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Andrew thinks he doesn't like kids. Andrew's wrong.

Andrew doesn’t like children on principle. They’re noisy, excitable, annoying, and regularly deplete the chocolate ice cream supply in his local shop before he can get to it.

So why he is now driving hundreds of miles solely to visit a pair of four-year-olds is anyone’s guess. Although, he has to admit, the blue-eyed man to his right might have something to do with it.

For some reason, Neil adores Dan and Matt’s kids. He met them as babies - crying, sniveling, wrinkly things - and yet was not put off. Andrew can’t understand it. They’re twins, for God’s sake. Double the attention-seeking nuisance. He gets enough of that from the cats. He ended up having pictures of them shoved in his face for the next four years as Neil excitably told him about Willow’s first steps, Clara’s first word, their first baby teeth …

Then Dan and Matt had moved to just a state over, and Matt had started urging Neil to visit.

“No,” Andrew had said firmly, when Neil mentioned it. He should have known something was up when Neil let him put extra syrup on his pancakes that morning. Their coach had been trying to put Andrew on a reduced-sugar diet and, annoyingly, Neil was on the balding man’s side. “We are not driving five hundred miles to visit a couple of kids. If Matt wants you to see them so badly, he can bring them to one of Allison’s stupid Fox reunions.”

Neil had just looked at him for a minute, expression open and eyes so, so blue. “Clara gets nervous around new people. Matt doesn’t think she could handle meeting everyone at once.”

Andrew felt his resolve cracking, but kept his expression stony. Not that it did much good; Neil seems to be able to read him no matter what walls he puts up.

“He also tells me there’s an ice cream parlour near their house which gives you unlimited toppings for two dollars.”

Andrew frowned, and Neil knew he’d won. It was written all over his smug face.

“Is that a yes?” he asked with a cheeky smile.

“I hate you. Yes.”

“I’ll tell Matt we’ll see them next month.”

And so, on the first weekend of the off-season, they stock up the cats’ food and water dispensers that Neil had bought for when they were at away-games, pile into the car, and set off on their trip to visit the Boyd-Wilds household.

“No cigarettes near the kids,” says Neil sternly, tucking the carton away securely in the glove compartment. Andrew scowls but doesn’t protest, and when they next pull up at a gas station he buys four packets of boiled sweets in defiance and sucks on them obnoxiously for the remainder of the journey. Neil glares at him every time the packet rustles, and eventually snags Andrew’s free hand in his own to keep it occupied. Andrew links their fingers together and says nothing, opting to grab a new sweet with his other hand whenever they stop at a red light.

They arrive in the early afternoon, pulling up outside a uniform-looking white house in a row of many others. It’s a quiet neighbourhood, and their car had drawn attention from more than one passer-by on their way here. Andrew swipes the keys from Neil, who had been driving the last leg, and makes sure the car is locked before turning to walk through the gate Neil holds open.

The door is open before they can even think about ringing the bell and a tall figure emerges, carrying a much smaller one in his arms.

“Neil!” exclaims Matt. “And my favourite Minyard. Come on in.”

Andrew narrows his eyes but follows Neil and Matt inside without complaint. Matt sets twin number one down and immediately clasps Neil in a fierce hug, releasing him a second later with a wary glance at Andrew.

Neil rolls his eyes. “Good to see you too, Matt.”

“Looking good, Neil,” calls Dan, emerging slowly with twin number two clutching onto her leg - Clara, Andrew presumes. “What’s all this I hear about you two being signed to the US Court?”

“Nothing, yet,” replies Neil slyly, hopping out of the way as Willow barrels past him. “You shouldn’t put so much stock in what the media says.”

“Right,” says Matt, grabbing his unruly daughter and hoisting her into his arms again. “Like your supposed rivalry for the first few years of your career. Or how you supposedly got married in the Bahamas last year - wait, you didn’t, did you?”

Neil shakes his head with a grin. “Hello,” he says to Willow, who is now taller than him from where she sits in Matt’s arms.

“Hi!” she shouts, wriggling in Matt’s grip until he puts her down. She then proceeds to skip in circles around Neil, who stares at her in bewilderment. Andrew feels a strange sense of smugness.

They haven’t eaten since breakfast, not counting the sweets on Andrew’s part, so Dan makes them each a sandwich as the kids retreat to the garden to play with Matt. From what Andrew can see through the large French windows, they appear to be playing catch with a tennis ball. He shakes his head. There is no escaping the sports junkies. As if to prove this point, Neil goes out to join them at the first opportunity.

Andrew retreats to the living room, taking a seat on one of the large leather couches as he receives a text from Nicky, who has apparently been kept well-informed about their trip by Neil and is now eager to find out if Andrew’s opinion of children has been miraculously changed by what he calls ‘Dan and Matt’s angels’. Andrew is just about to type out a resounding ‘no’ when Clara appears at the door to the room, staring silently at Andrew for a minute before crossing to sit on the sofa with him.

He tilts his head to look at her for a minute, but when she doesn’t make any attempt at conversation he turns back to his phone.

‘Don’t know’, he sends back, just before everyone else piles into the room, loud and excitable. Neil glances at Andrew and Clara on the sofa, curiosity clear on his face, but when they make no move to interact with each other he turns his attention back to Matt and Willow, who appear to be reenacting one of Neil’s impossible goals from the previous season. Andrew hates that Neil doesn’t seem concerned that Andrew is in such close proximity to a small, defenceless, unpredictable child, hates that Neil has so much faith in him when he’s sure Dan and Matt still see him as a monster, and h a t e s the gentle smile that spreads across Neil’s face as he watches Matt and Willow play.

Clara lets out a small laugh when her sister mimes being checked rather dramatically into the wall of the court, but when Andrew turns his gaze to her she looks down again, hugging her knees to her chest in an obvious attempt to make herself smaller. Andrew knows the move well. His hands shake slightly as he’s tugged back into his past as a foster child, and he pulls out a sweet to unwrap to keep himself distracted. He wonders absently if there’s a child out there who’s like him - who’s crying out for help from people who will never understand them. He shakes the thought from his head. He may understand, but he’s in no position to help.

Then he looks at Neil, who rescued two stray cats and coaxed them back to health, who’s now managed to calm Willow down enough to crouch down and talk to her animatedly about something, grins covering both their faces, and he can’t stop the shiver that runs through him. He thinks, what if -

He’s jolted out of his thoughts by the realisation that Clara is looking at him - or, more accurately, she’s looking at the sweet wrapper he’s worrying between his fingers. He blinks, watching her for a moment before pulling out another sweet. He glances across the room, but no one’s looking at them, so he surreptitiously slides the sweet across the surface of the sofa and pulls his hand back, staring forwards the entire time. Clara snatches the sweet up and unwraps it, popping it in her mouth. The next time their eyes meet, she smiles.

By the time Neil’s ready to leave, Clara has visibly relaxed, a smile stuck on her face as her sister teases her and she responds by sticking out a tongue stained yellow from the lemon sherbets. When they’ve all said goodbye, she steps towards Andrew with her arms held out questioningly. He stiffens for a second, then crouches down, allowing her to wrap her arms around him briefly. He almost - almost - mirrors her smile when he sees the shocked looks on Dan and Matt’s faces, but it’s their very presence that prevents it. He instead turns his attention to squashing the warmth blossoming in his chest, but fails miserably when he sees the grin that lights up Neil’s face.

“Don’t even think about it,” he says once they’re back in the car, but his words hold no heat.

Neil just smiles wider. “So, ice cream?”

“Ice cream,” Andrew agrees, reaching for his cigarettes where they lie in the glove compartment. At the last second though, his hand stills, and he reaches for another sweet instead.

After all, there will be no smoking around the kids.


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Prompt: Neil and Andrew are at some sort of bar or restaurant and someone hits on Neil. Neil doesn't understand because he isnt used to being flirted with.. But Andrew does. (Andrew's reaction?) 🌸thx

Eden’s seems louder than usual as they push through the doors. The music blaring through the club is especially bass heavy, and the beat thrums through the floor and up through Neil’s toes. Neil can already see the large sea of writhing bodies on the dance floor, and more bodies are pressed together up on this level around the bar and tables. He weaves his way around the bodies, keeping his eyes on Kevin’s back as he follows him.

When they sidled up to the bar, they’re lucky enough to catch a group moving away with their drinks. Nicky and Aaron are quick to grab the abandoned stools with Neil and Kevin filling in the space behind them. A few minutes have ticked by, the music switching over to an upbeat EDM track, when a bartender comes over to them. Neil doesn’t recognize the bartender, a tall guy with a mop of blonde hair, but that doesn’t stop the bartender from smiling easily at them.

“What can I get y’all?”

“Actually, we’re waiting for Roland,” Nicky explains, trying to peer around the bartender.

“Oh, he’s not in tonight,” the bartender says. “Something about a family emergency? So you’ve got me, Brayden.” 

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Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

Read on AO3 / @cityofdan made a moodboard for this and I’m crying

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Prompt List

Send in a number(s) and person and I’ll try my best. Even if they’re not in the tags just request them anyways, I write about almost everyone. It doesn't even have to be a WWE superstar.

1. “There are too many people on this planet. We need a new plague.”

2.  “I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good.”

3.  “Occasionally I’ll hit someone with my car.”

4. “You don’t know me; you’ve just seen my penis.”

5. “I’m gonna tell you all of my secrets.”

6. “I’ve only slept nine hours in the last four days.”

7. “I need you to text me every thirty seconds saying that everything is going to be okay.”

8. “Everything hurts and I’m dying.”

9. “I don’t want to be overdramatic but today felt like 100 years in hell and the absolute worst day of my life.”

10. “How long do cats live? Like, assuming you don’t throw them under a bus or something?”

11. “I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

12. “Seriously, good luck marrying me.”

13. “He may not be my soul mate but hey, a girl’s gotta eat.”

15. “Someone ate the only good thing going in my life.”

16. “These are just feelings, they’ll go away.”

17. “Hey, Baby, It’s me. Can you bail me out of jail?”

18. “Maybe the old lady with the face tattoo is right.”

19. “You know what I’d like to do right now? I’d like to hold your hand.”

20. “The best I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes.”

21. “People like being lied to. They just don’t like finding out they’ve been lied to.”

22. “I want to fill a pillowcase with dead batteries and beat you with it.”

23. “Where’s my candy you son of a bitch?”

24. “The gym, or as I like to call it, the Institute of things I can’t do.”

25. “I have a black eye and I need ice

26. “I tell secrets. It’s just who I am.”

27. “Don’t put me in your fantasies. I don’t even like being in your real life.”

28. “I am not proud of what I am about to say…”

29. “But I don’t want to go outside.”

30. “You should know if you come any closer, I’m not letting you go.”

31. “Talking isn’t going to help me, okay? What’s going to help me is, like, drinking.”

32. “Kiss me like that again, pretty please.”

33. “I want to sleep with you tonight.”

34. “Has anyone told you how cute you are?”

35. “You have no idea how much I love you.”

36.  “What did you say?”

37. “Marry me.”

38. “Are you still awake..?”

39. “I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”

40. “I could kill you right now!”

41. “I don’t hate you.. I just don’t like that you exist.”

