i was trying to do perspective but failed

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Do you have any advice for witchlings with ADD? It so hard to concentrate through meditation and I fail every spell because I can't seem to focus on my intent.

Ah, I can see how that’s a challenge. I’m sorry that happens to you. Brains suck.

My ADD is more about the hyperfocus aspect - I lose myself too much in what I do that my brain can’t focus on anything else - so I will do what I can with advice, but my perspective and experience is the opposite from yours.

⚬ Try doing smaller spells that take up less time - instead of devoting yourself to more detailed, ritualistic magic that require a half hour of your time and lots of things to remember, go for magic that can be done in a number of minutes. Trust me when I say that, just because a spell is simpler in construct and performance, doesn’t mean it will be any less powerful.

⚬ It’s going to be a bit weird and redundant for me to say this, but try some magic to help encourage you to focus a little more. It can be as simple as lighting a candle that was charged with intent, or has a sigil drawn on it. Burning rosemary incense helps promote mental clarity, so that can be lit before you begin doing a spell to draw on that power while doing magic.

⚬ Sigils might be the best kind of magic for someone who can’t focus or is forgetful, tbh. One of the traditional core teachings in sigil magic is actually forgetting about the sigil after you’ve cast it, not dwelling on it or its goal, and going about your life. This is done so the sigil can work in the subconscious mind, which is said to have amazing power and magic that we cannot understand. This could definitely be something that is easily utilized with success with those who may not focus so easily - sigils are quick to draw and charge, and then they’re done.

⚬ Focusing your intent can be as simple as repeating a small phrase or statement in your mind - as you perform the spell, try to think about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what you hope to achieve as the end result. That should help center your focus on what you’re doing and keep it there. I wrote a post that contains some more tips on intent that you can find [here].

⚬ Meditation is hard for me too - I can’t sit still for that long, and I find my mind drifts a lot during meditation too. Fortunately, “empty mind” meditation is not the only way, so it’s okay if your brain loses focus and drifts to various topics. The important thing to remember there, I think, is that the thoughts are okay to happen, just try not to focus or dwell on them. The thoughts will occur; acknowledge them, and let them go. Sometimes that means new thoughts will take their place, but that is okay.

⚬ Finding a focus for meditation is even one way that can help prove its effectiveness - I’m talking about guided meditations, which still give your brain something to process and be active, while still engaging in the act of meditation. Some people find that having calming music or nature sound effects in the background also do this.

That is what I can think of for now. As I said in the start, my experience is quite the opposite of yours, so I tried my best to give useful tips that would prove applicable for your situation. I think it is important to not give up, though, and keep trying, if witchcraft is something you are deeply interested in. Try not to get too frustrated with yourself, and I’m sure things will get easier with time. I hope this gives you some ideas. I’m sure that others will also chime in with any advice they may have as well. Good luck anon!

Kara: So, uh… You need a hand?
Steph: Nono, I got this…!

In case anybody cares, I hate doing digital art. Hate. It. And yet I persist.
Trying to get the hang of Krita. I don’t like it. I mean, maybe I would if I put the effort in and, like, watched some tutorials or, I dunno, read the actual manual…?
Really though, I pretty much gave up ¾ through. Stick a fork in me, I’m done - even if the pic isn’t.
Anyway, have som DSHG Supergirl and Spoiler.
I have plans for another piece portraying how this ends, but I might try using GIMP this time. Or not. Blech.

Edit; And I just noticed aspectacular perspective fail. And I forgot to remove  my lightsource indicator. Yay me.

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Most of the ppl who hate the "Bernie would've won" meme are dem party hacks BUT I think there's legit reasons to dislike it from a leftist perspective, just repeating the line lets ppl overlook how his campaign failed and what the next leftist candidate needs to do (actually try to win from day one, understand that bringing fucking killer mike out at rallies doesn't count as reaching out to black voters)


Fuck up.

Last year, a major label band I’ve listened to since high school contacted me and asked if I would create a short promotional video for their upcoming album.

I was really excited (They’re a cool ass band!!!) I said “Yes”, we exchanged messages and then all-of-the-sudden they stopped responding.

It remains unclear if its something I said or did. Personally, I doubt that’s the case, but the album came out without my video, and that was that.

For a while I felt like a failure. I just had a really cool opportunity fall apart in my hands. And one of my art heroes left me feeling bummed out. :/

Perspective is a funny thing. A friend pointed out that I had only started creating videos three months earlier and was pretty successful already.

The loops and videos were created initially out of trying to do something new and failing on purpose.

A short time later I was being contacted by artist I admire, to work for them. The outcome wasn’t the best case scenario, but it was far from the worst.

That insight has given me the freedom to fail on purpose and with purpose.

My failure was not with the “missed opportunity” but allowing my outlook to prevent me from continuing to fail on purpose.

To fail intentionally is one of the most liberating parts of the creative process.

If you start off with failure you only have room for growth. Try it, fuck up, and try it again. It’s amazing.

