i was trying to get the award emblems on there too

modern au future kids aesthetic
  • john cena memes but with lucina’s name
  • owain’s myspace and livejournal poetry
  • beauty guru/art hoe severa
  • man bun gerome
  • nah the designated driver
  • cynthia aka the super nerdy friend that semi-lives in a comics store bc of how much she fucking loves superheroes of all kinds and when dudes start gatekeeping or mansplaining she spoils the entirety of their favorite batman comic
  • owain the seriously intense method actor
  • everyone has matching “are you nasty” shorts that lucina got everybody for christmas one year bc as a group they decided haha thatd be hilarious and she didn’t pick up on the joke factor bc lucina
  • inigo’s favorite meme is “stick m leggy out real far” and he reenacts it every chance he gets
  • kjelle’s “kiss me im butch” t-shirt
  • also inigo has semi-seriously considered becoming a professional stripper
  • yarne and brady regularly volunteer at animal shelters and cry bc the animals are just too fucking small
  • brady has a tumblr that is 85% cute animals and 15% health blogging
  • severa has 150k instagram and tumblr followers bc somehow all her selfies look effortless and artistic even though she’s literally not trying at all (even tho she’s trying very hard, all the time)
  • every now and then she’ll make a distressing vague personal post about how much she hates herself and overperforms feminity as a coping mechanism to not let anyone catch on about how low her self-esteem is but it gets buried in mountains of other posts so nobody sees it unless they’re on at 5am or scrolling through the untagged mass of posts
  • lucina has a tumblr but only to reblog pictures of swords and her friends’ posts and post their group selfies except theres more than one bc they cant fit everyone into one picture
  • her url is ‘lucina’ and nobody knows how she snagged it
  • owain spoke in memes for a solid three days once and even cynthia stopped talking to him
  • he only stopped bc his mom couldn’t understand jackshit of what he was saying
  • peak Millenial Humor ™
  • gerome: well theres no way around it looks like you’ll have to decapitate me
  • nah: *clears throat* depression *rim shot*
  • lucina: someone told me that if someone dies during a final everyone gets an a so i’ll take one for the team someone get a sword
  • get all of these children therapy because even in aus where theyre not child soldiers they need help
  • (laurent reblogs self-help mental health resources without commentary but everybody knows why)
  • gerome listens to muse and twenty one pilots. this is not up for debate
  • nah has the flower crown small forest pixie aesthetic on lock but her actual personality is half her body weight in coffee and being pissed at rollercoaster height requirements
  • gerome is an Accidental Instagram Model and when he and sev take an Incredibly Pretty selfie together people start to ship them but they’re both gay so that doesnt last long
  • tbh everyone is gay
  • inigo is also a filthy homestuck and hes the one who got everybody else into it except for lucina somehow
  • anyone: *homestuck reference*
    lucina: why are you like this
  • also lucina is a sports star and collects swords both anime and realistic. owain is not allowed to touch any of them. or go into her room at all. preferrably he ought to stay out of her house except for family dinners every other sunday but that’s the only exception to the rule.
  • laurent speaks klingon and has read all 7 harry potter books in klingon
  • one halloween he accidentally cosplayed doctor who
  • another halloween he very purposefully cosplayed doctor frankenstein and took a picture with his cat, whom he photoshopped into a cat version of frankenstein’s monster
  • his cat’s name is melville dewey
  • inigo: in honor of christmas im gonna shove a candy cane up my ass
    gerome: so you need me to pick you up from the hospital again huh
  • they have a group chat with all 14 of them and it’s called ‘wakey wakey eggs up ya butt’
  • brady can eat whole hardboiled eggs in one swallow but one time he tried to do six in a row and got indigestion
  • laurent: you know the inside of a human anus is hot enough to hardboil an egg
    inigo: oh no im not falling for that one again
  • lucina can play the piano bc rich kid and learned the entire shrek soundtrack to surprise owain. everyone has her play at their birthday parties now
  • local inigo shoves jumbo candy cane up ass, says “it was really hard but not in a good way.” proceeds to laugh in a juvenille manner for the next five minutes
  • inigo putting things in his ass is a running joke
  • someone: what the hell is that
    someone else: dunno but inigo’s probably put it in his ass
  • he’s only actually put things up his ass that aren’t meant to go in asses like twice but nobody will let it go
  • inigo’s favorite video is the video diary entry of that guy and “i’m gonna shove a log up your ass”
  • his rejected senior yearbook quote was “one day i will be the man who puts a log up his ass”
  • his rejected class award was “most likely to put a log up ass”
  • severa was on the school newspaper and, although she would love to see inigo hailed as the man who would put a log up his ass, would get in trouble if she let it pass so she convinced the teacher to let her self-print ONE copy with it in there and gave it to inigo as a present
  • he cried
  •  this post is too long anyway i really love my gay kids
WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU PART 3 Full Translation


