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Title: Stay, If You Want Too
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Requested by: Anon - “22 and 40 with Gibbs? Please?”

Word Count: 321
Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader

22. “You smell nice.”
40. “You know, you can stay if you want to.”

“You didn’t have to come y'know.” You mumbled into Jethro’s chest, both of you were settled on your sofa, a light blanket thrown over both of your bodies while an old episode of 24 was playing on the television. After particularly long few days at the office, you both needed to unwind and what better way to do that than sit and eat takeout food, drink wine - or beer in Jethro’s case and watch television.

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Happy Birthday Babe (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt: It’s your birthday and also your one year anniversary of having a relationship with Draco, since the present on your last birthday was him asking you to be his girlfriend. So, you two decided to celebrate those things in Hogsmeade.

Requested: Yes. (Twice, I’m combining them)
Word Count: 960.
Warning(s): None.

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With the right books in your arms, you walked with slow steps through the empty halls of Hogwarts, getting late for your potions class. Surprisingly enough, you didn’t really care, since you had a nice sleep and you liked it to take your time. Especially on your birthday.

It was also the one year anniversary of Draco and you being in a relationship, because his present for your last birthday was him asking you to be his and his only. Of course you said yes, embracing him for as long as you could, happy to be his only girl.

You sighed as you knocked on the door, already hearing Snape’s low, sarcastic voice resounding through the classroom.

The door opened itself, revealing you as you stepped inside, seeing professor Snape had opened the door with his wand.

‘Well, well, if it isn’t Y/N Y/L/N,’ he said, you not knowing if he was being sarcastic or not. You nodded and took a seat somewhere in the front of the room.

‘Sorry professor, I woke up a bit late,’ you apologized, already hearing some chuckles and whispering, which made you smile a bit. Your eyes scanned the old, potions room until you met a pair of stormy grey-blue eyes. Draco winked at you and bit his lower lip, making you blush as one finger of you twirled with a hair lock.

‘Stop that nonsense you children call flirting and try to catch up with us, miss Y/L/N,’ Snape hissed, making you turn towards him and mumble a ‘sorry’. There were almost seven people in between Draco and you, so you tried to communicate with him in silence as you tried to make him clear you wanted to wish him a happy birthday on your one year anniversary.

He clearly did not understand and looked back at his book, ignoring you as you gasped at the rude answer. You rolled your eyes and also looked at your book, not looking at him anymore, but it was hard to do that since you were kind of annoyed.

You suddenly heard wings above your head and seconds later a small, made out of paper bird landed in front of your nose. You frowned, looking up to see who sent it to you. Immediately you caught Draco, grinning at you and pointing at the small bird, gesturing to open it.

You raised your eyebrows, before opening the bird. It was a small letter, with a small text written in the middle of it.

‘’Hey babe, happy birthday! And happy birthday to our one year anniversary, may this last forever. I love you, meet me after class. :)


You giggled and nodded when you got eye contact with Draco again, slowly hiding the paper from Snape and patiently waiting for the end of lesson that doesn’t seem to come soon enough.

Finally, after one hour, you were free to go and walked out of class, seeing Draco was already waiting for you.

‘Hey baby, happy birthday,’ he said softly as he kissed you slowly, making it last for as long as you could. When he pulled away again, you smiled and laid your hand on his soft cheek, secretly craving for his skin and love.

As a real couple, you walked through the halls and left the grounds of Hogwarts, heading to Hogsmeade, just skipping all the other classes of the day. The punishment you two would get when you were back again, didn’t really bother you at the moment.

‘Let’s go to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, shall we?’ Draco suggested as you nodded, leaning on his shoulder for a second as you entered the small cafe. It smelled liked green tea leaves and fresh trees, like you were taking a walk in the Forbidden Woods yet you were surrounded with a nice aroma.

You took place on a chair, feeling comfortable right away when you sat down on the soft cushion. Draco sat down in front of you and he grabbed your hand, hands intertwined on top of the table.

‘How can I help you?’ a young witch asked you two. Draco locked eyes with you as you smiled slightly, answering her you’d liked some hot chocolate and Draco wanted some caffe latte. As the waitress walked away to help some other people, Draco looked at you again, like he never could look away because you were too pretty to look away.

‘I got something for you,’ he whispered, you raising your eyebrows, suddenly guilt washing over you because you totally forgot to get him something.

He pulled out his wand, grabbed your hand softly and started to mutter a spell you never have heard of. Some sparks appeared on the tip of his wand, which were slowly falling down on your fingers. Like little fairies were dancing around your ring finger, a beautiful ring formed around it. You gasped slightly, not believing Draco could afford such a beautiful and expensive accessory.

But then you remembered he was a Malfoy. Of course.

‘Draco!’ you said surprised and your cheeks reddened as you leaned forward to give him a good kiss on the mouth, your hands cupping his cheeks.

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,’ you said, almost tearing up as you took a closer look at the ring. It was a beautiful one. One with a small diamond and two snakes crossing each other at the very centre of it.

‘I did it with love,’ he grinned as he thanked the woman who brought you your drinks.

‘Well,’ you slowly started, ‘your present for the anniversary has to wait until tonight.’ You winked at him, wiggling your eyebrows as his eyes widened, making you giggle with joy, glad you improvised something that could work luckily.