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How do you draw buildings?? Your building drawings are always so pretty!! I try to draw some but I always fail! :((

Hi anon! 

for faster doodles (like the mp100 ones) I use a technique I talked about here

but for longer pieces I hand draw stuff and it gave me a lot of trouble too!

the simplest part of buildings tends to be perspective, it’s very mechanical and easy to learn, I won’t get too much into it because there’s 10000 tutorials about it. I tend to use 2 point perspective like this:

I don’t use this super strictly though. It’s more a rough feeling for pieces and all you need to keep track of is that the objects are *fairly* correct in placement of eachother and the horizon line. Stressing out about perspective lines will be what makes buildings look really rigid.

this is one axis of a piece I just finished. They’re correct relative to each other, but if I brought them all to the horizon chances are they wouldn’t match up. and that’s ok. because honestly you shouldn’t have the vanishing point in your piece unless you want to really emphasize something, like depth.

but there is something a lot of tutorials miss out on and it’s why a lot of my building drawings (and art in general) sucked for no identifiable reason:

every building is made by an architect, so every building will be unique. buildings have unique bits about them. and when you start incorporating and thinking about what the buildings have your art will get better, even if your technical skills can’t catch up quite yet.

the best way to see this is cities. Look at the differences between different buildings. Some buildings have different windows at different floors! Some have a cool light, some have a really nice sign or a porch on the third floor.

add little bits to the buildings, look up references! so much of the environment can be told by the architecture:

how dense is it? is it well kept? what kind of neighborhood? how many stories are the buildings? are there apartments? bars? 

asking these questions will make what buildings you’re drawing more telling of where this is and what its like. Californian small towns will look a lot different from South African cities, and London will look a lot different than Tokyo. Think about what you want to tell in your drawing, google images is there to help!

Your technical skill will always keep improving if you keep drawing, don’t worry about that. The best way for you to help yourself improve and grow is to surround yourself with context on what you’re doing. 

I hope that helped a little bit!! a lot of this is practice and a lot of failure, but I also don’t see many people talking about using references. You’ll get better in time!! just keep pushing like you are now (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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1. re: "it’s everything we DIDN’T get in 3A"1000xYES from Mary:) I will quote Dana Leigh Brand from tracking-board, she writes about FS very interestingly and in better english than mine;): "Please compare this carefully nurtured, artfully constructed, perfectly in-character moment to the various pieces of early season three which tried for the similar emotional resonance and failed miserably...

Part 2. The kicker is: we were left with the mystery of Simmons disappearance for a full six months in real time. The FS reunion we got from that separation was meaningful the first time. Subsequent viewings are tainted by cheap melodrama" This time the writing is really very good. The well-known tropes do not fit into them, it’s clear for attentive viewers.

Part 3. It is a pity that all season 3 is in the canon and that they have not used up the opportunity to weaken its unfavorable impact for characters and FS story. One thing more. I’m not offended like some viewers that Jemma was afraid (Yo Yo’s comment) Fitz still loves someone else, just after feel afraid he would be the same guy he was in the Framework (Daisy said it). It’s natural for me, the both fears.

Hey there, Mary!! WE GOT RENEWED!!

The BIG BIG problem with 3A, besides Impossible Will, was that they wanted to do this whole “Which one will she choose?” thing, which was ridiculous, because who chooses some dirty man who put you in a cage over your best friend in the every world?The thing that is special about FitzSimmons was their bond, and this tainted it unnecessarily. 

All of the great FS moments in 3A are only great when you take them out of context. The sunrise scene is WONDERFUL if you forget that Jemma is fawning over a picture of Will the very next time we see her. The first kiss scene is FANTASTIC if you don’t watch the love confession for Will that happens right before it. I don’t think it’s just the shipper goggles when I say that Jemma’s wishy-washy-ness cheapened just about every moment we had. And it was largely out of character and inconsistent. Truly horrible writing! 

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If Jemma had come back with actual PTSD and needed Fitz to help her find her PLATONIC FRIEND Will, we could have had basically the same story, but it would feel genuine. The conflict could have been Fitz trying to help Jemma and failing, and then guess what, seeing what happened with his hypoxia from Jemma’s perspective! 

I’ve said it a thousand times, but do I get tired of saying it? No. It took 4C and Jemma trying to save Fitz for that damage to be repaired.

So, I guess I disagree with you on that point. While there were some parts of 4C that I didn’t like, and while it was TORTURE going through it, I think that this has shown 1) how dedicated Jemma is to Fitz and 2) how strong their connection is despite all odds. While Fitz didn’t wake up when he saw Jemma, (which I understand though I would have liked to see some movement in the right direction), we saw how wonderful the FitzSimmons bond is by the contrast between Fitz x AIDA. THAT relationship, even if you take out the blatant and extensive abuse, is nowhere near as healthy as FitzSimmons. 

If you forget that this is Fitz acting against his will and just think of the Doctor as a separate character, do you see the tenderness that FitzSimmons have? Do you see how they make each other better? Of course not! You see a woman who has all the power and a man who feels like he has to run circles to stay worthy of her. If this relationship was 100% consensual (which it is not), it would still be terrible. These are two people who have an unbalanced power dynamic, push each other to dominate and control, and are absolutely miserable. If he had a healthy, loving, equal relationship, he wouldn’t feel the need to scream and throw things all the time.

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And, in contrast, we have the (albeit sparse) FitzSimmons moments in 4A and 4B, in which two people love each other, protect each other, occasionally disagree with each other, recognize when they’re wrong and apologize to each other, and support each other in every way they know how. Fitz and AIDA could never do any of that.    

So we have that in the past in 4C, while in the present, we have Jemma fighting for the man she loves against all odds. Even when everyone says that he’s the bad guy. Even when she sees him do terrible things. Even when he has a gun to her head! He doesn’t recognize her because he’s NOT Fitz, because he’s been twisted so far away from the good, loving man we know that HE is unrecognizable. 

For me, that shows that their bond doesn’t just exist because they exist. It’s not just because they happen to be two young geniuses from the UK. Their bond goes deeper than that, and it’s rooted in shared values and a high moral standard. It’s not who they are, but who they chose to become. And since, in the Framework, Fitz was manipulated into becoming something else, their bond was broken. 

