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Lazy Mornings

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “63 and 67 separately jughead x reader please if its too much then could you just do 67 thank you”

#63 “I really would’ve liked it if you told me your parents were coming to town.” - “I really would’ve liked it if you put underwear on before coming into the kitchen.”

A/N:  I changed the prompt slightly because I had an idea and just couldn’t completely fit that line into the mix (but it’s only slightly!!!!). if you want to send in a request, feel free, but my requests are closed which just means your request won’t be reaching my radar until the ones I already have are finished!

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Characters:  Reader x Dean (Brief cameo by Sam)

Summary:  Dean and reader escape the bunker on a warm summer evening.

A/N:  This is for @jensen-jarpad  ‘s challenge, “Let’s Celebrate”.

Word Count:  2199

Warnings:  Smut/Language

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“Come on, it’ll be fun,” I urge.

Sam groans, Dean looks mildly intrigued.  

“I have work to do, but you two go on, have fun,” Sam says. He sounds like a dad sending his annoying kids off to play. Dean and I have both been feeling restless, the walls of the bunker closing in on us.  

We’ve been cooped up in here too long, no case to work, no outlet for our energy. Dean’s like me in that regard. Too much time sitting idle makes me antsy. I’m about ready to climb the walls.

“I’m in,” Dean says, pushing his chair away from the table.

“Yay!” I exclaim, a little overenthusiastically. “I’m going to go get changed.”


Dean’s eyes widen when I rejoin him in the library in my cutoff denim shorts and star-spangled halter top. A thrill shoots through me when I see him taking in my curves and lines with appreciation.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Just need a few supplies first.” He follows me to to the kitchen where I pull two six packs out of the fridge. “You grab the cooler.”

Dean returns with the green cooler just as I finish making sandwiches. “Ice,” I direct him. Dean loads the cooler while I go snag a blanket.  

“All set?” he asks.

I can’t keep the dopey grin off my face. “Yes!”  I’m so unbelievably excited to get out of the bunker. Especially with Dean.  

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Take Me Down: A Cazigan Smut Fic

This is pure sin and nothing more. And as with the last time I did Cazigan smut, I have no clue if it works and am super nervous about it, but well, here we are. I tried and I’m just honestly happy at this point that I wrote something new and squeezed another Cazigan fic in before ACOWAR. It was stress-relieving to write. Tagging @buggitybooks who asked to be tagged. :)

AO3 Linkage

Summary: Mor’s in the middle of dinner when a questionable breeze hits her legs in an all too familiar pattern. When she realizes both her lovers are messing with her, Mor decides to take things to the bedroom for a little revenge that quickly gets carried away from her. NSFW

Take Me Down

The House of Wind is chilly, Mor thinks, about two-thirds of the way through dinner with her friends.

She supposes it’s only natural. The dining room opens onto a spacious balcony high in the sky where the winds are free to come and go as they please through the large floor to ceiling threshold, constructed thus so that one might fly right in. One with Illyrian wings, that is.

Listening to Rhys fill them in on his latest diplomatic visit to the Day Court, Mor feels that breeze hitting her ankles, and crosses them with a brief brush of her heels to help shake the chill. She takes a sip of wine and leans forward on the palm of her hand, trying not to blink at how dull the trip sounds. Only Amren sitting across from Rhys looks truly interested.

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The Drunken Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir:Beginnings

(Note: This is an AU, the stats and schooling levels are Americanized; b/c I don’t know that much about France. Characters are around nineteen.) Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 l Part 9 l Part 10

Marinette did not like college parties. They were boisterous, and kept her up too late. But, Alya loved them, and was quite often the life of them, and Marinette did not trust some of those college boys. Of course Nino was DJ-ing for this party, so Alya should have been fine without her here, but still Alya was already pretty drunk only an hour in and Mari was not going to push her (or her best friends) luck.

Marinette had, like she did for most of these parties, brought an article she had been embordering for a fashion competition, and had found a secluded corner to watch, and sew without being disturbed. Or so she thought.

“Is this really the best place to be doing that?” A voice asked from above her, and she jumped out of her skin. There was a laugh above her head and she looked up to see none other than the host of the party: Adrien Agrest.

