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Made a new iphone wallpaper for myself, thought I might share it with the world. This game is taking over my life smh but the graphics are so good it makes everything else I own look like shit

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6969's 1 Year Anniversary FAN LIP SYNC PROJECT


I’m back, and with a new idea for a new video!
As some of you might remember, I did a fan lip-sync earlier this year of us all doing Take on Me (which u can find here: https://youtu.be/vMrX-BSp7Uo ) and it went really well!

So to celebrate Danny’s favorite song and it’s 1st anniversary EVER, we’re gonna do a fan lip-sync in honor of that!

Starting next week (July 1st), submissions are open to send me your videos.


Film yourself dancing/lip-syncing/acting out parts of 6969 (WE NEED A LOT OF ENERGY FOR THIS ONE, SINCE ITS A SPACE OPERA LOL)

You have three options: lip-sync to Danny’s lines, Steel Panther/the Dick Elders’ lines, or if you wanna just dance or act out parts, go right ahead! (and if you’re badass, try doing Danny’s dance in the second chorus ;) )

You can dress in anything, but keep it casual (nothing too exposing)
Refrain from acting TOO crazy (ie twerking, being too sexy etc)
And be sure to get me at least half/the whole song in one video or parts.

Submissions end on August 24th (and I’ll be reposting this with reminders for you guys!

Please submit your video in a wav file to

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me on here or even my twitter dms!


Avatar Korra - something from my sketchbook.

My tablet is derping a lot recenetly (I should probably start saving up for a new one) so I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook a bit more frequently. You’ll probably start seeing my sketchbook more often now that I finally got the courage to show it to you. Hopefully you like this drawing of this fandom I haven’t showed enough appreciation towards^^

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost without permission.

Hello sweeties! Can you believe I got first place in speech during 5th grade and was chosen to be the one to deliver the graduation speech? I’m nowhere near a professional speaker, but as an anxious jelly bean to another student, here are the things that have worked the best for me ♥

Know your subject well:
If you’re already a nervous person, you need to know your presentation very well so you don’t add more stress to that day. Make sure you know what’s in your slides and anything they might ask. 

Plan your speech:
If you have all the information, the next step is to organize the parts and divide it into understandable sections that you can remember and manage. You can plan an intro, body and ending (at least) so you don’t get lost in your words. 

When we had speech contests, the school gave us time limits, so I had to rehearse and time myself. This helps you avoid talking too little or too much, and most importantly, to practice your words and examples beforehand. 

Your body:
Dress as comfortably as you can without breaking the formal code. Use hand gestures to avoid looking nervous or stiff, just like moving around if you can so you can release some tension. 

Record yourself:
This helps you check your posture, hand gestures, if your voice sounds tired, unmotivated, if you’re talking too fast, or maybe it’s hard to understand your words. If you can, giving your speech to family or friends can help greatly because they’ll be honest and give you feedback you might not have considered.

Before a presentation: 
Sleep well, eat lightly but enough, and use natural foods to relax like green tea, chocolate, chamomile. Use relaxation techniques like breathing, counting backwards, etc. 

*I wrote each one of these personally, so please don’t repost. I hope this helps you, and remember to stay calm and enjoy it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate on messaging me ^_^ © freepic icon

Love, Yumi 💙


Rules and Guidelines

  • No R18, gore and commission requests with offensive content please!
  • If I feel like my skills aren’t enough for your request, then I have the right to refuse.
  • I will upload a lower res and watermarked version of your commission on this blog unless requested otherwise.


  • Paypal only please and in USD as well!
  • I will send you the sketch through e-mail and once approved, please send the payment over.
  • I will not continue said sketch if payment has not been received.
  • Please do not pay me upfront because it gets really messy when I cannot commit and you have already paid!
  • Please select “goods and services” and choose “no shipping necessary”, otherwise paypal will expect me to send you something!


Please send me an e-mail at kjvdeguzman[at]gmail.com with the following information filled up:

Name/tumblr url:

Commission Type:

Character Name(s):


Additional Details (eye color, pose, personality, expression etc.):

If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to leave a message via tumblr chat or at my e-mail!

You can check out my commissions/trade tag for samples of finished commissions!

Tease (Namjoon)

Request: Namjoon with 18 + 166
18. “Tell me what you want.”
166. “They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice.”

Reposting this because I realized I used the wrong format. Sorry :/

Warning: fingering, suggestive themes at the end (it’s not too bad dw)

Word Count: 650

Genre: Smut

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

“What about this?” Jungkook asked as he pointed to the movie cover printed on the television screen, which immediately made the corners of your mouth turn downwards and allowed your anxiety and paranoia to slip into your hesitancy of his choice.

“Silent Hill? Isn’t that a horror movie?” You complained, leaning back on the cushion behind you as you folded your arms.

“You scared, jagi?” Your boyfriend, Namjoon, teased as he slipped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “You can always hold onto me.”

“In that case, let’s watch it. I love seeing Y/N scared,” Yoongi laughed, snatching the remote away from Jungkook. Before you could protest, the film had already begun and you probably would’ve been murdered if you got up to leave. Namjoon always loved to immerse himself in films, so if there were any distractions around him, he’d lose his concentration and his blood would begin to boil.

You were actually enjoying the movie so far. It wasn’t too far past your comfort zone and the events didn’t seem as bad as you anticipated. However, when the movie’s tone switched from peaceful to baleful, you began to tense up. Namjoon decided to take this opportunity and rest his hand on your thigh, suggesting it would calm you down. Oh boy, were you wrong.

As much as you tried to focus on the movie, you found it hardly possible due to Namjoon’s hands rubbing circles your inner thigh underneath the blanket. You flinched once his hand moved directly between your squeezed thighs, his fingers teasing at your clothed womanhood.

“We can’t, the boys-” You began to whisper, but Namjoon cut you off with a soft yet aggressive tone.