Just like Mike said in the pilot, it matters who you are. 

And yes, they dragged out the drama too long, but we got our promised reward in the end with that hug scene. After a whole arc of Jemma fighting for Fitz against all odds, what does Fitz do? He fights for HER! He makes it clear that she’s the woman he loves, and he doesn’t back down when AIDA gets violent. Instead, he acted like the good, heroic Fitz we know and love, and in the end, we got to see that bond return. The hug scene is so poignant because they’ve been through so much, but they can still understand and comfort each other without words. Fitz can worry that Jemma will never love him, but all she has to do is put a hand on his shoulder to prove that she does. I mean, look at this!

Originally posted by stydiaislove

You can see the change in his face as Jemma restores his hope!

I really think they went A LONG way, Mary. And my guess is that now we have FitzSimmons reunited, we probably have at least one good scene left this season (though, like we have agreed, we should keep expectations low and assume the hug is the best we’ll get).

As for Jemma’s fears, I agree with you that both fears are valid. She was definitely afraid he was the Doctor, or she wouldn’t have ICED him. Then, as she saw the other people come back and realized they were themselves, her fear turned to real Fitz still loving AIDA, which you have to admit, is a heartbreaking thing! Not only would Jemma have lost him, but she would have lost him to a toxic relationship, as I described above. How devastating would that have been?

And it’s okay for Jemma to be sad/afraid that the man she loves might be in love with someone else, because love is hard to come by, especially their love! And she just spent this arc showing us how precious their love is to her! She has the right to be upset when she thinks that love has been ripped away.

But luckily for us, Jemma was able to prove that her fears were unfounded. Now, they can go forward as a couple with a bond that’s stronger than ever.

ive been feeling a lotta things abt makeup recently. like just from a classic feminist perspective, the kinds of things that women (or i guess any subject of patriarchal capitalism) are conditioned to seek to understand / know and to center our intellectual energy around just saddens me. and i was trying to think of ways to subvert that without 1. doing a whole “other women are so vapid for being into women things” and 2. failing to pass lmfao

His Own Insignificance

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His fingers hovered over the keypad beside your apartment door. Gray knew the code by heart ever since he and the rest of the AOMG crew had helped you move in a few months ago. Even with all of the stress and long days he’d put in at the studio lately, Gray hesitated dropping by unannounced like the rest of the guys did.

I hope she’s not asleep…

But his panic subsided even before he looked at his watch. 2am. He cracked a smile knowing you would be awake. You always stayed up too late.

It had only been a year since Jay first introduced you but Gray had memorized your habits by now. The way you did laundry whenever you were stressed or your love affair with coffee or how you genuinely enjoyed his terrible jokes though you would never admit it. Everything. There was something about you that always seemed to make sense to him. He could depend on you to be yourself and that was reassuring.

He let out a deep breath before punching in the code and slipping into your apartment. You were lounging on the couch in a pair of old sweats and a t-shirt; a diminishing bowl of popcorn nestled on your lap as you absently watched a drama on the television. Gray felt his chest tighten a bit. You looked so heartbreakingly beautiful to him that he didn’t want to disturb you.

“It’s just me,” he said quietly. Part of him hoped you wouldn’t notice so he could stare at you a moment longer but you always noticed Gray.

You looked up at him, your smile touching your eyes as you took in how sweet he looked when he was exhausted. You patted the space beside you on the couch. You didn’t have to ask him twice. You shifted a bit as he sunk into the cushion until there was a comfortable space between the two of you.

It had just occurred to Gray that he hadn’t thought of a reason to give you for his visit on the short walk from the studio. He wracked his brain trying to come up with a decent excuse. Silence settled between the two of you that was only broken by the sound of the drama’s end credits playing.

“You look stressed,” you said.

“A bit.”


He nodded. You knew he wanted to talk but getting anything out of Gray when he was upset took some prompting.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

“There isn’t much to tell. Deadlines coming up, compositions that aren’t turning out, practicing my set for this tour, more deadlines. Oh, did I mention deadlines?” You both chuckled.

“You’re deflecting the real issue,” you said.

You put the now empty popcorn bowl on the coffee table and turned to face him completely. Your arms wrapped around your legs as you propped your chin up on your knees and gave Gray your undivided attention.

Gray sighed and rubbed his eyes; the extent of his exhaustion setting in. It hadn’t occurred to him that as he had been getting to know your habits, you had been observing his too.

“Aish! You know me too well,” he muttered. His posture slumped when you didn’t respond. Your silence was your coup de grâce; the final push he needed before his unfiltered thoughts began pouring out to you.

“You’re right. It’s not just work. It’s everything,” he started. “The day I met Jay was one of the best days of my life because I never thought I would work with someone so focused and inspiring about music outside of an occasional collaboration. He makes it look so effortless. All those hours in the studio and people still call him lazy because the pressure just melts off of him.”

He was aware that he was rambling. In truth, his frustrations had almost nothing to do with Jay but he couldn’t stop himself nor did it seem like you wanted him to. Your concentration was unwavering.

“Talking with Jay was like having clarity for the first time in years about what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to be just ‘Gray the producer’ or 'Gray the songwriter.’ I wanted to be in the center of it all; on stage, my stage, with my fans cheering me on.

"I know it sounds selfish but for once I wanted to write music for myself instead of watching someone else perform it. I was given an opportunity to do that and it was everything that I expected thanks to the guys…,” Gray’s thoughts trailed off momentarily. He looked up at you with a half smile but he could feel the sadness in his eyes betraying him.

