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Search for Loneliness Part2

Hi people! This is part two to the one shot called Search for Loneliness which is the first one on my blog. I think you can read this even if you haven’t read part1 and still get the plot. Hope you enjoy! 
Huge thanks to the person who requested Part1 and to my friend @interfectorems for the patience and help!

Plot: Harry broke Y/N’s heart. But how come he misses her now?

Warnings: May hint on sex and includes curse words. 

Pic isn’t mine. 

Harry was awoken by soft kisses being peppered across the warm skin of his shoulder and a low groan fell from his mouth. Images of a girl flashed before his eyes and a lazy smile forced its way onto his face, happiness flooding through his entire body.
She was here.
Y/N’s smooth fingertips were drawing over his tattoos and Harry took a deep breath, wanting to fill all his senses with her, all of what was her. His muscles relaxed beneath her soft touches and his heart thumbed heavenly full with emotion in his chest. Y/N had come back to him. Or maybe it was him who’d never left? Or…
Strange. She smelled differently than he remembered. And her hair was softer. In fact, now that he thought about it, the tender touches he was receiving could in no way be coming from his Y/N. Y/N hadn’t ever drawn over his tattoos, but rather along them, touching his bare, uncovered skin rather than the inked one. It was only a faint difference, but the moment he started paying attention to it he couldn’t ignore how drastically wrong this felt.
His heart fell and his stomach knotted. There was still the same distance between Y/N and him as there had been last night. And the day before. The week.
Harry rolled onto his side, successfully disconnecting the foreign girl’s touch from his body without even looking at her and got to his feet so quickly his head felt dizzy.

“Breakfast?” his raspy voice muttered, but he was out of the bedroom before his visitor could complain about his unfriendly manners or give an answer to his question.


“Yes, Gem, I’m aware of that.” Harry rolled his eyes at his sister’s lectures about how he’d missed another family dinner and pressed the phone closer to his ear. “It must have slipped my mind. M'sorry.”

“You seem to have very little room in that mind of yours lately,” his sister remarked, “We’ve all seen what might be occupying all the space. How is you’re new mysterious women doing?”

“S'no mystery,” he replied slowly, “And s'not very serious.”

She hummed, indicating that she clearly didn’t buy it. “When did you decide Y/N was to be out of the picture?”

Harry huffed in annoyance. In moments like this he regretted ever bringing Y/N around to meet his family. If he hadn’t done that they surely wouldn’t be bothering him about her anymore.

“I had my reasons so don’t even start.”

A loud, exaggerated sigh was heard, yet she remained silent. Gemma knew her brother well enough to sense when it was best to leave him alone. She also knew when he’d spill what she wanted to hear without needing to be pushed.

“She was just… not right, you know?” he admitted.

“How so?”

Harry shrugged even though she couldn’t see, his fingers nervously switched on the tap, allowing clear water into the sink. Switch on. Switch off.  

“She couldn’t accept my life”, he explained, careful to choose his words wisely, “There were many little things she did which clearly showed how little she understood about my lifestyle and there were bigger ones. I once asked her to come to dinner with me and Kendall and she said no, not because of my past relations with her, but because she didn’t want to get into a situation where she’d be filmed for a TV show. Or because there would have been too many paps around. Same went for any other time I wanted her to meet someone remotely famous and at some point all the arguments became too much. Is adapting to my standards really too much to ask? She couldn’t just expect me to change for her or to not go out for dinner every week anymore.”

Silence. One that told him enough.

“What?” he asked annoyed.

“Why do you think I didn’t come to that yacht you rented a couple of years ago?” Gemma giggled. “I met Kendall and she’s actually quite lovely, but her presence does mean a massive amount of cameras. So do all of your other friends. I’ve got sort of used to it over the years and still hate it, so I can understand if a girl with even less experience feels frightened or intimidated by it. Just my opinion, little brother. Maybe you could have solved that issue by simply giving her more time.”

Harry swallowed hard and processed his sister’s words. More time? But weren’t five months enough to come out of your shell if that’s what your boyfriend expects of you?

Gemma went on: “If you feel happier now then I’m on your side, promise. But you need to make an effort, too, Harry. If any relationship of yours should ever lead to something, you have to get used to the thought of making an effort yourself and not just expecting the girl to do all the work.”


Harry scrolled through her Twitter page and it was strangely empty. The last phrases she’d tweeted had been posted weeks ago. Not even her favorites showed any activity and though Y/N hadn’t exactly visited her Social Media every day, this absence did appear odd. Harry couldn’t admit it to himself, but he did miss knowing what she was up to. Had she experimented with a new recipe? Had she gone to the cafe in north London she’d always wanted to visit? Had she managed to get a ticket for that gig one of her favorite musicians  had held last week? He wished he could ask her.
Deciding that this wouldn’t provide any of the desired information, Harry closed the app with a sigh and instead found himself opening the familiar app of his photo folder.
This images weren’t new, but familiar and this was something he desired just as much; the familiarity Y/N had posed that was now lost. Harry stared at the photos and was surprised how every detail of her face was still engraved into his memory, just like any face of a person he cared about was. Only that he shouldn’t feel that way for her anymore. He didn’t have the right to.

“What are you doing?”

The voice was soft and sweet and yet Harry flinched at the unexpected noise. Mia… Maya… Harry wasn’t sure which name it was exactly but after she’d stayed over for three days now he figured asking would be rude. He shut off his device and let it drop onto the coffee table before him, doing his best to appear relaxed.

“Nothing really.”

His new girl smiled and stepped closer. She was pretty. Her hair fell in long waves just below her waist and her wide eyes sparkled with a friendly curiosity for what he was up to, thought or felt. A curiosity he’d known when he had himself began developing feelings for Y/N and now was all he needed to recognize the condition the girl before him was in. She would fall for him. Soon.
Harry didn’t tense when she stepped closer and instead held out a hand for her to take, giving it a slight tug so she would swing one leg over his lap and climb up.
Harry granted her a gentle smile when he had her sitting in his lap with both slender arms wrapped around his neck, his own hands pressing against her smooth back. Maybe if she’d fall for him, he would find the perfect companion he had been dreaming for. The one Y/N had failed to be.

“Are you okay?” Mia or Maya asked with a small frown between her perfectly plucked brows.

Harry just nodded, his throat too dry to answer. Her smell invaded his senses and the sweetness of her perfume clouded his mind. His girlfriend, if that’s what she could be called, smiled and leaned in to press a kiss to his mouth, expecting it to be a short one and finding herself surprised when Harry’s tongue pushed between her lips and dipped into her mouth. One of his hands moved up to press against the back of her head, keeping her from moving back while his fingers pulled at her top with a feverish desire to tore it away. A small laugh fell from her soft lips and she disconnected their kiss in order to oblige his wish and undress. Once off, she leaned in and pressed tender kisses to the side of his neck, sighing whenever his hands moved over the uncovered skin of her body.
Harry’s mind raced and his heart thumbed heavily in his chest. His lower stomach ached and his thighs felt pleasantly tingly. Soft hair brushed over his skin, warm lips placed gentle kisses and delicate hands left faint scratches on his back and stomach. He allowed his head to roll back and his eyes to fall shut.


The name left his mouth in a breathy gasp and it took the girl he was holding to shrug off his embrace before he could realize what he’d done wrong. Hurt evident in her eyes she stumbled to her feet and bent down to gather her shirt, covering her naked torso with hastily moving and shaking fingers.
Harry’s stomach turned and he shook his head, an exhausted huff leaving his mouth.
Why wouldn’t Y/N leave him alone? Even when she was miles away she could torment him like no one else ever had.
Words were shouted, but he took it with no fight and instead stayed sat in his chair as the girl before him began to cry and shake, receiving no words from him to mend her heart ache. At some point he thought she’d slapped him, his cheek, previously kissed by the same person now red and stinging. But he wasn’t sure and only noticed his guest had left when the door fell into its lock with a loud noise.


He had to call her. Y/N hadn’t left his mind in days and frankly he was quite sick of it. So many ordinary tasks had been ruined by her messing with his head. Nervousness made his heart skip and press the phone just a little closer to his ear, waiting impatiently for Y/N to pick up.


Her voice. His eyes fell shut when he heard it and his fingers tingled. She sounded calm and collected, not angry at all.
Harry cleared his throat.


Silence. He heard Y/N take in a breath. “I’m sorry, but who’s this?”

A frown took over his forehead until it dawned on him. She couldn’t have known it was Harry, he realized. In order to keep any woman he was involved with from having his private number he had it blocked at all times. He could call and text them without any of them getting his contact info. It was an old habit he’d broken for Y/N and quickly picked back up once he’d broken up with her.

“Harry,” He clarified, a small smile tugging at his lips, “Forgot about me already, have you?”

The silence following his words was nothing like the one earlier. It was as if the connection had died and Harry quickly checked to see if she’d actually ended it or not. Harry’s feet shifted and sighed.

“Y/N?” he pressed on carefully.


It was a whisper, exhausted and empty.
Harry’s heart squeezed painfully tight and he brushed the sweaty palm of his free hand against his jeans. So she really wasn’t angry, but hurt.

“Listen,” he began, “I-”

But he was already interrupted by the dreadful peeping noise and this time once he looked at his phone, her name had vanished.


His head hung low and his hands were balled into fists. Just one knock, that’s all he had to force himself to and from there she would take the lead. Every time Harry had had a problem it was her who knew just how to solve it, why should it be different now? All she’d need is him who came back long enough for her to help.
With a deep breath Harry raised his hand and let his knuckles meet the door twice. A shudder ran down his back and his throat went dry.
What would he do? What would he say?

I know I was an asshole but I flew all the way back to LA for you so please forgive me?
I can’t explain it, but I miss you.
You haven’t left my mind in weeks, no matter how much I tried.

He couldn’t blame her should she shut the door right into his face if he dared bringing any of those weak excuses. His trail of thoughts was interrupted by the wooden door opening just a slim gap, allowing the person inside to see who it was interrupting their evening.
Harry braced himself, his heart skipping in his chest and he looked up eagerly to see the face he’d missed so much more he could have been prepared for.
But it wasn’t Y/N.


Harry cleared his throat as the unexpected sight of Y/N’s friend threw him off guard. She narrowed her eyes once she realized it was in fact him and she opened the door wider, keeping hold of it to block him from entering.

“I knew you’d miss her,” she spoke, her voice nothing but unkind and empty of sympathy, “She is too good for you and I just knew you’d end up at her door once you realized that no girl you’d try replacing her with would compare.”

“Is she here?” Harry asked, ignoring the sting in his chest caused by her harsh words.
They were true in every way but his pride wasn’t going to just let him admit that.

“Yes,” Mary replied.

He paused, expecting her to say something more but she just continued to stare at him with venomous eyes.

“I need to see her,” he elaborated and took a step forward.

The gap quickly narrowed, but to his surprise Mary nodded. “The moment she calls for me to drag you back outside, I will.”

Harry nodded and pushed past Mary, entering the familiar space. He could still feel her enraged gaze on his back as his own eyes scanned the living room in search for his ex girlfriend, but she was no where.

“She’s in the bedroom.”

He uttered a thanks to the woman eyeing him and with weak knees he walked down the familiar hall and to the closed door or her bedroom, his heavy heart dropping to his stomach. He’d stood here so many times before.
Sometimes with flowers in his hands to surprise her just because she was as lovely as they were. On other days, mainly morning, he would take a moment to prepare for seeing her barely dressed and in her bed, his fingers tightening around the cups of coffee or the bag of breakfast he had gone to pick up.
Of course he also recalled the many nights where he’d stood right here, with her in his arms or hoisted up and pressed against the wood.
Never before had he stood here with fear rushing through his veins. It’d been him who’d rejected her, but he couldn’t imagine handling the situation if their roles were reversed. He was certain he wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Then he heard it. At first only faintly, then clear and loud enough for his heart to break.

Whimpers. Cries. Sobs.

Her face when it had finally dawned on her that he was leaving her had been a picture he’d replayed in his head over the past weeks.
His ears still rang with her cries and his eyes burned at the memory of her soft lips parting to beg him to stay with her.
And still, he hadn’t realized just how much he’d harmed her until now that he could hear her heartbreak through the thick wood of her door.
His hands pushed down the handle before he had thought twice about it and he rushed into the room. He could have sworn his soul crumbled at the sight of Y/N curled up in her bed, a thin blanked shielding her shivering body from the cold while she cried and sobbed into her pillow. Her arms were wrapped around the fluffy material and her head buried into it so Harry couldn’t see her face. Harry wasn’t sure if she’d even noticed his presence or not but he didn’t care.
Before Y/N could protest or really understand what was going on, he’d discarded his shoes and climbed up behind her. Both of his arms found their familiar hold around her waist and he felt tears shoot to his eyes when he finally buried his head into her neck, breathing in her comforting scent. His legs pushed hers apart before intertwining with them and so Y/N soon was cuddled into and against Harry, closer and tighter than she’d ever been before.

“I’m so sorry,” Harry breathed against her skin, “I love you.”

Not for a moment did he hope she might have missed the confession that had slipped his lips before he could stop it. Though Harry hadn’t thought about it before, hadn’t come to any conclusion and sure as hell hadn’t spoken to anyone about it, he realized it was true. He did love Y/N and any reason he’d dug up to break up with her had been for the sole purpose of stopping him from falling deeper.
But he loved her. And this time he wouldn’t leave.

“Forgive me,” he continued, his own voice breaking as his eyes stung with tears.

Y/N’s body was stiff aside form the occasional shakes by her crying and she did nothing to return his embrace. But she didn’t push him away either and this allowed him to hope.
His lips found her neck and he sobbed when happiness flooded his body, his skin tingling with the relief of finally having her close enough to touch again.

“This time will be different,” he promised against her before pressing another tender kiss to her skin, “I promise you, Y/N.”

And so they lay, on the very bed Harry had broken her heart on all those weeks ago. He thought it fitting that it was here he doing his best to mend it again.
But although he held her, breathed her in and murmured promises of how much he regretted it all, Harry continued to fail to understand just how deep his betrayal had cut and so he didn’t know that all Y/N’s head was screaming for was for him to disappear, even if her arms were too weak to push him off and her voice too thin to send him away.