42.“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”

43. “Give me cake or give me death.”

44. “I just sometimes get the sudden urge to drop kick a small child across the room but I don’t because its frowned upon.”

45. “On a scale from, ’I can sometimes make important phone calls without crying’ to ’I have a stable job with a steady income, a spouse who loves me, a dog, and two kids who are screwed up minimally at worst’, how much of an adult are you?”

46. “I would kill for you. Like actual murder.”

47. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

48. “Despite the cliche, it’s not me, it’s you.”

49. “I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.”

50. “I don’t leave messages. If I wanted to talk to a machine, I’d talk to my VCR.”

51. “That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”

52. “I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.”

53. “You cannot fathom the immensity of the fucks I don’t give.”

54. “The only STD I have is sexually transmitted desire…for you.”

55. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

56. “You’re like, five feet tall. How you gonna reach me, shortie?”

57. “I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

58. “I’m weird, you’re weird, we could have weird little babies and live weirdly ever after if it wasn’t for the fact I sometimes find you repulsive.”

59. “I’m gonna lay down and die for like half hour okay?”

60. “It’s midnight, what do you want?”

61. “You are completely unfit to handle a child.”

62. “When in doubt curl into the fetal position and give up on life.”

63. “It’s not a double date, we’re just third and forth wheeling.”

64. “Hello little one. We can’t wait to meet you…”

65. “You’re so cute when you pout like that!”

66. “Are you wearing my shirt?”

67. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

68. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”

69. “Did something just happen? You’re not turned on anymore.”

70. “Keep sweet-talking and this could go a whole new direction.”

71. “Would you feel better if I let you hold my hand?”

72. “I’m glad you find my boyfriend attractive, now fuck off.”

73. “I platonically want to have sex with you. No big deal.”

74. “Do you love her?”

75. “And you wonder why we broke up in the first place.”

76. “Fuck that was so hot.”

77. “You belong with me.”

79.“Blasphemy! Sex solves everything.”

80. “Hey, I’m right here. Shh you’re okay.”

81. “You know I never meant to hurt you, right?”

82. “Did you just call me (Your/Ex’s/Name?)

83. “I’ll give you a blowjob if you go and get me some skittles.”

84. “You mean the world to me.”

85. “I may be drunk but I know for a fact that I love you.”

86. “You smell good.”

87. “That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

88. “What the fuck are you giggling at? it’s 3am.”

89. “Can I be the little spoon tonight?”

90. “You’re mine. You got that?”

91. “You mean everything to me. And I’ll be damned if I were to let you walk out on me right now.”

92. “I swear to god I won’t have sex with you for a whole month if you don’t kill that eight legged motherfucker.”

93. “I know I’m your bestfriend but I want so much more.”

94. “I want kisses.”

95. “You’re mad.”

96. “Sure, go hangout with your ex. I mean, I might as well text mine, too.”

97. “You broke my fucking heart.”

98. “I have to let you go.”

99.“Wow you have nice abs.”

100. “You have such a nice butt.”

Temari: “But why are we turning on the leaf village? Didn’t we sign the Treaty of Alliance with them?!”

Baki: “Yes, we did… and that treaty is the whole problem.”

Kankuro: “I don’t get it, whad’ya mean?”

Baki: “You genin don’t know all the details of this, but when that Treaty of Alliance was signed, that idiot feudal lord who rules us used it as an opportunity to force military cutbacks on our village. He also delegated to the Hidden Leaf village matters that should have been handled by us. And even worse, he significantly cut our village’s budget and slashed the number of shinobi. When the head of our country is weak, we the arms and legs suffer. And so we took the only choice left to us—improve the quality of every shinobi to maintain our military strength. That’s why shinobi like you are created, Gaara. The Land of Wind’s very existence is in danger, more danger than it has ever been in before. But still that idiot feudal lord and all his incompetent advisors are too blind to see it. So the kazekage, who detected this weakening of the might of the Sand village joined hands with the Sound village to show our feudal lord his stupidity by crushing the Hidden Leaf village and restoring our own. This needs to be done to make that idiot aware of the importance of preparing for a crisis. If anymore time passes, the Sand village will be drained of its ability to fight against the Leaf village. This is our only chance. Now Gaara, this mission depends entirely upon your skills.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Re-watching Naruto, this specific scene stuck out to me because I’m from a country with a lot of problems due to the higher-ups sitting above us and ruling with their own selfish desires in mind as opposed to what is the best course of action for their nation and its people. I find myself feeling incredibly sorry for Gaara and his siblings because they not only had their father killed and didn’t know it, but they were put in this position with all this responsibility to fight against another country just because the feudal lord put the Sand in this weak position. 

These sort of things… I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to before, but it makes so much more sense why Sasuke had this hate for these people (aside from the fact that it caused the Uchiha massacre) sitting up there in their comfy chairs and handing out orders without realizing the impact it makes. Unless a person is super genuine and good-hearted that it doesn’t matter if they have experienced living at the bottom or not… a person placed at such a high seat should be someone who understands what it is like for those living at the bottom.  

This especially relates to a lot of things happening these days… with the leaders doing whatever they want as long as the money is flowing into their pockets. It seems so impossible for someone to be placed at a top position who actually wants to work for the people and create positive change. What actually is even more sad is that if this does happen, there are a thousand sharks that would lurk around him/her that would prevent him from even doing his job thoroughly. There is just no unity anymore. No sense of good. 

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so i ship destiel with all my heart. and i can't help but notice you're known for your positivity and how you think destiel is endgame which is absolutely refreshing. as a bisexual myself, jensen ackles in general towards the whole bi!dean and canon destiel makes me super upset. i understand the actors are entitled to their personal interpretations, but how do you still have hope after jensen literally saying to a fan that "destiel doesn't exist"?

So by now all conversations about destiel that i’ve seen from the cast/crew are either jokes or denial and after seeing Jensen once again denied it recently, my hope for endgame destiel just dwindled and i’m starting to think this is truly just queerbaiting. I need prescription please. Anything to get my hopes up :((

Hi, I’ve had a few asks about this so…I’m on mobile so this post will look a bit weird but here’s a link to a post more about the story side and why I think it’s endgame (I wrote this before 12x19 if I wrote it now I’d just be YELLING LOOK AT FREAKING 12x19!):


But also re just the specific Jensen had a bad day moment:

1. these panels are mainly attended by BIBROS and j2 know that. they play to this audience. When you see him at Jibcon with Misha (and Jared too) he is way more open, comfortable, having fun than at a lot of creation panels I see - he is only HUMAN and is quite private from what I can tell, doesn’t particularly like engaging with the rabid fans and is just looking for an easy way out of the attention a lot of the time.

2. Jensen looks pretty bored and disengaged during this panel, he probably had a bad day, he is not in a happy place. I think someone pushed his buttons wrongly and he flipped out.

3. Jensen often seems to think that Destiel means that Dean and Cas are secretly screwing, that there is a hidden relationship. he doesn’t see it as we do, that it is a fledging love that hasn’t happened yet. He sometimes thinks the fan art and stuff is cute and/or funny, sometimes he reacts badly and is anti shippy- he is human and sometimes he has bad days and for some “reason” he is touchy on this subject… hmm I wonder why! (Hint: destiel exists because of cockles). This is my opinion but i think most people seem to think he thinks that way from what he has said over the years so in that sense he is RIGHT to say Destiel doesn’t exist, because it isn’t an on screen canon romantic relationship yet with love declarations and kissing. Especially when he’s in a BAD MOOD!

4. if destiel was a thing that was going to be canon and in the script NONE of the actors or anyone on the show could tell us as it would be a huge plot point and probably is written in their contracts that they CANNOT say it is happening.

5. jensen is an actor. he ultimately does as he is told e.g. Being forced to do the scene about Dean liking taylor swift in season 10 when he said no - when it is CORE to the script and show, yes he sometimes makes small changes, but when push comes to shove and it is a big plot point, he has to do it and has done. He also sometimes seemed to not get performing/real dean which is hilarious - but I think someone’s sat him down since as he acts it pretty bang on these days.

6. jensen and misha have chemistry. regardless if you ship cockles or not destiel exists because of their chemistry and the fact that AFTER that was noticed it was written into the script. so jensen maybe sees destiel as an attack on his personal sexuality. he is EXTREMELY private so people questioning this in public makes him angry. when he is angry he lashes out and says stupid shit. not only about destiel but other stuff too.

7 Everyone KNOWS it exists in the show. They play the characters doing the stupid shit they do. they know. Jensen miming blow jobs, falling off his chair when a fan says Misha always has to play it so straight, ‘fake’ making out with him on stage at cons etc. if anything it just proves to me even more that it is real and endgame and they know it when jensen says stupid stuff like this because it is clearly NOT true. So its deflection and he’s just playing to the audience, he’s had a shitty day, he can’t talk about it and …. he’s just generally pretty crap at PR! He probably got in trouble for the whole “eye opener” thing, Mishas gotten in trouble for publicly shipping Destiel in the past and now is pretty silent on the matter - it’s no surprise Jensen reacts badly sometimes he’s human.

i mean I always caveat that I am endgame destiel positive and all of season 12 makes me think that they are aiming for this and God WHAT EVEN IS 12x19 IF IT DOESNT EXIST?!

The writing is the key thing for me - NOT what the actors say. You know if they keep this up and destiel is written as endgame and Jensen and misha keep eye fucking each other etc but Jensen somehow manages to put his foot down (which I doubt he would be able to anyway or want to - it would be professional suicide just before finishing this show and wanting to go do something else!) - and he refused to kiss him or whatever, they just end with an arm round the shoulder and a clearly written “this is them together” - that’s fine because it’s still canon! but I highly doubt he would do that.

SO unprofessional and stupid after all this!

I don’t think it is 100% FOR SURE that it will happen, there is still the possibility that a production thing or whatever could stop it.

But it IS written into the script, so I doubt it, as we are getting close to endgame, and more and more now, it feels to me since Dabb took over he decided hey we are doing this. Every episode pretty much since mid s11 has had more Destiel fodder and now it feels like it’s basically just a matter of time. Jensen and Misha DO play it that way and some stuff is just….so romantic they MUST freaking know now but they just can’t come out and tell people. ITS A MAJOR SPOILER!!!

so.. that is why I’m tentatively positive.

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Just saw this blog and I loved the S.O being possessed one, you write the guys so well! Can I request a similar scenario like this, except while the S.O is possessed, whatever weapon they have in their hands they end up like, stabbing themselves so they don't hurt whatever one of the chocobros they're with? o____o They don't die, but almost do? Sorry if this doesn't make sense, thank you!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked it and that I’m doing a good job writing the boys. I was super worried I was making them too OC.

This one I did a little different than the Deamon ones, so hopefully it’s just as good. <3


You couldn’t believe how stupid you were, Ardyn had somehow tricked you.

That bastard tricked you!

Separating you from the others, and placed some type of spell, some type of curse on you, so you couldn’t control your body. Your mind was still your own, but your body was his puppet to do with as he pleased, as he tormented the others.