“But now whenever I go into the studio to work on new stuff it’s like nothing comes out right. I just sit at my keyboard and my mind goes blank because nothing I write is good enough. I just choke.” He fidgeted with his hands out of frustration. “I never choke.”

His words were getting strained as he struggled to keep himself composed. It wasn’t pride that kept him from crying in front of you but rather his need to keep you as happy as possible. You weren’t completely separate from his work but you were about as uninvolved as he could manage to keep you. Spending time with you was his escape from those deadlines that he often overworked himself for and there were days when the promise of seeing you was the only thing that kept him going.

You jumped up from the couch without a word and quickly shuffled down the hallway. You were back before Gray could follow you with an old blanket folded haphazardly underneath your arm.

“Come with me.”

A confused Gray tilted his head questioningly.

“Where exactly are we going at this hour?”

“First of all, Gray, we live in Seoul: the city that actually never sleeps. Don’t believe what they say about New York City.” Gray rolled his eyes at you.

“You act like I’ve never been there.”

You rolled your eyes back at him. Gray was so sweet and soft spoken when you first met him that when he finally felt comfortable enough to show his stubborn, witty side you nearly toppled over in surprise. Part of you was infuriated by it but only a small part…

“Just trust me, Gray, okay?”

He begrudgingly got off the sofa and followed you to the roof of your apartment building. The nights were still warm enough to survive without a jacket and Gray couldn’t help but smile as you both took a moment to breathe in the fresh air. You spread the blanket out in your favorite spot; a carefully chosen place hidden from the exit of the stairwell but far enough away from the hvac fans so that you could hear someone coming.

“Lay down,” you said casually but when you saw Gray’s flustered reaction you couldn’t stop your cheeks from tingeing red.

“I pinky promise that I will be a complete gentleman, Lee Sunghwa,” you recovered. Though he still had questions for you, he grinned hearing you say his name and did as he was told. You laid next to him.

“What are we doing up here?” he asked in mock agitation.

“Shh. You are done talking for now.”

“I can manage that.”

You gave him a playful slap on the arm for making a joke at his own expense.

“Alright, now all you have to do is look up.”

He followed your directions. Gray could make out only a few stars at first. He stared up at the sky, listening to the rhythm of your breathing, feeling your arm innocently brush against his as you tried to get comfortable. He wouldn’t stop until you told him to and as his eyes combed the night sky he began to distinguish more and more stars.

His imagination filled in the rest until suddenly he was not looking at just a handful but rather thousands of feint lights dappling the horizon. The sight made Gray strangely aware of just how small he must look laying on the rooftop.

“You see it?”

“It’s stunning,” he said. “How often do you come up here?”

“Whenever I’m feeling stressed and laundry isn’t enough,” you said, earning a chuckle from Gray. “I don’t know why but there is something about it that helps me put my problems into perspective. It’s  really freeing to realize your own insignificance. That in the grand scheme of things my problems are so trivial and that my aspirations and failures are temporary.”

“So what you’re saying is that I should keep trying because I’m insignificant?”

“I know you’re not that dense,” you groaned. “What I’m saying is that you should keep trying even if you fail because failure is not what you’re going to be remembered for. Besides, the guys won’t let you fail, I won’t let you fail, and most of all you won’t let yourself fail.”

Gray felt the blush on his cheeks deepen at your words as he broke away from your gaze.

What I wouldn’t give to see the world through her eyes, he thought as he helped you fold the blanket. Maybe one day I’ll tell her how much I love her but for now I just want to make her proud.

“Everything ok?” You asked over your shoulder when you noticed he was lagging behind.

“Everything is… good." 

He liked the way that sounded.

AU where Bitty had to pick between a half-scholarship with the hockey team or a full ride with the Samwell cheerleaders.

He goes cheerleaders because of the extra money and because he is afraid of checking.

He has plenty of gymnastic training and he’s strong enough to do the lifts, but also small enough he can be lifted or thrown and that’s a pretty unique thing their team can do, so Bitty is kind of the wow factor of the routine they are working on.

And guess what? The Cheerleader frat house is right next to the Haus, in fact Bitty’s window faces Jack’s. (He’s living there because one of the girls bailed and decided to move with her boyfriend last minute, and -fic logic- Bitty didn’t end up with a dorm because of lost paperwork.)

He noticed Jack pretty quickly because, damn. That boy. Yes please.

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Could you do a tutorial on how to recreate the look of light refracting in water like this?

Sure, caustics, it’s not like it’s the most complicated effect known to CG graphics… Okay, so the first thing is that light effects never work in isolation: you need to be spot on with colors and other effects to make it work. So we first need to recreate the suroundings a bit.

We set up something simple with gradients. Some radial, some linear. The eraser mode works with gradients as well, so use that to your advantage!

We create a simple smudge brush by taking smudge_soft and adding scattering to it, as well as an s-curve on the smudge length.

And then we build up a quick base:

Note how the smudge brush here is used not just to mix areas, but also to create definition of borders by lowering the scatter.(If you reverse the pressure curve on the scatter, this’ll be easily done by increasing the pressure on the stylus)

Now for the real magic. Caustics are a bit hairy, which means it’s a good candidate for the sketch brush engine.

Take sketch_ink_big, and add pressure to the ‘line-width’ while setting ‘density’ under the brush-size to 100%. This makes it extra hairy.

Set the brush blending mode to ‘Color Dodge’, and select the color of our caustics. Color dodge will cause a move towards white by applying special dodge color maths to our brush dabs instead of the ‘normal’ avaraging color maths.

