i was totally mesmerized by this scene

The Spoils of War aka the ship sails

You ever feel mildly annoyed when you happen to read an anti’s stupidly illogical comment on your ship? And by mildly of course I mean majorly bothered so that the only cure is repeatedly watching your favorite Jonerys scenes until you’re so immersed in the beauty of their love that nothing can get to you anymore? 😍💖

And then of course, you just have to write about it because how else will you be able to get a handle on the mishmash of emotions that just take over you like? 💖💖😍

And this episode man. Just. This. This episode I tell you!!! I’m a regular GoT fan, which basically means that I’ve learnt to have certain expectations from the show, especially regarding love. And I can honestly say that never in my life could I have imagined that GoT would give me a romance as sweet as this!

The first Jonerys scene in this episode:

Had me laughing so hard! 

The look on Dany’s face, it’s just so suggestive! And Jon’s interruption itself is so timely just.. We aren’t ever going to forget Jon’s first cave episode ever are we? And the particular expertise he surprised us all by? 😂👏🏻 I mean how much more of a throwback could this be to to the Jon/Ygritte cave sequence? And as if that by itself wasn’t enough, he takes her to a cave! My boy Jon is unbeatable at cuteness, fight me!

By this time, it’s obvious that a considerable amount of time has already passed since Jon arrived on Dragonstone, and also that their relationship has definitely improved since the whole initial ‘bend the knee’ scene, and the cave scene totally shows this! Now I know that people have been complaining that their love is so rushed, and doesn’t make sense but I strongly disagree. With fewer (Stannis and Davos simultaneously approve) episodes and the decision to only show the focal interactions between Jonerys, what’s illogical is to assume that they have had no interaction offscreen which got them to the point that Dany doesn’t need her whole entourage to tag along when Jon wants to show her something. 

Which gets me to the ‘hoooolyyy shiiiiiiit, I ship them and I ship them hard dammit!!’ moment of the entire show!!! Look at this!!


Remember my favorite romantic trope of ‘looking when the other person is not’?? The only thing that ups that is ‘looking while the other person is completely fascinated by something else! There is legit nothing else which can make me melt as fast as this! Because it’s so simply pure! Like, you’re watching the other person be mesmerized by something you’re showing them! You’re watching them lost in wonder, so taken by what they’re seeing. And they’re so absorbed in their own world at that moment, they don’t even notice you doing that while I’m here completely losing it!!!

Plus, it also totally reminded me of one of my favoritest Disney movies ever!


And this look!!! You know, I think this is probably one of the first times when Jon Snow was giving off the ‘you know nothing, but you’re so cute when you’re clueless and I get to show off’ vibes! 😂💖 

And this scene, oh my heart!!

This has to be the most non sexual and romantic physical contact on GoT ever! I can’t imagine any other moment when a simple arm touch like that (totally unnecessary, by the way, Jon. my boy’s got the moves though!) has got me shipping people so hard!!

Another thing which got me was how it was Jon who held her arm, our Jon (I’m never going to get over this!), reaching out to her in such a familiar comfortable gesture, when he could simply have walked ahead and shown her that. Basically, our Jon having the confidence to just take her arm like that, and the closeness (which lasts 0.00001 seconds, but it’s enough for a lifetime for me!💖), and the delicateness and the intense feels! 

And the softness? Apart from the way Jon kept looking at Dany and the arm touch, what I loved was how soft and mellow they both were around each other. Even though Dany still wanted him to ‘bend the knee’, not only was she softer, but she was so much more reasonable than in her throne room, where the attitude was ‘bend the knee you rebel, or i’ll destroy you after i’m finished with Cersei’; here, she is nudging him so much more gently than she had earlier. Jon, on his part, gives her an actual reason as to why he can’t submit to her, as opposed to his own stance earlier - ‘why would i give the north to you, stranger?’ Jon knows his people, and he knows they are not going to accept a Southern ruler, especially not a Targaryen. (which is realistic, those Northern lords are a task), he’s basically telling her that he’s not refusing because he wants to keep his title or anything so shallow as all that, it’s his people. And the puppy eyes in this scene only make it sooooo much better! 

And then there’s this!

The symbolism of ‘ice and fire’ being reinforced aside, they are shown so beautifully to be equals here, in sync, working towards the same goals! If that isn’t enough to start wanting them together…

This whole cave scene basically set up that Jon is definitely starting to develop feelings for her, which is only to be expected because she’s beautiful enough to warrant that attraction, and plus, Jon is starting to know her and realize that she’s not her father, or Cerse,i or bad or evil or batshit crazy or any of those things Targaryens are reputed to be. Dany’s trust in Jon is shown right in the following scene, when she disregards all her other advisors and turns to Jon, because she has come to know, that this is a man who will always put the realm first, a man whom she can trust to give her the truth keeping the people in mind, a man with no other motive than to save his people against all odds. 

Then again, there are the neverending parallels between them:

It is emphasized again and again how, despite their seeming differences, they share certain values and experiences with each other, which again serves to bring them closer together.

Now what I found really important was this:

I live for Ser Davos’ dialogues! But what’s important to note is Jon’s reply:

There’s no time for that.

Now, if he had really been trying to seduce Dany according to the antis (which I am definitely not going to believe in), it would have been far more natural for him to just be quiet about this.