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A Dying Art

summary; a prompt from phanfic 

phil has been a technician at radio 1 for a few years after graduating uni (he doesnt do yt) and dan is an up and coming vlogger who’s just got his own radio show. They meet at work and sometimes phil has to wander to the desk (in front of cameras) during a show and he and dan always joke around/flirt during songs so people start to ship them and things snowball from there

words: ~3k

warnings: none its all flufffffff (which im not the best at writing so SORRY)


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So this is a hanamatsu thing I might post later on AO3 idk tho

It’s called Illuminati and Coffee

“Oikawa, I’m dead, go on without me.”

“What is it now, Makki?”

“He’s back, I can’t do this.” Hanamaki said anxiously, looking over his friend’s shoulder to the front of their coffeeshop to their new regular. Usually, he loved his job. Coffee was his lifeblood anyway, so it was fun to work at the local shop, especially since Oikawa and Yahaba worked there, too. This was before Really-Hot-Guy started to come in every weekday. He was the embodiment of Hanamaki’s type - gorgeous (lidded!) eyes, effortlessly-tousled hair, fairly tall, and a smile that could and would make anyone melt.

It was unfair, really.

“You know, you could just talk to him, or actually be at the register when he orders.” Yahaba pointed out in exasperation. “You haven’t even spoken to him.” Hanamaki snorted at the prospect, mostly because of how cliche it would be. Everyone meets at coffee shops these days.

“One doesn’t simply talk to Adonis, Yahaba! Please, Grand King?” Hanamaki fired back, his expression pleading as he turned to his other friend.

“You’ll have to talk to him at some point, Makki.” Oikawa sighed, and once again took the register for a few minutes to take Really-Hot-Guy’s order, even though Hanamaki was already making it - he always ordered a medium iced coffee. Making it was fine, as long as he didn’t come into contact with said hot guy. By the time Really-Hot-Guy finished ordering, he was almost done making his drink, so when the pink-haired barista looked up and saw Really-Hot-Guy looking at him curiously, an eyebrow raised as if to ask ‘Mine?’, he froze up, helpless as the customer walked over. Wordlessly, Hanamaki handed him his drink, hoping that he didn’t look to awestruck, and right as Really-Hot-Guy was about to open his mouth and say something, a panicking voice rang in the back.

“Makki, a little help?” He heard Oikawa yell, and he didn’t know whether to thank or kill his friend.

“Dammit, Oikawa.” Hanamaki hissed to himself, giving the man an apologetic look before running back to his friend. When he opened the back door, he groaned as he saw his friend struggle with the espresso machine, once again stuck. Hanamaki fiddled with the machine for all of five seconds before it whirred to life, and he had the right to look mildly embarrassed.

“Really-Hot-Guy was about to talk to me.” Hanamaki groaned.

“He comes back every day, Makki, you can thirst over him tomorrow. Besides, you know that thing hates me!” Oikawa whined, frantically trying to get a stain out of his apron. It was true, the espresso machine had a long rivalry with his friend, it was hilarious how it worked for literally everyone except for the former setter.

With a sigh, Hanamaki took a glance at the clock- his shift was over. He rushed home to change into sweatpants and sulk, before his phone vibrated. Checking it, he saw it was an Instagram notification from his DMs. Opening the app, he saw it was from Oikawa. The DM was a blurry picture, though he could make out that it was definitely at the coffee shop. At first, he couldn’t understand the relevance, but then he made out a human blur that had pink hair - it was probably him.

PrettySetter: omg makki look at the caption

PrettySetter: look at the ACCOUNT

Hanameme: wtf ok????

Curiously, he clicked on it, and was confused even farther - it was a funny textpost account that he’s followed for a while, onlythedankest. It always cheers him up when he has a bad day, but he’s never paid much attention any of the captions. He hadn’t noticed this picture before, but he scrolled down, and sure enough, there was a picture of him from about a month ago. The comment said ‘holy shit I went to this coffee shop and there’s a hella cute pink-haired barista guess who’s coming back tomorrow’.


A light pink dusted the boy’s cheeks as he quickly began to scroll up and read all of the captions on the posts since then, and he found that multiple mentioned him - ‘went back today and the barista and I looked at each other awkwardly I’m swooning’, ‘he always makes my drink #husbandmaterial’, and ‘my husband wasn’t here today *sigh sigh*’. This was both flattering and hilarious, a large smile plastered on his face as he scrolled up before he was interrupted by a new DM from Oikawa.

PrettySetter: WELL????

