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It’s a quiet day– the best kind of day as far as Derek’s concerned. He’s settled on the couch, knee deep in the first half of next week’s required reading. His face is just barely out of range of a ray of sunlight that’s been steadily creeping across his living room floor towards him. In about twenty minutes that’ll become a problem, but for now?


The doorbell rings– probably the biography of Abraham Lincoln he ordered off Amazon. With a lazy stretch, Derek drops his book on the end table and gets up to answer the door–

–and the world spins–

–and he finds himself standing in a grimy, poorly-lit warehouse, staring down the barrels of at least six automatic rifles.

“Uh,” he croaks, hands twitching upwards on reflex, when someone captures his wrist in a vice grip and yanks. A rough voice shouts get down, dumbass! and he follows obediently, more out of shock than anything else. He folds his legs under him and throws himself to the ground behind some waist-high metal container, biting back a curse when he hits concrete elbow-first.

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anonymous asked:

What do you do when you're trying to write a scene and you kinda know what you want to happen, but you don't know how to write it? Does that make sense?

Yeah, it makes sense, don’t worry about it!

Well, I can give you my tricks? If you want, like, what do I do in those cases;I honestly don’t know if they are going to be useful or not but, here we go:

Okay, so, I have three types to set in a scene I wanna write but can’t really find the words or enviroment to set it with.

[Not gonna put it under the read bc Idk if someone is on mobile so eh, Iwill edit that later] 

Type 1: The Poetic Lazy One

WIP Broganes Drabble. 

I use like those thingies [-] to know that all of this content happens in one scene. (Sometimes also as micro-scenes but that comes in type 3) 

I put the  [Voltron Broganes] as a reference for myself bc the drabble is chronological, they start from when they were younger [Babies Broganes] to where they are now, that is Voltron. 

Then, I set the ages I want them to be, again as a reference, and explain a little on what I want to see in the scene. What do I want to express, show, be known

I want the audience to know how Keith is dealing with the loss of his brother, I want them to see how hard it is on him and how in distress he is. I want them to empathize with him and see the connection the song they call theirs link them and how important it is to them. 

I state how I want them to see that: through the Black Lion. What do I want to archive: make Keith sad (sowwy Keith). 

Type 2: The Chatty Flowing One

WIP Kidge Romantic Drabble

This one is a lil bit more ugh bc you gotta write a little more, but it’s also good. It MAY MAY look like the real final thing, but it’s not, like, not really? 

Because this is the middle of the fic. 

It’s not the start. 

Most of the time the scenes we have planned out is because we see something or we think of a dialogue happening in a particular scene. 

You gotta write it down, like literally. Whatever is in your mind, write it down.

What’s the target here? Stating what you want to be talked about in the scene. What interaction you wanna see. 

In the Kidge example, you don’t know where they are, I didn’t even know where they were, but I knew what I wanted to be there. I wanted to a specific interaction between Keith and Pidge so I wrote that and then everything else? It comes on it’s on. Like: 

Then you can do the narration! You settle the scene, the enviroment, what is happening around them, how they got there, what they are looking for, why they are looking for it. 

Like, on the first Kidge example, that happens a lil bit after the start. This one right here is the start, and yet I wrote first the interaction between Kidge, because that what I had already in mind. It was what I already knew. 

Type 3: The Strawberry One 

WIP Beauty and The Beast Klance Multi

Now, this one is kinda of my fave bc it cracks me up. 

Sometimes you don’t even need fancy words and make it poetic as shit. Sometimes you just need to narrate the scene as if you were telling it to your best friend.

Use your own daily words. Your typos, your everything. Make it yours and express it as you see it in your head.

Polishing will come later, you will add or remove things, but you gotta settle what you want to see. 

This is what I meant by Micro-Scene. Basically, it’s two scenes that are connected but each of them have a Micro-scene that defines them, if that evne makes sense.

I write them down like this because I need to know how the two of them connect each other. 

I usually leave the scene above when I start writing, so like, it would be like this: 

As you can see, I didn’t need much? Just to know that Keith was going to enter the scene and he was FUCKING PISSED

So yeah! 

That’s basically my top 3 types! Hope that helped somehow? I mean, I know I’m no master on writing whatsoever, that I might be doing something wrong, but this is my method, and it works for me, so maybe for you too? 