Your body let out a scream, as you charged at Noctis, your own sword raised to strike the man. Your possessed body slashing and swinging at the man as if you had no training at all.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Noctis called, warping out the way of a second random swing from your wild attack.

You couldn’t answer him, no matter how much you wanted to, only able to shed tears as you attacked him. Only to think of how ridiculous you must have looked, attacking your Prince, your boyfriend, trying to kill him.

“Noct!” Prompto called from somewhere that was your left.

“Don’t, Y/n is still in there!” Noctis yelled, as you slashed again, only to watch him block.

Another scream of pain erupted from your throat, as you swung at the man, only to realize at the last second your sword shifted to the right. You were gaining a little control over your body, your only thought being that you had to end this.  

Noctis could only watch, as you slowly rose your sword again, rushing the man straight on. Out of instinct the man tossed his sword away, to warp after it, only to realize mid-warp that you had changed direction, going after his sword. “Y/N, wait!”

Yet instead of reaching out to grab it like he thought, you stepped into the blade’s path, sword slashing open your left side, your body immediately hitting the ground, as if someone had cut the strings to a puppet.

Your fingers twitched, you did it, as you heard a deep chuckle somewhere on the battlefield.

“Seems you figured out a way to break the spell, my little Princess.”

“Ardyn!” Noctis growled.

You turned your head to the figure beside you, gasping as you realized it was indeed Ardyn, wanting to crawl away, but you’re body felt heavy. At least you could now feel it. Letting out a cry in pain, as you felt Ardyn’s hand move on your open wound.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, you created quite the mess.” He chuckled, only to leap back as Noctis raced over slashing at the man. “Do see to that, Noct, she won’t last very long.” The man replied, before disappearing.

Your eyes were becoming so much more heavy, as you reached out to the blurry figure that was your boyfriend. “Noct…”

“Y/N!” Noctis gasped turning to you, panicking as he looked to the blood spilling from the large gash on your left side. “What were you thinking?”

You couldn’t help but smile, as you focused on those blue eyes before you, “Noct…” You whispered cupping his face, before everything became black.

A warm comfort to your right side, a very familiar warm comfort to your right side. You opened heavy eyes, noticing that you were at a campsite, bundled up in a sleeping bag, Twitching your left hand, as you noticed a bandaged just under your ribcage, where the sword pierced you, and a couple of potion bottles not far from your head. Moving your vision back to the right, as you saw the familiar spiky mess that was Noctis’ hair, laying beside you on his own sleeping bag, curled up to you tightly.

Moving your shoulder the best you could, with the man currently making sure you didn’t roll to your side reopening your wound. Smiling as those familiar blue eyes opened to look at you, watching as sleep left them rather quickly as he sat up.

“Y/N, are you okay, are you hungry?” He asked.

You shook your head, too weak to sit up and embrace him like you wanted, you still felt so sleepy, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up next to him, a soft groaned escaping your throat, “Noct,please.”

The Prince seemed to understand the call, as he unzipped your sleeping back of your right side, curling up beside you, so you could rest your head under his chin. Falling back into a dreamless sleep almost immediately.


You felt yourself hyperventilating as you stood before Prompto, one of his guns held in your hand pointing toward the blonde, who had his arms raised, refusing to fight against you. How did you allow this to happen, how did you allow Ardyn control over your body?

“Don’t be afraid now, how is this any different than what you do to those others.” Ardyn chuckled standing beside you, as he gently nudged the gun to get a  more accurate shot of Prompto.

You’re panting seemed to shake the rest of your body, “Prompto.”

“I know this isn’t your fault, Y/n” Prompto smiled softly, his hands still raised.

Ardyn maneuvered your hand causing your finger to put pressure on the trigger, “Just a little twitch and you’re free to go, it’s that easy.”

“Please, please, please.” You beg to whomever would listen, tears falling from your eyes. “Please I can’t. Please.” You cried, as your finger squeeze the trigger, only for Ardyn to suddenly shove your arm down, causing you to shoot at Prompto’s feet with a scream escaping your throat.

“Let’s try this again.” Ardyn chuckled, as you let out a sob, your arm still shaking. “It appears you have one more bullet left, better make this one count.”

You turned your head to Ardyn, “Please don’t make me do this!”

Ardyn’s eyes widen in mock sympathy, as he looked to you, “Oh why not, he’s just as empty as the rest of them.”

“Please, he’s not.” You beg, feeling your arm still shaking, as the weight of the gun seemed to double, was he actually going to let you go?

“You make a compelling argument, but then again…” Ardyn laughed, as he touched your arm, all the control he had over it disappearing, yet the forced feeling remained in the rest of your body.

Your mind racing, before you could even think it through, you pulled the gun to your right hip, a smile on your face, “I’m so sorry Prompto.”

“Y/N” Prompto called in shock, as you pulled the trigger, hearing a loud pop, before a rush of pain blossomed from your side. You couldn’t even shriek, as you collapsed faceforward to the ground.

“And she was so close.” Ardyn chuckled, “Oh well, do see to her young Prompto, she does have long.”

You heard Prompto’s clumsy footfalls by your head, the blondes entire attention on you, as he removed the fabric often tied around his waist, pushing it against your wounded right side. Tears falling from his eyes, as he panicked, not knowing what to do,

“Y/N, why would you do that?” He cried, before turning else where, “Noct! Ignis!”

You slowly reached a hand out, taking his left in your own, “I know…”

Prompto turned frantic eyes back to you again, “Hang on, Ignis will be here soon with a Hi-Potion.”

“Okay.” You whisper, eyes closing, you could hear him screaming and begging you to stay awake, but Prompto you were so sleepy.

“…she’ll be fine Prompto.” Ignis voice cut through the blackness, followed by what sounded like a door opening than closing.

Opening your eyes, you found yourself on a rollaway bed, in some motel, glancing around, before you found Prompto sitting in a chair by the bedside.  The blonde was playing on his phone, and hadn’t noticed you, but whatever he was doing couldn’t distract him long enough,since he kept clicking away at the device, more than likely opening and closing the same 3 tabs.

“Chocoboo,” You call softly, rolling over to your left, flinching as your wound strained against the movement, laughing only seemed to aggravate it more as you watched him almost drop his phone.

“Y/n, you’re up? Are you feeling okay? Do you need me to get Ignis? Something to drink?” He panicked, as reached out your left hand from the blanket. Relief seeming to wash over his face, as he took your hand. “I was so scared.”

Slowly moving your other hand out the bed to encircle the one that was holding yours, “Me too.”

Prompto placed down his phone, he crawled into the small bed, luck would have it that you both could fit, the two of you laying side by side staring into each other’s eyes. “I’m sorry…”

“Shh, this wasn’t your fault.” You whispered softly, pulling his left hand up to cradle between the two of you. Resting your forehead against his, as his freckles slowly disappeared from vision, your eyes becoming heavy again. “How long was I asleep?”

“About two days.”

“Did you sleep?”

“… No.”

You kissed the hand cradled in your own, “Go to sleep Prompto.” You reply, before drifting back off to sleep.


You wanted to scream, you really did, but couldn’t beyond this stupid helmet placed on your head.  It masked you entire identity from the boys, and with that stupid curse,spell, whatever the hell Ardyn had placed on you, you couldn’t speak and at this moment, you were currently going against your huge behemoth of a boyfriend.

“Where’s Y/N!” Gladiolus barked, as he slashed at you with his greatsword, only for you to flip out the way last second.

You wanted so bad, to apologize to the guy, a few days ago you two had gotten into a fight over something so petty, and had been too stubborn to apologize to one another. Now here you were fighting against the man, wanting nothing more to run into his arms and apologize, yet your voice was stripped from you, and your body no longer in control. Even as you summoned a greatsword of your own, to block two of the daggers Ignis threw at you.

“Gladio isn’t that one of yours?” Prompto called, as you rose the sword, feeling your body strain under the weight of the weapon. You couldn’t lift the damn thing normally, and your body was screaming for you to put it down.

Gladiolus let out a roar as he rushed you, swinging his own Greatsword down on the one you were holding, “Where the hell is Y/N!” He yelled, his eyes red with rage, but he couldn’t see your horrified face on the other side of the mask.

Pushing him off yourself, you swung in a large arch to gain distances from the others, turning around as you noticed a glowing rock, it was one of those stones that Noctis dragged magic out of, and by the blue glow it was an ice one. Racing toward the rock, you dodged Prompto’s bullets, standing above the rock, as you rose the Greatsword above yourr head, feeling you body almost collapse under the weight.

“If they strike that, we won’t be able to dodge!” Ignis called.

“Prompto!” Noctis yelled toward the blonde, who quickly rose his gun.

“On it!”

You heard a “TINK”, as your head rocked to the left, your helmet falling off, the GreatSword still above your head, as you stared at your friends without the helmet blocking you.

“Y/n…” Gladiolus called in disbelief.

“I…I don’t have much time, I’m so sorry Gladdy.” You call a sad smile on your face, as you slammed the sword onto the rock. Watching as Gladiolus pulled up a shield, dragging everyone behind it. The pressure of striking the rock, sending you back, as you slammed into the mountainside behind you, immediately making your world white out.

You didn’t feel anything at first, and everything was white. You had to admit, you were surprised to have actually made it to heaven.

Only to realize that the ice white of your vision was fading, and  becoming color, blinking your eyes, you realized you were staring at the roof of a hotel, rolling your head to the left as you saw Gladiolus sitting not far from you, book in hand, acting your guard. You shivered wanting to reach out a hand to grab him and his attention, only to realize the big guy must have tucked you in with all the blankets in the room, yet you were still so cold.

Closing your eyes again, you laid back, you wanted to apologize for the stupid fight, you wanted to explain what happened, but your head hurt so bad, and you just couldn’t stop shivering. You were certain that your lips had turned blue, as you exhaled earlier seeing a puff of your breath. Which made your first words even more strange, but you knew what would help. As it always did.

“Baby, I’m cold.”

Almost as if on cue, the book closed, as the warm body, of Gladiolus climbed into bed with you, pulling you to lay directly on top of him. His arms wrapping around you tightly, as he rubbed your back.


“Mmhm.” You muttered, wiggling to get free of your cocoon, pulling an arm out to rest against the strong chest pressed against your cheek, curling on your side, as you traced the patterns of the bird on his chest. “Baby…”

“I know, Babe, me too.”


Rain poured around you, mixing with the tears falling down your face, a lance held in your hands, as you slashed at Ignis again and again. The man never returned the attack, only using his daggers to parry each of your attacks.

“Y/N, love what happen?” Ignis called, as one of your thrust barely missed his cheek.

“Iggy, I can’t control my body.” You cried, managing to kick one of his daggers out his hand, coming around with a roundhouse only for the man to block, shoving you back, as you lost the spear.

Ignis moved, as he embraced you tightly with the arm holding his remaining dagger, using his height to lift you off the ground, holding you tightly to his chest. “Do you know what type of spell?”

Managing to free an arm, you shrieked, as you turned in his one arm grasped, elbowing the man in the face, sending his glasses flying. “Iggy, I’m sorry.” You gasped, your body moving back as his defenses lowered.  “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, dear.” He called, only to grunt as your body rushed forward tackling him to the ground. Your knees on either side of his chest your arm reaching out to the dagger in his hand. “Yet I’ve been better.”

