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Hahaha , by the way , I wished Yamato saw TK asking Taichi to be his brother 😂 . OMG who knows what would happen to three of them . Maybe yamato would kill taichi or leave the group once and for ever. It's is good idea to be fanfic . But sadly I'm not good in writing. I hope someone do

That could have actually happened if Yamato and Jou decided to run away from Digitamamon’s restaurant together. xD

« read from right to left «

Sorry I got too lazy to finish this lol

omg guys what if by the end of TF5 they find out where the last knight is and they go to a hilltop where they see a lone hooded figure who dramatically turns to look at them as the background music swells and it’s….shia lebouf

not sam witwicky played by shia lebeouf

just shia lebouf as himself, with a beard and everything

And I don’t want to be so sad that we are who we are
Cause we had no control (x)

I would like it if ishida stopped with this “reminder” thing he has going on. 

Sinnoh Route 215

It suddenly rained on us when we got there. It was the most beautiful rain I’ve ever seen. As usual my best pal Lucario was looking out for me hehe.


May 17, 2017 | Wednesday

Soooo, it’s been almost two months since my last proper post. Hehe
Been living quite the sedentary life this past few weeks and totally forgot I actually had a blog.

I’ve just graduated and I’m too lazy to start making notes for medschool so I thought: maybe make a bujo?? So this is my first spread (lol if it isn’t apparent enough) and kinda failed on being minimalistic. I don’t even know what theme I was going for. Oh well. I also don’t have a lot to do lately thus the absence of activities hahaha.

Anyhow, OMG I’ve hit 1.1k followers while I was gone 🎉 huhuhu
And also I got accepted into the med school I so wanted to get in, so happy I crie

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Can you do a request where the characters all know about the reset button and how they would reacts to MC clicking it after their route and how their answers and personality would change in the next one you did? (Please include Saeran, V and Rika if possible)

YAY ANGST >:D sorry this actually took me a long time to think about because omg this is too much character analysis… tbh i was going to leave this for later because it’s so complicated but I WANT TO WRITE ANGST… when i first read a bunch of reset theory posts i was literally so depressed for seven LOL.. like let the poor boy be happy he deserves so much

sorry but i couldn’t think of a really good characterization for saeran, v, and rika since they don’t have actual routes, so i didn’t include them :<

also this probably would’ve made more sense if i wrote them story-style but i got lazy ^~^


  • when you first reset, he was mostly dumbfounded
  • he had no idea what was going on, suddenly sitting on his bed with the messenger app open and realizing that he’d read this chatroom before
  • it finally clicks that you reset the game back to the beginning and he’s honestly so upset
  • did he mean nothing to you? was it that easy to have his feelings confirmed and then tossed aside?
  • but then he gets hopeful
  • maybe you just wanted to restart to experience falling in love with him again
  • so he plays along and sends those messages all over
  • he’ll even compare you to rika again, so that he can coax the same reactions out of you 
  • but even he could realize things were different when you were happily sweet-talking another member throughout the day
  • it honestly shatters him, and he distracts himself by excessively playing LOLOL nonstop
  • but as painful as it is, he decides to support whoever you’re aiming for
  • he’s happy to see you changing their life for the better, even if it’s not his this time
  • in every different route, he’ll never show you how much he’s hurting
  • he’ll just put on a smile and cheer you on
  • cause all he wants is for you to be happy


  • he’s devastated when he realizes you reset
  • it’s just a big mixture of disbelief and confusion
  • even when it’s obvious you’re aiming for another member of the RFA, he’s never going to stop sweet-talking you
  • because he’s desperate to have you back
  • his heart shatters a bit every time you greet someone else in the chatroom, or say goodbye to another member
  • he loves calling you though, because even if your heart changed, at least your voice didn’t
  • the only major difference is when he realizes you chose jumin’s route
  • jumin’s already ticked him off no matter what, but seeing you comfort and send those loving messages that he used to get from you was too much
  • he’s undeniably salty and bitter in jumin’s route because of that
  • but no matter what, he loves you so much
  • so all he can do is act as usual and wait for you to choose him again


  • she gets sullen when everything seems to restart
  • she doesn’t quite remember how, but you made a big impact on her life
  • and it’s all gone in the blink of an eye
  • she drowns herself in work as a distraction
  • even the prospect of no sleep doesn’t make her that upset anymore
  • at least it lowers the chances of her dreaming about you
  • she doesn’t even blame you for resetting
  • maybe this is how it should be
  • maybe she’s fated to being alone and working until retirement
  • after all, that is what the fortuneteller back then prophesied 
  • whenever she sees you happily chatting with the others in the chatroom, she steels herself and talks normally
  • she has many things to do, and she wouldn’t get in your way
  • the reset was just a sign that it wasn’t meant to last
  • so she’ll watch over you and guide you to whatever path that was meant for you