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Make Up 

s u m m a r y // He’s late and forgot to come home to a little date you set up for you two then makes it up to you……

Your Point of View 

You sat at the dinner table taping your fresh polished nails. He was late again or he had forgot again either way you were pissed. I put on a nice new dress, got my hair and nails done, and cooked for him. Tonight was suppose to be a little date night since we haven’t done one in awhile with him trying to finish his album.

Looking over to the clock it was almost eleven and you didn’t want to wait for him anymore. You got up from the table grabbing your plate and his, wrapping them up and you put them in the microwave. You cleaned up the table and the counters then heard the door open. 

In walked Justin with a cheesy grin on his face and some flowers in his hands which made a small smile form on your lips but you were mad at him so you couldn’t let him get away with it that easily.

“Hi baby,” He said trying to kiss your red lips but you turned your head so his lips landed on your cheek and he gave you a confused look then brushed it off.

He handed you the flowers and you just sat them on the counter behind you then walked upstairs Justin following right behind you. He didn’t seem to be getting the clue.You changed out of your white flared dress and slipped on a shirt. He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist kissing your neck softly.

“I finished my album today,” He mumbled his head on your shoulders as his hands rested on you stomach. When you didn’t respond he turned you around and looked into your eyes finally seeing that something was wrong. 

“What’s wrong Y/N? Did I do something?” He asked moving a piece of hair out of your face.

“Yes, you did.” You said obviously giving him a ‘really’ look.

“What did I do sweetheart?” 

You scuffed, not only was he late but he didn’t even remember. Moving his arms from around you, you moved past him and just laid in the bed. You thought there was a possibility that he was just late and that’s why he brought flowers but it was more than that. 

You were happy that he finished his album today but you clearly told him this morning that you were going to make dinner tonight and asked him to be home earlier than usual and he said you would.

He’s been coming home at twelve sometimes later almost every-night for the past few not even weeks but months. The only time you had to spend with him was during the day but he would always sleep because he would be tired.

Turning off the lamp you laid down and heard Justin walk out the room. Knowing that he was probably just going downstairs you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep.


You woke up to the feeling small kisses on your shoulder making you smile. You turned over to see your tired boyfriend smiling at you. 

Before you could say anything he began to speak, “I’m so sorry baby. I saw the plates in the microwave last night when I went down there. I forgot and I was late. I slept down there too if you didn’t notices, I messed up but I’m going to make it up to you today.”

“Okay,” You said stretching your arms out as he stood up from the bed. Walking over to your side he set a tray in front of you with some breakfast on it making you giggle.

“To start it of here’s some breakfast, after you’re done just get ready and meet me down stairs. I already set an outfit on the chair for you to wear.” He smiled then leaned over kissing your forehead leaving the room before you could say anything else. You smiled at him attempting to make it up to you, it was working so far.

After you ate you got ready like Justin said and put on the outfit he laid out for you which was a black lace crop top and a flared skirt with sun flowers on it. You slipped on some black heels and grabbed your small cross body Chanel purse to match.

Turning off the light you walked down stairs to see Justin sitting on the couch his back turned to you as he flipped through the channels on the TV. You cleared your throat causing him to turn around and lick his lips. 

He hopped up from the couch after turning the TV off and walked over to you, “You look beautiful,” He complemented pecking your lips. “Ready to go?” 

Justin was wearing a black and white flannel with a white t-shirt underneath and some black jeans.

“Yeah where are we going?” You asked even though you knew he wasn’t going to tell you.

“You should know by now that you’re not getting the answer to that question.” He chuckled interlacing his fingers with yours and walking you out to the car.

“It was worth a try,” You shrugged your bare shoulders while he opened the door to his leopard Lamborghini for you. You got in and he shut the door going over to his side and getting in.

“Are you excited?” He teased turning on the car sending a smirk your way.

“I would be if I knew where we were going,” You pouted feeling his right hand rest on your thigh.


“Yeah just like what’s tattooed on your long ass neck,” You grumbled making him laugh as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“It’s okay you’ll love it,” He breathed grabbing your arm to hold your hand so you wouldn’t be mad at him for not telling you.

“Mhmm,” You hummed.

Soon enough he stopped the car and got out opening the door for you again. Grabbing his hand he hand out for you, you stepped out looking around at the trees and grass that surrounded the two of you. You definitely didn’t choose the right shoes today. 

Justin grabbed a basket out the trunk and set it on top of the car. Looking down at your shoes he mumbled an “oh,”, under his breath then grabbed a pair of your black flats out the the trunk too. You must have left them in there one day. He walked over to you, he bent down taking off one heal the putting you foot into the flat for you and did the same to your other foot.

You smiled at him then said, “Are you my prince charming today?”

He stood up straight and grinned at you before putting your heels into the trunk. Closing it he grabbed the picnic basket with the blanket on top and your hand leading you to a spot on the grass.

He spread the blanket onto the grass then sat down tapping the spot next to him for you to sit down next to him. It was a sunny day, the sky was looking blue as ever and clouds were scattered around.

You watched as Justin pulled out different foods from the picnic basket. He set chocolate strawberries, some sandwiches, two bottles of water and grapes on the blanket. Closing it he glanced at you but before you could say anything else you grabbed his cheek and kissed his lips passionately catching him by surprise. 

“Thank you,” You muttered against his lips.

“You’re welcome baby and I’m sorry again for forgetting about our little date.” He said scratching the back of his head.

“Its okay, you’re not fully forgiven though….yet,” You joked tilting you head to the side. 

“Oh, really? Huh?” He said playing along, moving closer to you. Your back hit the blanket and before you knew it he was hovering over you causing you to giggle.