You were at a lost of words, as the man underneath you didn’t seem the bit disturbed that his girlfriend was currently holding a dagger to his neck. “Iggy, I don’t know what to do.” You cried, rain pouring heavier around you all, the man’s green eyes staring directly into your own, as you slowly rose the knife.

“Everything’s going to be fine, my love. You’re not in control of your self at this time.” Ignis replied, underneath you.

Fighting for control of your body, you braced a hand besides the man’s head, twisting your body as you rose your hand. Watching as he closed his eyes, you let out a scream, as you body plunged the dagger down toward his face, closing your eyes before impact.

Ignis laid beneath you, waiting for the feeling of his flesh being cut open, only to feel your entire weight laid on his chest. “Love? Y/n?”

“Iggy, sweetie, I’m going to ask you to move me softly please.” You whine, hunched over him, hissing in pain as he slowly rolled you both over, only to hear him gasp in shock, at the dagger you had plunged into your stomach. “I believe I missed everything vital, but it seems to have done the trick.”

“That was rather reckless, love.” Ignis stated, removing a handkerchief  from his shirt pocket, as he wrapped it around the blade.

You laughed, only to groan at the pull it caused in your stomach. “Oh Iggy, is that the one I got you for your birthday?”

“Worry not, I shall get it cleaned.” He stated, as he removed one of his gloves, “Please open, love, I’ll have to pull it out before applying the hi-potion.”

You opened your mouth, allowing the leather between your teeth. Looking him in the eyes, before nodding and closing your eyes, rather not looking at him pull the dagger from you. Yet that didn’t mean you couldn’t feel it, forcing your limbs to remain on the muddy ground you turned your head with a muffled scream, caking your hair with mud.

“There we are, are you still with me, Y/n?” Ignis inquired, as you felt the Hi-Potion knitting up your skin, and cleaning the cut, before making the area numb.

Opening your eyes, you noticed his glasses not far from your head, reaching out, as you noticed the right lense was caked in mud, giving a shrug you wiped it on a spot of your dress shirt that wasn’t covered in blood or mud, happy to see that you didn’t crack the lense like you originally thought.

Rolling your head back to Ignis, the man removed the glove from your mouth, as he helped you sit up with a wince, taking the glasses as he placed them back on his face, “I do apologize again, love.”

“Water under the bridge my dear.” He replied, as he wrapped his suit jacket around your shoulders. “Are you fine to stand?” He asked as he helped you mouth weakly to your feet, only to collapse back to the ground.

“Oh the pains not that bad,” You pout to yourself, going to your feet again, only to feel your legs to fail again,  “Ignis, my love, please help me to my feet, I may need a shoulder to lean on.” Only to gasp, as the man scooped you up in a Princess carry. “Oh, Ignis, do put me down, I’ll be fine.”

“Than allow me to do this for me, my cupcake.”

You could only huff, your limbs were heavy as lead, and the man wasn’t going to set you down anytime soon, only to lean forward sweeping his bangs from his face.  Feeling your eyes become heavy as you rested your head on his shoulder, only to gasp awake as you felt a jostle.

“I apologize, love, yet I can’t allow you to rest just yet, we need to make sure that the wound does not reopen.”

“Kinda of difficult to do, when you’re so comfortable.”

Ignis chuckled, “ I’ve cleaned the area best I could, it appears that we will have to find a motel for the night to ensure that your wounds are properly cleaned. So my dear, I will have to request you keep speaking so that I am aware that you are not dozing off on me.”

“Well as you have asked so nicely.”

By the time you arrived to the hotel, you realized that you had begun rambling, yet new it was due to the high fever you had developed. The others leaving you and Ignis to yourselves as the man washed and cleaned the two of you in the shower, seeing that the fever had made it even more difficult to walk.


“Yes, my dear?” Ignis called, drying your hair with a towel as you sat in a chair before him.

“Do you believe it’s okay for me to rest now?”

“I should see no harm in it, it would do wonders for your fever.”

“All right.”

Ignis didn’t even flinch as he reached out, catching your collapsing body from falling off the chair, letting out a chuckle, as he scooped you up, placing you in bed, before crawling into bed next to you, allowing you to curl up to him. It had been a rough day for the both of you, you deserved rest.

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Could you maybe write a scenario about reader telling Subaru that she loves him? Maybe in the middle of an argument or maybe when he is in that moment when he keeps on repeating that he is monster and he doesn't deserve to be loved. I just want angst but I want fluff at the very same moment too 😥

why u do dis to me anon-chan, why u make me write such things my poor hart cannn’t


Subaru x Reader Scenario 

SFW but mentions of blood, violence and the sound of my heart breaking in half.

“What…am I doing…”

You barely heard those words. Something was ringing through your ears as the pain sliced as if every part of your body. How many hours had you spent here, shackles preventing you from moving against the cold wall of the dungeon?

The tears were painful because they ran down the multitude of wounds covering your skin. You could not even wipe them away. Ah, your wrists were bleeding against the metal of those tight restraints holding your form up. The vampire had gone on a total rampage, after the mere mention of his mother. Christa. He had, within a few minutes, taken you down here where the darkness had a life of its own, to inflict upon you the most severe of punishments.

It started with fangs, nails and fists, only to ensue with the use of whips and knives. Never had he been through such a state. And you were the way to cope. He used you in order to vent and this had been going until now, until Subaru pronounced those words of confusion. 

“S…Subaru…” You whimpered through a shaky breath, not guaranteeing your survival for the moments to come. Did he even hear those words, or was it you that pronounced them so feebly that it barely came out as a pained breath? He did not reply, only dealing with painful inner thoughts. 

“I’m treating you like he treated her…It’s because I’m not-…I’m a monster.”

There it was. His questioning. One of the few moments where you perceived the vampire as a scared, lost boy, needy of care and affection. 

“Subaru…please…” He glanced up at you, red and burning eyes. Tears were visible and though he was a vampire, there were definitely numerous emotions bursting through him simultaneously. “Subaru…it’s okay.” 

You wanted to reassure him, show him how you, even with these wounds, would still be there. He had been alone for too long. He could not be deserted again. He needed you, no matter how many times he tried pushing you away. You were aware of it. 

But the vampire wasn’t. 

He approached with such rapidity that it took your breath away, the fear crawling underneath your skin as you desperately fought back against it, wanting to let trust shield you from any other sentiment. So you let him do this, hold your throat and painfully constrict you with all his might. He wanted to scare you, to push you away. 

“What the fuck are you doing?! Why do you stay near me?! Don’t you get it, that I’m polluted?! Are you that crazy and stupid?” 

The bruises were probably forming already because those hands were simply full of anger and strength. But you could not help but focus on how soft they were. These were not the hands of a monster, these were not the hands of evil. 

“I…I…” The words were broken by the constriction around your throat. Yet, it had to be said. He needed to know, whatever it triggered him to do next. “I love you…Subaru.”

Those red eyes were flashed by a flicker of intensity as he let go of your neck, backing away. The blush did not cover his features as it usually did whenever you spoke words of affection. He backed away, frowning in confusion while his hands trembled. 

“Shut up…Shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about…So shut up!” 

If he simply came closer.

He remained so distant, as if afraid that his own presence near yours would be able to make you suffer. How ambiguous it was, to both want to hurt you to have you stay away, and protect you from himself at the same time. 

If you were unable to reach him physically, words would have to suffice. You took a fragile breath in, sensing the burn of the motion on your injuries. Letting your mouth use his name, he responded by letting his pained and confused eyes search through yours. 

“I love you. Right now, I’m terrified, but I love you. You scare me, it’s true, I won’t hide it and right now I wish I could stop shaking, but I love you, Subaru. You are not polluted, toxic or anything else of that sort” You said. The words quivered against your lips, unsure and short but you still managed to let them out because : those were words you wanted to say for so long. “I might remind you of her. You might think you’re not worthy of help, but Subaru…the only person I would ever want to help, is you.”

The vampire almost growled in anger and frustration. The male carried tears down his eyes. He kicked the metallic bars of the door, letting the dissonant noise echo through the dungeon. Yet, you remained patient, attentive.Time passed as if it carried no worth, as if it had stopped either way.


 He was breathing hard, if not panting. But eventually, he drew close and the hand reached your throat again. Expecting the tight grip around your windpipe, surprise rose when sensing your whole body letting go and almost falling from the wall. He had removed the shackles. Your arms fell by your side and your entire body was supported by Subaru’s own. He held you like a fragile creature, but tightly still. Your ear was touched by his slow breathing and words. “You…are insane.”

He stared down at you, those eyes that conveyed support, care, love. “Maybe I am, but does that really change anything?” 

His answer was no more complicated than the cold of his lips against your burning ones, a contact so frail but full of trust that guaranteed something unspoken between the two of you. Passion.

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Headcannons for Reinhardt, Reaper, McDouble and 76 with a s/o who just doesn't sleep a lot? they stay up really late, to the point of like the chance of one of them being up and sleeps for 3 hours and does it all over again? it's summer and I've already started this sleeping pattern there is no way I go to sleep before 4am

Hoh my god dude I feel you on the sleep pattern thing I’m going through the exact same thing >_> It didn’t help that last Saturday I was up at 5.


  • “Sweetheart why aren’t you bed?!” this isn’t so much an angry shout it’s a distressed shout. How come you’re not sleeping???? D:
  • Instant Reinhardt worry mode
  • Immediately will interrogate you (but it’s more concerned asking what’s wrong but he’s so panicked his questions fire out 100 miles/hr) “Who did this?” “What is wrong?” “How long has this been happening?” etc
  • After listening to what you have to say he takes you to Ana the next morning bc she is the Trusted Adult and while he also likes to ask Mercy for medical questions Ana has the mark of Experience
  • Ana would probably suggest a special medicinal tea to help you get tired naturally, and also suggests you work out more and Reinhardt is immediately ALL OVER THAT it is now his KNIGHTLY CHARGE to help you fall asleep well!!
  • He will work out with you and always have your special medicinal tea brewed right before you go to bed ON THE DOT because he cares so goddamn much
  • Even if none of those things work he’s always searching for more answers on his own, and from his comrades


  • “Get. To. Sleep.”
  • He’s going to make everything sound like he’s so pissed off at you (and tbh he’s a little upset because you’re not sleeping and this will very likely affect your performance) but in actuality he really cares
  • By default though Reaper already doesn’t sleep a ton and more or less makes fun of you like “don’t blame me if you’re crabby tomorrow” or like “solve this on your own.”
  • He wants you to find your own solution to the problem because it is pretty much your own deal, but he unironically lets you take naps
  • If people like Doomfist object to your taking breaks often Reaper gets SO PISSED and weirdly defensive??? About you??? Taking naps??? Like leave his s/o alone and let ‘em nap amirite???
  • Will literally kill anyone that is stupid enough to wake you up while you catch up on sleep to function well throughout the day


  • Jesse is supportive. Supportive in that he 80% cannot be bothered to ask others for help about your lack of sleep issues because guess what…he has that problem too
  • So he’s just going to sit up with you at night, waiting until you both fall asleep
  • At least there’s company right?
  • “May as well have fun with it, if we can’t sleep at all right?” he punctuates his suggestion with a shrug and while you’re not happy that either of your problems are solved, at least he’s trying to put a positive spin on it
  • So at least you can get some quality reading done with him! Or binge-watching shows on your devices/the server since neither of you can sleep
  • And knowing McCree and his…way of casually disobeying Overwatch protocol, he probably manages to deflect all of the criticism you may receive for getting up late as his doing alone
  • Eventually though McCree is going to have the brilliant idea of boning with you until physical exhaustion because hey- orgasms make people sleepy! “It’s brilliant!” he tells you.
  • You slightly regret it every morning, but at least you’ve slept longer because he wears you out so well every night?


