i was trying to incorporate a feel for memories and suppression and like

the ioun post you knew was coming

Let’s start with the most important point, one I do not want any of you to forget: I’m not mad at Scanlan for getting Ioun’s blessing. I’m disappointed that Percy didn’t. There is a huge difference between these two things and I will lay them out as such. If you came at me for this post arguing that I hate Scanlan or I’m insulting him, I’m just going to ignore you because you clearly didn’t read anything I’m about to write.

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Loosely based on Justin Bieber’s single ‘Sorry’; here is part three to my two part text au “I’m still in love with my ex”. Enjoy, like and follow please!!!!

If you missed the text au, click below.

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Familiar Faces. Pt 3.

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Oh my GOD I love, love, LOVE how you write so much!! I don’t think I’ve loved a Newt Imagine as much as I love yours!! Please write a Part 3 if it’s not too much trouble!! :) requested by anon.

A/N: (To the anon) I got your second message after I’d written most of this so I tried to incorporate your idea into what I’d already written. I hope you like it!!!

It had been about a week or so since the bonfire and, as it turned out, life in the Glade was pretty boring. Every couple of days you were assigned to a new ‘Keeper’ but nothing seemed to fit. 

You’d tried the Slicers, Sloppers, Med-jacks and even the Builders, but nothing seemed right. You weren’t incapable but you weren’t amazing at anything either, the Keepers weren’t exactly lining up for you to join them. 

So far today you had been working as a Track-hoe, alongside Newt. It was tiring work and you certainly didn’t enjoy it but apparently, you were doing a great job. As you sat, thinking back to all the ‘hard’ work that you had done that day, you groaned in frustration. No matter what Newt said you knew that you hadn’t done a great job, you had barely even tried. You didn’t fit the job, you didn’t fit any of the jobs. Living in the Glade, devoid of any past memory, was bad enough but doing a job you hated every shucking day; even worse. 

“Already having another buggin’ break Greenie?” You instantly looked up at him. 

Neither of you had spoken about, or even brought up, the conversation you had shared at the bonfire. After his confession you had been utterly lost for words,unsure of what to think let alone say.You hadn’t been given much time to form a reply eitherr, as Alby had turned up and had practically dragged Newt away from you. 

Ever since then you hadn’t had much chance to bring the topic up with him but you had spent as much time with him as you could, trying to force at least one memory of him to the surface. So far you had been unsuccessful and you blamed it on the fact that you never seemed to have a moment alone with Newt. You were always surrounded by the other boys and Alby’s watchful gaze never strayed far from the two of you. You knew that Alby was just looking out for you around the male population of the Glade and you were grateful for it, you really were, but… it was starting to piss you off. 

You wanted to talk to Newt, properly talk to him, more than anything but it was difficult when Alby kept such a watchful eye on you both. You were going crazy not knowing exactly what he had meant when he had said that he knew you. Did he have an actual memory of you? Or was it just a feeling of familiarity he had? 

Realizing that you still hadn’t replied to Newt, you sputtered out a laugh and replied. “I thought I told you to stop calling me that.” You grumbled, jokingly. 

He smirked down at you and held out his hand. “Come on, I’m taking a break now too.” Putting your hand in his you allowed him to pull you to your feet. You were forced to suppress a smile at the inexplicable sensation you felt at the contact but you couldn’t help but smirk as he held your hand for just two seconds longer than was necessary.

The two of you walked slowly, neither of you in any particular hurry to part, and eventually you decided to share your concerns with Newt. You knew that he would listen to you. “Newt, do you know what job I’m gonna get?” 

He didn’t answer you right away, looking out across the Glade and breathing a heavy sigh. “No, not yet.” 

“I’m terrible at everything.” You huffed, gloomily. Newt’s hand on your arm stopped you from walking any further. 

“No you’re not.” His brown eyes implored yours as he spoke the words softly. “No one’s shuckin’ amazing at their job to begin with. You’ve got to take the time to learn.” His mouth lifted into another smirk, “don’t worry about it, Greenie.” 

You smiled halfheartedly at him. His words had made you feel better, but only fractionally. You still didn’t believe that you were ever going to be any good at any of the jobs but, Newt had faith in you so you would try your best regardless. 

Just as you were resigning yourself to try your eyes caught a flash of movement re-entering the Glade. It was one of the haggard, worn out Runners. 

A Runner. It was like a buzzer had gone off in your head and you could barely hide your excitement as a realization struck you. You were supposed to be a Runner. It didn’t make any sense, it sounded ridiculous but you knew that it was true. 

Looking back up to Newt with your newly formed excitement shining in your eyes, you asked him a simple question. 

“Why don’t I try out being a Runner?” 

The expression that overcame his features almost made you want to reconsider entirely. Almost.

“No.” You were taken aback by his instant rebuttal, a little hurt that he hadn’t even allowed you to explain. 

“Why not?” You asked, confused. He didn’t answer, merely glanced around at all the prying eyes and tugged your arm, signalling for you to follow him. You did as he requested, following after him as he walked, but you didn’t keep quiet. “Newt, I suck at every other shuckin’ job-” You followed him around the corner of a shabby building, out of sight of the other Gladers. “- why not try me out as a Runner?” 

“I said no!” You took a step back at his harsh tone, you had never seen him so upset before. Seeing your apprehension Newt took a deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose. He looked so pained that you couldn’t fight the urge to move closer to him. 

“Newt?” You asked, your voice no louder than a whisper. 

Finally, he opened his eyes. “It’s just… The maze changes you, it can drive you crazy… It’s dangerous out there, I just…” He looked away from you before he spoke next. “I don’t want to lose you out there.” 

Without thinking, you wrapped your arms around him and buried your face in the crook of his neck. He didn’t hesitate in returning your embrace, his arms sliding around your waist as your eyes fluttered shut, reveling in the comfort of his familiar embrace. You didn’t want to let him go, ever. You felt as though you’d only just got him back, as though he’d been missing for years. “Promise me.” He murmured against your neck. “Promise you won’t go into that buggin’ maze.” 

“I promise.” You felt evil for lying to him, when he was clearly so upset, but you couldn’t ignore the possibility of becoming a Runner, not when you felt so certain. In your mind, you reasoned that you wouldn’t ever have to tell Newt the truth unless you actually became a Runner, but the rational side of you knew that your deceit wouldn’t end well, regardless of whether you became a Runner or not. 

But you ignored it all entirely, focusing instead on the boy in your arms. 

You lifted your head up the same instant as he. You traced every plane, contour and feature of his face before resting your gaze on his warm, brown eyes. The instant your eyes met his your heart began beating frantically, as though it were trying to escape your chest entirely. 

But it stopped beating entirely when his lips met yours. 


A Light in the Dark

Artist: @elderly-scrolls
Author: @pansychubb
Warnings: major injury, blood


A flash of light. A deafening bang. An image, seared on her consciousness: Percy, streaked with dirt and blood, sighting along the barrel of Bad News, a snarling beast bearing down on him.

Another shot, and Pike saw what Percy was guarding: a small figure with dented armor, crumpled on the ground, golden hair soaking into a pool of blood.

Pike gasped - except not really, because she didn’t exactly have lungs right now.

[Full story below the cut; also available on AO3 here.]

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