Just a small note; now that I have a physical copy of the novel, I can see that from the contents page, the book is split into sections and within those sections there are smaller sections. So what we thought was ‘chapter 2’ last time was actually just a continuation of the so called ‘chapter 1’, the first section is reports, that’s why after the prologue it says ‘Report 1’ (and I thought it was weird that the second part on the Bleach app didn’t have ‘report 2’ or something when I was writing down the translations but I just assumed it was ‘chapter 2’ anyway), so THIS is the start of report 2, the last two ‘chapters’ were actually report 1 split in half. I’ll rename the title of those posts to Part 1 and Part 2 respectively and will continue to post future translations in parts like the Bleach app does.


Central Shinou Library.

A long period of Ise Nanao’s break was assigned to reading.

Going to the library that had just been rebuilt, there’s no trace of the original building that she’d normally be accustomed to, it feels a little out of place. Nevertheless, whilst turning over pages engulfed in the smell of paper one after the other, she was not concerned with things other than the contents of the books.

Her hand picked up a new book. It was her favourite book she reread many times over. When she turned over the front cover there was an emblem stamped there indicating that it was a book belonging to the 8th division’s library.

(This book, I stamped it…)

Next to the emblem, the name of the person in charge is filled in [Ise Nanao]. It was her clumsy writing from when she was still very young.

A mid-size library was erected in the residential area of each Gotei 13 division respectively. The damage caused by the Great War varied, since the reconstruction efforts focused on and progressed from the locations that were indispensable to daily life, any libraries with damaged sections were left as it is in a state of closure. When they went to inspect the reconstruction sites, the state of affairs hurt Nanao’s heart, she appealed to captain Commander Shunsui Kyouraku about whether the central library alone could be preferentially restored.

Construction began immediately, the books that survived through war damage were gathered from each library, and stored on brand new bookshelves.

(It was not burnt… Good)

Nanao, who was a member of the 8th division from a very early age, immediately after enlistment was entrusted with organising the book collection of the 8th division’s library.

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TFP Headcannons

So, between babysitting my neighbours’ kids and having my younger sibling hog the tv, I watched a lot of Transformers Prime which I ended up liking way more than I expected to. Enjoyment turned to secretly watching it when no one else was around, to checking fanfiction/tumblr/ao3/deviantart a few times every hour (at least) for new updates to finally writing my own headcannons! I have yet to write a full-fledge story but maybe someday… Anyway, I’ve decided to post my headcannons here cause why not! 

BTW: Please remember that these are my headcannons, therefore they are my personal thoughts/ideas from my head, so don’t be giving me any crap if you don’t agree with something, think it’s stupid or the like. I will not respond to any hate beside completely ignoring your existence. Thank you


Shortly after June found out about Arcee, she decided to always leave her car parked outside the garage, helped Jack move an old mattress into the garage and made sure they always had extra energon on hand. Even though Arcee told her it wasn’t necessary and that she didn’t want to be a burden, June told her that she wasn’t a burden; they were just making room for family.
Bonus: the Darbys later converted their garage into an Autobot pitstop where they could rest and refuel while on patrol.

Rafael has never gotten to put the star on top of the Christmas tree, mostly because he is too short and because he often misses decorating the tree since his family forgets. When the kids decide to properly introduce the Bots to the concept of Christmas, Optimus and Bulkhead get the tallest tree they could find. And Optimus holds up Raf so he can put the star Ratchet made on top.

Jack prefers motorcycles over cars because when he was a kid, his jerk-face of a father promised to teach him how to drive but then ditched him and June. Years later, Optimus Prime is picking Jack up from work cause Arcee can’t and the others were out on patrol and for some reason this is brought up. Optimus Prime then takes half a day off for an entire week so he can teach Jack how to drive.

