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 Luffy’s Attempt at Cooking !
In Which All Terrible Beginner Cooks Can Relate : “Oh, how exactly do you cook ?” ♡

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another lil zine update!

so it’s been just a day but the preorder has already far exceeded my expectations and is kicking my ass and i’m just so grateful for all the support, so thank y'all so much!

at this rate, i will be printing more copies than i originally thought so again, if you aren’t able to preorder it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to grab one later on. orders will close during april while i finish/mail out the preorders but i’ll try to have them open again for regular sale in may :3

and again, i will also have plenty of copies at cons i’m attending (my schedule is my about/sidebar)

i’m making a lot of new products this year so the overwhelming support with just this one has me very excited! thanks so much again TvT/

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is there anyway for you to make the sidebar links available on mobile? it's hard for me to navigate when I'm on my phone :( if you can't that's okay though!!!

I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do this and I can’t.  If anyone knows how I can make those links available on mobile without changing the theme (again) I’d really appreciate some help.  I would really, really rather not find another new theme as it took forever to find this one which had all the features I wanted.  [weeps]

New theme!

Trying to make everything cleaner and smoother. I will be adding the tag pages that are used the most as their own links in the hidden sidebar later. If there is a specific tag (or specific post you would like to see more of) let me know and I’ll make sure it gets added!

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Sigh maybe you should just change the sin wording so ppl don't misinterpret your intentions

tbh the reason that blurb’s been there for so long is because my theme coding is messed up and the whole thing breaks if i try to make an edit… basically i am lazy and we’ve come full circle lol. i’ll most likely switch it up when i overhaul my blog but i’m really not too bothered by it. any further drive-by asks about it will just be ignored  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey! We’re a brand new skeleton rp about a group of young and gifted vigilantes trying to protect their decaying city. Could we trouble you for an opinion? Thank you so much!

for sure! so as far as the theme goes, i can dig it! it’s nice to see bigger themes making a comeback, and you guys definitely make it work - i like that header quite a lot. the text in your sidebar is a bit hard on the eyes when it’s highlighted in black like that though. i understand why i think: because otherwise it won’t show up on both the header and main page. but truthfully i’d just change it to black and have it not be legible on the header; as the picture is really what’s drawing the eye anyhow you know? 

the plot is incredibly clever, i really enjoyed it! it took me a minute to realize the dialogue that’s breaking up the plot is not from the same conversation, but i wouldn’t change it! good move with adding a summary to the end though, as the plot is quite ambiguous (not a bad thing! it’s very cool).

i like the way you formatted your rules, only putting in what’s necessary. but the 5 day activity rule might be a little too lax in my opinion. it might end up making the dash quite slow. but that’s your call, and definitely depends a lot on your applicants. 

i’m obsessed with your skeletons! completely obsessed. the little nicknames are adorable (gemini, bad romance, etc). and i’m a sucker for skeleton rps that’re formatted with so much creative liberty given to the applicant. it’s written really well, and i love that you include fc suggestions to enforce diversity.

i enjoy the format of your app, but i would recommend just making “changes” a part of the first section, instead of its own. i think long apps are wonderful - and yours is a good length, just at first sight it seems a little bit longer than necessary. so not having “changes” be its own section might break down the app a bit and make it less intimidating to potential members. the 2 question thing is really endearing though, i like that a lot!

but yeah! the rest of your pages are looking good. not much to say in the way of that. i’m pretty floored by this rp actually, it’s gorgeous! definite REC for me, and sorry this got a bit long! good luck!

