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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 4

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9, Part 10Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Summary: After a poor introduction to Jaebum, the tension between you two only seems to grow.

Word Count: 4992

Warning: Blood, violence and smut in later parts.

“When soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.” -Prometheus Unbound

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Be More Chill Senior Year, Everything About This Makes Me Want to Die

‘You’re not eating that.’ The SQUIP had just shocked Jeremy’s hand making him let go of the poptart he had just been holding, letting it fall to the ground.

“Ow! Why not?”

‘Poptarts are sugar coated calories that neither your teeth nor your stomach need.’

“What’s wrong with my teeth?”

'Jeremy there’s more yellow on them than there is on a school bus. I don’t care how bad Michael’s teeth may be, trust me; he’s not going to find the ugly stains attractive.’

“What am I supposed to way then?”

'Grab a water and some blueberries.’

“But I don’t have blueberries.”

'Yes you do, behind the milk carton.’ Heading over to the fridge Jeremy saw the SQUIP was right and there was an unopened container of blueberries in the corner. 'Hurry before you miss the bus.’ Shoving the blueberries down his mouth Jeremy ran to the bus stop, catching it just before it could leave. 'See? After last night your cardio it’s already improving.’

Looking around the bus Jeremy was surprised when Michael doesn’t get on at his stop before shrugging it off. Maybe his car got fixed.

'Unlikely, studying the data from when we took the car to the shop I’d approximate it will be another two weeks before it’s even functioning again.’

Jeremy hated having something in his head knowing what he was thinking all the time it was annoying. The bus came to a stop allowing Jeremy and the rest of the students to get off. Heading into the school he stopped dead in his tracks the instant he saw it. Michael and Rich; kissing.

'Even by my calculations this is…unexpected.’

“What the fuck?”

'Do you want to say that a little louder so the rest of the world can hear you too Jeremy?’


'You’ll never know unless you ask them.’


'It’s called being a cockblock.’ The SQUIP guided Jeremy across the hall before suddenly stopping causing him to fall face first in front of them.


“Jeremy, are you okay?” Looking up he saw Michael had bent down sticking out a hand that Jeremy accepted allowing him to get up.

“Sorry, I just ugh-tripped!”

“It’s okay dude.”

“Just one question though, when did you and Rich?”

“Last night,” Rich chimed in Jake conveniently walked by.

“We ran into each other-”

“-at the park.”

“We’re already finishing each other’s-”


“That’s what I was gonna say!” They giggled at this making both Jeremy and the SQUIP internally groan.

'Great, something else to take care of.’ The minute bell rang as both Michael and Rich left together. 'This was supposed to be easier than Christine but no. Jeremy there had to be somebody else you like.’

“It’s Michael, and what do you mean take care of?”

'That’s not important now, what is? Getting to class on time.’ The CPU sent a shock through his body, 'Move it!’


“So you think Jeremy bought it?”


“Hopefully everyone else will too.”

“I feel kind of bad, I mean this is hurting Jake.”

“It’s just a little payback Michael, no big deal.” They sat in the janitor’s closet playing Summoners War while they had this conversation. “Jake goes into the gym in a few minutes and we’re going to have to come out at just the right moment so that he can see us…hmm hey let me see your hair.” Bending down Michael let Rich ruffle his hair before backing away. “Okay now it looks more realistic.” Michael rolled his eyes at that.

“Maybe you should let part of your tank top hang off you too.”

“That’s a great idea!”

“I was being sarcastic.”

“And I don’t care, hey here he comes!” Pocketing his phone Michael let himself be pulled out of the closet just as Jake walked by. “Oh yeah Michael that was-Oh Jake. Didn’t see you there.” Michael watched as the taller teen stared at them before turning around and walking the other way.


'Jeremy, when you smile try to do it with your mouth closed. It will make you at least three percent more attractive.’ Jeremy sat at the lunch table, sipping his laughter at Jenna’s story to immediately cover his mouth. 'What did I say about slouching?’ Jeremy immediately sat up straight before the SQUIP could shock him. 'Good.’

“You have to tell me all about it.” Jenna’s attention had now been redirected to Rich and Michael who nervously looked at each other.

“It just you know, happened.”

“Come on there had to be more than that. I want the juicy details!”

“There are no details. We just hooked up.”

“What about poor Jake? Play practice is going to be so awkward now.”

“Who cares about Jake? Hey did you guys…” Jeremy could only stare at Michael as he talked, not hearing a word that was said.

'Time to initiate Plan B.’

i’m in love with your body

“i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” spitfire no powers au 

happy valentine’s day @icanhearyouglaring !!! sorry i’m a lil late for @yjficexchange but i’m a trash person and have no excuse. also it’s been so stinkin long since i wrote spitfire so fingers crossed it’s not terrible (and yes the tite is from an ed sheeran song sorry not sorry lmaoo)


The gym is Wally’s favorite place to hate. He goes, begrudgingly, because this whole fast metabolism thing isn’t going to keep up forever and he hates every single second of it.

There’s nothing fun about running on a treadmill at 10 at night after a long day in the lab. It’s boring as hell, actually, especially on days when he forgets his headphones and has to listen to the crackling gym radio that’s echoing through the space.

It’s not the running that bothers him. He loves finding that perfect pace and the adrenaline rushing through his body, the slightest strain in his muscles and the dryness in his lungs. He ran track and cross country in high school and college because that was something he could get into- the varying workouts, the comradery, the competition.

But it’s just Wally on the treadmills tonight, there’s hardly anyone in the gym at all.  Most people are behind him, on the bikes or back by the weights, and there’s no one here to entertain him except for the celebrity news show that’s on the TV in front of him.

Like he said, he’s bored.

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anonymous asked:

I know this is kind of out of nowhere, considering everything that's happening, but I loved loved loved "open the pod bay doors" and I'm sorry if this is annoying but.. I really need to know what happens with them?! If you give me even one sentence I would love it. Thank you for writing this ♥️

fjdsklafjaksd oh my goodness bABE I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT and thank you sosososo much for this message ilysm

anon is referring to this fic!

also i thought about it this morning just for you and—

in the end, even’s professor didn’t mind the fact that even made the script 30 pages long when it was supposed to be 15 pages long (and, yes, he’s still aware that he lied to isak about the page limit because he wanted to spend more time with him, but it’s not like isak has to know that, and, besides, even doubts he’d actually be angry) 

and then his professor encouraged him to make it about twenty pages longer and make it an actual short film & submit it to a film festival, because he thinks it could win some awards — the narrative, though buried under the guise of science fiction, is an important one to tell, and even through the heartbreaking ending, you learn something, you take the question the script leaves you with afterwards; to the car, to your home, to your bed, for days and days afterwards, and you think: what would i do if i had the chance to find myself in my ideal universe?

(and even’s like yeah yeah yeah totally my boyfriend’s a genius; like, not out loud, obviously, because his professor isn’t supposed to know isak wrote most of it but. his boyfriend is a genius, he’ll stand by the fact; like, when it comes to writing and pretty much everything else.)

(and, also, it’s such a thrill to call isak his boyfriend, so he’ll use any excuse to use the word, whether it’s out loud or in his head.)

(so, yeah. his boyfriend.)

so with that in mind, even goes to isak and is like, “so hey, wanna write some more of this script w me and become totally rich and famous?”

and isak, adjusting his glasses and not looking up from the book he’s reading, is like, “no, not really, i was just helping you with it to get to know you, you know that”

and even swoons a little bit, because how can isak make him feel so many stupid things while not even making eye contact with him and, admittedly, probably paying more attention to what his book is saying to him than what even is? he’s a mystery and even is so so gone for him, wow. 

but, so, anyway. even’s like, “awwww BABE you’re so cute??? but also pls help me”

isak eventually agrees because he’s just as hopeless against even as even is against him–

–and so they become a gross duo re: the film with isak being the ~co writer~ and having the story by credit (so, you know, his professor doesn’t immediately think he didn’t write it all himself) and even being the pretentious director for the film

they sweep at the film festival

they keep loving each other for a long, long, long time thereafter; so faced with the question of “what would i do if i had the chance to find myself in my ideal universe?”, even has his answer:

absolutely nothing. because this is where he wants to be.

Actually why does it take Steven to unbubble Jasper or Bismuth in the first place? Jasper maybe because it seems he is the only one who has got the chance of healing her but someone else can at least try to get a sample of his saliva and try? Bismuth totally can be unbubbledby someone else especially because shes considered a great friend of Garnet and Pearl and it seems strange that they were so okay with bubbling her because Steven who only knew her for 5 minutes said so. Basically what im saying Steven shouldn’t be the only one who can do stuff in the show why wait for only him to act when we have other perfectly capable characters there? I know he is supposed to be the MC but the other gems are as important characters too let them do stuff instead of wait for Steven to do something and stand behind him and watch him.

anonymous asked:

Up until this weekend I've been posting two story posts (like finding Marley) but this now I'm so burnt out. It takes two hours to put two posts together and honestly I just don't have time and it's really stressful. Idek why I'm telling you this but no one else really understands. Sorry feel free to ignore this I just needed to vent.

It’s totally fine to feel burnt out!! Just take some for yourself!! Your blog is supposed to be fun, don’t feel like you have to keep to any deadlines- it’s. your blog. I’m being so hypocritical by saying this, because I too really struggle with balancing my personal life and my simblr life.

Up until recently I would post ½ Finding Marley posts a day; each post takes between 3-6 hours to complete (and pose requests take evennnn longeerrrr omg). Which meant I would come in from college at around 1pm and work flat out on the story until 3/4am, meaning I never got any school work done, and I would be too tired to function properly the next day. Now, I’m a little better, I still stay up incredibly late but I spend less time during the day working on it.