When Harry awoke he was alone.
His hands didn’t need to pat the mattress in search for her, his entire body could feel her absence without having opened his eyes to confirm it. He felt cold.
He crawled out of bed with a groan and stretched his limps before walking gingerly to the closed door, down the hall and into the kitchen. His hands clenched and his heart skipped widely in his chest, nervous of what was going to happen next.
Y/N was standing with her back to him when he entered the small space of her kitchen and for a moment Harry considered sneaking up on her and wrapping her into an embrace, just like he’d done many times before. She turned around to face him before he got the chance.
Y/N’s eyes met his and he froze. Her gaze wasn’t anything like the loving and warm one he’d expected to receive. Instead, her eyes were bloodshot and swollen, proving just how much she’d cried last night, if not many more nights before that.
Her lips were bitten and dry, her hair appeared to be mat and when she raised her mug to her lips to drink he noticed how her hand was shaking.

“Did you sleep okay?”

It was a stupid question, he knew that even before he’d asked it, but he couldn’t think of anything else he could say. The girl before him looked nothing like the Y/N he knew.

“Can’t say I did.”

Not even her voice sounded the same, he noticed with a sinking heart.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, unsure to which one of his many mistakes the apology applied for.

“Breakfast is in the fridge,” Y/N spoke without reacting to his words.

They ate in silence, Harry sitting on the table and Y/N leaning against the counter. He watched her hand trembling slightly whenever she raise the spoon full of cereal to her mouth and he needed to focus on his own fingers to keep them from shaking too.
Once they had both finished Y/N turned to wash her bowl clean, but flinched away from the water when Harry stepped close to do the same.

“Y/N,” he sighed, set down the ceramic he was holding, before leaning against the counter himself. “Talk to me.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Y/N answered quietly, “Other than  that I think you should leave.”

Her eyes refused to meet his and instead focused onto the floor. A frown took over his face.

“Leave?” He shook his head.


“But Y/N,” he protested, “we made up. Last night when I climbed into your bed… we made up, didn’t we? Said I was sorry and promised to be different now…We made up.”

Though he’d wished to have her look him in the eyes again, the moment she did, he regretted it. Her orbs were cold and empty of any kindness.

“Because you climbed into my bed as I was crying?” The raw emotion in her voice knocked the breath right out of him. “You think that’s all it took?”

“I-” Harry began, but was interrupted.

“Surely you must know that it was you who’d made me cry last night. It’s been you every night for the past weeks.”

He swallowed hard and his stomach was in knots as he watched her turn around and exit the kitchen. Though he was worried about what would happen next, he followed her into the living room, this time aware of her resentment towards him and so he didn’t try and sit close to her again once she lowered herself onto the couch. Harry took a seat on one of her chairs and watched her warily, unsure if she wanted him to speak or had something to say herself. After a moment of silence he took a breath.

“I swear to you,” he began, “that me breaking up with you was in no way your fault. I know I made you feel as though it was, but it wasn’t. All you did was caring for me so much more than I’d imagined someone could and I fucked it all up simply because I didn’t know how to deal with that.”

“I didn’t think somebody caring for you would pose such a problem to you.”

“It didn’t,” Harry quickly argued, “Not a problem, but something that scared me. I didn’t want you to realize that I didn’t deserve you.”

Y/N laughed. “That’s bullshit. You wished that was why you broke up with me but we both know it isn’t.”

Harry fell silent. The girl before him shook her head and let her gaze wonder to the window, appearing deep in thought for a moment.

“I have spent every minute of every day since you abandoned me with ways of making sense of it. Do you realize that? While you were fucking her, I was sitting here wondering what I’d done to be thrown to the side like a plaything you decided you didn’t want anymore.”

“That’s not true,” Harry protested before he could stop himself, “I saw you with that man at the shops. I did nothing with anyone until I saw those pictures!”

“Oh, I’ve seen those photos, too,” Y/N spoke, her voice raising, “And you, of all people, should know that the media can make anything into a story! It was a guy who’d accidentally bumped into me and asked if I was alright. Nothing more.”


“And what about you?” she continued “Did you also just happen to fall into that woman’s arms and did your mouths meet completely by chance? Did she stumble into your bed and you just coincidentally happened to be naked?”


“Why? Don’t you want to think about her?”

“No,” he murmured, his eyes suddenly wet with tears.

Y/N swallowed hard and though it wasn’t easy for her to see the man she loved tormented, she had to admit that with every word she spoke, another weight was lifted off her chest.

“I’m not the first,” Y/N began, her tone gentler, “That’s what saddens me, too, though it saddens me more for you than it does for me. Tell me, what is the girl’s name? The one you left behind now so you could come to me.”

Harry froze. He looked at Y/N and if he wasn’t mistaken he recognized a hint of pity in her eyes. Not pity for herself, but for him.

“Do you not know? It’s Moira.”

Moira. Harry’s mind raced. Not Mia. Or Maya. Moira.

“I saw it in every picture that was posted online. She was like me, looked at you just the same. Are you aware that you broke her heart just the same you have broken mine?”

No, Harry thought, he couldn’t have.

“And what is the girl’s name you left before you first met me? And the girl before that and the girl before that? You have left so many people in the past few years there is a trail of heartbreak behind you and to this day you have remained completely unaware of it.”

Y/N’s cheeks were wet but her voice didn’t tremble.

“It isn’t the same,” Harry spoke, his voice hoarse, “you’re the only one I want, Y/N. We laster five months, that’s worth so much more than any fling I might have had before you.”

He closed his eyes and let his head fall into his palms.

“They meant nothing,” he swore, “and Moira,” he swallowed hard, “was only a distraction from you.”

“You said I wasn’t what you wanted,”  Y/N continued, “I assume you told all of them the same. You’ve let so many people down all because you selfishly chase a romanticized picture of a relationship you have in your head.”

“I’ll change,” Harry weeped against his palms, “From now on it’ll be only you. I don’t need any imagination of a relationship. I want what was real. Want it with you.”

He removed his palms form his face and got to his feet. He noticed her body tense when he neared but she didn’t move away, not even when he dropped to his knees before her.

“I’m in love with you.”

She shook her head. “Don’t,” she whispered and this time she allowed him to see her tears fall from her eyes, “don’t say that only because you’re scared.”

“I’m not,” Harry whispered, “It’s the truth, that’s why.”

Y/N didn’t flinch when he reached for her hands and his heart squeezed when she didn’t pull away.

“I am scared,” he continued, “How couldn’t I be? Your rejection would break my heart and I don’t know how I’d live with the knowledge that it is my fault that I lost you? But I’m not scared of being alone anymore, not enough to throw myself into random relationships like you were right, I have done all this time. I want you or nothing at all, Y/N. I love you.”

He watched her sob and squeezed her fingers with his gently, appreciating any skin touched by her warm tips. This small touches, the reluctant squeeze and tiny movements, meant so much more than the physical contact he’d graved and taken last night. He’d held her, kissed her, breathed her in. But this was voluntarily. She was holding his hands because she wanted to.
He could have rejoiced.  
When her body fell forward and into his open arms, he didn’t know for sure if it was because she wanted it or just her body giving out, finally surrendering to the weight of her emotions.
He cried out when her arms settled around his neck and his heart broke when he felt her kiss his neck. After all this time, he could breathe again.

“Harry,” she whimpered.

“I’ll fix this,” he promised, “Everything. I’ll call and apologize to every woman I hurt in the past. You are right, always are, and I should apologize to them for my selfish actions. But you and I are different, Y/N. We’re real and I won’t let my stupid imagination ruin anything again. I don’t want the classic perfect. I want our perfect.”

She sobbed and held onto him tighter. Harry fell back to sit on the floor and a relieved laugh tumbled from his mouth when she followed to sit in his lap, both legs now wrapped around his waist.

“I love you,” he whispered against the shell of her ear.

He groaned when her small hands pulled at the strands of hair at the back of his neck, but obeyed and moved his head back so his eyes could meet hers. Her beautiful orbs were full of the loving care he’d missed so much and he felt another wave of tears rush to his own eyes.
For a moment she just looked at him, the man she’d given her heart to, who’d then broken it and now promised to mend it again. Harry.

“It’ll take time,” she murmured shyly and he nodded without hesitating, “but I think we’ve got enough of it.”

A smile danced on his mouth and his eyes closed when her soft lips met his in a tender kiss. He had her back, he thought, his heart full of joy and he wouldn’t ever be reckless enough to let her go again.

Thank you for reading this!! Hope you liked it. 
Rest of what I wrote can be found here: 

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 11

A/N: I’m sorry I took so long to upload this! This chapter is pretty bittersweet and kind of a filler, but it gave me some closure lol. Enjoy!

Previous Chapter II Next Chapter

You carried the turtle into the living room, putting it inside the tank. It quickly went into the water, waddling around. You grinned at how cute it was being. Alexander walked into the living room, rolling his eyes.

You bought the stupid turtle. It was still alive, after all those weeks of being in that small cage. No one bought it, thankfully, so you could bring it home. It was a red-eared slider, one of the most common ones you could buy.

You hoped that John, where ever he was, was happy.

“Y/N, please don’t tell me you got that stupid turtle,” Alexander sighed. You frowned, holding up the reptile in your hand.

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Here’s that fic I wrote that I don’t like.  It’s untitled, but it’s inspired by the song Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks.

Even though the sun hasn’t quite reached halfway to its zenith, the day is already hot enough that Dean is eyeing the pond on the far side of the park with serious consideration.  The fact that it’s brown and muddy, and the surrounding land is torn up by ducks and geese and stinks of bird shit is only slightly off putting.  Which means he’s either suffering from heat stroke, because gross, or it’s time to head over to the lemonade stand for some cold liquid refreshment.

“Hey, babe?”  He calls over his shoulder.


“I’m going to get a lemonade.  Want one?”

“Get me one with raspberries?”

Dean smiles.  “You bet.  Back in a few.”

Before he leaves the shade under the awning, he presses a kiss to a warm cheek.  He gets a distracted smile in response, but doesn’t stick around for more.  He’s caught in the siren song coming from the stand at the other end of the Farmer’s Market that sells fresh squeezed lemonade.  His mouth is already watering at the thought.

It’s even hotter outside the shade, and he can feel the sun’s heat sinking into his shoulders and arms, making him glad he remembered sunscreen this week.  He’ll probably still end up with a slew of new freckles, though.  At least there’s a slight breeze cooling his skin where it’s bared by his shorts and tank top.  He plucks at his shirt, encouraging a little air circulation under the sweat-damp material.  

The line at the lemonade stand isn’t too long, at least.  He steps up behind the others waiting their turn, and hums under his breath, letting his mind wander over the latest notes he’d received from his editor.  It’s a little frustrating that he’s going to have to cut a scene he’d been planning for so long, but also a relief that Charlie agrees with his decision.  As usual he’d gotten caught up in writer’s block due to being stubborn about the direction of the story, but after talking it out with her, his mind is already racing ahead to the next five scenes.

He’s almost to the front of the line when a voice he hasn’t heard in years breaks him from his musings.


“Lisa?”  Dean grins as he turns to greet her.  “Holy shit, hi!”

It’s as natural as breathing to accept the hug she offers him with outstretched arms.  Although there’s the slightest twinge of oddness when he realizes she’s not quite as tiny as he remembers her to be.

The hug is tight, but short and she steps back to look up at him, her dark eyes alight with happiness.  “Wow.  Dean Winchester.  I wasn’t sure sure it was you at first.  How long has it been?”

He purses his lips as he digs through old memories.  The last one he can vaguely recall is a lazy Sunday spent fishing on a summer day just like this one.  “Man… I think it was the summer after graduation?  So seventeen… eighteen years?”

Lisa rolls her eyes with a groan.  “Oh god, has it really been that long?  Now I feel old.”

He chuckles at her distress.  “Well if it makes you feel better, you look great.”

And she does.  A quick glance reveals that she’s still fit and trim.  Her hair is still glossy and thick, and her skin smooth.  Only the faint laugh lines around her eyes and the sharper edge of her cheekbones show her age at all.  When he was a kid, his eyes would have lingered on her body or her mouth, but while he still finds her beautiful, she no longer makes his heart race the way it did when he was in high school.

Her cheeks flush under the compliment.  “Well thank you.  You’re looking good too.”  She circles her fingers in the direction of his eyes.  “The glasses are cute.”

Striking a dignified pose, he reaches up and pushes them up higher on the bridge of his nose.  “I’ve been told they make me look distinguished.”

Lisa laughs, light and melodious.  “I guess that’s better than ‘nerdy’.”

He waves a dismissive hand.  “I’d take that as a compliment these days.”

She blinks at him, and he can tell she’s surprised.  But before she can respond, the last person in line ahead of him leaves with their lemonade, and the young man running the stand calls for the next customer.

“You want something?” Dean asks Lisa, hooking a thumb towards the menu hanging next to the stall.  She nods, then immediately tries to talk him out of paying, but he won’t hear it.  “It’s just a lemonade, Lis’.”  The old nickname rolls of his tongue.  “It’s not like I’m buying a fancy dinner.”

After a moment she relents, and Dean orders two large lemonades and a large raspberry lemonade.  When Lisa lifts a questioning brow at the third order, he grins.  “That one is for the ol’ ball and chain.”

Her eyebrows go up.  “You’re married?”

“Yeah, going on ten years now.”  He accepts the first drink from the kid making them, and passes it over to Lisa.  She looks so flabbergasted that he laughs.  “What?  Didn’t think anyone would want me?”

She accepts the cup, but gives him a stern look.  “It’s not that.  I’m just surprised you finally settled down.”

With a wince and a nod, he accepts her explanation.  “Fair point.”  He accepts the other two drinks, and steps away from the stand to give the next customer room to order.  “Want to meet ‘em?  We have a booth over that way-” he gestures with his own drink, “-selling honey.”

She smiles brightly.  “I’d love to.”

