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So, You Wanna Talk to Other Bloggers

A Guide

We all have those bloggers or mutuals we adore, and we’d love to reach out and plant the seeds of a bomb-diggity friendship, but then the anxiety sets in… I’m not interesting! I’ll just be a bother! I’m sure they have better things to do! I feel you, trust me, I think most of us feel shy, awkward, or anxious trying to make friends or join in on conversations (welcome to tumblr, home of anxiety-ridden everyone). BUT NO LONGER SHALL WE KEEP TO OURSELVES, MY BRETHREN. Really, though, booklr needs to rise and the number one way to do that is through conversation, comments, and reaching out to make friends. 

Here are some tips for overcoming that pesky social anxiety!

  • Bloggers are just people! I don’t care how many thousands of followers they have, bloggers are all just people. I have a higher follower count, but I’m really just trying to manage adulthood without crying, like the majority of us. Whether they’re a super popular blogger or new on the scene, all of us are just people trying to live life, which really makes us all equal. We’re all on the same team so it’s okay to talk and reach out to one another <3
  • Bloggers love hearing from others! I think most of us wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to talk to anyone. I’m sure there’s a few of us who aren’t too concerned with being social, but numerous bloggers love seeing comments, getting messages, or having people join conversations. This is social media, meaning being social is expected and conversing is welcome! Nothing makes me more excited than hearing from others! I used to have a lot of interaction on this blog and I miss the community feel. I know I’m not alone. Don’t you want to hear from others too? We’re all ready to talk but one of us has to make the first step.
  • Public platform. You’re watching a post as two bloggers discuss a book you love. You want to add something but… would that be butting in? NO. It’s not butting in. Blogging is public, all of this is out in the open. If people wanted others not to contribute, they’d have the conversation private on messenger! These conversations are out there, on your dash, and we’d love to hear what you’d add to the conversation!
  • You are not annoying. Really, friend, this goes with “all of us are people”. You think you’re annoying? I think I’m annoying. We’re all our own harshest critics. Chances are if you send me a message, I’ll be too busy trying not to seem super lame while thinking you must wish you never instigated this conversation. Take a deep breath, remember your perceptions of yourself are often too critical and send that message or post that comment!
  • Everyone is busy. Have you ever sent off a message and after a day or two of no response, you begin to deconstruct your message, noticing how ridiculous you are? No wonder they didn’t respond! I’m an idiot! Nope, nope, nope, you are not. We all have lives and sometimes that keeps us from responding right away. Don’t panic after reaching out and thinking you said the wrong thing. Nine times out of ten, people are just busy and haven’t got around to responding. 

Okay, you think, I’ll try joining conversations or adding comments. But what if I want to shoot a message to someone but don’t know what to say!? Breaking the ice can be painful and if you’re not sure what to say, it can be a major roadblock to talking to someone. Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about something the blogger recently posted! If a blogger just posted a photo/review/discussion/etc you really liked, it’s a great way to segue into friendship! Send them a message with your thoughts and build from there!
  • Compliments! Everyone loves compliments! Is there something about this person you really like? Are they super nice? Do they take excellent photos? Do you rely on their book recommendations? Tell them! Telling someone you admire something they do are something about them is a great way to introduce yourself!
  • Talk about books! THIS IS BOOKLR. We’re all obsessed and armpit deep in books we want to read and obsess over. Ask about their favorite book! Give them a recommendation! Talk about that new movie adaptation! Books are an easy start because we all love ‘em! So use that love to help you make friends!
  • Be honest! I’m usually pretty frank with my messages. I’ll send someone an “I think you’re really cool and would love to be friends!” message and move from there. I now have several incredible friendships I’m immensely grateful for. It may seem awkward or blunt, but sometimes it’s easy just to be up front.

