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Alright, let's look at the diversity in Big Hero 6:

Edit: This is a VERY old post that I did when it was only concept art and a few shots released, so don’t take this too seriously! For instance, Honey was confirmed to be Latina after u made this. However, few of the concepts are different from the final product

And I’m not just talking about racial diversity. There’s more to this film than just that.

Here are our main 7 + 1 characters… imagine Baymax is there:

gif credit to disneyismyescape because I’m too lazy to make my own gifs right now

First, let’s talk about racial diversity, and I will be including Tadashi and Aunt Cass in this because they are related to Hiro, and I’m sure they’ll be in about 1/3 to half of the film. Plus, they’ve been talked about as being part of the main cast, so why not?

We have two Asian-Caucasian males- biracial characters, that’s not something you see in every animation- one white male, one white female- although, people seem to think she might be Latino? I mean, look at her action figure, you never know, but we’ll see- one Japanese female, and one black male.

That’s a pretty racially diverse group. 4/6- 2/3- are POC’s.

The team is 1/3 women, that’s more than I can say for certain franchises…. AHEM The Avengers and the Justice League AHEM

Ethnically? Can’t say much yet since the film hasn’t been released.

Personality-wise? Not yet.

Now, let’s talk about character design. Let’s start with these amazing ladies:

Let’s start with Aunt Cass:

I freaking love this design. It’s so simple, but she looks like a middle-aged parent, even though she is not Hiro and Tadashi’s biological mother. She’s wearing clothes that anyone, especially mothers, wear. She a nice size and is not stick thin, creating even more diversity among the ladies.


I know this is concept art, but it’s basically exactly what she looks like now, so I’ll use it.

GoGo is an extremely rare design in animation. She’s a short, muscled, and average-sized female. She has thick thighs and calves with hips to match and curves that makes sense. Most Disney ladies are pretty skinny with unusually large hips that give them curves to make them look just a bit too exaggerated for most tastes. For example, Elsa, and even Merida. Just look at a picture of them and I think it’s obvious that their hips are a bit too big for the small body that they have, but Merida is closest to realistic.

I’m just happy to see a design like GoGo’s finally in an animated movie that will be pretty popular. Kids need representation for body type, and GoGo’s body-type is one that isn’t really represented a lot in entertainment and media, and that’s pretty ridiculous since a significant percentage of women on this earth are GoGo’s body-type

Honey Lemon:

I’m not even going to go into the argument of her looking like Rapunzel or Anna or Elsa because, honestly, that’s just what happens with CGI. Disney has a style of character with CGI and they’ll stick with it until they completely revamp the way they design CGI characters. The only thing they have in common is long blonde (honey-blonde…. haha) hair and maybe the eyes. Honey Lemon’s face is pointer, and not to mention, she is tall. Thank you, Disney, for giving us a tall female character- that’s not something you see every day, either. 

Besides, what does her design really have to do with how well you might like the character? A character is almost completely their personality, their design is just the vessel in which they convey their personality and their thoughts and ideas. You can like a character without enjoying their designs- depending on the person.

Also, I would just like to say, to anyone complaining about redesigns and how bad she looks to them, this is her look from the comics:

Yeah… what a great design. It’s definitely better than the armor that Disney is giving her that covers her whole body and face with material that will protect her and give her better mobility…. totally better. And who doesn’t want a sexualized Disney character? …. yeah, most everyone doesn’t, especially Disney. At least, not like this; they had their fun with Elsa, but this is way different.

And to anyone complaining about if she’s white in this, please read the comics- preferably the awkward 2008 comics. She was pretty obsessed with American culture and did everything she could to look white, she even changed her eye colour; it was a bit… weird. So, if she is white in this, I really don’t see the problem since, if she had been Japanese, people would have been angry with her looking white. If she’s the rumoured Latino? Cool.

The new design for Honey is practical and makes sense. You have a short and curvy girl compared to a tall and wiry girl- two body-types that do exist, but don’t get a lot of attention. Representation for female body-types is important, and I think they movie is doing a great job at it.