If Mister Honor Incarnate is actually setting aside his honor for the greater good, it is definitely not going to come without an internal struggle. This guy has lived all his life by a strict moral code, and to set it aside will not be easy, especially considering manipulation is not his forte. 

So, if he had been trying to seduce her, he would be ashamed of it, he would hate himself for doing that, and when Ser Davos would have teased him about it, he definitely wouldn’t have replied with “there’s no time for that,” since according to some antis, that is his exact plan and there’s all the time for it!

But Jon doesn’t look pensive or even slightly uncomfortable. He doesn’t deny it, or even stare blankly at Davos like ‘what are you talking about?’. 


He simply says there is no time for it, and you know why he does that? Because right now, his sole mission in life is taking down the Night King, ensure the survival of the living, he doesn’t have time to fall in love and allow himself to be sidetracked. 

Jon basically is treating his second life as some sort of ‘serving the greater cause’, he doesn’t seem to think he can focus on anything other than the Night King, especially not something personal as fall for Daenerys. Also, he knows that falling for her will only lead to complications, since the North is staunchly against the Targaryens. He doesn’t want to analyse his feelings for her because it will lead him down a rabbit hole he doesn’t think he should be ‘wasting’ his time on. God, he has such a heroic aura around him, turning away from any possible personal desire for the greater good. Jon, why do you have to be so good! Of course, he’ll eventually end up changing his mind in the most glorious way possible and I just! 💖😍

Also, they have the epicest couple line! 

*jonerys feels intensify*

5x05 Review-Part B

Oh boi this is probably going to be my biggest cophine analysis? Yeah something like that..

Well.. you have been warned


So first things first, I want to be honest: this episode scared me before the screening.I knew from the beginning that it’s going to  be a lose-win situation.Like any episode-ship or storyline based-that is highly anticipated, there’s always the chance of underwhelming yourself because of high expectations or overexposure. I tried to be nonchalant about it but the whole excitement  and positive vibes didn’t help at all to balance my emotions..still, i can’t quite believe  that this episode was THAT good.

Cosima and Delphine were emotional, sensual, and so very desperate.Part B of my review is totally dedicated to this beautifully flawed ship.

(ps.the screencaps are mine, tho the gifs are not mine,  if there’s a problem in reposting for review-explainer purposes,don’t hesitate to msg me guys i would wholeheartedly  respect it and delete them if you want to :) )


Cos just told Del that she’s sick.I heard a lot of people saying that they found the make out scene a tiny bit awkward and anticlimatic. Well imo it  should ‘ve been exactly like that.Think about it.

Cos just learned that she’s intellectual property and she’s basically owned ( tbh i think she knew something like that was coming from the moment she learned she was a clone). She’s shocked and confused and totally freaking out. In addition to all of this came the knowledge of her sickness, a sickness  she knew  too well how it was gonna end.

Delphine reacts instinctively in Cos’s desperation and tries to comfort her in every way she knows.She gives promises she’s totally willing to pay (even if she doesn’t understand the weight of them at the moment) and pours out her heart.

Her love is palpable even if she doesn’t say it. It’s too early and everything happens so fast for them to cope.For Del, nothing matters more  than Cosima’s well-being.And she doesn’t even know why.Why would she help a girl she barely knows?Why risk her job,her life for a charming stranger?Is this rare,undefined, chemical thing that connects us,  enough to alter our everyday life?Is intuition only good enough when everything else falls apart?

Delphine is one of the brave ones.

They don’t own you.

Not your integrity, she says.

Not your  intellect.

Not your humor.

Delphine really fights for Cosima. She swallows her own worries and fears, giving  her own body as a shelter, engulfing her, protecting her, if only for the night.

Ands that’s what makes Cosima come undone.


Helen Shaver’s directing style was really, magical. Totally fitting and capable of capturing a whole spectrum of feelings. From sadness, to doubt, to arousal. In a couple of seconds everything came out perfectly.The narration and  raw cuts were spot on. I loved the fact that it took a little time for Cosima to be in the moment.It felt real, natural and authentic.

Shaver’s directional choice was very interesting if you think it’s a dreamy/ subconscious memory from Cos when she’s sleeping/dozing off .Other than the main argument of cophine (you were paid to lie to me) everything else was not in sequential order. Delphine kissing her neck, hugging her, whispering to her. Everything feels out of focus and it’s like this scene is shot from Cosima’s POV. Exactly like a dream or a fainted thought with no beginning or end.

This scene.So small and unfortunately so underrated .No more than 4 seconds yet, it captured the feeling perfectly.

A bizzare feeling of happiness - totally unmatching with no coherence or  relevance to the previous scenes and still in a peculiar way, overly perfect. Oxymoron.Sadness, euphoria, arousal, all dancing together. It probably wasn’t even scripted and it’s pure Tat and Ebro working their magic.

Delphine’s face depicts so many emotions.Cosima simply mesmerizes her.Fascinates her.It’s just the way it is.Completely natural.

And then the moment we died:

Defy them.

Live your life with every ounce of passion that I know you have. They’ll never own you.

Probably the best quote out of 5x05.Sensual,defiant, rebellious.

At this moment i would like to post a quote of  Lisa Weidenfeld in regards to them:

“These two have lied to each other for the entire duration of the show, and their connection has proven to be something that overturned both their lives, often for the worse. The flashback to Cosima’s initial discovery of her patented genes, and her admission of her illness to Dephine (who is the first person she tells) also provides a glimpse into why she’s stuck with this thing so long. The bond is tied up in a heady cocktail of sex and love and rebellion and the person who was there for her at what was probably the worst moment of her life. Who wouldn’t get hooked on that?

