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You and suga were just sitting on his bed talking, at a moment he made you laugh and because this boi is so soft he would just look at you without saying anything, smiling. Like this would be the moment he knew you were the one.

« Hey do I have something on my face or ? »

« No no, you’re just beautiful when you laugh »


then you would probably hit him playfully on his arm and this shit would end up in a cute make out session.


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Y’all know taehyung is not a very good cook lol, so I think he would realize he loves you when you were cooking something for him. Like he would watch you being super concentrated, sticking your tongue out a little bit and just be shook by how much he loves you. So this soft piece of shit would hug you from behind and whisper sweet nothings in your ears while kissing you softly.

« Hey I’m trying to make you something good here, stop distracting me ! »


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jin would take you on a date, like fancy restaurant and shit and wait for you to be ready.

« You’re taking way too much time [Y/N] »

Then you would just come out of the bathroom looking amazing like in a beautiful red dress giiiirl, this boi would be shook af and drop his keys on the floor. He would feel so lucky to have you, not just because you’re beautiful but because you’re everything he ever wanted. And seeing how beautiful you looked right now he would just melt.

« You said fancy restaurant, is that too much or something ? »

« No no you’re perfect »


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J hope loves to dance I’m not teaching you anything new lol, but what he loves even more is watching you trying to dance. So he would realize he loves you when you two would be in the dance practice room. Like you would try to make a dance move he showed you earlier, obviously you would fail miserably and the two would just laugh like crazy. And like suga he would stop and just watch you laugh.

« I know I’m the worst dancer ever »

« Who cares, for me, you’re the best »

Then he would shower you in kisses later, to show you how much he loves you.


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I think because jungkook is still very young, he is not that much experienced. So he would be so amazed by everything you do. That’s why I think he would realize how much he is in love with you when you’d be on top while having sex. When you ride him, he would be in awe, like so into the moment and realizes how much he loves you, and how you‘d look at him with so much love in your eyes would be just so overwhelming for him. So he would just fuck you harder saying how much he loves you.


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Let’s say you’re an artist and love to draw, so jimin would love to see you draw like your life depends on it. Seeing you draw would be like a moment where he can forgets about everything. And let’s be honest, just look at you without having to search for any excuses for having to stare at you. So he would realize he loves you by watching you draw some flowers or whatever, like seeing how much you’re concentrated to make everything perfect would remind how much you just a perfect match for him.

« Your drawings are just as perfect as you baby »


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Namjoon is a fucking intellectual and would realize how much he loves you by seeing you working hard at learning korean (if you’re a foreigner) like hearing your weird accent in Korean and everything would make him laugh and fall in love with you ever more than he was already.

« Stop making fun of me Namjoon !! »

« You’re just so cute I can’t »

EXO Reaction when they break the news to his fans/media that he and his wife are expecting a child

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/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to be a little dramatic* “Well… I have something very important to discuss today….” *But fails miserably* “I’mgoingtobeafather omg”


*So proud of himself* “So… I’m bringing a new little creature to the galaxy. The family of superman is growing”


“So we’re are expecting a little Lord Oh, I hope you guys take care of him as you take care of me” *He looks like a baby no matter what XD*


*You can see from miles away how happy he is with the little panda’s news* “I really didn’t expect it, when my baobei told me I got so excited that I wanted to share it immediately with my family and fans”


*He’d probably be laughing like the whole time but.. you know like a nervous laugh* “So ehh… I guess we’ll be seeing a little Jongin soon… dancing around… are you guys excited? I hope you are kekekeke I hope he likes chicken”


*He’s too shy but he really wants to share it with the world* “I’m really excited about this… I hope out fans are too. Do you think he will look like me? I’m sure EXO-Ls will find him very cute…”


*Everyone’s discussing about the baby’s future xD* “Oh come on guys! I haven’t decided who’s going to be the godfather…. why not letting Aeries decide???” 


*Uploads a cute message on instagram* “Are you watching guys? Ahhh thank you for being here~ I’m not recording my cats today. I want you to see my baby~ please treat her nicely!”


*So happy with his life* “YAH! EXO-Ls! Are you excited? Do you want to see a Chen to the square… because that is going to happen! We’ll have Chen Chen Jr soon!”


*Probably he’ll be very shy when staring talking and end up pretty overwhelmed with the boys’ comments* “Ahhh… this is all so nice and everything but I’m not leaving my baby with Baekhyun, you never know what he might learn xD” *Just kidding*


*For today’s show a very important guess will be joining us. Our most beloved unicorn and his little baby unicorn.*


“So I’ll be happy to announce that this time… with the comeback… a new member will be joining our big family…” *Leader-father goals*

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Prompt: (fluffy pls with a touch of smut) Isak and Even aren't talking because they got into a fight. Even sees Isak walking home from university and it's chilly but isak isn't wearing enough layers. He gets concerned and confronts him. But he also tries to warm isak up in more ways than one. Concerned!Even

(Isak and Even? Having a fight? Not in canon, nO. Childhood friends turned Casual relationship!AU aka nlmly right now)

Any reasonable person would go back inside to fetch their forgotten jacket upon realizing how cold it actually is outside. But not Isak. He can’t really afford to right now. Not when Even is standing right there in front of the adjacent building with people who have no business being in the science wing of the university.

Isak knows that there’s a chance Even might follow him back inside if he were to decide to get his jacket. And he’s not too fond of the idea of being stuck in a an empty classroom with him. Not right now.

So he pretends that he hasn’t seen him, pulls his light hoodie over his head, puts on his headphones, and walks away from his building.

He walks fast, his body tense with the anticipation of a hand–his favorite hand–ultimately landing on his shoulder, making him stop and turn around before he gets to reach Edvard’s house.

But it doesn’t happen. Even’s strong presence never overwhelms his senses as he strolls away. And several streets later, Isak realizes that Even hasn’t bothered following him, that perhaps Even hanging around his building has nothing to do with him this time. Isak is not sure how to describe what he’s feeling right now.

He’s angry with me.

Granted, Even’s anger is warranted. But still. Holding grudges isn’t a thing they do. Isak and Even. Even and Isak. Even has spent a lifetime forgiving him everything after all, putting him first, dying his hair blue for him, understanding that what he says isn’t always what he thinks. And Isak has always returned that compulsive and irrational tenderness and protectiveness, throwing a tantrum whenever Even hurt him too badly, but then bringing a hand to his cheek to forgive him moments later.

So this is quite the odd situation. Isak doesn’t have a precedent for this, for Even not following him home when he’s clearly cold and distraught.

I hurt him too much, Isak realizes. Or perhaps it’s because of the new nature of their relationship. How they’ve seemingly transitioned from best friends to something more, something complicated and nerve wracking but wonderful and exciting all the same, something Isak has been trying to fight and delay and push away and not want and need with every cell in his body, and failing miserably.

“It’s not like we’re together or anything. I don’t care if you wanna go home with Herman tonight.”

“Isak, I don’t want to go home with Herman tonight. Or anyone else for that matter.”

“Why not? He’s been eyeing you all night. Or maybe it’s me? I’ll go for it if you won’t.”

Isak knew he messed up the moment he uttered the words. He watched Even’s jaw clench, his eyes go dark, and his shoulders go down in defeat. Isak knew he messed up, but instead of taking his words back, he kept a straight face as some self-sabotaging instinct kicked in while Even blinked at him in disbelief.

Even who tells him that he loves him every chance he gets now. Even who looks at him like he holds the key to the secrets of the universe and like there isn’t anyone else he would rather be looking at. Even who no longer treats him like a child who needs protection, like a little brother, or like a childhood friend. Even who treats him like a lover. Even who’s doing his best to amend for his past mishaps, for every time he’s hurt him with the actual intention of proctecting him from himself, only to be pushed away.

The closer Even tries to get, the further he ends up, for Isak’s walls are higher than they’ve ever been. Isak who has forgotten how to let them down, how to let him in.

That night Even stormed away after Isak shrugged for the fifth time at his hurt face. But Isak didn’t think he’d be that upset. He said a lot of stupid stuff all the time after all. And he was clearly being a jealous child after Herman had made sure to put on a show for Even.

