i was trying to make a new sidebar


another lil zine update!

so it’s been just a day but the preorder has already far exceeded my expectations and is kicking my ass and i’m just so grateful for all the support, so thank y'all so much!

at this rate, i will be printing more copies than i originally thought so again, if you aren’t able to preorder it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to grab one later on. orders will close during april while i finish/mail out the preorders but i’ll try to have them open again for regular sale in may :3

and again, i will also have plenty of copies at cons i’m attending (my schedule is my about/sidebar)

i’m making a lot of new products this year so the overwhelming support with just this one has me very excited! thanks so much again TvT/

Good news, people!

Billie will be back on April 1st! Yes. It’s happening. Unless I get hit by a train or something. It’s the perfect day to start updating again. April Fools day. Interesting. 

Just one quick thing though; I do not have a lot of useful asks right now! Barely any, actually. And in order for me to be able to make a better script where I can include more asks, I need a looooot of story related asks to work with. Also, I figure since it’s been so long, brand new asks would be great!

What is that, you say? It’s been so long you don’t remember there’s a bit of a story going on? Well you’re in luck! I have a lot of buttons in the sidebar for you to use for all your navigation needs!

The inbox has been completely cleared, so ask away! Remember though, try to stick to story related ones if you can!