How to Tumblr

or, things I wish I’d known when I joined:

I know there are a lot of other how-to posts out there, but with new folks joining all the time (hello, new friends!), here is my short list of “how to tumblr” – things that took me a while to learn and that I wish I’d known when I started two and a half years ago.  Here we go…

1. Download x-kit.  X-kit is a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox that will save your life. It makes this ridiculous website useable and allows you to do all sorts of things.  A few of the big ones are:

  • Wrap tags for easier reading.  People often ramble in their tags, either about fandom or about personal things, and having all tags appear in a block of text with a post is much easier than trying to scroll across.
  • Add tracked tags to your sidebar so you can see as soon as a new post with that tag is posted. This is helpful for communicating with people and for keeping up with fandom; for example, I have fleurdeneuf and nine x rose tracked so I know when someone has tagged me in a post or if a new Nine x Rose fic has appeared.
  • Blacklist tags for things you don’t want to see on your dash.  If you follow people who have different interests than you, you can block posts about things that you don’t care about to keep your dash cleaner and more manageable.  Blacklisting a tag is also useful if a certain topic might trigger you.
  • Save sent posts to an outbox!  (This only works on the computer you’re using, so if you send messages at the library or at work, you won’t see them in your outbox on your personal computer, and vice versa.)

2. Open your ask box.  Tumblr doesn’t do this automatically, so if you want people to be able to send you messages (“asks”), you need to go into your settings and open your ask box.  You can also choose whether you want people to be able to send you messages anonymously. I’ve always had anon turned off, but it can be useful if you have shy followers or if people want to message you when they aren’t logged in.

3. Tag your posts.  Tag your posts.  Tag your posts.  Tagging is good etiquette for a few reasons:

  • If you create original posts (fic, art, gifs, even just publishing an ask), tumblr tracks the first five tags.  This is how people (whether they follow you or not) will find your posts.  With that in mind, the first five tags should include important info, like ship (ficandchips), pairing (nine x rose, ten x rose, etc.), and any groups or people you might want to notify of the post (the person you’re answering in an ask or tagging in a meme, the group you want to see your new fic, etc.).  Tags six through twenty will appear in the new catch-all search feature, but not in the tag tracking system that most people use.  So in general, tags six and above are good for rambling, your own blog’s organization, and your followers’ dashes.
  • Tagging is also important when reblogging posts.  Reblogged posts’ tags don’t track in the search engine, but they’re still useful because they allow you to keep your blog organized for your own purposes, and they also help the people you follow (the same rules as for original posts’ tags six and above).  Your followers can find your posts on a topic (for a doozy of an example, see my Christopher Eccleston tag), and also block posts that they don’t care about or that would bother them (see the note on x-kit Blacklist above).
  • Tag your hate.  It’s generally accepted practice on tumblr for a specific character or ship tag to be for posts that are positive.  For example, ninth doctor is the Ninth Doctor tag, and that’s where you post Nine things, and where you go if you want to find Nine things.  Nothing negative about Nine should be in that tag.  On the other hand, if you don’t like a character or a ship (or a showrunner…), tag it with “anti” first (for example, anti moffat).  

4. Start a queue.  This isn’t mandatory, of course, but if you post a lot, it’s nice to spread your posts out over the course of a day rather than spamming your followers with a bunch of posts all at once.  My queue is typically set to 15 posts per day, but you can set yours anywhere from 1 to 50.  This is also why people use special queue tags, to distinguish between posts queued in advance from those posted in real time.

5. Keep your commentary in the tags.  If you really like someone’s post, your opinions usually belong in your tags.  You can ramble and flail as much as you want there.  If you add a comment to someone’s post, that comment is going to appear on the post of anyone who reblogs it from you, and anyone who reblogs it from them, and so on, which clutters a post and the OP’s notes.  If your comment isn’t vital to the post, it belongs in the tags.  There are exceptions to this rule, of course; if you’re having a conversation with someone, for example, or if you want to @ mention a friend to make sure they see a post. But by and large, feedback such as “This is awesome!” or “LOL” does not need to be attached to a post forever and should be kept to the tags.

6. Don’t repost.  Reposting is when you copy someone’s original post and paste it into a new post of your own.  It is stealing from the OP and it is generally a ploy to get lots of notes. Don’t do it.

7. If you reblog an ask meme from someone, it’s polite to participate in their meme.  This isn’t an official rule, but it is a personal preference and a friendly rule of thumb.