Basically, I’m trying to say you’re not alone!! But in the end your mental health and your school/work should always come first!! It’s easy to forget that this is just a hobby. I’m on hiatus at the moment because I’m on a 2 week vacation with my boyfriend, and I’ve honestly felt anxious because my queue wasn’t full and I was worried that people would be upset. honestly. you. are. not. alone.

It’s a totally normal feeling; it comes with the territory 😊 running a simblr isn’t easy, it should be, but it isn’t. All I can advise is to remember that this is a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun. If it stops being fun, stop, and do something else that’s fun for a little while 😊

You can vent to me whenever you like anon! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

are you ready for this?


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Steve frowned, not quite sure what he was doing. “My mom wants to invite you to dinner.” It sounded more like a question than an statement.
Nancy blinked, clearly surprised. “Oh,” was all she said.

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Skeleton Kisses

[So I’m not even sure I’m doing this right. However it’s a little fic I made up and wanted to put it here. Um, yeah. Enjoy?]

Nearly three months had gone by since we monsters had earned our freedom. It should have been rather easy to just enjoy everything. But uh, when you expect everything you have to suddenly vanish…it made relaxing a bit hard.

At least everyone was happy. Couldn’t get much better honestly. Actually…that was a lie. One of the biggest ones I ever dared to say or think. Frisk could have at least told me when she was going to reset. Sure no one else would remember when things went back to the start.

…And then there was me.

Frisk knew I wouldn’t totally forget. Hell she was probably the only one who even had any idea as to what some of my nightmares were about. So then why was she doing this to me? It was like torture I swear. Suppose asking her was always a choice. But it always felt like I was interrupting something big going on in her life when I attempted.

So guess I would just wait patiently for the inevitable to happen.

“Seat taken?”

Her voice snapped me back to the present. She had this gentle smile on her soft looking lips. My head shook for an answer. Frisk turned her attention to the horizon in an attempt to see if perhaps something had captured my attention this entire time. Unknown to her this allowed me a long moment to just take in the sight of her. God she looked really good with her hair pulled back like that.

Never before had I ever considered a ponytail to be a tease. Until now that is. Seeing it brush against her skin made me a bit jealous. After all I couldn’t help but wonder how soft that skin might be under my bony finger. Or the sounds she’d make if I dragged my tongue over the nape of her neck. Wait, how long had she been looking at me for?

Rather than worry about it I chose to simple flash her a grin and motion for her to sit next to me.

“I don’t see no BODY so I guess you’re in the clear.”

“Damn it walked into that one. Heh.” She produced a glass bottle from under her tank top. “Here. Just don’t tell mom I slipped it to you.”

“Kid your secret’s safe with me.”

“So…everything good? You’ve been out here a few hours. I know it’s most likely nothing but well, consider me worried is all Sans.”

Heh, that was so like her. Always fretting over everyone else in the house. Made it a little hard to hide things from her. She knew us too damn well.

“Na I’m fine.”


“Hm?” I glanced over while twisting the cap off my drink.


She used her hands to speak to me. I just waved it off with another smile. But this time I didn’t get the chance to say anything. Her hands captured mine, tenderly. Frisk was careful about where she put the glass bottle. Felt my face reflect my confusion as she did. This hadn’t ever happened before.

And suddenly her own hands were using mine to form the works she wanted to say to me.



Had to give her props. She’d figured out a way to speak not only silently but in a way I couldn’t ignore even if I wanted to. I also couldn’t just leave at the blink of an eye. Seems all her bases were really covered this time. But the subject in question…couldn’t just be talked about in the open so carelessly.

So it just boiled down to an uncomfortably long silence between us. All I found myself able to do was look at my hands which were currently in my lap. Her hands they’d been so…Soft. Would the skin over her shoulders and neck be this way? Maybe it was softer. If that was possible.

“Should we go to the hill and stargaze?”

A nod was my answer. Frisk offered me her hand and together we walked towards the large hill. Couldn’t have been more than a five minute walk away from the house or so. Made it a perfect place to just sit and relax during the day. Or set up a spot to camp at night. And the incline wasn’t even that bad so I didn’t mind the short walk.

“I never thanked you for our two dates.” Frisk said after we were out of ear shot of the house.

“D-dates?! What? When?” My heart nearly must have doubled in speed.

“Sans, like it or not I’m pretty sure you asking a girl out to have something to eat with you – which you did twice – is a date to some degree.”

“W-we just hung out!” My face blasting bright blue now.

“It’s okay Sans no need to be shy. You were a perfect gentleman. Can’t wait for our third date.”

That was all I could take. My hood was yanked over my face to muffle the sounds I was currently making. Wish I knew what to call them aside from sounding like I was just flubbing for something to say. Hated how easily she could fluster me sometimes. Though she did have a small point, to others it would seem like I’d taken her on a date. Which didn’t help my current state of being.

Thankfully she was patient with me. Carried me the rest of the way too. Meant I was given enough time to sort myself out. But that didn’t stop the heat which settled primarily in my face.

I felt the grass cushion us as she placed me between her legs. What was I a baby now? Gently her hands worked the hood off my face. With it gone the night sky was open to my viewing pleasure. Don’t think I’d get over how amazing this sight was for some years. After all my whole life had been spent underground. Our form of stars couldn’t even hold a candle to these ones.

When Frisk just started to sing I could hardly believe it was happening. But there it was. A lovely delicate melody just flowing into the night air. Like a silk ribbon being brushed against my face. The tornado of worries and stress which had run so wildly through my mind began to die down. Felt nice to be this relaxed again.

Like I…I could…could just slip into the deepest sleep I’d ever had…


There was a sudden warmth that washed over me as I slowly started to come to. Birds were chirping ever so softly. And the smell of flowers tickled my nose ever so slightly while I lifted my head up. Must have fallen asleep on the floor and didn’t even realize it. Rubbing the last bits of slumber from my eyes I briefly wondered how long I’d been asleep. The sight before me was one I should have expected yet felt foolish for even being remotely surprised at.

Gold and red tiling checkered the floor before me. Seems a large stone pillar had served as my back support. For a long moment I just sat there uncertain as what to do. Because deep down I’d known this had been coming. That much had been obvious. And yet…

Ah forget it. No point in getting worked up over what clearly had already been done. Besides if I was here it meant she was close. Might as well get into position. Kid would be here at any moment. Like now.

Funny I didn’t recall her footsteps sounding so…heavy last time. Nor was there a massive chill in the air. Or a feeling of dread setting deep in my bones. This wasn’t right. Frisk was harmless. Granted she had a hell of a left hook but she avoided using it.

So then what was with these feelings?

“Asleep on the job?” A mocking laugh rippled through the air. “Well this explains how come your brother died so easily now doesn’t it?”

Oh. Shit.

My sneaker covered feet scrabbled against the tiled floor. I couldn’t be sitting down, not now, not with that monster so damn close to me! Hadn’t he gotten board yet? Try as I might to regain some sense of control over my emotions it was pointless. This kid – no this fucking monster – was the one thing which had killed me. And not just once.

Oh no. That would have been too kind coming from him. Almost merciful in fact. I had lost count at eight. By that time I’d been too broken to want to fight back. All I’d done was just run.

“Where is Frisk?” My own fears had to be suppressed, for her sake.

“Frisk? I don’t know a Frisk. But I know a cowardly comedic skeleton. Perhaps you’ve seen him?” The footsteps drew closer. One at a time with an agonizingly slowness to them. “About five feet high. Wears a blue jacket, a white shirt under it. Some slippers – though I suppose they could be sneakers now – and he has this stupid red RAG around his neck.”

My own hand flew up to my neck. Sure enough there it was. Papyrus’ scarf wrapped firmly around me only confirmed what my mind had silently been dreading. But this made another question come to mind. If he was here with me where was Frisk? Realizing that she very well could have been one of the countless victims of his murdering spree all my fears vanished completely.

Replaced with an unchecked rage my heart and head flew into a blur. Nothing mattered except for beating this punk’s face right into the marbled floor. One for each friend he had killed. Thrice for Papyrus. Five for me. And a few more for Frisk.

Everything was going to be fine. He would die. And I’d walk out of here to find Frisk. No way I was going to loose her and my brother all at once. She could reset and everything would be fine once again. Just had to stay focused on this abomination of a Human.

But that damn determination of his. And knowing my attack patterns. It all worked against me. Every second I had less and less magic to use. Not to mention my body was starting to become heavy like a brick. Damn it he was relentless!

“Just DIE!”

It was an order he shouted at me boiling with every last drop of determination he had. I’d run out of steam. My magic was too low to rely on even a simple attack for protection. And now my back was against the wall. This was going to hurt. We both knew that.

And just before the damn thing could hit me someone else took the blow for me. All I saw was the movement before hands slammed into the stone pillar above my shoulders. A set of mismatched eyes looked down at me. One a normal emerald green hue, the other glowing a vivid purple as smoke wafted from it. Then a smile stretched over the face of the young woman I knew so well.

I’m not sure how long everything about the sight before me took to set in. But when it had finally processed in my head I realized several things. The first was that the sound of Human flesh being sliced apart by a knife was one of the most terrifying things I’d ever heard. Second was that Frisk had taken a killing blow which should have been meant for now. And because of that she now had this massive bleeding gash in the middle of her chest. Despite all the crimson which splattered onto me the kid still managed a smile.

“…Love you…” She whispered.

No sooner had they left her lips did her soul simply shatter. Corpse still cooling she toppled into the ruble littered floor in front of me.