He tilts his head in a motion to follow him and sets off across the market, weaving through the empty spots in the crowds.  Despite the heat, he’s not in a hurry.  The ice in his lemonade chills it enough that he’s worried about brain freeze if he sucks it down too fast, and now he’s able to actually enjoy the day.  As well as the company.

“So you sell honey now?” Lisa asks in between sips of her own drink.

“Yeah, we have a bunch of hives.  Although that’s just fun money.  I pay the bills with my books.”

Lisa almost misses a step, and she looks up at him with wide eyes.  “Your books?  Are you saying you’re a writer?”

“Published and everything.”  Okay, so he may be bragging a little bit, but he is kinda famous now.  

“What do you write?”

“Horror mostly.”  He grins down at her.  “It’s cathartic to turn all the noise in my head into bloody death and destruction on the pages.”

She pales slightly.  “Really?”

“Most of my stories have a happy ending.”  Not his first few books.  It took finding his his own happy ending - and beyond - to learn how to write them for his characters.  

“Huh.  Maybe I’ll have to check them out.”

He can tell from her tone that she’s not really interested.  It’s a little bit of a bummer, but he knows the horror genre isn’t for everyone.  Especially for someone as optimistic as Lisa.  So he decides to change the subject.  “What about you?  What’s been going on in your life and what brings you back to Lawrence?”

She visibly brightens.  “I’m moving back here to be closer to my family.  Plus I’m opening a yoga studio.”

“Oh yeah?  That’s pretty awesome.”  The crowds part and he can see the honey stand not too far away.  There’s a young couple sorting through the jars, pointing out different flavors to each other as they try to decide which one they want.  Dean always suggests the blackberry.  It’s his favorite.

“I’m excited for it,” she says.  Then her voice turns shy.  “I also… have a son.”

That grabs Dean’s attention, and he turns his head so he can focus on her again.  “Wow, really?  Tell me about him.”

“His name is Ben, and he’s thirteen.”  Lisa goes on to tell him about how Ben is a little flirt with the girls, and loves classic rock.  She laughs and points out how it’s funny that her son is turning out so much like the bad boy type that she’s always been into.  “His dad’s not around,” she says with a shrug and a grin, “So apparently I’m the bad influence.”

Dean scoffs.  “Sounds to me like you’re the best influence.”

She laughs.  “Thanks, I guess.”

They’re stopped just outside the stand now, and the couple picking through the honey has made their decision and are walking away with their purchase.  Dean leads Lisa into the empty space they leave behind.  He meets curious blue eyes over the table still half full of honey jars.  Ten years, and those eyes still make his pulse race as if he’s looking at his crush instead of his spouse.  “Hey, babe, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

With a nod, Castiel stashes the money he just made in the cash box and gently closes the lid.  As if it’s a delicate piece of crystal and not a clunky metal box.  Dean’s eyes follow the movements of his long, delicate fingers before turning to Lisa to gauge her reaction to his husband.  

She looks slightly confused, her smile not quite as full as it was before, and he bites his bottom lip to suppress a grin.  It used to be hard to come out to people.  But now, he enjoys the shock factor.  It’s almost as good as hearing fans talk about how scared shitless they are when they read his books.  And Lisa hadn’t been a part of his life for several years by the time he came to terms with his bisexuality, so she had no clue about the secret he’d been keeping from the world when they were in high school.

Castiel comes around the table and stands next to Dean.  He accepts the raspberry lemonade Dean hands him with a grateful smile, and then turns his attention to Lisa.  “Hello.”

“Lisa, this is my husband Castiel.”  Dean snakes an arm around Castiel’s waist and pulls him close.  The back of his shirt is even more damp than Dean’s despite the fact that he’s stayed in the shade the whole time they’ve been at the Market.  “Cas, this is Lisa.  We were a thing way back in highschool.”

Lisa looks back and forth between them for a moment, disbelief clear in her eyes.  But it fades quickly when she realizes Dean is serious.  “Hello, Cas.  It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s good to meet you as well,” Castiel says, all formality, because heaven forbid he shed his private schooled, silver-spoon-in-the-mouth, upbringing.  Not that Dean minds.  He thinks it’s sexy.  “Dean has talked about you, and I’m happy to put a face with the name.”

“Oh no!” Lisa laughs.  “That doesn’t sound good.”

Castiel’s smile is gentle, but his eyes shine with good humor.  “I’ve only heard good things, I promise.”

Lisa laughs again and expresses her disbelief, but Castiel is insistent.  Eventually their conversation turns to the honey sold at the stand, and Dean stands back and watches them interact while sipping his lemonade.  

It’s odd, seeing his past and his present standing side by side, talking about the pollination habits of bees.  Lisa had been his everything when they were kids.  Eighteen had seemed so grown up at the time, but looking back on it now from the comfort of his mid-thirties, he can only shake his head at how young they’d truly been.  It’s no wonder their relationship hadn’t worked out.  Despite wanting the apple pie dream of a marriage, kids, and little house with the white picket fence, Dean had the heart of a wanderer and hesitated to promise to plant roots.  Not to mention the fact that he still had a lot of growing up to do, although he hadn’t realized it at the time.  Lisa was ready to settle down, and kept turning Dean down when he asked her to hop in the car and go adventuring with him.  When they both realized that things between them weren’t going to go past a promise ring, they’d drifted apart.  

Dean had prayed every night for a long time that she’d change her mind.  But when he came back to Lawrence after a year on the road, he’d learned that she’d moved away.  With no way to find her he’d finally given up hope that they’d get back together and give life together a go.  And he’d gone back out on the road, looking for the happiness he longed for.

Eight years, thousands more miles on the Impala, and a couple published books later, Dean met Castiel.  He’d been out trolling for a one night stand, but he’d been hooked by Castiel’s dark messy hair, passionate blue eyes instead.  And he discovered a man to love under the thick layer of sexy.  One night turned into two, which turned into a week, and somehow it spread into the last ten years.  And hopefully their whole lives to come.

They had the marriage part of Dean’s childhood dreams, but instead of a house in a nice neighborhood they had a little farmhouse with a small orchard on the edge of town Dean had grown up in.  They weren’t sure yet if they wanted to expand their family past their siblings and nieces and nephews, but it wasn’t off the table yet.  In the meantime Dean had his books, Castiel had his bees, and most of all, they had each other.  Maybe it wasn’t “apple pie”, but since pecan is his favorite anyway, it worked out perfectly.

At eighteen he hadn’t known this kind of happiness could exist.

He wonders if he could have found it with Lisa.  Perhaps.  He’d definitely loved her.  But with almost two decades between their time together and now, he certainly can’t imagine what his life would have been like if he’d gotten what he’d prayed for back then.  He doesn’t even want to try.

“Well, I’d better get out of here,” Lisa says.  “It’s almost time for me to pick Ben up from baseball practice.”

Dean shakes away his thoughts, and focuses on her.  “You should bring him around some time.  I’d love to meet him.”

“I’d like that.”  And she looks like she genuinely means it.  Which is great.  Dean would love to rekindle their friendship.

Castiel and Lisa exchange goodbyes, and then Castiel leans into Dean’s side while they both watch her disappear into the crowd.  

“She seems very nice,” Castiel murmurs.

“Yeah, she’s cool.”

He feels Castiel’s eyes on the side of his face.  “Just cool?  Wasn’t she the girl you prayed to God you’d get to keep forever?”

Dean chuckles and turns to meet Castiel’s eyes.  His husband’s lips are just barely turned up at the corner, a sure tell that he’s teasing.  “I can’t believe you remember that.  We were both wasted when I told you about her.”

“You were wasted,” Castiel counters.  “My tolerance for alcohol is higher than yours.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t brag.”  Dean leans in and presses a kiss to Castiel’s lips.  

When they pull apart, Dean sighs.  He’s not sure it’s possible for him to ever get tired of Castiel’s kisses.

“I’m pretty thankfully actually,” Dean murmurs.  He traces shapes against Castiel’s chest through the soft fabric of his t-shirt.  His finger brushes over the little golden cross hidden under the shirt’s collar.  Castiel has rarely taken it off since Dean gave it to him on their five year anniversary.  Dean’s firmly settled into being an atheist, but Castiel still has his faith, yet it’s not something that’s ever come between them.  “For not getting an answer to that prayer.”

“Hmm… yes, I’m rather grateful to Him for that myself.”  Castiel pecks him on the lips again, and then pulls away.  His fingers curl in the hem of Dean’s shirt, and he pulls him around the table and back under the shade of their booth.  

They don’t have more than a minute to sip at their drinks together before another customer comes up to the stand.  Castiel sets his lemonade aside so that he can assist them, and Dean watches him fondly.

His relationship with God had always been tenuous, even before he decided he didn’t believe at all.  But right then and there, he sends up a prayer of thanks for all the good things in his life.  You know, just in case someone is listening.  He may not have gotten what he asked for, not exactly.  But he wouldn’t trade what he has now for anything else in the world.

So.. Got a new HC for an AU that starts in high school and carries on... ARE YOU EVEN STILL READING?!


Bruce - Still super wealthy, we meet him as an adult, but flash back to who he was in high school. His parents are not dead but are incredibly well-respected debutants, good samaritans but never are around. He gets placed in a special monitored ‘study hall’ where the kids that are more pre-disposed to sensitivities are given a chance to ‘talk’. He never does and shares this one period a week with H, J and B. Kind of nerdy about mechanical things and science but no one gives him any shit. Harvey is his best friend and since the accident that has totally changed him, he tries even harder to engage him in things. They have been friends since childhood, in college and afterward. Sort of has shifted his lack of attention from his parents onto paying too much attention to everything else. Has noticed the Joker throughout school but never had a chance to ever really talk to him– kid had colored hair and liked to try and make shitty jokes at Harvey. Currently, as his parents have passed away, Bruce in his early 30’s has decided to take some of his asinine wealth and open a bar/club. It really is to stave off boredom and help Harvey socialize.
Harvey - Used to be easily one of the most attractive, ambiguously sexual people in school before boy scouting accident that left him scalded on the side of his face, neck and shoulder and part of his arm. Camping with the boy scouts, a cauldron of boiling water spilled and he was in the path of it. No time to wake him up– several months of skin grafts and he comes back totally jaded and miserable (this actually happened to a girl I went to HS with) He is also in the monitored study hall because of his new sensitivity. He is pretty well off, enough so that his parents socialize with the Waynes a bunch. He used to be vocal on the debate team, went in with Bruce in wrestling along with Bane– though Harvey didn’t get actually partake as his injuries essentially voided any chance. Bruce stuck with it for a season but focused more on body/core sculpting, etc. Currently, Harvey is a well-known district attorney but rarely sees the courtroom, doing all of his work behind the scenes and he prefers it that way.  He’d noticed Bane every so often in school, hanging out with the kid with the shitty jokes– but he always had his head buried in a book. Once he noticed Bane reading the Iliad by Homer and it’s stuck with him.
Joker - IS the name he has gone by since he was a kid– doesn’t remember his real name or chooses to be evasive about it. Is quite smart and has a wise-cracking problem. He has been in foster care since early childhood and has been shuffled between homes until getting settled in one of the ‘last resort’ group homes. This is where he met Bane and the two became begrudging friends until best friends. Even when the opportunity rose to get out of the group home, they chose to stay together, rather than separated. Naturally, he is placed in this miserable study hall, but for 5 periods a week instead of just the one that Bruce and Harvey have to deal with.  Joker cannot keep a job for the life of him, mostly because he cannot stop his mouth and he has a low threshold for idiocy unless it is his own. As adults, he lives with Bane who supports them both and does so out of habit and knowing the Joker well enough to not want to see him back down at the bottom of the barrel. The Joker has had an intrigue with Bruce Wayne since forever but has a weird, self-manifested animosity over him. He wants to believe that Bruce is an ass but never has really had a chance to speak with him. He knows that he’ll be reminded of the unpleasantries of his own life, should he really take the time to find out that Bruce isn’t the bad guy he’s manifested him to be. And as there is no Batman in this universe, this is how the Joker creates his nemesis, in a way.
Bane - This tall drink of water has also been shuffled through several orphanages and foster situations; however he suffered quite a bit of abuse at the hands of surrogate parents, et al. His mother passed away when he was six and he was alone with her for several weeks before he was taken in by the state– but it wasn’t necessarily for the better. He suffered some facial injuries, hence the scars and was finally able to defend himself against a foster mother who was not the kindest. Bane was not placed in any further homes, sort of left to the group home and found some solace in the lanky runt (By comparison) who tried for months to make him laugh and finally did. He loves to read and does not like to talk that often, as when he was small, nobody listened and now that he is bigger and louder, it draws too much attention to him. He would read so vigorously in school that people wouldn’t see his face, just the cover of the book he was holding in front of it. He inhales books, reads them in the shower, reads them by flashlight to be considerate to his roommate– as an adult, he has his own room so that isn’t an issue. Both he and the Joker have a touch of codependency. He started wrestling in school to take the edge off and has since started doing it on a sub-professional level, through a local gym and does wear a mask for these events as during the day he has taken his love for reading (and not speaking) into teaching children ASL. Perhaps, he’d had some kind of an attraction to Harvey Dent, pre and post accident. Harvey was very open with teasing people and being jovial and though Bane was never on the receiving end of the pre-injured Harvey’s attention, he never stopped finding the other guy intriguing.

Presently– the Joker has been keeping tabs on his begrudged crush or whatever he is, via whatever nonsense news comes out about the guy. Bane has been working pleasantly at his job, enjoying to the best of his ability the monotony of his life. Harvey is doing the same, still miserable, still yearning to be the person he was before his accident but he does enjoy his job a lot. Bruce is living the rich guy lazy life, wake up late, go to the gym in the mansion, have the tiniest breakfast, go out to lunch, take a nap, buy some stuff, go out to dinner, go out for drinks, do it all over and it’s boring. And he hates it, but it’s an expected routine. So opening up a bar, something that he has total control over, design, atmosphere etc, is something that is giving him something to do besides allowing him to force Harvey to be more social.
And naturally, the Joker knows that BRUCE WAYNE is opening this club because it’s all over the local news and THEY. ARE. GOING. TO. GO.
And that is where I’m gonna start!
SO THIS IS HAPPENING. OKAY? Also, a lot of credit is due to @gayforbatjokes for putting up with this shit

You paint?

