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Thank You for 1000 Followers!


I’ve hit a major milestone this week. Never did I imagine when I created this blog a couple years ago I would actually reach 1000 followers. There’s a one thousand of you following little ol’ me. 

These last few months have been significant in my creative growth. This past winter was a very dark time for me as I tried to figure out who I want to be (and yes even at thirty it’s okay to be trying to find yourself in this crazy thing called life). I feel more inspired than ever to continue writing, and to showcase more of my illustrations. 

I guess on that note, you may have seen an increase of mature content on my blog. You will be seeing an increase in mature content going forward but it will be tagged properly so you can blacklist it if this is something you wish to avoid.

Here is what is coming down the pipeline for my blog:

1) An Art shop! I will be opening pre-orders sometime this spring for charms and stickers for my illustrations. (Please keep me in your thoughts as I navigate this new world of art)

2) More Threads of Fate. For those who are following, we still have quite a bit of content to go through before the story is over!

3) More Mature/Explicit Content. Headcanons, one-shots, and art! I’m still fairly shy but my confidence in producing this content is growing. Please be patient with me as I fill up the sin bin.  Like I said earlier, I will be making sure this stuff is tagged properly so you can blacklist if needed. 

So I’m going to take a moment to give a few shout-outs to a couple people I wish I could hug. You guys have left such a positive impact on my life. 

@vergiliaux - Thank you for being so supportive and inspiring me to grow as an sinner artist/writer. Also thank you for being such a supportive sinful tumblr-husbando 8D lol

A huge shoutout to mysme senpais @mintykoi @vess-hs @godd707 @elleellenic  @arashi-chan12 @zombolouge

@jylcie - Thank you for being such a wonderful co-author and my internet unnie! I love our wordbaby Threads of Fate and I look forward to us finishing the store and writing even more together!

@blissfullyintoxicated @11daysofhell @mirror-alchemist - Thank you for always messaging me and showing such enthusiasm for my writing. Your kind words motivate me. <3

@casualpastelgay @serensama @hachig4tsu @fromthedeskofelizabeththird you guys are new friends in my life and I can’t wait to know better!

@ikazon & @sydere - thank you for being there when times have been rough.

I’m sure I’ve missed some people (sorry my memory is awful T_T) but to all of my friends and muses - Thank you for being there and you know how much I love you.

Thank you for Mystic Messenger and the Mystic Messenger Fandom for being one of the nicest fandoms I have been a part of. Mystic Messenger was what re-ignited my passion for creativity. You guys are stuck with me being a primarily Mystic Messenger blog I’m afraid. I’m too knee deep in Mysme Hell to ever get out. 

And also thank you to all 1029 who are there following me, thank you for all of the positive comments about the stuff I create. I read through every note, reblog, comment and you don’t know how happy it makes me knowing my art/writing/shitposting is creating an impact somewhere. 

I’m so, so humbled. Excuse me while I go grab some tissues. T_T 


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also what do you think was going through evens mind when he saw them making out? /post/155598845063/nalle-you-need-to-give-it-up-had-about-enough

Actually, @shameforskam wrote some really excellent tags on a post I wrote about that episode. So, I want to start with those because I need to talk about Isak in order to talk about Even (this starts with the Sonja reveal at the end of 2.10 going into 3.10):

#i always viewed his reaction to sonja as him telling himself #everything was fake just me being the fucked up person i am #but he already knows he’s gay #he can’t really avoid it #just try and convince himself he’s not /that/ gay and can hide it #so that’s why he goes back to emma #because he does act like he’s interested in emma #he flirts with her and makes her think he’s interested #and then the pregame happens #and he just wants to avoid even because even reminds him of all the things he can’t hide forever #he stares at him when he walks in because he can’t help it #he’s gone for him #but it’s also a challenge #like you are fucking with my mind i don’t think you realize but you are and i kinda hate you #and he’s like fuck i can’t keep being gay for you because you have a girlfriend and are therefore /not attracted to guys/ #because isak has a very narrow view of sexualities #i don’t think he registers multiple gender attraction identities as a thing #(because he doesn’t have that) #so he kisses emma to try and block everything out #block even out #be straight #and then even fucking interrupts them #and his face is just #fuck oh my god leave me alone #i’m trying to forget you #and then all the rest of shit in the post happens (shameforskam)

I totally agree, that’s exactly how I see the look between them. They can’t keep their eyes off each other and Isak kind of hates that. 