Now, on to the boys.


I can honestly say that this is a great design. He’s a tall stalky guy that is very obsessed with keeping things clean. I just think it will be a great mix. It’s a pretty normal design, but I think that it works in the character’s favor. Some people are complaining about his hair, but I see no problem with it since I’ve seen people with hair like that before and it’s not that uncommon.


This is the character that’s caused the most “controversy”, but I really don’t see why. He’s white, yes, but the original character wasn’t a POC. Barely anything is known about his character in the comics, so this shouldn’t be a big deal. If you’re going to have a diverse cast, and a big part of the audience will be white, you might want to have a white person. I’m just saying, that’s a thing.


The fangirls love this design, and I can’t say that I disagree because I love it, too. His large ears stand out, and his clothing is very much like the engineering students I see at the college in my town; it’s a familiar design, but Disney hasn’t really done anything like this. You can tell that he’s mixed race, and that’s just awesome.

And, finally, the fandom favorite… Hiro:

Disney really hit the mark with this design. Hiro’s short, wears baggy clothes to make him seem even smaller, and he has a tooth gap. Fan’s fell for his adorable design, and who can blame them? Disney is good at making cute characters (remember Up’s Russell? It’s still Disney). He has the wild hair that calls back to his original manga style, and anime in general, unlike Tadashi who got the “plain” hair.

Dang it, Disney. Stop making cute characters, it’s not fair to your audience.

I think the great thing about this design is that it will kind of foil Hiro’s personality. He seems like he will be a pretty sarcastic, defensive, and forward kid- like any kid. He won’t be the old wide-eyed innocent character that Disney used to always have.

And just a short mention:

No, Baymax’s design is not racist. He is white because he is white in the comics, and it is easier to put a white robot with his design in environments than a dark colour. The racist argument is not valid here.

All in all, there is a lot of diversity in Big Hero 6, be it body-type or race. People need to take off their critical goggles and realize that Disney did not race-bend and change the environment simply because they thought that an all Asian cast wouldn’t sell- do you remember Mulan at all? They did it because they wanted the movie to be in a place that seems like it could be anywhere and so that their audience could relate. They took the original city and combined it with one of the most diverse cities in the world to make their own city.

So that’s my hopefully okay “analysis”… I hope you liked it!



spoilers. duh.