-AV Club

really, really loved everything about this.Cosima’s worst life experience was in lockstep with her most beloved person.What a contradiction.

after Delphine’s motivational speech Cosima got hooked. I mean just look at her face.

yeah yeah i know, she’s indeed very much aroused but it’s not just that. Cosima melts for affirmation.Wants and needs desperately Delphine’s words to keep it together. Cosima has the sassy tongue and clever remarks but Delphine’s words are wild,colourful and disarming.Her mouth is her most dangerous asset.

should at this point say a big effing THANK YOU to Tatiana and Evelyne?

Cause they really did their fucking best and it showed.All i ever wanted from this episode was to feel that Cosima finally accepted Delphine and reciprocated her feelings.Body language was fucking inconceivable like WOAH DUDE! mad respect for the whole team.


Finally.At fucking last.Case closed.They wraped this whole “i can’t trust you” chaos.It was about bloody time.

After a whole lot of a time Cos and Del talked about their issues.Admitted their faults.Made peace with eachother

-I push too hard

-you do things without my consent

This is what they do.

Listen.The first step for a healthy relationship is to accept your faults.And that’s exactly what they did.Under those dreadful  circumstances they made a huge step forward.

They re-evaluated their faith and trust in each other.

Cosima accepted the fact that, no matter what, Delphine’s sole purpose is to keep Cosima safe.She is willing to do whatever it takes. Lie,  lose contact, kill or even be killed.She prefered to be the ‘bad guy’ and broke up with Cos just to keep her damn promise.It needs guts to do something like that.

Delphine  on the other hand has accepted the recklessness of Cosima. She knows that until this whole thing is over she’s going to live with the fear of Cosima pushing too far, going in places that she can’t help her escape (* COUGH LOCKED CAGE COUGH COSIMA BABE DEL LITERALLY LEFT FOR 5 MINUTES WHY*)

both are living with the fear of each other’s mortality, but they prefer this than nothing. if love doesn’t teach you endurance i don’t know what does tbh.


I don’t know what else to say.This episode was so fulfilling in regards to Cophine and Cosima.A perfect character centric episode.Let’s see what 5x06 will bring folks.

Again thanks for reading (that was WAY TOO LONG I’M SORRY)

anonymous asked:

Hi ive never done this before but im wondering if u coud rec me some highschool au sterek? sorry for my writing, english is not my first language

Of course sweetie! Your English is great, you don’t have to apologize for knowing more than one language 💗.  High school AUs are some of my fave so below are a some of the ones I’ve really enjoyed reading and a few I haven’t read yet. As always, please read the tags in case there’s anything particularly triggering. Shortest fics at the top, longest are at the bottom. Hope you like them!

Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart [I Couldn’t If I Tried] by crossroadswrite (G 2k)

Contrary to popular belief, Derek Hale – co-captain of the basketball team and AP student who volunteers in the library – isn’t actually as smooth as people might think. 

All the Broken Hearts in the World Still Beat by dragon_temeraire (T 3k)

Stiles totally needs to make Lydia Martin jealous. Yeah. And his best chance is to convince star lacrosse player Derek Hale to (fake) date him.

Brick by Brick by bleep0bleep (T 3k)

Stiles eats his hot dog slowly, mesmerized by the incredible detail, and also in particular, there’s a hot bearded guy adding more Legos to the scene, including a crowd of Lego people at a train stop. Now Lego Hottie is adding what looks to be a custom built space ship to the train scene, and is affixing it to the ceiling with wire so it is flying above the train– oh my God, Lego Hottie is building a scene from Firefly.

It’s Too Early For This by thepsychicclam (T 5k)

Derek loves his job at the coffee shop, especially because Stiles comes in for coffee before early Saturday morning lacrosse practices. The problem is that Derek is too shy to do anything about his crush, and the situation is not helped by the rivalry between the basketball and lacrosse teams.

Of Glasses And Lacrosse Sticks by charlesdk (T 7k)

“Okay, how ‘bout this? One date, just one date, and if you still don’t believe I’m genuinely interested in you, then I’ll leave you alone for good. How does that sound?”

Derek hesitated for another moment, before he sighed and said, “Fine. One date.”

It’s Always Been You, Dumbass by stilinskisparkles (T 11k)

“Alright, cool, we should go,” Stiles says breezily, dusting off his hands as he stands.

“We should?”


“But… Do you even care about photography?”

“Not as much as I should,” Stiles plants both his hands on the table, bracketing Derek in, “You’ll have to correct my miscreant ways.”

On the Bus by bibliosexual (M 13k)

“Yeah,” Erica says with exaggerated slowness, “I did like Kira, and now I like Boyd. I’m bi.”


“Bisexual?” Erica prompts. “As in, not gay or straight?”

Stiles is pretty sure his entire mind explodes. “You can like guys and girls? That’s a thing?”

Erica looks at him like, What planet are you from? “Uh, yeah. As long as they’re hot, I don’t care what gender they are.” She pokes him in the side, and he jumps. He’s always been ticklish, and unfortunately Erica knows it. “What about you? You ever like guys, Stilinski?”

In which Stiles and Derek ride the bus to school together, and there are bisexual awakenings.

I already recommended this before, but it’s honestly my favorite.

