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coloredcanvas93  asked:

Hi! I wanted to say that I adore your art, and I am a huge fan of SU! What I wanted to know is how you got recruited? I am an artist and an aspiring animator, and if you have any tips I'd love to hear them!

Thank you!! im pretty this happened because the crew saw my comics and fanart and took a liking to them!! and then one day i was asked to do a storyboard test, which i guess went pretty well considering!!!

i think as far as tips go, just draw what you love and what you want, and put your all into it!!! and always always always put your name/url on your stuff, because your work can and will get around, and typically when people are too lazy to credit you they’ll also be too lazy to remove your watermark.

another thing i would suggest is not to wait for a school to teach you. draw and do and learn, either by actually taking the time to study, or just organically by trial and error and time!!! also you should buy the animators survival kit. 

have fun most importantly!!! love what you do, and don’t do it just because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do. 

YOOO okay!!! so here is my second follow forever 📢📢🚨✨👌 (look at my sick ass edit. i know its amazing). okay!! my shady ass has met some lovely people on here so i wanted to return the lob. so yeah, here we go yall. thank u for putting up with me! yall are the tru mvps.

(so im too lazy to put it into alphabetical order so its just going to be a mess of urls) HERE WE GO! IF I FORGET ANYONE IM SORRY AND I DONT MEAN TO OK.

SHOUTOUT TO @onedirection and @zayn thank u for ruining my life !!!

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lmaoo..jks last but not least @acapellaziam who i lov with all my cold hort. ur a nerd okay 

okie pokie guys so I recently hit 3.5k and thought I should probably do something so here’s a follow forever, basically if you’re here you’re either:

  • awesome
  • hella rad
  • a person I’ve been following for so long I got emotionally attached to in a very unhealthy way
  • one of my best friends online
  • one of my best friends irl
  • hella nice
  • hella talented
  • mega super duper cute n hot
  • all of the above

*faves/besties/people I actually talk to a lot are bolded

**btw it got super long at some point and I got super lazy so I’m p sure I forgot like 9000 people and also if you recently changed your url and you’re not thetorresmethod I probably didn’t put you in here bc it’s hard to keep up with too many url changes okay 


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E-H: (sidenote: I don’t think any of you are just eh, you’re all ayyyy)

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for aspiring webcomic artists?

My one major tip is DON’T BE AFRAID TO START

Don’t be afraid your art isnt exactly perfect enough
Don’t be afraid that people won’t like it
Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to manage your time or make a good story or if you’re unprepared, just DO IT.

You will never start if you’re worried about being good enough, and you’ll never get better at webcomics if you don’t start somewhere to start understanding your skills and limitations and what works. Maybe you’ll find out you needed to plan further ahead in the story, maybe you’ll find out you shouldn’t have tried to put so much detail into a weekly comic, maybe you’ll realize want to do a different style! And that’s ok! Scrap the first comic! Wo cares! You learned and that’s important, and it’s the only way you’ll learn. Have a couple of failed projects before you bank on “the one”.

Also have a backup ready. Make like 5-10 pages at LEAST before starting up. A buffer is nice.

Also get a webcomic site ready too. I post on tumblr, which is a little lazy, but I made sure to get my own domain linked to it rather than have a tumblr url. So either way a domain name like “MyComic dot com” is way better than “MyComic dot HostWebsite dot com”.

And last thing: Make it how you want! Make it about what you want! Put every bit of YOU into it or you won’t have fun doing it.

And if you already have a webcomic going but it doesn’t seem to be taking off? Don’t be afraid to advertise or ask people to tell you what they think you can improve on. And don’t let it get you down either, its mostly just luck. So either just keep building a strong webcomic or just try something new if one just isn’t working out for you.

hope that helps!

i cant belieb i’ve officially been on here for two years now but i just wanna say thanks for dealing with my annoying ass and luke and I will thank you at our wedding one day !!! ily all and cheers to the new year !

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((sorry if any of ur urls are old ones or xmas ones i did this before xmas and im too lazy to fix it lmao ))

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👑🌷 (Sora from PL. *too lazy to put my whole url. Sorry)

Blink, blink. When Sora told her to close her eyes, Yume was sort of afraid of what he was about to do to her. Now she was confused about what was on her head. A hand raised to the soft crown on her forehead, a flower crown! “We haven’t made these since we were kids, what’s the occasion Sora?”

((Luckily I have a flower crown icon XD, but it’s okay))

So it’s the end of the year and I think it’s time to do my first follow forever. *yay!* These are all the people who reblog from me and those who I adore. So thank you for sticking around and putting up with me. Btw I was too lazy to put this in order.
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Ellis you’re at the end because you’re special. thejacksonofalltrades

hey guys so i have a really bad cold and i have been wanting to make a follow forever for a while….(this one is super messy but it still counts) so here’s a gif of markiplier announcing the news yaaay!

i wish i could have put everyone on here, i love you all very very much. if i spelled your url wrong i’m sorry! and i’m way too lazy to put them in alphabetical order lmao maybe next time.