8. Tumblr is buggy.  Seriously.  TUMBLR IS BUGGY.  There will be times when you @ mention someone in a post, and it won’t work. There will be times when someone tags you and it won’t show up in your tracked tag.  There will be times when you send someone an ask and will never get a response because tumblr ate the ask instead of sending it to them.  These things happen to everyone.  Roll with it and try again.

9. Tumblr is weird.  Seriously.  TUMBLR IS WEIRD.  It is hard to create an account and jump in.  It is hard to meet people when it seems like everyone already knows each other. It is hard to follow people and reach out and not get a response or someone following you back.  It is hard to reblog a meme and get no feedback.  It takes time and perseverance and luck. Tagging your posts so people see them helps.  Saying hi to people whose blogs you like helps.  Reblogging posts and flailing in the tags helps.  Participating in other people’s memes (and eventually doing some of your own) helps.  Talk to people, be polite, and give it time.

reyyskywalker-deactivated201612  asked:

Can I ask you what you think of Hope van Dyne? Because I really wanna know what you think of her!

Welllllllll, I think I already did that, in one of my very first “reaction posts” after seeing the movie for the first time, so I’m gonna keep it brief here (since I feel like I’m saying the same stuff over and over and over)

  • She’s first depicted as yet another one of those strong women marvel is so obsessed with depicting, BUT they also managed to also show her vulnerable side too, and it had nothing to do with another man’s life/death/etc but more about HER and how she felt unloved by her father/unworthy since he kept rebuking her, and also the grief over her mother that she eventually can’t bear when Hank Pym finally tells her about what really happened (often these strong women only get emo whenever a man is dying/dead and like the rest of the time they are so pokerface it’s annoying, so for once I was GLAD to see a woman being ambitious but also kind and a bitch to the MC before eventually showing that she can ALSO be a good friend/team player when she warms up to him and also a sly double agent with Cross! SO MANY DIFFERENT SIDES OF HOPE! WOW!)
  • Hope has the prettiest smile ever and I feel like this needs to be stated here on this post
  • I love her smile
  • Hope has like 5 different smiles and I just loved watching Evangeline’s flawless acting while she was serving us her performance like the queen she is
  • I love how she can be assertive/bossy/act like a total bitch at some points (yelling @ Scott at the beginning/leaving him with a bunch of poisonous ants all by himself/ignoring the fuck out of him lmao/punching him in the face (nope, she wasn’t trying to go for the hand)/CALLING THE POLICE ON HIS SAD CAT BURGLAR-ING ASS/THROWING HER DAD OUT OF HIS OWN FUCKING COMPANY) – and then at others she’ll ask about Scott’s daughter :3 and give him tips on how to control the ants :”3 and have an emotional breakdown in front of that dork (aka Scott Lang) without caring because she doesn’t consider emotions as a weakness, she’s not a stereotypical “don’t let them see you cry” “strong willed badass kickass strongass woman”. BLESS, ok?
  • I loved that she is so confident in herself, she doesn’t always need to have a smart-ass remark. It’s all in her gestures. And the way she mooooves is just so smoooooooth, idk if I’m just being weird about this bbbut!!! Sometimes instead of answering back, she just tips her head down and then slooooowly turns around and throws one last smile in the person’s direction before walking away and basically that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen
  • Loved that she had ambitions, omg!!!!! Like literally show me ONE mcu lady who wants something FOR HER FUCKING SELF?? I’m pretty sure you won’t find one – they are all subordinated to someone (a man, surprise surprise!) and always fight for something so much bigger than them, etc etc; but this here was amazing because Hope just wanted to do the job for herself ALSO she just wants a suit for herself. The fucking SMUGNESS AF in the scene where she gets her wasp suit is absolutely AMAZING. All in all she didn’t want to have a boss (her dad) and often wouldn’t listen to him and for example grabs the ear apparel thing and starts talking to the ants without his permission – and I loved that she knew her own worth and didn’t give a flying fuck about Scott
  • SHE IS COMPASSIONATE AF – do you remember that she tried to help Cross? After all he’d done and said to her about her dad, even after trying to kill her dad & Scott? She still tells him something like “it’s not too late, it’s just the suit altering the chemistry of your brain, this isn’t you, let me help you” etc. She doesn’t just go like punching and shooting the bad guys until the job is done. HELLO HUMAN & FORGIVING CHARACTER
  • MY OTHER MOST FAVORITE THING is how she responded to Scott’s shit once they were more or less friends, like when Hank catches them making out and he starts mock-denying it and accusing her and leaving so fast and instead of losing her time/energy/breath trying to argue with him or her dad, she’s just like…………………………..*rolls eyes* (I’m so thankful they didn’t give her fake-ass punch line at that moment)
  • She’s basically TOO COOL FOR THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!
  • and not another cliché BADASS-MOTHERFUCKING WHAT-ARE-EMOTIONS-FOR female character *coughs* natasha romanoff maria hill pepper potts *coughs*
  • hallelujah mcu, you’re slowly learning <3
  • ps: check out my new sidebar gif (I wanted one of her beautiful smile, but I couldn’t find a good scene so I’ma wait till the DVD is out to change it!)
  • pps: imagine her when she finally meets Cassie omfg????? they’re sooooo gonna SIDE AGAINST SCOTT LMAO
Good news, people!