Oh god no. Please don’t take her from me. It was like my heart had just be smashed to a million tiny bits. This was just as painful as loosing Papyrus. Yet the pain echoed through out my heart in a different way than it had with my brother. She just…just couldn’t be gone!


It was like I hoped calling her name would just instantly wake her up. Like this was all some sort of horrific mistake. Or one messed up prank. But she just lay there smile on her face refusing to get up. Denial set in rather quickly since I found myself shaking her. She just couldn’t be dead not now.

“How sweet.” He stepped up to me again. “How about you join her?”

As my gaze turned up to meet his the blade of the still warm weapon plunged into my left eye socket.


I felt the scream of crippling pain rip it self from my throat in the same instance my hands flew up to cover my face. A heavy weight suddenly settled upon my body as my body thrashed about wildly. God it felt like a fire or something was just writhing around my socket. For several seconds whatever had pinned me down struggled with me. Their hands couldn’t get a solid grip on my face I made sure of that. Not with the fear of a knife being plunged into me again still lingering in my mind.

“San! Hey it’s me! You’re safe I promise to you.”


A dream? No. A nightmare. Honestly I shouldn’t have been shocked by them by now. But that had been the first time Frisk had ever been in that dream. Normally ones with her were a lot…happier.

I felt like a fool for not realizing it was a dream sooner. Frisk, saying she loved me? Yeah. Only in my dreams. Kid could have any good looking Human she wanted. And I was a Monster.

It was no brainer on who she’d choose.

Upon realizing that I was in fact fully awake Frisk relaxed some. Let go of my shoulders so she could sit back. The look of concern wasn’t hard to miss in her eyes. Just what had she heard I wondered silently. For a bit we just sat there the two of us. Me under her flat on my back. Her at pelvis level a mixed look of pain and worry on her face.

“Sans. What did you want to ask me back at home.”

“…Heh this again? Told you it was nothing.” I bluffed.

“Right…just like the dreams I have about me stabbing Papyrus and you are nothing?”

My eyes blinked at her slightly taken back. How had she even been having those dreams? She wasn’t anything like the first Human who came down. Or the second. They had both been boys but…she clearly wasn’t. This complicated things a bit more than I’d have liked.

Right. No more lies.

“Alright.” I gave a deep sigh. “You got me kiddo. Something has been eating at me a bit.”

“Sans you shouldn’t ever be worried about talking to me.”

“Then why are you holding off on resetting?” My voice lashed out with all my mixed pain and anger.

“W-what?” Frisk blinked at my question. “Re…reset? Wait are you serious?”

“Kid I can’t keep fighting this.” My entire body shook lightly under her from all this. “I need to…to know when you plan on resetting.”


“You know what’ll happen. Everyone will forget, they go back to zero l-like nothing ever even happened.” I smiled around the tears I felt threatening to blind me.


“But that’s fine. They get to enjoy their happy ending. And then they don’t have worry about things when It all starts over again right? But…but then there’s me. You know I won’t just forget Frisk.”

“SANS! Listen to me!” She snapped cupping my face in her hands.

“Please, Frisk…I just want to know when. Can you tell me that much?”

Her thumbs cleared the tears from my eyes, then locked my sight with hers. An unreadable expression crossed her face.

“Never.” She answered.


“I’m never going to reset again Sans. Never. Ever.”

“But…but what about your eye?”

“What about my eye?” Frisk almost sounded offended.

“Don’t you want to fix it?”

“Sans do you really think I’m so shallow that I’d undo everything just because of how I look?”

“Well no but…”

“Can I remind you I was the one who was stupid enough to drink an unlabeled can from a refrigerator in Alphys’ lab before asking if it was alright?” Frisk just shook her head. “It was my fault. No sense in punishing everyone for my silly mistake right? Besides I’ve grown rather attached to it.”

“N-no more resets?”

“Ever. Cross my heart Sans.” An x was made over her heart. “I just…I can’t stand the thought of sending the one I love forget me. Especially when I’m pretty sure he has everything he’s ever wanted right here and now. Right?”

“…One you love?”

“Ones! As in plural!” Instantly her face turned the darkest red I’ve ever seen it.

“No I’m pretty sure you meant one.”

“You must be delirious from not sleeping well. It’s okay though I forgive you.”

Frisk got off me in order to start heading back home. Call it stupid or maybe just a spark of insanity but I didn’t let her. With a whistle she turned around quirking a brow to look at me curious as to what I might want from her. As skilled as she was in running around and dodging it was impossible to fight against blue magic you weren’t expecting. It wasn’t going to hurt her, just enough to bring her to the ground.

Made a cute little sound when she flopped over too. Though as to be expected she was less than pleased with me. Especially since I didn’t let up on the magic as I got closer to her. Had to give her props though. She managed to struggle to her knees.

“Alright look I’ll be quick with this so neither of us embarrass ourselves. Kid how long have we known each other?”

“D-do you really not remember?”

“I do. Just asking you so you can remember.”

“Sans I was 12 when I went to Snowdin I’m almost seventeen now. You do th’ math.” she huffed. “A-and let me go too!”

“Promise you’ll stay here and talk this out with me?”

“About what exactly?”

“Why you haven’t told this fella you like him.”

“I-if I do will then you have to let me go.”

“Sure. So how you want to go about this kiddo.”


“You ain’t getting’ up until-”

“K-knock knock!”

“Eh? Wait, what really? Is now the best time?”

“Sans! Knock knock damn it!” She looked even redder if that was possible.

“Alright. I’ll bite. Whose there?”


My head tilted a small bit. I didn’t know this one. That was new. Given my wide arsenal of bad puns and knock knock jokes. Bet she was too embarrassed to say out loud who it was. This kid sometimes I swore.

She could knock over the biggest baddest monsters, never give up hope, save us all…and yet she was all flustered over asking someone out. Heh. Cute. Absurdly so.

“Olive who?”

“O…Olive…Olive you!”

“Eh?!” My face burst to life with color.

It caused my magic to falter. Frisk shot up to her feet. She…really had just said that right? No that had to be a prank to throw me off the trail. Seems she was still extra flustered over asking the guy out.

“Not a bad one kid. I think he’ll like it.” My thumbs up showed my approval.

She simply stood there clutching one arm with the other. And damn she looked so freaking vulnerable right now. But why was she looking at me so intensely?

“…I’m serious you know.” Frisk confessed. “That was me telling the guy in question.”

Everything just clicked all at once suddenly.

“Wait…y-you mean me?!”

Her eyes shut closed tightly. Tears spilled down her cheeks.

“I got it off my chest okay? B-but I’m sorry I said anything! I never wanted to wreck what we have. Sans. Please just forget it okay? I don’t…I don’t want to loose the best friend I’ve ever had because I was stupid and fell for him.”

“You do mean me.” The heat was back in my cheeks again.

“I do.”

“B-but we’re on the surface! You…you don’t HAVE to choose me kid.”

“Sans. I didn’t choose anyone. It just happened. Love is funny that way you know? One day you’re sitting with a skeleton swapping jokes. Enjoying life. And the next next? Well, you just wonder ever so slightly what it’d be like to kiss him. To hold his hand, t-to have the courage to tell him exactly how you feel.” She shifted a bit in place. “To say you know, that I love you Sans.”


She took my silence rather hard. It wasn’t that difficult to tell as she plastered on a smile for my sake.

“Well there is it. I just hope you can forgive me and we can go back to being friends okay?” She offered a hand to me.

“Frisk.” I held my tone very steady.

“Y-yeah Sans?”

“I can’t tell you how much I hate it when a joke goes unfinished.”

“Don’t jerk me around Sans!”

“I’m not. You didn’t finish the joke.”

“Didn’t finish…? Sans the hell are you on about! That was the joke. 'Olive you!’ what more could you possible add to that? It’s a pretty done joke if you ask me.”

“You won’t know until you start over again will you kid?”

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Don’t look like a goat to me.”


“Easy now!” I held up my hands hoping she would relax a bit and put her fists down. “Hey…your eye is glowing.”

“It does that Sans. Remember it was Skeleton Determination I drank. Lights up when I’m under stress or feeling overly emotional. Sort of like right now…” There was a highly tense moment I thought she might just walk off. However Frisk surprised me by taking a deep breath.“Alright. Fine. But I really don’t see a point to this anymore.” Her left eye which had been a roaring fire of flashing purple and ghostly flames died down to a small flicker of color. “Knock knock.”

“Whose there?”

“Olive.” She grumbled.

“Olive who?” I rocked back on my heels a wide grin on my face.

“Ugh, Sans sometimes I swear…Olive you.” That lovely red came back to her face.

“Huh, really? Well…Olive you too.

“You.” She stopped having to take everything in for a moment. “You what?”

“See didn’t finish the joke.”

This had to be one of the most interesting yet nerve wracking things for me. Just standing here hoping that she would react positively at the end of all this. It had been a little mean as far as execution went. But Frisk was forgiving right. That much I had faith in.

“You can’t play off my confession! It’s against the rules!” Came her blurted response.

“What? Since when?” I asked half offended half baffled.

“Since like…always!” She tossed her arms up in the air.

“Oh is that so?”


“Then why are you blushing so hard?”

“T-that’s besides the point Sans!”

“So you want me to confess in my own way?”


“Sure Frisk. But remember you asked me to do this.”

“Wait what?”

Her heart turned blue once more. In the same moment she started to fall towards the ground I was at her side. Catching her in a low dip a tender smile on my face as I placed one of her hands on my shoulders. She gasped softly at the action. And color hit her face so hard it reached the top of her ears. Tenderly my free hand pulled back the stray strands of hair from her face.