“They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice,” He smiled innocently as he slipped his hand underneath your sweatpants and panties, pressing his thumb against your clit. You bit your lip to prevent any sound from coming out of your mouth, but Namjoon’s actions almost made it impossible to do so.

You thought you could keep your composure until Namjoon positioned his fingers in front of your core and thrusted them into you, causing a low groan to escape past your lips. You noticed that Jimin’s attention was diverted from the movie to you, his expression obviously displaying concern.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked, slightly confused by your sudden outburst.

“Yeah. It’s just cramps,” You lied as Namjoon continued to slowly pump his fingers in and out of you, enjoying himself as you writhed in pleasure beside him. As soon as he began to move his fingers in a scissoring motion, you grasped onto his wrist and urged him to continue.

“Tell me what you want,” He whispered with a smirk plastered onto his face. Without words, you pushed him deeper inside you, allowing him to access your weakest spots, which he gladly took advantage of as you slowly unraveled with bliss. You didn’t expect him to apply pressure to your clit with his thumb, moving it slowly in circular motions. As Hoseok screamed from the graphic images on the television screen, you decided to take this moment to let out a moan, thinking it would be quiet enough, but once again, you were wrong.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re alright?” Seokjin asked as he looked back at you with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“I-I’m going to get some pills. Come with me,” You lied as you pulled Namjoon’s hand out of you and grabbed his opposite hand, harshly tugging him to the bedroom for him to finish what he started.

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

I’m extremely sorry about the repost, but I realized that this format was much cleaner than the other. Nothing above has changed, and once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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We have been alerted about this blog that was kinda suspicious. They didn’t seem to have permission, and some of the comics come from artists who don’t allow any reposts!!

The anon who contacted us tried to contact them many times, they ignore them. We have tried also to contact them, they blocked us right away!

So we are convinced now that they are reposting AND editing without the artists consent. Some of the artists even wrote it on their profile.

For example :

  • Artist profile :  “We refuse reposts”
  • Artist profile :  “We don’t accept any reposts”

The other thing suspicious was the message on each of their post :

-I kindly ask people not to link my blog to twitter or facebook, it brings traffic from Japan and the less Japanese people who know about this blog the better!- “

If by that they mean that they count on the fact the japanese artists couldn’t find their blog to use their works against their will without them knowing, this is really disrespectful…….. So we won’t hesitate to contact each of them!

But we need the fandom help too!

Please signal-boost this PSA  and block the user to not reblog any unauthorized reposts!

Thank you for reading and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

it’s yom in a skyrim AU kind of thing

DEFINITELY not the dragonborn lmfasjofasf it’s fine though. songstress by day, mercenary by night. has some sweetass magiks and speechcraft
her songstress getup shows her heart mole but it just kind of… covered from this angle oop

half altmer half imperial so her ears are smol. Hails from cyrodiil but the noble life was boring so she yeeted herself out of the window one day.
honestly don’t know how old she is in the skyrim timeline. Like maybe the elf equivalent of late 20s.

has a lot of talent in restoration bc of her mixed blood and also has a very calming voice from the imperial side ?? good for singing A+ trains her other magiks very seriously too since it’s her predominant weapon (actual weapons … probably not used. I doubt she can use a greatsword)

forte: restoration, alteration, destruction

more importantly in game i had her marry the only person dumb enough to jump into a cult cave without hesitation for her take an educated guess

anonymous asked:

I know artists reblog their art multiple times and I'm a bit hesitant to but is it helpful and why?

Yes! So I do it if I’m really proud of a work I’ve done. I’ve done it before to catch the “hot spot” time zone for where I live and for people on the opposite side of the world haha. Usually between 7PM-9PM so that more people will see it.

That’s why artists usually repost their stuff, they’ll usually tag it with a different tag too for people to block if they don’t want to see repeats

“Hey there! Welcome to my blog! <3 My name is Mystery Rivera and I am a 17 year old Canadian student at Wolfshire’s University for Alchemy!”

“I have a dog named Shiro and I live alone, with my best friend, Santiago, being my neighbor! Whenever I’m not working with robotics or computer-related things, I enjoy doodling and writing (hence the messy windowsill behind me)”

“Please excuse the poor photo quality, it’s rather dark outside. ^-^ If you need anything, don’t hesitate to send me an ask!! Peace be to all!”

anonymous asked:

Hello, I wanted your help, Tumblr recommended a sailor moon blog called sailors-senshi and it's all stolen unsourced art, apparently this particular fandom is one of the worse about this. Is there anything that can be done? Any way to report? Or warn people? Thank you.

Hello!! ahhhh that’s bad >< well there are some things you can do actually.

First of all, you can’t report by yourself because only the artists can do that. So the best thing to do is to let them know about it. If you can recognize the arts and need the find for the artist, you can try saucenao.com  that can be pretty useful for it., or the google search for pics that can work too.

Then, it’s also important imo to contact the reposter because, by experience, they may not be really aware that they’re doing something wrong for some artists. If their askbox / message box is open, don’t hesitate to write them a polite message to explain the problem.

If you’re too shy to do this yourself, there exist some blogs to help with this like hhhugme or terenui this one is on hiatus for now though

An other thing to do that can help a bit, if you notice popular blog reblogging from them, you can also message them to ask to not reblog from this blog since it’s uncredited reposts. This way you can reduce the reblogs hopefully.

I hope it could help you a bit! 

I’m feeling kinda sappy tonight, so here’s a repost pic of corny LawLu from my twitter for you guys.

I’ve been experimenting with this color style lately, it’s really fun to draw! ^ ^ expect something similar like this in the future for the moment, yes.

by 学习君 

*Posted with Artist’s Permission. Please do not repost and/or remove credits.

Dubious Translation: 

Mujin: Since you’re in a hurry to write, and it would take too long to teach you Han characters from scratch, tell me what you want the content of the letter to be, I’ll write and then you can copy? 