Hanameme: holy shit

Hanameme: lowkey think he’s my soulmate


His eyebrows furrowing slightly, he went back to the account and clicked on the most recent picture - it was blank, so it probably meant a rant when it came to these accounts.

onlythedankest: MAJOR UPDATE IN THE CHRONICLES OF THE CUTE BARISTA today he handed me my drink and he’s even prettier up close wtf???? Anyway I was about to say thank you (and actually speak to him) but then he got pulled away by one of his coworkers fml’

Hanamaki read over the caption once, twice, three times, momentarily forgetting how to breathe.


PrettySetter: YES FUCKIN WAY





PrettySetter: IDK

Hanameme: HOLY FUCK


Hanameme: OK????

The next day, Oikawa (who had told practically all of their coworkers at this point) was talking animatedly before he suddenly looked at the door and jabbed Hanamaki in the stomach.

“Ow, what the shit Oikawa?” Hanamaki wheezed, looking up to see that his friend’s gaze had not left the front of the store.

“It’s time, young padawan.” He said solemnly, his face purposefully blank. Frowning in confusion, he followed his friend’s gaze to the front of the store only to see Really-Hot-Guy about to walk in. Sighing in resignation, Hanamaki went over to the register as he walked in - they made eye contact immediately and Hanamaki could see the surprise on the man’s face, though it was quickly covered by a grin.

“Hey, what can I get you?” Hanamaki started, a small smile on his face.

“Don’t you know my usual by now? For shame.” Really-Hot-Guy said smoothly, a look of mock hurt on his face.

“You’re right, I’m a disgrace, how could I ever forget?” Hanamaki said dramatically, a lilt in his voice. They both made eye contact and broke off in chuckles. “An iced coffee then? For…?”

“Matsukawa.” He grinned as they exchanged the money.

“Coming right up!” Hanamaki smiled, and he went to the machines to make it. Oikawa made eye contact with him and had the nerve to wiggle his eyebrows at the pink-haired boy (honestly, that was HIS thing, not Oikawa’s). Hanamaki discreetly gave him the finger as he finished making the guy’s coffee.

“Iced Coffee for Matsukawa!” He exclaimed as per barista routine, smirking as Matsukawa made his way over.

“Thanks… Hanamaki?” Matsukawa said, pausing for a bit as he read the barista’s name tag. As he took his coffee, their fingers brushed under the cup.

“So I like your instagram.” Hanamaki casually stated, watching Matsukawa for any type of reaction, and boy, did he get one. Matsukawa’s face went pale and he groaned, screwing his eyelids shut, not seeing Hanamaki’s eyes light up.

“I, uh- shit, I can, uh, explain?” Matsukawa finished weakly.

“Well, my shift ends in ten, so how about you wait for me?” Hanamaki asked, and Matsukawa’s head shot up, searching the pink-haired man’s face for any sign of insincerity.

“Like a date, or?” Matsukawa asked slowly.

“Yes, like a date. I want to get to know the man behind the meme.” Hanamaki said, a grin growing on his face that was quickly parroted by Matsukawa.

“A man after my own memes.” Matsukawa said fondly, regaining some of his composure, and Hanamaki nodded sagely. “See you in ten, then.”

“See you in ten.” Hanamaki agreed, and Matsukawa made his way to a seat and immediately whipped out his phone, undoubtedly on instagram. A stupid grin made its way onto Hanamaki’s face as he turned back to work, only to find a pair of cheeky-looking brunets staring at him with a look he didn’t like. However, nothing could ruin his mood at the moment, so he just grinned at them and floated his way through the last ten minutes of his shift. He quickly changed into his street clothes, coming out of the back room only to find Oikawa chatting with Matsukawa. Apprehensively, Hanamaki approached them, blanching when he heard what Oikawa was talking about.

“Honestly, you guys have been thirsting over each other for a month, it’s been long enough-” Oikawa was beaming as he smiled innocently at the dark-haired man, before Hanamaki put a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Oikawa Tooru, if you don’t get back to work in about 0.3 seconds, Iwaizumi is going to know exactly who drew on his face during the last time we all got drinks.” Hanamaki said, and Oikawa’s face paled at the mention of his boyfriend, but he pouted nevertheless.

“No fun, Makki-chan! Tell me how the date goes~!” He sang as he scampered off to the safety of the barista counter, high-fiving Yahaba as he skipped back there.

“He is a dead man.” Hanamaki said solemnly.

‘RIP, he will be missed. You know Iwaizumi?” Matsukawa agreed, a surprised look in his eyes.

“Yeah, he and Oikawa have been dating for three years now. How do you know him?” Hanamaki asked.