  • Kind of similar to Reaper’s in the sense that he’s very upset you’re not sleeping, but he words it slightly better when he groggily tells you this will affect your performance (and nobody can have that)
  • When he brings it up, peeved naturally, and you tell him that you can’t do anything to help it, he naturally replies with “Then we’re going to stop it from happening.”
  • He promptly takes you to Mercy, who gives you a full check up to properly diagnose what’s making you not sleep well. Since it’s general insomnia though, she’s going to suggest the usual: no bright/white light 2 hours before bed, staying in bed longer to warm the sheets as you sleep, changing temperature of the room to make it as comfortable as possible for you (as it can be too hot/too cold that makes you restless too), exercising to release endorphins and physically wear you out, and medication like “sleepy teas” or mild drugs to help you sleep
  • And so you have now awoken The Commander. :P
  • He’s going to isolate everything that you do leading up to going to bed and makes you go to bed earlier, stay in bed longer before you go to sleep, adjusts the climate control of your room to give you all the ideal conditions to sleep comfortably and honestly he does it like a goddamn drill sergeant and it’s simultaneously the scariest thing and the sweetest thing you’ve ever been witness to
  • “22 hundred hours. *puts down glass of water and your pill* Regimental drug administration. Into bed, soldier.”
  • And every time he drops the act just as he puts you in bed and bids you goodnight <3 “Can I get a kiss Jack?” “That’d be unprofessional don’t you think?” “Aw come on!” but he betrays a half-smile as he turns out your lights at the door “Lights out, soldier <3”
  • TBH he may be an old dude but the real Jack underneath all the gruff grumpy machismo is a giant dork that still likes to play pretend Army-Man XD

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Bucky breaks up with Tony, because he thinks Tony belongs with Steve. Because he sees the way they look at each other. What he doesn't know is that Tony is glaring a hole in Steves stupid face, while Steve is actually quietly pining. And Tony is heartbroken and goes into his workshop for days. And then Bucky is about to cave cause he misses Tony so much he goes back to him and finds Steve confessing. Tony instead of accepting him, blows up in Steves face and blames him for Bucky leaving.

Tony breaks down in tears. Steve leaves heartbroken, but Bucky can’t focus on that right now. Winteriron Happy Ending.

(this is also for @dreamcatchersdaughter  cause I hurt her with the unhappy Stuckony one)

It’s a little over 1.1k so watch out for the cut.

“We’re over,” Bucky says the moment Tony enters their floor and Tony stops dead in his tracks.

“What?” he asks, voice already breaking and he hates how easily he starts to cry.

“We’re over,” Bucky repeats and it makes as much sense to Tony as the first time Bucky said it.

It must show on Tony’s face too, because Bucky takes a deep breath and then picks up the bag that was waiting at his feet.

“I’m breaking up with you,” he clarifies and Tony immediately feels unstable on his feet.

“Why?” he manages before his voice completely breaks and Bucky shrugs.

“It’s just not working out with us, is it. I think we made a mistake, trying this out at all,” Bucky explains and he seems absolutely untouched by the tears streaming down Tony’s face.

“But I love you,” Tony says like maybe that could change anything but of course it doesn’t.

“Sometimes that just isn’t enough, you know,” Bucky replies without meeting his eyes and then he shoulders past Tony to leave.

It’s a long time before Tony finds the will to move again.


Keep reading

anonymous asked:

i follow a lot of meta writers who say dean's story doesn't make sense without destiel. for example, amara was about exposing how dean felt about cas; the heart stuff how she found dean by touching cas' heart follow your heart all that. i ship destiel but don't think it will be endgame (wish it would be honestly). can i ask what do you think dean's story is without a destiel exposition? Do the amara and MoC and Mary story lines make sense without it? What is Dean's personal story and endgame?

Dear anon,

first and foremost what I want to emphasize going into this reply is that people can take away whatever they want from the show and read it in a way that suits their viewing of what happens on screen. All of what we see in those 45 minutes of television is influenced and shaped by our own experiences and interests, by the things that speak to us and move us or the aspects and topics we deem important. For that very reason readings and views will always differ simply because we all have our own focus. Things that stand out to one person, aren’t important for another for the sole reason that we tend to latch onto and project what moves us most into the narrative and analyze what plays out in the episode accordingly. What I mean is: it’s natural to disagree, there isn’t such a thing as ONE and ONLY ONE RIGHT reading. And there is nothing shameful or wrong about disagreeing with someone else, it’s all about how one expresses those differences of opinion. No one is better or worse or stupid for not seeing what someone else may see that doesn’t fit to your personal impression and perception of the show. In short: Live and let live.

The reason I am prefacing my reply with this long, more general ramble is due to the fact that I feel the fighting within the fandom over “right ways of reading and watching the show” or “people being too stupid to realize the show is saying this and this and not that and that” has gotten to a ridiculous and toxic point in which tolerance is lacking all around and on all sides and is seriously tiring to me, because it is just mind baffling to me why people can’t just be happy with what they read and see in the show and share it with the ones who see it similarly, but have to force their views on everybody else and get nasty over people having another view and takeaway than them and throwing around insults like there is no tomorrow.

With that all out of the way, let me tell you my view on Dean’s story. And just to make that clear from the get go :) no, I don’t think Dean’s story only makes sense when taking Deancas into account. It’s alright for me, if people argue that and feel that way, but to me it’s simply not the case and also imo takes away from Dean as a character in his own right.

I enjoy(ed) Deancas and like interactions between Dean and Castiel (though tbh since S11 to me a lot has changed and I no longer feel passionate or strongly about them, because to me the writers and how they handle the relationship atm is just too hollow and soulless for my taste, it simply no longer has the depth and “spark” for lack of a better word that it used to have in seasons prior, which still speak to me and move me when it comes to these two characters), but I do truly take issues with people arguing that Dean or his story only makes sense in relation to Castiel. I have the same issues with people arguing that Dean’s story and Dean only makes sense in relation to Sam. Of course both people are relevant to Dean’s story, but to me another person/characters should never be the most important thing about another character. So yeah, both of these viewings are the same to me in their essence, because in both cases it discredits Dean as a character in his own right in measures and ways I personally find very sad, because it belittles Dean. And Dean is much more than the people he loves (and this actually one aspect that is actually part of the show for Dean to realize) and that is kind of one of the main things that I personally feel relevant for Dean’s arc and possible endgame: seeing himself as worthy and important unrelated to any other person/character.

[[This week’s episode imo has highlighted a great deal how I personally see Dean’s story spanning from the first season onwards and what his struggles were and are that need to be overcome for him to be happy (if you browse my 13x03gif tag you’ll find all the meta I already wrote on the topic).]]

It may be for the very reason that Dean always puts others first and worries about them that people tend to see Dean only as an extension to another character. To me personally therefore one of the main things that has been explored heavily all throughout Carver Era and with that the Moc and Amara arc is addressing how “unfree” Dean has been all his life and how he has never truly listened or maybe even truly found out what he himself wants and is without the people he “cares for” (that is btw one huge point that was made in this week’s episode when Kelly told Jack that he didn’t have to be like his mother or father, but just himself and how this drastically differs to Dean who has been both unwanted - see meta and gifs for that here), because that very aspect - Dean thinking he needs to be this or that (mother, father and brother from age 4 onwards - as he himself openly now emphasized wasn’t fair) - has become Dean’s entire “reason for existence”. He thinks of himself as only useful when he can be of service and that is one tragic and horrible way not only of thinking about yourself (as unworthy, etc.), but also to live, because as the show has highlighted again and again when Dean feels like he cannot be of help, he thinks he lacks a reason to live and slips even further into a depression that is always glowering there just underneath the surface.

Due to all of what I mentioned just yet, I personally find it highly unfortunate that some people tend to make Dean all about Sam or Cas, because it falls completely in the trap that causes Dean so many issues since he himself only views himself as an extension to someone else, but that by no means means that that is right - quite the opposite. And that is also one of the many issues I have with Dabb’s showrunning and S12 in particular as in seasons prior the narrative addressed the discrepancy of Dean feeling like he matters least, etc. but that the characters around him constantly showed that that is not the case, but only something happening inside Dean’s head. Now S12 blatantly made it text that Dean does indeed not matter himself and I will never not be absolutely disgusted about that, because throughout the entire season we saw Dean put down, his emotions ignored, lied to (really, the way the season started, Mary trampling all over her son, is so emblematic of what happened throughout the entire season as well) and none of the treatment he experienced got corrected in the end, but Dabb friggin decided that it is a stellar idea to have Dean only briefly express how his mother’s death shaped him and messed him up (and yes, I get that it is in line with who Dean is and how he thinks so little of himself and putsothers traumas and needs first while ignoring his own, because they seem less important - see how that narrative thread runs through the whole show?) but that ultimately Dean as a person once more would disappear by making it all about Sam and talking about how Sam suffered (never mind Dean did and does too) and it also only then that his friggin mother is showing any kind of interest in her son. Only when her one son talks about the other son. Yeah, nice work there. But really, what took the cake for me with all that was how Mary didn’t even wrap Dean into a hug when he fucking saved her, but she opts to fall into Sam’s arms. Sorry, but gahhhh, I’ll never not be epicly pissed off about this.

Considering all this I am not surprised when people tend to think Dean has no story of his own or that it doesn’t make sense without Deancas or Sam on the other hand, but to me as someone who is most interested in each character in their own right much more than in any possible pairing, it is frustrating, because you feel like you are an island and belong nowhere. But sorry, I got caught up in my disliking of S12, I’m trying to get back on track now.

So given all that and the whole aspect of Dean’s “lack of freedom” due to feelings of responsibility are a huge aspect that to me was integral in the entirety of the MoC arc and the Amara arc as to me it explored Dean’s feelings of inadequacy and showing and exploring how Dean may have always been the main symbol for “free will”, but rarely has had it himself. In that regard, and I know this may be an utterly unpopular opinion to many, I have always analyzed Dean’s MoC arc and his time as a demon as a sort of “rite of passage” that served as a setting stone for Dean’s liberation, because it was as a demon that for the first time Dean only did what he himself wanted. It’s of course just one small aspect of a much more complex overall storyline, but to me it is an integral part nonetheless. Dean wasn’t happy as a demon by a long shot, but he did only what he wanted without feeling bad about having wishes of his own.