Isak sighs, feeling defeated and a bit hurt, but still relieved that Even hasn’t followed him. Not because he doesn’t wish to talk to him–he misses him so much, his skin is aching for his touch–but because he doesn’t trust himself around him anymore. He doesn’t trust himself not to say something stupid and hurt him further. So he accepts it. Even won’t tolerate his emotionally abusive behavior anymore. Good for him. This is a good thing.

It’s only when he’s four streets away from Edvard’s house that he notices Even on the opposite sidewalk. He’s bundled up as usual, but his outermost layer is in his hands. He’s clutching it like he doesn’t know what to do with it. But Isak knows the moment he spots him. He knows that Even is aching to warm him up.

His heart smiles. They look at each other for a moment as they walk with cars passing them by. And after a little while, Isak starts smiling with his face as well. He must meet him in the middle.

He crosses the street at the next light while Even waits. He looks cuddly and warm in his gray sweater, but Isak knows he’s cold. He knows Even is always cold.

“Hi,” Isak says when they’re face to face and it’s shy.

“You’re gonna catch a cold,” Even blurts out like it’s killing him.

“I’ll be fine,” Isak smiles.

They resume walking when the light allows them to cross, and Isak doesn’t flinch when Even wraps his jacket around his shoulders. It feels like a peace offering and Isak wonders what he should give him.

“How are you?” Isak asks.

“I miss you.”

Isak wishes he could say what he’s carrying in his heart right now. I’m sorry for making you upset. I’m sorry for cheapening what we have. I’m sorry for implying that I don’t care about who you take to bed. I’m sorry for being so cold and mean and distant. I’m sorry for only being gentle when we’re entangled in my sheets. I’m sorry for not letting you touch me like you let me touch you. I’m sorry for implying that I want other people. I don’t want other people. I only want you. And I want you to only want me, too.

“I miss you, too,” Isak says instead. I can give him this.

Even’s smile is so bright and heartbreaking that Isak can’t help but silently reach for his hand, a blush that voids every shrug and every disinterested look creeping its way to his cheeks.

I can give him this.

Even accepts his hand and gasps when he laces his fingers together with Isak’s, as if he hasn’t initiated the contact, as if he’s forgotten how it feels to hold hands. Isak gasps too, and they both walk to Edvard’s with flushed faces, fingers entwined.

“I’m sorry,” Isak mumbles when they reach his room, when Even kisses him for the third time, obliterating all of his snark and outer rigidness, and making his body soft and pliant.

And Isak wants to add that he only wants him but he can’t. Not right now.

“I only want you,” Even says it first, presses a kiss to his cheek and says it again. “Just you. Okay?”


I’ll tell him tomorrow.

Monster 2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: ANGST AF, sorry. And my bad English, sorry, again.

Summary: Reader is different with a dark story and Steve likes her. My pretty boy has a beard now, yay!

A/N: Sooo, thank youuuu!! You guys are like THE BEST!! This is the second part, I divided it in 5 and yay! Thank you so much for reading! 



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4 weeks, that was the time that had passed since Y/N left the compound.

5 months, that’s how long Steve had being in love with her

1 year, that was the time she stayed there as an avenger.

15 days, the last time Fury talked about her.

He respected your decisions, he didn’t know the reasons behind them but he respected them. But if there was a way to bring you back, he would do it.

His large figure was spread on the couch, he was sad. He didn’t remember the last time he felt sad before you, but this kind of sadness was spreading through him like a decease. Consuming him, killing him slowly.

Y/N was a great person, a though girl. He knew she was going to be alright but he couldn’t help but wonder if you missed this, the team… him.

“Friday” he spoke

“Captain Rogers” the voice answered back

“Show me again” he said

A large picture of you appeared on the screen in front of him, your file. He had read it more than a dozen times, trying to understand how someone could be so broken and yet hide it in plain sight.  He felt guilty, for not trying hard enough, for leaving you to fight alone against your demons.

“This is not healthy Punk” Bucky said from the doorway

“Leave me alone, jerk” was all he said back, Bucky frowned, trying to say something to help his best friend but failing miserably.


You walked through the busy street, people were laughing and talking cheerfully. This looked nothing like New York, in there people always walked with permanently frowns on their faces.

“Me da una botella de agua pura, por favor” could you give me a bottle of wáter, please.

Your Spanish was still perfect, as if you never left this streets. You would go out from time to time, alone, while your father locked himself with Carmen for days. Rosalina always coming with you.

But they were all dead, every single one of them.

A sudden image came to your mind.


He looked so upset when you left. That was the last image you had from him. Brow furrowed, hard eyes, his mouth in a straight line.

He was a beautiful man, unlike you, after being a rat lab he was still good. There was kindness in him, his eyes still shone and his smile was still there.

Why were you thinking about him? You were trained to leave feelings aside, to be as hard as the vibranium under your skin. To be a weapon.

You could feel someone watching you, every turn you made you would feel someone following your movements.

You had come to Barcelona to know a little bit more about your past, the real one. Catalina Romero that was the name of your mother.

Your birth certificate showed you were born on January 31st 1964. So that made you a 54 year old woman. How could you still look like you were in your early twenties?

You knocked on the front door of the house Fury had sent you to. An old lady opened the door, she looked at you surprised.

“Hola” you greeted her “¿Habla ingles?” she nodded

“My name is Y/N  Y/L/N” you said quietly, loud enough for her to listen

“What is it that you want Miss Y/L/N?” her voice sounded harsh

“I am Enrique’s daughter” you said

Her face fell

“He is dead, isn’t he?” she looked sad

“He is” you confirmed

“Come in” she stepped aside, you entered the house, preparing yourself for the information she was about to give you


“I didn’t know he was that into her” Wanda whispered to Sam

“Neither did I” he said worried

“We need to do something” she said looking at Steve, 3 months had went by since you disappeared, leaving them with a question mark all over their minds.

How was it possible? You weren’t social at all, you didn’t join them on movie nights, or spoke during meals, it was always you, your headphones and any electronic device you had near. But you were one good motherfucker on the field. You managed to save the lives of each one of them, even Fury’s.

They got to love you, even if you didn’t give them reasons to.

“Steve” Sam walked to him “Come on man, we need to take you out of this shit hole of sadness”

“I’m okay” he said not looking at him

“You don’t look like it” he pushed

Steve looked at him through hooded eyes

“Then stop fucking looking at me!” he quoted you

“Come on man, she’s not coming back” Steve walked to him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he yelled at Sam, a red mist surrounded him, Wanda took him away from Sam’s body and placed him harshly on the couch

“Captain” she started “I’m afraid your mental state is affecting all of us as a team, we need a leader”

He remained quiet, Wanda let him go.

“I don’t want to be captain America anymore” he said “I need to find her”


“Good morning darling” the old lady, whose name was Aurora, greeted me

“Good morning” I said back “I’ll be back before dawn” she nodded

She was my aunt, my mother’s sister. She told me everything I needed to know about Catalina Romero and offered me a place to stay while I figured out what to do with my life or what was left of it.

I walked to the metro, I got a job as a computer programmer in a tiny shop, they didn’t pay well, but at least I got to do something with my life.

Catalina Romero was born in Bilbao, 1939 in February. Somewhere between the 12th and the 14th, her favorite color was yellow. She was a doctor. Just like my father they had the dream of ending terminal illnesses, they worked together in various hospitals around Spain until they settled down in Barcelona, where my father’s father had left a house after dying.

Aurora came to live with them, she was the youngest of the siblings, she took care of Catalina during her pregnancy, they were very close. When Catalina died Enrique went completely crazy. He informed everyone that the baby and Catalina were dead and ran away to the US with me and the neighbor’s teenage daughter, Carmen.

And that’s when my hell started.

Aurora showed me the little tombstone were my name was placed, Violetta Catalina born 1964 – died 1954, and that was it. My mother’s tombstone was bigger, Miriam Catalina Romero de Y/L/N, my love, my life, my soul mate, beloved wife. 1939 -1954

He loved Catalina very much.

I only wondered if I was ever going to be loved in the same way she was, unconditionally.

Was that person supposed to be Steve? Did I do the right thing leaving the avengers, leaving him?