Sun: Sounds good. Hmm…then first say: “I have successfully returned to the Turk camp, I hope you all over there are fine as well.  Before, when I listened to your experience, I was surprised at your hesitance, but after I went to Khitan, I have learned…that it’s more complicated than it seems…sorting out one’s personal problems. It’s inconvenient to elaborate in a letter. Let’s talk more in detail…in our next meeting.” (Will we meet again? No, definitely, we will. I want to tell her in person…my story.)

Mujin: Nothing else? 

Sun: Hn. 

Mujin: Kay, then copy this. 

Sun: Thanks.

Letter: “Chang Ge, I miss you. Sun.” *

Sun: Mujin, while I’ve heard that Han writing can be brief and to the point, I didn’t expect that it could be simplified to this extent. 

Mujin: Ah. That’s…

*Something along those lines. I can’t make out some of the characters, sorry! Suffice to say that it’s brief and sappy. 

SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog.
REPOST. don’t reblog.

A ham sandwich and happiness for my precious son. BUt on a serious note I am very hesitant to say out loud whom I truly ship my son with and if you happen to be very curious, you are welcome to ask me privately!

Honestly I am pretty fine with almost anything tbh. The only things I don’t really do are HELLA TOXIC relationships and abuse because I have witnessed that too often in my own personal life and would not want to keep reminding myself of those times here in this safe space that I have created for myself. Disagreements between partners however, is a different story because, as you know, in a healthy relationship that is a good thing and it builds character, but crossing the line to abuse is just a no for me. I know some people like it but its not for me.

Considering that most of the FF character are kind of underage, it honestly depends tbh. Like, I don’t even know how old Light is ( i HC him as 27 at least, most people would put 20 or 22 but I honestly think he’s a little older than that ) so in some cases it could be difficult for me to really try and set a gap because these ages are just so mixed about or in some cases unknown.

honestly, yes tbh. I ship with chamistry and a mutual agreement between me and the other mun tbh. though sometimes I like the randomness of a ship happening but that’s a rare instance.

if the clothes start coming off that’s when the read more comes along, but even then i’ll tag it as nsfw for everyone’s comfort~!

I have a thing with @jjillekkot‘s Yuffie and a new spark with @daemonusdea ( we constantly scream about them and it’s great we’re doing it rn ) and a small thing with @asouldivided but that one is mostly private.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it would be nice? But honestly if you feel the same way and you see a chemistry between our characters just fucking scream at me tbh.

it’s not the main focus on my blog but it is nice to have ! I love the sweet bubbly feeling it brings when the characters are just being so soft towards one another and it fills my heart with rainbows. But like I said it’s not the main focus of Light here ~

Okay I will admit, outside of rp I am a little ship-obsessed mostly because I am a sucker for romance tbh. But here in the rp community I tend to not let shipping take over. building character is more important!

yes. but a selective multishipper if i were to be honest.

For Light in general? Hm no one in particular , seeing how he is not a very popular character. But in general I’d rather not say tbh.

if chemistry is existent and we both have a mutual agreement then you are free to come into my IM or Discord to scream at me about it.

TAGGED BY: *bill wurtz voice* Stolen! From @jjillekkot
TAGGING:  follow your dreams my dudes

♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ deeba resham (un lun dun by china miéville)

“Yeah, but where’s the skill in being a hero if you were always destined to do it?” said Hemi. He hesitated, and said, “You impress me a lot more.”

Change of Plans: Children of the Mind

I previously advertised the Children of the Mind as a guild on alliance. Well, I have changed my mind. 

I realized that I’m not too fond of RP guilds in general, and it’s super hard for me to find one I actually like. So, what I’m doing now is instead making it a guildless group that will communicate oocly through a discord server. I like the freedom both ic and ooc that going guildless provides. 

If you were hesitant to join because it was an actual guild, now you don’t have to worry about joining a guild at all. 

The concept remains and I will repost it:

Originally posted by boudoirduchaman


A few years ago Navii’s devotion to shadow and blood became absolute over a long internal struggle. She started to convert others at the church where she gave sermons, eventually taking it over completely. She preached the word of the Old Gods, claiming to hear their whispers when she sleeps.


Navii’s mission and sole purpose of the following is to gain the acceptance from the Old Gods and to be mostly spared whenever they make their presence known again. Followers do this through any means possible, whatever the Old Gods wish. It will likely be chaos inducing.

Navii and her recruiters mostly prey on young adults/teens/children that have tragic backstories (abused, orphaned, sold, etc.) and looking for a maternal figure. She does this by providing a nurturing home, protection, and a family. She does not lead through cruelty and fear.


The Children of the Mind is a guild located on Wyrmrest Accord - Alliance and ran by Navii, in-game name Naviira. We icly accept all races/classes/genders/ages. Oocly you have to be 18+ because it is going to be considered NSFW. However since it will be geared toward younger characters, there will be NO sexual aspect to the guild. Do what you want on your own time (as long as your character and their character is of age, obviously) but there will be nothing sexual about this guild. I don’t even want full nudity when it comes to rituals. There will be no sexual assault during guild related torture sessions.

We are starting small and will grow realistically. We would love to have enemy guild as well as affiliates. Message me if you are interested in setting something up.

We are doing dark rp here, and consent is extremely important to us. Ooc conversations on limits will be had before any and all rps that involve the darker aspects of rp.

If Only He Predicted Rain

Summary: The YouTube career path unfortunately never worked out. After Dan had moved in with Phil and did the Christmas special for the BBC they knew it was over from there. They loved Phil’s passion for his hidden love behind the meteorology and weather, despite his degree in the English language. After Dan studied hard for his upcoming resit exam and being able to pass into the next semester of uni, he knew he was going to become a lawyer. 
After going down a troubling road, the two finally meet again. 