  • XMNSKDHISF okay… okay… I’m calm.
  • Allow me to admit I was not as excited as I am for the anime after watching the first episode.
  • You can just tell Ishida-sensei did the writing and storyboard for this; the beauty of it.
  • Is it just me, or did the studio actually spent more money to make the animation? The quality and overall beauty of it is amazing.
  • ALSO, this episode was violent but had no censorship? This is the same studio… did Ishida threaten them lol I am grateful for this!
  • Okay. The episode begins with Hide. Why? BECAUSE ISHIDA WROTE THE THING AND unlike the first season writers HE FCKING KNOWS HIDE IS FCKING IMPORTANT. THANK YOU.
  • Ew that centipede is still crawling on the floor.
  • I wish Ishida had kept the part where Kaneki refuses to kill Jason, but I guess he didn’t want the attention on anyone else but Hide and Kaneki here.
  • CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW HIDE RODE ALLLLLL THE WAY FROM ANTEIKU (20th ward, supposedly far north of Tokyp) TO AOGIRI’S WAREHOUSE (11th ward, supposedly far south of Tokyo) JUST FOR KANEKI?
  • Can we also talk about how he actually SAW Kaneki?
  • THAT OP. Okay. I was disappointed at first. The song is good but I thought well the video is… lazy? But then again, it’s made of Ishida’s paintings, thus slower than animations. Like all things Ishida-related, you have to look for stuff in this.
  • The first pair of hands belong to Rize, obviously, putting the mask on Ken-bun’s face,
  • The second pair of hands? Not Rize’s. They’re Touka’s. Speaking of which, the ‘Touken’ shippers should know that the series seems to have a lot of strong Touken feels, even more than the manga (more on that later).
  • That Ayato vs/ Touka fight is pretty brutal.
  • Ayato you lil shit.
  • Yashimura talks sense. I love this man.
  • Those armors. DUDE.
  • Ew Kakuja armors eating Shinohara LEAVE HIM ALONE
  • Well, Yashimura, we all wish Arima was here too…
  • Oh, look my husbando is here too.
  • Yomo. Duuuude. he kick he kick so good.
  • As much as I wanted Ayato to get half-killed, it wouldn’t have made much sense with that ending…
  • Touka… AWWW….
  • Kaneki does humiliate Ayato though. Good.
  • Noro and his alarm clock I swear to God…
  • Tataor and Eto are watching from afar. They know Kaneki is fighting. They admire it. This is scaring me.
  • The symbolism in strooong here.
  • The ravens fly away and BOOM WOW ccg is doomed. 
  • The whole building falling down scene was just WOW
  • I feel bad for Maro. Never thought I would.
  • We interrupt this episode to show a happy Suzuya dragging a dead Jason on the floor.
  • Did Kaneki just carry Touka away on his back?  NO I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING
  • At least one thing’s like the manga: STUPEFIED NISHIKI.
  • We need more Yomo.
  • We interrupt this episode to show an adorable Tsukiyama saving Banjo.
  • The animation is gorgeous. 
  • I think Kaneki decided to join Aogiri after seeing all those dead people, ghouls and humans. I think this is how he wants to destroy them; from the inside. They gathered all these ghouls, offered them protection and power ect and then let them die. And they mass-murdered the ccg agents, Not coo.
  • The part where Kaneki says goodbye to Touka is probably the best part of the episode for me. That song, the start of snow (symbolism for loneliness/coldness). The way Touka stumbles after him and reaches out her hand without a word and then falls to her kness and breaks down in tears… This scene is much MUCH more emotional than in the manga.
  • I personally think Ishida-sensei has bigger plans for Touka x Kaneki here.
  • So far this feels like a 'what if’ story which is also very much related to the manga story. I don’t feel this is a different,detached world. I feel like this whole thing will go around and end in where the manga did. 
  • I also think that what we see here will play parts in the :re manga later but I could be wrong. I don’t mean something following the events of A. I mean something happening in :re than here happens in A. Hope that makes sense.
  • ??
  • ????? 
  • Don’t tell me Kaneki doesn’t LOVE Touka
  • Don’t tell me Touka doesn’t LOVE Kaneki
  • Have I mentioned the animation is gorgeous?
  • Kaneki again eyes the dead bodies. Yes. This is why he goes with the Aogiri. For revenge for all these dead bodies.


  • I assume Kaneki had his mask with him all the time (because that’s a 'safety’ mask and not for fun and he should always have it) so he had it with his clothes/stuff when they brought him to 11th ward.
  • I assume the Aogiri gave him the battle suit (eto, maybe?)
  • I feel like the Kaneki squad (Banjo, Tsukiyama, Hinami, etc) will happen later either by Kaneki breaking apart from Aogiri or going behind their back.
  • I feel like this is to give us a 3rd view to this world; we got a 'good’ ghoul’s view in TG, and a CCG investigator’s view in TG:re. This is a view from the dark side…
  • I can see Tatara going all impressed by Kaneki.
  • I expect more Aogiri background with this series.
  • I need Arima to show up.
  • I feel like there’s a point Kaneki keeps looking at Touka like that… ;u;
  • This series is so different from S1 in mood especially. It’s so dark and a bit depressing TBH. 
  • Silent/dead-eyed Kaneki kills my heart. Even my mother kept saying Kaneki looks like a dead guy walking. So little words. So tired, so broken, so empty.
  • This is going to murder us in a whole new way.


Did you like the first episode?
Did I get something wrong/leave something out? Let me know.