!     

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: Happy birthday Ana @percywinchester27 - I love you sweetheart. Please don’t kill me ;)

Thanks to the ever amazing @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this one for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You were laying on the hotel room bed with a pout on your face, flicking through the channels, not really in the mood to watch anything. The only thing you were in the mood for was to strangle your moron husband and his idiotic best friend, but you were pretty sure murder was frowned upon even in Canada.

“Urgh,” you growled when your phone rang for what seemed to be the one millionth time that evening. You tossed yourself across the bed, laying on your stomach to reach the phone in your jeans you had shed along with your bra before jumping into bed. You intent had been to turn the pestering thing off, but when you saw your wife’s face flash across the screen rather than your husbands, you thought better of it.

You missed Danneel. It had been your first birthday you hadn’t spent with her since the three of you got together. In your mind, it had been a consolation that at least you still got to spent the day with Jensen until the douche nozzle had messed that up too. You quickly rolled back onto the bed to sit against the headboard before answering the phone.

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“I’m still rocking your hoodie and chewing on the strings. It makes me think about you so I wear it when I sleep. I kept the broken zipper and cigarette burns. Still rocking your hoodie baby, even though it hurts…” Hoodie by Hey Violet

Sorry for such the long wait!! Hope you like it!!! Tbh had this ready for 2 weeks just keep forgetting to post lol…

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“Heyyyy babe. Look at me”

“I swear Michael if you keep putting those stupid filters on me…”

“Oh come on! You look adorable!”

“Which one is this?”

“The one with the big mouth. Now smile!”

“Cheeesseeee” You said grinning as much as you could, showing as much teeth as possible.

You knew you looked absolutely ridiculous but thought it would be funny.

You got your revenge though, because right after that you pulled your phone out.

“Heeyyyy babe” You said, mimicking him

“Y/n! Not fair!”

“Hey this is payback. Now say ‘I love you Y/n’”

“I love you Y/n”

You had a cute little animal filter on him that made his voice go really high. It was equally the cutest and most hilarious video of Michael…making it one of your favorites.

You don’t know why you were sitting here, torturing yourself watching these silly videos you both made, and looking at all the pictures of you both. Every second you spent looking at his face on the small screen of your phone was a stab in the heart, but you couldn’t look away. You missed him…a lot… despite all the yelling and screaming on the day he left. You didn’t mean half of what you said, you were just drunk and pissed. He had his share of the blame of course.

You finally landed on your favorite picture of you both…. Him kissing you with the sun setting behind you. That’s what finally broke you.

You threw your phone across the room, and through the tears in your eyes you went to the fridge and pulled out some wine. You didn’t bother with a glass, deciding to just drink straight from the bottle.

Michael still had some stuff he had yet to retrieve, including a guitar which you were sure he’d come back for. But here you were 2 weeks after the break up and you hadn’t heard a word from him. That honestly hurt more than anything, not that you’d ever admit it. As far as everyone else was concerned, you were fine.

You dug through your closet until you found what you were looking for: one of his hoodies. You put it on, now draped in his scent. This was comforting somehow, although it did nothing to stop the tears. You grabbed the bottle, and laid on your bed, crying your heart out.

You were still like that when he found you. Your sobs must have drowned out the sound of the front door opening.

“Y/n? What? Are you ok?”

“Michael?” You asked, his form blurry through the tears in your eyes, but even blurry you’d recognize him anywhere.

You quickly wiped your face, and hid the bottle behind you.

“Michael what are you doing here?”

“I came by to pick up some stuff…and see how you were doing…” He said, looking down. You followed his gaze to your phone. Before you could react, he had already picked it up and seen the picture that still covered your screen.

“You always did love this photo…” He said quietly

“I packed up most of everything, it’s in the corner over there. I’m not sure what else there is” You said, avoiding his gaze.

Instead of going to grab his stuff, he came and sat down on the bed next to you.

“Y/n…how are you”

“Terrific” You said, sarcasm laced in your voice.

“I’m serious” He said, looking deep into your eyes.

“I’m fine” You said, turning away from his gaze.