A/N: Hi! This is my first imagine. It’s a Danisnotonfire imagine where the reader is actually really good at painting and neither Dan or Phil knew, till one day Dan finds you painting and thinks it’s amazing. It’s really long I’m sorry!

Pairing- Dan and reader

Female pronouns

Warnings- None (well, I suck at proofreading :))


The boys had known you about as long as they knew eachother, and you were a good balance to their spontaneous-ness. So when Dan and Phil move to London they take you with them without hesitation. You were long use to Dan yelling in triumph when he beats Phil at Mario Cart or whatever new video game. And you’d learned to buy extra cereal to hide in your room for when Phil is on the prowl. You were comfortable with their antics and appreciated the talents that contributed to the atmosphere in your life. 

Dan’s talent being piano playing with the melodies drifting throughout the entire house, and Phil sometimes singing at the top of his lungs in the shower. You had been gifted with your own abilities as well, but your favorite was painting. The way the paint brushed the canvases, the way various colors blended together so vibrantly and how anything could come from nothing were lessons that got you through important moments in your life and taught you anything was possible.

Sadly, as you finished college with the major your parents told you you would be the best off with and got your steady job, your passion for painting faded like an old work. You still did art, but it was drawing and sketches on printer paper and nothing like the wonders you could create with a brush and some paint. You badly missed painting but your supplies were somewhere in your parents houses, and it was such a long drive for something that may have been thrown away years ago.

It was thanks to your mother you were reunited with your precious talent. She’d come across your painting set up from high school and decided to send you a little care package of your table easel, oil paints, your best brushes and everything you would need to kick start the inspiration again. Painting was your true passion, and she knew nothing made you happier.

The package came while Dan and Phil were at a Youtube convention. So they weren’t there to hear your squeals of excitement that rang through the apartment when you were reunited with your supplies. You threw on you old white button up shirt and pulled on your paint splattered blue jeans that were both in the bottom of your dresser and painted up three painting before the day was over. It felt so good to have the brush back in your hands.

Dan’s PoV

(Y/N) had been in a permanent state of euphoria ever since Phil and I had gotten back from the convention. There was an extra bounce in her step and she would always smile at random times. She seemed the same other than that, except for the occasional moment when she comes to breakfast in the morning looking sleepy because she apparently couldn’t sleep. I occasionally indulged myself in trying to figure out what made her so happy. But no matter how often I caught her with a sudden smile at something in her head or found myself staring at a point in the distance for so long Phil or (Y/N) thought I was having an existential crisis, I couldn’t figure out the extra look of excitement she got in her eyes when something of beauty crossed her eyes. Or why she would sometimes stay in her rooms for hours at a time in silence. As always, (Y/N) was the enigma that made life interesting.

The first big clue must’ve come a year before we’d even moved into the London apartment, when the three of us had volunteered for a park beautification project. (Y/N)’s eyes had lit up when she’d gotten the email that she’d been asked to help paint the new mural that the city was putting on the cinder block tunnel at the edge of the park. I thought it was just because she’d gotten out of redoing the flower garden unlike Phil and I. And I’d shrugged it off when she had shown up in a paint splattered white button shirt and blue jeans of matching style, I guess I figured she’d painted a house or something before. And I was so flustered when at lunch her supervisor came up to me at the barbeque and told me: “Your girlfriend was such a help with the mural, she’s very talented.” I was too busy trying to quickly explain she wasn’t my girlfriend to comprehend the part of her being more than good at smearing paint on stone and having a real gift at bringing out potential in more than just people.

The second one came a week after the convention, when (Y/N) had been 20 minutes late to grab a slice of her favorite pizza and when she finally came out, her hands were far from the normal (Y/S) color. They were instead splattered with various colors of the rainbow. “Oh my god, (Y/N)! What did you do to your hands?” Phil asked.

“Huh?” She asked confused. She looked down at her hands and her cheeks turn a rosy color. “Oh shoot!” She quickly rush to the kitchen to scrub her hands, coming back five minutes later with a red glow on her face that somehow made her look even more pretty than ever. Phil and I look at each other but don’t say anything. I continue eating my pizza and study the blue streak in (Y/N)’s (y/h/c) hair, not connecting the dots until another week later.

Your POV

You ran out of canvases yesterday when you finished your latest peice. It was a painting of the sunset over the mountains, one of your favorites so far. You’d been painting up a storm whenever you had free time or couldn’t sleep, and as a result your room was filled with various masterpieces ranging from the night sky to the galaxy. What on earth am I going to do with all of these? You think pulling on a raincoat to brace London’s glaring rain. Normally you could just hang them on your wall, but the space was already occupied by various posters and photos. I could give them to relatives, but I don’t think I have enough family members in my entire family tree. You chuckle and quickly run a brush through your hair as you continue to get ready. When you were ready you walked out of your room and straight into Dan. “Woah,” Dan exclaimed as you two collided. The camcorder tumbled out of his hand and you quickly caught it.

“Centuries old. Don’t want to break that,” You hand the camera back to him while quoting the Sherlock episode the three of you watched last night. Dan smiles in relief of his camera being saved and you take in the chocolate brown of his eyes. How lucky you were to see the most beautiful wonder of the world everyday. To be surrounded by masterpieces and have the privilege to make one smile each day.

“Thanks, (Y/N). Phil would kick my butt if I broke another camera,” Dan joked. 

“No problem,” you reply. “You recording a video today?”

He shrugs. “Just finished actually,” he shifts the camera to his other hand and notes you rain coat and his eyes widen slightly. “You’re going out? It’s like, storming outside.”

“I need to get some things,” You reply vaguely. “I’ll be alright.”

Dan didn’t seem reassured, “do you want me to go with you?”

You smile at his concern, “I’m a big girl Dan. You’re welcome to come if you’d like though.” 

Before Dan can reply though, Phil’s voice rings through the apartment, “Daaaaannnnnnnn.”

Dan rolls his eyes and yells over his shoulder, “what Phil.”

“We need to record an episode of the Sims.” Dan looks back at me and I laugh. 

“Go record. I’ll be fine, Dan, I’ll pick up a pizza for dinner.”

“Get sausage!” Phil shouts excitedly, from the other side of the apartment.

“Phil I can hear you just fine there’s no need to yell!” You yell back with a giggle.

Dan smiles and shakes his head. “Okay, okay. Just be careful alright?”

“You mean more careful than you are with your video equipment?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

Dan laughs, and his smile makes me melt. “Alrighty then. See you later.” He hesitates for a second, but then shakes his head and walks down the hall to record.

(Time skip brought to my by waffles and my lazy A ;D)

I unlock the apartment door and start bringing everything in. Three bags of groceries, three five packs of canvases, and another bag of brushes from the art store. Needless to say, after buying both groceries and paint supplies, it didn’t seem smart to try and bring a pizza on the underground. So instead you just ordered one for delivery and hoped the boys saved you a slice. 

“(Y/N)? You home?” You hear Dan yell from upstairs. 

“Yeah!” You shout and lock the door behind you. Seconds later Dan clomps down the stairs and sees you soaking wet with shopping bags surrounding you.

“Jeez (Y/N), did you walk through a tornado?” Dan asks in regard to your disheveled hair. 

“Haha,” you say sarcastically, wringing out your hair. “Help me with the groceries, Howell.” You pick up your canvases and a grocery bag. Dan gets the other three bags.

“Was the weather bad?” Dan asks as you walk up the stairs behind him.

“No, Dan it was sunny and rainbows filled the sky,” you reply with all the sarcasm you could muster.

“Ugh sound horrible,” Dan retorts.

“So how was recording? Did Dil set anything on fire?”

Dan laughs, “yeah actually. And it was all Phil’s fault.” He finishes with a yell.

“No it wasn’t!” Phil calls back, his voice squeaking. Dan and I laugh.

“Lemme throw my bag and stuff in my room real fast.” You say reaching the hall. “And you better have saved me some pizza Phil.” You yell towards the living room.

“Dan, help,” Phil stage whispers. “We only saved her one slice.” 

“Oh that better be a lie,” You say with a giggle and set your things on your bed. You quickly place the canvases you bought against your wardrobe, next to some of your finished paintings, then go to join the boys in putting groceries away. 

“Okay we saved you two slices, but we’ll watch whatever movie you want,” Dan compromised, handing you the box of cereal to put in the cupboard. 

“It’s cool. You guys up for (Favorite Movie)?” You grab the next item and place it in the fridge. The boys agree.

“I’ll see if it’s on netflix,” Phil says, relishing the excuse to get out of putting away groceries. On the way out, He gives Dan a look like do something you fool. To which Dan rolls his eyes. You and Dan continue to finish putting the shopping away when he comes across your paint bushes.

“Where do these go?” He asked, studying them. 

“Oh I got those, here.” You took the paint brushes from him and placed them on top of your desk. Your eyes catch a particular painting you were quite proud of. A quiet nighttime lake with pond lilies surrounded by a lust green forest with fireflies lighting up the water and sky. You could almost hear the crickets and frogs croaking.

“Woah.” You turn and see Dan standing in the door. His mouth agape and his chocolate eyes darting to your different artworks. He sees you looking  and rubs his neck. “I- Sorry, the door was open and I- Phil got the movie set up and-” His eyes catch the painting you were just admiring. “Did you do these?” He asks, referring to the paintings around him.

“Yeah,” You say sheepishly. You didn’t know why you were so shy about this. Plenty of people had seen your work and said you were good, but Dan seeing them somehow felt, different. You’d never actively asked for someone’s opinions on your work, but you wanted Dan’s approval, you wanted him to think they were good. It embarrassed you a little thinking about it.

“These are- (Y/N) these are incredible,” Dan says. His eyes are trained on your face and you feel a burst of pride. “You should sell some of these.”

You smile and tuck a peice of hair behind your ear, “thanks.” You and Dan stand there for a second, his eyes catching yours and then both of you quickly looking away. “Should we go watch the movie?”

“Yeah. Sorry, it’s just,” he hesitates, his eyes going from your features to the paintings again, then continues, “those are amazing.” You beam at him once more, then follow him into the living room. Inside your chest your heart felt warm with a sense of achievement and comfort. If the world turned on its head tomorrow and everyone said that your painting were horrid, Dan Howell said your paintings were amazing.

And somehow that felt like the highest praise in the world.

Hi! Thanks for reading.


(SOLDIER MADI REPORTING TO DUTY~ okay, this wasn’t a request. Oops. I have quite a few requests now. However, I felt like writing this while I still had the Ideas. I will answer some more requests either later tonight, or tomorrow (because I am tiRED.

Thank you to all who are sending in the requests, though :))



The fall breeze blew through your (H/C) locks, causing them to wave behind you. You let out a soft sigh, rubbing your cold hands together for warmth.

Yoosung took notice of this, and couldn’t help the smile that tugged on his features. He slowly brought a hand down to your own, gently interlocking your hand in his, instantly spreading warmth into it.

The two of you decided you would go buy a new video game to play with each other, wanting to spend more time together. He was always playing LOLOL, so, you wanted to see if you could find something that you could play instead of the usual.

Beginning to get bored of walking, you let out a small groan, and tilted your head up towards the sky. In that moment, you two had finished walking past a line of large trees, that were blocking the sun from hitting you.

A ray of light seemed to make it’s way on your (S/C) skin, giving you a beautiful glow.

Yoosung felt his breath hitch in his throat as he stared at your now smiling figure. The way he saw you…you were absolutely stunning.

The boy gulped, unable to stop himself from saying exactly what was on his mind.

“God..I just…gahh, I love you so much, (Y/N).” He admitted, shyly looking down at the leaf filled side walk.

You snapped your head over to him, blinking. Had you heard him right? Did he just say what you thought he said?

Once you finally processed what he had actually said, you had to think for a moment. How did you feel?

This boy had just confessed. He was giving you the opportunity to smash his heart on the ground if you didn’t feel the same.

You took a deep breath, letting out a small giggle. Yoosung bit his lip, not sure if that meant you didn’t return the feeling.

“Yoosung. I love you, too.” You finally said. His face lit up, happiness filling his violet eyes.

He picked you up into the air, excitedly spinning you around. Once he put you down, he couldn’t help but place a delicate kiss on your soft, pink lips.

You stayed like that for a few moments, just melting into each other.

Yes, you truly did love this boy..



“COME ON SOLDIER, I’LL RACE YOU! FIRST ONE TO GET TO THE HONEY BUDDHA CHIPS WINS.” Luciel exclaimed, starting to run off in the direction of the chips.

You let out a gasp, and pushed your bottom lip out.

“CAPTAIN SEVEN..! YOU LITTLE CHEATING SHIT!” You yelled out to him, as you tried to catch up.

Of course, exercise was never your thing. You’d much rather find yourself on the couch with some pizza, and a marathon of (Favorite Show.)

“I KNOW YOU DON’T ‘DO EXERCISE’ BUT COME ON.” He started to bust out in laughter, unable to continue running for the time being, due to the lack of breath.

You smirked, knowing exactly what to do. You would take advantage of the red head’s sudden pause, and pass him. Then, you’d be on top of the world!! Or..at least, on top of his chip stash.

You began to sprint as fast as you could, desperately trying to catch up. He didn’t notice at first, and by the time he actually did..it was too late.

You passed him with a grin, chuckling lightly at his mistake.

Once you made it to the Honey Buddha Chips, you collapsed into the floor, breathing heavily.

It took a moment, but Luciel caught up to you, sitting down in a criss-crossed position. He stuck his tongue out at you, taking a bag of the chips from the pile.

“Well, that’s all the exercise I’m doing this year.” You panted, also pulling yourself out a bag.

Luciel laughed, smiling at his lazy excuse of a girlfriend. He loved how cute you were when you were lazy. He loved how you’d always joke around with him. He loved that you two had the whole “soldier, captain” deal going on…and..he just loved you.

He didn’t know if it was too early or not, but he knew what he wanted to say, and he wasn’t going to hold it back.

