i was trying to explain it

  • Morrison: Cadet Oxton!
  • Lena: Yes, Commander Morrison, sir.
  • Morrison: Explain to me how, in light of your recent promotion, you somehow managed to be worst at target practice.
  • Lena (hurriedly): Uh, because the newly-added pressure of my rank makes me second-guess my actions more frequently in hopes I won’t let down my fellow peers.
  • Morrison: Well I don’t-! Oh. Um, I mean, that’s understandable, Cadet.
  • Lena: Also, I’ve been trying to make a smiley face for like, 9 minutes.
  • *Cut to a crudely made “smiley face” made out of bullet holes.*
  • Lena: Nailed it.
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Can i ask you why do you think jon's dragon is viseryon? 🤔

Sure! I’m not good with metas but I’ll try to explain my thoughts as best as I can.

I’ll keep this only to the reasons why I believe Jon’s dragon is Viserion, not why I believe Tyrion’s dragon is Rhaegal though I do have reasons for that as well, not just process of elimination (which it’s what happen when we give Viserion to Tyrion).

First because I see parallels between Jon/Viserys, second because of the importance of both relationships to Dany and third because of the dragon itself.

I think that there’s kind of a parallel going on during A Game Of Thrones between Jon’s and Viserys’ stories, but a distinctive and very important difference between said parallel happens. Let’s also take other similar things of the characters into consideration:

  • Viserys and Jon are their father’s second son. Jon in any way you choose to see, either being Ned or Rhaegar the father… Jon is the second son. Neither were the heir.
  • Viserys and Jon are exiled from their homes. And you can say that Jon chose to leave for the Wall, but in the end it does not change the fact that had he chosen to stay, Catelyn would send him away so there wasn’t really a choice.

Which brings me to said parallel in A Game Of Thrones: Viserys living among the dothraki and Jon living at the Wall. There is, to me, a sense of denial and refusal to them. Both Jon and Viserys expected something they have not gotten. Viserys wanted his crown and his army, Jon wanted honored brothers and to be a ranger. But here is where the important distinction begins, where Jon grows and learns, Viserys does not. Viserys doesn’t understand and worse, doesn’t accept it to the point of dying because of it. And Jon makes the best of it, he makes friends, he adapts, he learns and by the end he embraces it.

And the importance in Jon doing what Viserys could not reminds me of is this quote:

The cream-and-gold I call Viserion. Viserys was cruel and weak and frightened, yet he was my brother still. His dragon will do what he could not.

Still on what Jon will do that Viserys could not… Well, he will be to Dany everything that her brother was not. In the familial sense and in the romantic one as well:

My mother died giving me birth, and my father and my brother Rhaegar even before that. I would never have known so much as their names if Viserys had not been there to tell me. He was the only one left. The only one. He is all I have.

Daenerys said nothing. She had always assumed that she would wed Viserys when she came of age. For centuries the Targaryens had married brother to sister, since Aegon the Conqueror had taken his sisters to bride. The line must be kept pure, Viserys had told her a thousand times; theirs was the kingsblood, the golden blood of old Valyria, the blood of the dragon. 

Jon is the last one for Dany, he is all the family she has left. And why does Jon’s romantic relationship with Dany has to deal with him riding Viserion?

She climbed the pyre herself to place the eggs around her sun-and-stars. The black beside his heart, under his arm. The green beside his head, his braid coiled around it. The cream-and-gold down between his legs.

When she woke the third time, a shaft of golden sunlight was pouring through the smoke hole of the tent, and her arms were wrapped around a dragon’s egg. It was the pale one, its scales the color of butter cream, veined with whorls of gold and bronze, and Dany could feel the heat of it. Beneath her bedsilks, a fine sheen of perspiration covered her bare skin. Dragondew, she thought. Her fingers trailed lightly across the surface of the shell, tracing the wisps of gold, and deep in the stone she felt something twist and stretch in response. It did not frighten her. All her fear was gone, burned away.

I might be reaching with the second quote, but the first is unmistakable. The places where Dany placed her eggs are important to the meaning of her future relationships with their riders. The rider of the green one will be her counselor and the rider of the cream-and-gold one will be her lover.