“No you’re not.” He said, grabbing you chin to turn your face towards him again. “I know you Y/n, and you are not fine. And I didn’t need to see those tears or that wine bottle your trying to hide behind your back to see that you are far from okay”

“So what I’m not allowed to drink now?” You asked, pulling the bottle from behind you and taking another drink to make a point.

“Y/n…” Michael said, his voice catching as he said your name.

“What Michael?! What do you want me to tell you I’ve been miserable? Do you want me to tell you I’ve been putting on a façade these past 2 weeks, pretending I’m ok when I’m actually falling apart? Do you wanna know that I miss you, and that you took a piece of me when you left? Or that I wished you called me back and were still here with me? Is that what you want to know Michael? Well there I said it. Now take your stuff and leave!”

You laid back down, turning so your back was too him. He was quiet for a few moments, then you felt his hand rubbing your back.

“Y/n…why didn’t you tell me?” He said nuzzling your neck. “I’ve been missing you like crazy…I thought you hated me…everything you said that night, I really thought you were serious…that we were over…”

“I didn’t mean anything I said that night…” You said, turning to face him, tears in your eyes

“Good because neither did I”

“Really?” You asked, finally smiling for once in what felt like forever

“Yeah..” He said, leaning down to gently kiss your lips. “So…does this mean we’re back together?”

“Oh Mikey…” You laughed, and pulled him to you again.

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A lot of people have been posting their fic recs lately, so i'm curious. what's YOUR top 10 yoi fics? ;)

Oh… my god.. /sweats nervously/  okay.. so I just have to sift through the hundreds of fics I’ve read and pick just 10 of them??? hahah..hahaha.. easy enough.. (it wasn’t) :””””) i spent more than an hour trying to decide on these anon, how could u make me do this…. jk jk ilu but this was so hard :((

My top 10 Yuri on Ice fanfics (and why) as of 3/17/17:
(in no particular order)

For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

Yuuri often thinks of his life as Before and After Viktor Nikiforov, the marking point being the day Viktor swept into his life and turned his world upside-down. After many years together, an accident leads to Yuuri suddenly waking up in the Before—back in Detroit, before the GPF, before he ever knew Viktor as anything other than his childhood idol.

As if it had all been just a dream.

Ngl, this is my absolute fave fic. I’m a sucker for time travel AUs and the writing is just so?? beautiful?? There’s so much angst, but so much fluff as well. (Gods know I almost died from the latest update, it was just so cute) So, if you’re apprehensive in reading this because of the heavy angst, let me just tell you right now that it gets better and it’s worth it. 

Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t.

(aka a social media fic)

Yuri on Ice + social media? Count me the fuck in. It made me nostalgic for my LJ days from back then too. Ah good times.. It’s basically reliving all the feels and emotions we had when watching yoi. :”) I reread this from time to time because I just never get tired of it!

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.

For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.

(And, honestly, on the spectrum of guilty pleasures, he figures that his is on the far, far more innocent side.)

Yo… if you haven’t read this fic yet then you’re missing out on life, fam. Lol jkjk but really, this fic is perfection! The story has great flow, on-point characterizations and amazing writing with the right amount of fluff, angst, and smut! 

‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone and their cats and dogs and hamsters have already read this fic?? I have never cried so much as I did while I was reading this, and even now, weeks after it ended, I’m still shook and blown away by it. I’m both ready and not ready for the companion fic coming out this March 26. (Mark your calendars, folks!) 

Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.

AKA. The slowest of the slowest burn in the history of fanfics ever, but the burn is so good. I know that people have mixed feelings about omegaverse, but I firmly believe that people should at least try and read this one. It’s very well written, and also different from most ABO fics I’ve read. It throws most of the ABO tropes/cliches out the window. 

a devil wears prada au in which victor is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, yuuri’s his new secretary, and instead of talking about his feelings, victor just sends him on a bunch of errands

“Okay, okay. Ready.” Yuuri starts scribbling as the voice on the other end, someone from the Style and Trends department, relays instructions. “Sorry, can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?”

The person on the line promptly hangs up on him.