You Know You’re on My Mind by bibliosexual (T 16k)

If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

Strut on a Line, its Discord and Rhyme by xiaq (T 61k)

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

My fic rec requests are always open.

BTS Reaction - when their girlfriend is mesmerized by the sky - requested

Anonymous said: Can I ask for a reaction from bts at y/n suddenly be mesmerized by how pretty the night sky and the stars are and stuff? hehe thought itd be cute.

AW AW THIS IS TOTALLY CUTE i might have to add a scene like this in an upcoming fanfiction


When you grab his sleeve while you two are getting into the car for dinner that night, he’d smile down at her and see the excitement in your eyes as you point at the stars. He finds it absolutely adorable and you guys end up ditching dinner to lay on the lawn and watch the stars. He’ll crack corny pick up lines the entire time, by the way.

“Isn’t the sky amazing? I wonder how many stars are up there.”

“It is amazing, and those stars will never be as bright as you, Y/N.”


He would be just as excited as you would be. You’d smack his shoulder and point at the moon, and Tae would grab your hand and drag you up a nearby hill. 

“Let’s do this more often, okay Y/N? Why haven’t we thought of this as a date idea before?”


He’d just laugh and smile at you the entire time. You’d be laying there on an old blanket on a hot summer night, and your head would be on his chest. You’d be staring at the stars and trying to look for constellations, while Jungkook just stared at you.

“This is so pretty Jungkookie, isn’t it? I wish every night was like this.”

“I love you, Y/N. Nothing will ever be as pretty as you.”


He’d be the one to let you know that there was a meteor shower tonight. You’d only laugh and suggest he get the blankets, and that you’ll grab the flashlight. 

“Look! There it goes.”

“Ohmygosh was that a shooting star? Make a wish, make a wish!”


If you got excited by the stars, he would totally be the type to ask if you wanted to go on a walk around the park and stargaze. Each time you found a constellation, you’d squeeze his hand and you two would try to guess the name for it.

“Wait, which one is it again? Aren’t they based on those zodiac signs?”


You told him that you always wanted to have a date under the stars. So Jimin being Jimin, he set up a blanket and some candles in the corner of the park, where you two could lay down and watch the stars. You would cuddle up to him and he’d put his arm around you, while using the other one to point up at constellations.

“You’re so cute when you get excited, do you know what Y/N?”


After you two had a disagreement, you’d walk outside onto the balcony and look up at the sky, where there were millions scattered everywhere. Namjoon would come out and wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on your shoulder, and the two of you would stare up at the sky.

“I don’t want to fight anymore. I just want to look at the stars.”

Koshiyama and Mikuriya interactions - ep 2-3

Ok., o.k I know this… I lost this, Mikuriya just appeared and I already totally lost this ;) But I can’t do anything with this because really his and Koshiyama interactions were just too cute for me to not notice and not fell for this ship. :) So here lil collection of some important/cute moments these two had. :D I really can’t wait to see more of them. Their interactions are so funny and cute :D (It will be long post, so sorry //// but mostly because of pics) 

1. Mikuriya is such dork.. He just met Koshiyama and he already start to show off with his fast buzzing ;) 

2. Who are you? moment. ;) Like really who are you.. Mikuriya is this your way of pick up on cute boys? Like you don’t even know him and you were already so chummy ;)

3. Yeah good one. ;)  Mikuriya your pick up lines are really great I don’t have words ;)

(aw lil boy is sulking ;) coz you call him middle schooler… but don’t worry Mikuriya boy, not for too long) 

4. Yeah great.. 

now you made poor Koshiyama boy blushed, baka Mikuriya! ;) He already was embarrassed enough. Poor thing.

5. O.k and now is time to show off a little. :D Go, Go Mikuriya. 

- Koshiyama is of course totally enchanted now. :D Good job, my smart Mikuriya. :D

6. Don’t forget that Mikuriya was observing Koshiyama during his battle. And was visibly mesmerized by him.

(this lil smile on his face gives me life)

7. I just love this lil scene how Mikuriya noticed how stressed Koshiyama is and started to consider if maybe he should give chance to others to hear questions. He has such weak heart for baby Koshiyama, no wonder, he is so cute. :D and the fact he call him kid ;) Man, you forgot you are in the same age? ;) I know he is lil and cute, but stop, he will sulk again. ;)

8. And all this scenes when Mikuriya observed Koshiyama and how he noticed every lil growth of Koshiyama. He totally can’t stop staring at baby Koshiyama. :D 

8. But ah the cutest scene after all was this one I guess. :) When Koshiyama finally noticed something and was so excited he was wondering if Mikuriya also noticed this. Look at these two cute blushing beans. :D And pouting and blushing Mikuriya bean is too much for my heart. 

9. And there is also this when Koshiyama made right answer and Mikuriya smiled and looked and baby Koshiyama. 

10. And of course there is also this scene from final contest which is kind of very intense. And maybe don’t give fluff like previous ones but is very important for their future relationship. It shows to Mikuriya how amazing Koshiyama is. He cna’t believe someone could get with answer faster than him. HE was already fascinated by this boy but now level of fascination got 10000. But aw poor Koshiyama felt so bad that he interrupted Mikuriya’s important moment. But I guess he wasn’t angry he just couldn’t believe in his eyes and got so enchanted by this pure talent. 

