i was too lazy to draw their house so


My Creations ↠ Hogwarts Houses Pt. 2


Here are the rest of the pics! (from the haunted house)

I’M SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LOOOONG! I wanted to draw more pics for this one but I didn’t have enough time, sorry you guys ;-; 

I hope you like it! 


lmao so this was one of my college finals- i had to make a few concepts of a little story of mine. it was the first time i’ve done something like this SPECIALLY drawing houses and backgrounds……. the pain and tears

i’m still thinking of making much more concepts (digital and traditional) and gather everything in a little zine just for the fun since i won’t make a comic or anything else out of this– just to practice more backgrounds and stuff like that and create all the nice characters!

Mages in glass houses shouldn't throw fireballs.

here you see my inquisitor trevelyan fighting a bunch of templars im too lazy to draw… im not pleased with the way bw decided to complicate dynamics for a cheap attempt at ‘grey morality’. i can go on and on about robin, long story short, he’s a very bitter man with anders’ ideals and fought in frontlines during the mage uprising. also i thought upside down circle emblem would make a good symbol for mage rebellion so here u go 

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au intimidating punk akaashi ends up partnered with bokuto for a project and when they're over at akaashi's house working bokuto discovers akaashi has a secret love of catchy pop music and akaashi is just like "fuck i was so careful. tell anyone and i'll end you" but bokuto just thinks it's cute

I actually have a punk akaashi thing and he’s got tattoos but i was too lazy to draw them here 

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hello daisy! do u know nice korean skincare and makeup products

I am not really a make up person nor a Korean products person but I could tell you the things I’ve used and found pretty good~

I haven’t used many Korean skincare products but I’ve heard that the skinfood masks that come in a black container is pretty good. I have the lemon, the blackberry and the strawberry it’s real squeeze masks from Innisfree and I guess they helped my skin a little(?) I haven’t seen a tremendous change in my skin yet ;;

As for makeup, I have a 3CE #802 love sick lipstick from my birthday. The texture of it is similar to the Mac lustre series lipsticks but it doesn’t have those shiny stuff. The colour stays on for quite a while but it does dry your lips a little so I would recommend wearing lip balm before applying any one~

Another lip product I’ve used is the Catchu Wink Tony Tint in cherry. I really like this lip tint~ I would say that it is best to apply to lips after a coat of lip balm or something because it is really drying. The colour stays on forever and it needs proper make up remover to remove this.

I have two bb creams. One is Skin79’s Super+ Belesh Balm Tripe Function in pink. IT IS SPF25 because I don’t like BB creams with a SPF that is too high ;; I don’t really like using things that are more than SPF30~ anyways this BB cream does help to make my skin appear softer, brighter, “healthier” and it evens out my skin tone too. It doesn’t really have a full on concealer effect on pimples and spots though so a concealer is still needed to cover up those bits.

I also have the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream No.23. I guess I put this on my dark circles and the centre of my nose and above my eyebrows and a bit on my cheekbones I use it as a highlighter BAHABABABA~ this is because when I use it fully, it gives a grey undertone and I don’t like that ;;

I also have a Goodbye PoreEver Pore Primer Essence from Étude House~ I use this before I put on BB cream if I remember and I guess it just helps to prevent BB cream and powder residue entering my pores(?)

For the eyes, I have Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker from Etude House. I am too lazy to go through all these steps for eye shadow so I just use this hehe if you are lazy then this is great~ it is an eye shadow in a stick/pen form which I find super helpful.

I use Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House for my eyebrows and it is the brown black one~ I’ve used one already and this is an item I would highly recommend because it is so easy to fill in and draw your eyebrows with this omg. Well for me it is.

I have the Cats Wink Clear Pact from Tonymoly too~ this is a powder pact I use to finish everything and once again I use it as a highlighter BAHABABAH. It does a pretty good job on prevent my face from getting oily but I feel like it comes off pretty fast so I guess I would invest in a makeup primer later c:

These are all the products I have right now and have used so far~ I haven’t used many Korean skin products so I could only recommend these(?) but yea I hope that this is helpful c: I am not a make up person and I only draw my eyebrows and wear a tinted lip balm before I leave the house. If I feel like going with extra I go with BB cream BAHABAHA

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Hestia please! ^o^

too lazy to draw so here is a moodboard.

i couldnt really think of a house atm? but i do have a dream studio apartment. or apartment in general. (i blame the really cool small apartment videos)

I would like large windows, lots of house plants, a good functioning kitchen, open space for hangouts, cozy bathroom and no offense to my current roommates….. but no roommates please. 8))))))))).


