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About The Hiatus

So uh, it’s been like…forever since I said anything on here? I deepest apologies for that. It’s been a month or so since I have not posted or spoke anything on here.

The reason why is due to inactivity and not really having any creativity and motion to upload art here. I just don’t have the time to draw something up, especially when I’m caught in between real life and personal issues. I’ve been doing shit irl to finally be able to get some money into my own PayPal ‘n stuff so that I can actually start putting up commissions. As well as looking to study at a TAFE around where I live, with trying to enroll a course that I want. It’s a bit complicated but let’s just say I wanna do a class I like at a school while also looking for a job as well. It’s the time of the year where my time is spent more and more important stuff other than my art.

Another reason why is that I’m getting myself involved with playing games too, in which causes me to lose time to draw art. There’s a game called VRChat that I’ve spent so many hours on since December (I’ve been running around as AW characters). I’m not sure when I’ll post the model here, so don’t ask.

I’ve been spending time with my girlfriend too if you haven’t noticed. She needs all the support and advice from me so I can’t really leave her. My girlfriend has been getting some negativity in her personal life so I have to be there to comfort her.

I have no idea when I’ll actually get myself to start posting art once again. I may post something here and there, but as of that and activity? Not at the moment.

Sorry for the hiatus/inactivity.

social media creates the illusion that artists are constantly producing incredible things every single day since we see so much art on our dashboards and timelines at once…but the reality is that these artists are all individuals with their own lives and struggles, maybe some of them have a hard time making even one decent drawing in a week.

anyway what im trying to say is, theres nothing wrong with struggling making things, its ok to take breaks if you need it…this has been discussed by others but i think its important to Not draw sometimes. art is extremely important to me and its important to me to continue improving what i do, but if im feeling unhappy while drawing i just stop and do something else…theres no need to destroy yourself for the sake of creativity. nothing good can come out of that

My tips for getting motivated!

So a few days ago someone on Tumblr asked me how she can gain some motivating. So I answered this and I would love to share it with you guys:

1. Set up a goal
This could be something big for the future (like going to university next year) or something small that you can work to in a few days (getting an A for your next essay).

2. Make a planning
Just start with writing a to-do list and estimate the time you should need. Then find out when you have enough spare time to do your tasks. If you have a lot of time and are feeling creative you can try to make a bullet journal.

3. Find some inspiration
Scroll through some studyblr’s and get inspirated by all the hard-working students. You can also watch some TedxTalks or some YouTubers: they really get me motivated to start doing my homework!

4. Just do it
To be honest, a lot of people have no motivation to make their homework and there is no secret formula. So stop waiting for that feeling and just do it. Put away your phone now and open up your books; once you’ve started you will realize this isn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

5. Reward yourself
I study psychology and I leaned that rewarding is so important to change behaviour. So please reward yourself after a good amount of work done. This could be absolutely anything: candy, a compliment, a good grade, watching netflix or check off a task from your to-do-list (this is why you made a planning!)

If you’re procrastinating right now and looking for a sign to start doing your homework: this is it.



  • <p> <b>Ravenclaw:</b> *struggling working on their current unfinished creative projects*<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> *starts a new one for the new year*<p/></p>

18 things i learned by the time i turned 18

1. surround yourself with people that genuinely care about your wellbeing, and drop those that don’t

2. don’t be afraid to love

3. furthering #2, don’t be afraid to show that you love something. if you’re excited about something, let yourself be excited about it

4. realize that it doesn’t matter what people think. do what you want to do without worrying about what others will think

5. wear what you want to wear. if you think it looks good, wear it. if you think it’s cool, wear it. if it makes you happy, wear it.

6. this kind of goes with the “don’t worry what people think one”, but don’t be afraid to speak your mind. life is too short to not stand up for yourself and what you believe in

7. try new things! new foods! new places! new people! new music! expand your horizons!