“Frisk. I love you alright? No joke, totally serious here. Got that?”

“Uh-huh.” She nodded very slightly.

“Good. Now if you excuse me I’ve been waiting a few years to do this.”

Once I tipped her head back a slight bit her lips touched mine. Well, if I’d had any that was. But seeing as how I didn’t she at least understood what I wanted enough to go along with it. I’d been right though. These lips were softer than they looked. Sent small jolts down my spine to even brush them.

Shyly she would allow her mouth to open a bit more. So I could kiss her a bit deeper. That’s when it just got intense for us both. How did I know that? Well with how hard her hand was grasping – nearly clawing really – at my jacket it was a dead give away. Didn’t stop us from continuing what we already had going.

Her tongue was addictive. Sweet and crisp like a freshly bitten apple. She trembled in my grasp as my magic held her safely above the ground for the entire ordeal. When she broke away for air it left her neck exposed. And welp, I was never very strong at resisting temptation. Or being lazy.

So it was a safe bet that I jumped at the chance to just latch onto her there. It’d been teasing me all night after all. Time for some pay back. Oh that sound she made was not helping me want to stop. In fact I just found it easier for me to lower her to the ground so I could continue my exploration. Now free of the blue magic Frisk was free to squirm as much as she liked.

Or grab my jacket and hold on for dear life. Which ever she wanted. I was sort of busy at the moment.

Were all Human women this sweet to taste? I doubted it. Only Frisk could be this delectable. And heck I hadn’t even started trying to nibble on her. It was all just sampling so far. Time to change that me thinks.

Alright so to be honest I’m not entirely sure what I expected. However it was rather hard to stop once I’d started. She didn’t exactly protest…more like just silently encouraged me to keep going. It’s all that made sense with how the fabric of her shirt slipped off her left shoulder. But no reason to question it. After all we were both enjoying this.

Was easy to tell when she had her fill. Because I was yanked into another kiss rather quickly. Her hands quickly occupied themselves once more. One slipped under my jacket to tug desperately at my jacket. The other captured my hand locking our fingers together. Okay this was starting to get me a little hot under the collar.

“H-hey Frisk…?” My free hand grazed her side tugging up her shirt up a slight bit.

Her answer was a silent nod. And in turn asked wordlessly if she could also touch back. Not that I’d stop her. But once she got my answer I busied myself with exposing more of her torso to me. Felt my heart beat skip a little bit when her shirt finally slid up past the bottom of her rib cage. Though her fingertips gliding up my spine most likely added to it.


My eye flickered off as the two of us shot up to make ourselves a bit decent. Not that we really had much time. Saw Papyrus com bounding over to us as Frisk was partly sitting up. At least her shirt was back in place. Though I was sit between her legs and it didn’t help anything really. Had my brother been anyone else the entire situation would have been easily understood.

As it was he just looked at us slightly curiously.

“H-hey bro. What’s up?” I couldn’t keep the blue from painting my face.

“What are you two doing on the ground like that?” Papyrus inquired.

Think. I needed a cover before the cat got out of the bag.

“W-we were just playing around and Sans tripped. Then gravity had it’s way and well this is what I get for trying to help him.” Frisk laughed it off nervously. “Sorry Pap, we didn’t even think to invite you.”

“That’s alright! I was busy cooking your lunch for tomorrow. So it is I who should be apologizing for not making time for you two.”

“Nah it’s okay bro.” Now I was more relaxed. “I’m sure your cooking is waaay more important.”

“Totally is. That’s my lunch he was making.” Frisk nodded. “Thanks for being so thoughtful Papyrus. I totally had spaced off I’d be needing one for the field trip tomorrow. You’re amazing.”

“But of course! I am the great Papyrus after all!” He picked me up and placed me on my feet. “You’re lucky I came to check up on you. Other wise you wouldn’t have gotten home in time for eight hours of sleep Frisk.”

“Oh! H-have I been out here that long?” She jumped to her feet. “Sans this is totally your fault you know.”

“I didn’t hear any objections from you.”

“THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT YOU KNOW I HAVE SCHOOL!” She was so cute when she was flustered.

“Hey bro can you give us a few moments? I need to ask her something.”

“Alright but you need to hurry up. Toriel asked me to come find you two.”

“We won’t be long I promise. Better go make sure that pasta don’t burn though bro.”

“Nyeh! Not so long as I the master chief Papyrus have anything to say about that!” He bolted back to the house at top speed.

“…Nice one.”

“Hey just returning the favor Frisk.” I shoved my hands into my jacket. “Now then…where do we go from here?”

“Best not say anything to mom. Her and Asgore will become ungodly over protective. And neither of us needs that.”

“Agreed. But, uh, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or anything. We…are a thing?”

“Yes Sans. We’re dating.” She chuckled. “Though now I have a question for you.”


“Would you like someone to hold you while you sleep tonight?”

“…Heh. Yeah. I think if we do that we can chase each others nightmares off.”

“So…see you in my bed in half an hour?”

“Sure thing Kiddo.”

“One more thing Sans.” She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Love you.”

“L…love you too Frisk.”

Boy was that going to take some getting use to.

me @ hisdtorical fiction writers who make elizabeth have sex even tho she’s supposed to be the virgin queen, i know u think ur clever but u aren’t, everyone does this find something else

that writing feeling where you’re totally, brutally caught between “oh my god, literally no human being will ever want to read this, THIS WILL NEVER MEAN ANYTHING TO ANYONE ELSE, THIS IS GARBAGE, THERE IS LITERALLY NO POINT TO ME DOING THIS WHEN I COULD BE DOING SOMETHING ELSE WITH MY TIME” and “but i can’t stop writing it because i love my story-children and i have to stand by them right ‘til the end! i can’t abandon them! they are my BABIES!”


good times

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Do you think the reason why Osomatsu's self awareness orb is so small is because he's already given up on himself and just takes insults toward him as fact? But he doesn't want his brothers to end up like him? He's in pain, but doesn't care anymore.

Hmm, a good question! ((The most gigantic post I’ve ever written under the cut. Osofans, prepare to cry!))

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That quote from the Rogue One novelization is actually in the middle of a really interesting (at least to me) passage:

“Pray I get a chance to work,” Cassian murmured, but both men seemed to ignore him.
Chirrut stopped his chant abruptly. “It bothers him,” he said, “because he knows it is possible.”
Chirrut’s partner laughed again. The sound was brief and ugly, but Chirrut only shrugged and told Cassian, “Baze Malbus was once the most devoted Guardian of us all.”
Baze Malbus. Cassian ran the name through his mental database and came up empty. “Now he’s just your guardian?” he asked.
Neither man took the bait. Cassian ran his hands over his face, scratched at his beard. Both of the Guardians were formidable fighters, to be sure; and Chirrut, Jedi or not, half mad or overzealous or sincere, was an echo of an era the Empire had nearly erased.

Even the leaders of the Rebellion rarely spoke about the Jedi. Had men like Chirrut been common? Men so certain in their faith that they wielded it like a shield? Men so disciplined that, even blind, they could down a dozen stormtroopers with nothing more than a stick?
How many people were alive to remember?
Before the rise of the Empire, Cassian would have considered the Jedi his enemies. But he’d been so young, too young to understand who he’d been fighting or who he’d been fighting for. Now the Separatists were as forgotten as their Jedi foes.
“Why did you save us?” he asked.
“Maybe I only saved her,” Chirrut said.
Cassian grunted. “I’m beginning to think the Force and I have different priorities.”
“Relax, Captain,” Chirrut answered. “We’ve been in worse cages than this one.”
“Yeah? Well, this is a first for me.”
“There is more than one sort of prison, Captain,” Chirrut said. “I sense that you carry yours wherever you go.”
Baze laughed again, but there was no boisterousness this time—just a coarse, hollow sound.
Cassian frowned and turned back to the lock and the cavern. It was some minutes later that he realized no one had told Chirrut he was a captain.

It’s interesting to me for several reasons, actually:

1. Background information hints and character development for Baze! So what precisely made him lose his faith? Was it Order 66 and the rise of the Empire, or something else altogether?

2. The whole “now he’s just your guardian” line can totally be interpreted in a shippy fashion if one so desires. Which I do.

3. It discusses the perception of Jedi long post-Order 66. We can see that they’re all but myths by now, even to many of those who were alive when they existed.

4. I find it fascinating that apparently the Separatists are as forgotten as the Jedi, considering what a huge impact the Clone Wars had on the SW universe and its inhabitants. Then again, I suppose they want to forget it all, and I’m sure the Empire is more than happy to oblige…

5. “[…] the Force and I have different priorities.” Enough said. I love discussion of the Force and its nature, and this really ties into some of my thoughts on this subject – as does Chirrut’s death scene, for that matter.

6. Cassian background hints and character development and angst!!

7. That hint of the supernatural at the end. Did the Force tell Chirrut that Cassian was a captain or did he merely pick it up from being observant/overhearing something in an earlier scene? (Of course, one can also argue that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.) I like that the novelization leaves the interpretation up to us.

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Scenario with Vongola+Reborn on a mission & mistaking their future S/O's motorcycle for their getaway ride. They tell them to "drive, now" & the S/O glimpses the gun, panics, & races off. Is actually more than half-decent for a first-time getaway driver through narrow streets of Italy & losing angry pursuers with their GUNS. Nothing seems to be amiss until the enemy is lost & they stop, nowhere near the Base. They rip off the helmet to meet a fearful civilian, pleading, "please don't shoot me."

I was laughing so hard when I first read this prompt, it’s perfect!!!  Thank you for sending it in!

