i was too lazy to put everyone i rly love

trashdrawer  asked:

Houdi tbh which outfit of nazuna is your absolute favourite? /wiggles eyebrows ((I just discovered you and ur fab art i rly hope u dont mind me talking to you about enstars cos i love rabits too))


srsly all of them but I’m gonna rank them so I have an exCUSE TO SHOW OFF MY BABE OK OK.

1. Constellation Choir

2. Valkyrie

3. Tanabata and Faerie anD THE TOY BOX OUTFIT WHICH DIDN’T COME HOME EVEN THO HE WAS A 3* YOU KNO WHO CAME INSTEAD? EVERYONE ELSE and the youth radio outfit because 👌 👌

4. His Judgement outfit and marching band rest in pieces me

5. Everything else which im too lazy to put together cause Nazuna has like 500 billion cards why is he in like every event my son is too active