And lastly, the dragon itself.

The egg is most commonly described as “pale cream streaked with gold” but re-reading I’ve noted that the egg is described as veined with whorls of gold and bronze and it strikes me as interesting because when applied to Jon, it matches. The gold veins are obviously his Targaryen blood and the bronze veins are his Stark blood as in the bronze crowns the Kings of Winter had, of his brother Robb as well.

And we cannot forget Jon’s white direwolf and his color symbolism because Jon is associated with white, not green.

Yes, Rhaegal is the namesake of Jon’s father but what else connects them? While with Viserion/Viserys…


happy chen day

happy birthday to the light of my life, my ultimate bias, vocal king of my heart. your passion, worth ethic, talent, kindheartedness, and playful nature never fail to amaze me because i can’t comprehend how someone could possess every good quality in the world and carry it all with such grace. i’m getting emotional trying to put into words what you mean to me because i really can’t explain how your voice makes me forget all the bad things, and how your smile (and your eyebrows) make my heart feel so full. i hope today and every day after this brings only happiness to you because you deserve nothing but the absolute best in life.

i love you always ♡

Math Lessons (Race x Reader)

Word Count: 755

Warnings: uhhhhhh they make out?? thats it 

i just love race a lot pls just let me live 

“What do you means it’s imaginary? It’s right there!” Race said, clearly exasperated. Twirling a pencil he ‘borrowed’ from Les two weeks before, he looked up at you, eyebrows furrowed.

“Well, it’s uh, it’s not actually imaginary, clearly it’s a real thing, it’s just not a real number.” You said, trying to explain something you only kind of understood yourself. “I’m just gonna go get Davey, have ‘im explain it,” You began to stand up from Race’s bunk, before his hand clasped around your wrist, keeping you in place.

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Blog Reflections

The toxic responses to my posts are starting to get to me. I know it is the internet and people lose their morality and etiquette once behind a keyboard, but damn. There are a lot of people not open to conversation over a personality theory that may have no real grounding in actual psychology as a lens of analyzing fictional characters. Like do people know how ridiculous it sounds to say no this is wrong, this character is clearly this type? Like what? 

First off there are different MBTI theories. So which are we talking about? There are different ways to type a character, so how do you go about it that is different from mine? Then there is the subjective interpretation of a fictional character in which we each have to decipher in our own lens. The odds of everyone being on the exact same page is slim. This blog is simply my view point. My interpretations. I try to explain them when I can in case you want to read them. I love doing in-depth profiles because it explains some of my alternative typings. If you don’t like them, that is fine. But there is no need to condemn them like I was racist or a harm to the internet community or something. 

This is a blog for conversation about characters. It isn’t some canon on MBTI as there is no one official canon of MBTI at this point, especially for fictional characters. I started my blog because I disagree with @funkymbtifiction, not because I think it is wrong. I simply have a different interpretation and wanted to share those thoughts with people who might be interested. I didn’t reblog their posts saying this is wrong. Sometimes I could phrase things better, certainly. But I am simply entering the conversation. There is a contributor to that blog I love talking to on this site because we share our interpretations and views of the functions. We may disagree, but we love delving into it. Sometimes I convince them and vice versa. It is fun! Compare and contrast sources and my fictional character blog to others. Come to your own conclusions. But maybe once and a while get off the high horse you find yourself on. 

Man, you guys, I’m bad at responding to every single reply on a post individually, but the extra stories you guys have… I mean damn. I just can’t believe that people are still like this in 2017. The world is too far from perfect, y'all… sometimes I am disappointed when I realized just how far off the mark we really still are…

Thanks for all of your support and suggestions though. I think I’m going to write her an email expressing that I was still very uncomfortable with the way she discussed the abortion of disabled babies subject today and explain to her why the story she countered with is incomplete and how disability is a very nuanced subject that is much more complicated then she probably thinks and that she really, really should try not to speak so definitively about a subject she hasn’t done that much reading on because it can really really harm to perceptions that her students will get based on whatever she tells them, and just… Let her know for certain that I am very unhappy and that she really needs to educate herself, without being too terribly mean or going straight to reporting her…


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you all.