At Jack and Miko’s wedding (yes I ship them so don’t even started!) Bulkhead goes up to Jack just before Miko comes down the aisle, crouches down and pokes him lightly in the chest with a dead serious look on his face. He then calmly tells Jack, “You hurt her, I kill you,” before standing up and returning to where the other Wreckers were, and all three had the same deadly look in their eyes. -*This is what my mom’s Italian grandfather said to my dad on their wedding day! My dad thought he was going to wet himself!* 
Bonus: Earlier Ultra Magnus promised to have Jack sent to some desolate planet if he ever hurt Miko while all Wheeljack said was good luck.

Jack and Miko’s first child is a boy with Jack’s looks and Miko’s personality. His name is Orion. Enough said. -*Seriously, for this ship it’s a given. That and the fact that Orion is going to as much of a pain in the aft to Ratchet as his mom was (and sometimes still is) but the medic won’t do anything about it cause a) the Wreckers and b) he adores Orion too much!*

One day the Bots were late bringing the kids back from school and when they finally arrived hours later all three looked like they had just been in a fight. Turns out Vince had been bullying Raf after the final bell and when Jack and Miko saw him actually hit Raf, it all went downhill from there. Sure, they both had detention but knowing that Vince was going to forever think twice before messing with their friend made it all worth it.

One Father’s Day, the kids decided to do something crazy: make a card for Optimus. Optimus would forever carry the card in his subspace and whenever he felt like he was fighting hopeless, he would take out the card and remember the reason he was fighting. -*This was inspired by a story on FanFiction which I unfortunately cannot remember for the life of me!*

When Raf was to receive a major award in school, none of his family could make it; again. As he walked up to receive the award and be congratulated he happened to look out at the crowd and noticed an older doctor with red hair and a teenager wearing a lot of black and yellow sitting in the front row, looking at him with pride.
Bonus: the next time, all the autobot (including Ultra Magnus and SmokeScreen) showed up, along with his friends, June and Fowler.

June is a mother to all three kids. Again, enough said. She is also the only one (besides Optimus Prime) who is not afraid to make her opinion know to Ratchet and even corrects him.

Jack and Miko have had 3 attempts at going out on a date so far. All three were cancelled/rescheduled due to Decepticons. Raf joked that they should send the Cons a memo regarding not attacking on their date nights. Miko actually did.

Raf’s 13th birthday was easily the best to date: June made him a cake, Jack and Miko decorated the base and everyone (including Fowler) threw him a surprise party. Even Ratchet got him a present. But Raf’s favourite part of all was when Optimus walked through the ground bridge, carrying the biggest snowball the young genius had ever seen. Even to this day, years after the Autobots returned to Cybertron and Optimus’ death, Raf still has the snowball, now normal-sized, hidden in his freezer. -*I legit cried when typing this, so much that my roommate asked me what was wrong!*
Bonus: Miko immediately wanted to have an all-out snowball fight at the base, but Ratchet refused to allow that. Instead they all ground bridged to the Arctic.

When Sideswipe and Sunstreaker arrive to Earth and hear about Ratchet’s “incident” with synthetic energon, they start calling him “Studily Doc”. Then they try to sneak into the medbay to make high grade out of it.

On Miko’s 17th birthday, she received her first ever weapon: a custom-made hammer built from Cybertronian metal, with the Wrecker emblem engraved on each side. -*This was inspired by an art piece by ArdentAspen on Deviantart. Seriously go check it out and her other pieces as well!*
Bonus: everyone knows that Bulkhead and Wheeljack are the ones who made it for her. But no one knows (and hopefully never will know) that Ultra Magnus was the one who came up with the idea. 

Whenever Raf is left on his own for a night or two (because his parents forgot to tell him and his older siblings have already made arrangements for themselves), he goes over to the Darby’s.

Arcee and Wheeljack are always arguing over who babysits Orion Jr. the most, who’s the better babysitter etc. Meanwhile neither of them notice that Ultra Magnus has slipped away with the future Wrecker and holds him close to his spark while going over paperwork.

When Orion was a baby, Frenzy managed to sneak into the Darby-Nakadai house and located the human sparkling. That’s when Orion woke up and upon seeing the tiny Decipticon, began screaming his head off, waking his parents and freaking out Frenzy who jumped up, got caught up in the switches/cords for the overhead fan and was flung into a bookshelf which fell down and crushed him.