But I couldn’t go back, I couldn’t allow myself to love or to feel. To let someone near me just to be ripped off like Rosalina or my mother. I couldn’t trust my mind, I could snap anytime and hurt Steve, hurt someone I cared for.

As the days passed I could feel slowly being forgotten, by them, by the world. And becoming what I always wanted to be, invisible. But it didn’t feel as good as I imagined, I wanted to be back there, with them… with him.


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This is Part 1 of 3 that we came up with!

Description: The reader returns from a match, gets backstage, and on her way to her locker room, she runs into a certain Jersey born trash talker, and ends up being Distracted.

Warnings: Smut galore!

Notes: I may not tag everyone. I honestly only tag the list of my friends in my head. XD

This was an idea that @imagines–assemble and I came up with. We were working on our smut for Underdog Aggression, and she was watching Monday night Raw, when she suddenly stopped typing on the doc and was taking ages to respond to me on Tumblr. Then she said Enzo was nude and Distracting her. So I told her, “If you’re that distracted by Enzo being bare ass naked, then put it into a smut, woman! Don’t waste that inspiration!” And this is the outcome of me shoving her ass to make an amazing smutty mini series with me.

All aboard the smut train of teamwork!

“Open the door, Cass!” Enzo snarled, banging on the locker room door. Cass thought it’d be funny to lock Amore out after he took his shower but there was just one problem…

Well…A big problem…

Enzo was stark fucking naked.

Giving up on getting back in the locker room, Enzo sighed and brushed a hand through his dripping hair. “Fucking great…” he mumbled as he glanced around.

“Enzo?! What the hell!” he turned, eyes wide when he saw you nearby. You were slack-jawed, your coffee was spilled on the floor and your phone was dangerously close to slipping from your grasp. You were fresh from a match, your skin still glistening with sweat as your eyes were blown wide. Thank God you two were the only people around…

Enzo nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Y/n! H-Hey!” He was never the nervous type of guy, obviously. However, when it came to you…He felt like a nervous teenager that just discovered girls. “Cass sorta…Locked me outta the locker room after I showered…” He mumbled, tousling his dampened hair. You fidgeted, trying desperately to keep your gaze above his waist but you were failing…


Enzo noticed this and, with a smirk, he coolly strolled over. “Well, Y/n…” he started with new found confidence, “See somethin’ ya like?” Amore grinned, hands folded over his chest as he stood before you and you gulped. You could feel your self-restraint waning.

“A b-big something…” you murmured, only to quickly clam up as your face blazed and your eyes closed. Enzo chuckled, his fingers brushing your arms and you squeaked.

“Well ya ain’t wrong, doll.” his words gave away the smile in his voice as his breath tickled your ear. He chuckled softly. “Ya’know…I’ve always found you to be one of the more talented and beautiful women on the roster…” He stood before you, moving his hands to your hips as he gently rubbed them. You bit your lip hard as his member brushed against your stomach and you whimpered softly. You felt your self-control fading away faster and faster.

“R-really?” You asked softly.

Amore nodded. “Of course, doll…Hell, you’re so beautiful and talented, you even make me nervous around ya and we both know that ain’t a usual thing for me.” He said in his raspy Jersey accent. You opened your eyes and gazed up at him.

“Seems like someone’s getting excited…” You said, suddenly having your own confidence as you gave him a smirk. Enzo’s brazen confidence disappeared as he flushed deeply.

“I-I uh…Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.”

You rolled your eyes and grabbed his hand, leading him to an empty locker room not far from where Enzo and Cass’ locker room was. You closed the door, not really caring to lock it as you shoved Enzo onto the couch and got on your knees in front of him. You wrapped your fingers around his girth and slowly began stroking his length.

Enzo shivered when he felt your small fingers wrap around his cock then groaned softly when you began moving your hand up and down his length. “S-shit Y/n…” He didn’t know what it was about you that did this to him but he didn’t really care at this point.

Although, he’d be lying if he said Cass didn’t act like this around you either. Seeing that Cass is a seven foot tall giant, being nervous around a woman that was almost two feet shorter than him was not only hilarious but it showed that both men were obviously falling hard for you. Amore could see it, but you were always clueless when it came to a guy liking you.

Deciding to take the initiative, you gave a suggestive smile as you crawled into his lap. Straddling him, you settled your hips on his and as you continued to stroke him you slyly licked his ear. “Does that feel good, Daddy?” you nipped at Enzo’s ear, changing the speed of your pumps around his shaft and he groaned. His body jerked as he laid his head on your shoulder, his breath fanning against your neck in short bursts as his nails dug into your waist.

“D-damn, Y/n…Did you just call me-”

You paused, your form going rigid. Had you overstepped a boundary?

“Y-you don’t like it? S-sorry, Enzo, I-”

“Are you kiddin’? I love it, baby…” he grinned, his confidence returning as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you over his lap. He roughly pulled your tight ring shorts down and to his surprise, he discovered that you weren’t wearing any panties underneath them. He chuckled softly. “Such a naughty girl…Not wearing panties while fighting? You seem to be begging to get spanked by Daddy…”

A soft sigh is released from your lips when you feel his calloused hand run over your cheeks while his other hand pressed down on your lower back to keep you in place. “I-I’m sorry Daddy, I…” you began to confess. “I don’t wear panties to my matches because usually they have my match scheduled before yours so when I finish I…” He noticed you trail off and spanked you to get you to continue. You yelped at the stinging smack. “I go back to the locker room and while I watch you fight, I…I masturbate to you and Cass…” You hung your head in shame and embarrassment.

Enzo was actually shocked. He couldn’t believe that the times he’d pass you on the way to his match the reason you were rushing to your locker room was because of that. He actually flushed slightly and grinned. “Well…tell me what you think about when you touch yourself, baby girl…” he asked while running his tongue along his bottom lip. “Do you imagine those little fingers of yours being ours when they’re inside your tight little pussy, doll?” He pulled you up to sit in his lap with your back against his chest as he spread your legs and moved a hand down to stroke your wet lips, making you shiver.

“Mmn! Y-yes!” you gasped as his fingers teased your slick. “I imagine what it would feel like if your fingers were in me…I imagine what your cock would feel like in me-Oh!” a ragged moan escaped you, breaking your sentence. Enzo had slipped two fingers into your pussy, already making your toes curl as your body shook with need. You laid your head against his shoulder as you moaned softly. “F-Fuck…Zo, your fingers are way thicker than mine…” You felt your body move on its own, your hips rolling slightly to help his fingers inside you.

Enzo bit his lip as he felt you moving with the strokes of his fingers. “Fuck baby doll…you like that?” he asked, softly nipping and sucking at the side of your neck to leave a mark. He moved his other arm, tightly wrapping around your waist to keep you from moving your hips. You whimpered as you felt him constrict you and you wiggled to no avail.

Daddyyy…” You whined. Zo chuckled softly, removing his fingers. Using a total of three fingers to stroke your lips he generously slathered his digits with your slick before he slowly pushed them deep into you. You gasped loudly, biting your lip as you felt your walls stretching to accept the third finger. Amore groaned as he curled his fingers inside your heat. “Fuck…you’re so damn tight, baby…You like it when Daddy plays with your pretty little pussy, huh?”

“Ooh, yes Daddy! I love when you play with my pussy!” You whimpered softly as you squirmed a bit. “Ahh, Daddy…It feels so good!” You bit your lip as you grasped onto the arm around your waist. Your nails bit into his arm and he groaned.

“Yeah? Just imagine Daddy’s cock in this tight little pussy. I bet you’d squeeze around my cock perfectly, doll…” He murmured against your shoulder. Your eyes fluttered as you were getting closer and closer to an orgasm. From Enzo’s dirty talk and control alone had you dizzy with want. He felt your walls beginning to clamp around his digits and smirked. “Is my baby girl gonna cum all over Daddy’s fingers?” You nodded, whimpering as you tried to hold it in.

“D-daddyy…Please let me cum? It feels s-so good…” you mumbled.

