i was too lazy to style the wig

🍂 🍁  Mayor Heidi of Lamb 

🌻 Braided Wig
🌻 Mush Sweater by @mayor-mami
🌻 Bloomers
🌻 Shearling Boots

🍄 Powerful witch, but too lazy to do anything with it
🍄 Likes to wander through the woods
🍄 Falls asleep in random places
🍄 Way too enthusiastic about brewing potions
🍄 Refuses to wear pants

anonymous asked:

hi there! for your samekichi cosplay what was your method for the head fin? making it/attaching it to your wig if you don't mind me asking, i'm wanting to do a dolphi cosplay and i'm stuck on how to do it....

My method isn’t really the best but it works for me. I try to explain it as well as I can. ´ u `’

I obviously started with sewing two fin-shaped pieces together. I used the fake leather here just like I used with my tail. I also recommend using something harder material to put inside the fin to help it to keep its shape.

When attaching it, I used a piece of iron wire to help it to keep it up and sewed the rest. The shape of the wire you can see from the picture below. With the Dolphi’s fin tho I recommend to bend the wire a little on the end and sew it so it won’t fall out.

Then I put the wire trought the wig and bended it so it wouldn’t stab my head.

This alone doesn’t do the job tho.

As you can see, the fin keeps falling on the sides. It can be easily fixed with a bobby pin tho! Just pin the bended wire under your wig on your head, just like you’d pin your wig. This helps to keep the wire on its place.

And voilà! It’s done.

I hope this helped! And good luck with your cosplay! ´ u `


Russia : February 2016 VS October 2017

Romano : December 2013 VS 

Nyo!France : January 2017 (?) VS July 2017

France : February 2016 VS Augst 2017

Oooff 2016 was a dark time my man (not even talking about 2013)

I used the exact same wig (haven’t been styled again since then, just used some bobby pins lmao) and scarf for Russia ; same wig just deshined for Romano ; only same clothes for Nyo!France lmao ; everything new for France

What mostly changed were my makeup and ligHTING YES THIS PLAYS A LOT IN PICS– I like comparing my old and new cosplays whenever I get the chance to tbh so have this I guess C’:

(oh and yea I’m too lazy to crop them properly so eh)

Ok so any Eridan cosplayers out there I’d like to recommend this wig for Eridan. The pic isn’t what it looks like in terms of the violet streak, it’s actually much wider and more canonically shaped.

Here’s a picture:

(Colours are off cause I had to use flash cause my lighting is shitty)

It might be a lil pricey depending on shipping costs, but it’s worth it in my opinion since I’m WAY too lazy to style the wig on my own. 


Finally got the wig done. I’m not very good or experienced with wigs so it always takes a long time for me to style one and I end up using insane amounts of hairspray. This is not as bad as I feared, actually I’m quite happy with it in the end. I could always do some more tweaking but I’m afraid I might fuck it up. |’D

No beard or piercings yet and I was too lazy to try out the contact lenses but I did try colouring my eyebrows (I’m not sure if the face paint crayon was the brightest idea though).