11. I find this kind of interesting that when Mikuriya meet Koshiyama and Mari in train he pretended he doesn’t know them… which make Koshiyama think that he is angry for the fact he interrupted him. Yet on the same time totally listening about what they talk. Plus… when Mari left Koshiyama and he was all alone…

12… Mikuriya approached Koshiyama by surprise. :D Like maan, you were in the train together for such long time… why you didn’t say a word then? You were waiting specially that you will be one by one. :D ho ho interesting. :D 

13. And all this scene when Mikuriya said Koshiyama he want him to participate in quiz bowl is omg so awkward, funny and super sweet. Like hahha look at this tsun, he wasn’t even at first able to say this looking at his face. :D(were you blushing?)  Dork. Plus he can use word revenge but haha he didn’t even had tone that fit to revenge talk. He was just like dork  and all his talk was more like “Koshiyama! I am fascinated by you! Please do quiz bowl with me!”. :D sorry but it really looked at this. Haha ;). (and see Shiki you were so worried that he will be angry… yet he just want to quiz bowl with you so much Hahhaha :)) 

Mikoriya is so passionate about this and the fact scenery is so romantic it makes this even symbolic ;) hahah. Mikuriya did you just confessed your feelings to boy you just met and fell deeply in love? :D

-and then he left. :D I’m pretty sure because he was all embarrassed and blushed after saying all of this. :D

- and ah it is not that only he was full of feels after this talk. Look at Koshiyama baby. Ball full of all feels. I mean for a moment he even looked as shoujo protagonist. :D 

Thank you so much for reading! :D


So I was asked to write a bit about the Phantoms I’ve seen. Putting it behind the cut, as the post turned into a quite massive lil’ thing when I was done…

I must say that although I have my favourites, I’ve never seen a bad Phantom live. They’ve all been good, in different ways. But if I were to list my top 5 Phantoms, it would look something like this (in no particular order): Flemming Enevold, Scott Davies, John Owen-Jones, Earl Carpenter aaaaand… not sure who the fifth one is, as there’s so many solid candidates. Somewhere between Brad Little, Marcus Lovett and Ian Jon Bourg, probably. Though I also have a big heart for Preben Kristensen and David Arnsperger.

59 performances, 16 Phantoms. Here’s my thoughts on them.

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Random Lost Girl post about Kenzi and Dyson

So I rewatched 4:01 the other day and something stood out to me…..

So Dyson, Kenzi, and Hale are at the dance with Vex, and Vex is taking on Dyson and Hale while Kenzi is running from snake dude…..

Vex says a weird thing: “Well it’s a good thing I can mesmer your mate.” And then he makes Hale cover his own mouth and grab Dyson. BUT THE WEIRD THING IS: After that line by Vex, Dyson says “leave HER out of this.” Well, they obviously don’t remember Bo…..and after Dyson says that he manages to break free and go help Kenzi. THAT WHOLE LITTLE SCENE WAS WEIRD AND I SWEAR THE WRITERS HAVE SOMETHING PLANNED FOR THOSE TWO!!!!

Also the fact that he actually tells her I’d give my life for you, I’ve never desert you. And is totally ok with NOT finding Bo….Like, Kenzi and can feel that something is wrong. Her HEART (hehe) hurts. BUT BO IS SUPPOSED TO BE DYSONS FUCKING MATE AND HE CAN’T FEEL ANYTHING WRONG!!!!

I’m just….yea….I need Dyson and Kenzi together….

Winteriron Aristocats AU Y/Y?

Just finished watching Aristocats again and all I can think about is winteriron because obviously this ship has taken over my life.

For those of you who haven’t watched Aristocats, it’s about Duchess and her kittens kidnapped and thrown away by the owner’s butler when he heard that the cats will inherit the owner’s fortune instead of him. They met an alley cat, Thomas o’Malley who helped them return to their owner (and flirts shamelessly with Duchess in the process). 

And then obviously they fell in love :3

Originally posted by melo0a

OK now what’s the winteriron AU you say? Well imagine billionaire Tony Stark and his kids (course the AU can have kids or no kids, I’m just a huge sucker for dad Tony). One day Obie overheard Tony telling his lawyer/PA/Jarvis that Stark Industries would stop making weapons, and he arranged for Tony to be kidnapped when he was in Afganistan (maybe the kids are kidnapped too to make sure that SI would fall into Obie’s hands with no heir in line)

The Ten Rings used the kids to ensure Tony’s compliance, but with Yinsen’s help they managed to escape. That’s when they run into Bucky.

Here’s where it can go two ways, either Bucky is a suave playboy informant/soldier/bodyguard-for-hire that Yinsen knew from a friend of a friend of a friend and they hired him to take them back to USA safely under the radar. Can’t risk Obie finding out they’re still alive until Tony is back in the tower.


Bucky is the Winter Soldier who they run into completely by accident, and somehow Tony and the kids manage to trigger a bodyguard protocol in him so now it’s his mission to keep the kids safe 

I mean either way they’re completely smitten with each other by the end of it of course. 

(The howling commandoes are totally the scat cats, them being a multi-national gang and stuff)

(I can picture Bucky being mesmerized by Tony’s eyes like yep pretty sure that’s a thing right there)

(There was one scene where the geese thought o’Malley and Duchess are married and I can just picture Tony going

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Because imagine Tony and Bucky with the kids eating at a diner or something and ppl think they make the cutest family)

(And the ending scene too where they have to say good bye and Bucky is all like ‘well, I guess they don’t need me anymore’ but he came running the moment he heard Tony’s in trouble)

Originally posted by super-pink-rabbit

Leaving Today, Hiding Tonight Part 2 (Supernatural Reader Insert)

Read Part 1 here first

here is the long awaited part 2! enjoy!

