i was too social today


Yoonseok au where Yoongi aka Agust D is a famous rapper who is smitten with Hoseok, a waiter at a cafe 16/? 

 Prepare your fragile Yoonseok souls for some angst *evil laughter*

“Man @therock is awesome! Watching backstage at @livekelly before I go hang with the awesome @kellyripa and @iamabfalecbaldwin!! Check out the show today this morning! #braindeadcbs 🇺🇸🇺🇸🐜🐜👽👽. 📸 by Elin Flack” (x)

I’m just gonna be a dyke for like a second and talk about how hot my crush is bc wow!!! Their hair is short and black and normally slicked back which is very hot but today it was just gently brushed back and kind of messy and also there eyelashes are so long and pretty and in general they have such a pretty face :/ and they sit directly across from me on the other table so I just look at them casually during our 6 hour class which is a blessing and a fucking curse bc I was too socially exhausted to try to talk to them today even though they looked approachable

I Love Misha Collins Day.

If we were to try and write every reason we love Misha we may just break Tumblr, so lets do it. I’ll start with a couple vague reasons and everyone can add on. ( too-much-tv-no-social-life, idolcas, capuletcaslovefromdean, destiel-today-tomorrow-forever, queen-of-the-rising-demons, castiel-knight-of-hell You guys mind joining and tagging others to help add our love?)

Reasons why we love Misha: 

  • He is an amazing actor
  • He is a caring person.
  • His eyes.
  • His smile makes everyone smile along with him.
  • His sense of humor.

Everyone feel free to add on. Please DO add on, I’m only putting a couple down so others can write stuff or tag others who may want to write something

Mark Ruffalo for the Hollywood Reporter TV Drama Roundtable

Josh Charles: "But, I follow Mark on Twitter, and I have no problem separating his tweets from watching him be a character. It doesn’t bother me. Following him on Twitter doesn’t make me feel like I know him so much more that I can’t watch him lose himself in a character"

Mark Ruffalo: “It depends on the way social media is used, too. "I took two craps today and am having a ham sandwich.”

Jon Hamm: “Two a day now? Good for you”

Mark Ruffalo: “Oh man, it’s like clockwork”

I just had an idea

If you’re feeling sad or shitty because you didn’t get the recognition/approval from others you wanted (I know that’s kind of lame, but I think it’s all too common in today’s world, with social media),

just think:

you don’t need others’ approval

the reason you didn’t get it (or as much of it as you wanted) was because you don’t need it. It’s unnecessary.

you are beautiful, smart, amazing, good, inspirational, stylish, interesting, and a baddie on your own, all by yourself.

you don’t NEED validation/approval/recognition, because you’ve already got it within yourself

focus on yourself, making yourself better. you are your greatest and only competition.

Imagine Dean complimenting your hunting after always acting as the tough older brother...

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“You know, what you did today Y/N, that was pretty impressive,” Dean said, dumping his bag into the boot of the impala.


“Yeah, I mean, I was worried for a moment, but you were awesome, I’m damn sure that’s going to filter back to Crowley, but yeah, you’re getting good.”

“Jesus Christ, Dean, that almost sounded like you were impressed,” Sam smirked as he walked over.

“Well if the cap fits? Y/N’s worked hard, I get that,” Dean said with a shrug, “doesn’t mean we’ll let you take front line, just, yeah, you did good.”