i was trying to distract myself from homework

moon-fairy-sarah  asked:

Do you have any tips on fasting? I really want to lose 15 pounds but idk how to control myself

try restraining yourself first. if you go from eating 2k calories a day to not eating you will only make it harder for yourself. cut a few hundred calories from your diet each day änd when you eat around 5-800 kcals you can start fasting. thats what i usually do. when youre fasting please dont go more than a day after each other. as for controlling yourself try to keep yourself distracted at all times. read a book, do homework, write, draw, paint, go for a walk, exercise. if you end up not doing anything youll just start thinking about how hungry you are. drink lots of water when youre hungry. be safe, and if you abselutley must eat, try celery. its not that good but 100g of celery is only 16 calories. i know, its insane.