And remember, sometimes you just won’t click with people. Sometimes you’ll reach out to someone, the conversation fizzles and you don’t talk again. THAT’S OKAY! We’re all different and we’re all not going to become inseparable friends. If your attempt to reach out or talk doesn’t go anywhere, remember that it’s not you. And don’t let it stop you from trying again! Maybe the next conversation you join will introduce you to a lifelong pal! <3


Pizza Cravings: Again (Yoongi)

by popular demand, here’s part 2! forgive me my part 2′s are always mehhh

Genre:  the fluffiest a bickering argument can get

Word count: 1592

Rating: N for Not too much of a potty mouth this time


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Living in the present moment is something I’ve learned to do so much over this past year, yet still struggle with day to day. Sometimes I get too caught up in my own mind… stressing about not getting something done, or overthinking past or future situations way too much. 💭 I’ve learned that sometimes I just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and live for RIGHT NOW. Because that is what matters most. Not what I have to do tomorrow, or what I should have done today, but what is happening right now.
Right now I’m watching the sun set outside my window and I’m listening to the birds sing outside. 🌞Something I wouldn’t have noticed or cared about if I was too busy caught up in my own thoughts. Thinking and being productive is a good thing, but stressing or worrying about being productive is another. 🤔
Live for right NOW, just BE, enjoy this moment… because you never know when you last moment could be. 🙏🏼

1. Your smile is the favorite page of every reader, we ripped it a little, but kept it as a bookmark
2. You aren’t always there
3. And that’s okay
4. Because when you are, I’m here too
5. I lean on you more than I should
6. You must be a house
7. Wait. You must be a mountain
8. You must be the sky
9. The night sky
10. Every star, a shine I died for
11. You blend in with pain, it’s okay– I’m never going to stop bothering you
12. Even if I’m annoying, you still laugh
13. Even if I’m a bother, you’re still here
14. Even if I’m a nuisance, you still love
15. Even if I’m crying, you never change
16. You are the very definition of a second chance, don’t worry, we won’t blow this one
17. Glitter isn’t gold, but your lips tell a different story, glitter isn’t gold, but your stars they spell a different word, glitter isn’t gold, but your eyes they shine with mine
18. Your story can’t be said with words
19. Your story can only be explained with a sigh, deep in space where no one can hear
20. Your poetry is hard to follow
21. But I’ve never been so fucking happy being this lost inside these woods, I’m on top the tree stomp playing that song from retro video games we used to hear as little kids who knew that parents would be the end of us
22. Before I became a poet, I was a child
23. Before I was a child, we lived in the same star and before that, we came from the same strands of dust that said, you will find her
24. Before I was that little piece of finding home, I held your hands and said, I’ll always find you, even if it took forever
25. And as always, I found you
26. You are the lost minutes between shortened breaths
27. You are the crowd room too busy noticing the flickering lights because we partied too hard and fell too hard to notice, this isn’t the kind of people we wanted to be– so we changed
28. You are the free
29. You are the wings
30. You are the kite
31. Flown in my lungs
32. My last words would be your name
33. We can’t stomach all of the bullshit, so we let our thoughts overflow out of a wine glass and let me tell you, I always wet my fingers and play music because my favorite sound will always be your voice and my favorite song will be your heartbeats fluttering away every time you touched the word love
34. You’re not always happy
35. But when you are, I’d smile big
36. You aren’t always smiling
37. But when you are, I hope I helped with it
38. Can I live inside of your lungs?
39. I’d be your gardener
40. You can have these glass roses
41. Can I be your heart?
42. I’d paint you beautiful art
43. Can I fade away with you?
44. I’d live again to see you breathe
45. Can I be your escape?
46. Like that scene from finding nemo, I’d be like dory and mispronounce every word, please, always love me, always love me
47. And I promise to love you
48. You are broken and that’s okay
48. This is a repeat because fuck it
48. This is a repeat because I don’t care
48. This is a repeat because we make mistakes
48. This is a repeat because I want you to know
49. I want you to know…
50. that this is why I love
—  you
I’m Rampaging

I’ve been on my own as an ICU nurse only three months, but it hasn’t taken long at all to realize how dangerous nurse understaffing is.  

Many days there aren’t even enough staff scheduled and all it takes is one call in to necessitate three patient assignments. Any ICU nurse can tell you that with critically ill patients, that is not a safe ratio.

I’ve spoken up about it before to management only to receive the “smile-and-nod.”  I’ve been wondering what the party line is, the official reason (read:  excuse) the hospital will give for not dealing with it.  Because money is the real reason, and everyone knows it.

I found out yesterday.  I was speaking to one of the hospital Directors and was told “Well, there’s unsafety and then there’s the perception of unsafety.  And we need to sort out which is which.”

Ah, I see.  We are only PERCEIVING that the situation is unsafe.  You question someone’s perception and you can pretty much take the strength out of their argument, especially if you are the one with the power to change anything.

Interesting considering that our nursing assessment, our perceptions about the patient’s condition, is such an essential part of our responsibilities and is so important to getting patients out of the hospital safely and effectively. 