Even has a girlfriend and this is all going fucking nowhere and he feels like a idiot for getting caught up in this in the first place. So he visibly says ‘fuck this’ and chugs his beer and leans over to hook up with Emma and forget. And I think Even very well picks up that ‘fuck this thing with you’. And since he does like Isak, he’s not gonna let that stand. He’s not going to let himself be blocked out and forgotten. He won’t let Isak do that at all this episode: he tries to kiss Emma but Even comes crashing in, he closes his eyes to block him out on the dancefloor but Even stays to be with him, he refuses to meet his eyes but Even keeps moving closer and closer… Even does not let Isak let go of him.

…plus, I think Even does feel a bit of rivalry with Emma. She crashed their first meeting and refused to be pushed out, she’s pursuing this boy he’s a thing for since the first day of school and she’s just blithely going for it without any of strings tangling him up. So I do think there’s some pure jealousy in Even plopping himself down onto that couch and getting between them.

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It’s going to be based off of @chinxe‘s incredible Superhero AU art yes!!!

I have a lot of this AU planned out already but I don’t want to give too much away,,,, that art should tell you which one of them is the vigilante, though ;)


okay so… apparently my tags didn’t work the first time I posted this.. so we’re trying again, fingers crossed🤞🏼
📸first pic: ignore my dirty mirror putting fluff on my nose, otherwise I was feelin myself
📸second pic: all smiles because bellarke + squad will be back on my screen tonight🙌🏼😍

posting super early because I’ll be avoiding tumblr for the most part later tonight (can’t watch live) and only going to my mentions to reblog all your lovely faces❤

also warning - I overdid it with the tags.. BUT, today is a day to be extra af so I don’t really care. love you all & let me see your beautiful faces🤗🤗 unfortunately the read more isn’t a thing now because I’m pretty sure it screwed up my tags last time

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This is a SWTOR/KOTET Positive Blog

With the imminent release of the KotET expansion, I feel like I should get this out there right now, because there’s enough negativity out there regarding swtor and its expansions already. And yeah, it has its flaws. Some pretty major ones. I don’t always agree with the direction the dev team has decided to take.

But it’s a game. And I love it. I love it to pieces. So regardless of what comes, I’m going to try to focus on the positive and brush away the negative. That’s what you can expect from me.

(Also going to try to avoid spoilers, but if I have to gush about something, I’ll tag under #kotet spoilers

I started writing the fem!Johnlock Salem Witch Trials fanfic because I’m trying to avoid my Feelings™ about all the new Content and subsequent angsty metas (which are actually killing me y’all; please, let me rest) and the first chapter is up on AO3 now. I’m going to tag everyone who liked, reblogged, or answered my ask post about whether anyone would want to read the fic when it was ready, just in case you’re still interested in the idea!

Here it is:

Lux et Tenebrae

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do you ever get the feel that Yvette wasnt meant to survive, because if she was, maybe she’d have had an updated model by the time we saw her again?

Which is too bad, because I can easily see her shouldering a shotgun and going out to do what needs to be done to help keep all those people alive. The Children of Helios may try to avoid guns when it comes to conflict resolution, but they still gotta eat, you feel?

The time to sin is so close... *0*

So… I’ve noticed that the sin week for both MCL and Eldarya is coming and decided to at least try to take part in it. And you, dear otome lovers are going to help me with this~

I am asking of you to share your candies and guardiennes with me along with their love interests and possibly what exactly you would like to see… pose for instance

I’m planning to doodle those hopefully juicy ideas of yours (picked ones, I guess) and tag them in the right way, which is #MCL sin week or #Sindarya & #Eldarya sin week + #NSFW while avoiding the main tags to save the poor younger souls playing those games.

Reblog this post & spam my inbox. I am just so looking forward to 21th~!

PS. To my followers: I am asking if ANYONE wants me to hide the drawings under the cut as I’ve done up till now or not. If I won’t get any request to hide those, I may just stop hiding all of the juicier pictures and submitting them the best resolution way. :v

Boyfriend Does My Make Up

“Can I do your make up?”

I look up from my phone screen to the doorway of the bedroom. My boyfriend, Joe, stood there, both hands on opposite sides of the frame as he leaned forward.

“What?” I had been sitting on the bed, scrolling through some social media while he worked on his laptop in the living room.