Words: 2678

Summary: It’s been 11 months since you last saw the Winchesters and a simple salt and burn turns into a lot more…

Warnings: none


“Look, agents, we can explain,” Matt tried nervously at the sight of their fake badges, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

“Matt, they’re not FBI agents,” you sighed. He knit his eyebrows together in confusion and, to be honest, he’d probably hurt himself if he thought too hard about it. Matt was way too gullible and naive, always forgetting how easy it was to get a fake FBI badge nowadays. “Just go get some more salt from the car.” He was hesitant to leave your side, but you delivered a look telling him it was okay and he headed off towards the car’s direction.

“Shit? Shit? You’ve been gone for almost a year and that’s all you have to say? (Y/N), we thought you were dead!” Sam barked while dropping the heavy duffel bag off his shoulder with a loud clunk! It was probably filled with shovels and salt cans for which they would’ve used for the salt and burn, had you and Matt not been there. Focusing back on the horrible situation at hand, Dean was completely silent at the moment, which was even worse than him screaming.

“Well, I’m alive. What do you want from me?” you sassed. The only way to hold back from breaking down right now was to be indifferent, but even that was a challenge.

How did this happen? You were so careful of cleaning up your messes and leaving town after town without a trace. Maybe it was just meant to happen, for you roads to cross once more.

Sam seemed to be waiting for Dean to join in on the scolding and, when he didn’t, Sam kept going.

“Are you being serious right now? Maybe a fucking explanation would be a good start!”

“Look, I had to leave to protect you! If I didn’t, you guys, Charlie, and God knows who else would’ve been 6ft under by now!” you argued back, not faltering under the wrath of the Winchesters.

“But not your little boyfriend over there, right?” Dean interjected childishly. You glared at him for such a ridiculous insinuation. Matt was nothing more than your friend, but you didn’t need to defend yourself to the likes of him.

“Matt has nothing to do with this, asshole. And besides, why are you mad at me? I was saving your asses!”

“Because maybe a goddamn phone call would’ve been nice! Let us know you didn’t die in a car accident and- wait Cas knew you were alive the whole time?!” Dean yelled, his mossy eyes on fire. The realization hit Sam too and he also became even more enraged. Are they actually being like this right now?

“Fuck both of you! It was hard for me too, you know. This wasn’t some vacation for me. I’ve still been hunting everyday, just like you. You were my only family and I had to leave you behind because I fucked up!” you matched Dean’s loud voice level, “I’m so sincerely sorry that I couldn’t watch you die!”

“What do you mean watch us die?” Sam asked, obviously trying to stay calm. You exhaled and ran your fingers through your hair, tugging at your roots. When you didn’t answer immediately, Sam spoke again. “(Y/N) what-”

“I let a demon go and they said they were going to come after me and everyone I love and I couldn’t let that happen. Sue me,” you interrupted.

"So instead of being rational about this and telling us so maybe we could take this on together, you just pack up and leave in the middle of the night? How selfish and stupid are you?!” Dean growled, stepping closer to you. Your blood boiled and your anger overtook you, causing you to slap him across the face. Hard. The smack was loud and echoed throughout the silent graveyard. His head snapped to the side and his hand went to rub his jaw soothingly. Your hand would’ve stung had adrenaline not been coursing through your veins.

“How fucking dare you?! I’m selfish?! I gave up everything for you pricks and-” You were cut off by Dean being flung into a tombstone by the very spirit you were hunting: a young man in suit and tie that looked as if he were from the 50’s. Sam retrieved an iron fireplace poker from the duffel bag and swung it hard like a batter about to it a home run, but the being vanished just in time to avoid the hit.

“Matt!” you called. Where was that idiot?!

“There’s more salt in the Impala,” Sam guided. “It’s parked by the entrance.” You sprinted in that direction until you saw the familiar sleek black vehicle. Popping open the trunk, you remembered exactly where it was kept. Somehow, you were thankful for Dean being a secret neat freak and having to keep everything in order. Grabbing the box, you ran back and saw Dean was up again. But he was quickly taken back down with a swift claw to the neck. No matter how angry you were at him, a familiar pang of worry hit you in the chest. That same one you’d felt the night you left. It always scared you when he got hurt, even thought he was one of the toughest people you’d ever known.

But you focused back on the task at hand, not caring that you’d mistakenly poured the whole entire box of salt into the grave. Sam was next, kicking his feet as the spirit held him by his neck in mid-air, choking him. Pulling the lighter fluid out of your inner jacket pocket, you dumped it into the grave and set the whole thing ablaze with a spark of your match.

A loud screech enacted from the ghost and, with a flash of light, it was gone into oblivion. Sam dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes and inhaled sharply. You all exhaled loudly, thankful you’d escaped with your lives.

“Hey, what’d I miss?” It was Matt carrying a white, plastic shopping bag. Fuming, you grabbed him by his collar and ripped him closer to you.

“You decided now what a good time to go grocery shopping?!” you gritted through your teeth.

“We were out of salt and I thought I’d be back in time. I didn’t know,” Matt excused, his voice softening. He was so much like a little kid, even though he was 7 months older than you, that you couldn’t be mad at him for long. Sighing, you released his shirt.