Outside of pressure for making varying strokes, glowiness for the light and extra density, we also want to have the size of the line decrease the further away it is…

Then, use the assistant editor tool to add a perspective grid. It doesn’t need to be perfectly in perspective, because we’ll only use it for the perspective sensor.

This will cause the brush to give smaller lines the further it registers on the perspective assistant.(It only works per single perspective assistant, making it not very good for chaining, but for our purpose this is good.)

Then you start slowly building up your lines. (Make sure to make a copy of the layer)(The color dodge blending doesn’t work well on a seperate layer, so do it on one that also has the ground on it).

Make sure to try and follow the shapes you made.(I failed at this) The great thing about the sketch brush is that it causes those little ‘melt-togethers’ where two lines cross. This is only per stroke, so make a lot of long ongoing strokes with this brush to make use of it.

Then take the gradient tool, and set the blending mode to color and the paint tool to a light blue, so we can get in the bluish atmospheric effect.

Then use the airbrush_pressure with the line tool to make some light-shafts of different sizes on a separate layer. (Don’t forget you can use the eraser mode to for subtle erasing with the line-tool as well)

Set the blending mode to color dodge and lower the opacity.

Finally, polush the piece with the airbush tool and some local color picking.

I hope this helps.

I tried playing a bit of TF2

Here are the classes that I tried out!


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He’s my most favourite TF2 character. He may be a bit vulnerable when trying to help/fight but he tries his best no matter what. I tried this class a few times but failed. I’ll do better next time!


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Also my favorite TF2 character. Scout’s faster and is capable of doing better hits. I used Scout a few times and never failed. I may’ve been knocked out a few times while playing the Scout but that’s okay.


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I don’t really depend on Spy much. He’s basically a weird, slow disguise-man, but does okay, from my perspective. I tried to sap some Sentries while being a Spy but ended up getting shot by the Engineer.


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Fair Dinkum m8! I played as Snipey and killed about 7-8 BLU members and pretty much it was scary as being bitten by a funnel-web spider.

A Reminder For Finding Mr. Right

I’m writing this for me, just so you know I’m not trying to spite you and you’re most likely never going to see this list but if you ever do, just know that this list is a reminder for me and I’m not trying to hurt you or call you out for doing all these things. I just need this to remind me of what I need in the future. 

1. I didn’t like that you didn’t get along with my friends. You always looked at my guy friends as competition when you should have seen them as your companions. You should have seen my friends as the support group that were there for me when you couldn’t. 

I will find someone that loves my friends and that my friends will love. 

2. I hated fighting with you. About the little things. We just fought constantly. We had different morals and didn’t agree. And the thing was we were both stubborn and head strong. I didn’t like how you handled me when we fought, you always ran off instead of trying to deal with it. 

I will live by “Never go to bed angry” and talk through every argument until there’s a solution

3. You never steered the wheel. Every decision, every thing we did you never took hold of the wheel. I’m tired of doing everything. 

I will find someone to share the wheel with

4. You didn’t like talking to me. You never called just to talk. You didn’t share your life with me. And you didn’t seem to care about what I had to share with you about my life. 

I will find someone that genuinely wants to know about my day and will share their life with me

5.  You never told me how you really felt, you bottled everything up and blew up in my face. You treated me like I was the enemy. You acted like I was your mother or brother, and like with them you lied to me. 

I will find someone that will be honest with me

6. You didn’t understand me or did you try to understand me. You didn’t hear me out or try to understand from my perspective. You failed to see why those things were important to me. 

I will find someone that respects the things that are important to me

7. You drove a wedge between me and my family. My family is crazy and intense but at the end of the day they are my family. You damaged my relationship with my mom and you didn’t think you were doing anything wrong. 

 I will find someone that respects my family and loves my family as much as me

8. I hated the person I was when I was with you. I had so many trust issues. I was the controlling girlfriend and I never wanted to be like that. 

I promise that I will not be that girlfriend again as long as he shows me that I can trust him

9. You made me vulnerable. You always pointed things out about me that I hated about myself. Sometimes you’d even say things like “Why can’t you be like that?” or “Why do you have to act like that”. 

I will find someone that loves me completely and won’t compare me to other girls

10. You didn’t appreciate me and everything I did. 

I will find someone that will find themselves lucky to have me

11. You weren’t there for me. I know that you have your own life and I have mine but when I needed you the most, you were selfish and you decided to leave me. 

I will find someone that will be there for me 

12. After some time, it felt like you didn’t love me anymore. That you only wanted me physically. I felt disposable and I shouldn’t feel that way. 

I will find someone that sees past the physicality and love me for me

13. You made me feel unwanted. I felt like you settled for me, like you were always looking for someone better. I felt like I was your safety net. 

I will find someone that sees me as their top priority

I’m not saying that I didn’t have any faults during our relationship because I definitely did. I thought you were the one but there were so many signs that showed me you weren’t even close to him. You made me happy for a little while but down the line you stopped and the sadness, the hurt, the bad outweighed the good. It just took me three years to realize. I promise I’ll realize a lot sooner with the next person. I’m sorry that we couldn’t be what each other needed.  I came to accept that we weren’t right for each other. It’s time for me to continue with my life. Even though I’ve accepted it, I don’t want you in my life, I’ll remember you as a lesson and nothing more. Thank you for the lesson.

Fireflies and Patience

Based on this imagine from @imaginexhobbit

Fili x Reader

Warning: Stupid amounts of fluff.