8. self care is not selfish. it’s great to care about the wellbeing of others, but you need to prioritize your mental health in order to properly help others

9. don’t be afraid to say “i love you”. it doesn’t lose meaning because you say it often

10. you were brainwashed into thinking european features were the epitome of beauty. you’re beautiful no matter what you look like or identify as and once you realize that, you’ve won

11. it’s okay to wear makeup if it makes you happy. people may say “oh you’re so pretty, you don’t need makeup!!” but if it makes you happy, do it!! same with not wearing makeup

12. take pictures of yourself. if you don’t take pictures now because you’re not satisfied with the way you look or something, you’ll regret it later

13. building off of #12, take pictures of things you like. your food looks nice? picture. you think that flower is cool? take a picture. it’s good for you i promise

14. perfection doesn’t exist and is not something to aspire towards

15. this is a biggie: you don’t owe your s/o any sexual/sensual/physical activity. if you don’t want to do it, don’t be afraid to say no.

16. try to do one thing every day that scares you/is outside of your comfort zone

17. eating is good and starving your body is not. you’re beautiful and you need fuel

18. read read read and write write write. read things that interest you and write in a journal or diary or write creatively or analytically, write whatever you want but get your thoughts out on paper. it’s therapy

lia ⭐️

RFA HEADCANONS: They Get Jealous~

(It’s almost midnight, what am I doing with my life. ANYWAYS. It would be so great if someone would request something *hint hint* *wink wonk* because it’s hard trying to be creative. Lel.)


RFA~ they get jealous. V+Saeran included.



Yoosung has always been a more jealous type. Literally, if he even sees you talking to anyone other than him, he can’t help but feel a little uneasy.

So, he would go to the restroom for a brief few seconds, and when he gets back..

You’re. Talking. To. Another. Guy??

Now, he didn’t know that this ‘other guy’ was a cousin you haven’t seen in a while.

His stomach goes in knots, and he balls up his fists, wanting nothing more than to go push the guy away from you.

Sadly, he is probably too shy to just walk up there, but for a few moments, he tries to gather up his courage to go take you back.

When he realizes he’s just too nervous, he starts to think that he lost you, and starts tearing up a bit.

At this point, you’d be like “damn boi, how long it take to pee?” And start to look around..well, o shit, your cute blondie is just standing all the way back there.

“Yoosung? Come over here! I’d like you to meet my cousin…wait, are you crying?”

“Wha- cousin?! Oh..! Uhm..I- I wasn’t crying..!! I yawned! Aha. Hi. Nice to meet you, (C/N)..!”



Uhm. Who are you talking to?

He is pissed off when he see’s you talking to one of his better looking security guards.


He’s probably gonna start getting really touchy on you, (kink) and grip you by the waist h a r d.

Casually starts questioning the security guard as to wHY WAS HE TALKING TO YOU?

you’d get really embarrassed, and tell jumin to stop making a scene, buT HE IS JUST “NO” NO ONE ELSE CAN LOOK AT YOU LIKE THAT?

Straight out fires the guy. Oops.

“Jumin, what the hell?! Why would you fire him? He wasn’t trying to steal me away! I love you, and only you.”

“…Hm. I don’t like people eyeing you like that. That’s for me to do, no one else. ..(Y/N)..you know I love you. I only want what’s best for you.”



You two will be at one of Zen’s musicals, just enjoying the show..wheN THIS IDIOT JUST DECIDES TO START FLIRTING WITH YOU???

You try to tell the guy, you don’t swing that way?? But he doesn’t listen??

Jaehee goes into extreme jealous woman mode, and actually lashes out on the guy.

“She said she doesn’t go that way. Do you not get what she meant? Are you that idiotic? Do I seriously have to show you who she BELONGS to?”

Will casually start making out with you right then and there.

The guy will scoff and walk off, giving Jaehee the middle finger.

Jaehee awkwardly pulls away, refusing to make eye contact. She’ll probably start nervously running her hand though her hair.

She apologizes??

Nono, sweetie. No need to apologize. You’re a d o r a b l e.

You both end up leaving the theater, just so you can cuddle the rest of the night in peace.