Zo heard you ask him, and he whispered, “Go ahead and let go. Daddy’s got ya…”

You cried out as your orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Your body trembled as you panted softly, laying your head back to catch your breath. Zo eased his fingers from you, making sure to collect a good amount if your juices before slipping his fingers into his mouth and sucking them clean. He made a groan of satisfaction.

“Shit…You taste delicious, Y/n…” He grinned. Getting up with you, Enzo pushed you down onto the couch to be positioned on your knees with your hands holding onto the armrest. You were both facing the door and you felt some worry. If someone came in here and saw you two, it’d be a disaster but when Enzo spread your legs, it soon became the last thing on your mind. Gaining better access Enzo rubbed the head of his cock up and down your slick folds, making you whine as he teased you.

You moaned softly. “Mmn…Please just fuck me already, Daddy…”

“Such a naughty girl…Begging to be fucked.” He grabbed your hips and thrust deep into you without warning, making you to scream out in pleasure. “Just like that…” he smirked. “Daddy’s gonna have you screamin’ all night, baby girl so I hope you’re ready.” Enzo bottomed out, giving no time for reprieve as he pulled out to the tip and plunged right back in. You screamed again, your back curving as Enzo sheathed deep inside you.

“Haa…It’s so good…” you groaned, your words soon meshing into a blithering mess as his hips shifted, aiming to the left for a new position that made you lose your breath. It was so good it almost hurt.

“Damn, Y/n…I don’t think one time is gonna cut it.” Enzo moaned, laying open mouthed kisses up your spine as he drilled deeper, hitting your cervix and you wailed. You tried to muffle your sounds, but were soon forced to moan as you felt a rough smack on your ass. “Uh uh, I wanna hear your sounds, baby…I want everyone to hear those gorgeous sounds as I fuck this tight pussy…” You nodded and dug your nails into the armrest of the couch, crying out as your walls tightened around his cock.

“F-Fuck! Daddy!”

He chuckled, soon hearing the door knob jiggle and turn but his thrusts didn’t falter. You, however, were in an absolute state of bliss, unaware of anything other than the all consuming wave of lust you were swept up in and as you released all over his cock, the door opened.

“Damn, looks like I’m just in time for a nice show…” The sudden visitor said.

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I Love You (Alex Standall X Reader)

Request: could you do an alex x reader where he asks the reader out on a date to monet’s? so they go for coffee and alex confesses that he thinks he loves the reader or something? its a bit vague but idk. you can decide the ending

A/N: (Y/L/N) means “your last name”


~*Alex’s Pov*~

The bell finally rang signaling the beginning of lunch. I’ve been waiting all day for lunch because I finally decided to ask (Y/N) out but I’m scared as fuck. I don’t want out friendship to end because of this. I walked up to her table where she was sitting with her friends.

“Hey Alex!” she greeted with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Hey (Y/N). Uh I was hoping I could ask you something.” I said

“Yeah, of course. Whats up?” She asked waiting for my reply.

“I w-was uh wondering if you and I could like meet up at uh Monet’s or something.” I stuttered out “You don’t have to come, it’s just if you want to.” She gave me a weird look as she noticed how strange I was acting.

“Yeah I’d love to.” She said “ya know, you and I always got to Monet’s together but you’re never this weird about it. Is everything alright?”

“I’ll uh talk to you about when we get there.” I replied to her question. I couldn’t confess to her right there because 1, if I get rejected I’ll have to see her for the rest of the day, and that makes it akward. And 2, everyone is watching so I really can’t do anything.


I was now in 5th period, and of course, I sit next to (Y/N). I haven’t talked to her all period and I can tell she knows something is up. She turned to me and began talking but I hardly paid attention, I just looked at her, beginning to get lost in her beautiful features.

“So after I do that, what happens to the exponents? Alex? Alex!” She  said slightly slamming her hand on my desk, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“U-uh yeah I think you add them or something.” I answered but it sounded more like a question.

“What is up with you Alex? You’ve been acting weird for the past few days and I’ve ignored it, but now it’s starting to become worrying. I promise you can tell me anything, I’m always here if you nee-” she was cut off by the teacher.

“Standall and (Y/L/N)! Do I need to move you two?” He asked and we both shook our heads. “Okay then stop talking”.


I walked into Monet’s and sat down in a seat. Not long after, (Y/N) arrived. I looked at her as she scanned the café for me. She looked amazing, but that’s nothing new. We locked ayes and she smiled making her way towards my table. She sat down and I began talking.

“So do you want to like, order a drink or something?” I said trying to be cool about it but failed miserably.

“No Alex, I want you to tell me whats going on. First you act weird all week and then you ask my to come to Monet’s with you but you ignore me for the rest of the day. What’s wrong?”

“It’s just, I-I’ve been so nervous around you lately.”

“Why would you be nervous around me? You know if you need anything I’m always there to listen and help.” She said

“But I’m scared that you’ll stop being there once I tell you this.” I said in a low voice.

“Tell me what? Is everything okay?” She began to question “Oh my god you’re starting to scare me Alex.”

“I’m the one that’s scared.” I started “I-it’s just that I love you (Y/N), and you always saw me as a friend but I wanted more. Now I’m not asking you to say it back, but tell me you at least slightly feel the same way.” I continued

My cheeks were burning and (Y/N) was just staring, not saying a word. I shifted my gaze to my nervous hands that were playing with one of the buttons on my shirt. The silence only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like hours.

“Alex, look at me” she commanded, and I did. “I love you too.” She said with a smile and rosy cheeks. Suddenly everything felt so right.

Gothtober Part 4!

Day late buts s'okay! Gave me time for touches and what not

Day 15: Ghost Goth! (Was gonna do something cute but then thought “WHY DON’T WE MAKE A SAD, DUSTED GOTHY? >8D”

So yeah that’s pretty much it on that one

Also he died without his scarf whoop-)

Day 16: Mystical creature Goth (Okay so I wanted to draw him as a Kitsune and later then decided to combine that with Ninetales. So here we have Kitsune/Ninetales Goth!)

Day 17: Singing Goth! (So I had a bit of fun with this one, trying out a new boarder method and have to say that it worked pretty well~!

He’s singing a new favorite song of mine, Something I could see him singing once in a while

It’s Snow by Machineheart!


Day 18: Goth drawing or sculpting (So here’s the scenario with this one:

Goth wanted to make a gift for his parents, so he tried painting a picture for them. But while attempting to color said picture, he wasn’t satisfied with how it looked, so now he tries painting a background but miserably fails. Frustrated, Goth attempts to fix some things with more blue paint, but WHOOPS, he trips and proceeds to fall face first into the can; getting blue and red all over his clothes and face. In the end though, after so many tries, he gives up and later shows Geno the paint splatter of a masterpiece. Of course Geno being the proud mama he is, loves it and later shows Reaper who also likes it; making Goth feel like his hard (and messy) work didn’t go to waste. The picture still hangs in the living room to this day.)

So there’s batch four! Had fun with these ones (Especially the forth one XD)

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Reaper belongs to Renrink

Geno belongs to Loverofpiggies

Art belongs to meeeee~!

Rule nr 1 - Part 11

Pairing : Avengers x Plus Size Reader

Warnings : Language ; spelling/grammar mistakes ; angst

Word Count : 1.7k

Flashback (1944)

Not really fond of governments and organizations, because it was always an illusion and a way to control people and you knew a lot about it, being witness of early revolutions and wars for centuries, you decided to give it a try and be part of the SSR. You didn’t reveal your identity but gave a fake name and managed to be part of the selective members of the organization. You were suspicious of everyone, except for Howard, Peggy and Robert, a decorated general, who you gave your trust.

Digging into files, you found something odd. A piece of sheet containing informations about payments and shippings addressed to Hydra from the SSR. The document was signed by General Robert Caine. Your eyes widened and you voiced at loud « He’s Hydra. SSR is compromised. Shit I have to tell Howard and Peggy. » You stood up to leave when multiple hands grabbed you and injected you with something. You didn’t know what it was but it was for sure really powerful because the next thing you know is that your vision blurred. You woke up hours later in a huge room, chains all over your body and neck. You groaned and squirmed trying to get out of them, but the same thing that paralyzed you was constantly being injected in you. « Hello Nyx », you heard someone say. You turned your head towards the voice and saw the general. You squirmed strongly and he took a step back. « I trusted you. Why are you doing this? », you yelled angrily. He smiled and said « The world is chaotic and in order to clean that chaos we have to create something more chaotic and restore the world with true believers. You were created for that mission a long time ago but failed miserably. Now it’s a new era and more soldiers will be born by our hand and you gonna help us doing so. » « Never ! », you spit.