Word count: 1,492

Their laughter lifts your heart; the two fully grown Dwarves gambol about the moonlit meadow with clear jars, chasing clumsily after the fireflies floating on the slight breeze. You are stretched along the grass, propped up on your elbows as you watch Fili and Kili try their hardest to catch a few of the unfortunate bugs, but you are certain their racket and certain lack of finesse are driving them away.

“No, no, no! That way, Kee!”

Kili takes Fili’s direction and, in turning before his feet get the message, he trips and falls flat onto his front, the jar in his hand thudding to the ground, too. He glares up at you as a snort of laughter escapes your teeth, but that doesn’t dampen your mirth.

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈 <3 <3 <3 ;)

Awww thank you MJ!!! <3 I’m so flattered & honoured to be counted as one of your ten favourite followers ;///; 

This is going to be so awkward & cheesy so please do read with caution X’D

1) I never see foreign languages as a barrier but rather as something so intriguing & fascinating to learn. Of course it’s challenging & I’m basically dying right now trying to master 2 languages on a course that’s not even taught in my own mother tongue, but the new perspectives and understanding of cultures that we also gain through learning those languages will never fail to entertain me.   

2) My love for art; any kind really, from visual to performance arts. I feel like that helps me to be open-minded, embrace diversity, and think from new perspectives all the time. I can spend a whole day drawing & painting as well. It works like a meditation for me. 

3) I’m super punctual. If we ever set a time to meet up, you can be sure that I’ll be there on time 99% of the time, if not 5-10 mins earlier than that. This is also a bad point though, coz I have zero patience for people are always late ^^;;

4) I genuinely enjoy doing things for people I care for. It’s actually much more fulfilling for me to see other people happy from my actions than doing something good for myself. That’s why at one point I even consider studying hotel management until I realized that I probably won’t be able to stand obnoxious & rude guests XD

5) I’m usually very introverted and shy and I hate confronting people if it is not necessary, but I feel that recently I have come out of my shell a bit and have learned to fight a bit more for myself. Talking to strangers is a little easier and I don’t completely freak out every time I send an email or phone someone anymore. These are small steps, but I’m glad 4 years living away from the coziness of my family has taught me to become more independent. 

I don’t think I have up to 10 followers that I frequently talk to on tumblr so let me tag @marie-isidore , @orangememeegg , @neungelbesonnen , @mayu12 and just anyone who wants to do this tag coz positivity is always good & all my followers are precious to me <3 Thank you guys <3  

Self Doubt.

When I started college, being in engineering, I was surrounded by all of these brilliant people that knew a lot. They could solve problems like it was nobody’s business, and ace a test in a class that most engineering undergrads feared. I think we always admire who is better than us, and compare our weaknesses with somebody’s strengths, and that is what creates the self doubt. Self doubt is obviously doubting yourself, but it’s more than that, you’re doubting your potential. You don’t think you’re good enough.

I sometimes believe that the doctor dream is way too far away. I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, and I just can’t do it. I can’t seem to picture myself in a white coat at the white coat ceremony. I can’t seem to see myself prescribing medications to my patients. I can’t seem to detect proper diagnosis for my patients. I might even make a mistake in med school, like maybe bombing a simple exam, or maybe not passing the USMLE, and then I won’t obtain a residency. 

Of course self doubt is also admiring that every other premed has their life under control and is making the best grades, and that in the end we’re the only ones that are struggling, and the only ones that are considering to give up. 

Very few people can imagine themselves as a doctor. Most can imagine themselves as something else. 

“I can’t see myself as a doctor or as a surgeon, but this is the only thing that I want.” The human body is an amazing machine. I want to take care of my patients and give them the best care possible. I want to make an impact on other people’s lives by bettering them when they are broken.

In the end, you have to realize that you have potential. So you want this dream? Work twice as hard as the guy next to you to get the grade that you want. It doesn’t matter if it takes you twice as long to get the material, as the other guy sitting next to you who sleeps in class and just “gets it.” You have potential, you just need to work a little harder than some, and that is okay. I used to think I was stupid because I didn’t get things as fast as others. I do still think this at times When this happens, remind yourself, “you got this, you know more than you think you know, breathe, go forward.” 

Transforming into a doctor doesn’t happen straight away. It is a process. It’s okay to feel doubtful and unsure. You will fail, you will fall. It’s about getting back up, and trying again. 

To have self doubt is something that’s reaching out to you on a personal intimate level. It’s you looking at yourself from a third perspective saying do you have what it takes to finish this? Do you have what it takes to make it happen? That is very personal. You have to feel so strongly about something to have that emotion come up. Does it mean that it’s not meant to be? Not at all. 

You’re your number one supporter, and what you tell yourself, you will believe. So believe that you can. 

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

Keisuke blinked in confusion as she stared at the ninken-carrying teammate in her doorway. “You need me to dog-sit?”

Pakkun sighed in exasperation under his summoner’s arm. How humiliating, being treated like a common dog in need of a human to watch after him. Still, he said nothing as Kakashi lifted him up closer to his chest. He knew why he’d really been brought here, and he wouldn’t complain about a couple days of pampering…

“Pakkun has a sprained paw and Tsume said he’ll have to stay off of it for a couple weeks,” Kakashi explained. “I don’t want to send him back with the other summons while he’s hurt, but I’m going out of the village for a mission.”

“Oh, poor Pakkun!” Kei scooped the pug out of Kakashi’s arms, and a set of fingers was immediately scratching that spot behind his ear that could put him right to sleep. “How’d you manage to get hurt?”