Warnings: Mentions of rape, some swearing, light smut/fluff

Word Count: 5021

A/N: I began writing this because it was 2 am and I keep seeing Dan and Phil Lawyer/Weatherman AUs, but never any stories so I decided to make my own. It might be slow and dragging but it’s worth it in the end I promise. :) 


The TV was on in the background, swashing white noise around like foamy waves on the beach. With a bagel in one hand and his coffee mug making rings on his light wood table, the sound of his voice made the hairs on his neck stand up. 

“Will you shut that damn tv off please?!” He exclaimed not meaning to this early in the morning. 

“Sorry,” three clicks from the remote lowered the volume, and skeletal hands wrapped around his shoulders, the smell of flowers and flour, and odd mix and a hyperbole, “You seem tense, got a big case today?” Her voice was sweet and thick like honey.

“If you consider organizing a filing system a tense day, then I deserve a raise.” He swallowed, showing a grimace smile to invite her onto his lap. She was still wearing her nighty, and his underwear from the night before. She kissed up his neck and slowly to his lips, drawing in a deep long drag that was still hungover from last night. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” He broke the kiss and took another sip of his coffee. 

She got off him and bounced her way to the sink, letting the light shine in through the window. “I was going to shower with you but you were too fast for kitten.” She giggled her cute giggle. 

Dan nearly choked on his breakfast. She was too young for him and he knew it. Being twenty-five and a broke lawyer still paying off student loans, it sure didn’t help to have a skinny, young, barely twenty-year-old dime living with him who was always demanding sex. 

The sex was fine, it got him off on a hard day and it distracted his mind off of things, off his dreams. They were burrowed in deep within his mind since he was a teenager. There was always something off about him but he pushed it aside, he couldn’t figure it out why it would always come back to him but it did. And it drove him mad on the slow days. 

Dan blinked back to reality when Missy dropped a bowl in the sink, “Shit I’m gonna be late if I don’t take that 8:15 train.” He leaned in for the routinely kiss and a whiff of her curly auburn locks. It smelt all too familiar and yet oddly foreign, that still made his heart pounce. He flung on his suit jacket and locked the door behind him with his set of keys. Why did I give her a set of my keys? He thought to himself as he marched down the metal stairs.


The phones were ringing off the hook. So much for a lazy desk organizing day. One call after another, setting up appointments and consultations and court dates, it wasn’t supposed to this chaotic for a Wednesday. The clock rolled over to 13:30, his lunch break was supposed to be an hour ago. Once silence rang peace through the walls of his office, Dan sighed and sat back in his squeaky leather chair. It was a blissful two minutes before his phone rang yet again.

“Yeah Denise,” he paged his assistant.

“It’s the BBC on line one.”

Dan furrowed his eyebrows, “oh. Are they wanting an interview or something?”

“Uhm. No, Mr. Howell, it’s more of a legal proceeding sir.”

He slumped towards his desk, “for what? I’m tired of their bullshit we cover their asses too many times.”

“It’s towards a weather reporter sir.”

Dan swallowed hard. Millions of thoughts sprang through his coiled mind, it couldn’t have been. “Sure ring them through.” A few beeps and a passage line went through, “This is Howell.” He said in his often used monotone.

“Hi Mr. Howell, I’m with the producing team on the BBC Weather and was requested to speak with you towards a legal procedure that was brought up from one of our top weather reporters.” All the words were slipping in from one ear out the other. Dan was not flipping a pen through his fingers.

“What was the procedure you were looking to acquire?”

“Well uh, it wasn’t necessarily a procedure, but more of a threat.”

“A threat? What kind of threat? Were there drugs, weapons, any type of sexual abuse on the premises?”

“No, nothing towards violence, uhh, well kind of. But more of a threat towards the sueing side of things.”

This guy on the phone was nervous. He didn’t know how to talk to people that was for sure, “so you’re telling me that you want to file a report because someone threatened to sue you?” He laughed through his nose.

“We got a call saying that there was already a report done and we want to make sure the file won’t go through to court.”

Dan aimlessly clicks on files on his computer, these BBC guys are always wasting my time. “You got a name of the prosecutor you’d like to charge for an incorrect claim?”

“But sir there was a statement here in our file room stating that she was going to sue-”

“I just need a name is all I’m asking.” His stomach growled. I could go for a spicy chicken salad. Or a club from the sub shop. With fresh spinach and avocado. Mmmm.

The man on the phone mumbles a name and it pulls up in his files. He expands the file and rummages through his messy notes, leaving the guy from BBC on hold to figure out this mess.

“Requesting a diligent charge towards weather reporter Philip Lester for;
Inaccurate weather predictions.
Non-Enthusiastic reportings
Sexual/Abusive relations towards a viewer…”

The list went on. Dan’s mouth dropped as he read this file over and over again.

“Who put this in my files??” He said aloud. He picked up his phone and unmutued the call, “I apologize about that wait, I see the defendant’s file right here as it appeared to have already been in my system. If I may ask, what is the prosecutor asking of him?”

“That’s what we were hoping to find out in court sir.”

“And what was the defendant’s take on this? What exactly does he want out of the situation?”

“To keep his job and prove his justice I guess.”

“That third tick mark in his file is a mighty burden I must say. This file was created weeks ago and surely not by me, the defendant must have spoken to another member on my team.” Dan’s lip ran dry as he licked over it.

“He did but he specifically requested he talked to you.” There was a silence as Dan had nothing to reply in return, “it’s great to hear from you again.” The man over the phone said in a hushed tone. Breaking that third person barrier.

He knew it was him. Soon as he picked up the phone it had to be him on the other line. His heart rattled in his chest and never stopped. “I can seek out a consultation with your defendant tomorrow afternoon how does that sound? We can get the bottom of this and sort out a court date and maybe help your crisis with your weatherman, how does that sound?”