During the MoC and Amara arc Dean’s lack of independency from the people closest to him was amplified by making Dean unable to control what happened within himself when he held the blade or was in Amara’s closer vicinity. He was other directed, a puppet that got its strings pulled and that thread has been an integral one for Dean since we saw him strung up in Hell and torn apart (literally) by ropes tearing him apart every which way. To me there couldn’t be a more fitting and sadder visual for how Dean spent his entire life: caught in the middle, trying to keep a family together that drifted apart and getting torn apart and ending up hurt and damaged by trying to keep all of it together.

So in a way Dean losing his agency to the mark and then later Amara was just the utter extreme of showing how Dean for most of his life has not lived and done what he himself wanted, but what others needed him to do. The theme is right there, right from the beginning of the show and culminates for the first time in S4 and S5 when Dean rejects to become and be what Heaven wants him to be. The same strength he showed in relation to Michael, he never was able to show when it came to things his father demanded of him for example. There is a a famous scene where Dean articulates that himself in “Sacrecrow” in S1

and it comes back up here and there across the seasons when Dean expresses that he wished he would have stood up against their father more, etc. - the entire episode 9x06 “Bad Boys” also shines a huge light on that whole topic as we get a glimpse of the Dean there, who was allowed to be just a teen without feeling burdened and responsible to join his father’s fight.

For me Dean’s entire arc spanning over the course of the show is a storyline about self discovery about coming of age and coming into his own (an no with that I don’t mean a “coming out”-story, though of course it could be worked in or rather go hand in hand with that, but Dean’s sexual liberation to me has never been an integral topic from the beginning of the show and explored deeply until now, whereas the other has - again everyone is open to disagree with me, I have no problems with anyone reading it different, but this is just my personal feeling on the matter). It’s a narrative focusing on identity for someone who has never truly had the chance to become who he would have been if he had never had to be what others needed him to be. Phew… that was a weird sentence, lol. Anybody else got a knot in their brain now? ;)

And last but not least (though frankly I could write like 10 times as much as I already did since this is such a complex question) since you bring up the heart symbolism. I don’t mean to piss anyone off, but the heart symbolism as such has been surrounding Dean long before Castiel even came into the show (and it’s one of my favorite topics aside from “Dean as a christ figure” and I’ve written countless meta on that topic - I’m gonna leave a bunch of links to metas behind the cut at the end of this meta, for anyone who is interested in talk about heart symbolism, liberation, Amara and MoC arc etc. - some may even feature Deancas, but 95%  are just about Dean - it is by no means all I have written on the topic, but a good start), so to me - while I have no problem with people connect the heart symbolism in recents seasons to Castiel and Dean - they aren’t connected to another character at all, but are solely a symbol and metaphor for Dean as a character, because Dean’s heart has always been his biggest asset, but also what makes him so vulnerable. Dean is the “heart” of the show, as he serves as the PoV character. But most of all the heart symbolism surrounding Dean to me also belongs to the whole identity thread. It is also after all that Dean’s metaphorical death and re-emergence as a demon as a stepping stone to his liberation and coming of age (the healing part is still hopefully to come) is brought on by him dying by being stabbed through the heart…

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prompt requests

Hey friends, since I’ve gotten so many dialogue prompt requests in the last couple of weeks (which I’m loving) I thought I would make a list of ones I have done, ones I am working on, and then rewrite the list of prompts so that it’s easier to see which ones I’ve done. Sorry if this post is boring af, I just need a place to organize all this.

First, the list of prompts I have completed, with links (these are pretty much short - under 1.5k - and fluffy, unless I indicate otherwise):

Moriel - “Obviously you can’t tell a woman you just met that you love her, but it sucks that you can’t.”
Moriel - “Screw you” (part 2)
Moriel - “We can’t keep doing this.”
Moriel - “Marry me” (longer)
Moriel - “Make me” (long & smutty)
Feysand - ““You can’t die. Please don’t die.”
Feysand - “I thought I lost you.”
Feysand - "Bite me” (smutty)
Feysand - “Quit whining” (also smutty)
Elucien - “Do you want me to leave?” (long and smutty)
Nessian - “It’s midnight, what do you want?”
Nessian - “The hills are alive with the sound of bullshit (long - part 2, part 3 coming)

Throne of Glass -
Malide - "Don’t tempt me.”
- “Just admit I’m right.”
- “God, I missed you” (longer and smutty)
- “They don’t like dogs. It wasn’t going to work out.”
Celaena & Nehemia
- “I just did some calculations, and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit”

And ones I currently have in progress (I decided to not tell you what the prompts are because surprises are fun):
Rowaelin X1
Nessian X4
Elucien X3

Below the cut I have copied to prompt list from the original post, and I’ll keep it updated by striking through things I’ve done/am working on.

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fayemichaels  asked:

How about an almost-breakup scene in a really major fight? Like they were screaming and shouting at each other, MC feels like she doesn't deserve the guy and the guy refuses to give up on her. Feel free to change the scene a little if it's too specific! I pick Elias, Klaus, Randy, Joel, and Yukiya. 😊

I think the hardest will be Yukiya and Randy.

- You both agreed to take your relationship slowly
- But now it felt like months sense you guys kissed
- You barely held hands anymore because people were always around
- And recently Elias had started to be even more distant
- A bunch of negative thoughts came to mind
- What if he doesn’t want me anymore?
- What if he found someone better?
- Am I no longer good enough?
- More and more thoughts piled your mind till you couldn’t take it
- And one afternoon, during lunch, you broke
- Elias was eating his food quietly and you were trying to have a conversation with him
- When you reached out to hold his hand he pulled back
- That was the final straw
- “I don’t understand! If I wasn’t good enough you could have told me instead of putting me through this torture!”
- He looked at you shocked at your sudden burst out
- “If you don’t want me then just say so. I can’t take this one-sided relationship anymore! You don’t even LOOK at me now!”
- You turned to leave but his hand reached out and snatched your wrist
- “Let me go! Elias, let me go please!”
- “No, I won’t! If I do, you’ll leave! I can’t handle not having you by my side! MC, please don’t go!”
- “Please you deserve someone better! Someone who will not mess up everything for you!”
- Elias wraps his arms around your shoulders tightly. He rested his head on your shoulders unwilling to let you go.
- By now, you were both a sobbing mess.
- You felt his warmth pressed up against your back
- You stayed like this until the bell rang
- Elias was the first to speak up after the bell
- “I’m sorry, MC. I got insecure… You are so cheerful and positive. I was trying to work up the courage to show small affection in public but I always backed down at the last second… Please don’t leave me.”
- “Elias… let go.”
- Slowly, his armed loosened about you
- His face looked sad when you turned around and looked into his eyes
- You hugged him tightly
- He hugged you just as tightly
- Later on, you guys worked things out
- And now you guys are making out

- “MC, you did it backwards..”
- “You put them in the wrong order, MC.”
- “Concentrate when chanting a spell.”
- “Please clean up the mud you summoned.”
- “How did you get an F?”
- “Did you study?”
- “That’s not the right way.”
- The scolding goes on endlessly.
- Every time you got scolded little images of Klaus giving up on you comes to the surface
- What if he decides he has had enough?
- You are always getting in the way of his work and making more of a mess for him to clean up afterwards
- Maybe you should leave before he leaves you
- These thoughts kept reoccurring until you felt worthless
- When you were ordering the books on the shelf Klaus noticed you weren’t as cheerful and your back was slightly slumped over
- Klaus has a very different way to show his concern
- “Hey,.. MC most of those books aren’t even on the right shelf.”
- “Oh..” Gosh, why does he stay by me? I’m nothing but a failure.
- Tears came to your eyes but you wiped them off quickly.
- “MC? What’s wrong? Don’t think you can hide from me.”
- “I don’t understand! Why do you stay by my side?! I’m so stupid and I mess everything up! WHY?!”
- “MC calm down.”
- “Dar-”
- “MC! You and I both know that’s not true.”
- Klaus spoke in a very stern voice which made you realize you were yelling at the top of your lungs
- Why am I like this?
- You sunk down to the ground hiding your face with your hands
- Klaus ran up to you and crouched down holding you in his arms
- “Although I hate seeing you cry, you need to let it all out.”
- He kissed your forehead and rubbed your back soothingly while you sobbed your heart out.
- Eventually, you calmed down and let Klaus speak.
- “You are an amazing person. No one is perfect except me. I love you more then words can express. All your flaws make you even more perfect to me.”
- He lifted your chin with his thumb and index finger, kissing you gently.
- “In fact, I’ll show you how much you mean to me.”
- wink, wink, nudge, nudge

- Right now, you two were at the field cloud-watching
- Randy had such a serene look on his face
- His smile reached his eyes as he called out the clouds shape
- He was always so happy
- So optimistic
- Why couldn’t you be like that?
- He was incredibly powerful
- You weren’t in the least bit
- And even though people saw him as eccentric you loved him just the way he was
- Randy…
- You loved him
- He loved you, right?
- Why would he though…
- You are pathetic in your skills and you lack concentration
- Your confidence is pretty low in everything except cooking
- Randy deserves a better girlfriend
- One who has all those qualities you lack
- “Hey… Randy?”
- “Yes?”
- “We should break up.. I can’t give you anything good.”
- “What’s this all of a sudden? You give me plenty!”
- He totally ignored the break up part
- Randy’s kind face changed into a very serious one
- “Never have you ever done that. Not at all. I don’t know where you got that idea but I want you to forget it.”
- “You can do plenty. You can make a room light up as soon as you walk in, you can care for animals, you make everyone feel loved, and you cook like a master.”
- “No, I can’t. As a couple, we strengthen the parts where our partner lacks. We fill the holes that have been dug with love. We care for the scars left behind from others. That’s why we are the best couple out there.
- “…”
- You went silent and thought about what he said
- A moment of weakness and he already fixed it.
- “Can we get back together then..?”
- “Sweetie, we never broke up.”
- Randy hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek
- “I don’t ever want to make you feel insecure. I promise I will make up for it right now.”
- “But-”
- “You are mine. Never forget that.”
- “I love you.”
- “Love you too, MC. Now, let me see that beautiful smile of yours!”
- He grabbed your hands and pulled you up then began dancing with you in a playful manner
- You laughed and followed his lead twirling around
- This is why you love him so much

- Joel and his brutally honest mouth just kept on talking
- You had just explained why you had to have supplementary classes
- Apparently, Joel didn’t pick up on the fact you were feeling down and insecure already when he blurted out hurtful things
- “I’m not surprised you got them. You never go over the material given.”
- “Ugh, I know..”
- “Is there anything in that hard head of yours?”
- You knew he was right, but, right now, you couldn’t take anymore insults
- “I have a brain you know!”
- “Are you sure?”
- “MC, I never said tha-”
- “Or maybe.. maybe you are right. Maybe I am dumb. I can’t do anything right. I messed up on the potion and I couldn’t concentrate on a simple spell…”
- Various things had happened today and they were dragging you down as you thought about them.
- “You aren’t dumb.”
- “Hey…”
- Joel looked at you with a concern expression on his face and wiped away as many tears as he could.
- “I’m sorry. You are amazing, especially that determination of yours. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Your determination is that strong.”
- “Joel…”
- “I’m sorry I didn’t notice you were already upset. Remember how you got my magic back? I had totally given up but you, you kept going and we reached our goal. I couldn’t have done that without you.”
- *sniff sniff*
- He held you in his arms not caring if other people were walking by or at this point staring.
- Nothing would stop him from showing how much he truly cared about you.
- “I love you, Joel…”
- “I love you too”