For those who are following @mckenna-undertale ’s mirror tale blog, I ask that you wait patiently for a while longer. McKenna has been under a lot of stress lately from both school and her job. She need some time to cool down a bit.

I also want to touch on the subject about the anons and others who are calling her a Sai-wanna-be.

What. The FUCK. Is wrong with you?! Literally, what’s wrong with you. You’re acting like a hivemind of morons, suckling on the tit of an artist you praise as a goddess. A figure that could do no wrong. Same with Eti. They literally ignored McKenna when she was trying to explain herself and actually RESOLVE the issue that happened and how it was just a misunderstanding. And you, the followers, just followed them with absolute faith, not even questioning them. Instead, you went to harassing her, bombarding her with your salt-coated comments, and just following the hive where ever it my go. So, in short, re-evaluate your comments.

And for @sai-shou and @eti-mun , take this into consideration. There are your followers, and they listen to you. Listen to McKenna, and just bury the hatch with this.

If you read this rant, that’s cool. If your a hate anon who has read this and is now turning your sights to me, I await you tears.

Have a nice Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

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Hmm, I'm gonna request fluff!! Maybe Hanzo is trying to woo his fem s/o with expensive gifts and other material items, but she isn't interested, and thinks he's just trying to buy her affection until he explains himself :3c headcanons or a scenario, whatever you prefer!

I really liked this idea, thank you for requesting it! I hope it is to your liking as well. I did it in HC form, enjoy!

- Luxury runs through the veins of this man, whether he is now a former heir to his clan, Hanzo always has a good eye for treasure and expensive goods. Even though the archer now lives rather soberly, he does invest in a few valuable trinkets now and then and is always up to date when it comes to the latest business records. It is not so surprising that he applies this fondness onto his tactics when it comes to courting as well, thinking it is common knowledge that anyone would like to be conquered with luxurious gifts. Money is one of the most powerful things in the world after all, but if it could buy love as well, was another mystery Hanzo had trouble solving. It was not like he meant to just literally buy your affections, as that concept alone sounded superficial, but due to his high insecurities, he saw no other choice than to try and at least gain your attention through it.

- Little did he know, that you were not very much into the idea of receiving gifts as a way of starting a relationship and was in fact even against it, as people’s feelings should be taken seriously instead of trying to win someone over with a cheap attempt such as that. This led you to mainly decline the archer’s splendid gifts by politely not accepting them in person or either giving them back in case you found them waiting outside your door. No matter how beautiful or unique the things were that Hanzo gave you, you did not spend as much as a glance at them, more thanking him for the gesture itself than for the gift. It left the archer in a state of utter confusion and thought that the gifts must be lacking something, making his approaches even more awkward as you kept being presented with even greater presents. The item’s worth rising with every article he presented you with. At some point though, it became slightly irritating for you, as you expected him to at least step up his game a bit once he saw that you were not just interested in the gifts and was actually waiting for the archer to approach you differently.

- That took some time unfortunately and it almost felt like he truly did not understand the concept of real love, making you lose your hope and almost avoid him on purpose altogether. Hanzo however, had noticed you subtly taking your distance and he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. It truly seemed as if you were not fond of his gifts and it took some meditating on his part to think of the reason that could possibly be behind it, making the contact between the two of you significantly less. Even though you were greatly disappointed, you could not give your love to a man who only loved you in return through the way of bribing you with luxury. It just wasn’t right and in the long run, it would make neither of you very happy. Luckily, Hanzo did come around at some point, mostly after having gotten advice from a few comrades who had witnessed his complicated way of wooing you. He himself also came to the agreement that it was indeed time to be honest with you and lay out his doubts and insecurities. You deserved to know as well.

- It was incredibly difficult for the marksman to come up to your apartment and confront you, cursing himself for his weakness towards your beauty and intelligence. He truly could not compose himself around you, as you rendered him speechless every time you would appear before him. He hoped somewhere that you would forgive him for his shameless way of courting you, not understanding the true concept at all but ready to give it a better attempt nonetheless. Being the kindhearted and empathetic person that you are, you understood where the warrior was coming from, not having had quite a normal example when it came to human relationships. Within his clan it was more the etiquette of marrying for your own clan’s benefit, instead of love, which is why most leaders were betrothed to each other. There was not much love to be found, neither was there time or peace for it. Through his years of travelling and experiencing many types of different cultures, Hanzo had formed another view on the matter, obviously learning it was not a good principle at all and it was a tradition he abandoned much like many other extreme ones. 