Awkwardly, he sets the phone back on the receiver. “Guess not.”

Devil Wears Prada AU. ‘Nuff said. Okay so this is just like 2 chapters right now, but I’m already in love with it and everyone should read it?? Just.. fashion. Katsuki Yuuri and the Jeans™ . Read it and you’ll know what I mean. Just do. It has ruined me for life and /deep breaths/… Katsuki Yuuri and the Jeans™

Because a mangaka and figure skater just didn’t mix together. Or so people thought until they saw Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov.

AHHHHHHHH, this fic is so good! It just makes my belief true that whatever career Viktor and Yuuri end up in, they’ll always, always end up finding each other and fall in love. They’re just so pure I can’t even-

In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.
(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).

“The crown prince of the Nikiforov kingdom, infatuated with a mystery pastry chef he’s only just met. This is exactly the kind of scandalous love story my life has been missing… So, what’s he look like? What exactly is Prince Victor’s type?”


“Well, he does make pastries.“

Fluff. Fluff. And oh, have I mentioned the fluff? No? Then… Oh my god the fluff. This is where I run to when the angst gets too much in other fics, tbh. It’s so cute and heartwarming and sweet and perfect and hilarious, and just generally amazing. My heart is bursting with rainbows and fluff. <3

The first time Katsuki Yuuri saw Victor Nikiforov perform, he realized he had a great desire to see figure skating in a video game. In fifteen years, his dream is realized. Little does he know that Victor’s attention has been caught by the very game he unknowingly inspired. So ensues the cutest meeting ever and the relationship that follows.

I believe every fandom should have a Video Game AU. :”) Alright so, this is another fic that’s just bursting with fluffiness?? It’s so cute and I’d really sell my soul to get a copy of that video game Yuuri made. I want it so, so bad ugh.. (Oh btw, this author has a lot of great yoi fanfics ya’ll should check it out)

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

Is it obvious by now that I’m actual trash for Maddie’s fics. Anyway, this fic is honestly #goals. Oh wait.. Every fic of hers is #goals tbh. Plot, characterization, dialogue, everything. I honestly have no words other than: Amazing, fantastic, beautiful, and wonderful. (Go and read all her fics, yo)

I missed many other wonderful fics, but for now, these 10 are the ones that left a huge impact on me. :”) I’d like to take this moment to thank these wonderful authors for all their hard work in making these amazing fics! Thanks for sharing these gems to us! <3 <3 

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I also happen to be a huge fan of the Victor and Yuri idol HC's so could you please write some headcanons where our protaganists have to deal with some overly aggressive paparazzi on potentially a date night, or a vacation? It's really up to you! Also your hc's blog is my fave one out there!