“I really love you, you know that?” He quietly admitted, leaning over to you. He brushed a stand of your (H/C) hair out of your face, placing a quick kiss on your lips.

You tensed up, as he said those three words to you for the first time. Playing it cool, you relaxed into him.

You pulled away from each other, smiling.

“I love you too, Luciel.”



You smiled, thanking the waitress as you got the bill.

Jumin reached a hand over to pick it up, but you quickly grabbed it before he could even brush a finger on it. He looked over at you, slightly tilting his head in confusion.

“I want to pay!” You exclaimed, pulling your card out of your wallet. Jumin’s eyes widened for a moment, as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

“(Y/N). Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll be paying for our meal. It’s common curiosity.” He sighed, holding out his hand for the check. You narrowed your eyes, your lips forming a tiny smirk.

“We could at least split the bill.” You reasoned, placing your card down on the white clothed table.

Jumin was starting to get even more confused. Why weren’t you like other girls? Why weren’t you trying to get him to pay for the dinner, along with having him get you a thousand other things? Of course, he wouldn’t mind if you were. He would happily spend some money on you. However..the fact that he was assured you weren’t after his money..was very calming.

“You want to split the bill?” He asked, smiling softly. You nodded, and he shrugged, reaching over to take your card. At first, you felt satisfied..but then, you realized that he was putting your card in his back pocket.

“Hey! What are you doing?” You frowned, moving a stand of hair out of your face.

Jumin propped his elbows up on the table, continuing to give you that charming smile of his.

“You’ll get it back when we leave.” He casually stated, making your eyes widen.

“What? I thou-” he cut you off, getting a more serious look on his face.

“I appreciate the thought, (Y/N), however, I wish for you to keep your own money. I’ll take care of it tonight.”

You let out a small groan, glancing over to the side of the floor. Jumin chuckled, moving his arms back off the table.

“Don’t be like that, (Y/N). You know, I love you..” He confidently admitted, having no doubt in his mind that you were someone special to him.

You quickly looked to him, a big grin finding its way on your face.

“Is that so…? Well, Mr. Han. I love you, too, if I do say so myself~”



Zen jumped off the stage, grabbing the icy water bottle he had left on the floor.

You were currently watching one of his rehearsals, and let me just say..hot.

You looked up from your position in the old theater chair, slowly pushing yourself up to sit straight. You gave Zen a quick little wave, earning a smile from the man. He quickly mouthed a “hello, beautiful” to you, before pulling himself back on stage.

Zen took a big drink of the water, setting it back down as soon as he was finished. He rubbed his hands together, looking back over at the director.

“Now, I want you to really put yourself into this role. I know you can do it, Zen.” The director said. “Lights..Camera…ACTION!”

“Please, (insert other female name here.) Not after all we’ve been though…If you leave, what am I? Will I even be a man anymore? Or will I just become..become a lost child?” Zen said to the female lead in front of him.

You watched as he played out the scene, almost cringing at some parts of the script. You kinda wished you the one up there. That way, he could be talking to you. Even if it was cringe worthy.

Zen took the other females hand in his, looking her into the eyes as he prepared to say the next line.

“I love you, (Y/N)…” He stage whispered, before realizing his error. You felt yourself choke on the air, widening your eyes.

“CUT..! God, Zen..” The director sighed, running a hand through his hair. He waved his hand at Zen, grabbing his own water. “Take five.”

Zen quickly came back off stage, rushing over to be by your side.

“Hey..! (Y/N)! Uhm..did you hear that?” He nervously asked, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. You blinked, nodding slightly, unable to form an actual word. “Damn..I was hoping to tell you in a more romantic way then that.” He sighed, taking your hand, and pulling you up to your feet. “I guess I’ll just have to do this now.” He smiled. Before you could have a chance to speak, he kissed you.

You felt yourself go weak at the knees, wrapping your arms around his neck.

All too soon, he pulled away from you, resting his forehead on yours.

“I do love you, (Y/N).” He whispered breathlessly.

“I love you, too, Zen..”



You two had a day off, and you knew instantly that you wanted to spend it together.

So, there you were. Cuddled up together on your bed, ensuring that you both stayed warm on this particularly chilly fall night.

Normally, you two talked about more serious topics, which usually ended in one of you ranting, or making some deep confession.

As always, this was the case.

You two talked about how much the other meant to you, almost making it like a childish competition.

“Well, Jaehee.” You started, shifting slightly in the bed, keeping one arm securely wrapped around her. “Have I ever told you..that you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on?” You whispered, giving her a small smirk. You placed a finger underneath her chin, leaning your head over just enough to place a soft kiss on her small lips.

She let out a groan when you parted, obviously wanting more. She slowly moved her hand down to your lower back, rubbing small circles into your skin.

“Well, (Y/N). How about I tell you..that I love you..” She shyly says, a blush taking over her features. You felt your heart skip a beat, as you bit your lip. You were happy that she really did feel the same way as you.

“Well, I’d say that I love you, too.”



You brought the bag of bread down from the bottom shelf, placing it onto the kitchen counter.

You let out a small puff of breath, grabbing the toaster and plugging it in. You wanted to make some breakfast, and originally planned on making a great, big healthy one..but, it was just too much effort for you to put forth at the moment.

V wandered his way into the kitchen, smiling as he saw your beautiful figure moving around as you made some toast. He almost wished he had his camera. Even in your most simple moments, you still managed to fascinate him.

Noting that you didn’t seem to notice the blue haired man, he slowly walked over to you, wrapping his strong arms around your torso from behind. He snuggled his head into your neck, placing a soft kiss on it.

The gestures as a whole had first startled you, making you jump a bit. He didn’t seem to mind, as he only secured his grip around you.

“V, would you like some toast?” You laughed, preparing to get another couple of slices out of the bag.

“I’d love some. Thank you, (Y/N).” He said, pulling away from you. You instantly felt a wave of the cool air surround you, and you sighed.

V leaned on a nearby chair, continuing to watch you make the toast. He was grateful that you were put in his life. Especially after he had went through hell and back. He constantly had to ask himself..“is this real? Do I actually deserve such a wonderful woman?”

He only had three words left to say to you in this moment.

The toast finally popped out of the toaster, and you jumped again, obviously startled by the sudden noise it had made.

V chuckled at you, watching as you placed the slices of toast on a plate. You handed him the plate, giving him a sweet smile.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” He said. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek, before leaning over by your ear. “I love you.” He stated, refusing to make eye contact. Your heart fluttered, as you pulled him into a tight hug.

“I love you, too, V.”



You let out a groan, as you sat yourself in your desk chair, placing your head in your hands.

Saeran looked over at you from his spot on your bed, tilting his head at your sudden action.

“(Y/N)?” He said, standing up, and moving over to where you were. He didn’t really know what to do in this situation, so, he awkwardly placed a hand on your back, patting it lightly.

You sighed, lifting your head back up to look at him. He gasped the moment you looked up. You had tears in your eyes, and it was quite obvious they’ve been there for a while. Your eyes were all red and puffy, and their were little tear stains on your pink cheeks.

He started to mentally panic, not knowing what to do or say. He hated to see you upset..it physically pained him to see you even about to cry.

“(Y/N)..uh..what’s..what’s wrong?” He tried, raising a brow.

You pushed your hair behind your ear, 100% ready to rant.

You began to talk about how these girls were talking about you at the store, making rude remarks right in front of you. You had a fight with one of your good family members, and they seemed to be pretty damn mad at you, now.

And so on and so forth.

“- and I just don’t know what to do. I feel as if the world just hates me. Everyone hates me.” You said, exaggerating a little bit, due to your frustration. Saeran blinked, not wanting to hear you say this about yourself.

“I don’t hate you..” Saeran said, trailing off at the end. You gave him a half hearted smile, before giving him a pat on the back.


“..Because I- I think I love you.” He finished, giving you a confident smile. You didn’t think, before pulling him into a crushing hug.

“Really, now? Well, I think I love you, too.”

purplegirlsclub  asked:


eI love how this is yelled and then it has a calm and collected, ‘for the meme’ lol

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Hyde. It’s embarrassing because no one would believe this could happen to him so often, but he is usually not puting attention to the ‘push’ or ‘pull’ letters. There was this one time they were going to Red and Kitty’s Vows Renewal, and they did the party at this fancy private room at a restaurant. He hadn’t seen Jackie in all day because of work and preparations for the event, so when he saw her in all her red dress glory walking to him with Donna and Eric, he literally walked into the damn crystal door. No one said anything. Eric burned him without mercy later. 
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: That’ Jackie. The back of her journal is filled with little doodles of/about Hyde, and her named written with his last name and ‘Mrs. Hyde’ everywhere.
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Hyde. Jackie is extra ticklish™ and he enjoys that kind of torture, especially because he truly loves the sound of her laugh.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Jackie. After her dad went to jail and her mother so obviously abandoned her, she stole her dad’s favorite and expensive swan feather pillows (”Why would they do that to a damn swan?” “I don’t know, Steven, but they feel good, stop complaining!”) with covers of egypthian thread (”Is this really necesary?” “I stole them from my parent’s room” “Nice”); they use them in Hyde’s room an she left them there once she started to live with Donna. Later, when her mom came back and went all bitch on her, she stayed with Hyde one night and started a fight with the damn pillows, knowing well they could end bad. That was the idea.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Hyde. He suffers from insomnia a lot, but sleeping with her helps him most times. He’s still the last one to fall asleep and he enjoys seeing her face as she does so. 
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: None, I don’t see this happenig to any. Unless they are fighting over some shit at breakfast, and suddenly one of them doesn’t look at what they are puting on their coffee and well…
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: None, sleeping is sacred.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Hyde. But he does it to make her laugh, and it works pretty well. When Jackie does it, she always gets dirty and it makes him blush while laughing.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Jackie, Hyde is too lazy for that shit. The only thing she is not allowed to change the order of, it’s his records.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Jackieeeee. Hyde knows he has to left the stuff for her to happily lick when he baking.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Jackie, she romantic af. 
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Hyde. She likes lean on him while reading, so he usually reads too or– starts doodling on her arm or legs. She likes the sensation of the pen on her skin and his fingers touching her.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: LMAO, Hyde. His kitchen is like +A space.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Jackie, this is all Jackie. He lies most times on them to make her cutely angry, so she ends up answering whatever she wants.
Pancakes, Pampering & The Perfect Day

A/N: An anon request for the anon that is just having a rough day and in need of fluff. The reader is feeling awful and Spencer does whatever he can to make her feel better. @coveofmemories


“What’s wrong?” Spencer said softly as he saw you sitting on the couch and staring off into the distance. “You feeling okay?”

Physically, you were fine. But you’d woken up this morning in a funk and didn’t know how to get out of it. Sometimes that just happened and there was little you could do but wait for it to pass. He could see it on your face. “Just one of those days?”

“Yea,” you said. “Sorry. It’s your day off. I wish I could snap out of it for you.”

He walked toward you and placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got plans.” As you brought the blanket over yourself and relaxed into the couch, allowing the sun to stream over you, Spencer went into the kitchen and started making himself breakfast. You hadn’t eaten yet, but you weren’t in the mood to get up. Before you knew it, there was a plate of food in front of your face. “Chocolate chip pancakes,” he smiled. The pancake was smiling too; he made the chocolate chips into a happy face.

“You’re too cute,” you smiled. “And too good to me.” You tilted your head back and pursued your lips for a kiss before he went back to make his own pancakes. After he finished making his own, your apartment smelled completely of chocolate chip cookies. The warm feeling wafting over your body and making you feel a little bit better. You should have it smell like chocolate chips all the time - maybe you’d be permanently in a good mood. 

Without a word, Spencer came to sit by your side as he ate his breakfast. He’d forgotten to make coffee, so once he was done, he got up and made you both a cup before returning to your bedroom for something - you weren’t sure what. “What’s that?” you asked, not having looked over to see what it was. 

“Just get up,” he said. “Don’t look, get up and sit back down when I tell you to.” You got up, keeping your eyes closed as you rose off the couch and heard him sit down. “Go ahead, sit in my lap.” Once you sat down, you realized what he was doing - brushing your hair. You loved having your hair played with.

“What’s this for?” you asked groggily.

Continuing his gentle brushes down your waves of hair, you practically fell asleep in his lap. “You don’t feel great, so I’m going to do all of the things that normally make you feel better until tonight when you can go to bed and undoubtedly wake up feeling fine.” That’s normally what happened. Once you went to sleep, you woke up wondering what you were so sad about. “When I’m done, you’ll go get changed and we’re gonna go out.”


“It’s a surprise.”

After he finished brushing your hair, you could barely get up you were so relaxed. “I could literally sit here all day and have you do that.” But eventually, you were able to push yourself up and go get changed. Nothing but loose shirts and baggy pants for you today - you didn’t feel like putting in an effort whatsoever. “Will you tell me where we’re going now?”

“Nope,” he smiled, grabbing your hand and leading you down the stairs. Once you were down the street, you figured out where he was taking you. It was your favorite vintage clothing store. You hadn’t bought anything for yourself in a while, so maybe today was a day you could treat yourself. “Look around and buy whatever you want,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist. “But whatever you try on, you have to show me.”

“Deal,” you giggled, turning back to take his lips in yours. Thankfully, there weren’t too many people around, so you allowed the kiss to linger instead of breaking it off. Over the next two hours, you tried on every weird vest, unique shirt and wacky pair of pants you could find. Then you saw a dress. “This is beautiful,” you said walking across the store to pick it up. The owner was right nearby. “Where did you get this from?”

“We have someone in the area that loves to sew these kinds of dresses, so we buy from her occasionally,” he said. It would be the perfect cosplay outfit. 

“Try it on,” you heard Spence say from behind you. As you went into the little dressing room they had and slipped on the tight, corseted, intricate dress, you wondered how much it cost. This was great work. The sewing was impeccable. The material was nice. Then you saw the tag. $450. Dammit. Whatever, you could still try it on and see how it looked. “How does it look?” he asked from outside. 