Let me know if you need any help! :D 

anything, everything: the future is ours

because @notsuchasecret loves WataKyouHaba and there is like nothing for it and that is a challenge I accept

(also because I like making Bre yell at me)

It’s when Watari looks up, his ice cream in one hand and Kyoutani’s candy bar in the other, and spots Kyoutani grumbling at Yahaba a couple paces away and helping him rip open a bag gummy candies because Yahaba jammed his fingers during practice that day… that he realizes it.

They’re kind of dating each other.  All three of them.  He stares back down at Kyoutani’s candy bar and blinks a little stupidly at it until his ice cream starts melting and running down his fingers.

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Preference 5- You're Best Friends and You Have a Crush On Him and You Don't Like His Girlfriend [Part 1/2]



Luke: You were at your best friend, Luke’s, house, and you guys were sitting on his living room floor playing video games. It had been a while since you guys just hung out. He had recently gotten a girlfriend, Hannah, so you two barely had any time to talk anymore. You didn’t even understand why he was dating her. You had had a crush on Luke ever since you two met when you guys were 10, and from then on, your love for him just grew stronger and stronger. On the other hand, he had known Hannah for only a few months, and she was clearly only using him for his fame. Your eyes were concentrated on the screen when suddenly you hear his doorbell ring. “I’ll get it!” Luke announces, jumping up. “It’s probably the pizza man.” he says, opening the door. Instead, you turn around and see his girlfriend standing in the doorway. “Lukey!” she squeals, irritating your ears. “Oh, hey, um look, now isn’t really the best time. Y/N and I are kind of hanging out right now, so…” he trails off. “Are you kidding me? Why is she even here? I though you loved me?” she says, making you roll your eyes. “I do love you! But I haven’t seem Y/N in a while, and we were just playing some video games just now and-” “Look Luke, if you want to date me-” You suddenly got up, interrupting her. “Look, you know what, it’s fine. I don’t really care. If you guys want to hang out, I’ll just leave you alone.” “No wait Y/N you really don’t have to-” to tries to say, but you cut him off. “No, it’s okay, I get it. I don’t even care. Sorry for being a bother.” you whisper, looking down. You cared too much about Luke and didn’t want to cause a fight, leading to Luke getting hurt. You slipped out the door, muttering a quick “See you around” to Luke. You could feel the tears threatening to spill out, but you made it out the door right before they finally succeed in doing so.

Ashton: You and your best friend, Ashton, were having pizza across the street from his house. You two were just talking and joking around when suddenly his phone rings. “One second.” he says, picking up his phone. “Hello?” he says. You hear whining coming from the other side of the line. You couldn’t make out exactly what the other person was saying, but you could tell it was his snobby girlfriend, Sasha. She was clearly complaining about something, which didn’t at all surprise you. She was the snobbiest and most spoiled person you had ever met. Finally, he put down his phone and looked back at you. “Sorry about that. That was just Sasha getting annoyed at me because I didn’t answer her text.” he says, chuckling at how ridiculous it was. “Why are you even dating her?” “I don’t know, I mean…” he says, trailing off. You had had a crush on Ashton for years, longer than you were willing to admit. “Ashton, can I tell you something?” you say hesitantly. “Yeah, sure. Go ahead.” You take a deep breath. You had wanted to tell this to him for the longest time, but always chickened out. You knew this wasn’t the best time, since he has a girlfriend now, but it was just something you had to do. “I, um, I’ve had a crush on you for a really long time, and every time I wanted to tell you, I got too scared. Then you got a girlfriend, which basically tore my heart up into shreds. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know if you felt the same, so I just kept quite.” you spill out. He reaches out and puts his hand on top of yours. He was about to say something, but suddenly, his girlfriend storms in. “Ashton, what are you doing?” she demands. “What? Nothing! We were just having pizza, I swear!” he says, jumping up. “I saw what you were about to do. I’m telling you right now, if I see you with your little ‘best friend’ one more time, you don’t even want to know what I am going to do. You hear me?” she says, her voice getting louder and louder. You felt yourself getting red, your tears building up. You didn’t want to cause a scene and disturb the other people in the pizza place, so you jump up and bolt out the door, your eyes finally giving in and releasing the tears.