“Jaehee, it’s fine. If anything, I thought it was cute..now, come here and love me, baby girl~”

Will high key melt at being called baby girl.

“I’m glad that you could just put the situation behind you so quickly..but, I’m warning you. Next time, I may not be so calm. You’re mine, (Y/N).”



Everywhere you went you seemed to get hit on in one way or another. Normally, Zen would brush it off, knowing that you only had eyes for him.

But oh.

One day. ONE DAY. He’s just had enough.

“Hey, cutie~ I lost my number, mind if I-”

“Yeah, she does mind, actually. Back. Off.”

He would roll his sleeves up, intimidating the guy with his muscles.

“Woah, chill. I was just being nice to the lad-”

“well, that lady happens to be taken. Now, if you ever so kindly..back the hell off, that would be great.”




He’s already a big fan on Pda, but ohhh, it’s gonna increase.

You practically can’t be farther than 5 inches away from him from then on.

“Zen, you know you’re the only one I see..”

“I know, Princess. I’m sorry, it’s just becoming so frequent..I want people to know not to mess with you.”



You two will be joking around, and then you’ll probably trip into someone. (Klutz.)

They’ll help you up, and give you a cheeky smile.


They’ll pull some lame pick up line, like “oh, you fell for me kdkfkfk ha.”


B A C K O F F M Y W I F E???

His normally cheerful attitude is gonna change real quick.

He will get really serious, and pull you closer to him, making sure you aren’t hurt from falling, first. (Or diseased from the guy.)

High key starts sassing the guy.

Starts to laugh, and gives the guy a lil chest bump thing, as they 'make up’

Yeah, well. Seven stole his wallet out of his pocket.

That guy just lost everything, lol.

His money, his ID card, his credit card, business cards.


“Well, you got over that fast. I’m impressed.”

“Heh. Babe, look what I got!”

“IS THAT HIS- oh my god. You’re evil. I love it.”



He’s so gentle, he just stands there awkwardly, shifting his weight on a different foot, waiting for you to hurry up.

You were at an art museum, and this guy came up to you, trying to show you the “best art works” there. He started cracking jokes, and yOU WERE LAUGHING AT THEM?

you didn’t know it was bothering V so much, but he was literally starting to tear up?

He wanted to step in, but if you were having fun, and you were happy.. He would stand it.

He actually felt his heart sink when the guy gave you his email address.

“Yeah, email me sometime. I can teach you a lot more!”

You sighed the moment the guy left, and crumpled up the paper, tossing it in the trash.

“What a waste. I didn’t want to be rude, but God..he was showing the worst pi- V? What’s wrong?”

“Oh..Nothing. Don’t worry about me. Shall we go over here?”



Saeran: (Mild spoiler?? Maybe??)

Literally doesn’t like you talking to anyone.


He’s not the kind of guy that is like “oh, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” But it’s easy to get him jealous.

In fact, he got jealous of his own brother.


“Yeah? Well if you like his jokes so much, why don’t you just date him instead?!”

Ends up getting in a huge fight with Saeyoung.

Low key starts trying to crack jokes (and fails) to keep up with his brother.

He starts getting so frustrated, thinking he was never going to be as good as his brother. That you would leave him for Saeyoung.

Poor smol bean. You had to reassure him that he was the only Choi for you..in fact, he was the only one at all for you.

“Saeran. You know that I love you, right?”



“….I..love you too, I guess..”

“YOU GUESS? IS OUR LOVE IN QUESTION.” (He freaks out a bit when you say this, lel)

“Wha- no! No.. I..Uhm, I love you, (Y/N). I really do.”

“They could use me against you.”

“They could try,” came the reply. “But that would be amazingly stupid of them.”

“Because I’m not a threat?” They wondered if they should be insulted. 

“Because I would destroy anyone who dared try and use you to do something you didn’t want to do. Mutiny and betrayal is one thing, dragging unwilling people into your scheming is just wrong.” 

Sunny Creativity Tarot Spread

Since the Sun influences creative energies, I’ve decided to create the Sunny Creativity Spread for insight on one’s creative abilities and how to improve them.I hope it helps you through your creative journey! Blessed be!