Billie will be back on April 1st! Yes. It’s happening. Unless I get hit by a train or something. It’s the perfect day to start updating again. April Fools day. Interesting. 

Just one quick thing though; I do not have a lot of useful asks right now! Barely any, actually. And in order for me to be able to make a better script where I can include more asks, I need a looooot of story related asks to work with. Also, I figure since it’s been so long, brand new asks would be great!

What is that, you say? It’s been so long you don’t remember there’s a bit of a story going on? Well you’re in luck! I have a lot of buttons in the sidebar for you to use for all your navigation needs!

The inbox has been completely cleared, so ask away! Remember though, try to stick to story related ones if you can!

Hello guys! I’ve been wanting to do a contest for a pretty long time… and we’ve just hit a major milestone, so why not now?!

Your task is pretty simple:

1. Click this link (which will redirect you to a random headcanon on this blog)

2. Create something (an art piece or a writing piece) based off that headcanon!

Some ideas: If it’s a shipping headcanon, you could draw or write something of the ship (a romantic date? or a kiss?. If it’s a headcanon about one person, you could draw or write something about how their lgbt status relates to their life (maybe they’re coming out to their parents? maybe they’re at a pride parade? if they’re trans, maybe they’re buying something trans related or preparing for some form of surgery if they’re of age? you could even pair them up with a character of your choice (as long as it matches their sexual and romantic identity(ies)!)).


-Multiple entries are a-okay, but keep in mind that only one of them can win.

-Your entry(ies) must be submitted by September 30th October 14th

-Please don’t submit anything that could be considered nsfw (I’m still a minor…)

-If you’re writing something, try to make it no longer than 5000 words.

-You have to create something new! Please don’t submit old work.

-Like this post to bookmark it!

-You don’t have to follow me, but I would appreciate if you did!


(None of the mods can ship items, so these are VERY underwhelming! sorry!!)

1st Place: (1 Winner)

- A 6-month feature!

- 6 months of submitting priority

-A place on the sidebar

-Three custom icons! 

2nd Place: (2 Winners)

- A 3-month feature!

- 3 months of submitting priority

- Two custom icons!

3rd Place: (3 Winners)

- A 1-month feature

- 1 month of submitting priority

- A custom icon!

To Submit:

Post your creation and tag (lgbtdisneyheadcanons) in it! Additionally/alternatively, use #lgbtdisneycontest (i will be tracking the tag!) Send us the link! The ask feature doesn’t allow you to send in links, so send them through the fanmail feature instead!

Remember, the contests ends on the 30th of September 14th of October, and the winners will be chosen in no more than a week!

Entries so far can be found here!

Have fun and good luck!