That’s it for now! Please like, comment and/or reblog! I’ll post more when they come to mind!

FE15: Fishing for Answers

*Spoilers* for the identity of the Masked Knight, but if you already know who he is, there is little else to worry about. Takes place during Act 6. 

Summary: Upon hearing that his sister has entered an engagement with Alm, Conrad seeks him out for a conversation. It does not go as Alm had expected. // Genre: Gen. // Completed // [AO3

It was a calm day at sea, or at least that’s what the sailors kept saying despite the heavy winds and rough sea. In all of his eighteen years, Alm had never traveled by boat before, and while Celica’s companions seemed to have no issue finding something to do on their seemingly endless ocean voyage to the land of Archanea, Alm found himself growing restless.

“Full House! Hand over that cash, Gray!” Tobin proclaimed enthusiastically, showing off his winning hand to his friends. With little else to do, they had resorted to playing cards on the deck. That way, Alm figured, at least they could see another attack coming this time, if Python was sleeping in the mast again instead of standing guard.

Alm had just handed over his losses to Tobin when his eye caught no an approaching ship, but a man coming closer to his little group. Dressed in all white and wearing an ever serious scowl unless he was talking to Celica, Prince Conrad cut quite the figure. Well, at least according to Clair, much to Gray’s dismay. Whatever may be the case, there was no doubt about one thing, and that was that the Prince of the former Zofian Kingdom was heading straight for him.

“Prince Alm, I’d like to have a word,” he said after a curt bow, his tall figure casting an intimidating shadow over the sitting friends.

"Ah, alright.” Alm immediately scrambled to his feet and tried to make a graceful bow as well, but it didn’t come out half as polished as Conrad’s. He was still getting used to this entire ‘Prince of Rigel’ business, let alone being king of the Valentian Kingdom. “Y-you mean now? I mean, that’s fine. See ya later guys.”

“Sure man, good luck man,” Gray said, a knowing smile on his face while Tobin quickly claimed ownership of the coins Alm had left on the ground.

Cliff muttered something about burials at sea, and that was when Alm decided he’d best get this over with as soon as possible, and he let the former prince to the captain’s quarters that he and Celica shared.

"Alright, what did you want to talk about Prince Conrad?” Alm asked after he closed the door.

“Just Conrad is fine,” the man said brusquely and then allowed a silence to fall between them, as if he was waiting for Alm to make his defense. When he didn’t, he resumed with a heavy voice. "It has come to my attention that you intent to make my sister your wife.”

Ah, Alm thought, feeling the cold sweat form on his back. So this was that kind of discussion.

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Fates dancer au feat. The royal siblings

so for the past hour ive been sitting around watching youtube videos and thinking about a Fates royals siblings dance AU. 

I hope you enjoy my dance rambling 

So all the siblings (minus Ryoma) go to some famous fancy school of the arts that teaches classes from toddler’s ballet to world class ballroom, and all the siblings meet their counterpart along the way. 

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Day From Night

I was tagged by littleevilisa with the prompt: Everlark tutoring. It’s not a drabble, it’s…just a touch longer…oops?

I challenge jeeno2, londonrainings, and chele20035 with the prompt Evelark + another of your fandoms

As she pulled up to Abernathy’s, Katniss nervously played with the edge of her braid. She and her roommates found this little hole in the wall bar a few weeks ago for District 12 College’s first football game of the season and by now were generally well-liked by the other fans who filled the tiny bar. District 12 was one of those small but powerful schools when it came to football and the fans were always loyal to one another.

She lucked out getting the roommates she did. Madge and Delly both went to 12 for their undergraduate degrees. They were the girls who were always decked out in their game day outfits and were likely to get caught on ESPN at any given time. Johanna loved football in general but didn’t have a favorite college team, so she easily melded in with the others. Katniss was more than just a fan of the D12 Miners. She was born and raised in the heard of D12 country; if you cut her open, she bled black and gold. Her mother hand-knitted D12 blankets and hats and socks for her when she was born because her father refused to have anyone in the household not in uniform.

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anonymous asked:

How do you spin sams one eyed photo. Me think the boy knows what's being said and is making a statement. I think if he should actually make one, say it, and stop beating around the bush. If he'd just claim her, finie.