- It was finally the weekend
- You wanted to look your absolute best for Yukiya
- You tried on every outfit you had and stared in the mirror
- The outfit looked so cute but… not on you?
- “Ugh..” You flopped down on the bed
- You didn’t like the way you looked
- Insecurities started bubbling to the surface as you thought about all the imperfections about yourself
- Meanwhile, Yukiya was waiting at the gate for you near the girl’s dorm
- He started worrying and sent you a magic note asking if you were okay
- Reading the note, you responded saying, “My appearance isn’t okay. I look horrible in every outfit. How can you stand being next to me?”
- Yukiya quickly responded a little stunned.
- “What are you talking about? You look beautiful in anything.”
- “No I don’t. I look awful.”
- This kept going on for a while with the notes until you were screaming at each other in the notes.
- Yukiya sighed then sneaked into the dorm.
- You heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Amelia, you opened it.
- To your astonishment, it was “Yukiya?”
- He looked somewhat mad?
- “Um-”
- Yukiya pulled you into a tight embrace
- “Wha-”
- “MC, you are perfect just the way you are. Don’t you dare change a single thing about you. I fell in love with a girl who appreciated every aspect of me, including my transformation. Looks are just an appearance. They don’t matter. I love you because you are you. Not because of your hair style, or chest, or skin color. I love you because of your personality. Don’t ever try to change that.”
- “But-”
- “No buts.”
- He kissed you deeply.
- You felt your knees weaken and you let yourself melt into his embrace
- “You are amazing just the way you are.” Totally not quoting Bruno Mars
- You looked up into his eyes, one grey and one brown
- “You should wear this outfit.”
- “I should?”
- “Yes. Now come on before the day ends.”
- Both of you had a nice and relaxing afternoon together.

Phew! Randy was the hardest for sure. I just can’t see Randy screaming though… Anyways, I hope you liked this! Sorry it took so long!

rosen-schwert  asked:

(3/3) wasn't anything color-wise that stood out about them...even in the abandoned apts. where the shrine was supposed to be like the centerpiece, I feel like there isn't a lot of focus visually/atmospherically put on them. I realise they've sort of replaced the lanterns from D1 with the big piles of candles that surround shrines in D2 but that distinct purple light was so key before. It baffles me that one can walk right past a shrine when 2 ft in front of it because it doesn't stand out.

[parts one and two of the Ask were lost to the Void. The Ask is reproduced here, paraphrased: ]

“Am the only one who thinks the new warm color palette of the void and “void-touched” things (shrines and abandoned apartments and places with dead outsider worshippers etc) is not…as effective/good as in D1? I mean D1 had a cooler color scheme in general with everything, not just void stuff. The weather in almost every level was overcast and gloomy and all in bluish greys, even the browns were cooler in tint, but yet somehow even among this color scheme, that iconic purple of the lanterns and lights/glow surrounding shrines and everything void related was very distinct and visible even across long distances.

Like I could be all the way across a very long street and spot a little sliver of that purple glow in the distance in some balcony door and know there was a shrine up there or a rune or something where those lanterns surrounded an item/scene of interest. D2 has a much warmer/bright approach wherein most levels are sunny and bright and the shrines have an orange type glow to them now. I realize this is mostly probably because D2 switched over to the big clusters of candles instead of lanterns like D1, and candles have a more golden tone to them, but in the context of the rest of the visual theme in the levels, the shrines don’t even stand out. I have literally walked straight past them on more than one occasion because there was nothing drawing me to them from across the room, which people could argue like “well it’s not the game’s fault you’re blind and oblivious!“ 

But like…is it really wrong to state that they’re not as visually/atmospherically isolated from their environments anymore? In addition, I also feel the same way about the changing of the sound that runes and especially the sound that bone charms make…again, could be argued that I guess I’m just dumb and stupid for not picking up on them and that’s on me, but I just…don’t hear them like I did before. Almost every single time in my first several playthroughs I was standing RIGHT next to/in front of a rune or bonecharm or shrine and didn’t even know until I turned and looked them in the face. I got used to it now after sort of adjusting to the new subtleness of all these things, but in the first game, everything like this stood out to me even before I was familiar with the sounds and visual of it. 

I know what you mean about normal vs “void-touched” objects in DH2 compared to DH1. There’s a lot more visual definition and details in DH2 - I remember a lot of apartments in DH1 were all done in muddy greys and browns - but for some reason the simple purple light worked better for the first game in letting us know where shrines and bone charms were.

Personally, before I organised my DH1 screenshots, I had them all in one folder and I could navigate them (somewhat) by their colour. Strong orange meant the exterior of the Rothwild Slaughterhouse; green with a splash of blue, red and white meant the trees in Delilah’s island in the Void at the end of Brigmore Witches; and anything with that particular shade of green meant the Flooded District.

I guess that if we were to look deeper into this, then we might say the palette of Karnaca in DH2 is supposed to be visually distinct from Dunwall as it has a different history, has a warmer climate and is not in the grips of a rat plague. Then, maybe it would be too visually jarring to have deep purple hues amongst the warm red and amber shades that are abundant in Karnaca, so maybe the devs toned down all the shrines and similar magical settings.

But perhaps we could also say that the way runes and bone charms are shown in DH2 shows a level of development or maturity because it’s not so much “aha! this is a rune that is a very strange thing and let’s highlight it visually so the player can’t miss it, because they can be used to upgrade powers” but rather “these are objects that normal people are used to encountering, and some of them even know how to use them”. But then again, the first game had that second sentiment as well - there are many cases where civilians will talk of a bone charm bringing bad luck or a rune causing bad dreams.

Concerning finding bone charms and runes - I’ve had exactly the same thing as you. Now, many months after the second game has come out, I’m sort of familiar with what I have to look for in order to find bonecharms, or at least, I have half memorised their locations in each level. But I used to miss so many; I’d go into a building knowing I was looking for one but only realise it was there when I whipped out the Heart and it started glowing right in front of me.

I think it’s because we’re used to sound of bone charms and runes from the first game. Their sounds are very reliable and distinctive. The sort of oscillating “ringing” noise you get from bone charms make them very easy to find. It also sort of seems to make sense because they’re always the same size and have three arms. (Talking about acoustics, or high-school physics, or musical instruments - there is a direct correlation between the size of a thing that you hit/strum/vibrate in order to make a sound, and the pitch of that sound. The shape of a violin’s curves are precisely designed so that the notes produced by the strings resonate easily inside the instrument. The sound that bone charms make are in a similar fashion logical to their size.)

Likewise the timbre or quality or “flavour” of the sound that runes make is quite unlike anything in the real world but it does sound like it could be produced by something made of bone (sometimes dense, sometimes built lightweight but strong). If I had to visualize it I would actually think of a spinning top with a spiral pattern, that’s slowly revolving, drawing out that eerie sound.

The fact that a rune will get so loud (on default audio settings) when you’re right next to it is excellent ambient storytelling through a gameplay mechanic. Out of universe (on a gaming level) it makes you pick up runes just to shut them up, which has the effect of making you pick up resources for uprades. In-universe, runes can be said to “call” to Marked inviduals, irritating them until they are picked up and taken home.

It seems to me that the fact bone charms ins DH2 are much quieter and emit a sort of high-pitched whine like a small electrical transformer. It actually makes sense on a world-building level because most of the bone charms you encounter don’t look like the ones in DH1 but rather are blue and single-”armed”. However, I totally agree, it makes them much harder to find by ear.

sarsmusings  asked:

(For Greaser!Blurb night) like grease except the reader/main person stays true to themselves and doesn't change, and show that a greaser/good girl CAN in fact work

Tom was worried. Not worried, maybe just a bit unsure of what to expect. Obviously he was excited to see you, you and all of your friends would be meeting with him and all of his friends to hang out at the annual town carnival, and while he wasn’t sure why everyone in his group was wearing a leather jacket and jeans in the het, he was sure the slight discomfort would be worth it to look cool around you. 

Tom was nervous for the same reason that he was so excited- you were coming. You and Tom had been “going steady” for several weeks now, and this would be the first time that you would interact with his friends. He had warned them to be on their absolute best behavior while you were around. But he was also worried about you, he’d heard through the grapevine of mutual friends between your groups that you were nervous for the day at the fair because you weren’t sure that you would fit in with Tom’s friends. He’d heard that you were worried about being judged for being so different from him- one of the things Tom loved the most about you. He’d heard phrases tossed around on the subject such as “make-over” and “new look” and “hot mama.”

Tom had wanted to tell you what he really thought, which was that you were flawless the way you were, even before you met him, and that he wouldn’t want you to change yourself to fit in with his friends, or for anyone for that matter, especially for those who society considered “low-life’s”. 

But he didn’t, he’d kept his lips tightly shut on the matter because he would never want to influence you to act to think- certainly not dress, a certain way for his benefit. He would never be able to rid himself of his guilt if he ever caused you to lose your sense of self. 

So, as he and his buddies roamed the grassy parking area aimlessly, waiting or your group to arrive at the fair grounds, Tom could feel his nerves only building. 

When your friend’s car finally whipped into the lot, Tom could feel his breath become heavy and tight, loaded with curiosity at how you would appear when you stepped out of the vehicle. Not that Tom would ever care how you looked, not really. You could step out of the car in a shopping bag, and Tom knew his heart would leap with affection as it always did when he saw you, regardless of your dress.

He knew he should really tell you all of this, but he couldn’t get up the nerve to admit that he had indulged himself in gossip between friends rather than just talking to you directly. He was so lost in thought, walking towards your friend’s car, that he barely noted the whistles of his friends. You were blocked from his vision at first, still in the car, he assumed. One of your friends he recognized from the book club you attended was wearing clothing he presumed was borrowed- it was skin tight, black and red, and completely different from her typical style if dress. She did a spin with a giggle in front of her audience, who did nothing to hide their approval. Tom knew she looked good, and somehow it fit her just as well as her normal attire did. “I feel so damn good in this,” she laughed, throwing up her arms in the air. “my parents would die if they saw me in this,” she laughed again. “But do you care?” Tom’s head perked up at the sound of YN’s voice. “No!” Her friend cheered, along with everyone else, giggling. Tom’s vision locked on his girlfriend the moment she got out of the car, closing the door behind her. Tom let go of a relieved breath he didn’t realize he was holding. YN looked normal, comfortable, a bit more makeup on then usual, Tom was just glad she didn’t seem too uncomfortable, or look as though she’d undergone any extra work for today’s festivities. Tom never wanted her to feel as though she had to do anything special for his gratification. 

He strode over, latching his arms around her and pressing a quick kiss to her lips. “Well hello to you too,” she laughed slightly, threading her fingers into his messy hair. He smiled. “You look gorgeous,” he spoke out, watching her smile only grow. “I literally wore this to school two days ago, ‘s’nothin’ special,” Tom shook his had, “doesn’t matter, you always look so damn good,” YN wasn’t sure her smile could possibly increase. “What’s this about?” YN inquired, massaging his head slightly with her fingertips. He shook his head. “It’s so stupid,” YN gave him a look that prodded him to continue. 