“For a video. The whole ‘boyfriend does girlfriend’s make up’ tag thats been going around.” He explains, moving in to the room to flop on to the bed by my feet. “Zoe reckons I’d be rubbish at it.”

“So naturally you have to prove her wrong.”

“Only because I know I won’t be rubbish.” Joe points a finger at me, a confident smirk on his face. I nudge his side with my foot and he squirms, trying to avoid being tickled.

“Don’t be too confident, Sugg. How much do you actually know about make up?”

He shifts to sit up, leaning on one elbow, the hand not supporting him runs through his hair. “I grew up with the Zoella, and I live with you. I think I’ll manage.”

I raise an eyebrow at him and then shake my head. “Fine. I’ll do it. Get set up while I clean my face and grab everything.” I nudge him once more with my foot before getting up and heading to the bathroom.

About half an hour later we are sat on the bed, a camera and lights in front of us, as well as a small table with my various make up products displayed.

“Hello everybody! Today I am joined by the lovely Y/N, many of may recognize her. She’s a pretty big deal around here.” Joe starts the video, and I can’t help but smile at his words.

“Hi guys!” I offer a little wave, smiling into the camera.

“I have somehow managed to convince Y/N to let me do her make up, for the ‘boyfriend does my make up tag.’” Joe continues, explaining what the video will be.

“Don’t lie Joe,” I say to him before turning to the camera. “He was challenged by his sister. Zoe thinks he’ll be rubbish at this.”

“I won’t!”

“I agree with her.” I continue, as if he hadn’t spoken, smiling.

“Hey! Hmph,” Joe crosses his arms and pouts. “No one believes in me.”

I laugh and pat his shoulder sympathetically. “Come on, babe. Let’s start this challenge.”

Joe nods and uncrosses his arms while he looks at the selection in front of him. “First comes…concealer. Right?” He glances at me quickly, but I just shrug and keep my lips closed. Part of the challenge was to not help. I watch as his face turns into one of concentration as he picks up a product and a brush, and then turns to face me.

The video continues, and for the most part, Joe does end up choosing the right products. Not that I give him any sign of that, instead I make small comments to tease him, and he’s just as quick to reply, meaning most of the video consists of us laughing.

“And finally…the lips. Hmm, what colour…” Joe consults the different colours I had supplied him before deciding. He grabs it and opens it, revealing a bright pink I had only bought for a costume, and actually had forgotten about.

“Oh no, not that one!” I exclaim, lifting my hands as if to prevent him.

“You put it in the pile, love, fair game.” He smirks, using one hand to move my arms while the one holding the lipstick moves closer to my face. “Now do that weird fish pucker lip thing.”

I sigh in defeat before doing as he asks, feeling the sticky, cheap lipstick be applied to my lips.

“And done!” Joe tosses the closed lipstick back on to the table and reaches to grab the mirror. As he does that, I turn to the camera and offer a fake, exaggerated smile to show of his handiwork. “Time for the reveal. Hopefully she doesn’t break up with me.” Joe says to the camera before holding up the mirror for me to see myself.

When I do, a burst of laughter escapes me. “Joe! What did you do?” I manage to get out while looking at myself. I thought he was doing good when he had been grabbing the correct products, but apparently thought to highly of him, because he had made me look crazy. “Is that eyeliner around my lips? And why is the blush so heavy?” I turn my gaze from the mirror to his face, and he’s just sitting there grinning at me.

“I think you look great, this should be your new daily look.” Joe tells me, laughing a bit himself.

“Oh, you think so? then you better get used to this.” I say, and lean forward to place a kiss on his cheek. I pull back to reveal a bright pink lip print where I had kissed, Joe makes a face and lifts a hand to wipe it off, only smearing it. He groans as he looks at the pink smudge now also on his hand.

“Uhh, maybe not with that lipstick.” Joe looks around for something to wipe his hand on, but besides our clothes and the blanket, there’s nothing. Realizing this, he simply puts his hand on his knee, palm up so he doesn’t get more lipstick all over.

“I think it’s safe to say that Zoe, and Y/N, were right. I was rubbish at this.”

“You think?” I scoff, looking at myself in the mirror again, but put it down quickly, unable to handle looking at the mess my loving boyfriend had made.