Ah, yes, more of the international idol series! I’m so happy something I’ve written is so well-liked. This prompt is like 10/10 honestly. I hope you like :3 Thank you for the request, love! <3 ((other works from this series can be read here))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • After a long season of figure skating, Viktor decides to take you on a much-needed getaway to somewhere warm and not covered in snow
  • A two-week long vacation in the tropics of Saint Lucia seem like the perfect place to take his lover to unwind
  • he insists that he plans everything for the two of you; he wants to take care of everything so you can be surprised by the itinerary ugh typical Vitya
  • Viktor gets Yakov to agree to take care of your beloved Makkachin whilst you’re away, and all that’s left to do is of you to pack and get going
  • The flight is a bit long and you get a bit antsy early on, but Viktor gives you some Dramamine and you sleep peacefully on his shoulder the entire time
  • When you arrive at your destination, Viktor doesn’t allow you to lift a single finger while he checks you into the hotel
  • he carries all of the luggage to the front desk and takes care of e v e r y t h i n g what a gentleman jfc vik
  • Viktor decides he needs a power nap before you truly begin you vacation, since it’s been so long since he’s actually been able to just lay down and sleep without any consequences
  • You guys end up sleeping through the afternoon and into the evening, and you just end up ordering room service and going back to sleep
  • So far, the vacation goes just as Viktor planned; it’s romantic, private, and it’s just plain rejuvenating to see you on the beach in a swimsuit
  • Viktor buys you fruity alcoholic drinks to sip while you lounge by the pool and in the sun
  • trying to get you drunk? maybe wink wonk
  • You get couples massages and spa treatments together, while you stress over the thought of the massive expenses you must be racking up, but Viktor tells you to stop worrying about something as minuscule as money
  • You and Viktor go to the beach, go shopping, apply sunscreen on each other, eat at expensive restaurants
  • and have sex on the beach omg
  • But there is one particular day that doesn’t exactly go according to plan
  • You and Viktor are holding hands while you walk to the beach later in the afternoon, and the sun is starting to set on the horizon, creating a picturesque backdrop to take a selfie
  • After Viktor pulls out his phone, he takes note of the black vehicles driving past very slowly along the sidewalk, and it sets him off a bit
  • He drags you towards the beach at a brisker pace, wanting to put as much distance between the two of you and the road as possible
  • and you’re a bit drunk from the day’s activities, so you stumble along without hesitation lmao so cute
  • While you wade through the sandy beach and towards to ocean, Viktor rummages through your shared backpack with his free hand to locate your sunglasses
  • The glasses are not for the sunlight that is becoming a rosy pink in the sky, but as a shield that Viktor has a feeling will be needed very soon
  • Viktor hastily puts your sunglasses over your eyes, but he does it with grace; it is then you decide to question his sudden nervous behavior, despite your slight intoxication
  • “Vitya~ you’re walking so fast. What’s the matter? It’s not even sunny out and jfc you’re gonna leave bruises on me if you keep that death grip on me jesus fuck
  • “Babe, you’re drunk as fuck and there’s probably a swarm of paparazzi about to attack at any second. Please trust me because i love you and shit is about to get real
  • Viktor sets a steady pace before letting you go in favor of taking out his phone to call a cab, stealing glances behind him to see if you’re being followed
  • He tells the cabbie to wait for the both of you at the pier close to your hotel, and you’ll be there very soon
  • and the entire time he’s on the phone Viktor is just staring at you with doe eyes because walking you splash your feet around in the water as you walk is the cutest thing he’s ever seen
  • Viktor forgets about the paparazzi that caught sight of you earlier and is pulling up his phone’s camera to take a video of you on the beach when they first of many camera flashes are aimed your way
  • You and Viktor realize time has run out, grabbing each other’s hands and sprinting down the beach while the swarm of photographers chases you along the water’s edge
  • Viktor finds himself laughing at how ridiculous the situation is; a large group of people with their cameras flashing while they follow you running down the beach must be quite the sight
  • The paparazzi are gaining on you when you finally reach the pier, Viktor leading you towards the car awaiting at the sidewalk
  • Viktor practically throws you into the backseat and jumps in after you, crushing you a bit in the process, but he slams the door with his foot just in time
  • The driver speeds away without needing to be told, reading the context clues to the situation you’re in, leaving the crowd of photographers in the dust, some of them attempting to chase after the vehicle
  • Viktor keeps a protective arm around you the entire ride to the hotel, still somewhat shaken up at the thought of people coming after you like that; you just rest on his shoulder and watch the sunset out of the windows of the car
  • You spend the rest of the evening in the safety of the hotel room where Viktor draws a hot bath for you to share
  • and he pulls up the articles posted about your beach chase that are posted within an hour of the incident; it’s actually hilarious how amazing the photos turned out
  • A bottle of champagne is ordered from room service and you spend the night in the bath together, sharing stories of all the times paparazzi have created memories like these

