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so up until a couple days ago i didn’t even know a hockey side to tumblr existed until i saw it in the trending now section and i guess that’s how i got here. if you post about anything listed below or just hockey in general, like/reblog this post so that i can check out your blog and follow you!

  • auston matthews
  • mitch marner
  • william nylander
  • just any leafs player tbh
  • carey price
  • pk subban
  • leafs
  • canadiens
  • oilers
  • preds
  • the list goes on forever
tolkien (or mainly) blogs recs

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i was asked for (mainly) tolkien blogs recs. so, these are just some of the blogs that i follow. people can feel free to add more blogs or their own blogs to it if they are mainly tolkien blogs. (can never have too much tolkien)

BNHA Halloween Fic Exchange

This is a Halloween themed exchange for the writers of the BNHA fandom! 

Please fill out THIS FORM if you’re interested! 

Sign ups close July 31st! 

Gifts are due October 31st! Please only sign up if you know you can make the date, or come talk to me for an extension.

There is a minimum of 500 words! If you stay close to 500, please try to make more than one, this is a gift after all. There is no max limit!

Please tag me and/or use the tag #verasficexchange OR #ficwriterhalloweenexchange in the first five (5) tags of your finished piece!

Please contact me here or on the email ( ficwriterappreciation@outlook.com ) if you have any questions! An AO3 collection will also be made sometime in October.

Reasons Why (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 3480
Warnings: Cursing, mobile formatting
A/N: Here’s something while I’m on the plane :)


Your unique attitude .

Thomas walked into the room, holding a book in his hands. It was Finals week, and everyone was stressed out. The library was filled, students cramming, crying, and regretting their life choices. But not Thomas, of course. He took everything with a grain of salt. He didn’t have to strain himself like the others. He knew that he would pass. Some say that he was cocky, but he dismissed those comments as jealousy. Confidence is what they needed, and Thomas had it.

He noticed a woman sitting in the corner of the room, headphones on and hair a mess. He usually would ignore someone concentrating, but, there was something different. You were wearing an old college hoodie, holes in your sleeves. You were chewing on a straw, flipping through pages. You looked, strange. You were smiling.

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Here’s my process for my previous drawing that no one asked for lol. Basically what I do is attempt at thumbnailing and get a grasp of how the colors would look. Then I merge everything and use the eyedropper tool and just color over everything in the same layer.

It’s actually really messy and more time consuming than the usual sketch > lineart > color process. I’ve become too lazy to do lineart and I actually enjoy the process of slowly cleaning up the sketch instead. (also i hate doing lineart)

Fingertips Between Us Chapter 6

Hai hai ^^ Since I’ve been hurting, I’ve decided to share my pain with you all! Through this fanfic of course ^^ I apologize its a little short. Please enjoy~

Chapter 6

Zen opened his eyes in confusion. Why was everything so dark? Zen clenched his fingers, a familiar eerie sensation swelled throughout his body, and at once Zen understood. He was dreaming.

He watched as out of the black fog a house appeared, a yellow house on top of a grassy hill. His attention turned to a beaten up path leading to the house. Confused, Zen shifted his attention in its direction at the sound of voices and laughter. The sight made his heart stop in his chest.

Coming up from over the path Zen caught a glimpse of something he never thought he’d see again. A man, a woman, and a child. A man, his dear friend, who he was sure he would never see again. You. Akari. And Jumin Han. Not the Jumin Han he had grown tolerable to over the years, but the Jumin Han who he had once considered a friend. A Jumin Han whose happiness oozed out from the large smile he had on his face. The Jumin Han that all of RFA were convinced they lost 3 years ago.

“MC! Jumin!” Zen called out, running out to where they stood. However Akari skipped through him, leaving Zen with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Ahh…so it was one of these dreams. Zen followed closely behind you and Jumin, observing.

The two of you were holding hands, Jumin’s larger one practically engulfing your own. And Zen…he simply watched. He eyed your linked fingers, the smile on your faces, the way Jumin looked at you and at how you stared back at him. And….Zen jumped at the feeling of something wet hitting his cheek. Rain? No. Tears. His hands sprang to his eyes, wiping away at them fiercely.