“Sounds like a good plan. Make it about two in the afternoon and I’ll let you into the building and we can have a talk with my team.”

“I look forward seeing and discussing with you then.” Dan said, with a shy smile creeping across his cheeks.

“Me too.” Phil said, smiling on the other line.


Walking into his solely one bedroom apartment, it already smelt of burnt candle wick and bath soap. Missy’s home already? He kicked off his shoes and planted himself onto the sofa and sank. His head had millions of questions that were boiling into a mush. He couldn’t pick if he was either about to cry, scream, or jump around the room. Instead he sat and stared into space. Making dots and figures appear from his pupils. A soapy woman emerged from the bathroom draped in nothing but a towel.

“Hey sweet thing.” She sang. It made his teeth clench


“What’s wrong you look burdened.”

“I look burdened?” He chuckled, “says the girl wrapped in my favourite plush navy and black towel” Dan whined. She took his hand and laced her fingers together.

“Do you want kitten to make you feel better?” She started to lay tiny kisses across his fingers, each time allowed a new tick of annoyance to him but he let it swarm him in a suffocating warmth of perfume and soft skin. “Let’s go take a bath.” She said already unbuttoning his shirt.

He let her do whatever the hell she wanted to do. Kiss, suck, and fuck whatever part of his body she wanted. He laid there numb to the touch. He kept replaying what those files read over and over again.

Sexual abuse to a viewer.

Was Phil abusive?

Did he rape someone?

He didn’t think that his old friend would show up like this, let alone in a case file. A big case file. He couldn’t think of Phil that way. A goofy, weird kid with a bad haircut and a scene phase be aggressive enough to rape someone.

Even then, he couldn’t see Phil being sent to prison.

As Dan’s little girl toy tired herself out and rolled over to sleep, he snuck out of bed and grabbed his phone, stepping out into the hall.

“No, I can’t.” He locked his phone after coming across a familiar name, “I’m seeing him tomorrow at work, this isn’t a domestic issue…but I just want to see how he is…He is just like every other client you have had, don’t give him a bias…” Dan talked to himself as he watched the street lamps pour in light onto his wooden floor from the blinds on his windows. He unlocked his phone again and his thumb hesitated over the call button. He gave up and went back to bed with heat rising to his cheeks.


A week after discussion with other clients and courthouses, and walking back and forth from the BBC building and all too many different meeting rooms, the date was set. Dan had to loosen his tie around his neck once he got back to his office because Phil’s case wasn’t going to be easy. There were no felony charges, wrong predictions, or harassment done by him, what Phil had was a hate case.

A hate case that Dan was too excited for.

It was one of those cases that didn’t make sense and was more toward one effecting person rather than the entire issue at hand. Phil had an ex that seemed to be brutal and didn’t like things not going her way. When he decided to put off with the relationship as it was more one sided than equal, he broke up with her. She on the other hand didn’t like that; sent in hate comments and threatened to sue the BBC for the lack of actions Phil “brought” to the table, and the last tick, the sexual abuse was the only thing bringing this case to court.

Dan decided to pop back home for lunch, he had a teriyaki stir fry waiting for him in the fridge that he cooked the night previous. His girlfriend/house mate didn’t eat nearly enough so he saved some for her alongside another serving for him as well. When Dan jammed his apartment keys into the lock, light laughter and music were coming through the door. Does she ever go to work? He opened the door to find the small unit a disaster.

A new set of worn men’s shoes were at the door, articles of clothing were sprawled out over the sofa and the table. Dishes were stacked in the sink, dishes that weren’t used the night before. Moans of pleasure rang from the next room, Dan’s gut was already in knots before he could turn the corner.

Missy was on top of another man, completely naked, rubbing some sort of golden reside over his naked torso. He whined and moaned as she bounced on top of him. Fear and anger filled tears to Dan’s eyes. He didn’t say anything but switch on the light. They froze but the music kept going. Like deer in headlights they stood defenseless with a tall suited figure in the doorway, looking like he could kill.

But he didn’t shout, he didn’t scream or go after to punch the guy his little toy was sleeping with, instead he blocked out her excuses as she buried herself in clothes, he walked away from the mess, away from the action, and slammed the door behind him. Halfway down the stairs he found he had a small set of sticky notes and there was always a pen latched to his suit pocket. He climbed back up and left a note on the front of his door;

Gather your things, take whatever succulent you want and leave the key on the table.

He scribbled as a lonely tear skimmed down his cheek. She was too young for him anyway.


A quiet morning was sure a blissful reward. Still in his pajamas he made his way out to the living room and switched on the TV, soon to find Phil the Weatherman doing his daily broadcast.

“Today is bound to be sunny, sunny, and oh so sunny. A nice skin pleasing 24 degrees within the main area, towards the east we’ve got some low winds picking up steam as it’ll drop to about 20 degrees by this following weekend…” His hands were all over the board, he was quite enthusiastic and did little jigs and dances as he stepped from side to side. He clearly loved his job. “The precipitation is going to be really low this week, nearly 25% in the mainland, no one likes to rain on the Queen’s parade,” he joked, giving a cheeky fake smile to the camera. It made Dan smile. “20% in the east, at least a meaty 17% up in the north and the west wind will gain about 32% chance of rain throughout the week…” He finished his report and ushered the reporting news back over to the news table.

It’s weird to think that Phil Lester is going to be in court today, and he was Dan’s client.

The familiar sound of a busy courthouse felt like electricity to Dan’s body. His shoes clicked against the wood assuring power was all his. “It’s good to be back.” He smiled popping his knuckles. He opened the doors to the court room, seeing his defendant in a reserved chair at the table, wide eyed with nerves. Dan planted a seat next to him and brought his suitcase to the table. “Don’t be nervous, we got this. My cases always win.” He said, trying not to sound too cocky. He placed his hand on Phil’s leg and squeezed it more than he should’ve. Phil’s eyes met Dan’s and he pulled his hand away.