1.) How is my creativity at the moment?

This is the state your creative part of you is doing. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it inexperienced?

2.) How can I describe the works of art my creativity has made?

This question asking about the quality and uniqueness of your drawings, painting, poetry, photographs, anything creative. Is it good? Does it need some work? What’s the style of your work?

3.) What inspires my creativity?

Inspiration is pretty much key to your creativity. But what inspired you to create that piece? It could be a friend, family member or even yourself that inspires you! Also other artists and strangers could inspire you too.

4.) How can I be more creative?

Just for future reference or current reference when you get a creativity/artist’s block, you can get insight from this card on what you can do to try to unblock those creative energies!

5.) What does my creativity show others about me?

When you create things, what are others seeing about you through your creations? 

6.) What should my creativity focus on more?

This is something important that your creativity is not focusing on during the creative process when it should. It will help guide you to become better working with your creativity, so be sure to write it down.

7.) What should my creativity focus on less?

This is something your creativity tends to focus on the most that isn’t that important. It could possibly be holding you back from your true potential in your creativity.

Did some maintenance on my computer and got it to run photoshop decently, so I did a quick lil thing to test it out. I hope I’m not the only one who feels bad hunting this little cutie! He’s a mud puppy!
Definitely not my usual style or look, but I wanted to try doing something cute since most of the time my “Cute” stuff comes out really scary 


The Year of Cardi B - She went from stripping to becoming the breakout star of 2017. So what’s she worried about?

Cardi B is butt-naked in the doorway of her hotel bathroom, yelling about her vagina. On a mid-October evening, she’s readying herself for a college show in Baltimore, and the toiletries provided by the hotel aren’t to her liking. “That soap gave me the yeast infection of 2017!” she hollers in her thick Bronx accent. “My pussy was burnin’ like a Mexican taco!”

It takes all of 10 seconds in Cardi B’s presence to be reminded of the sheer force and hilarity of her personality. Simply being Cardi B, at maximum volume, made her a star – first on Instagram, then on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop: New York – before she’d recorded any music at all, let alone knocked Taylor Swift from the top of the pop charts with the sly swagger of her single “Bodak Yellow.” She is the people’s diva – or “the strip-club Mariah Carey,” as she once rapped – unfiltered in a way the world often doesn’t allow female stars to be. In a culture reshaped by streaming and social media, where the kids, without much corporate nudging, get to decide who the stars are, Cardi B is what you get.

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safabindana  asked:

Could you give me some tip on how to water color really want to try and I thing your art is amazing

1) When you want to watercolor something, I suggest you to use a 200gsm paper or higher since it resist to water. Using a printer paper (let’s say it’s 70gsm) the paper can’t hold too much water. 

when watercolor with a printer paper (70gsm) the paper could be easily torn apart when there’s too much water at the paper. It doesn’t blend well with different colors.

when watercolor with a 300gsm (i think) watercolor paper, it resist to water perfectly. The water dries longer than the printer paper. Two colors blend well together. It doesn’t rip the paper apart since it’s thicker than the printer paper.

2) Use good brushes. I personally recommend you to use a synthetic brushes because it really works well with watercolor. I also recommend you to have a round and flat brushes.

The hairs from the synthetic brushes doesn’t easily come off and works very well with watercolors. Although usually when you’re not careful enough while using these brushes, one strand of hair could pop out and might ruin the effect of the brush. The brush could also get frizzy when it’s not properly used. So it’s better when you treat the brush carefully.

You can control how big or small you want the paint to apply with a round brush. A flat brush can be used to cover large places neatly.

3) When coloring a pen lineart with watercolors, use pens/inks that are waterproof on paper. Usually waterproof pens are always written on the pen itself, so keep an eye when you found one. 

used with Staedtler 0.2mm waterproof pen

Once the watercolor is applied, no smudges can be detected

4) Pen sizes, the smaller the size, the more details you can add up to your drawing.

i personally recommend you to use these 3 different sizes of waterproof pen. But it’s totally your choice!

