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I did this because @margarethelstone told me to, and because I needed to conquer the creative block I’ve been having.

She gave me the prompt: “he gave a quick glance at the young woman’s haircut” which I only very loosely followed because I am GRUMPY and BELLIGERENT. Just kidding, major thanks for helping me get a little creative flow tonight!

Hiccup was in a mood.

He’d been pacing around his hut, periodically kicking the wooden edge of his bed, before he dropped down onto it in a huff, his arms folded and his shoulders hunched.

An hour before, he’d found himself on the wrong end of an axe, and in the time since, he’d been trying, indignantly, to convince himself that it wasn’t his fault. He’d only been trying to keep her safe. It was perfectly reasonable request to ask her not to fling herself straight into danger, like a herd of lemmings leaping off a cliff.

Of course, he’d forgotten that asking Astrid to do anything, was like tying two terrible terror’s tails together - dangerous, and a REALLY bad idea.

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Concept: Benedict cumberbatch goes down in future history as one of those legendary actors, like he is THE actor you use to express compliments when it comes to the acting world. His name becomes so legendary that eventually, even further down in the future, people begin to question if he was ever real or not. There are conspiracy theories about his existence, theories revolving his name too. Some argues that he was never real because the name “Benedict cumberbatch” seemed too fictitious. Some theorize about how odd it is that his first name and last name both have three vowels. Some argue that this was a code or an anagram, or that he was actually three peeple. Some say he’s a fictitious person made up for the purpose of illuminati. Some claim he’s half-alien that the government covered up by giving him Oscars and Emmys to throw us off. And so began the tale of how Benedict cumberbatch turned from a man into a legend into a myth

Woods or fields; moon or stars; trains or ships; early mornings or late nights; autumn or summer; Victorian or classicism architecture; wine or champagne; mountains or beaches; velvet or silk; roses or lavender; paintings or sculptures?


Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^