“I don’t know,” you said, opening the curtain and showing him. “I looked at the price tag, so I’m not going to look at it lest I fall in love with it.” Awed, he stood up and came up behind you to tie up the corset as best he could. It was a navy blue victorian dress. The kind that a woman in the late 1800s would wear out on any given day. “You look beautiful. What cosplay would you do for this?”

“Vanessa Ives!” you said, immediately tempering yourself when you remembered the price tag.

It dawned on him who you were talking about. “But then we couldn’t go in a couple’s costume.”

“Sure we could. You would be Mr. Ethan Chandler and I would be Vanessa Ives. You would make a cute Ethan. Got a great butt, like he does,” you said, playfully grabbing his butt and planting a kiss on his lips. “But it’s expensive as all hell, so I’m going to go with those crazy pink and blue pants I found for pajama pants.”

You were excited about wearing them to bed tonight. Spencer paid for them, even though you wanted to pay for yourself. So you looked around the store while he paid and returned with your bag in hand. “Now, we are going to go take a walk in the park, have an Italian Ice at the place next to the park that you like so much and then tonight, I’m going to draw you a nice bath with the lavender salts you like and then you can wear your crazy new pants to bed,” he said with a smile.

“Have I said you’re too good to me?” you laughed. You still didn’t feel great - there was a lingering sadness you couldn’t explain, but you would’ve been much worse off if it hadn’t been for him.

“You have, but I’m not. That’s what you do when you love someone.” The walk around the park was leisurely and perfect. The flowers were just beginning to bloom and the wind skimming off the lake was deliciously warm. “You gonna get a lemon ice?” he asked as you walked into the shop and placed your orders - lemon for you, as always, and cherry for him. It was always either cherry or cotton candy for him. The big baby. 

Once you finished your ices, you decided to head back to the apartment and take a nap while Spencer made dinner, a stir fry recipe you loved. “Wake up,” he said softly about an hour later. “I have a bath going.”

“I love you,” you mumbled as you got up. You did feel a hell of a lot better. Sleep is always what worked for you. “You gonna join me?”

“You want me to?” he asked hopefully. As if a bath with a naked, wet Spencer wouldn’t solve all your problems. “Go get in. I’ll be right there.”

You thought you heard the door open, but minutes after you sunk into the warmth of the tub, Spencer followed, slipping in butt naked behind you so you could lean against him. “This is nice. Thank you for today.”

“It’s no problem,” he said. “You feel better?”

“Yea, I do.”

“Then it was worth it,” he said softly as he kissed your ear. About 15 minutes later, the water had cooled, so Spencer got out, you drained the water and then he lifted you out and dried you off. It was so lazy, but you were really enjoying it.  When you walked into your bedroom, sans clothing, ready to put on your new loud pajama pants, you saw it hanging on the wall. The dress you tried on earlier.

“You bought that?” you asked, realizing how much money he spent on you today. “Why did you do that? It was so expensive.”

“It’s cosplay,” he said shrugging his shoulders. “Totally worth it in my opinion. “Plus, you look beautiful in it.”

You hopped into his arms, kissing all over his face for being such an amazing human being. “How about I wear my new pants tomorrow?” you winked.

Imagine babysitting with Chris.

A/N: This is based off a prompt from an anonymous request and I think it’s so superbly adorable that I might actually make this the sequel to the ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’ mini-series. If you’ve read the mini-series, you’ll know the reader is a screen writer and they got married after she drunkenly admitted she was ready for the next step. You can read it here (I’ll link it as soon as I get home) but you don’t have to, this should be able to standalone as its own mini-series. So shall we?

Chris waited by the front door with the stroller and your baby niece in his arms, while you filled Dodger’s food and water bowl and made sure everything in the house that needed to be off and locked was. You were babysitting your eldest brother’s one year old for the week while he and your sister-in-law were out of town. Your parents had been the first choice but Chris begged and pleaded for the opportunity, bugging your brother so much that it finalized his decision to leave Phoebe with the two of you instead.

But Chris’ persistence wasn’t the only reason; your brother said and you quote, “the man’s going to put a baby in you soon, you might as well have some practice.” You laughed but you knew he was right. You had been with Chris for five years now, married only for one but already discussing the possibility of starting a family; a subject you’d unknowingly brought up before you even got proposed to when you were drunk, but since then there had been serious conversations about it.

The only reason the baby making hadn’t started was because of you, you were still unsure and stalling; Chris knew which was why he asked to take care of Phoebe. You didn’t know that but you knew you’d eventually have to stop talking and start doing, you and Chris weren’t getting any younger and both moms from either side were itching for you and Chris to join your siblings in the Parent Club; your two brothers- James, who had a son and a daughter; Scott, who had a daughter; and Chris’ oldest sister- Carly, who had two sons and a daughter.

“Hurry up, Aunt Y/N.” You heard Chris addressing you with a childlike voice to appease your squirming niece. “We’re getting really bored over here and we want to go out. Don’t we, Bumble Bee?” He cooed and bounced her, drawing small giggles from the one year old. “We want to go outside, yes we do.”

“I’m coming,” you called back as you grabbed Phoebe’s diaper bag from the kitchen counter. You checked the contents yet again, unsure if giving Chris the job of stocking it was the right decision. “Chris-” you narrowed your eyes at the small Ziplock of Gummi Bears. “What’s this?” You held it up and his eyes narrowed in confusion at your question.

“A Ziplock of Gummi Bears?”

“I can see that,” you chuckled. “Why did you pack them? Phoebe can’t eat these yet, she’s one.” You told him then realized when he laughed. “You packed them for me, didn’t you?” You asked then chuckled when he nodded. “Well- we’re leaving them behind,” you said and placed the bag on the nearest table. “I don’t need the distraction when we’ve got a ton of Christmas shopping to do, and a child to watch. Trust you to pick the busiest time of the year to offer our babysitting services.”

“Like we’d have any trouble with this angel.” He said then poked her tiny palm with his stubby finger; she wrapped her hand around his finger then laughed when he did. “She’s so adorable,” he told you, brushing her brown locks out of her chubby face. “I am so glad we have her for the week.”

“Don’t speak too soon, my love. Let’s not forget that it’s only been a few hours.” You reminded him as you walked over, tucking the diaper bag in the basket compartment under the stroller. “She’s an angel now ‘cause her daddy just dropped her off. She’s still unaware she’s stuck with us for the week, but once she realizes that- all hell’s going to break loose and you’re going to be wishing you had let Scott and Lexi take her to Mom’s instead.”

“You clearly don’t know how much I like kids,” he defended.

“You clearly don’t know how well I know my niece,” you countered.

“She’s my niece too, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes at you then turned to smile at Phoebe, who was too busy playing with his hand to flash him one of her smiles. “And I love her to bits, which means- she could kick, scream, and cry, and I’d still think she’s perfect.”

“Hold up.” You pulled out your phone from your back pocket and opened the voice recorder app, pressing the red button to start the recording. “I would just like it on the record,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “You know, so that when she does kick, scream, and cry- you can deal with her without complaints.”

“Fine.” He wrapped his free hand around your wrist and pulled your phone closer to his mouth. “Hey Future Chris, Past Chris talking. I’d just like to remind you that we said Phoebe could kick, scream, and cry, and we’d still think she’s perfect. So don’t you dare complain 'cause you know how much we hate it when Y/N gets that smug gleam in her eyes.” He smirked at you and you chuckled. “Don’t worry though, Bumble Bee’s an angel. I’m sure we’ll have a great week with her despite what Y/N says, she’s a pessimist.”

“Shut up,” you laughed and turned off the recording, saving it before slipping your phone back into your back pocket. “Let’s go because we’ve got a lot of Christmas shopping to do and I want to get it done before dinner.”

“Yeah, let’s go!” Chris cheered in a childlike voice, making Phoebe laugh and you smile.

• • • • • • • •

Chris pushed Phoebe in the stroller while you did the shopping, it was the same every year- not the stroller pushing but the you doing the shopping. Every Christmas since you became his significant other, he’d pass the responsibility of shopping for people in his life over to you; he wasn’t bad at it, you were just better and he was just lazy. The only people he shopped for now was you, his mom, and yours because- well, he couldn’t make you buy your own present and he was a huge momma’s boy.

“Oh my God,” you heard Chris gasp and you turned around, smiling when you saw what he had in his hand; it was a little baby reindeer onesie. “Tell me your heart didn’t just melt a little,” he pouted and you chuckled. “We’re definitely getting this.” He said and tossed it in your basket.

“Chris,” you chuckled and pulled it back out. “We don’t need this, Phoebe’s the only baby in the family and- I’m pretty sure she’s already got one of these at home.” You hung it back on the rack but he took it back down, giving you serious puppy dog eyes. “Chris, no.” You laughed. “What are we going to do with that?”

“We’re going to have a baby of our own and dress her or him in it,” he answered and tossed it back in your basket. You sighed but made no effort to take it out, knowing he wouldn’t let up. “We’re already talking about it, Y/N. Collecting cute little outfits and knick-knacks for our future child is the next step.”

“You really need to keep it down,” you chuckled softly as you joined his side. He wrapped an arm around you, pushing the stroller with one hand while the two of you walked down the Baby Clothing’s aisle. “Let’s not forget we’re not normal people, the last thing we need is one of your fan girls overhearing us talking about having babies.”

“I’m pretty sure we’re already going to make the front page walking around with Phoebe,” he chuckled softly and smiled down at Phoebe who was smiling up at her uncle. “A lot of strangers already think she’s our child, won’t be long before someone recognizes us and tweets about it. I think that blonde lady back there felt like she knew me but wasn’t sure.”

“You do look different in person,” you nodded.

“Still, we’re going to get caught eventually,” he said and you rolled your eyes. “We always do,” he reminded you. “How many times have we had to stop to take photos or sign something? Even you, Miss Screen-writer, have had to sign a copy or two of your scripts.”

“Yeah-” you pursed your lips, “how do people just have that on hand? It’s weird,” you said and he chuckled. “But we’re not going to get caught this time, everyone’s too busy shopping to bother with us. And- you and I, we’re going to keep our hats on,” you tugged at his NASA cap and he chuckled. “The most- we pretend to not know what they’re talking about and be a cute little family of three. We are getting a lot of compliments.”

“Here comes one now,” Chris whispered in your ear, beckoning his head at an older couple smiling at the three of you. “Hi there,” he greeted the old lady who was cooing at Phoebe; she looked up at the two of you and smiled, nodding in acknowledgement. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” her husband said with a smile. “You two make a very good looking couple,” he complimented, making both you and Chris smile. “And your daughter is just beautiful, much like your wife. You’re a lucky man,” he nodded at Chris and Chris chuckled softly.

“What’s her name?” The old lady asked.

“Phoebe,” you told her and her smile widened.

“That’s my daughter’s name,” she told you and you smiled. “Your girl is just beautiful, she has your eyes.” You chuckled softly because it wasn’t the first time you’d heard that; Phoebe had your brother’s eyes and you looked a lot like him. “Just one girl?”

“We’re planning for more,” Chris answered before you could tell the lady the baby actually belonged to your brother. “How could we not when the first one turned out so perfect?” He said then smiled at you; you stifled your chuckle but nodded in agreement.

“We hope everything works out for you, you’re a beautiful family.” The old lady complimented then took her husband’s arm. “Merry Christmas,” she said. The couple smiled at your little family of three once more before returning to their own shopping.

“We’re a beautiful family,” Chris repeated, beaming. “What’s that- the eighth one in two hours?” He nudged your arm, grinning like an idiot and making you laugh. “Can we please have a baby of our own now? Like- no more talk, we’ve talked enough. Let’s just have a baby already,” he practically begged.

“Get through this week and we’ll see.”

Stay tuned for Here’s Part 2, inbox me if you want to be tagged.

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Male Mc Mystic Messenger: ZEN Route Day 5: {Hour: 18:17}

Previous Hours | List | Mobile List | Next Hour 

♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ 

It takes a lot of guts to live alone in a place completely out of your element. But it helps to realize that everyone is the same, we all go through problems, we all fight, laugh, smile, make opinions, and et cetera. Still, “Geez” there was something about talking to ZEN, or to any of the RFA members, that made them feel different. Intimidating even. Maybe it was because he had never talked to them face to face or maybe it was because he was so confident in the chatroom that talking to them in real life would just be


Zack held the phone in his left hand loosely as he stared out the window of Rika’s apartment. It was starting to rain again and the water was lightly hitting the window pane. He had his headphones on listening to some calming music on repeat and thinking back to the past four days. He looked down at his phone to check the time. No wonder he was starting to get hunger pangs, it was nearly 6. He didn’t want to change out of his sweats so ordering takeout seemed nice. Oh, but could he? 

{Zack} Can I order takeout? 

[707]: Pfft why are you asking me? 

{Zack} Just wanted to get the OK 

[707]: Very good young one! Yes the master says you may order take out. 
[707]: Ah but make sure they only deliver it to the front desk and they contact you only on your phone. 

{Zack} Alright. Thanks for being so kind master 

[707]: ❤~❤

He unlocked his phone and order Thai food before going back to listening to his music. He leaned a pillow against the window near his bed and grabbed a book. He wasn’t too much of a reader but the weather, the music he had, and he atmosphere was perfect. He turned on his favorite lamp that let off a soft orange glow, almost like a flame, and opened the book when. 

Bzzt Bzzt 

RFA chat. He couldn’t ignore it even if he tried, he had to know what these interesting social links had to say. 

ZEN: Zack, you’re here ^^

     <: Hey, how was your coffee? 

ZEN>: Not as bitter today. 
ZEN>: You were right, the last chat did annoy me. 

      <: Yeah, figured. 

ZEN>: But I’m not too mad. I’m still in a good mood from today’s events. 

Jaehee Kang>: ???
Jaehee Kang>: What happened today? Is it your rehearsals? 

ZEN>: Well there is that. 
ZEN>: But~ 
ZEN>: I met the newest RFA member. 

Jaehee Kang>: What? 

ZEN>: He works at a coffee shop in the city near Sun Uni, I think that’s nearby. 

       <: Yes. 

ZEN>: Well anyways, I’m happy. 

Jaehee Kang>: And was he suspicious? 