5) Have a plate or palette to put puddles of water to adjust the colors that you want to apply.

Since the colors are individually apart, you can easily try mixing and applying the paint.

6) (Optional) Use a sketchbook paper (around 150gsm/ could be less) to know how the colors shows on paper before applying it to your work.

I think 150gsm paper is not specifically for watercolors, but it resits water pretty well which is a great to try new colors.

Sometimes the paper likes to move around, so you can use a tape to hold it down if you need to.

I also use this paper to remove a little bit of the access if I grabbed too much pigment on the brush. Stroke it once or twice on the paper, then it won’t be as pigment as the first stroke.

7) Whenever your water container is already dark and murky, change it, Because when you keep using it, the dirty water could effect the watercolor palettes.

8) Use reference if you need to. Try to pick an object that you can watercolor on. Let’s say a plant. You can go outside and see the trees and plant. Or you could just google it.

9) White pens for outlines or adding up details. White pens are totally optional, but i really do recommend you to use it just for finishing touches or adding small details on your work!

Pen recommendation, gellyroll white pen and hybrid gel grip.

10) Always experiment! Use different colors and explore more about watercolors!

Experimenting is very important! Try scribbling your brush around the paper. Think of something you wanted to draw. Try something you haven’t done before! Fill in the blank pages with your creativity and imagination. There are no limitations.

Keep practicing your watercolor skills, a small doodle or scribble counts as a progress! Even without reference, you can still picture it by using your imagination. This helps you by expanding your creativity.

Get inspired! Find artists that interest you and motivates you to do the same. You can always try using the same techniques as they do and soon you’ll develop your own style! 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes counts as a progress of improving your skill. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn from it.

Have fun! It’s important for artist to enjoy what hey paint. If they don’t then what’s the point.

note: Hi there! I’m not really an expert on giving tips about watercolors. But i hope this helps! Also this was a really fun ask to answer, I really enjoy making this~

nicememerino  asked:

How do you talk to my therapist about hElping you? I'm not even sure how she's suppose to "help" me. Everytime I go we just sit there and tell her what happened since I saw her last. I don't think it's helping me and it's wasting her time so how do I approach my therapist about it?

Hi baby 💝 You’ve been sooo patient, so thank you. I think it’s really important that you are able to identify and acknowledge when a resource is no longer serving its purpose, so good on you darling. 

Signs that it’s time to change therapists:

• You feel judged or shamed.
• You feel uncomfortable.
• You feel a lack of connection.
• You feel a lack of progress.
• A lack of boundaries.
• You’re compromising your beliefs.
• Your therapist is consistantly late to appointments and / or cancelling.
• Your therapist talks mainly about themselves and / or gets distracted consistantly.
• Your therapist takes sides.
• Your therapist uses victim-blaming and / or other offensive language.

It has been 12 years since I personally began therapy; I have been to 7 different therapists in this time, and only recently found a therapist that actually worked for me. I never knew how comfortable I could be and how much progress I could actually make in therapy before I met her. I’m sharing this because I think it’s important to remember that finding a good therapist can take some time. Just don’t give up !!!

How to make the most out of therapy:

  • Think about your goals for therapy, and share them with your therapist. I wrote a little guide on setting goals if you want to check it out. 
  • Be as brutally honest as possible about your experiences and feelings. This can be tough to do on the spot or if you disagree with something your therapist says. Fear of judgement is often something that makes me hesitate to open up about an issue I have- but being direct about it will strengthen the relationship, contribute to recovery and make you feel better.
  • Put in work outside of therapy. Reflect on what you’ve talked about. Consider checking out self help books from the library, keep a private journal, try new coping techniques, do some creative exercises, research relevant topics to expand your knowledge, start a free workbook, etc.
  • Be curious. Ask any question that comes to mind during your session. Don’t censor yourself.
  • If you come up with any questions outside of therapy, don’t be afraid to write them down and bring them up in your next session.
  • Set your appointments for times that work for you, and try to show up a little bit early so you can unwind before your session. I personally get anxious when waiting so I practice deep breathing in the waiting room. Try to forget the clock during your session.
  • Keep your health related resources in a safe place such as a binder or folder. I can’t stress it enough how much this has helped me outside of therapy.