He smirked and exclaimed firmly « I’m pretty sure you will ! » and began to leave. « I will find you and I will kill you ! », you shouted. He laughed and said before exiting « Cut off one head, two more shall take its place, Hail Hydra. » You screamed from the top of your lungs before you felt your vision get blurry again and your eyes closing.

You woke up again in another facility, bright light this time. Your eyes adjusted to your vision and you saw several men in white blouses in front of you. « Oh hello there, you’re finally awake », said a man with a thick french accent. « Qui êtes-vous? » (Who are you?), you whispered. He smiled brightly « I see you speak my language that’s nice but I’m afraid that we’ll continue this in English, since my Russian colleagues here won’t get a word. To answer the question, my name is Louis Collard. Enchanteé. » You gave him a disgusting look and stayed quiet. « You are here because you gonna give us the formula », he said calmly. You cleared your throat and replied « Go fuck yourself. » He laughed loudly and responded « Gladly after you give me the formula. »

« I guess you will have big blue balls because I’m not giving you the formula », you replied mischievously. Still smiling he snapped his fingers and other people entered the room while trailing a bed behind them. « We figured you would say that, that’s why we brought him », he said. They alined the bed next to yours and you looked at the person lying down. You jaw clenched recognizing him. « He fell from a train and is dying. I’m sure you will not let him die, especially considering that he was part of Captain’s America Commando and his best friend. » You tried to look normal and replied « And what do I care? »

The french man laughed and exclaimed « Alright as you wish. » He turned to the others and nodded. One of them inserted a syringe and James Barnes began to shake. « We injected him with a strong poison, he will be death in a minute, unless you give us the formula and he lives », Collard said. You looked at James, his face becoming pale and his eyes red. « FINE STOP », you shouted and the french man smiled. They gave James the antidote and he came back to his normal self and fainted. You clenched your jaw so hard you thought your teeth would break. You gave them the same formula as Steve without the demon part and before he exited you said « There’s one more thing in order for it to work. » He came back in front of your bed and said « And what’s that? » You swallowed and said « You have to take some of his blood and inject it in mine. » Hydra wasn’t aware of the extension of your true powers. He eyed you suspiciously and you replied annoyed « Do you want it to work or not ! » He nodded and did as you told him, providing your body some of James’s blood.

After that they separated you from James. The serum worked on him but they found out that it wasn’t complete so they tortured you in punishment. Louis Collard would be in the room, listening to Edith Piaf’s ‘Non Je Ne Regrette Rien’, every time you were being tortured. You turned to him once and said through greeted teeth « I will find you and I will kill you and then I will let your family procreate and then I will kill them too. Always leaving at least one alive and then kill them too. You will pay for what you’re doing to me and to James. » He swallowed harshly and nodded to the staff that raised the harshness of the tortures.

Along their tortures, you could feel all of James distress and agony, hear him shout and scream for ‘Steve’ and help. It lasted 20 years and then nothing. No more screaming after Steve. One day the vibrations in your heart were stronger and you lost the connection with James and thought he was dead. A week later someone made a mistake and you got out of your chains - your fury landing on them and you killed most of them before disappearing.

Flashback ( 28 April 1973)

« We found her, take him out of Cyro », exclaimed Alexander Pierce. They placed him in a chair and enchained him.

« Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Dawn, Stove, Nine, Kind-hearted, Homecoming, One, Freight car », shouted a man in uniform. After the Winter Soldier finished screaming, the room stayed quiet.

« Mission Report : 28 April 1973

Target Code Name : Nyx

Operation : Neutralize !

Soldat? », exclaimed the man in the uniform.

«Ya gotov otvechat » (Ready to comply…), replied The Winter Soldier in Russian. Alexander Pierce faced him and said « She’s in Louisiana, bring her. If she resists, kill her. » The cold-blooded soldier nodded and left the base.

9 years have passed since you escaped the base you were in. As promised you kept an eye on Louis Collard and his family. He had three sons. As the heartless demon that you were, you payed him a visit and killed him, his wife and two of his sons, sparing one for the future. No pity ! Hydra didn’t had pity when they cut your familie’s throats. Collard didn’t had pity when he was torturing you, so neither would you. You were walking when you stopped in your tracks, feeling someone you thought was dead. You turned around. James stood there with longer hair, a black gear, metal arm and mask covering his mouth. « James? », you whispered. He didn’t bulge and instead walked towards you in a threatening way. You understood that he wasn’t the man you used to know, anymore. « Order to bring you back », he said in a deep voice. You looked at him with a piercing gaze « You want me? Come and get it ! », you replied through greeted teeth.

Originally posted by kenrakenokwaho

You both ran towards each other and began to fight in a hand and hand combat. He took his knife out and you broke his wrist, making him shriek in pain. You turned him around, making his back collide with your chest and whispered in his ear « You’re James Buchanan Barnes. Sergeant of the 107, part of the Howling Commandos. Your best friend is Steve Rogers. Wake up, you’re being exploited ! » He screamed and got out of your hold. Seeing that it wasn’t working and not wanting to hurt him further, you ran away from him. He followed you and you ran faster and engulfed yourself in the Carnaval fest that was occurring in the fun nights of New Orleans. You saw that he was trailing a little behind and used that occasion to turn into the demon, the perfect disguise among the other people surrounding you. Completely unrecognizable - your skin paler, long black hair and wings, he passed beside you completely lost among the party people. You saw him groan in frustration and ran away.

Flashback (16 December 1991)

The world was facing an alien threat, creatures called Kree. It was all the news were talking about and the images broadcasted didn’t help to keep people’s panic at bay. A blonde woman wearing a red and blue suit fighting the horrible creatures, by herself. She was very powerful, you could tell but she couldn’t take them all. You flew to her and proposed to help. She agreed after you showed her your true nature. That’s when you meet a long-time member of a well-known family.

« Hello I’m Y/N but your family knows me by Ylva », you said him. His eyes widened and immediately presented his hand in order for you to shake it. « You have no idea how long I’ve been searching for you », he exclaimed. You chuckled and replied « Here I am. » You asked him some of his blood to create the bond and he agreed. You were know connected to another person. A couple days after, you defeated the alien army but not without sacrifice. Carol Danvers was dead, Nick Fury lost an eye and your wings needed recovery. And then you felt it, that strong vibration again. « Howard », you whispered.

Even with your state you flew at him, arriving one hour later. It was too late. He was lying dead in front of his car, such as Mary. After that night, you’ve been kepping an eye on Tony ever since.

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Laundry Buddies, a Miles Luna x Reader fic

Summary:You’ve just moved to a new apartment and are totally crushing on the guy who lives in 2F. Now if only you could remember to catch his actual name…or see him anywhere outside of the laundry room for that matter.

Warnings: A couple swears I think thats about it

Word Count: 1,453

Notes: This stems from so many mini prompts that I’m not going to mention them all. Also I suck at titles and descriptions. Whoops? 

Still being a newbie in your apartment, you haven’t quite had the time to get to know any of your neighbors. While getting mail one day you’d met the guy who lives in 2F and had a great conversation about his work and your recent move, but then stupidly you left without getting his name. Now every time you see him in the lobby or in the hallway, you’ll exchange pleasantries by addressing each other with your apartment numbers. Sure he had said to swing by any time if you needed anything, but he probably, no he definitely didn’t mean if you needed his name and number because you thought the only neighbor you’d met so far was cute as all hell.