“Tears…why?” Zen stared at the wet droplets that streamed down his cheek and watered the earth. For the past 3 years, Zen had watched as Jumin retreated further and further inside himself. Watched as a man he once considered a friend, no longer knew the meaning of exactly that. Watched as a noose made entirely of string hung Jumin over and over, teasingly setting him back onto the floor, letting him catch his breath, only to launch him back into the air, silent screams hitting off nothing. But worse of all, Zen watched as his dear friend let it happen. He watched as Jumin buried himself under composed faces and neutral responses. He witnessed his friend welcome the noose, watched him beg the noose to just end everything.

And now, Zen watched as Jumin dug himself out. Saw how hard Jumin fought against the noose, untangling strings, tearing and ripping it to shreds. And he cried. Cried for how relieved he was. Zen cried and cried, his hand covering the sobs escaping his mouth even though he was sure no one would hear him. Zen cried as if he was mourning in place of Jumin. As if he was crying for Jumin the day he lost himself.

However suddenly the scene goes dark, and in front of him is Akari, staring up at him. She reaches a hand out, her tiny fingers wiping away his tears.

“Zen-Samchon, you’re dreaming now aren’t you?” She whispers.

Zen wakes up with a jolt, nearly falling out of the chair he was napping in. Around him set managers are still buzzing about, and with a sigh he slumps back into the chair. He turns and eyes you through the windows of the bakery, watching as you dart around back and forth between the front counter and the kitchen.

He reaches for his phone, tucked away in his pocket. And without looking away from you, dials the number of Jumin Han.

With a sigh you shut the front door to the bakery and turned the key, locking the door. What a day. Upon seeing Zen enter the bakery the rest of the staff had followed in ordering basically everything.

“Auntie, you promised we’d stop by the park today.”

You look down at Akari, her small fingers tightly holding on the the hem of your skirt. You wanted nothing more than to go home and nap on the couch with Gilbert, but the look on Akari’s face…

“Alright.” You say with a sigh, “But only for a hour.”

Holding Akari’s hand and your purse in the other you make your way through the town towards the park. You’ve always loved this path. Its wide and spacious,  surrounded by large towering trees that almost create a canopy, the summer breeze rustling the leaves. Its bursting with liveliness, children running around, the elderly taking walks, couples spending time together. As the sun begins to set the large light posts along the walkway light up in preparation of the oncoming darkness.

You feel at home. Peace. Yet…as you look on you feel as if something is missing. You’re almost….restless. As if there’s something you need to do. Something you’ve forgotten. Akari’s grip on your hand tightens, taking you out of your daze. You shake your head, you have more important things to be thinking about.

However fate can be cruel. Or so it can seem.

You’re simply walking, eyes forward, happy and content. When you see him. His eyes are tired. He’s grown taller, his hair messy from a long journey. His suit looks out of place at such a tranquil place. There’s….something different. Something cold. But you can tell. You know its still him. What is he doing here? Something work related? Maybe a sudden business trip. He hasn’t seen you yet. Good. You reach into your purse, pulling out a small sun hat.

Quickly you place it on your head, pulling it down further along. You’ll be fine. He’s walking towards where you came from. As long as you don’t attract attention, you’ll be fine.

But fate has other plans.

You’re just about to pass him, both of you walking side by side. However, that summer breeze that rustled the trees decides to mimic the storm in your heart, snatching the sun hat from off your head.

Its sent flying. And you turn around as quickly as you can to catch it. But it would seem even nature is against you. The sun hat hits Jumin right in the back of the head, and he turns around just as you do. You both reach for the hat, your fingertips brushing against each others. Your eyes meet. Akari stops humming. And the hat falls to the floor.

What a day.  

  • Seungcheol: Turns out Mingyu is the CFO's nephew. Wonwoo is related to Kang Seulgi. Soonyoung's dad is friends with Key's dentist. Every single one of these twerps is seriously connected. So, new plan: instead of screaming at them, I am going to kiss their asses like crazy.
Okay Thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming



2. Legit though, I may have been flailing for her entire scene and I love Pepper Potts and this made me so fucking happy

3. I love Michelle, I love what they did with her and how interesting the character is. She didn’t have that many lines, but then ones she had were gold, and I love her. I’m also relatively sure that she knows Peter is Spider-Man and she’s just going to mess with him about it. 