“I- I may have heard you were gonna go through some makeover, because you were worried about lookin’ different than m’ friends and I, ‘m glad you didn’t, I don’t want you to feel like you need to do anything special for the likes of me, not that you cant- or shouldn’t- I just want you to be happy and-” you cut him off with another kiss. “Well,” she giggled, and Tom felt so, so stupid for worrying in the first place. “Maybe one of these days, I’ll change up m’ look, just t’ throw ya off,” she teased, Tom rolled his eyes but pulled her closer at the same time. 

“I love you, my beautiful, wonderful girl,” he spoke softly into your hair. You hugged him tight, ignoring the discomfort of the extra heat in the hot summer weather. “And I love you, so much, let’s go get something cold though, yeah?” She laughed again and Tom swore it was prettier than his favorite song. Their hands intertwined as they jogged to catch up with their friends. “Sounds perfect, pretty girl,” Tom grinned, and YN looked up at him: “I think I could get used to that nick-name, pretty boy,” Tom’s face flushed, “how did I manage to land the hottest, most amazing soc girl of all time?” He wondered to himself. 

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vincentvxngogh  asked:

I just read wuthering heights & I really don't get the hype about the "romance??" Like I started reading thinking that there were gonna be moments that make me weak but it doesn't show how heathcliff & cathy become obsessed w each other. It just shows their unhealthy obsession, w them always just hurting each other while declaring they can't live w/o each other. Idk I was disappointed & the souls line that i liked before now seems not as gr8

Wuthering Heights is a masterpiece and easily one of my favourite books, but oh my goodness it is NOT a romance in the traditional sense and you cannot approach it the same way you would approach, say, a Jane Austen novel. This is Gothic fiction at its finest and most chilling.

Unfortunately, it is marketed to the world as a romance and productions and adaptations inevitably portray it as this great romance with Heathcliff as the brooding Byronic hunk, leading to the dissonance and confusion that you are experiencing. What kills me is that a lot of productions don’t even bother with the second half of the book, they just tell this contrived, inaccurate love story between Catherine and Heathcliff, but honestly, if you don’t tell the second half of the story, there is no point to your adaptation, like you could not fuck up any worse.

Wuthering Heights is all about the cycles of abuse. Heathcliff is a monster, a cruel and demonic figure, but he was not born bad. He suffers greatly in his early childhood, is adopted by Mr Earnshaw and finds solace in the company of Catherine. When Mr Earnshaw dies and his son Hindley takes over the Heights, he abuses Heathcliff, sends him out of the house and forces him to labour in the fields for his keep. Heathcliff endures unimaginable torments, but none of that matters because he has Cathy, and she has him. They spend every waking moment together, and every punishment they endure is forgotten when they’re in each other’s company. They promise to grow up wild as savages and spend all their time wandering together across the moors. Catherine and Heathcliff are two people bonded by obsession, isolation, trauma and abuse, and the savage wilderness of the moors becomes their sanctuary. At home by the fireside, where these children should by rights feel safe, there is nothing but fear and pain and abuse. Out on the moors, with only each other, there is safety. Preferable to heaven itself, the moors are their sanctuary.

Heathcliff and Cathy are both awful people, twisted by abuse and mistreatment, and the line about sharing a soul is a terribly tragic reflection of the fact that Catherine has only ever felt safe with Heathcliff out on the moors. After Hindley’s wife dies giving birth to their son Hareton, Hindley loses all self-control and goes mad with grief and anger. Nelly explicitly says “his treatment [of Heathcliff] was enough to make a fiend of a saint.” Hard labour and mistreatment makes Heathcliff lose interest in intellectual pursuits. At sixteen, his mind, manners and appearance deteriorate, while Cathy becomes obsessed with the glittering world of the sophisticated Lintons. She desires social advancement and prestige, and despite considering herself to share a soul with Heathcliff, she says it would degrade her to marry him, and so marries Edgar Linton instead. Catherine is Heathcliff’s obsession and comfort; losing her causes him to devote himself to revenge. All the abuse and horror that was meted upon himself he inflicts upon others.

Years pass and Hindely, Catherine and Mr Linton all die. Heathcliff acquires the Heights and our original trio of Catherine, Linton and Heathcliff are replaced by a new generation of children: Cathy, Linton and Hareton. Heathcliff has gone from the abused to the abuser, and he takes his wrath out on all three children. In the case of Hareton, Bronte makes it explicitly clear that Heathcliff is taking vicarious revenge on Hindley by abusing the boy as Hindley abused him. He takes Hareton into his arms after his abusive father’s death and says, “Now, my bonny lad, you are mine! And we’ll see if one tree won’t grow as crooked, with the same wind to twist it!” Every brutality and indignity Hindley inflicted upon him, he inflicts on Hareton. He takes the boy’s inheritance from him, treats him as a servant, beats him, and keeps him dumb.

Young Cathy ends up at the Heights and Heathcliff cannot abide her and abuses her without mercy, even though she is the daughter of the woman he loves. At first, Cathy dislikes Hareton and teases him for his stupidity. When she is imprisoned with Heathcliff and suffering daily from his torments, Hareton tries to be kind to her, but she rejects him, and takes out her anger and frustration on him. She becomes somewhat more attached to young Linton.

Haven’t we seen this all before? The wild, dumb, abused boy and the girl he loves rejecting him because of his low station?

History is repeating itself. The cycles of abuse are being perpetuated through generations and these innocent children are all being made to suffer for the feud between their families. But things change, because even though these children have been abused, they choose not to perpetuate this abuse themselves. Hareton is perhaps the most important character of the book because he is meant to be a mirror of Heathcliff. Hareton has known nothing but violence and cruelty since he was born. He was beaten by his father and mistreated and kept dumb by Heathcliff. He suffers as Heathcliff suffered. Heathcliff even remarks, “Hareton seemed a personification of my youth, not a human being.” But even despite all that, he sees young Cathy suffering and he chooses to be kind. Cathy rejects him at first, and is cruel to him, but she repents of her behaviour and sees that she was wrong to do so. She too rejects cruelty and chooses kindness. She extends friendship to Hareton. She teaches him how to read. They fall in love. These two young people live under the thumb of a tyrant and are in constant fear, but what makes them different, and what redeems them is that they refuse to act like their tormentor. Hareton suffered exactly as Heathcliff suffered, but where Heathcliff chose revenge, brutality and anger, Hareton chose kindness. He did not want others to suffer as he had suffered. He wanted to ease Cathy’s suffering because he knew what it was like to suffer, and that choice made all the difference.

People talk about how this book is awful and fiendish and unpleasant, but what’s even worse is that all the horrors of this book can only be blamed on plain human choice. It is a book about the cycles of violence. It is about how we inflict our suffering on others, and how the younger generation is forced to suffer for the mistakes of their parents. In one half of the book we watch two abused children, Heathcliff and Catherine, become obsessed with each other. They find solace and comfort in one another and prefer savagery and the wilderness of the moors because they found nothing but pain and torment in the “civilised” world. They are twisted into awful, cruel people. In the second half of the book, we watch two abused children find comfort and solace in each other, but the difference is they choose not to perpetuate the abuse they suffer. They choose to be kind. The relationship between Hareton and Cathy is the the great romance, and the great triumph, of this book. Whereas Catherine and Heathcliff are together in death, this new generation is united in life. They represent redemption, hope for the future. They break the cycles of violence and cruelty and their love ends the feud between their families. In the face of cruelty and suffering, they choose to love and they choose to be kind, and that takes the greatest courage of all. “They are afraid of nothing… together they would brave Satan and all his legions.”

Summary: In which Emma and Killian are both a little impatient.

Notes:  I don’t even know, you guys.  Emma, Killian, and Belle basically have a sleepover on the Jolly Roger for reasons.  Post 6x03.

When evening falls, and the sheer bliss begins to ebb into something much quieter, pleasant like the crystalline sight of the moonlit bay stretched like warbled glass before him, Killian wonders aloud –

“How much longer are we fated to wait?”

The sea, of course, answers only in echoes, water that leaps up and smacks the hull.  It’s a rhythm to which he’s grown quite accustomed.  For weeks, now, he’s been consigned to the cabins of the Jolly Roger.  She was the lady love of his life for centuries, of course, but as the trees erupt with the colors of fall, and the winds grows higher and harder along the waves, Killian can’t help but recall the sparing nights he’s spent in his Emma’s bed, wrapped as much in her quilt as in her arms.  She bears the scent of the forest – the sweet decay of red and yellow leaves underfoot – and of sweet waters.  And though the enchanted oak of his ship is sharp and familiar, the paints along the gunwale yet bearing the cloying smell of the plants from which they were wrought, it can hardly compare.

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comicsuperheroloverotaku10  asked:

Hey I'm really sorry to be asking for another request this soon but ur writing is so good I just can't help myself! Could you do one where Steve is pregnant and is scared to tell Buck cause he doesn't know how he will react and his scent changes and Buck thinks he is cheating and confronts Steve and accuses him and then gets the truth. Angry Buck--Horny/Happy Buck PS Your fics can never be too long and they're always amazing Thanks Again

Finally got this written! XD I…didn’t actually include a sex scene, so sorry if that’s what you were looking for. This is mostly feels and teasing, but I hope you enjoy! -Jenna

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anonymous asked:

Can I request something where Nurseydex decide to keep their relationship secret from the team for some dumb reason like avoiding fines or a bet one of them made and they get so good at pretending to be just friends that when they finally come out to the team the team doesn't believe them?? my stupid children would so do this

There are rules. It starts with No touching below the belt. That turns into No prolonged touching when they can’t keep their hands to themselves, and then No prolonged eye contact when they start having sex and anything Dex does gets Nursey hot and bothered. There are other rules, too, like No flirting that can’t be considered chirping, and No first names in front of the team. They’re actually really good at following the rules. Dex slips up sometimes when he’s tired, and Nursey has been known to slip little flirty comments into his chirps sometimes, but they’re one hundred percent sure the team doesn’t know anything. Well, aside from Chowder, because neither of them could keep a secret from him.

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anonymous asked:

I really liked your Damon meta, so I thought maybe you could share your thoughts on this: What the hell is wrong with Elena?! Like, I try not to hate on her without reason, but... seriously?! "Mother of my two epic loves"? And the whole disconnect between her and Damon the entire episode, like, is it just the memory loss? Does she just not care? How can she missunderstand her two epic loves so severely? That Stefan doesn't feel positivly about their relationship? Or pick up on Damon's feelings?

Oh good god. Where do I begin?

I’ve actually discussed this a bit before with others, but I’ll explain it again in greater depth because I think it’s actually worth writing about again. 

Warning: This is obviously an Anti-Elena meta. 

Let me get this out of the way: yes, some of Elena’s behavior regarding Damon is caused by the memory loss. She really doesn’t remember her relationship with Damon or her friendship with him from before. However, that is not really Elena’s problem here.

Elena’s problems are quite simply this: she lacks empathy and she is narcissistic.

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