“Sparring with Obito,” Kakashi answered for him. “He’ll be fine, but I hope you don’t mind him staying here for a couple days.”

“Of course I don’t,” Kei said, her attention now entirely on the ninken. “You’re always welcome here, Pakkun. Besides, Hayate’s team has a C-rank outside the village tomorrow, so you’ll be good company. Tell you what, I’ll get some sausages from the market later. By the time Kakashi’s back, you won’t even want to leave.”

Pakkun grinned and leaned into her scratches. “Keep scratching my ear like that and I’ll stay whenever you want.”

Kei laughed and Kakashi coughed quietly, getting her to look back at him.

“Sorry!” Kei said. “I won’t hold you up from your mission. We’ll be fine here.”

Kakashi was silent for a moment, and Pakkun could tell he was trying to think of something else to add. Apparently, he hadn’t really thought this visit out beyond dropping off his ninken to his dog-obsessed teammate. He settled for saying “Oh… Uh, thanks. I guess I’ll get going.”

Pakkun sighed. The kid was hopeless. It was going to take a lot more than “please watch my dog” to get Kei’s attention – or at least the kind he wanted.

Kei apparently could tell that something was on his mind, because she added sincerely, “You don’t need to worry about Pakkun. I’ll take great care of him. Promise.”

“Thanks,” Kakashi said quietly. “See you in a few days.”

He started to turn away when she called his name. “Be safe out there.”

With a faint blush creeping across his cheeks, Kakashi nodded at her over his shoulder and took off.

Kei shut the door behind him and brought Pakkun over to a nice cushion on her couch. “Looks like it’s just you and me,” she said as she sat down beside him. “I hope he doesn’t worry about you too much.”

Pakkun briefly wondered if all human teenagers were so clueless but got over it when belly rubs were offered. He’d probably have a grumpy Kakashi – his subtle attempts for her attention having failed again – on his paws when he got back, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy all of the attention himself for a couple days.


Not entirely pleased with this, but I wanted to try Pakkun’s perspective. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Oh my god I love it! And the fact that Kakashi obviously has less idea of what he should be doing here than Pakkun does. :D

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Bukowski is a pretty notorious misogynist and a staple of pseudo intellectual men... embarrassing move on Harry's part bringing him up at all TBH

While I don’t necessarily disagree on your judgment of Bukowski, I do think you’re doing a disservice to Harry by just reducing his interest to that perspective. “Problematic” does not mean that something should just be ignored or discarded. There is value in grappling with material you disagree with to try to understand why some people find value there and what that means. I think if you just judge anyone who finds meaning in something you find “embarrassing” then you’re only denying yourself an appreciation of the full complications of life and creating a bubble of ignorance that fails to understand people as complex individuals with different perspectives on the world. That doesn’t mean you have to approve of those different perspectives, but, to me, rejecting any engagement with those perspectives is a sign of intellectual shallowness TBH.

For yet unknown reasons beta design of N was circling around my head so I turned him into personal experimental buddy for weird palettes and perspective practice.

Such a delight.

MODEST! Management


External image

The first two comments was from a photo perrie (perrieeele) posted on her instagram. And the other comments are from a guy’s instagram posting where he said Eid Mubarak to his followers I guess and Zayn answered on the comments. I can honestly see the difference in the texts and we all know how Zayn always tweets, and how modest fails.

TCA Backstage footage

External image

This Gif is from TCA (teens choice awards) where Zayn and Perrie was “all loved up”. I don’t know if this GIF will move because it doesnt to me right now but anyways, if it doesn’t I’ll explain it now, There was some fans who recorded this when TCA was on commercial and they both looked kind of uncomfortable at first and they just looked awkward too look at, Zayn looked around like he was bored, perrie sat next to Jade (on of her bandmates from little mix) and they talked, she said something to zayn and i think they smiled about it but after that, everything went to ‘Awkward Mode’ then perrie looks around and spotted a fan filming their “moment” and then she leans on his shoulder, at first I thought she whispered something to him but I just looked closely to the video and she didn’t she just laid her head on hi shoulder keep gazing at the girl who recorded it.  Zayn thought she was going to say something so he leaned his ear towards her face but when she didn’t say anything he leaned back and she sat up straight. Anyways after that they started to talk and then TCA begun with an performance by someone, and then they started genuinelly talk about it and Zayn pointed and stuff, There was one time when Zayn said something to perrie, he got close to her ear but when she turned around they were in a kissing “position” so Zayn backed away quickly, and re-telled what he said earlier. Don’t believe me? Here is a GIF of that too

External image

Here is a picture too

External image

Anyways moving on from that, too one of my favorite parts of this post.


Zerrie Paris trip

External image

Ok let’s start. We got this footage was taken by some paparazzi(?) I don’t know and I don’t actually care (let’s hope this gifs move because it’s IMPORTANT for you guy’s too see what that girl in red jacket does) Ok so there is two “bodyguards” or 2 men from management(?) who  

were there with Zerrie on their loved up trip, one of them took a photo of them, with a camera, and when two photos were taken, Zayn kissed perrie then quickly after that he whipped his mouth and took the camera away from the man and checked on the photo. Then this is where my favorite part comes. This lady in red jacket (who is obviously from management) gives those men them a thumbs up (signaling that they can now move on to the next stop) Perrie and those men keep looking back at that woman waiting for her signal, at some point it looked like Perrie was going towards her but then quickly looked up at the Eiffel tower (as a quick save) and then went back to Zayn. When those men got the thumbs up signal they started to walk away keep looking back towards that women. Now you have to be really fast because she does this quite quick, she does it twice. She tried to play it off in front of the cameras but we caught her. There is a video on this if you want to see the whole video if you can’t catch the thumbs up thing. You can just search on Zerrie in paris on youtube and it’ll pop up.  