“Oh shush. You still look beautiful.” He wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me closer. “Thanks to Y/N for allowing me to do this, and thank you to my sister for making me do this. Zoe, if I get kicked out, I’m coming to live with you.” He points at the camera, and I shake my head with a smile on my face. “Thanks for watching. Remember to like and subscribe. And I will see you all next week with another Sugg Sunday Special!” Joe closes out as we both wave, as he stands up to stop recording, I let out a groan.

“You are never allowed to do my make up again, Joe.” I tell him, heading to the bathroom to wash it all off. He follows me in after he turns off all the equipment, leaning against the frame as he crosses his arms.

“I just need practice!” I glare at him while I spread my face cleanser across my cheeks. “Okay, fine. I won’t.” He gives in. As I finish washing my face, drying it off with a towel, I feel him wrap his arms around my waist, his head resting on my shoulder. Joe kisses my cheek softly as I meet his eyes in the mirror. “Whether you have all that make up on, or have none on, you still look beautiful to me, love.”

I smile at him, turning my head to kiss him properly. “Thank you, Joseph. But you still owe me for filming that.” I say before walking out of the bathroom, leaving a laughing Joe standing in there.

KNB LAST GAME IS TOMORROW AND I’m going to try to avoid spoilers, so I probably won’t be active here much until I get to watch the film myself next month. Please tag your spoilers. ;v;” I’ll be blacklisting all Last Game posts…probably. _(:’D/ This is torture…. but I don’t want my experience to be ruined. dakfjdsf

It breaks my heart that whenever I try and click the sebaciel tag to find new contents, I see a lot of hate posts instead. If you don’t like the ship or if it makes you uncomfortable then please avoid tagging it in your post. This way we could all live in peace, you can go about and continue ranting your hate and people like me who scrolls through the tag could actually enjoy it for once.. Thanks.

Less Talked About Symptoms

Hi all,
So I have been thinking for a bit of posting some of fibromyalgia’s less talked about symptoms/comorbid disorders for a while, but due to the more intimate nature of it, I had been hesitant, especially since I didn’t want to trigger anyone .

Recently I have gotten a few questions of this nature, and it seems an important thing to discuss (especially since it isn’t really talked about at all). So I am going to start posting some of these things, starting tomorrow. 

I will try to tag everything, and if there is anything that you would like me to tag for future and I haven’t, let me know. All posts of a more intimate nature will have the tag #tmi tw and #nsfw for all who want to avoid.

I’ve not been active on here much lately, not because I’ve given up yet again, but because I’m desperately trying to avoid Once Upon a Time spoilers, and some people just don’t know how to tag their posts! :D

Originally posted by xxtrash-daddyxx

I’ve actually been doing quite well. I’ve held off on weighing myself, because I don’t want to become disheartened if things aren’t going as quickly as I want them to be. But I passed two milestones last week: 

1) I meal prepped. This has never before been a part of my vocab let alone my daily routine, but I sat down and planned all my meals for the week, went out and shopped and then got to cooking. I now have two kinds of lunches planned for this week, so I don’t get bored, and today I’m having spicy chicken, black beans and quinoa with a kale and orange salad. I actually really like both kale and black beans, but I’ve never really bought either before. I’m never going to grow to love quinoa (it’s certainly no substitute for yummy rice!), but I don’t dislike it, so it’s fine. I’m hoping the oranges in my salad will help me stop kraving something sweet after meals. 

2) I went to the cinema and didn’t eat my own weight in snacks. To me, a trip to the cinema has always been synonymous with a large coke and an even larger bag of pick and mix sweets. But this time I opted for a fizzy water and a small bag of sugared almonds, which is not exactly health food, but it was a small portion, so I couldn’t go overboard, and almonds have at least some semblance of nutritional value. So, not too shabby I think. 

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I just inadvertently got spoiled for basically the entire plot of the movie Get Out by an untagged post with no spoiler warnings. :( I had been trying to avoid any information about that movie, because someone told me it was better if you knew almost nothing about it going into it, and I would have skimmed past that post if the word ‘spoiler’ had been anywhere in the tags or if there’d been a simple ‘spoilers ahead’ at the beginning of the post. Sigh. 