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri has a break from skating at last, and you just so happen to have no events scheduled for the weekend
  • It’s decided that a date night is in order for the two of you; a trip to the cinema and dinner afterwards is arranged, and you both cannot wait to just relax together
  • While you’re walking to the cinema, Yuri grabs your hand first and holds it, much to your surprise
  • tbh just based on that you know tonight is going to be lit as fuck; he never initiates touch and affection omg
  • You settle on a romantic action comedy, and Yuri buys a cotton candy and small popcorn to share
  • The top row is Yuri’s favorite spot to sit when you go to the cinema together, so of course you pick those seats
  • The theatre is nearly empty, save for a few people in the middle section
  • Yuri even puts his arm around you when the movie starts, and you rest on his shoulder happily
  • The peace is disrupted, however, when some snickering can be heard from below, and Yuri growls low in his throat in annoyance at the teenagers below you, who are turned around in their seats and looking up at you
  • He opens his mouth to make a smart remark at them, but you shake your head in disapproval; you weren’t going to let some kids ruin your date night
  • but too bad that may not work out for you lmao sorry babe that was only a taste of the shitstorm that’s coming for you
  • Somewhere near the end of the film, both of you become bored and decide to divert your attention from the movie to each other; Yuri lifts the arm rest between you so he can hold you while you quietly make out
  • You’re getting into a steady rhythm when flashes blind you through your closed eyelids
  • The kids below you begin taking flash photos of you and Yuri, and Yuri flips his shit; he stands and yanks you out of your seat to drag you out of the theater, flipping the kids off until you’re out of sight
  • “Can’t you shits leave us alone ?! I’m trying to enjoy a fucking date here! Jesus Christ, mind your own fucking business!”
  • you’re flustered at his outburst but he’s kind of hot when he’s mad and protective tho lmao
  • Yuri becomes unsettled at the disturbance at the cinema, but it’s finally time to head to the restaurant, which is packed
  • You’re waiting outside of the restaurant for a table to open up when you notice people stealing glances at you and Yuri; he becomes physically disturbed, fidgeting and turning both of you away from the people
  • He puts his hood up and tells you to lower your head, but you already hear the whispers
  • “That looks like (Y/N) (L/N). Don’t you think?”
  • “Yuri Plisetsky? That guy looks just like him-“
  • You’re both struggling to pull out your sunglasses to further disguise yourselves, but the damage is already done, and the events unfold faster than you can comprehend
  • Photographers seem to come out of nowhere, the flashing of cameras blinding both of you as they swarm the area
  • The paparazzi yell at you and the increase of volume hurts your ears and rattles your skull; Yuri even plugs his ears as he looks for an opening
  • He finally grabs your hand and pushes his way out, eventually breaking through and dragging you away from the crowd that is already following in your direction
  • You move your legs faster than you thought you were capable of as you run down the streets and through alleyways
  • Yuri is able to find shelter in a small store, and he pulls you in before he locks the door behind you as the crowd of paparazzi is abandoned outside
  • The store employees give you flustered stares before you offer an explanation, and they are more than happy to allow you to stay while the crowd clears out
  • You end up trying on all of the clothes and accessories in the store, having a small shopping trip of sorts
  • Yuri pays for the clothing you liked and you thank the store owners before stepping out onto the nearly deserted street
  • “Are you still up for dinner, Yuri?”
  • “Let’s just go home. I’ll cook a meal a million times better than any shitty restaurant can. And I’m sick of shitheads following us around!”
  • You laugh and allow him to escort you back home, just relieved that your wreck of a perfect date night can still be salvaged
Not Only In My Dreams

I finished a JackCrutchie fic. Someone give me a cookie.

In all seriousness though. Youtube Christmas-y AU thing.

Crutchie doesn’t mean to do it; really he doesn’t.

But it’s been nearly two weeks since Jack last skyped him, and even though they text and email, it’s not the same. He knows Jack’s been busy with exams, but Crutchie could really use his voice right now.

Which is why he types “Jack Kelly” into YouTube’s search bar.

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Syndisparklez Fluff Fic

1600+ words

No Warnings

To say that this Q&A session was embarrassing would be the understatement of the year. He figured a Q&A with his mom would lead to the inevitable embarrassing childhood stories and secrets, but he never expected that he’d have to explain ‘shipping’ as a concept. Nor did he expect to ask if his mom would like to see him and a very much male friend together.

He didn’t have to read Tom’s question either, he could’ve just skipped over it like the many other intrusive questions. But, here they were.