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anonymous asked:

Any (separate) Sero and Momo in a new relationship hcs? Like, right after the confession type thing. Sero bc I love my tape boy so much and he DESERVES more attention, Momo bc <3

real talk @ momo <3 

Hanta Sero

  • he will literally tell you the cheesiest jokes please laugh at them to make his heart flutter 
  • he will make little snacks that his significant other eats and even some of the things he likes to introduce his partner to new things 
  • Whenever his partner tells him something, he’ll enthusiastically encourage them to do it, even when he has no idea what it actually is. He’s just really happy that his partner is telling him stuff about their future and wants them to succeed. 
  •  He will try and compliment you but it always comes out weird and he tries to make it better but fails miserably but you still accept his compliment because he tried his best
  • Whenever his partner does something cool that amazes the crowd, he’ll be like; my partner: did that. 

Momo Yaoyorozu

  • will smile a lot more around her significant other, it makes her really happy and mushy inside knowing that someone is meant for her
  • would be there for her partner at any time of the day, even when it’s really small to her lover. It’s always a big deal when it comes to her love. 
  • she’ll take a lot of time in the beginning to get to know her significant other, what’s their likes and dislikes? What’s their favorite food? Favorite subject if they even have one? Their future career if they don’t want to be a hero? Fears? Dreams? Anything that her partner is willing to tell her, she’ll take note and remember them
  • She’ll introduce her partner to her favorite books and authors. And maybe when she gets the chance, she’ll offer them to go to a meet and greet to meet her favorite
  • In a relationship, however, she’ll still be a little shy and not really know what to do aside from the steamy things she reads from her romantic novels. Because of this, at times you will most likely only hold her hand and give her occasional pecks on the side of her temple. side note: it will almost always make her blush 
Another Girl That isn’t Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 1800

Summary: Set during season 8, Sam tells you that he is thinking of quitting the hunting life and you are struggling to tell him how you really feel. 

Warnings: All the angst, unrequited love

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats , Michelle’s 2k follower Challenge, my prompt was to use the quote  “I guess, I’m wondering, how someone quits one life for something completely different.” I decided to go with some good ol’ season 8 angst. 

You flung yourself out of the rental car as fast as your legs would let you. It didn’t even matter that the wheels were still rolling slightly as you hopped out. Tearing across the gravel your head was focused on the one point in this whole town that you actually recognized. Funny how it was almost identical to the place you knew in too many similar small nowhere towns. You didn’t pause for a second in your movements because you knew that the man who had been driving would come after you.

Get to the room, your mind repeated, get to the room. You were trying to quash your feelings down with an overwhelming force, this wasn’t how you wanted to lose it. Screaming, in some shitty motel parking lot, this was obviously a discussion meant for privacy. Jamming the key into the lock as hard as possible, ignoring the harsh scrape and grind you heard, you jimmied it open. Walking through the threshold you slammed the door behind you as quickly as you could, you noticed how it thudded against what you hoped was his face, but you didn’t bother turning around. Apparently, his long strides were making it easy for him to match your frantic pace.

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So I was going through my files again, when suddenly..

I remembered I did this way back for a delirious logo …. It was that time when vanoss had a new logo and It reaaaally impressed me.. and I guess I wanna try and do something for the bear-lovin maniac

So this was an attempt I did through flash pro before when I was still a 2D animator and tried to post it on twitter…. (dunno what was I expecting)



And since I left my freakin pentab at my grandad’s, I hope I get to see some more hidden art in my sorry excuse for a desktop because I won’t be posting any art for a while…. 

positiveparker  asked:

omg I love your writing can you do a blurb with Sam x reader and like they go to the cinema or something ?? thank uuuu xxx

i’m a horrible human being and this took me way too long to answer. i’m sorry. also it’s very short buut it is a blurb so i guess that’s fine. hope you enjoy :)

“We are not seeing that movie again, why can’t we watch something new?” Sam asked, half annoyed and half amused at your decision.

“Because… it’s called ‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again’, not ‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Once.” you responded with a smirk on your face. You were currently at the cinema on your date with Sam, trying to pick a movie to watch and failing miserably. You haven’t seen each other in a while as Sam has been away visiting Tom on the set of ‘Chaos Walking’, and you missed him so damn much even if it was only for a few weeks. You were used to him always being there for you when you needed someone to cuddle you or make you feel better after a bad day. He was always there for you when you needed him and you did the same to him. That is why you decided to spend the evening just the two of you, to be able to spend time together and catch up without being interrupted by one of his brothers. You loved Sam’s family dearly, his brothers being like sibling to you and Nikki and Dom always treating you like a daughter they never had. Nevertheless, they could be very clingy sometimes, always in need of something from you which is why the only way to make sure this date will truly be just between the two of you, you needed to go out.

Sam laughed at your response, feeling just how much he’s missed everything about you. “You know, I wasn’t going to let you win, but that pun made me change my mind.” he said, already making his way towards the cashier. “Hi, two tickets for the new ‘Mamma Mia’, please”

After you got the tickets, you bought yourselves some popcorn and a soda for the movie, knowing very well you’ll eat most of it during the commercials anyway. You then went to sit at your assigned seats and enjoyed the movie, even if you had already seen it before. The truth is, you could go see a movie you hate with your whole heart and you’d still have the time of your life, as long as Sam was by your side. He was the love of your life and you were his, and as long as you were together, you could do anything.

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xgirl88  asked:

Hi!!! I love love your writing! I even have notifications for you hehe, please can you write something about Scully or Mulder trying to date another people after the break up pre revival and failing miserably? PLEASE! Por favor!

My greatest apologies for completely derailing the prompt.

With a backdrop of red brick and early-evening dusk, she’s exquisite.

He can’t tell if it’s the separation that’s getting to him or if the blue wrap dress she’s wearing does, in fact, hug her curves in luxurious ways; however, he knows for certain that the phone in her hands is new, one of those Apple ones he’ll never be able to figure out. Though her wrists are empty save for a watch, she’s still wearing that cross around her neck, a pair of gold studs he gave her on her ears. Maybe she’s trying to send a message, he thinks but then dismisses; at this point, he doubts that any of the jewelry she owns isn’t in some way associated with him.

After fifty days without contact - not that he counted - she called him in the evening, asked if he’d like to go to dinner in Alexandria sometime. Of course, he said yes immediately, no need to furrow out a place in his nonexistent schedule, so she asked how that Wednesday would work. In the middle of the week after she got out of work, the date and time were clearly a ploy, an implied this is not intended to be romantic; though he figures she wants to discuss something financial or equally objective over mediocre-to-good Italian food, he momentarily forgets that, instead traces the line of her hipbone with his gaze. She looks thinner, but he’s not sure as to what that could mean, as to whether or not that’s a good thing.

When she looks up, he downplays his reaction, pretends that he hadn’t spent two hours deciding on which blazer-jacket to wear. For a second, she eyes his tie, the grey one she bought him long ago; though he doesn’t express it externally, he’s smug that he picked a reactionary one.

“Hey,” she says, and her voice alone makes him feel as though he’s about to stumble. “I was just about to text you.”

He’s late; that’s why. Unfortunately, she’s shivering as he reaches her, the winter air calling for a coat she doesn’t have on right now.

“I already have a table,” she says, pointing inside. “I thought you might’ve gotten lost.”

No, he hadn’t, but he was never good at showing up on time, takes a deep breath as he understands that she’s forgotten that.

“Shall we?” he asks, motioning toward the restaurant’s door.

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Your stupid, wonderful friends - Newt/Minho imagine

Hi! Just found your blog and your writing is great! Could you write an imagine where the reader and minho are best friends (also friends with thomas and newt) and y/n tell minho about her crush on newt and he teases her about it? (Does this make sense?) With lots of friendship fluff please? :)

You’re just about to hammer in the last nail on the new wall when you notice him. His tan skin. His golden hair. He’s talking to one of your other friends, Thomas. “God” You think to yourself. “Why did it have to be Newt?” Out of all your friends, he’s probably the worst one you could have chosen. At least with Thomas, or Minho, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But he’s second in command. He’s important. He would never notice a stupid builder like me, you think to yourself, bitterly. You swing the hammer, maybe a little to hard. As you connect with the nail, you hear a loud splint, and the board snaps in to. Just as you’re letting out an internal sigh, you hear a voice behind you.

“Nice job slinthead!” You don’t even bother turning around. It’s Minho, your best friend. He always comes to visit you after his runs. Its sweet that he’s always checking up on you.