- However, old habits die hard and he had to admit that bringing someone gifts as a way of gaining their affection was a lot easier than confronting someone straight on. The archer had good intentions, that much was true as he really did appreciate your beautiful personality as well, but perhaps it was a tad bit too old fashioned. You told him so honestly while you conversed with him over a cup of tea after inviting him into your room. Hanzo was thankful for your hospitality and ability to initiate the necessary conversation, as he still felt helpless in some way. Through his many apologies and your reassurance, the both of you managed to bring the conversation to a good end. You both decided to give it another chance and rebuild what Hanzo had started at the beginning and slowly, you were beginning to fall for his charms again, now that it was the genuine thing and not his materialistic point of view.

tmi, tw: gore, death

Any time I try to write about what happened, tumblr crashes. Maybe it doesn’t need to be read right now.

I’m thinking of ICU nurses today. I’m thinking of my father screaming at us “SHE. BROKE. HER. TEETH.” and that the ICU nurse should be in jail. I tried explaining to him that Leah was already dying, her body was shutting down, the staff took every measure possible in an attempt to save her life. If suctioning the blood out of her lungs caused her teeth to fall out, it was too late already. It wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. Her blood pressure, even with the 5 medications they put her on simultaneously to steady it, reached 200/40. A healthy person’s body couldn’t withstand that, nevermind a tiny sick body that had been through 7 chemo treatments in 7 months.

I made it to the hospital at 6:45pm that night. Both of my parents called me separately and told me not to come but I knew that I had to– I knew they were trying to protect me and deal with the fallout later, but I had to go to my baby sister. When I saw her, her body contorted like a broken doll, her face unrecognizable to me. I truly thought I was watching her die, that it would be minutes before the end came. She held on for almost 15 hours more.

My father drove me home late last night. I hadn’t been to my own house in 7 days. He missed it the first time, we circled back, and without looking at anything in particular he said “We don’t have a #3 anymore. What are we going to do?”

I don’t know. I don’t know why. I only know that none of this is fair.

I have like 16? 17? Things in my queue from earlier this week. That’ll go through tonight and tomorrow I think? I’m not me. I’m lost and I shouldn’t be here. Sorry to those I disappointed today or those whose opinions changed about me. I have a lot of hurt and anger and no outlets to deal with it so I turned to my blog and it became a diary even when it shouldn’t have. I’m going to try to stick to my break on here. I don’t know for how long. I don’t know if I’ll occasionally queue a post. I don’t know how I’m even going to feel tomorrow or the next day mentally. When I come back I’ll write a proper apology or just something to explain myself. Thank you for anyone and everyone who sent me supportive messages. I know not everyone will believe me or will just make fun of me for saying so but this is one of the hardest times of my life right now. I’m not doing well and legitimately I am and do feel suicidal. I have therapy on the 29th so maybe that will give me clarity. Maybe I’ll check into a hospital. I don’t know.

My mom came with me to the doctors yesterday and to explain things to her he pulled out another patients EKG with a normal heartbeat to compare to mine which is like… a drunk chicken trying to copy a normal EKG.

He said abnormal is my normal and I like that sentiment, though maybe not for my heart. Still figuring things out though he doesn’t think it’s as bad as long QT and I need to get the hospital records to see what prompted the cardiologist there to think that. 2017 and we’re still faxing.

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Oh god I know exactly what you mean, one time I was trying to explain the difference between aborting because the baby would immediately die after birth, or already be dead, and possibly risk the mothers life and having a disabled kid. I was just done after that class! Like that's not a very difficult concept to get is it?

Yeah. And people love to try and pull all kinds of trump cards like that, and it’s like… Those kinds of scenarios are entirely different things. We’re just talking about disability, here. We’re not talking about people dying slow and agonizing deaths after very short lives.