Important things to remember:

• You don’t have to share everything with every therapist unless you are comfortable to.
• Sometimes things can get worse before they get better.
• Therapy is no quick fix.
• A therapist cannot “save” anyone, but they will help bring light to your own wisdom and your ability to recover.
• Attending therapy does not make you weak or flawed. It is nothing to be ashamed of.
• Not every session will feel like a breakthrough.
• Therapy is a service for you. This is about you, for you.

Extra links:

recommended books
self help
recovering without professional help
app masterlist by RecoveryIsBeautiful
more advice

I truly wish you luck, darling. You deserve a good support system. 🌷💕

Castiel sits in the booth, staring at his laptop. He halfheartedly pokes at a few keys, then slams the delete key until the page is blank again. He sips at his coffee, wincing at the bitter taste. He longs for a good chai, or even his favorite English breakfast tea, but what was it that Giles said on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? “Tea is soothing, I wish to be tense*.” That’s me alright, Cas thinks.

Stupid to try to write at JP’s. It’s full of students, chattering and laughing, seemingly without a care in the world. Apparently they don’t have a creative writing final due in three days and nothing but a blank screen to show for it. He’d thought getting out of his dorm room would help, away from…certain distractions.

No! he thinks loudly at himself. Don’t think about–

“Hey, Cas! Didn’t think I’d see you here! Don’t you have a story to write or something?”

Startled, Cas looks up into the moss-green eyes of his roommate, Dean.

“I, uh…yes, Dean, I do. I thought a change of scenery might help. But it’s not working. I’ve got nothing.”

Dean slides onto the bench across from Cas, an easy smile on his face. “You should do like me, major in biology. Sure there are papers to write, but it’s not creative. They tell me to write a paper about photosynthesis, I write about photosynthesis. I don’t have to think, I just do it. Easy as pie.” He sits up straighter. “Hey, speaking of…”

Cas grins. “Yeah, they’ve got pie today. Apple crumble’s on the far end.”

“Score!” says Dean, practically leaping out of the booth. “Want some? And do you need more tea? English breakfast, right?”

Cas’s stomach flutters. “No pie, thanks. And I’m actually drinking coffee today. It’s horrible.”

Dean blanches. “You can’t drink coffee! No wonder you aren’t getting anything written! Let me get you some proper tea. And…” He scans the pastry shelves, then shakes his head. “No, that won’t work. I’ll be right back.”

And before Cas can open his mouth to protest, Dean is out the door and running.

Bewildered, Cas looks back at his laptop. What just happened? he wonders. He idly types a few words and deletes them.

Fifteen minutes later Dean is back, a huge grin on his face.

“You don’t need sugar, you need brain food. I went across the street to the Italian place. Tuxedo chicken with fresh tomatoes, and garlic breadsticks. That should get you writing.” Dean sets the take-out bag on the table with a flourish.

His grin falters when he sees Cas staring up at him, unblinking. “Is something wrong?” he asks. “That’s your favorite, right?”

Slowly Cas asks, “How did you know all that?”

Dean’s ears turn pink. “I just…pay attention, I guess,” he says, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Just like I know that apple crumble pie is your favorite,” Cas says, pulling himself to his feet.

“I guess…” says Dean

“And I know you fall asleep listening to Led Zeppelin and you want to find a ‘67 Impala to restore someday, because your dad had one when he was your age.” Cas says, moving closer to Dean.

“I know you want a house in the country where you can write and have a garden and keep bees,” Dean says. His voice is barely more than a whisper.

“I know that I want to kiss you right now,” says Cas, his eyes smiling.

“That’s something we both want,” Dean says, and he closes the space between them.

Several students nearby burst into applause and catcalls, but all Cas can think of is the softness of Dean’s lips against his own.