The doors busted open once more to see a girl with extremely frizzy hair, crooked teeth and a wicked smile plastered to her face. Her buckets of perfume could have been detected from miles away. She wore a purple jumpsuit and looked like a middle aged woman from the eighties.

“You dated that?” Dan whispered over to Phil.

“It was more of a compromise.”

“For what waxing her upper lip?” They snickered as the rest of room filled with people. The jury filed in one by one. “These look like good jury people. They’re young, they’ll take your side. Trust me.” Dan studied them. A few elders and middle aged men, but the rest were women. Mostly between the ages of twenty and thirty. “They’ll be suckers for an innocent man being pleaded with abuse.” He smiled a wicked smile.

In a court session, the best way Dan found his cases to work was to sell them like an act. He chose a part, stuck with it, and made sure the story was perfect from every angle it could possibly be seen by. If he could get both sides right, his client wins the case and he gets paid for the week, the judge sends someone to jail and the jury get an entertaining time in doing their time away from where the tax money is really needed.

The session went on, person after person, story after story. Eventually his counterpart rambled on so much the old lady in the first row was nulling off. “Amateur,” Dan said leaning over to Phil as the other lawyer rests his case. Dan called the girl up to the stand to get to know better, study her more and find out what exactly she was up to.

He paced as he always did, hands behind his back, or under his chin as he drew more and more information, asking irrlevant questions that had nothing to do with the case, which always led the judge to be impatient. He smacked down his mallet and Dan receded. “How long were you living with my client here?”

“At least two months.”

“Had you known each other more than the time you lived together?”

“Yes…” She wouldn’t make eye contact with him.

“You’re retreating away from me Miss Lucas. I haven’t even gotten to the meaty questions yet.” Dan blurted out, getting eye to eye level with his new mission. “You said earlier that you had sexual intentions with Mr. Lester is that correct?”

“Yes. But-”

“Was there any time within those consensual times where he tried to harm you, Miss Lucas.”

“Only in my sleep sir.”

“In your sleep huh…?” He paced around more, drawing in the jury. Phil’s legs were tapping rapidly. He knew he was innocent but the environment was still nerve wracking. “What stage of sleep would you say you would be in when my client would try to harm you?”

“Uh, I don’t know.” She exclaimed. “I was asleep and then I woke up with bruises and hickeys all over my body.”

“When did you say the last time you and my client had sexual interaction was again?”

“A couple weeks ago, but-” Dan got closer to her.

“How many is a couple, two, three? A month ago?”

“Maybe two weeks, the beginning of April sir.” She started to shake. Dan let out a small smile, he knew she was losing her case, and her mind.

“You said you woke up with bruises and hickeys, may I ask where?”

“On my lady parts, sir.” She was nervous, lying through her teeth.

“And surely your lovely lawyer, who is ever so casually leaning up against government property, has valid evidence, yes?” He shifts the jury’s attention over to her lawyer who is crossing his legs sitting on top of the table, acting like he owned the place. He gets up and rummages through his suitcase, he had nothing to show. “Oh, so there is no photo evidence to say that you were personally violated by Mr. Lester. Unless you would like to strip in front of this court room, then I can say that your argument is invalid.” He states, leaving the jury at an awe and a chuckle here and there.

She was sweating in her seat while Phil was biting at his nails. Dan was replaying the questions he asked him in his head,

“Your weather predictions were assumed wrong, on studies here it says that your predictions were 95% accurate according to last years BBC Weather newsletter is that correct?”

“I guess so.” He giggled proudly.

“Did you consent with Miss Lucas before having sexual intentions?”

“Yes, even when she said no I didn’t proceed.”

“Would she ever consent back?”

“Well when she was moaning my name and telling me to go faster I took that as consent.” The jury laughed, not really appropriate for a courtroom but he took it anyway.

He paced in front of the jury now, their lingering eyes up and down his new court suit; black with grey fine stripes and a white business top underneath. Overlay with a red and black striped tie.

He cleared his throat, “In psychology, they teach you about the patterns of sleep. Sleep cycles, and what stage of sleep you can be  in such a state where you’re unaware of your surroundings, and yet you’re able to talk, walk, and even act as if you’re a mindless zombie out for a mission. This state happens in stages three and four of the sleep cycle. The most heaviest state of sleep, and as we all know REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, which means a dreaming state. Which, may I remind you is in the lightest state of sleep.” He took a breath and studied the eyes of the room, seeming like he took a complete 180 degree turn, “Miss Lucas, are you prone to sleepwalking?”

“Sometimes… what does this have to do-”

“So when you refused to take your own prescribed medication would you blame your own unconscious actions towards my client?”

“How do you know about my medication?”

Bingo. At this point, Dan knows he has won the case. “You said you had lived with Mr. Lester. Clearly, most roommates are known for knowing personal problems and issues upon arrival. Say, sleepwalking for instance. My client, asked upon the same question, is not affected by sleepwalking, therefore has no intentions on harming you in your sleep if you both had fallen asleep at the same time, like most couples do.” She tries to interject, be Dan has the floor, “While you said he harmed you in your sleep that could have been your own bodies doing, saying that you weren’t satisfied enough so within your own deep cycle of sleep you could have used anything to harm your own body. May I add that even you yourself agreed and admitted that every sexual interaction you had with my client was consensual.” He draws a breath, leaving the room gasping for air as the scribe in the corner looks over her notes.

“Mr. Howell said ‘you had sexual intentions with Mr. Lester is that correct?’ Miss Lucas said ‘yes’, Mr. Howell said ‘was there any time within those consensual times where he tried to harm you?’ Miss Lucas said, ‘only in my sleep.’” She concluded.