Anchor (Isaac Lahey One Shot)

This was requested! I’m on mobile rn but I will tag everything when I get home, have a nice day everyone xxx

You kept your head down as you walked down the quiet hallways of BHHS, you had stayed late after school, trying to avoid going home and being alone. You were bullied badly in school, and your parents didn’t care about you enough to make sure you were alright. Every night after school you would sit on the cold tiles of the bathroom with your razor and add more lines to the collection on your wrist. You were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t see where you were going and ran straight into someone’s chest, all your books tumbling from your arms and onto the floor. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” You said as you kneeled next to your books, starting to pick them up. “It’s alright” you looked up to see Isaac Lahey kneeling across from you, helping gather the books. He used to be abused, but then his dad died and be starting hanging out with Scott McCall and his friends. “No it was my fault, I didn’t look where I was going.” You said with a light smile as you reached for a book, not noticing your jumper sleeve ride up. Isaac grabbed your wrist, flipping it over. “What’s that?” He said, looking at one of the many scars that littered your wrist. “It’s nothing.” You tried to pull away, but Isaac kept a grip on your wrist. With his other hand he pulled up your sleeve, revealing a battle field of old and new scars. He looked at you, his eyes filled with sadness “why?” He croaked out.
“I have a lot of shit going on in my life.” You whisper as tears began to leak out of your eyes. Isaac pulled you into his chest, rubbing your back soothingly as you cried. After that day you and Isaac where inseparable, doing everything together. You knew he was a werewolf, and helped him control his shifts. He never told anyone, not even you, but you were his anchor. He stopped focusing on his father and started focusing on you whenever he was about to lose control. Isaac was your anchor in a way as well, after meeting him you never self harmed again, the bullying seemed to stop and you had a group of friends. Your parents started to interact with you more as well. Which is why ever time you hug Isaac you whisper a tiny little “thank you” into his chest.

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How do you feel about Gaston/Lefou/Stanley?

Ok so here comes a seemingly unpopular opinion

I do not like any ship with Gaston in it. If you ship it that’s totally fine with me I won’t go around posting hate or anything, I just try to avoid it if I can. The Gaston/lefou situation is just extremely similar to something that I’ve been through this past year so pretty much any ship with him in it makes me uncomfortable. 

I just want to clarify: If you ship Gaston/Lefou or Gaston/Lefou/Stanley I’m not coming after you or hating on your ship. Those particular ships are just not for me :)

i tried going in unrelated tags to avoid the dan spam but every time i see that little blue notification pop up i feel a need to go back to the dash and check again

someone save me from myself pls

im probably only making things worse at this point but i need to find someone i can talk to and right now the only person i can think of to go to would be my mom and if i told her that i’m sad because of something dan said she’s probably gonna at least try and make me stop watching his videos and i don’t want that i just don’t want to see his face right now and also maybe get to talk one on one to someone who can reassure me and tell me that i’m not a horrible person 


Alright so in anticipation of me getting to play the first 10 hours starting tomorrow I’m giving y’all a heads up as to what tags I’m using for Andromeda. 

#ME:A, #Andromeda, #ME:A spoilers, #Andromeda Spoilers

I WILL be using all four tags for any ME:A related posts from here on out. I’ll try not to post too much content until after the official release date (I’ll probably be too busy playing anyway lmao). 

I’m trying to avoid spoilers myself, so if I’m less active in the coming weeks that’s why. Fun fact: I avoided tumblr for an entire year so that I could go without getting DAI spoiled…this won’t be nearly to that extent. I just won’t be using mobile so that limits my tumblr time to when I get home from work and weekends (which is also the same time that I’ll have to use to play ME:A).

Just 6 days to go until launch! 


WHAT~WHAT~WHAT?!?!? (^O  [  ] O)^ what is this NOT KYLUX content?!?! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD well~ brace yourselves followers… i’m going to start doing my best to post different stuff at least once a week! (-^ __^-) this is suppose to be my drawing blog, not JUST a kylux blog! so… i’m gonna try not to be afraid to do that! (O wO) <3 if you’d like to blacklist future content that isn’t kylux i guess i’ll tag it with “pidgy likes stuff”??? so yes! no need to fear if you’d like to avoid other stuff! (-^ w^-)

anyway! (O vO) before ever coming to Tumblr i had spent the entire season one run of the anime Osomatsu-san laughing my ass off with my friend every episode!!! we’d call each other up the second we’d finished watching it and just laugh till we cried! XD Some of you might recognize this as the art that was my original banner when i first started out here!!! anyway~ my friend’s favourite brother was Karamatsu and mine is Ichimatsu! So i made this because of our love for them!!! <3 <3 <3 i used the exact color pallet from the show, hence the bright blue line art! (-^ O^-) i can’t wait to re-watch it all before season two! <3