“You’re filling the grave, dick,” you griped, shoving his shoulder at his insolence. He grumbled under his breath, but did it anyways. You trotted over to Sam and Dean who were leaning against old tombstones and tucked your hands in your back pockets nonchalantly.

“Just like old times, right?” you tried, not earning even a grin from either of them. You bit your lip and noticed Dean was holding his neck, but blood was still leaking through his fingers. “C'mon, let me patch you up before you bleed out,” you offered, tugging softly at his jacket. He hesitated for a moment to share a questioning glance with Sam.

“I’ll help your friend over there,” Sam murmured, seeing as Matt couldn’t fill a grave for shit. Starting towards the car, Dean slowly followed behind. You opened the passenger side door to retrieve the first aid kit out of the glove box. God, even the car smelled the same; old cheeseburgers, male cologne, and hint of sweet mint. Dean sat on the hood of the car and waited for you patiently.

Coming back around the front, you placed the plastic box next to him and went to work. It wasn’t too bad; he’d need some alcohol, a bandage, and a lollipop and he could be on his merry way. You ran your fingers through your locks, pushing it out of your face so you could see better.

“Your hair,” Dean finally mumbled.

“What about it?” you asked, eyes fixated on his wound. He’s lucky it was only skin deep, or else he’d have to go to the hospital.

“It’s different. Longer.” He was right, you hadn’t cut you hair in months, maybe even since the last time you saw him.

“Yeah.” This was way too awkward, but you focused on stitching up his neck. “Lift your chin a little bit.”

He did as he was told, but he couldn’t seem to hold it there. Every so often you would meet his eyes to see them already trained on you, staring intently. Because you weren’t good with intense situations like this, you decided it was the perfect time to crack a joke.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer, Winchester.”

“I just still can’t believe it’s you.” His voice was much softer than before when he was shouting and your heart was starting to melt. Feelings from long before started to rush back, and the effect of his spell on you started to kick in. You tried ignoring it and dabbed alcohol along his skin and he hissed at the pain, to which you apologized. “So what’s going on with you and uh, what’s his name?”

“Matt?” you filled in. You knew Dean damn well knew his name.

“Yeah, Matt.”

“He’s a friend of mine. We met back on a hunt in California.”

“That’s cool,” he said quietly.

“We’re not dating, if that’s what you’re wondering,” you chuckled lightly. His cheeks

redden slightly at the notion of him getting caught

“No, I just wanted to uh, understand the, um, relationship between you two. Whether it was just business or not, you know?” Was Dean Winchester, legendary hunter and total ladies man, flustered and stuttering? You almost laughed, but held it back for his sake. It was quiet for another moment or so before he spoke again. “(Y/N)?”


“I don’t wanna make things weird or anything,” he began sheepishly, “but Sam told me.” Your stomach tightened in knots, scared for what was about to happen. The best option was to play dumb.

“Told you what?” When you looked up, his green eyes were glimmering under the moonlight. It was so corny, like a scene in a movie but, damn, you couldn’t deny how mesmerizing they were.

“That you had a thing for me,” he said, a smirk playing at his lips. You got out the bandage and smoothed it over his warm skin, careful not to press too hard.

“I wouldn’t get too cocky. It wasn’t even a real ‘thing’ and it’s been 11 months, Dean. I’ve moved on,” you lied. Deep down, you still had that stupid little crush on him, but pride got in your way and you were still scared to tell him the truth.

Dean was still that player you knew months before and he was still probably home twice as many girls now than before. He had possibly gotten even more attractive than the last time you saw him; a layer of scruff across his face, his hair a little thicker, his skin tanner.

If you didn’t know better, you would’ve thought you saw a flash of disappointment flicker across his face. However, he quickly recouped himself and shrugged his shoulders whilst clearing his throat.

“Hey, I’m just saying that’s what Sam told me anyways…” he trailed off. It was quiet again for a minute as you put all the supplies away. Slamming the Impala door shut, you returned to stand in front of Dean. “So, what now?”

“Dean, it was great seeing you and Sam but I don’t want to put you into danger. Demons are still out there and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you got hurt,” you sighed. He scoffed, shaking his head and pushed past you. “Dean, please,” you pleaded, reaching out to pull on his arm. He ripped it away and turned around to face you.

“I can’t believe you, (Y/N). We were family! I loved you!” he yelled throwing his arms in the air. When he said ‘love’, deep down you were hoping in the not-so-sisterly way, but you didn’t question it. “If you want to keep running away from your problems, then fine. But it’s gonna come back to bite you in the ass.”

He turned away and started heading in the opposite direction and you felt tears welling up in your eyes. You ran after him and grabbed his shoulders, stopping him in place.

“Don’t leave like this, Dean. Please don’t be mad at me,” you begged. He tried pulling away again, but you grabbed his face and turned him to face you. “Look at me,” you ordered. And when he did, your heart broke.

His eyes were glossy and a shade of red, two or three tears streamed down his perfect face. You broke down as well, knowing you’d done this too him, and brought his face closer to yours to press your forehead against his.

“I’m so sorry,” you whispered, your voice breaking. Then, he did the completely unexpected.