“Hey there small Asian. What took you so long? You gettin’ slow?” You answer, not even turning around as you grab another board. You’re the only one who gets to tease him like that. Anyone else tried, they’d find themselves with a broken nose faster then you could say klunk.

“Not a chance” He scoffs, giving you a gental shove. You and him have been friends for as long as you could remember. He was just as fascinated by the fact that the creators had sent up a girl, but he took it in stride. He showed you around, introduced you to his friends, and treated you like, well, one of the boys. finally finishing with the wall, you turn to him.

“Shall we?” You say, not bothering to give him a chance to respond as you drag him toward the bonfire pit. A new Greenie had showed up today, and everyone was looking forward to the party that night. You walk over, slipping away from Minho as you grab a jar from Gally. You sit down, back against a fallen log, as you watch the Gladers celebrate. You don’t mean to, but you can’t help but watch Newt as you down the jar. Throwing a torch on the fire, another jar. Grabbing some dinner, another jar. Cheering on the Greenie as he faces Gally in the ring, another jar. You grab one last jar as you bitterly think to yourself. I have no chance. What the hell was I even thinking! Newt is shucking Second in command. He would never like me. I have no chance. Tired of getting down on yourself, you down the last jar and stand up, stumbling slightly. Your to drunk to think anymore, which was exactly what you were going for. You twirl around the crowd, occasionally dancing with people, grabbing some food, laughing away. You stumble past Newt and Minho, who seem to be deep in conversation.

“HEY! NEWT AND MINHOOOO. WHATS UP. WHATS COOL?! YEAH, MY TWO FAVORITE BOYS, CHATTING IT UP! YEAAAHHHH!” You slur through your words, laughing. They look over, but don’t return your sloppy smile. Whatever, You think. You’re not letting them ruin your night. You dance over to Gally and Ben, practically hanging off them. “Hey, look who it is! Gally! Ben!! Whats upppppp? You know, you two should totally kiss.” You giggle, enjoying there shocked expressions.

“No way sh-” Gally doesn’t even get to finish his sentence, as you push there heads together. They immediately pull back, spitting and coughing. “ You little shank faced-” Again Gally is cut off as someone starts to walk you away from the red-faced boys.

“Thomas, you deal with Gally, I’ll get her inside.” You recognize Minho’s voice as he begins pulling you towards the homestead.

“Hey, what are you doing!” You pout, looking back towards the party. “I was having fun! I bet Thomas wanted me to stay! Come onnnnnn Minho, I want to party!” You start doing a little dance in his arms, accidentally hitting him in the face.

“Jesus Christ, how many drinks did you have? Don’t answer that. I don’t think I want to know. ” He pulls you into the homestead, plopping you down on your bed, and beginning to walk away as you snuggle under the covers.

“Hey Minho?” You whisper, stopping hum before he can leave. “You’re like, my best friend. And best friends share secrets. I’ll go first, But after that you have to tell me one.” He walks over to you bed, looking intrigued. “I like someone. In the glade. A Glader. Right here. Where we live. Yeahhhhh. ” you say, letting your eyelids droop shut.

“WAIT WHAT, WHO?!” He shouts, but you’re already fast asleep.


     You groan as your eyelids flutter open, seriously regretting last night. What the hell happened? You think, I really hope I didn’t do anything stupid. You shuffle outside, the bright sunlight like a punch in your already throbbing head.

“Morning sunshine” You hear. You turn around slowly, giving your friend a glare.

I"Get a day off to make sure I don’t puke on everyone" you say sarcastically, secretly glad he was there. You start walking towards the builders hut, but his words stop you short, your headache suddenly forgotten.

“So… when are you going to tell me who you like?” He practically sings, sauntering up to you.

“Who told you I liked anyone” You hiss, grabbing the front og his shirt.

“You” he replies, with a smirk. “A little drunk birdie gave me the word.” You inwardly groan, but decide to play it off cool, hoping he won’t push it.

“Its you Minho” you say dramatically. “Its always been you. Oh please bless me with your touch, great keeper of the runners” He laughs lightly, but brushes you off.

“Now I know how much of a catch I am, but seriously, who? You have to tell me.” You sigh, turning back to the hut.

“I’m not going to tell you Minho. Just slim it.”

“No! You told me you like someone, and I want to know who!”

“Never telling you” You singsong, running past a glaring Gally and to your work station. “Geeze, whats his problem”. Minho just smirks and snorts, easily keeping up.

“Is it Thomas?”







“Oh god no.”

“How about Newt?”

“N-no” You stammer, unconvincingly.

“OH MY GOD IT IS SO TOTALLY NE-” you slam your hand over his mouth, cutting him off.

“One more letter and I will scream so loud that you’ll be put in the slammer for weeks.” You hiss, pushing him back.

“Okay okay, but seriously? Newt? Like, good friend Newt? Goody-two-shoes Newt? Tall-and-gangly Newt?”

“That’s the one” You mutter, trying to stay annoyed. You fail miserably, not even able to think about hm without smiling. “You  also forgot, sweet, kind, compassionate, and hot” You say, laughing at Minho’s grossed out expression.

“Oh god barf. You are suck a girl.”

“Oh please,” you reply “ Its not like anything would happen anyways.”

“Oh man oh man this is hilarious” He says, laughing. “Y/n and New-ewt, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g” Yu give him a shove, blushing.

“Slim it Minho”

“Not a chance” He replies, smirking. “you know, I could probably set something up for you. A romantic picnic, a ‘surprise’ meeting out at the deadhead, stealing his clothes when hes in the shower…” You’re bright red now.

“Minho stop!” You say covering your face with your hands. “You are not saying a word, to anyone, understand?” He nods, still holding back a laugh.

“Look, I gotta go to the map room, but I’ll see you, and your lover, at dinner tonight” He says with a wink, taking off across the field.

“HE’S NOT MY LOVER” you call after him, throwing a piece of scrap wood, Still laughing. You’re friends were the best.


You and Minho sit down across from Thomas and chuck, mouths watering at Frypans delicious smelling stew. You’re just about to chow down when Thomas causes you to choke on the hot stew.

“Sooo, You and Newt, huh?” You whip your head around, glaring at Minho.

“You promised! I told you not to tell Anyone!” You say, frustrated. God this boy was thick sometimes.

“I had to tel Someone! It was killing me!” He says, throwing his hands into the air as surrender. “Besides, Tom here thinks you guys would be perfect.” You turn your glare to him, hissing as Newt approached your table.

“Slim it Thomas. You know nothing would happen.” Him, chuck, and Minho start to get up from the the table as Newt gets closer.

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that” Chuck says, grinning as he picked up his empty bowl.

You stare at him, shocked.“What did you do?!” You whisper, starting to panic.

“Hey, don’t freak out. Just be your usual, wonderful self that I know, and you’ll be fine” You hear Minho whisper as he walks away. You gulp down your panic as Newt sits across from you, not meeting your gaze.

“So.. um.. the guys told me… that you.. told Minho… that you, Uh, Lied me?” He says, awkwardly. You blush, Looking down at your food.

“Uhh yeah, I’m real sorry about that, that slinthead wasn’t supposed to tell anyone” You say, looking up to see him smiling.

“Well I’m sure glad he did” He says, leaning across the table and bringing his lip to yours. You hear whoops and hollers from all around the tables as you pull back, grinning so hard your cheeks hurt. You finally manage to get your thoughts together, and you breathlessly reply.

“So I guess he not so much of a slinthead after all.” You pull him in for another kiss, so happy your heart might burst.


Okay lovelys I really hope this is what you were looking for! I tried to be funny but It sounded better in my head. Thanks so much for the request! I really enjoyed writing this one. You’re the best!