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Hello guys! I recently noticed that I was approaching my 1,000th post on taevisual… I felt like that was kinda significant and I wanted to make a nice gif set for it, just to kinda mark the occasion I guess ^^; But I’ve been really busy lately and don’t feel like I have the time/patience to do something huge. So instead, this is my mediocre 1,000th post haha… I’m highlighting 10 random/decent gifs that I’ve made. Just ones that showed up when I search my URL with the ‘insert gif’ thing because I’m lazy, not gonna lie x_x Hope you guys don’t unfollow because this is a huge post but anyway, here’s to another 1,000 (hopefully better) posts in the future!

P.S. Thank you for all the nice asks you guys leave too! I read all of them but I can’t answer them all, partly because of time/quantity and I try to avoid filling my blog with text or personal info/opinions. However, I think I’m going to put an “About Me” page and probably an “About V” page as well soon. Just for kicks… Please check that out later :)

Originally posted by taevisual

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Originally posted by taevisual

Thank you for following :)


Hello! I hope you are all doing great! I recently reached 3.3k followers and as lame as I am this is all I can do now. I was supposed to do this when I reached 3k already but things got in the way so I waited until I reached another small (rather big) achievement. These are the people I see the most on my dash and the people who keep me from exploring the real world too much (seriously it’s scary out there!). Thank you for making my dash colorful and amazing!

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone or made any spelling mistakes on your urls. Because I’m lazy and still recuperating from my sudden illness I have also decided to make things simple and not put any links in + I decided to go simple on the graphic this time. I won’t bold anyone either because you’re all my favorites, seriously!

Take care and stay awesome! And a special thanks to all my lovely followers for keeping up with my blog! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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i love you all and i would write all of my friends paragraphs but i am supposed to be doing my english homework so

fronds  (also a little too lazy to permalink all of your names so i’m just putting the urls)

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i’m totally forgetting people i’m so sorry

fandom self care 

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iamabsolutelyallison’s follow forever

i said i would do one of these cause i’m celebrating 300+ followers and here it is! 

if your name is bolded you’re cool and you’re cool if you’ve ever talked to me or we’re friends irl so if you wanna be cool talk to me

i love you all so please don’t feel bad if you’re not on here i might have just forgotten you

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(I don’t see why you’d delete the text but please don’t anyway)

((sorry for the shitty sign but I’m tired and lazy))

Soo I’ve seen a lot of people doing these lately and I really want to do one too so here we go ^-^

The rules are simple:

- Must be following me 

- Check out my favourites, maybe?

- Reblog this post, likes don’t count

- Send me a message with your birthday (day and month are sufficient but feel free to add the year too, if you wish) and name (if you prefer, you can stay anonymous and I’ll just put your url on the page)

- No. Triggering. Blogs. (Yes, a blog that posts pictures of emaciated girls but has “I’m not pro-ana” in their description is a triggering blog.)

What you get:

- A place on my birthday list (which I’ll begin to set up later on in the week, once I have a couple of birthdays)

- Coming up to your birthday, I’ll put you in my updates tab to let people know that your birthday is approaching c:

- On your birthday, I’ll give you a promo, fansign, maybe a screenie and of course I’ll message you wishing you a happy birthday ^-^

That’s it, I think..? If I remember anything else I’ll add it later on ^-^

Thanks (I DON"T REMEMBER HER URL) for allowing(?) me to use her edit.


I’m really grateful for my lovely followers and i love them all. And seriously 200+ is a lot of people. My reaction was like" OMFG HOLY POOP, WHAT IS AIR AND LIFE? IDEK ANYMORE". so enough of my chi-chat. HERE IT IS:

My tumblr friends slash baes (I LOVE THEM ALL): 

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My mini QUEENS :

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tyleroakley and troyesivan: I love you guys both and srsly I don’t know what to say to you guys. I AM NOT PREPARED. SORRY

Here’s the part where I obviously have no clue what to do next. Help mee. I don’t knoww.

Well I guess here’s the end. SORRY IF I FORGOT ANYONE. (I’m probably too lazy but..) yeah. I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED.  IM SORRY AGAIN.