The room was in awe, Dan was nearly shaking in his boots, making one wrong move at this point can cost him and he knows that, he slicks on a sly smile and turns his attention to the other lawyer, “No proof means no reward, and lies will beat on you until you’re red with your own blood and betrayal.” He says, and makes his way back to the stand. The girl nearly in tears. “You never denied the consent, therefore you gave your consent to my client. Meaning that my client is innocent, and you’re just a liar who had a bad break up.” He backs up and made eyes with the judge and laced his fingers together in front of his torso. “I conclude my case.” He sits back down next to Phil, ready to pass out with satisfaction.

After a recess and a cool down, Phil is still shaking, “You won Phil. Don’t be so nervous.”

“I’m not nervous. I know I won. But…”

“Are you still in love with her?” Dan’s hand found his shoulder. He was trembling.

He shook his head, “I couldn’t have done this without you, I would’ve lost. I would’ve lied and made my own ass end up in prison. You saved me.” He took whatever last sip he had in his paper cup. His blue eyes met Dan’s. They were still the same, his raven hair lapping his forehead, and a sudden ping in Dan’s chest and an electrifying feeling coursing through his veins. It wasn’t because he knew he won the case this time.

“It’s just like we’re eighteen again.” Dan whispered. They shared a smile as they reminisced together. The bell rang as the recess was over and led everyone back into the courtroom, Dan aching to have his fingers intertwined with his old friend.

“As the jury decided from their recess to talk things over, collect notes and offer a pledge of support, they see the defendant as… Not guilty.” The judged concluded. The jury roared with cheer as they applauded the weather man’s release of a stupid case. They jumped out of their seats and through the commotion arrested Miss Lucas for accessing illegal charges toward an innocent.

Phil grabbed Dan by the waist and hugged him tightly, “Thank you.” He said, Dan could hear the break in his voice.

After the case they went out for drinks and got too drunk, allowing everything they had missed from their lives spill out. It wasn’t necessarily reassuring as they were both hurt and weren’t allowed to follow their dreams like they wanted. They wished they could go back in time and start all over, maybe hit that upload button on a few silly videos they made and continued to do what they loved best. That was being friends with each other.

They hugged a long hug and Phil kissed Dan’s cheek. He piled into a taxi and Dan watched him drive away. A lump in his throat formed, not knowing when the next time he was going to see him again. They’re both grown men, they have lives to live, but somewhere along that line in the past was a happiness Dan missed. He missed the feeling of being with Phil, even if it meant defending his ass in a courtroom. He knew that with all the girls he’d been with, all the toys he flung around after drunken nights and many hungover mornings, that he still loved Phil.

He swung open the door to his quiet apartment. Dishes were in the sink, the dishwasher was needing to be run, and a long shower was calling Dan’s name. But instead, he fixed himself a cup of tea has his numb hands ran through the boxes in the kitchen. His mushy drunk head began to sway, and tears were falling onto the counter top. He didn’t realize he was crying until a sob broke out from his shoulders. As he set the kettle on, he changed into sweats and a long sleeved black shirt and rested on the couch.

Street lamps flickered outside the window as he listened to the steam of the kettle rise in harmony with the patter of the rain. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply of the scent of freshly poured rain after a long day in court. As the kettle began to scream he slowly started to steep his tea, when he got out a spoon it occurred to him.

“It’s raining.” He chuckled to himself, until it finally hit him, “It’s raining!” He put the kettle back on the stove, grabbed his phone off the bed and threw on his slippers. He rushed down the stairs of his complex to bust open the door to feel rain his head and shoulders. He stuck out his hands and spun like all the girls did in cliche movies. He let it drench him, making the perfect straight hairs of his curl at the ends. It wasn’t until he couldn’t stop laughing when he saw him there under the lamp post. Still in his navy blue suit and a space tie, completely drenched to the bone. Dan’s tears were mirrored to the rain on his cheeks as he walked toward him, meeting him halfway in a marsh of mud and grass. “If only you predicted rain!” He exclaimed, gathering Phil in his arms.

“Oh well, might as well sue me.” He smiled, kissing Dan’s wet lips. They ran their hands up and down each other’s backs. In their hair and around each other’s faces. The thunder above was a rhythm to dance with their synchronized hearts. They kissed in the rain like it was 2009 again.

“I love you.” They said in unison, clashing their foreheads together and sharing drunken sobs. Dan lead Phil into his complex and helped him undress out of his wet suit. They let their past collide with the present and their love was loud. Dan knew he was going to have complaints in the morning but he didn’t care. This was the first time in years that he finally felt loved, finally with the one he deserved to be with.

Tangled in sheets they laid there breathing. Just the sweet sound of each other’s breathing patterns. Their hands met and started caressing each other’s thumbs. “Promise you won’t leave me again?” Dan said breaking the silence.

Phil rolled over to him and kissed his nose, “never again. Wherever I go, you’re coming with me.” He let more silence drown his thoughts before Phil spoke again, “I didn’t think you’d want to help me. I thought that when you first heard it was me you were going to turn me away.”

“I guess my ache won over my thoughts and I followed through the case. I stayed up worried about you. Thinking you actually hurt someone. That’s not you.”

“I was so scared Dan. I’m not fit for prison.” He chuckled. Dan draped his hand over Phil’s cheek.

Dan smiled and let small tears still fall onto his pillowcase. Still drunk and overwhelmed, he finally felt happy again. “I love you.”

Phil smiled back and wiped away Dan’s falling tears, “I never stopped loving you.” 