He wasn’t going to lie, he had picked up some issues with their driving.  He was still trying to figure out why this person was sent to be his getaway driver.  Being so high up in the Vongola, he had expected someone a little more experienced.  Sure they had gotten away, and all the pursuers had been lost (had actually been lost for a while now), but there was something that had made him think that you hadn’t done this often.

Finally you came to a stop and he got off, trying to figure out why you had brought him here.  This wasn’t anywhere close to the Base.  Was this a trap?   Had you set him up?  He didn’t let his suspicions show, wanting to see what your next move would be before he did anything.  

He was completely surprised when you pulled off your helmet, revealing someone who definitely wasn’t his getaway driver.  And looked every bit the picture of innocent civilian – nothing like the regular hardened mafia member.

“Listen, I don’t know who you are, and if I’m ever asked I won’t say anything, promise.  So, like, please don’t shoot me!”  

He felt some semblance of shock go through him.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.


“Uh-oh.”  Tsuna couldn’t even think to console you at this point, too worried about how he was going to get out of this.  He would never hear the end of it if word got out.  Byakuran, Reborn, Xanxus…they’d all torture him for eternity about this if they found out.

“You’ve got to promise not to tell anyone about this!”  He turned to you, trying to figure out the proper damage control protocols.  There was probably definitely something about accidentally using a civilian as a getaway driver.  Right?

“Of course, whatever you say!”  You nodded so hard you thought you felt a crick in your neck, but you weren’t going to focus on that.  No, a little pain was worth your life in the long run.

“And then, I can just say that the driver wasn’t there and that I got away myself. That could work.”  Tsuna went back to mumbling to himself.  Maybe this wouldn’t be the cause of eternal humiliation.

“But how can I explain you,” he turned to you and you paled.

“You don’t have to explain me.  We can just ignore me altogether.”

“No, Reborn would definitely find out.  And then he’ll kill me.”  You felt sick at the words.  You so should have stayed home today.

“There’s only one thing to do.”  Your “passenger” looked back at you with a confident smile, you were convinced you were about to die.

“We’re just going to have to pretend we’re dating.  That you’re my secret date, and that’s why I was seen with you. How does lunch sound?”



Gokudera had started pacing the moment he realized that you were not the correct getaway driver.  That you were in fact, nothing more, than a terrified civilian.  Of course, him forbidding you from driving off probably didn’t help your fear, but he couldn’t have you leaving until he figured out how to clean up this mess.

“Are you sure you’re not connected to the mafia?”

“Uh, yes…”  The intensity of the man was fairly frightening.

“Damn it.  Can’t use that as an excuse…” And just like that, he was back to pacing and muttering to himself.  You were starting to think that he might be slightly crazy.

“So, um, what’s going on?  Are you sure I can’t leave?”  You had weighed your odds, and you didn’t think that you would be able to get out of the ally before he used his gun on you or your bike.

“You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And no, you can’t go.  Not until we figure out how to explain this.”

“You can’t use that explanation?”

“No, my Boss would be disappointed in me.”

“Yeah, let’s worry about what your boss thinks.  It’s not like I’m worried or freaking out or anything over here…”

“Tch…there’s no reason for you to freak out.  You’re not going to be hurt by anything.  Now just stay quiet and let me think.”


“Haha, well this is awkward.”  The man that had gotten on the back of your bike – who had a gun on his side, and was that a sword on his back?? who used swords anymore??? – was laughing.  How could he be laughing in this situation? That’s it, you were at the mercy of a mad man and you were about to die.

You didn’t realize that you had said that last part out loud until he looked at you with a confused expression.  “What are you about to die?  Do you really think I’m going to kill you?”

You weighed the options of telling the truth or lying.  Because you were so stressed out, you didn’t think you’d be able to convincingly lie.  “Yes.”

His face lost its amusement and instead turned into a compassionate look. “I won’t.  I promise.  You’re a civilian, and you’ve helped me out.  Why would I kill you?”

“Because, I can identify you or something like that?  Isn’t that why civilians always get killed?”

“Maa, maa, you watch a lot of detective shows don’t you?”  Clearly, back to his more laid-back state from before, you watched your “passenger” laugh as he rubbed the back of his head.  “Well, I’m not going to kill you.  But will you let me buy you lunch to make up for this misunderstanding?”


Ryohei wasn’t actually sure what to say at this moment.  But he didn’t think an apology was going to cut it.  And he definitely wasn’t sure what he could say to get you to calm down, because every time he went to try it, you would flinch back from him.  He rubbed his head in frustration.  

“I’m not going to hurt you.”  Ryohei decided that he should probably start off direct, and try to fix the immediate problem – which in his mind was the fear that had you looking rather frozen in your spot.

“Then what’s going on?  Why’d you do this?”  You hadn’t really relaxed, but at least you were saying something beyond “please don’t shoot me” so Ryohei was willing to count it as a victory in his book.

“Well, you see, there was someone else who was supposed to be on a bike, and since you were the only one there, I thought it was you.  So really, it’s just a misunderstanding and you’re totally safe. You were extremely good at being a getaway driver by the way!” Ryohei let himself finish on a positive upbeat note - that should work.

“Getaway driver?  What was I driving you away from?”  Okay, maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea to mention that.  

Ryohei knew he shouldn’t tell you the truth.  “An…..assassination….” Unfortunately, he couldn’t think up an excuse before his big mouth opened up.

As your eyes rolled back and you passed out, Ryohei cursed himself for not thinking up a lie.  He caught you easily before you hit the ground and pulled out his cellphone. Tsuna could probably explain it better than he could anyway.


“Eh? Who are you?”  Lambo was simply frozen.   This wasn’t good, this really wasn’t good.  

“Uh, my name’s Y/n, Y/n L/n.”  Your eyes were very big as they rested on the gun that was on his side.  “But don’t tell me your name!  You know, plausible deniability and everything…I promise that I won’t say anything if you just let me go.”

Lambo had tuned you out after you had said your name and was busy trying to figure out how he’d explain this to Tsuna and Reborn.  More Reborn if he was being honest.  He just knew that the hitman would take this a sign that he needed more training.  (Actually, Lambo didn’t really want Gokudera to find out either.  Gokudera wouldn’t be sympathetic to him.)

“-and if we do that, than no one has to find out, see.  Just please, please, don’t shoot me.”

“Wait. What?”  Lambo only paid attention to the last part.  “Why would I shoot you?”

You looked at him with a touch of “you’re stupid” in your expression. “…you have a gun.  You were running away from a crime scene.  Aren’t you a criminal?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’m one of the good guys!”  Your eyes showed your disbelief.  “Okay, so yes, I’m part of the mafia, but my famiglia is one of the good ones.  We try to help people.  My older brother is the boss.  And he has rules against killing civilians.”

“Does he?”

“Yeah. But he doesn’t has rules against hiring ones,.”  Lambo turned to you, finally coming up with a way that he could get out of this mess.


“You’re pretty good, you know.  How would you like to become a getaway driver for the Vongola?  Because if you get hired, then you’d be a Vongola getaway driver, and I was supposed to go with a Vongola getaway driver.  And then, I didn’t screw up!”


“You’re not with The Foundation.”  Hibari stated bluntly, looking at the trembling – clearly a civilian – you in front of him.  (He would recognize someone who acted so pathetically.)

“What’s The Foundation?”  You were looking around nervously, as if you expected even more threats to come jumping out of the shadows at you.  

“Nothing that you need to know about.”

“Of course.  Then don’t tell me.  Please, just let me go.”  Your gaze was now fixed on Hibari warily, clearly expecting him to jump at you.  

“I can’t now.  You would be in danger if I just let you go.”  Hibari’s tone was clipped and he sent no effort on trying to soften the blow.  

“But I don’t know anything!”  You insisted, your voice trembling.  

“They won’t believe you, even if you say that.  You’re going to have to come with me.”

“Why? Why can’t I just leave now and pretend that I never even saw you.”

“Because they’ll just kill you.”

“You’re not very reassuring, just so you know.”  


“Kufufu, well, it seems like we’re in a bit of a predicament.” Mukuro couldn’t really help but laugh at the mistake he made.  This was certainly awkward.  

“You think?”  You snarked, before thinking better of it.  “I mean, yeah.  Please don’t shoot me.”  He didn’t miss the way your eyes shifted the gun that was strapped to his waist.  

“Oh please, I wouldn’t use this,” he gestured the firearm.  “It’s too messy.  And over too quickly.  No, I have plenty of other tools to use – better tools – if I was going to kill you.”

“Oh, god, please don’t do this.”  You dragged your hand over your face.  

“I kid, I kid.”  You looked at him, disbelievingly.  “I promise you, you’re completely safe from me.  However, you won’t be safe from the people who are following me.”

“Really, is this the best the plan?  Because you don’t seem like the safest bet on the street.”

“I know, imagine how much worse the other people are going to be.  So, are you in or are you out?”


Reborn couldn’t remember the last time he had made such a mistake.  Honestly, he didn’t think he had ever made such a mistake. (Okay, the whole Arcobaleno deal had been his brightest move, but this one was stupid in an entirely different way.) This was something that he would have expected Skull to do…he could also see Colonnello making the same mistake, but Reborn….no he had never expected himself to be in such a position.

“You need to calm down.”  He instructed you – the hyperventilating coming from your general direction making it harder for him to think.  “What were you doing there anyway?”  It was, after all, partly your fault.  If you hadn’t been right in front of the building, he wouldn’t have mistaken you for his getaway driver.

“The light…the light was red, so I was waiting for it to change,” you said, pulling in deep breaths as you went.  Honestly, Reborn wasn’t sure if it was worse than the hyperventilating.