(I know there is someone that is disappointed that their URL is not here. So SORRY please don’t get angry at me and someday, you will see your name in a follow forever.) :D

CONGRATS TO MEEEE! Thanks for my followers and my tumblr friends and my mini queens and my QUEENS. Okay I’ll stop now. DONT READ THE NEXT FOLLOWING  SENTENCES : are you still reading? ugh fine im going to write a fic. and please give it love. Message me and i’ll send the link ;3(don’t tell anyone)

guess who’s too lazy to make a proper graphic? not me, that’s for sure. i think my piece is gr8. that simplicity cannot be beat. oya. so………. i reached a new hundred. nbc, tbh bc (((((((2nd hundred))))))). i’m heckin tumblr famouse. B——) y4, so evn though this number isn’t rly big. i wanted to make a fd anyway bc when was the last time i made one? (christmas), but does that rly matter??? ? ? ? i’m actually thinkin of changing my url after i make this lel. 

to all of u ppl, all of u have nice butts, don’t let anyone say otherwise ok. ((ya i’m talkin to my followers too)). thank u for having rly nice blogs. i see all of these clothes and i think to myself, “what a wonderful world w0w if only i had to money to buy all of these”. the blue in the bg of this site represents my salty tears that all of the aquatic animals swim in. i’m too lazy to actually put a secret msg in ur urls…………………… sry. i’ll put one next time (maybe). 

w0w what a useless msg that was!!!!! ha ahahahahaa 

(((not alpha arranged so just ctrl+f that shoot [tbh i’m just basically typing my blogroll s0.. if i’m following you then you’re on it. you don’t even have to ctrl+f])))

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hopefully u guys check ur notifs x0x0x0x0 

Yes, hello, this is me, Agne, and welcome to my long post with lots of urls.

- Why the ef did you do this?

- Well, Satan, I have got 5k+ followers and everyone is doing it so why the ef not

~ So, on this special occasion I’d like to mention some people that made my experience here on tumblr a great one. ~

Special mentions because very special people:

▲ officialedwardkenway - My partner in crime, my worse half, my big mess and most importantly my best friend Al. One day we’ll rule the world, by which I mean, we’ll go to RTX, and we’ll get rich and be happy. Just gotta work on our bank robbing plan.

▲ imaginehamsters - My cute little hamster. You give me joy and you make me happy. Ahh so many memories with the bunnypocalypse, the creepy fanfics and your cutest drawings ever, which I still need to frame… uhuhu. You are so important to me and I love you very much.

▲ purified-blackstar - I don’t even know how we started talking or anything but you’re such a great person and you’ve been so kind to me and helped me so much. I’m so happy to call you my friend, you deserve everything you wish in your life. 

▲ crashdelt4 - I am still speechless of how you managed to drop everything and fly over to me for no reason. You’re an amazing person and a friend. I hope one day I’ll see you run your video game company. You deserve at least that.

Some more special mentions of the people with big hearts and beautiful souls, people who make my life better and I’m happy I had a chance to know them:

undercastielswing ▲ impalallama ▲ madkiingryan ▲ deanharrisackles ▲ ssophoo ▲ darkymoony ▲ lady-lamplight  ▲  youreverydaygentleman  ▲ arnoscrotch ▲ pergisana

Third batch of lovely and very talented lads with quality blogs and cute personalities, a must-follow:

troybakerz ▲ solidsunekus ▲ infamous-second-daughter ▲  mrsattano aydenpearce ▲ insertdiversion ▲ thisgirlgames ▲ dantesbooty  r-aymondkenney ▲  crisssaegrim ▲  notevenwinded  ▲  ranthonyaketon   ▲ haythuum ▲ captainpearce ▲ claralillez ▲ melankolikko ▲  prototypevirus ▲ delsinsfire ▲ jackattillo 

Some more blogs I like and they deserve a shout out:

aidensbutt ▲ bekenstein ▲ jordichins▲ lasergirlfetch ▲ lorddaedra ▲ infamousecondson ▲ theholymother ▲ esteljune ▲ arno-duu-fromage ▲ bannteagans ▲ assassiino  ▲ terribleshotgun   ▲ evescontroller ▲ haythamsama ▲ firstlights ▲ armourofaltair ▲ itsaltair ▲ art-of-swords ▲ hiddenbl4des ▲ renew-leverage ▲ ms-macky ▲ mcavoymad ▲ neko-marble ▲ thevigilantea  yesterdaywastuesday

And finally I am breaking the ff rules to mention the people that I may not follow but I still want to mention because they are great and I recognize each and every one of them:

sokunsan ▲ parti-hardi-arti ▲ the-stray-liger ▲ damienbrenks  ▲ valiar  ▲ vigilantepearce ▲  littleblackwing ▲  rekkusu-chan ▲ damnyouwontmindit  ▲ desmondsleftnostril ▲  navyhuskie ▲ ramdom-letters-for-a-url ▲ e-r-u-d-i-t-o ▲ jeaninnevale and probably much more…

So, that’s it, folks. If you feel cheated and cannot find your name in here, I sincerely apologize. I may have overseen some of you, I’m just human, for now, so please, forgive me. If you ever talked to me, just said hi or liked my idiotic post, just know that I saw everything and I smiled and appreciated anything you’ve done. Thank you.