“He goes to my gym, we bonded over volleyball and how shitty the music they play is.” Matsukawa said with a lazy grin, gesturing for them to sit down as they both obliged.

“Shit, you play volleyball, too? Damn, seems everyone I know does. But, a topic for a later date. Now, memes.” Hanamaki demanded, and they both grinned.

“Are you challenging me to a meme-off, Makki?”

“Maybe I am.”

“Wow, and I thought you were a Cool Guy!” Matsukawa said, his voice lilting into a high, squeaky voice reminiscent of the dude from Cool Guy.

“Watch yourself, you’re about to get rekt.” Hanamaki said, a plan formulating in his head.

“Bring it, pinky.” Matsukawa challenged, his eyes locked onto the boy’s.

After taking a deep breath, Hanamaki started, his voice altered and robotic. “We have three connections. I know your meme account, you have been coming to my place of work, and we both know Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi has been with his boyfriend, Oikawa, for three years. Coincidence? I think not.” Matsukawa’s eyes widened as Hanamaki continued, both parties knowing where this was going (and loving every second). “Oikawa calls Iwaizumi Iwa-chan. Iwa has three words. This conversation has been going on for approximately three minutes. A triangle has three sides.”

“Illuminati confirmed.” Hanamaki finished in a hushed whisper, and Matsukawa looked at his with such conviction.

“Marry me.” Matsukawa said seriously, his expression grim. They both managed to hold back for a few more seconds before they both burst out laughing, wiping tears from their eyes. The rest of the date was spent laughing and telling funny stories, poking fun at each other as if they had known each other for years. It was the start of something perfect.


“You did what?” Iwaizumi asked as he watched the two interact from the other side of the coffee shop.

“I set them up, Iwa-chan! I told Mattsun to stop by the coffee shop, and he kept coming for Makki. Makki was thirsting the whole time, and apparently he liked Mattsun’s meme account? Either way, they’re going to make a great couple, thanks to me~!” Oikawa preened, looking over at the two, who were laughing uncontrollably at something.

“Shittykawa, do you know what monster you’ve created?” Iwaizumi hissed to his boyfriend, who looked at him in confusion. “They both are anything but lightweights. They both kick our asses in Mario Kart. They both have too much snark for their own good. They both have too much dirt on us, Shittykawa.”

Oikawa’s face quickly contorted from being pleased to mild horror as they slowly turned to gaze at their mutual friends. Both were snarky and fun to be around on their own, but together, they were dangerous.

“What have I done?” Oikawa asked in quiet terror. Sure, his friends saw the start of something perfect, but as he and his boyfriend stood there, they knew that they were watching the start of something terrifying - the ultimate partners in crime. 

Well last summer in late June I matched with this really pretty girl and I was surprised by it actually, and also too scared to message her. I actually turned my screen off right after messaging her because I felt weird and also because I was scared and awkward around girls, and badly so with really pretty ones.

So I laid there, I put my face in a pillow actually laying face down, I remember this vividly. Then I checked my phone with a surprise to my awkward little self, it was a notification I got a message on Tinder, so I did open the app up and it was her. She messaged me i was really happy she did, helped me feel comfortable at the time and message back. We talked and talked, for a really long time actually, actual conversations. Well fast forward a little bit in early July we finally talk for the first time on the phone, she asked me to call her because she was bored and wanted to talk to someone as she was getting home. It took me a few minutes to actually build up courage, really I needed to build up courage to talk to a girl on the phone, even though we had already been talking for a good amount of time now. So after that skip a few weeks ahead in July we finally meet up and go on a awkward type date, she brought her brother along because it was the only way she was able to get out. We go play laser tag, during the game I acknowledge in my head so many chances to go and kiss her, I didn’t kiss her. I blew it off in my head strictly because I was awkward and scared still. We did finally kiss later, she actually had to make the move because of me, but after laser tag we saw a movie, The Minons.

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Patience and Locked Doors

Based off this prompt

Summary: Phil has a panic attack and locks himself in the bathroom refusing to come out. Dan sits outside the door and texts or something trying to calm him. After he finally calms Phil down, Phil unlocks the door and they cuddle.

Genre: fluff (maybe a lil angst? not much tho)

Warnings: none

Word Count: 973

A/N: wow I’ve been sitting on this one for like a week and I’ve just been too lazy to post it but idk here you go its like sort of angsty but mostly fluff tbh

Dan is sitting in the lounge, waiting for Phil to finish in the shower so he can straighten his hair before starting to film.  It’s been forty minutes since he got in, but it’s not unheard of for Phil to sit in his towel playing iPhone games for an hour after he gets out.  Dan really doesn’t want to rush him, but a video is more important than a new high score on crossy road, so he gets up and knocks on the bathroom door.