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((A modern SS Zelink AU. They met on hyrule’s version of twitter and fell in love. Also they’re both gigantic dorks who bonded over anime and games so make of that what you will. Made alongside @veriea))

“Remember, you won’t see me ‘til you get out to the reception,” Zelda’s voice said, slightly robotic from the other side of the phone. It was the only way he’d known it for the past two years—well, that and though skype calls. Link couldn’t help but wonder what it sounded like when it wasn’t through an electronic filter. Even as he wondered, though, he knew he wouldn’t have to wait very long for an answer. “I’m the one with the sailor moon buns and the pink skirt,” she continued. “Got all that?”

“You say that like I won’t recognize you from all of your selfies,” he said, trying to keep the giddiness out of his voice. Even as he tried, though, he failed, and he heard her laugh on the other line. “Hey, c’mon, I know you’re just as excited as I am.”

“But I don’t sound so cute about it,” she teased. More seriously, though, she added, “What if you don’t recognize me, though? Selfies and digital media really do distort perception, so… I—I mean, it’s possible…”

“I’ve seen you with makeup and in your cutest outfit, and I’ve also seen you makeup-less and in pajamas crying through the first season of SNK.” Link grinned, though she couldn’t see it. “If I can recognize you both ways, I think I’ll know you when I see you.”

“You say that like you didn’t cry the entire time, too, you big baby.”

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Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your hats because this is gonna be one loooong emotional rollercoaster.

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Cuddling 5sos


 Cuddling Calum would be amazing. He’d be so warm, comforting and he’d feel like home. Most of the time he’d be shirtless and you’d rest your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He would wrap both his arms around you, making you feel safe. He’d occasionally kiss your forehead and play with your hair; these are the little things Calum did to show he loved you. Calum’s favorite thing that you did while cuddling with him was when you traced his tattoos with your fingers. He loved the way it felt as your fingers danced along his skin, giving him goose bumps every time. 90% of the time you would fall asleep on his chest, with him singing softly and playing with your hair. 


 The two of you would always end up on the floor cuddling while Michael played video games. You’d be leaning against the couch, you between his legs, his arms wrapped around you holding the controller. You’d lean your body against his, your head leaning back slightly against his shoulder. You could hear him curse under his breath occasionally when he lost or something wasn’t working out. When he got too frustrated he’d put the controller down and wrap his arms around you. He’d nuzzle his face into your neck, giving you multiple kisses. Sometimes you would fall asleep while watching him play and Michael thought that was the cutest thing ever. You would lean your entire body weight on him and softly snore. Michael would try his best to be as quiet and still at possible but then he would accidentally yell a curse word, scaring you and waking you up in the process.


You and Luke loved to cuddle while falling asleep, you were always the little spoon and him the big spoon. One night Luke begged to be the little spoon, you rolled your eyes and gave into him. The two of you laid in bed, you being the big spoon felt awkward to you but whatever made Luke happy. You wrapped your arm around his torso and you rested your head on his back. After a while you’d heard Luke sigh and turn around facing you, you gave him a weird look but he just kissed your nose and pulled you into his chest. He’d rub your back as the two of you drifted off to sleep. 


You and Ashton loved cuddling in the middle of the afternoon. You always laid on his chest, your head rising and falling with his breaths. The two of you always talked about life and the universe when laying in bed. Sometimes if you had a bad day you didn’t wanna talk to him, or anyone for that matter. He’d always make jokes to try and get you to smile, but this time he decided to tickle you. You felt his arms snake around you and you cuddled up against your boyfriend. You closed your eyes taking in the perfect moment. You then felt his fingers start moving and you couldn’t help but start laughing, wriggling around like a snake trying to get away from his grip. You would protest a million but he wouldn’t stop, he was even laughing along with you. Eventually he’d stop, you would wipe away the tears in your eyes while trying to calm down after the ticking episode. You would eventually cuddle Ashton once again but still not sure if you could trust him completely. He’d kiss you and say “I can’t stand seeing you upset” You would smile and look up at him knowing everything was going to be okay.

This was in my notes on my phone for months and I have no clue why I haven’t posted it. But here it is (this is gonna flop but oh well)