His lips pressed against yours as he cupped your face, wiping away your own tears with the pad of his thumb. You kissed him back, relishing in this new feeling. Dean didn’t try to slip his tongue into your mouth or anything, but it was deep and passionate. His hands moved to the small of your back to hug and pull you closer and you wrapped your arms around his neck. Your heart swelled as you kissed him further, desperate to let this last as long as possible.

He pulled away to look at you, his eyes soft and pleading.

“Come back with us. With me,” he said. A war ensued in your mind; do you risk it and go back or do you stay away for his own good? God, you loved him, but what was the right thing to do? Love was for children and just as you were about to say no, he begged again. “Please, (Y/N), I can’t lose you again.” That was it.

“Okay,” you answered, sniffling and smiling gently. He grinned and kissed you again, a warmth filling your veins. You could really get used to the feeling of his lips against yours.

“Well, isn’t this just the sweetest thing?” A voice cooed. You released Dean to see Matt standing there with a shovel in his hands, a suspicious grin plastered on his face. Dean still held you close, his hands still resting on your hips as he glared at the other man.

“Where’s Sam?” you questioned.

“Oh, that big lug? He decided to take a little snooze,” Matt explained coolly. You glanced past him to see Sam on the ground, a line of blood trickling down the side of his face. Both you and Dean noticed the blood on the shovel at the same time.

“You son of a bitch!” Dean released you to charge at him to which his actions were answered with a metal spade of the shovel to the face, consequently knocking him out. Matt rolled his shoulders back and walked towards you menacingly. You equipped the knife out of your boot and gripped it tightly in your hand.

“What are you doing?” you demanded more than asked. Matt strutted towards you, unafraid and swung the shovel at your hand, knocking the knife out of your grasp. Your hand hurt like hell, but you focused on the maniac in front of you.

He held the shovel in one hand and grabbed your collar in the other. Ripping you closer to him, you swallowed nervously as your heart rate picked up.

“Keeping my word,” he answered with an evil smirk on his face. And, with a quick blink, his eyes were that dark, obsidian color that could strike fear into the hearts of grown men.

“You,” you growled angrily, knowing it was the demon from your past, here to keep his promise.

“You got it, babe.” After one final wink from the demon, he collided the shovel with your head and everything rapidly went black.

lemme know if you want part 3!!

We don’t have any Cubist masterpieces here. May I interest you in a platypus skull?

Anonymous submitted: 

I’m a registrar at a Big Natural History Museum. Being a Big Natural History Museum, we are full of organic specimens from the mundane to the exotic. Everything from fern leaves and geodes to animal skeletons in various states of completion. 

Probably 20% of my job is neglecting my actual registrar duties to provide “behind the scenes” peek tours to donors, potential donors and friends of people who are more important than me in the organizational diagram. 

On more than one occasion, a potential donor or a VIP friend who has not been fully briefed on the museum’s mission statement shows up expecting a traditional art museum tour. 

External image

Instead, they get me. In a dimly lit basement storage room. Surrounded by containers full of dead things. Though that’s my idea of heaven, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

But for every one person I mortify or bore, I get 5 people who are totally mesmerized. 

“Cultivating” (sucking up to…) donors with the behind-the-scenes dog and pony show can be a pain, but I totally love it when I can show off the work we do and it actually helps convinces someone to give us their money so we can do even more. 

I’m a dedicated admirer of Colin Morgan...

I became an “avid” or “dedicated” (so many adjectives could describe my eagerness and excitation when things involve Colin Morgan) admirer of Colin Morgan as an actor and as a person (considering the great values and noble ethics that lead his life and career), when I saw his acting in various shows and when I found myself eager to see more of him and of his incredible intelligence while acting and in interviews: Colin always acts with great talent and exceptional acting skills, being top notch in his different portrayals, which I don’t see in the work of a lot of other actors. He also appears to be such an adorable sweetheart in interviews and BTS pics and videos. That is the reason why I am a fan of Colin and not a fan of any other actor. I don’t think that Colin Morgan has just a little bit more talent than other actors. I rather think that he has much more talent than the other actors and that a few of them are as talented as he is. His performances often captivate my attention and leave me mesmerized, heartbroken when he plays sadness or with my mind totally blown away. Colin Morgan never leaves me emotionless. When Colin appears on screen, he is a standout, he captures my attention and steals the scene/show.

As an avid admirer of Colin Morgan’s acting, I support him and his work. That’s my “job” as a fan of Colin to talk (always with respect and kindness of course, without criticizing anyone) about him and to say how much I love what he does, what I thought of his own work and of his performances and scenes, otherwise I wouldn’t be his fan. The other actors have their own admirers who voice their admiration for them and for their own work.

What I really want as an admirer of Colin Morgan is to see more of him in shows, to see him act as often as other actors do. The shows he plays in and his co-workers/co-stars have their own supporters who ask to see their favourites more in shows. If I didn’t voice my admiration for Colin Morgan, producers, directors, those in charge of the making of a show or a movie… wouldn’t know that he is popular and that there is poeple out there who want to see more of him on screens and on stages. Talking about him exclusively allows to reveal his popularity publicly and allows him to be contacted more often to be involved in various or particularly interesting projects.

And that’s why I will continue to support the work of my idol.

Thank you for reading and for understanding my admiration for Colin Morgan’s everything…


Judging by the messages I get from several Colin Morgan’s admirers, I know that a lot of poeple think and feel the way I do because Colin Morgan simply can’t leave you indifferent thanks to his huge talent and to his work & moral ethics.

Thank you for your support.