Calum: You, Calum’s girlfriend, and the boys were all at Calum’s house, sitting on the couch and just joking around. All of you guys, except Calum’s girlfriend, Jessica, had been best friends since you were in diapers, but you always felt especially close to Calum. There was just something about him that made you fall in love with him, which is why you were heartbroken when you found out he had gotten a girlfriend. “I’m going to go pick up some lunch.” Calum says, excusing himself and getting up. “I’m going with him! I don’t even like it here” Jessica says, causing all of you to roll your eyes. When they left the room, Michael looks at you. “So Y/N, do you still like Calum?” he asks. “Shut up. I never liked him.” you respond, feeling yourself blushing. “Oh come on, it’s pretty obvious you do. Don’t worry, we won’t mind. Jessica is possibly the most annoying person who has ever lived.” says Ashton, chuckling. “So are you going to tell him about how you feel towards him?” he adds. You sigh. “Well, he has a girlfriend now, so it wouldn’t even doing anything if I did tell him” you admit, looking down. “Tell me what?” Calum says, walking back into the room with his girlfriend and returning to the couch. “What? Oh, nothing.” you say. For the rest of the afternoon, you could feel Calum’s eyes watching you. Finally, he said “Y/N? Can I talk to you for a few minutes?” You two walk over to the kitchen. As soon as you were out of the other guys’ earshots, He turns to you. “Alright, just tell me. Why are you acting so weird all of a sudden?” he demands, the sudden harshness in his voice surprising you. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” you say quitely, refusing to meet his gaze. “Y/N, we’ve been best friends since I could remember. I can tell when something’s wrong. Just tell me.” he says, only this time his voice is softer and more loving. Finally, you sigh and give in. “Fine. You want to know what’s wrong? Well, here’s what’s wrong. I’ve had a crush on you ever since I was old enough to understand what a crush is, Every time I see you, the hole in my heart just gets deeper and deeper because I know there is nothing I can do about it because you have a girlfriend. Now I just hate myself a lot for not telling you how I feel earlier so that even if you didn’t feel the same way back, at least I wouldn’t have had to keep the feelings bottled up.” you say, just letting the words pour out of your mouth. Calum just stands there stunned for a few seconds. Finally, he opens his mouth to say something. “Y/N, I’ve liked you ever since we were kids, too. I only asked Jessica out because I didn’t think you liked me back. taking your small hands into his larger ones. "R-Really?” you say, shocked. “Yeah.” he replies sheepishly. “Now I really regret not asking you out earlier. Otherwise, the last few months would have been a lot better if I was with you, instead” “Maybe we can start now?” you suggest, smiling. “I’d like that.” he says, kissing you softly. 

Michael: “Michael, no! Stop!” you squeal as he puts a dot of icing on your nose. You two were baking cupcakes together and were currently in the middle of decorating them. You and Michael used to always do these kinds of things together. You guys had been best friends since you could remember, and you had even fallen in love with him along the way. However, when you found out he got a girlfriend, you were heartbroken. You tried to cover it up, because you wanted him to be happy, but that didn’t keep it from hurting. Pretty soon, you two started fooling around with the icing, and before you knew it, made a huge mess. As you were cleaning up, you hear the door open. You see Michael’s girlfriend, Shannon, walk in. As soon as she saw you, she automatically got furious. “Why the fuck is she here?!” she shouts. “Relax, we were just hanging out.” Michael says casually. “Yeah, ok, sure. It’s pretty obvious she’s trying to steal you.” “Shannon, it’s not like that. I’ve already told you. Y/N and I are just friends.” “Ugh, whatever.” she says, rolling her eyes and walking past you, pushing you with her shoulders. “Michael, I-” “No, it’s fine, you don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault.” he said, sighing. “Just wait one second, I’ll be right back.” he said, walking up the stairs to where Shannon went.

Author’s Note: Ugh, sorry, I got a little lazy when I got up to Michael’s. But I hope you like it!! I’ll have part 2 out as soon as I can. Part two will consist of Luke, Ashton, and Michael, but not Calum because I was able to write his all in one part. Also, as always, my ask box is open to any suggestions or requests, so please feel free to send me some. Also, follow me if you liked it!! :)