-XO, The Glade

elkiwii  asked:

They're not vulgar at all !! They're super cool !! You've got a style I really enjoy to see !! No one else edit drawing like you do I don't want you to stop :((

thank you for your lovely words, they’re really encouraging hon. I think will try making something different or idk… rn I feel pretty down and discouraged by my works and others works… I’ll try reflect a bit and take a break. Trying to make edits of the new chapters and trying be the first to post, which I fail miserably… is stressing me up… Really greatful for taking your time and send a message to cheer me up bby! Means a lot! I’ll try to keep my best *hugs* Have a lovely weekend *chu*

catknit7  asked:

Either B, R, or U for nurseydex, please and thank you! :D

I couldn’t resist R for this one. I had pictured NurseyDex for it since the start and I’m so happy someone requested it. Prepare for very mild angst surrounded by a whole pile of fluff. As for anyone wondering how things end up for these two following my “Lose Control” fic – I present the end of their senior year. Still going strong haha. Enjoy!!

R: “I can’t afford an engagement ring for you even though I want to propose.”

Graduation came and went like a whirlwind. Dex and Nursey’s families had been a lot to handle – they were very different and Dex’s entire immediate family had made the trip. It had been loud and crowded, but Nursey’s parents didn’t seem to mind too much. Or as Nursey would put it, they “survived the Red Sea” – his nickname for Dex’s largely red-haired family. Dex’s parents had liked the nickname so much, they had started using it themselves.

“Oh my god I am so exhausted…” Dex let his legs give out, dropping next to Nursey who was seated on their bed. He rested his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder.

Nursey chuckled. “Go to sleep, babe.”

“Not yet. It’s our last night here, I want to soak everything in so I never forget it,” Dex said, forcing his eyes open. They had stayed behind at Samwell for an extra night under the guise of needing to finish packing. Everything except the bare necessities had been packed for two days already, but the students had all gone home for the summer and they had the Haus to themselves for just one night.

“If you really want to make some lasting memories, we could have sex in every room…” Nursey teased.

“Shut up.” Dex chuckled, taking Nursey’s hand, gently rubbing his thumb over his knuckles. Nursey gave his hand a small squeeze back.

“I can’t believe your entire family came. How did your neices get so big already? Didn’t we just see them at Christmas?”

“What can I say? They were excited. I’m the first in my family to graduate university. If it wasn’t for that scholarship, I couldn’t have afforded a school like this either.”

“I’m glad you did.” Nursey smiled, turning his head to gently kiss Dex. His stomach grumbled.

(More after the cut)

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I've Been Waiting For This (PART 2): Teen Wolf (Brett Talbot)

Hello Everybody! I cannot fathom my appreciation for what you guys have done for me so instead I’m going to write as many imagines as I can pile in one day (but with quality of course). WOOP WOOP LET’S GO!

Warnings: Swearing, sex references, boner references, naked teenage boy, playboy poster.
Prompt: Your crush Brett Talbot offers you hospitality when you find yourself on the wrong side of town due to a bus mix-up.

(Y/N’s POV) The bus stopped soon after that. Brett helped you down the stairs with a gracious hand. Once at his house he led you up the stairs and inside.
“If there is anything, anything at all that I can do for you, please let me know.” He said while taking off his backpack. Wow, you’d never seen someone who could look so dashing while taking off a backpack.

“Thank you.” You said with a humble smile. He was being so sweet to you over the past twenty minutes you started to wonder if there truly was a reason why. Did he really like you? Was he really embarrassed when he saw you looking at him? Did you really have a chance? Your stream of thoughts was broken when Brett began heading up the stairs.

“Sorry I just have to change out of these clothes.” He said quickly dashing up to his room, no doubt to be back down as soon as possible, but you denied yourself the true reason why. You sat at the bottom of the stairs and clicked your phone on. Black screen. You clicked it again. Nothing. Frustrated you held the power button down. The ‘charge phone’ symbol kicked you in the gut. You remembered that Brett has the same phone and began walking up the stairs towards where you assumed his room would be figuring you could borrow his charger, but you got more than you bargained for. Like, a hell of a lot more.

You heard him moving behind a slightly opened door. You figured he hadn’t made the effort to close it when he was rushing to get changed. Looking in through the crack you found yourself staring at the back of a naked Brett Talbot, his clothes (including his black boxers) were in a pool beside him as he rummaged through his drawers. Damn he was toned. Even his butt gave you goosebumps. The last thing you saw before snapping out of your trance and running back downstairs was a massive playboy poster of a plastic looking Italian woman. Was she Italian? Greek maybe. It didn’t matter because you were back at the bottom of the stairs, trying to slow your heart rate but failing miserably as you couldn’t get the image of Brett out of your head.

(Brett’s POV) I thought I heard footsteps behind me while I was changing. With wolf-hearing and all I should have heard anything, but all I could think about was making it back downstairs to Y/N so that she didn’t feel awkward being alone downstairs and whenever I think of her I can’t think about or focus on anything else but her. I finally tossed on some new clothes and ran downstairs where she was patiently waiting but something wasn’t right.

She had been calm and humble when we got to the house but now her heartbeat was racing as she tried to force a kind smile. Shit. Shit sHIT SHIT. She had seen me changing she? And now she was extremely uncomfortable and- uhg. I did this. Now she was going to feel awkward until she goes home, and probably after she goes home. She wouldn’t be able to look at me again. Wait. Why was she up there in the first place? Was she spying or did she need help? This is awful. Hopefully if she was fine with the boner deal (which I still hate myself over) then it might not be that bad. Shit. What if she saw the playboy poster? I don’t even look at it anymore, the woman is too fake and- SHIT! She’s going to think I objectify women and-.

“Are you alright?” She must have seen me panicking. How long was I panicking for anyway? Shit. It’s over. She’s going to hate me and- “Hey Brett, you ok?” SAY SOMETHING YOU IDIOT!

“Uh yeah, I’m fine. Umm, do you want something to eat?” I said turning towards the kitchen. I listened to her heart rate to see if it was slowing down. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable (which she probably already does) and I sure as hell didn’t want her to hate me, but either way I didn’t expect to hear-

(Y/N’s POV) “Those black boxers.” You whispered in a desperate effort to make a joke of the situation and calm yourself, but that was a shittiest option you could have chosen as Brett stopped in his tracks and whipped his head around. “Oh shit.” You said audibly. Well, at least louder as your heart sunk into the deepest pits of your stomach. You didn’t want to give him that idea. You weren’t ready and even if you were, it wouldn’t happen now, not like this. You panicked, even worse than when you figured you were on the wrong bus.

“Shit, so you did see me changing.” Brett said, but not in an ‘Oh, I see where you’re trying to go, let’s make everything super sexual now’ kind of way. He said it like he was embarrassed, like he felt as bad as you did. You had to clear this up, pronto.

“I- I wasn’t spying on you I swear I just- I needed a charger for my phone and figured you would have one and I- I-.” Brett chuckled. It was so nice to hear him chuckle. Your heart rate immediately slowed and the bear trap around your lungs was released. You managed to giggled a little.

“You are so incredibly cute.” He said. His face immediately dropped again, clearly regretting calling you cute. It felt as though an angel touched your heart as you blushed crimson yet again. Brett Talbot thought you were cute. You were right, you stood a chance. You smiled and said “Well thank you very much.” Brett smiled as well.

“By the way,” you giggled again. “I love the playboy poster.” Brett’s face dropped yet again.

“I- I don’t even look at it anymore it’s- it’s,” You smiled at his contagious innocence. When he saw that you were kidding around he smiled and relaxed. “Would you like something to eat? Other than my boxers?” You both laughed.

“Got any cookies?” You asked moving to where he was in the kitchen. Once you were beside him he threw his arm around your shoulders. More goosebumps.

“Yeah we’ve got,” He realized what he was doing and immediately took his arm off of you. “You know what, I am so sorry. I just- I keep-” You threw your arms around his torso and buried your face in his warm, inviting chest. It took him a second to realized what was going on but when he did he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you further into his chest. He kissed your forehead and continued holding you.

“Brett?” You said shyly. He nodded. “I think I’m in love with you.”

“Y/N,” He said with an all-star smile that lit up the entire room. “I already know I’m in love with you.”

I LOVED WRITING THIS IMAGINE SO VERY MUCH! I tried to make parts 1 and 2 fit as much as possible and I think I did a pretty good job. I REALLY HOPE YOU ALL LOVED READING IT AS MUCH AS I LOVED WRITING IT! Please send in any requests and I will finish them ASAP! I hope you all have a lovely day, evening, or work break. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!