4. I love Tony in the father role, and honestly, I love the amount of development he’s getting here, and how he’s doing his best to mentor Tony and even though there are things he could do better (more productive communication, and giving Peter the attention Peter very clearly needs), he’s trying and he’s putting in the effort not to be like his dad, and he’s also not shying away from making that comparison about his dad out loud to Peter and that actually means a lot because it means he’s not denying the role he’s taken on 

5. I like what they did with Liz, and the parallels to Gwen Stacy, with the whole father is Spider-Man’s enemy (in a completely different way but still) thing. I like Liz as a character too. I like that they made her a character and not just Love Interest. She had things she wanted to acomplish. 

6. I was so happy that Mason finally got to use the thing he had been working on for so long. like you go dude. it fucked some shit up, but hey, you achieved your goal there. 

7. and speaking of bad guys there, I like Vulture, and I like that Vulture chose to give Peter that chance to just go in and enjoy the dance, because from the very start of the movie, he wanted to do the best he could to provide for his daughter. he was a character I could root for, even with the fact that he was a bad guy. also, I like that Peter didn’t kill him. He wouldn’t do that to Liz.

8. also I think this movie talked way more about accountability than Civil War ever did, and I’m so glad that they are. we see the Damage Control department there and the fact that there actually is something out there in charge of fixing the shit that gets broken, and keeping the alien stuff away from people. I am really really really glad they showed that. 

9. all of their characters felt like characters and not just roles. Peter. May. Flash. Michelle. Liz. Vulture. Tony. Everyone felt like characters. Everyone had something they wanted to acomplish. 

10. the lego death star. tbh, flashback to me and my best friend at 14, or you know, now at 24, building legos all night while doing other shit too. that’s so realistic I love it. 

11. the Cap PSAs. they are so unlike Cap and I love them, and tbh, maybe if he was forced to sit down and watch all of them again he would learn that yeah, fucking patience is important you dumbass. (don’t get me wrong, I like Cap, but he could really learn to take his own advice)

12. still swooning over Pepper Potts here

13. I like that they took the chance to develop the world more too. We went back to things that happened in past movies. Avengers. Iron Man. Civil War. And we added in new details. Peter didn’t really know what he was fighting about in Civil War, and Tony didn’t give him much details. Yes, they did do damage control in Avengers, and yes, this is what happened to some of that tech. Same with Age of Ultron, they mentioned where they got some of it. Happy has been carrying that ring since the first Iron Man. It was a lot of casual development, the way world building should be. 

14. Honestly, it was really really nice to see a marvel movie that didn’t feel like they shoved way too many plots into one movie. they managed to properly develop the characters without feeling like it was too much. things weren’t slipping through the cracks. I can’t remember the last time I watched a marvel  movie that wasn’t throwing in so many new characters that it kind of didn’t make any of them stand out? I don’t know. It’s been awhile. Maybe Iron Man 3? Maybe Winter Soldier?

15. It was also really nice to see a superhero movie that wasn’t the end of the world. like yeah, okay, it’s nice when they save the whole world. but there’s only so many times I can watch that. I like this street level stuff. he’s not at save the whole world. he’s not overpowered. not yet. at this point, most of the Avengers are powerful enough that they don’t struggle with these kind of things and it’s not a challenge for them unless it’s crazy. and I’m growing bored of it. Spider-Man is different and he picked a cause to fight for. His neighborhood. He had a motive and he used it. He talked to people. He was clear in what he was fighting for. And it makes him care more about damage control too. He went and saved the guy at the deli, and the cat. would the other heroes have bothered with that? 

16. that thing where he tried to sew a boat together? that was like really epic, and awesome

17. Aunt May is kind of a dork

18. Peter actually learned his lesson about taking on too many things at once. It was nice. 

19. Even in prison, Vulture isn’t telling people who Peter is. I admire that. 


21. oh and also the quality of the acting in the scene where Peter finds out that Vulture is Liz’s dad??? A+++++ that was good

22. Also, I was not expecting that twist so A+ on that one too

His Touch

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Summary: Reader’s intimate thoughts about Jensen.

Word Count: 770

Warnings: Fluff, SMUT

Author’s Note: This is my second fic for Smut Appreciation Day and it was inspired by this gif that @winchester-writes posted a few weeks ago after someone submitted it. I fell in love with it and she asked me to write it out. So I did. Again, I apologize if it doesn’t make any sense lol I’m high on meds right now hahahaha Feedback is always welcomed!!

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Broadway’s Hamilton - Opening Number Homage to Sweeney Todd // Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet Competition 

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