I agree that Sam is making a statement alright, but it has nothing to do with “making a claim”, quite the opposite really, from my point of view. While there are no doubt many ways to interpret these exchanges of the past few days I sense a subtle game going on beneath the more obvious tale seemingly being told by these tweets and IG posts. This is how I view this whole Seahawks exchange that started Sunday night and continued today:

On Sunday night, after a day of shooting emotional printshop scenes with Cait at the studio, Sam settled in on the couch to unwind and decompress from the high emotions of the day with a bit of American style football from his favorite team of several years standing, the Seahawks. Excited by the prospect of a good game to come he tweets on the very first play. One minute later he notices a tweet from his erstwhile “female companion”, the one the studio keeps making him do penance with every time he and Cait appear too “together” for their liking. The girl had lately developed an “interest” in all things Seahawk, likely to help cement the association with him in the fan’s minds-and lately also was posting pictures featuring African children promoting charitable causes, perhaps just in case anyone hadn’t made the link that she should be considered as being just like Cait in the minds of the fans. So when that “go Hawks!” Tweet showed up literally seconds after he sent his first tweet about the game he knew the game was well and truly on- not just the one on TV -but also the one where the girl makes it seem as if they are cozily live tweeting this game. Together.
His first thought is “ummmm….no…we aren’t doing this”. And so he tweets it. Exactly one minute after her tweet appeared he tweeted out “oh ummm” and promptly disappears from the live tweet session and tweets no more about the game that evening- not even at the game’s finish. It seems he probably turned it off as soon as he realized that this wasn’t going to be allowed to be a fun unwind for him that he could share with the fans-instead with the girl’s innuendo it was just going to be a big mess and hardly the fun, laid back start to the evening he had envisioned.
But what to do instead of watch the game while he waits for Cait to be ready to share that champagne he had tweeted about earlier.? Well, he surfs the web a bit and retweets a post about making Christmas preparations. Good idea with the holiday fast approaching. And an hour later, maybe after Cait has finished learning her lines for the next day, he and she settle in with that bottle of champagne that he had teased earlier in the day that they would later be sharing in celebration of the CC awards their show was nominated for. The Seahawks completely forgotten.
A while after the game is over the girl tweets with 🙆🙅emojis and a “seeyouthursday”. So she’s upset and “outta here”. A reaction to the Seahawk’s loss of the football game-but perhaps also a reaction to the loss of the game she was trying to start between her and Sam too-Sam had never come back on about the game and was instead exchanging sexy tweets with Cait. He definitely won that round. The next day we get a post from the girl giving her location definitively as LA and miles away from Sam. A bit of capitulation it seems?
So today Sam tweets out “eyes of a hawk” whilst wearing a Seahawks toque with the hawkeye emblem placed over one eye. That tweet would reach LA in the morning hours. Seems he might be saying “I’ve got my eye on you vis a vie any Seahawks innuendo during tonight’s game”, and also that the charity posts are noticed by him too- and he is not unaware of what she’s doing. He is watching. That he has also got in a clear reference in his one eyed pose to the girl and her “cyclops” post makes it even easier to see the hidden subtext. And there is probably also a reference to the line Jamie says to Claire during their reunion at the brothel where he states that he has “eyes like a hawk”- a scene that they very likely might be filming either today or soon.
It’s just the sort of “subtle message hidden inside another more obvious message” game that Sam is such a master of. Along with his friend Steven Cree he has been using this technique on the IW and I see no reason to not wonder if Sam is not doing a similar thing here in response to another situation where someone is trying to insinuate things he doesn’t wish to have insinuated about him, or to otherwise speak for him. As she is most likely part of some strategy by probably the studio to sell “Single Sam” he can’t openly refute her, but just as he does with the IW, whom he also cannot publicly refute, he can subtly, but quite plainly, make his own statement refuting their statements or insinuations and attempt to set the record straight. If he is sent to NC for “Thanksgiving” he will get spotted only just leaving on the Friday and also give a quote to a fan stating he is here for other than a “date”. And if the girl later wants to make it seem they are watching football “together” he will make sure it is known how he really spent his evening, and with who- and then go on to later post a selfie with the wifey, wearing hats that match EXACTLY-just to drive the point home. As he has said many times; “no one speaks for me”. It seems that he truly means it. Plenty seem to try, but no one gets away with it for long.

So to answer your question, anon, if anyone got “claimed” in this recent exchange it was quite definitely Cait.