“Of course it was.”  Of all the rotten luck in the world, Reborn never expected himself to be on the receiving end.  He was Reborn, the World’s Greatest Hitman, he only got good luck.  

“What’s your name?”  

“Huh. Oh, Y/n.”  You looked up at him nervously, sure this was the end.

“Well, get back on your bike, Y/n.  You’re going to take me back to my headquarters and we’re going to figure out what to do about this.”

The Maze Runner: Gally - I Like Punching People, But I Also Like Hugging You

Prompt: You’re hot-headed, and never willing to back down from a fight. You don’t let anyone mess around with you, because that would be total cowardice. But then you meet Gally, and a true friendship sparks between you. Can he teach you a new perspective on dealing with your anger?

You stand straight in the middle of the Glade, hands on your hips; breathing in the fresh morning air. It was a beautiful sunrise, considering you’re trapped in this dreadful prison. Too bad you’ll have to waste your time in the Kitchens preparing every slime-boy Glader’s breakfast. Last time it took four hours preparing, cooking, packing up, and cleaning. This time it probably won’t go by any faster. You look away from the sun and spot Frypan over at the entrance to the Kitchen block, his scruffy face and tired eyes searching for the rest of the Cooks. You sigh, take one last glance at the sun, and the head on over.

By the time the boys start seeping in, taking their seats around the block, smelling the cooking of eggs and bacon, you and the rest of the kitchen crew have almost finished with last batch of food. Right now you feel alright, somehow you have enough energy to keep going, but the constant smell of all of this breakfast food scrambles your guts, pushing a feeling of nausea over you. You and breakfast food obviously don’t mix.

“Can’t you work any faster, Y/N?” A boy named Corey pushes, his raspy voice practically inviting you to be irritated. “We’re almost done but you’re holding the rest of us up.”

“Slim it, egg boy. I’m going as fast as I can. Besides, what else have you got to do? Not like you’re going on a date anytime soon.” You wipe the sweat of your forehead with your arm and keep working with scrambling a portion of the eggs, it takes a bit of time to get them right. Just because Corey can’t handle a few hours in the Kitchen doesn’t mean he gets to push you around for being a tad slower.

“Whatever.” He mutters, shaking his head as he moves along to a different station.

You finish with this pan and move onto the next, glancing behind you for a few seconds. You see egg-boy again, talking to Kev while sneaking dirty looks back at you. He’s not peeling or cracking the eggs like he is supposed to, instead he’s chatting away like it means nothing. What a hypocrite! You ditch the pan, and walk straight across the kitchen towards Corey. His eyes widen as you come closer, you can feel the heat emitting from your face as hot anger takes control.

“What do you think you’re doing?” You lash out, watching Corey’s eyes dart around your face nervously.

“I…” He looks over at Kev who has decided to slowly edge away from the confrontation in front of him. Corey looks back at you, “Who cares? Just go scramble those eggs before they burn, shank.”

Usually, you don’t take the word shank as much of an insult. But the tone in his voice and the anger in his eyes… something just snaps inside you. “You know what Corey? You’re done.”

“Excuse me?”

You shove his chest, hard, “Get out of here!”

Corey stumbles back and slips on spilt milk, sending him ass up. He knocks his head, and as his yelp resounds throughout the kitchen, people start flooding towards him. He lifts his head dizzily, his hand coming away from the back covered in blood. “Ah, crap.”

You swallow hard at the sight of his blood, something in your gut drops making your heart beat fast. Guilt.

“Who left their eggs unattended?” Frypan shouts over the rushed voices of Med-jacks. “They’re freakin’ burnt now, what a waste!” His eyes narrow on you, and you roll yours back at him as you walk passed. You exit the building, tears jerking at the edge of your eyes. The anger inside you, at Corey, at Frypan, at the eggs, at yourself. It fires you up with too much energy, too many emotions. As you pass the exit’s wall you slam your fist into it, breaking through the thin layer of wall. You didn’t realise that the walls weren’t as thick as the ones inside.

You walk away from the block, a few people eyeing you off as you leave. One of them, Gally as you recall, calls out to you, “What happened in there?”

“None of your damn business, slinthead.” You feel the growl in your voice escape from deep within your chest, and it takes Gally by surprise. Or rather, amusement.

It’s the next morning, and you’re up as the sun rises. But finally, you get to have a break from morning preparation. You finally get to have a break from egg-boy. You laugh at the thought, it’s been too long.

You sit on the grass this time, knees pulled up to your chest. Of course you would rather sleep the morning away but the events from yesterday have kept an incredible guilt lingering in your mind. Of course you didn’t mean to hurt Corey like that however you’re very grateful that he’ll be alright.


You swivel around immediately, a hand raised to block the sun from your eyes. It’s Corey’s friend, Kev. He must be on breakfast duty this morning again. You stand up from the grass, your eyes burn into his, “Something on your mind?”

“Yeah,” He nods over-confidently “There is, actually. I find it disturbing that you hurt so many people around the Glade, and not one person teaches you a lesson.” He takes a breath, his green eyes sparking with some kind of righteous anger for his friend, “You do know there is a rule around here about not harming another Glader, right? I reckon you’ve broken that rule about… hmm… fifty times?”

“Back off, Kev. I don’t need no mommy telling me off.”

“Oh yeah? Boohoo. Stop acting like some kind of savage, Y/N. Attacking everyone you meet isn’t attractive.”

You shove Kev’s shoulders; he stumbles back. “Just get lost Kev.”

“Make me.”

You shove him again, even harder than last.

He laughs, “Why are you so mad? Something stuck up your ass, sweetie?”

“I said,” Your voice deepens as you get mad, “Get. Lost.”

“Or are you just on your period?”

You jump at him, taking him to the ground. His back hits the dirt and you keep him pinned underneath you. Your hand clenches into a fist as he struggles to push you off. You raise it above his face, but as the anger swells up inside you another hand from behind you grabs onto your fist and rips it away from the scene; your body follows. The hands wrap around your waist and lift you over a shoulder, carrying you away from the storm that could have been.

“Let me go you slimy bastard!” Instead of a witty reply or an irritated grunt, even a gasp of fear, you feel whoever holds you up laugh; their chest shaking. “You are so going to regret ever picking me up!”

Finally, you’re put back onto the ground, your eyes meeting the Glader who put you to absolute shame. Gally.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” His voice comes out rough, but there’s a hinted smile behind his eyes, “You’re like,” He takes a second to look you up and down, “Five foot nothing! What the hell were you trying to achieve by attacking Kev, who is practically triple your size, shrimp.”

You eye him angrily, his words only firing you up once again. “Don’t you dare call me a shrimp you… you… you douchebag!”

“Oh ouch, I’m really hurt. I think I’ll go cry to my mommy now.”

You cross your arms over your chest, “How about you just leave me alone, asswipe.”

Gally chuckles, “Seriously? Asswipe? Come on, I know you can do better than that.”

You stop a moment, looking him over. He’s big, of course. Probably bigger than Kev. You suppose he would have to be massive if he’s the Keeper of the Builders. Maybe if you muster up enough strength you could take him down. You step in closer to him, but he only raises an eyebrow; like he’s mocking you or something.

“You know what Gally? Maybe I’ll spare you, this time.” You glare up into his amused eyes, “But if you talk to me again, if you even look at me, I will take you down.”

He nods his head slowly, “Uh-huh, sure.”

“Shut up.”

Apparently your threats didn’t work, they didn’t even phase the guy! He keeps following you around, lurking in the shadows. Today, he pulled you away from yet another almost-physical-encounter. What is he, your mom?

“Y/N, seriously, when are you going to stop picking on everyone around here?”

“When they stop pissing me off!”

Gally looks at you for a moment, and you hate it. You’d rather him slap you in the face than being disappointed. “People are always going to be pissing you off, believe me, I know.”

“Well then…” You look away, slightly embarrassed. “What am I supposed to do? Let them push me around like that?”

He smiles, which is weird. You’ve totally never seen this guy smile before… it’s nice. Well, it looks nice. You shake those thoughts out of your head and listen to what he has to say. “Glad you asked. If someone pisses you off, you don’t let them know it. You walk away. You do something else. You could even come talk to me, seriously. I know it might sound hypocritical coming from me, because I’m probably always in a grumpy mood. But I’ve learnt to stop taking out my anger physically because it’s not healthy, and I know you can learn it too.”

“I can’t just walk away from a fight, it’s cowardly.”

“No, it’s not. It’s letting the other person know that you don’t care enough about them to let their bullshit hurt you.”

You’re quiet for only a moment before saying, “I’ve never thought about it like that before.”

“I’m glad I could be the one to open your eyes,” he laughs, light-heartedly. “But like I said, if you start to feel like you’re losing control, come talk to me. I’m still learning to figure out when I’m going to explode, so we can help each other. Okay?”

You try very, very hard to not smile, “Okay.”

“You know what?” Your voice lashes out, clenching and unclenching your fists. You stare the boy straight in the eyes, and strangely enough, Gally smiling pops up in your mind. You frown, irritated that this is the fourth or fifth time it happened this week. Why is this memory always haunting your every move?

“What?” The boy replies back.

“I’m going to… to walk away and not talk to you for a few hours, got it?” You turn away and walk far away, your eyes searching the Glade for Gally. You spot him, and immediately he notices your distress. This is probably the fifth time you’ve had to use him to calm you down. But this time, instead of calming down as he nears you, you burst into tears.

“Hey,” He cups your face, “What’s wrong?”

“This boy… he –he.” You couldn’t manage to get the words out as the sobs overtook your throat.