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So, I was going to reblog something about LoVe and I read your tags and you said you read a lot of fanfiction CAN YOU PLEASE SHARE? I AM IN SERIOUS NEED I GUESS I MIGHT DIE IT'S AN ADDICTION AND I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING I NEED VERONICA AND LOGAN please. thank you.

OH GOD. Yeah, I can definitely share some of my favorites. And if anyone has other recs, pls reply to this post because I need more in my life. (!!!!!)

The All Things Go series by Ghostcat is a WORK OF ART. Truly. The characterization is so, so good. The stories make my heart hurt and lead to me sending lots of capslock-filled emails back and forth with my bff. The stories can be read out of order as oneshots, tho, which is how I’ve read them. My faves (so far) are:

  • You’ll Find Me Crashing (M) THIS ONE’S MY FAVORITE, I THINK!! L + V in the days following Cassidy’s death. They are soooo sad and so in looooove.
  • If Your Mind Should Sway (T) The car scene from the movie. Veronica really wants to kiss Logan and probably more than that too. He takes her to her old house! At one point they are PRETEND MARRIEDS.
  • A Trace of Meaning (T) I didn’t think I’d be into this one, but I AM. They’re 13 and 14. Logan hides his sadness/terrible home life. V is super inquisitive. They banter a lot and Logan teases her and he gets grumpy about V asking so many questions. Also she falls asleep on him. IT’S ALL REAL CUTE.

Using excerpts for the rest bc I am lazy and also THEY WILL DRAW YOU IN. SO FAST.

Red Lights and Automatic Sidewalks (T, post-S3, oneshot.) “She thinks she might love him; she only wishes she could hold on long enough to find out for sure.”

A Little Dysfunctionality Goes a Long Way (T, post-S3, oneshot.) ““Good,” she tells him politely, as if they’ve just woken up hungover after the the company Christmas party. Not like he’s the man who’s massaged aloe onto her sunburned back and then listened to her whine all night that it wasn’t working.”

A Fine and Endless Cycle (M, barely post-S3, multi-chapter.) “"Glad to help,” he says softly, his face unreadable as his eyes flicker over her face, and she almost reaches out to finger the bruises on his cheek. That’s the problem with ex-boyfriends: you get used to touching them and then it’s so hard to drop the habit.“

Spanning Continents (M, post-movie, oneshot.) “Loving Veronica Mars, it turns out, is like riding a bike.”

And grace, too. (M, post-S3, oneshot.) ”“I’m coming back,” she murmurs. She might as well jump off, if this ledge is going to be so willing. “We could try again.” He kisses her forehead, the tips of her eyebrows. “That’s kind of our specialty,” he says.“ (I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE.)

September Ends (T, post-movie, oneshot.) ”“I waited a hundred and eighty days for this,” she says. I waited nine years for you, he doesn’t.)”

You Moved to Montreal to be Closer to France (T, post-movie, oneshot.) “She hangs up and calls two minutes later, again, and says, “dad’s making lasagna again,” and he says, “it’s four in the morning here,” and there’s no response to that, really, except, “I’m so sorry,” and she can hear his uneven breathing when he admits, “maybe I can finally fall asleep now,” and she thinks, oh, god.”

Wingspan (G, post-movie, multi-chapter.) "She can recall his face, rounder with youth and strained with grief, as he accused her of never needing anything. She still doesn’t like to, but she wants to try. She wants to try to be a person who can be attached to someone without being afraid.”

Three Emails Sent Across Continents (And Possibly Five Text Messages) (T, post-movie, oneshot.) “It feels like she’s been holding her breath for months, waiting for this, for him, waiting until she feels stretched out thin.”

No One Breaks My Heart Like You (M, S2, oneshot.) “He whispers how he loves Lilly, and he loves her, and he loves people who leave him, and Veronica wipes her own tears away while she grips the phone tightly against her ear.”

Lessons on Appropriate Timing (M, post-movie, oneshot.) ““Can you please not mention my dad when I have my hand in your pants?””

The Atlantic Was Born Today (NR, post-movie, oneshot.) “…and getting home at night after nailing corrupt police officers and cheating husbands to find her high-school flame, of all people, sitting cross-legged on the floor playing with Legos.”