When they stop for breath, Dean smiles and says, “I’ll get that tea now.” He winks as he adds, “Should I get it go go?”

Closing his laptop with a decisive snap, Cas grins back and says, “Yes. I think maybe my writer’s block is gone.”

*BtVS 03x22, Graduation Day: Part 2

Inktober with the Bunker || Day 1: Coffee Shop

Trip to Roman’s Room Prediction

As the room reveals tend to happen whenever there’s a problem to solve, right now I’m maybe thinking a trip to Roman’s room will happen when his self-esteem takes a hit again. (See here here and here). This video particularly showed how he’s becoming self-conscious of how his fanciful thoughts affect the others… but I can see him taking that too far, reigning in every dream he thinks of automatically. And I think that’ll again highlight the positive correspondence that can happen between anxiety and creativity. Roman’s already told us that Virgil is the needed feeling of pre-performance nerves, and Part One of Moving On showed that Virgil was needed to give Roman motivation to create stories and worlds.

I think Roman will need another self-confidence boost, why he is needed. And that’ll probably come from Virgil’s possible reaction to him stifling his own creativity: ‘Come on, dude, I’m trying to work with you, not against you. I need something to reign in, you can’t just do nothing, where’s my motivation, then?’ 

I can even see Virgil seriously saying clearly, “Roman! I actually like some of your ideas, you know that, right?”

binqtop  asked:

Do you have any tips for sketching? My main problem is trying to make sketches look "perfect" and then beating myself up over small mistakes. You're extremely talented and confident in your work. What's your secret!?!?

We can go about this a few ways. hopefully one of these can help. All the stuff below is based on personal experience and some reading.

When you’re sketching, expect ‘mistakes’. Expect it to be wonky and lopsided. Expect it to not be perfect. Sketching can be a way to explore. When you’re exploring something, you often go where your curiosity takes you. You don’t expect a perfect experience but rather you appreciate the experience that comes to you.

Another tip is to just move on.  i think trying to make good looking sketches is not really a problem, but the berating yourself definitely is.  All artists can relate to this; I catch myself doing it pretty often :U it can be the worst thing you can do to your creativity in the long term. i’ve read that if you wanna be a pro, you gotta figure out how to separate your artwork from your own self worth. move on to the next drawing with a determination to improve where you know you fall short.

a more technical tip is to start drawing with a pen more often, or if youre working digitally, set aside some practise time without using Undo. that will force you to stick with the line you put down, and not go back over and over trying to perfect it. 

🌸self-care tips🌸

Hey everyone!~

So, I hit 500 subs yesterday and decided on making a self-care post - I know there`s a lot of posts like this one already, but I`ll just list the tips that really work for me.

1. The best way to relax to me is to take a bath - with a bubble bar or a bath bomb (my favorite brand is Lush). It`s also nice to mix some cosmetic oils or herbs with an epsom salt, for example. It doesn`t have to be a specific brand, there`s a lot of combinations you can make by hand!                                           There`re also some helpful videos on YouTube on how to make a bath bomb all by yourself~ 

2. The second tip is listening to some relaxing music - for example, you can create a spa tunes playlist, - even just listening to it with eyes closed while laying on a sofa helps  me relax a lot.

3. Another one tip is to make some home-made face masks! It might be a lot of fun to invite your friend over and make them together and do some pamper routine after that~

4. Making yourself your favorite healthy drink is also great, like a smoothie or an ice tea. For smoothie I prefer mixing some strawberries, a half of a banana, some raspberries and a few blueberries, - try out various combinations, it`s all up to you!

5. Any kind of creative hobby might do!                                                           You don`t nessecarily have to be super talented in the sphere you choose to enjoy spending your time while doing something pleasant and relaxing. For example, I like to doodle various things or just blend some watercolors to create different pretty shades~

6. Dance it all away!                                                                                     When I`m all alone in my room, I sometimes put on some loud music that I really like and just dance - it`s such a positive activity that helps me feel happier - and when you`re happier, you`re becoming helathier~

I hope these tips are helpful even a little bit!~