“What did he do?” His eyes fill with concern for you, and it makes you feel slightly better.

You breathe in and out, Gally’s touch calming your distress. “He said… He said I’m a lousy Cook and that I should get Banished for what I’ve done because no one would miss me anyway.”

Gally frowns, “He what!?”

“Gally?” You ask, uncertainty lacing your voice.

“Where is he?” He glances around, letting go of your face. “I’m going to punch him in the face so hard that he wished he was getting Banished!”

You run after him as he takes long, angry strides in a desperate attempt to find him. Even though he has no clue who said it. “Gally!” You shout, but he completely ignores you. What happened to this so called wise man who has learned the secret of not getting all fired up?

“Y/N, where is-


He shuts up and turns to face you, slightly surprised by the firmness in your voice. “What?”

“What happened to not getting pissed off at someone?”

He frowns, and then chews the bottom of his lip out of frustration. “Well, he can’t just insult you like that!”

“I’m fine.”

He raises his arms in the air as he tries to prove a point, “He made you cry!”

“I’m a big girl now, I’ll get over it.” You take a hold of his hand, and he starts to breathe at a normal pace again.

“But…” He sighs, and pulls you into a tight, warm embrace. “I would miss you, you know. If you got Banished.”

You laugh, “Thank you, Gally.” Your own arms wrap around him too, his smell of wood and sweat and dirt comforting you for some reason.

“And you’re an amazing cook.”

You giggle into his chest.

“I’m not kidding! The kitchen would be lost without you. Besides, your custard tarts are incredible.”

You shove him playfully, “Oh really? Your true colours are showing, Gally. Now I know your real intentions of befriending me.”

“Oh, come off it, Y/N.”

You laugh and keep playing along, “Nope! Our short lived friendship is over. No more hugs, and definitely no more custard tarts for you.”

Instead, he pulls you back in again by wrapping his arms around your waist, “I couldn’t care less about the custard tarts, just please don’t say that we can’t hug anymore.”

You blush bright red, so you hide it by burying your face into his chest. “You’re a real big shank, you know that?” Your voice is muffled by his shirt.

“A big, hunky shank.”

You both sigh after your fit of laughter, and Gally rests his chin on top of your head. “Want to know something?” He asks softly.


“I befriended you because I saw the same struggle in you that I had, and I didn’t want you to get hurt because of it.”

“Wanna know why I befriended you, Gally?”


“Not only for your hunky manliness,” He chuckles again at this, “But because you actually care. And because I like your smile, and I like it more when you smile because of me.”

He lifts his head off of your head and looks down at you, “You like my smile?”

“It haunts me.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“It does! Today even! When that guy said those horrible things to me, I wanted to really punch him right in the face but then I saw your smile and I remembered that disappointing you was way worse than backing down from a fight.”

He smiles, “Really?”


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed this one-shot! I really liked writing it :) Thanks for being so so so patient with me <3


Caleb: I wouldn’t know. Why is she so stubborn? Why couldn’t she just get a boyfriend or something?

Norah: If you were expecting her to have a boyfriend, what are you doing here?

Caleb: I can’t lie. I had a vain hope she was alone. 

Norah: She shouldn’t be. She should be happy with someone else or whatever.

Caleb: I know. That’s what she was supposed to do.

Norah: Well she didn’t. She’s still single and doesn’t want to change that. She’s a successful scientist and her work is her life now, which I totally support.

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I noticed that dennis wears slip on and velcro shoes a lot so what if mac got den these really cool tennis shoes and dennis was just like "wtf am I supposed to do with these idk how to tie my shoes" so mac has to help teach a 40 year old man how to tie shoes

I’m yelling okay, because why else would Dennis, someone who cares very deeply about his appearance and how others perceive him, wear velcro shoes unless he’s total crap at tying them? I’d imagine that neither of his parents even thought to teach him (or Dee) how to tie their shoes because it’s “obviously something that anyone could figure out,” and Dee eventually just learns how to because she’s self-sufficient and how hard could it be? But Dennis is too proud to ask and insists that he does know how to tie his shoes, it’s just a waste of his time bothering with it. Eventually, Dee stops offering to help and it goes on like this for years, until Mac gets him some really nice–really expensive–shoes for his birthday. And he loves them but how is he supposed to tell Mac that he, a forty-year-old man, cannot tie his shoes? But Mac notices because Dennis is just staring at them in the box for a solid thirty seconds and asks what’s up. So Dennis gets a rush of adrenaline and explains everything, fully expecting Mac to start laughing. Instead, he looks quizzically at Dennis and nods. “Okay,” he says,“ I get it. I can help, dude.” So they spend the afternoon practicing and Dennis finally gets it (he still hates doing it though, and makes Mac tie his shoes if they’re alone). He makes Mac promise not to tell a soul, under threat of death. Mac just laughs and agrees.

(I wonder why sometimes I’m totally unable to do something clean. What a mysterious phenomena.)(I suppose sometimes mess is better)

Riko as Azula, and thunderbender. He’s the one of the princes of the Fire Nation, son of the Fire Lord Moriyama. He’s persuaded to be the best, to be better than everyone else. Quite paranoid, heartless and obviously, lacks of attention. Bonus : he’s searching for the Avatar Neil, for his father to recognize the perfect son and future lord he is. Totally Azula.

(i have sometimes this feeling I’m the only one in this fandom who likes drawing Riko. Give me more Rikooooo.)

(More Avatar AU : Andrew & Aaron | Renee | Dan | Allison | Kevin | Nicky)


Keep going.

After the serious talk in the morning, Levi asked Eren what’s your plan today? Eren replied he needs to be back home and keep going with packing his stuff. He’ll move to Seattle next week.

Levi said then see you in the evening. His driver will pick him up.

This is the evening when they met.

Levi had sent Eren many gifts before, while the younger returned most of them…Levi found this guy was different from those sugar babes he had gone out with. It seems that he was so hard to be pleased. So finally, giving him a ride with a bigger flying toy worth a try…

Well it works.

Eren didn’t keep this stunning face for long, he turned to smile quickly.

‘Damn it, WTH this time, a helicopter!?’

‘Welcome on board Mr.Jaeger. Pls fasten your safety belt.’

‘You are not playing fair, rich guy.’ Eren complained with a smile and a hint of sarcasm.

Though he wouldn’t admit it, Eren was excited about this trip indeed…

He had glider flying license (which means the aircraft type with no engine) himself but this surprise came suddenly.

‘No I dont. I never.’ Levi replied.

After they arrived Levi’s place, the elder asked Eren signed a NDA as in the movie. Eren complained he earnestly wish not to mention their relationship to anyone else. Levi supposed to show him the playroom, while Eren didn’t give him any time to do this:

‘Am I legally allowed to sleep with you now?’ He threw the pen on the table after signed the paper.

Levi found his little boyfriend was pissed so he had to say something.

‘What you mean by legally? Am I younger than 18?’ He smiled reluctantly, ‘I just want to show you something.’

‘Show me something.’


Eren didnt hold his hand immediately, actually his reaction was totally unexpected.

‘Dont you think it’s way too early to show me the ring?’

He looked at him mischievously.

Suddenly Levi was…눈口눈. Before he realized Eren pranked at him just for revenge, the younger went on.

‘Did anybody told you you looks cute with that face?’

This time Levi had no idea how to answer back effectively.

‘Now you bite your lip.’

Eren said, pulled the elder into his arms then gave him a kiss.

‘Show me where is your bedroom.’

By this time…I have to say Levi supposed to guide Eren to his secret chamber in the second floor firstly… but the latter made a mess to his plan. It’s difficult to say ‘no we should follow my step’ when they kissed like beasts.

Then this one came out…

You all saw the gif right?

He put his hand on his shoulder (I reverse the movie XD)


Eren asked Levi if it hurts this time, the elder didnt hear him at the beginning while he insisted to ask again and he answered no.

‘It doesn’t matter that much.’ Levi said dazedly, ‘I got used to pain.’

What do you mean?

But Eren wasnt able to think about it for long.

In the midnight.

The sound of piano woke Eren up. (And he was hungry… they wasn’t able to have dinner I just recalled)

Levi just had a nightmare so now he cant sleep. (He must be hungry too…so if we dont talk this sweetly, both of them got up in the midnight to find things to eat………)

‘What’s up.’

Eren walked to him, took a seat on the stool.

‘Want some water?’

‘Thank you.’

‘Mind to tell me why you are sitting here in the late night, waking ppl up with Bach?’

‘Sorry for disturbing your sweet dream,’ he said.

‘Are you afraid of being touched by the others?’

He grabbed the glass from Levi’s hand, found him avoiding to make any skin contact.

‘I thought it was cured.’ Levi frowned.

‘We can talk if you want.’ Eren said in a soft, calm voice, cupped his face and left a kiss on his forehead.

‘I had a rough start in life, that’s all you need to know.’ Levi replied. ‘Besides, I think no one would like to be touched without warning.’

‘Sure. So I’m giving you a reason,

It’s bed time so you should in bed.’

He carried him in his arms, taking this guy to his bed chamber.

Levi wasn’t so happy about be carried by this posture..especially he found Eren had difficulty to do so.

‘Brat, you’d better put me down, NOW. I wont say it again.’

‘No you wont bc we are almost there.’


‘Behave.’ Eren warned him seriously. ‘Otherwise I’ll have no choice but drop you. You will hit the floor by your head, but this wont break your neck. Stay in the hospital for several weeks, how pathetic.’

‘Then you will have trouble.’ Levi stared at him.

‘No. You wont let the police involved,’ Eren smirked.’You’re afraid of exposing our relationship to the public, remember the NDA?’

