i was totally mesmerized by this scene

BTS Reaction - when their girlfriend is mesmerized by the sky - requested

Anonymous said: Can I ask for a reaction from bts at y/n suddenly be mesmerized by how pretty the night sky and the stars are and stuff? hehe thought itd be cute.

AW AW THIS IS TOTALLY CUTE i might have to add a scene like this in an upcoming fanfiction


When you grab his sleeve while you two are getting into the car for dinner that night, he’d smile down at her and see the excitement in your eyes as you point at the stars. He finds it absolutely adorable and you guys end up ditching dinner to lay on the lawn and watch the stars. He’ll crack corny pick up lines the entire time, by the way.

“Isn’t the sky amazing? I wonder how many stars are up there.”

“It is amazing, and those stars will never be as bright as you, Y/N.”


He would be just as excited as you would be. You’d smack his shoulder and point at the moon, and Tae would grab your hand and drag you up a nearby hill. 

“Let’s do this more often, okay Y/N? Why haven’t we thought of this as a date idea before?”


He’d just laugh and smile at you the entire time. You’d be laying there on an old blanket on a hot summer night, and your head would be on his chest. You’d be staring at the stars and trying to look for constellations, while Jungkook just stared at you.

“This is so pretty Jungkookie, isn’t it? I wish every night was like this.”

“I love you, Y/N. Nothing will ever be as pretty as you.”


He’d be the one to let you know that there was a meteor shower tonight. You’d only laugh and suggest he get the blankets, and that you’ll grab the flashlight. 

“Look! There it goes.”

“Ohmygosh was that a shooting star? Make a wish, make a wish!”


If you got excited by the stars, he would totally be the type to ask if you wanted to go on a walk around the park and stargaze. Each time you found a constellation, you’d squeeze his hand and you two would try to guess the name for it.

“Wait, which one is it again? Aren’t they based on those zodiac signs?”


You told him that you always wanted to have a date under the stars. So Jimin being Jimin, he set up a blanket and some candles in the corner of the park, where you two could lay down and watch the stars. You would cuddle up to him and he’d put his arm around you, while using the other one to point up at constellations.

“You’re so cute when you get excited, do you know what Y/N?”


After you two had a disagreement, you’d walk outside onto the balcony and look up at the sky, where there were millions scattered everywhere. Namjoon would come out and wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on your shoulder, and the two of you would stare up at the sky.

“I don’t want to fight anymore. I just want to look at the stars.”