“Phil, are you almost done? I want to do my hair and then film.”

Dan’s sure Phil heard him, but there’s no reply from inside the bathroom.

“Phil? Did you hear me?”

Again, nothing.

Dan listens carefully, and though it’s quiet, he thinks he can hear faint sobbing coming from behind the door.

He knocks and calls more urgently.  "Phil? Are you alright?“

Dan is getting worried.  Phil never ignores him, and the sobs are growing more clear. Unsure of what else to do, Dan gently calls out, "Phil, I’m coming in.”  Not hearing a response, he reaches for the doorknob and starts to turn it.  To his dismay, the door is locked.

Dan is stumped.  He can clearly hear his boyfriend crying in the bathroom, but the door is locked and there’s nothing he can do to open that door.  He sighs and starts to walk away.  He makes it to the doorway into the lounge, and then something catches his eye.

Phil’s phone.

Immediately, an idea pops into Dan’s mind.  He quickly grabs the phone, and with it in his hand, runs back to the locked bathroom.  Hoping that it fits, he gets on his knees and puts the phone in front of the door.  Dan holds his breath, and slides the phone under the door.  It fits, and he exhales in relief.

Now comes the hard part.

Dan unlocks his own phone and sends a short text to Phil.

To: Phil

From: Dan

Are you okay love?

As it sends, Dan hears the simple music play as Phil receives the text.  All he can do now is wait, and hope Phil is able to reply.

A minute passes and then Dan’s phone buzzes.

To: Dan

From: Phil

S care d

Dan wants to cry.  Phil had had a panic disorder a few years ago.  Dan thought he had gotten better.  He certainly stopped having three panic attacks a week.  But this doesn’t matter.  Phil is lying on the bathroom floor, crying and shaking and hyperventilating and probably thinking that he is dying and all Dan can think is oh god I have to help him but he can’t help him because the door is locked and Dan has always been there next to Phil when he as his attacks.  Dan is clueless as to calming Phil down without being there to hold him and whisper reassurances into his ear.  This can’t stop him from trying, though, and so he takes a deep breath and texts Phil.

To: Phil

From: Dan

What’s scaring you? Is it something, someone, or just panic? I want to help <3

To: Dan

From: Phil

Don’t k niw jsu t real yl scar ed

Seeing this, Dan’s heart breaks a little.  His poor boyfriend doesn’t deserve to be this way.  

To: Phil

From: Dan

Is there anything I can do? I just want you to feel better

To: Dan

From: Phil

Ta kl ple as e

Talk. Dan can do that.

He hits the small microphone icon and speaks into his phone, “I love you, Phil.  Don’t ever forget that.  I know you’re scared right now, and I know you feel like you’re never going to stop feeling like this, but just remember that you’ve done this before and you’ve gotten through it and I love you a lot.  I’ll never stop loving you.  Just think about that.  My love for you is a solid thing.  It will never change, so focus on it.  Let it ground you.  You’ll feel better soon, I swear.”

The audio message sends, and Dan can hear Phil playing it through the door.  He hopes it’s good enough.

To: Phil

From: Dan

Replay that as much as you need.  I love you so much, Phil, I can hardly contain it.  I know you can get through this.

Dan sits opposite the bathroom door, and waits for a text from Phil that something else is needed.  He isn’t sure what else he can do, but he knows that he’ll do anything to make Phil feel better.

Ten minutes later, Dan is starting to get worried again.  He hasn’t heard from Phil, and he doesn’t know what that could mean.  He stands up, and is about to knock on the door when he hears a click and then sees the door open.

“Phil!  Are you alright?  I was so worried about you!”  Dan is still worried, not knowing what the aftermath will be like.

Phil smiles gently, and envelops Dan in a tight hug, which he is happy to reciprocate.

“Thank you so much for helping me out. I love you so much,” Phil mumbles into Dan’s shoulder.

“All I did was tell you the truth, silly.” Dan kisses Phil softly on the forehead.

The pair stay like this for a long time, hugging tightly and not saying a word.  Eventually, Dan whispers to Phil, “You know, we should probably eat something.  It’s 9:30 now.  Do you want to order takeaway and watch a movie?”

Phil smiles.  "Yeah.  I’d love that.“