Levi had nothing to say.

‘Have you ever considered to be a writer of detective stories, must be a good one.’ Levi complained silently when he was thrown into bed.

‘You are heavy.’ Eren said. ‘I never carried a guy like this.’

‘Course you didn’t. Now what’s next? Knock me out in my own bed then you can have a peaceful night?’

Eren rolled his eyes.

‘I’m afraid you remind me an alternative option.’ He said with a dangerous voice.

‘Some naughty boy deserves more than just a spank.’

Later, Eren took his belt from the bathroom. He supposed to tie Levi’s wrists up with it, while the elder seemed rather die than be bound. They fought for several minutes, Eren’s killer instinct was aroused.

Finally Levi was tied up tightly.

Then his pants were gone, T-shirt rolled up to cover the eyes.

‘I want an apology’ Eren whispered.

‘While I’m not sure I can get it from you.’

He kissed Levi on his nose and then turned him over, slapped his butt.

‘Be quiet.’

T! B! C!

Now hate me more XD

Btw, Levi is the submissive. He just dont want Eren to know the truth before he showed him what he needed to, so he resisted, when Eren took the belt.

Actually he couldn’t help to be bound||||||||||||…Anyway things just happened like this…by chance.

Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23 starter sentences

season 1, part 1 of 2
episodes 1 through 4
70 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention, cussing, drug mention, sexual themes

  • “Living in [city name] has taught me that life is full of surprises.”
  • “I knew this was going to happen.”
  • “I have to take a picture. I have to show my parents. They’re not gonna believe this.”
  • “I made a giraffe out of pipe cleaners.”
  • “It’s like you’re inside my mind.”
  • “A little advice—adopt a looting mentality.”
  • “You’re never gonna use that, _____!”
  • “I have a plan, too, and it does not involve me going home and telling my family that I’m a failure.”
  • “I mean, this bad luck cannot last forever.”
  • “We may or may not become lovers. That’s… up to you.”
  • “We weren’t really compatible genitally. Imagine trying to fit a cucumber into a coin purse.”
  • “Come here, I’m trying to help you! This is important information!”
  • “Don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23.”
  • “Woah! Woah, hey! I can see your no-nos!”
  • “I was gonna help you, but then I didn’t want to.”
  • “She sort of warned me not to… trust you.”
  • “Ugh, get off me. Go to sleep.”
  • “Uh… I’d kind of like to be alone.”
  • “I have a long-standing sexual history with that tub.”
  • “So… you’re saying that you stole from me?”
  • “And you really don’t feel bad at all?”
  • “You’ve surprised me, and I’m rarely surprised.”
  • “How’s it feel being on the short end of the stick?”
  • “You want a spanking, _____?”
  • “I can’t believe you! Just—just stay the hell out of my life!”
  • “Anyone wanna get weird and play Mario Kart?”
  • “Hey, you know what’s fun? Alcohol.”
  • “That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
  • “I think that genuine emotion just sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable.”
  • “I believe there are two ways to look at any situation. You can focus on the bad, or choose to see the good.”
  • “_____, you can’t plan your life. You have to leave room for new experiences.”
  • “You know, if you wanna meet a guy, I can hook you up. I know someone who would be perfect for you.”
  • “Yeah, I—I—I don’t… trust you with anything… ever.”
  • “Not everything has to be a competition, _____.”
  • “Hi! We’re having a party for no reason.”
  • “This guy is hot, but boring. It’s like, dude, stop telling me about your eBay feedback score.”
  • “I can listen to you talk forever.”
  • “You are such a good listener. That is so hot.”
  • “I’m tired of people trying to pigeonhole me.”
  • “Oh, hey, a stuffed animal from a much older man. Nothing weird about that.”
  • “This might sound cheesy, but I think you might be my soulmate.”
  • “Don’t fall for it. It’s an act. She’s a total drama queen.”
  • “I think I’ve ruined everything!”
  • “You never think things through, _____.”
  • “Just because this isn’t in your life plan doesn’t mean this isn’t exactly where you’re supposed to be.”
  • “Do you not see a pattern here? You see something that you want, and then you abandon it because you get bored or because you’re too selfish to care about anyone else!”
  • “Okay, _____, this is insane. This is beyond irresponsible.”
  • “You need to commit to this. You are either in or you are out, _____.”
  • “Your breath smells when you yell.”
  • “Wow. For once, you cleaned up your own mess.”
  • “Eating your lunch for tomorrow. I love that you’re not afraid of cheese.”
  • “I’m not weak. You’re weak.”
  • “Oh, don’t bother. I already ate all the pills from underneath the couch.”
  • “I can’t believe how stupid I was.”
  • “These shoes are, like, the best thing going on in my life right now.”
  • “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”
  • “_____, I’m gonna take you out and teach you how to be badass.”
  • “If you have the right attitude, you can do anything and go anywhere.”
  • “Morning. I’d offer you breakfast, but you didn’t make any.”
  • “I thought it was just gonna be us tonight. Bringing somebody else in—it messes up our dynamic.”
  • “I’m so sorry. I tried to shut down the internet, but it’s bigger than me.”
  • “How dare you talk about me like I’m not here!”
  • “That’s great. You’re actually kind of a normal person outside of your apartment.”
  • “I’m layered, _____, like an onion. A sexy, sexy onion.”
  • “I said I could, I didn’t say I would. Semantics.”
  • “So, you’re okay with me being here? You’re not gonna freak out?”
  • “Um… Does this mean we can be friends?”
  • “He called you boring? Dude, that’s, like, the worst thing you can say to someone.”
  • “This party’s beat. Let’s bounce.”
  • “Nope. No. No! Find another way to express that.”

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Okay but Steve and Bucky compete for Tony's attention? Because Bucky has clung to Tony after the whole Winter Solider thing, and Steve is like (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) and Bucky is like (╬•᷅д•᷄╬) and of course Tony is like ゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。

Tony gazed in awe at the beautiful piece of machinery in front of him. He couldn’t believe that would ever be allowed to see it, much less touch it. He ran the tips of his fingers over the shining metal, unable to hold in his appreciative noises. And what made it better was that it moved in perfect sync to what it’s user wanted. 

“See anything you like?” Bucky chuckled, and Tony pulled away slightly embarrassed that he had completely geeked out. Which was strange because it seems like Bucky had attached himself to Tony’s side ever since the Winter Soldier fiasco. Not that Tony minded, though he would never tell the man that.

“It’s okay,” He shrugged, trying to act like he didn’t want to spend more time over this arm. “I could totally do better,”

“Oh, really?” Bucky laughed again and Tony flushed at the look that the super soldier was giving him now. It was a mixture of interest and pure challenge with a little of something else that Tony didn’t want to identify.

“Yes really. Though I suppose that the one you have is good enough,” Tony made a show of turning away from the metallic arm and the man attached to it. 

The sound Bucky made when Tony turned away almost made him turn back, but he to resist or else he would not be able to keep his hands off the other man. Tony tried to go back to work but his eyes kept moving back to the man who was now walking around his lab and touching practically everything. It also didn’t help that the man was in nothing but a pair of sweat pants so he could see every muscle move and ripple whenever he moved. 


“Hm? What?” Tony turned to see that Steve had appeared in his lab and was staring at him with a strange look. Only then did Tony realize that he had been staring at Bucky and he flushed once again. “Sorry, I got…distracted,”

“I could tell,” Steve had a slight frown on his face and Tony wondered briefly what he had done to upset the man this time. Sure, he wasn’t paying much attention but when has he ever done that? “What are you doing? And why is Bucky shirtless?”

“I was checking out his arm, which I got to say is a beautiful thing,” 

Steve turned to glare at the other super soldier in the room but all he did was grin back. Tony looked back and forth between the both of them, suddenly awkward with their staring contest that was happening between the two of them. Tony knew that the two were best friends but ever since they had come to live in the tower, they seemed to be getting into more and more fights. No one seemed to know why except Nat but she wouldn’t tell anyone.

“Okay you two, enough,” Tony stood up from his seat and put himself in between the two. He looked from one to the other. “Care to explain why you two can’t seem to stand each other when you are supposed to be friends?”

Steve glare softened when he turned back to Tony, and he looked a bit guilty which Tony all the more curious. “Sorry Tones, just…he seems to be the only one you hang out with,”

Tony raised an eyebrow, not expecting that answer from him. “So you’re…jealous,”

“What? No, of course not,” Steve averted his eyes. 

Bucky snorted, rolling his eyes at Steve’s obvious lie. Tony couldn’t help the grin that appeared on his face. He now understood what was going on and he was going to take full advantage of it. He leaned forward and clasped Steve on the shoulder. “Don’t worry Stevie. I won’t tell anyone.” He gave an exaggerated wink which caused Steve to gape at him.

Bucky made a sound very similar to a growl and Tony was pleased at the results. So they really were fighting over his attention. He leaned forward, closer to Steve so that he was practically pressed against his side. “Though, I don’t mind your attention,”

He only had a few moments to enjoy being this close to Steve before he was pulled away by another pair of strong arms. He looked over at his shoulder at Bucky who was positively glaring at Steve. 

“Calm down boys. There’s enough of me to go around,” Tony said soothingly, patting Bucky’s arm that was wrapped around his waist.

“I don’t share,” Bucky growled. 

“Not even with you best friend? I thought you two shared everything,”

Bucky relaxed a bit and Tony smothered his smile. He reached out for Steve who stepped forward cautiously. Bucky sighed and reached out with Tony. Steve gave them both a soft smile before stepping close to wrap his two most important people in his arms.