  • oh hell no
  • you did not just reset on him
  • he wasn’t accepting that
  • he’ll be extremely curt towards you in the beginning few days
  • he’s just so salty
  • but he gets impatient and starts mentioning the possibility of you visiting his home
  • maybe you’ll realize your feelings if you stayed with him for a bit
  • of course, you’re all confused and say you can’t leave the apartment
  • he shuts himself off and acts emotionless 24/7 now
  • he’s especially snippy when he enters the chatroom and sees zen chatting away with you
  • but every time he sees you move further and further away from him, it’s another crushing sense of unhappiness
  • each reset only multiplies his displeasure
  • although he never truly abandons the possibility that you might come back into his arms, he’s left with one lingering thought
  • “i can’t trust women”


i didn’t write a lot for bae since i feel like he knows about the resets already… like there have been theories and moments where 707 just breaks the 4th wall and i’m just there like ALRIGHT THEN lmfao but i’ll just put a few tidbits cause yay angst

  • he was completely withdrawn the first time you reset
  • all of his happiness just slipped out of his fingers with the press of a button
  • but he made this game, so wasn’t it to be expected?
  • this was what he deserved, with the life he was living
  • he wasn’t meant to stay in the light
  • permanent happiness was something he wasn’t allowed to hope for
  • he realized that fully once you reset
  • he’ll maintain his persona and act as the bright and happy 707 in the chatrooms
  • but there will be times when he breaks (ex “Unstable Seven” in the jumin route)
  • but even if you forget him, he’ll always love you
  • he might fade from your memory, but he’ll always keep you in his heart no matter where you go

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Hey Amanda!! I really love OHK and you've inspired me to make my own manga as well! However I'm a bit lost as to how to start >.< Do you think you could give me some pointers (e.g. what program to use, how to go about planning, layout of manga pages or whatever you think a beginner would need to know?). Thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work!!!!

omg I’m super flattered you would ask for my advice! I’m not a pro or anything but I’ll do my best to tell you what I know (super long message with example images up ahead)

1. Keep it simple. Simple plot, simple characters. Don’t add a bunch of characters or details all at once or it’ll be hard to follow the story.

2. Explain everything. Don’t assume the reader knows anything. I’m a lazy reader so I like to have all the important stuff explained to me like I’m hella dumb lol.

3. Don’t jam in too much text. Split up speech bubbles with longer text segments and write fairly simple sentences. Again, I’m a lazy reader so this is just my own preferences.

4. Let the speech bubbles guide the reader’s gaze from panel to panel as much as possible:

I’ve found that horizontal paneling speeds up the reading pace while vertical paneling kind of slows it down, so think about that when you panel your pages.

vertical panels:

horizontal panels

5. Make sure the setting is obvious (e.g. school building, house, amusement park, etc.). A good way to do this is by starting off with a fairly big panel of the setting before you draw the characters. You can make the transition to the next panel smoother by adding a speech bubble that continues from one panel to the other. For example:

6. Write down every idea you get; even if you can’t use them now they might be useful later. I usually write a script so I have an overview of what’s going to happen in the chapters. Don’t worry too much about the details since they’re probably going to change later on to fit with the flow of the comic.


Actual page:

7. I use Photoshop CS5 for everything, but you can use any program you’re comfortable with. I know a lot of people who do their lines in Paint Tool SAI and use PS to add the tones and text later.

8. Draw on a bigger canvas and resize it later so the lines will look crisper and cleaner. I draw on A4 and resize it to 700px width.

9. Don’t stress and remember you’re doing this because you want to get attention   share your art   who are we kidding we’re doing it for the attention lol

These are just the things I could think of off the top of my head, I hope it was helpful and feel free to ask if you have any other questions!

I was wondering why I feel so NOT cute today. Then I realized it must be because I don’t have circle lenses on and I did my makeup differently than usually, my roots are horrible, AND my hair is in a ponytail instead of twintails !! :( I was too lazy today and wanted to try a bit different look but omg I HATE it !! (even tho I still might look the same to you bcus the changes I made are very small lol) Never again. And I know I have some selfies where I don’t have twintails either or circle lenses but at least I don’t have a ponytail in them omg I hate how I look like with a ponytail !! And I don’t have this weird ass eyeliner in them either. I should have done the wing a bit downwards like I usually do or no eyeliner at all.

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Thanks for the feedback, it has always been math but occasionally I slip up bc I focus too much on it I neglect the other subjects. He also said that no one is bad at math, they're just lazy which is funny, bc that would mean that me, someone who tries my hardest to understand the material and do well in other subjects is lazy. I'm interested in the arts, more of writing/drawing but people say that doesn't bring much money as math related jobs.

Lol omg, this teacher is destined to make many students fail if he has that way of thinking. He’s not teaching at all. He’s more like giving his students exercises and expecting them to know it already. If anyone is lazy, it’s him.

My cousin that is in New York now works in accounting and she was a total nerd for math. She gets paid pretty damned well but dang, she just loves and is natural at this stuff.

Art careers depend more in your success as an artist/creator. Some people manage to make a living while others can get filthy rich and some unfortunate few can barely make it, so there’s no actual set salary for that sort of work.

It’s either a lot, moderate or less.