ZEN>: Not at all ^_^

Jaehee Kang>: Good, I feel like I can finally rest easy. 

     <: Ya. 

ZEN>: Heh heh I feel special~❤ 
ZEN>: But… that commercial. 
ZEN>: Is Trust Fund crazy? I’m ALLERGIC to cats. 

Jaehee Kang>: I’m sure it was meant as a joke. 

     <: Mmngh 

Jaehee Kang>: What does that mean? 

     <: It means I’m not too sure. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s just pretend he’s not serious. 
Jaehee Kang>: Please.
Jaehee Kang>: I cannot take another cat project. 

     <: You got it rough. 

ZEN>: He’s just wasting money. 

     <: Wasteful or not it’s really up to you if you want to do that. But since you’re so allergic that even the mention of the forbidden word nearly throws you into an episode I take it that’s a no. 

ZEN>: Lol “forbidden word”
ZEN>: But yes, that’d be a definite N. O .

Jaehee Kang>: This is almost as ridiculous as the “find the world’s largest cat” event we had last year. 

     <: Please don’t tell me that was an RFA event… 

ZEN>: God no. 

     <: Wait, now that you mention it, I was rooming with a guy near your company. I heard about that. 
     <: I went just out of curiosity. 
     <: It was… interesting. 

Jaehee Kang>: The companies stocks went down for weeks ;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: As they always do when he wants to host those events. 

      <: Maybe he should just buy a DS and play Nintendo Catz and just play with virtual ones. 

Jaehee Kang>: DELETE!!!! 

     <: What? 

Jaehee Kang>: Don’t say that;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: I don’t even want to think about that 
Jaehee Kang>: He’d never leave his house….;;;;;; 

     <: Oh, haha!, sorry;

ZEN>: Bet that’s what Seven does. 
ZEN>: Takes care of a virtual Elizabeth. 

      <: Probably has his own cat simulator. 

ZEN>: Geez. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s not give Mr. Han any more ideas okay? ^^ 

     <: Yeah good idea. 

ZEN>: Do either of you like cats? 

Jaehee Kang>: Not really. I like animals but I don’t like them as pets. 

     <: I’m allergic and I like dogs. 

ZEN>: Oh that’s right! You said so before Zack. Heh we’re the same. 

    <: Except I won’t die if I see one. 

ZEN>: I won’t die, I’ll just sneeze all day. 

Jaehee Kang>: Enough about cats… 

ZEN>: Yeah lolol 
ZEN>: Instead let’s talk about my new role! lololololololol

     <: Ah hold on, my food is here.

Zack got up and stretched before putting a shirt on. He yawned and walked down the steps of the stairs. “Hmm?” He looked over his shoulder and felt a shudder go up his spine. Was someone watching him? He slowly looked forward and jogged down the steps. 

In the front lobby he paid for his food and felt another alarming shudder. He looked back and shook his head. Weird. 

“Sir?” The delivery girl looked at him. 

“Ah, sorry, here’s the bill.” He glanced behind him but saw nothing out of the ordinary. 

“Oh I don’t carry change, let’s just say it was just this amount.” She chuckled and gave him back some bills. “Enjoy your meal.” 

Zack nodded and took the elevator back up to the room. He was happy to be alone in it, hopefully it was safer. When the doors opened he cautiously peaked out before swiftly getting back into the apartment. 

     <: Um, sorry about that. Oh Jaehee left. 

ZEN>: yeah, I wanted to wait up for you. 
ZEN>: Food smell good? 

     <: Yeah I’m really hungry. 

Best to not talk about that strange feeling of being watched. He didn’t want to worry them. 

     <: Um, I’m too lazy to go back and read what ya’ll were talking about but, congratulations again for your new role. 

ZEN>: Heh, you really know what to say don’t you. 

     <: What? I dunno, I’m just saying what’s on my mind. 

ZEN>: Yeah. I like that thanks ^^ 
ZEN>: Let’s meet up soon, okay? 

     <: Sure. 

ZEN>: My schedule is hectic but I really, like seriously, want to sit down and talk with you. 

     <: You’re hyping me up too much. 

ZEN>: I’m not. I know it’ll be something I really need. 
ZEN>: Well, I gotta go. 
ZEN>: Have a good dinner! 

     <: Right. You have a good night. 

ZEN>: Bye bye

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

Something he really needs huh? Heh, silly. Don’t get…my hopes up like that… He leaned back with his food in his lap and read while listening to the soft rain falling against the window. 

A Hard Love Part 1/10

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: Reader has telepathy and telekenisis which she uses to help Bucky through his nightmares. 

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10

Y/N had decided long ago that she wanted to live away from headquarters. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be a part of the team; she just wanted her own space. Well that was how it started anyways. She had bought a four bedroom house in the suburbs with a huge yard. She adopted a rescued dog, planted some flowers, painted the walls and made the place her own. Soon Steve started to come around; first he wanted to try the BBQ, then he liked Y/N’s house better for movie nights because it was quieter, then he would notice repairs that needed to be done and in the process started to take over Y/N’s spare room in the basement. Finally giving in, Y/N invited Steve to move in with her. He took over the basement room and Y/N stayed upstairs. They both got the peace and quiet but they also had someone to watch their backs. It worked well for them. Of course until Steve met Sam. After becoming an Avenger, Sam started to spend more and more time at the house with Steve. Eventually after much pleading and bargaining from both men Y/N relented and let Sam take over one of the spare rooms upstairs. By the time they had found Bucky and brought him home Y/N didn’t even bother putting up a fight when Steve asked to move upstairs and have Bucky stay in the other spare room.
And that is how it came to be that Y/N’s home away from the Avengers facility was now the filled with four Avengers.

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victuuri + yuri plisetsky parent au thing

ok me and maddie quickly came up with a bunch of scenarios involving victor and yuri being yuri plisetsky’s parents?? we got pretty excited with it and came up with a lot and its all under the cut!!

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Drive Me Crazy

Written By: Admin T.Pot
Summary: Y/N has asked Sehun to teach her how to drive cause she just got her permit and her driving test was in 2 weeks. Sehun agrees to teach her, and although she says she knows the basics, she doesn’t really know how to actually drive a car.
A/N: Sorry for the long wait guys TT I didn’t know which was easier to finish cause the fics and shots I’ve started to write offline were all just starters and I didn’t really think them through;; but I finished this one TT I’ve been really stressed and busy I couldn’t really bring myself to write cause of the exhaustion and part laziness;;; But here you guys go TT one is finally finished;;; And since it’s Sehun’s birthday still LOL … I promise to come back soon ! So wait for me !!
Word Count: 3000

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Between Your Heart and Mine

Summary: Sam Wilson loves you and you love him. 

Word Count: 1,182

Warnings: None. 

A/N: This is fluff all around and I hope you guys enjoy it! Sam is amazing and I love him so much!

Whistling during his morning run only happened when Sam’s night had been crazy good, and today was one of those cases. He couldn’t help but think himself cheesy as he looked at the sky, painted in beautiful hues of red and orange, the sun making its presence known by the warmth already seeping into his limbs.

Steve was due any minute now and as he waited for him, Sam stretched, smiling to himself as he thought back to who he had left in his apartment.

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Christmas With the Potters

Please can I request a one-shot with Albus Potter where you spend Christmas with his family? Thank you if you do it :) - Requested by Anonymous

‘Hey, hey!’ called Albus. Even from this distance I could hear that he was panting slightly.

I smirked before glancing over my shoulder. He was trying to move through the crowd in the corridor, his head bobbing above the sea of people a couple of times, though mainly I just saw his hand waving, letting me know where he was.
With a sigh, a wide smile slipping quickly onto my face, I mumbled my goodbyes to my other friends, letting them know I’d catch up with them later. I slipped to the side, behind one of the suits of armour and keeping an eye out for Albus. I waved my hand for him once, hoping that he caught sight of it before he’d disappeared again.

I grabbed his arm as soon as I saw him draw level with me. His eyes bulged slightly and he squeaked as I dragged him into the alcove beside me. Good thing too as I was certain he was going to wander off!

‘You were calling?’ I said, rolling my eyes at the little smirk which slipped onto his face when he realised how close we were now.

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Something More Involved Than Lame-Ass Handjobs

Otabek/Yuri, 18 and 21 years old. Fluff and smut ensue.

Also posted on ao3

“Thank you. Have a great day!”

The cashier flashed a friendly smile as she handed Otabek and Yuri their cups of spiced cider. They had stumbled upon an open-air German festival, every storefront and employee decorated to look authentically Deutsch. Their cashier’s dirndl was cut a little too low for the cold weather outside, and a braided bun kept her blonde hair tied back.

“The people here are way too nice,” Yuri grumbled, warming his fingers with the heat of his drink. “Is that JJ asshole really Canadian?”

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Our House (Part Two of the Spideypool Series)

Part One  Part Three

Hey lovelies! How’s it going? So far, so good - just one more to finish today till my goal! This one is not quite as heavy on the romance, but if you want to, you can consider it a prequel to Fish Tank. Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing (as usual), and one part with Wade’s healing power that’s kinda creepy (body horror, I guess? Stay safe, everyone!)

*Three Weeks Ago*
You turned over in bed, eyes still scanning every unfamiliar corner of your new bedroom. It felt like staying in a hotel - but then, you couldn’t exactly expect to feel at home on your very first night. Especially when one of your roommates was Deadpool.
You yawned again. Maybe you should turn out the nightlight? No, you’d definitely have nightmares if you did that. You sighed; you had work tomorrow. Sleep was needed - but the more you thought about it, the more stressed you’d get, and the next thing you know you’d be glaring hatefully at the rising sun.
(This was not your first time at the Sleepless Night Rodeo.)
The bed creaked slightly as you shifted - and through the walls, there was a bang in the other room. The bedroom where your two roomates slept. There was a muffled yell of a very obscene word, some more banging around and then silence. Then footsteps. Your door banged open.
“Are you okay?” Wade demanded. His mask was lopsided, and his hands were uncovered. You smiled nervously.
“I’m…fine. Did something happen?”
He didn’t answer, just turned his head away. “Nightmare,” he said gruffly. “Just had to check.”
You tilted your head. “I’m fine. You should get some sleep.”
He nodded and left; as he closed the door with a soft snick, you heard him muttering under his breath. Wow, he really did never shut up.
You stared at the ceiling, a smile growing on your face. You wouldn’t think sharing an apartment with a lanky, brown-eyed  photographer and a masked mercenary would ease your mind. But it did. You blinked, yawned, and let your eyes drift shut.

*One Week Ago*
“Are you fucking serious right now?” you snapped, hands on hips. Peter, your younger roomate - the one you’d thought was normal.
That is, until now - when you’d walked into the appartment to find him hanging upside-down from the ceiling, eyes deerlike and wide.
“Uh….” He effortlessly flipped down and landed catlike, but still tongue-tied. “I - I’m Spiderman, by the way.”
“No shit.” You crossed your arms. “I can’t believe I’m sharing rent with two superheroes.”
“Mercenary,” Wade called from the other room. “I’m a mercenary.” If you weren’t mistaken, he was holding his own head - detached - and poking it out the doorway because he was too lazy to get up. You pinched the bridge of your nose and resisted the wild urge to laugh.
“And I’m a fucking seagull,” you muttered bad-temperedly. There were occasions when you had time for their shit; this was not one of them.
“Two!” you scoffed.
Peter rubbed the back of his neck, wincing. “I know, I’m sorry. I know how dangerous it is -”
“Are you kidding?” you interrupted. “I don’t care about that. You think I would’ve agreed to room with Deadpool if I was worried about damage control?”
You huffed and uncrossed your arms. You couldn’t stay mad at someone so adorable for long. “I just wish you’d told me sooner,” you said softly. “You know you can trust me, right?”
“I - yeah, I do. I do now.” He nodded.
“Good.” You turned around and headed for the door. “I’m going to buy popcorn - you guys can pay my share of the netflix bill this month.”
*Present Day*
“I’m home, guys!” you called out, shutting the apartment door behind you with one foot. You looked around, still holding the week’s groceries (at least you hoped it would last the week - you could never be sure with these clowns). The place already felt like home - pale beige carpets and brown walls, mismatched furniture cobbled together from yard sales, dents in the walls from Wade and Peter’s sparring matches (just one casualty of living with a pair of superheroes) - it was a cozy, homey, lived-in kind of place already.
“Hello?” You called out again; nothing but silence greeted you. Oh. You couldn’t help feeling just a little bit let down; you’d gotten to like having roommates, and it was nice to have someone there when you got home, instead of just an empty appartment. You shrugged; they were probably out superheroing and slaying ninjas again. And they’d probably be starving when they got back. Time to make dinner, I guess.
But as you were chopping onions in the tiny kitchen, the hairs on the back of your neck rose. You couldn’t shake the feeling that you weren’t alone. But wouldn’t they have answered if they were here? With a huff, you turned, knife still in hand. If checking every room was what it took to feel safe, then you’d just have to do it.
Bathroom - empty, dark, febreeze-scented. It was still fairly clean, but one of the boys had left the seat up again. Living room - nothing, not even behind the couches. You peeked into your bedroom, but it was as neat and silent as ever. Just one last room to check.
The door to Wade and Peter’s room was slightly ajar, and you tiptoed closer. Something in your gut twisted with tension. There! Whispered voices, secret and sweet. You frowned. What was going on? Inching closer, you peered through the crack.
Wade and Peter were both there, and while you couldn’t here what they were saying, the tone of the whisperings was tender. Then, right before your eyes, Wade lifted the bottom of his mask, one hand grabbing the back of Peter’s head and pulling him to his lips. Peter’s hands flailed for a second, then wrapped around Wade’s back.
You withdrew, an unquenchable grin on your face. Your stomach felt full of fireworks. What you’d just seen was absolutely, unmistakably, irrevocably adorable….and somehow, you couldn’t help feeling like it meant something big was coming for you, too.