OMG! So I just got this theory that the girl in the video with the red jacket might be Katie David, she works for modest and it kind of look like her anyways, look

External image
External image

They are more alike than I thought and (if you are a LArry shipper you know who this woman is) But i can explain a bit for you guy’s if you don’t know who that is. As many Larry shippers believe (so do I) that Larry is fake and El and Louis relationship is fake, there are many proofs to that I might add, and Katie here, follows El and loueh everywhere on their “dates” and on twitter she only follows one direction, louis and harry, she’s like a bacteria you can’t get rid off, she is everywhere when it comes to Larry and honestly it irritates me, and now she appears with Zerrie? that makes me believe that the relationship is more PR than ever. Well I don’t actually know if it’s her so don’t jump on be being like “ IT’S NOT HER” becuase Im myself not certain but it sure does look like her.

So that’s about it on this part. let’s move on.

Tweets & Shit

External image

Here we go. How dumb does Management think we are? Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed that management still haven’t learned from their mistakes. They can’t photoshop, they can’t even make tweets seem reliable. When in the name of One Direction has Zayn ever wrote “z” or even “Big love”? That’s all managements work, and perrie happily answered the tweet that she couldn’t be happier as well and blablabla, Everyone knew that that tweet actually wasn’t from Zayn because Zayn never write z on his tweets because he is the ONLY one on his twitter not like little mix where they have to write who writes what. That’s how we know that it’s management they write on little mix accounts too and here are some examples (FAILS)

External image
External image

That’s not even it, What annoyes me is that why is Zayn so passionate about his “beautiful fiancé” on magazines and tweets, when in all damn interviews when they bring her up he looks like this?  

External image

And his bandmates looks like they’ve heard some bad news. Especially Liam.

External image

External image

That’s not a very happy face now is it? You might tell me now that he is tired of all the interviews asking him about that and stuff, well he knew that this would happen why would he even proposed if he wasn’t ready? I’m not going to get into this because my next post is going to be about Zerrie’s Engagement. Anyways all the boys get irritated about the subject and they don’t even support zayn seriously? And even perries band mates are tired of all the bullshit she says and the actual subject.

External image

External image


Moving on because their faces got me to actually feel something towards the subject. (or not idk)

Let’s move on to their Photoshop skills shall we? (I don’t care if they are the ones who photoshop or not, but i like to blame things on modest)

External image

External image

External image

External image

Well? have something to say? IF the relationship was real and they were the “cutest couple” in the world why do they have to photoshop pictures of them? IF they were a real couple they could just take cute selfies like these?

External image

They don’t have to photoshop picture of them to prove to us that they are real, wait, why do they even think that they should PROVE to us that they are real? relationships aren’t there for making people jealous it’s about a couple being in love and all management does is force it in our faces, making pictures of them, and posting old photos of them, so we BELIEVE that they are with each other, and of course one direction get’s new fans every single day and those whom haven’t heard of Little mix will of course do that because they throw them in our faces along with Zayn, just to clarify that HE is her BOYFRIEND. We already know stop throwing it in our faces. And perrie is getting caught up in her lies that she tells interviews, she always tells interviews some different shit (same old shit but a different day NANANANANANNANA I KNOOOW IKNOOW, just kidding let’s go back to where we were) She once told an interview she’s looking at wedding gowns and then at a different interview she says that she doesn’t have time, and it’s been a huge talk about the wedding theme and she tells different shit all the time about that too. anyways I couldn’t care less of the wedding that nevers going to happen.


Zerrie Animals

External image

External image

They got Zerrie pets almost exactly one year apart, don’t you think that’s weird? this isn’t the first time this incident has happened. It also happened to harry, look at this

External image

Modest you fail AGAIN. See what I’m trying to put down here? Everything is always planned, they wait for the right time to do everything, it’s all organized. And the Zerrie pets? I honestly don’t know what to believe, sometimes I actually do have doubts about them being real but then modest always fails and we find a loophole where the truth is hiding out. The more they are trying the more we realize it’s fake.

Thanks for reading, reblogging, liking and following me. I’m not here to hate on Perrie, little mix or anyone I love Zayn and One direction to BITS and I like Little mix they are actually good and talented. I only created this blog to make people realize that this is (or at least seems) a fake relationship and we do have proof non-zerrie shippers don’t hate on perrie because she is with zayn or that we are JEALOUS, that’s not what this is about, I want people to see this from another perspective, don’t always believe everything that’s on the surface, you have to look deeper and that’s at least what Im trying to do. Thanks.

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Hey! So, ivenbeen working on writing a novel (I have my heart set on this one though I say that about everything I try to write) and I want to do it from multiple characterscharacter's POVs, But, eachntime I try something I like to switch up what's happening a bit, and... I fail. Any tips?

Using Third Person Multiple POV

5 Tips for Writing Multiple POVs

Handling Multiple POVs

Random tips:

  1. Make sure their perspective is needed in the story. If it’s not, cut it out.
  2. Don’t repeat the same scene from different character’s point of views.
  3. Have a good reason on wanting multiple POVs. Make it compliment, not complicate, your story.
  4. Don’t confuse your readers. Ground them when they start a new chapter so they know who they’re with and where they’re at.

Good luck! And as always, no advice is exactly and perfectly right all the time. Try it out, try it your way, and see what works best for your story.