Last night I held up a sign that said ‘Thank you for making me happy’ and Gerard saw it and said 'You’re welcome. You make me happy too, you do.’ If you listen you can hear me saying 'oh my gosh’ right before he puts his hands up and hear me crying at the end. I don’t think I’ve cried so hard during a concert.
I’m just so glad he saw the sign. Junior year has really been a bitch and his music has been a huge help. I’ll never be able to repay him for the amount happiness and support he’s given me without even knowing my name.
(Please don’t repost)



A few nights ago I had the privilege of attending my first ever One Rock Rock Concert in the City of Brotherly Love. I went with a friend and we trekked down to the city for the day, and wandered around Chinatown a bit before lining up for the concert. It had to have been one of the best experiences of my entire life. I know that veteran concert goers will probably be like: “Yeah but every concert is usually the same way”. Which I understand, and every person has their own unique experience. If anything I hope to experience something similar in the future. However my experience doesn’t just end there. Besides overhearing interesting stories, and getting the weirdest look from passerbyers/ongers, the real magic didn’t happen until we stepped through the door of the age old theater. 

When we entered the doors of the old theater, something within me could already feel that I was in for an experience. Not just any experience, but a truly emotional experience. The first thing I noticed was the obvious anticipation of the crowd. The way our blood seemed to rise, and with each sound test the suffocating impatience of waiting for the band we longed to see. People all different backgrounds and ages attended this concert, both young and old, and it really stirred up feelings of pride within me. 

I was gifted to have been with the band since they started their debut, and it really is amazing to see a band that no one knew of at one point, to now being world famous. They worked so hard to get where they are now, and came such a long way to achieve what they have so far. Despite having not seen them live until now, and having kept tabs on every song, release, and news coverage since their popularity increased; I was excited to see what kind of energy they would bring. 

The moment they came out the crowd collectively melted into a blur of screams and hands in the air. The music vibrated through my chest, and energy that my exhausted body didn’t have before seemed to come out of nowhere. Suddenly I found myself apart of the masses, jumping on my feet and screaming out their names. However I noticed in the midst of my excitement the obvious emotions that they gave off. 

While Takahiro, Toru, Tomoya, and Ryota were probably more hyped than we were, the anxiousness was there. They were out on stage, and they started with an explosive introduction, but the underlying message I seemed to gather was:

Will we be good enough? Will we do well? Will our message reach them? Will our performance be good? How will our fans react to us?

All of that seemed to be justified with a silent swallow of Takahiro’s throat, before he bursted out in his rolling screams and then swept us off into a whirlwind of song. The entire band’s energy exploded all at once, with Tomoya’s beating on the drums acting as the heart that vibrated now collectively through everyone’s chest. Ryota and Toru’s bass and guitar playing contributed to the rhythm that got our blood pumping and had dozens of hands throwing up in the air. 

In that moment it seemed as if time had stopped. Not only for me, but surely for others within the crowd along with me. It was as if the explosion of their music had created a moment in time where there was nothing but their thunderous beats, and the serenading cry of Takahiro and Toru’s voices. Every single member of One Ok Rock was pouring their sweat, blood, and probably tears too into these songs. Despite the obvious heat, and the lights shining down on them, this was just as much their moment as it was ours. Most of all though, I felt a swelling within my heart and knew that it could only be for one reason. 

It felt as if they were providing us all with comfort as well as excitement within their songs. While it was enough to get you up and jumping (and there was much jumping) at the same time I felt it had pressure packed the thousand of emotions that they had worked so hard up to this point to say: 

Let us be the solace that comforts your wounded spirit. Let us be the melody that helps you let out all your tears. Embrace the message within our lyrics and let us heal you. If only for this moment, let our energy reach you in ways that you have reached us. Allow us, to surpass the language barriers and touch your lives. We might not be that shoulder to cry on, and we might not be the person you tell all your secrets to. But we can be the inspiration that helps you through your rainy days. We can be the hope that inspires you to be more than you are. We Made It, and you can do the same. Let us be there for you in this way. No matter where you’re from, or who you are, let us reach you. 

The moment I realized this I had a look around me to see the reactions from the crowd. Some were feverishly dancing with others joining in. Others were swaying to the beat of Taka’s voice, and the jolt of the bass/guitar. Others were even crying, and screaming out all of the lyrics without fail. We were all trapped in our own moments, frozen in time by the energy that this band brought with them. Even if some of us didn’t speak the same language, or come from the same country, we were all united in that moment. 

I felt an overwhelming swell of happiness and pride in my heart as I looked back towards the stage. Takahiro’s eyes locked with mine for a mere second, but during that time as he hopped around on that stage, I knew that he probably held the same emotion that we all did. Words can’t express how, if only for a moment, how 100% happy I was that night. His energy healed if only for that night the suffering of others, the rainy days and the stormy nights that other people besides me probably suffered. He enabled us to let all of that go, if only for a moment, and release out an inner happiness that only he could dig out of us. 

During the midst of the concert he said something (that I tried to remember to the best of my ability) that went something like this: We have all met each other in this universe, and we have all bonded through music. 

It was during the end of the concert that I even felt myself getting a little choked up. It felt as if I was losing a dear friend, that I had known for years and met to catch up with, only to have them leave again. Probably a little over dramatic, but that’s how I felt. I’m sure that others within the concert besides myself felt the same way, and I couldn’t have been more honored to be apart of the experience. He reached out his hand, and we received it. He touched our hearts as we touched his. 

So in short, yes it was one of the best experiences of my life. As it probably was for others. I was sad to see them go, but happy at the same time to have united with so many people. 

One Ok Rock will forever be in my Top 5 Favorite Bands. 

I wish them the best of luck on this mesmerizing tour, and I wish them the best of luck in Warped Tour. I hope that they reach as many people as they have reached out to us here in Philadelphia. Wherever they all are. 


P.S. If YOU were there don’t hesitate to shout out! I saw all sorts of faces in Philly that night, and your energy was all amazing. No matter what language you speak or what country you’re from. I hope you had as much fun as I did. And I hope that everyone was able to meet new people and make new friends along the way like I did too. 

Please don’t repost my pictures and make them your own. However considering hundreds of other people like me probably have pictures too, mine only adds to the masses. But still.