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yuuri is a weed gay and got stoned with phichit in college and once he spent at least an hour staring at the box of m&m cookies and trying to explain to phichit how victor nikiforov skates the way those cookies tasted

GOD i’m stealing from my first time but the guy they’re smoking with loads up katamari damacy and puts the controller in Yuuri’s extremely stoned hands and Yuuri almost starts crying because he doesn’t wanna make the dad guy mad 

Phichit is just shirtless on the floor occasionally rolling over to change the song 

Victor………vapes or shotguns while sitting in Yuuri’s lap before falling asleep 2 mins later

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I HEARD ABOUT THAT!??! NAMJOON BEING IN LOVE!?!? Tell me...why is it not true? Did he say it was not true or did someone spread that rumor around???? :o

It was taken out of context, apparently namjoon wasn’t talking about him and his experiencie but in third person, trying to explain the emotions on the song he composed for the album (the outro) and op accepted it was a misunderstanding. 


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I don't have a good feeling about you changing your focus. I really liked the Hub the way it was before. I hope it doesn't change too much, and I really hope shipping doesn't get involved. I have a strong feeling I may just stop following this blog if it changes too much, especially if shipping gets involved. I feel like crying now.

I’m sorry about that, but please don’t try to make us feel guilty about this. We’re going to be doing what we want to do, and what’s best for us–fortunately for you, that does mean we’ll remain shipping neutral. We’ll explain more about that in our post talking about what we plan to do and the survey results.

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39. Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?

Ohhhh. This is a fun one. :’) 

I don’t think I ever get outright rude reviews, but I do get… interesting ones, from time to time. The first time that happened, I got a review on Ludic saying my pacing was bad and the fic had gotten boring/repetitive. I was actually really upset by that one, because the slowburn/very slow development of Noct’s feelings is the whole point of the story, I’ve been trying really hard to keep it realistic. 

Sunflowers, I got a couple of reviewers who got upset with how I tagged it. That one was a bit tricky to deal with because they wanted me to add tags that I felt gave away the ending, but I wanted to be considerate/sensitive, and then when I tried to explain myself, I got accused of being insensitive and condescending, oops. I actually asked for input on that one, via Twitter, and facebook, and I made my poor mother read it. (her feedback: “I didn’t like the gay sex so I skipped that part, but I think you put enough warnings. Also, wow, Holly, you can write!” thanks mom.) In the end, I added a few additional warnings and hopefully that made things a bit better? I still feel guilty about that one though. :x 

Celeb AU is always a good time, esp with the Noctis vs Prompto chapters, because… well, people take sides, and you absolutely can’t make everyone happy. I’ve heard that Prompto was too quick to forgive Noct, that Prompto’s being abusive, that Noctis deserves more than what he got, that everyone was shitting on Noctis and I need to lay off, that Ignis is the worst character ever… oh boy. 

That fic, I’ve just started writing what me ‘n Numi want to happen, because if I listened to the reviews, I’d probably get nothing done LOL. Most of y’all I really appreciate hearing the sides and different perspectives, but there’s the occasional review that just takes a silly mistaken identity trope fic way too seriously… :p 

Though any time I get a review I don’t necessarily agree with, I definitely sit down and consider: “why do they feel this way? should I adjust what I’m doing?” and it allows me to reassess my work, so I guess that’s good. So even if I don’t agree w/ a review, I do still appreciate them in that way.

I mean, if anyone follows me on twitter, that’s where most of my “wtf is this review” rants go these days, though in my earlier tumblr days, there was the occasional sad rant about reviews I got, too!

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Will wallace posted photos on his in a couple of days ago of their white boards while they were mapping out their seasons and for 6a there was a line that said that finds Derek in the hunt - I'm not surprised. It makes sense they wanted Hoech back early to bait Sterek in season 6A as they are doing now. If you replace Peter for Derek in those scenes with Stiles, you'll know they'll bait Sterek like crazy. That would explain why nobody tried to reach for him because he was gone too.

Exactly.  I do love that Hoechlin was like NOPE NOPE NOPE!!  They really did try to get him back, lol!