Something smutty with Harry, hope you enjoy! Requests are open -here-

I knew that when I purchased the item from Love Honey, there was no going back, I’d have to show you because well, truth be told, I couldn’t wait for Christmas. It was due any day now and of course the day it arrives, you had to be the one that collected the post. ‘’What’s this?’’ I heard you question whilst holding up a rather small package but big enough for the item secured inside. I placed my laptop down on the table, the emails I was currently going through soon forgotten about as I walked over to you and snatched the small parcel from your fingers. ‘’Nothing you need to worry your little head about, not yet anyway.’’ I mumbled to you whilst I squished my fingers down onto the package to feel around for the item.

‘’Why are you being coy about this? You always tell me what you order online.’’ I watched as you stuck your bottom lip out, I couldn’t help but smile as I knew it was getting to you, not knowing what I’d ordered. It was true, I did always tell you what I’d ordered online because nine times out of ten you were the one that helped me order the item in the first place. I never do my Christmas shopping for you online anymore, I made that mistake the first year as a couple. You went snooping on my laptop for clues and you found every single item I had bought for you. So, to be a pain; I must now physically go to the shops to buy you your gifts. ‘’It’s just a little something I thought would be nice for you when I’m away princess.’’ Your eyebrows furrowed and I could see the cogs turning in your head before your eyebrows raised, ‘’did you get me a vibrator?’’ I chuckled lightly as I shook my head, taking your hand and leading you back over to the sofa. ‘’No, you’ve got plenty of them, this is kind of like that but it’s pretty and I know you’ll like it.’’ I said confidently whilst tearing open the package. I opened the seal and peeked inside, I could see you out the corner of my eye you trying to peek over my shoulder to have a look. I tucked it into my chest and tutted.

‘’Be a good girl for daddy and just wait okay? I’m just making sure it’s what I ordered.’’ I watched you nod your head before you sat back and waited patiently for what I was about to give to you, ‘’I want you to be honest with me okay? If you don’t like it, tell daddy and I’ll change it for something you do want and like.’’  You nodded your head once again but that wasn’t good enough for me and you knew it, ‘’Where are your words? You know it irritates daddy when you don’t use your words.’’ I spoke to you softly with a slight edge to my voice so you knew I wasn’t playing games. ‘’I’m sorry daddy, I’ll tell you if I don’t like it.’’ The almost desperate tinge to your voice had me shifting on the sofa as I dug my hand into the brown padded package. I pulled out a further smaller clear package which held the item I had ordered for you. I glanced up at your face before I threw the now empty package onto the table before pulling the lace underwear from the clear package. I nodded my head towards you for you to take the item from my grasp.

‘’Underwear? Harry, I don’t get it…’’ I smirked and slowly licked over my lips as I saw genuine confusion spread across your face. I mean I get the confusion, I buy you underwear on a weekly basis so I guess right in this moment, having a pretty pair of lace underwear in your hand isn’t anything new. ‘’Just go and put them on for daddy yeah? I want to see them on you.’’ I muttered under my breath at you as you held the lace material tight in your hand before disappearing into one of the downstairs toilets to change. I quickly leaned forward to grab the instructions that were inside the package, I read them carefully and quickly all whilst downloading their app on my phone which is a big part in how the device works.

‘’I love them, they’re super comfortable and I think they look good on me.’’ I heard your voice from behind me so I turned my body slightly to see you wandering through in your underwear and an old shirt of mine. I couldn’t help the spread of a smirk that plastered on my face as I nodded my head. ‘’Of course they look good on you, I picked them and it’s you. Model them for daddy princess.’’ I watched a shy smile make it’s way onto your face as you slowly walked around to where I was sat before you started to sway your hips ever so slightly. I couldn’t help but narrow my eyes as I concentrated fully on how they cupped your cunt perfectly as well as your ass. ‘’Turn, let me see your ass better princess.’’ You did as I said and slowly turned your back to me before accentuating your bum by pushing it out.

‘’Come here, come sit on daddy’s knee.’’ I said huskily, my arousal evident in my voice. You padded your way over to me before you slowly sank down into my lap, legs either side of my thighs. I looked up at you through my lashes with a lazy smirk on my face, ‘’Got anything to say to daddy princess?’’ You sucked your bottom lip into your mouth before you nodded your head; ‘’Yes, thank you daddy, I love them but why the need for all that packaging for one item? Talk about killing the environment.’’ I chuckled as you seriously had no idea what that pair of underwear was capable of but instead of spoiling the surprise I just simply shrugged my shoulders. ‘’I don’t know princess, maybe they like their packaging and as much as I want to fuck right now, we need to be getting ready. We’re meeting your parents for dinner in an hour and I’d hate for us to be late. Leave them on though, I want to take them off you tonight.’’ I said whilst cupping your bum and tugging you closer to my body so I could place a few delicate kisses to your lips.


We were first at the restaurant which gave us time to get settled at the table and have a glass of champagne before your parents arrived. I was just about to start the ball rolling on your underwear when I watched your parents make their way over to the table. After the greetings, we all sat comfortably, talking about recent job antics and future ones. As I listened to your dad order what everyone wanted for their main course, I took it upon myself to lay my phone on my thigh before I pressed the ‘start’ button. I selected a low buzz for now, I’ll increase it when I deem necessary. I glanced over the table at you to see your eyes widen before you shifted in your seat a little. ‘’You okay princess?’’ I said whilst keeping my eyes glued to your face as you looked up at me with big eyes, ‘’Y-Yeah, I’m fine…’’ I nodded my head before muttering a ‘good’ under my breath. I clicked the ‘stop’ button and watched as your body physically relaxed back into the seat.

I knew I’d got you exactly where I wanted you, dripping wet and anticipating when the next wave of pleasure would hit. We were sat comfortably during our main course when I decided to notch it up to ‘medium’ and quickly clicked ‘start.’ I let my eyes move over to you and I could have groaned out myself just by the look on your face. Your eyebrows were furrowed in a way I knew only too well, your bottom lip was tucked deliciously into your mouth and if you parents weren’t sat with us right now, I just know you’d be whimpering. I went to pop another piece of my grilled chicken into my mouth when I heard you speak up; ‘’Daddy, could you pass me the salt.’’ Not even thinking, I reached for the salt just as your dad did. I quickly pulled my hand away and shot my stare over to you to see your eyes wide – this was definitely a first, never had this happened before. Mainly because I was more aware of my surroundings and who I was with. Shit. I had to think of something quickly. ‘’So (Y/N) told me that you were selling the house, if it’s because of any financial difficulties, you know me and (Y/N) wouldn’t mind lending you money.’’ That was good Harry, keep going. ‘’Of course, I don’t want to pry or stick my nose in, just curious.’’ Your mum smiled softly at me before going on to explain that they’re just wanting something smaller and more manageable. Nice save Styles.

It was hard listening to any conversation taking place when you were sat opposite me and I knew what was going on between your thighs. I argued with your dad for a solid five minutes about who was going to pay for the bill but in the end, I won. We said our goodbyes by the cars before going our separate ways. I leaned down just as I was helping you in the car and whispered in your ear; ‘’We’re not going home yet; I’m going to make a tiny detour.’’ I watched your throat bob up and down as you swallowed thickly but nodded anyway. Once we were both in the car, buckled up and ready for where I was going to take you I pulled out my phone and opened the app. ‘’It works by app?!’’ I simply smirked at you as I nodded my head, ‘’Oh yeah princess, daddy can control this whenever and wherever he likes. I could be in LA for work and you could be right here in London and it would work. Technology hey?’’ I laughed slightly as I looked back down at my screen and decided to just go all out and set it to ‘high’ before I pressed ‘start.’

‘’Oh shit! Fuck, fuck, fuck… daddy please touch me.’’ I heard you whimper out from the seat next to me and I shook my head, ‘’Not yet, don’t even think about touching yourself either. We’re going to go on a little drive and also, try not to come.’’ I smirked more to myself as I started the car and sped off down the road. I drove for around 10 minutes because to be honest, that’s all I could handle with hearing your moans and whimpers next to me. I needed inside of you and I needed it now. I pulled the car into an empty car park and quickly switched the ignition off before looking at you. Your head was tilted back against the headrest and your hands were gripping the seat so hard, your knuckles had turned white. ‘’Does my princess need to come?’’ I said to you whilst unbuckling my seat belt and shifting my body so I was closer to your face, you must have sensed I was there because your head was turned and your lips met mine which quickly turned into a heated kiss. I let out a deep breath through my nose as I pressed my lips harder to yours, a little grunt let my lips when I felt your hand cup my cock through my tight jeans. I reluctantly pulled my lips back from yours and nodded towards the backseats.

‘’Come on, daddy can’t wait any longer for you princess. I just want to fill your cunt full of come and then you can wear your pretty underwear for the rest of the ride home.’’ I watched as you sucked your bottom lip into your mouth as you quickly followed me into the backseat. ‘’How wet are you princess? Tell daddy…’’ I whispered softly as I tugged your body closer to mine and I heard a small whine leave your lips as you rubbed your thighs together to try and get even more friction. ‘’So wet daddy, please just fuck me, I need your cock so bad.’’ You whined out as I grabbed my phone and switched the underwear off and I watched your body physically shrink back as the sensation to your cunt was cut. I tossed my phone onto the front seat before I grabbed for your jeans and started to work quickly to get them down and when I did I was met with such a sight I just stopped and stared for what felt like hours but was only mere seconds. ‘’Holy fucking shit princess, you’re absolutely soaking.’’ I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth as I tugged your jeans down the rest of the way before I hooked my fingers into the waistband of your lace underwear and slowly pulled them down. Savouring the way, they slightly clung to your cunt due to how wet you were before I held them up on my pointer finger. ‘’You’ve absolutely soiled them; I mean it’s a shame that they’re going to be full of come as well isn’t it? Best forty quid I’ve ever spent.’’ I mumbled out as I moved to hover over you, ‘’open your mouth princess, daddy wants you to taste yourself whilst he fucks you.’’ You opened your mouth in a heartbeat, always so willing to please me.

I pushed the wet material into your mouth making sure the wettest part was pressed firmly against your tongue whilst I worked to take down my own jeans and boxers. My cock sprung free instantly and I let out a quiet sigh as it was nice to release it from the tightness. I brought my right hand up to my mouth, making sure your eyes were firmly on me before I spat down onto my hand then wrapped it around my cock. I knew you’d be more than wet enough but I just knew that it was a weakness of yours, watching me get myself off. ‘’You want daddy’s cock princess?’’ I watched you nod quickly as you let out a muffled moan, ‘’I can’t say no to that face, now can I? And you have been a good girl for daddy today.’’ I bent my leg that was off the seat so I could get to your cunt easier then ran the tip of my cock through your creamy slits, gathering as much wetness as I could. I just smirked to myself before I pushed my bare cock into you.

The feeling of taking you bare was relatively new, we’d discussed it one afternoon and since that day we haven’t used a condom since. I dragged my eyes up the length of your body until my eyes locked with yours. Your eyes were fluttering closed as I kept pushing my cock into your cunt over and over, getting harder with every thrust. I let out a deep grunt from my throat when I felt you constrict yourself around my cock, ‘’Yeah that’s it baby, squeeze daddy’s fucking cock, god I need you to come soon princess. Daddy isn’t going to last long tonight.’’ I saw a hint of a smirk spread across your face before your hand reached between the two of you so you could start to play with your clit to bring you closer to you orgasm. I couldn’t help but just watch the way your fingers rolled and flicked over the little bundle of nerves. My thrusts increased with speed and it soon became a needy, raw fuck. I needed to come, preferably inside of you but I couldn’t until you’d come first. That’s how this relationship worked and I wasn’t about to break a habit of a lifetime.

I could hear you moaning out ‘Harry’ from behind the underwear and it only spurred me on. I removed your hand from your clit and replaced it with my own and as soon as my fingers made contact with you, I could feel your cunt draw up, I quickly looked over to your face and it matched what I thought – you were coming. Hard and fast waves washing through your body. I quickly removed the underwear from your mouth and tossed them down onto your body and as I did I heard a loud moan leave your lips as I kept pushing my hips into yours to help ride you through your orgasm. ‘’Fuck that’s it princess, fuck you’re squeezing me so tight.’’ I kept up the quick pace of my hips as I felt my jaw go slack before I felt my own hot release leave my cock and coat your insides. As I was coming, I felt your body respond with mine just like always, as you started milking everything from my cock. I couldn’t help but collapse on top of you but I saved most of my weight on my arm next to your body so I didn’t completely crush you. ‘’I love you, I love you so much Harry.’’ I felt your hand run through my hair before tugging on it and I let out a small laugh as I brought my head up from your neck and just stared down at you. ‘’I love you so much more princess.’’

I closed the small gap between us to press my lips softly against yours, I made sure to keep it slow and gentle just like I did after something as intense as that was. I pulled my mouth away from yours and let my eyes flicker all over your face before smiling, ‘’I didn’t hurt you or anything, did I?’’ You shook your head as you caressed a hand down my cheek before whispering out a hoarse ‘no’ and I nodded slowly in response. I carefully sat myself back on heels, pulling my softening cock from your cunt which resulted in gravity catching up with us, as my come slowly oozed back out of you. I grabbed your underwear from your stomach and carefully pulled them back up your legs. ‘’Now that’s sorted, I think home is in order and a nice hot soak in the bath?’’ You nodded your head in agreement and I couldn’t help but just smile as I watched you sit yourself back up so you could bundle your hair up into a high ponytail. You were completely and utterly it for me, my princess.

Square One

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Square One

“But I already bought the tickets for this weekend” You groaned running your hands through your hair. Lately, you’d been on eggshells around your boyfriend. He’d been busy lately, and although his success was rising it was hitting him hard. You were happy that things were working out for him and Club Eskimo but it almost happened overnight. He was bringing the stress home with him.

He used to come home with a smile on his face after the studio. Now it seems like you were lucky if he came home at all.

Despite all of that, he really was doing his best. Then again so were you. He wasn’t the only one with stress and responsibility.

Either way on the rare occasion that the two of you were together, only fighting would ensue. It was over every little and insignificant thing, but it escalated so quickly. Today’s little argument sprung from you asking him to come with you to visit your parents. It was your Mother’s birthday and they were throwing a party.

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