I would argue the hospital lives and dies on nurse’s perceptions.  And yet our perception concerning basic patient safety has no influence.

What happens when the nurse is too busy to notice that the patient diureses 3L in one hour after Lasix and all of the sudden is having more PVCs, and never calls the resident to see if we should check a potassium level?  What happens when we are stuck in one patient’s room and don’t notice the shortened sentences, the slightly increased rate and work of breathing, that can signify impending respiratory failure in our newly extubated patient next door?

Let’s be real here…when you’re understaffed, a lot of work goes by the wayside.  A lot of reassessments don’t get done or are done hastily, a lot of Q2H turns are late or skipped or done poorly.  Nurses don’t want to work that way.  Most of us chose this job because we want to go the extra mile for our patients, yet we too often don’t even have what we need to take care of them minimially.

You want to prevent complications and reduce readmissions? You want to decrease Length of Stay?  You want to retain nursing staff and keep them happy?  You want to make patients happy because they are well cared for?

Staff us appropriately. 

And yet it seems like the answer to every problem that comes up is met with more work or charting for nurses to do, in less time, without enough staff.

It honestly seems like the hospital is willing to do/fund/support anything besides appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios.

The research supports us, too. 

I’m going to compile a list, but I know for a fact we have research to support each of the following statements:

-Increased nurse satisfaction increases patient satisfaction

-High nurse workload leads to medication errors, poorer patient outcomes, and increases length of stay.

-Nurse burnout correlates directly with understaffing and increased workload.

We don’t want more money.  We want a safe environment in which to practice our craft and care for the people put in our charge.

We are reaching our breaking point and they are not listening to the reasons why.  I’m afraid they aren’t going to listen until someone gest hurt.  And who will the blame be on then?  Whose license will be on the line then?

I think we need to start speaking up more about staffing ratios. 

We need to advocate for our patients and ourselves.


I’ve been thinking a lot about how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. When Luke offered to tell him stories as a child did he ask about his Grandfather? I wondered whether Han and Leia had been reluctant to talk about their lives before, whether young Ben felt that there was something they were keeping from him. 

I imagined him trying to find things out for himself, searching data caches at whatever planet they happened to find themselves on, reading blurry partially corrupted old newspaper articles by torchlight, his parents too busy to notice what he was doing. 

I imagined that he found trying to live by the Jedi tenants insufferable, watching his uncle Luke’s war bought sense of calm and feeling that he couldn’t understand him at all. Trying to control his rage through breathing and mediation, repeating the Jedi code over and over until the words lost all meaning to him. 

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4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Waverly rubbed her shoulder with her free hand as she sat hunched over the table in the local library. A journal she had requested from the University of Cordoba had come in a few days ago, and she had spent her time since then working to translate it for Purgatory’s own collection.

While she waded through the text, the worst knot in her life had taken up residence between her shoulder blade and her spine. It was in just the right spot where she couldn’t reach it herself and the annoying pain was driving her bonkers. Normally she could get Wynonna to massage it, but her sister and Dolls had gone to the city to investigate a string of disappearances. According to the last message she received from Wynonna, they hadn’t been able to uncover whether it was due to a Revenant or some other supernatural being.

Which meant they still didn’t know if they needed Waverly’s help or not. God, she hated being a consultant. She never got to take the fun field trips.

Waverly sighed, then twisted her head from side to side and felt the bones crack in her neck. Not only did she feel better, but she also managed to get a glimpse of the woman who had accompanied her to the library. 

Nicole Haught sat in a plush arm chair in the middle of a circle of children, all of them listening intently as she read from a brightly colored book. She held the book up with the pages facing out and made sure to turn it in each direction so every child around her could see the pictures. Waverly’s heart melted a little at the sight. When Nicole’s eyes wandered from the words on the page and met Waverly’s gaze instead, Waverly waved and, to her surprise, Nicole blushed and quickly returned her attention to the story in her hands.

She had run into Nicole just as she was leaving the convenience store. Waverly had gone to stock up on snacks. Nicole had been stopping in to grab a bagel. There had been an awkward shuffle between them as they tried to dance around one another in the doorway, but then Nicole had laughed and decided to stand still so Waverly could get around her. That was when she noticed the officer was not in uniform—she still had the goofy hat on though—and an idea struck her. She had managed to stammer her way through an invitation to the library, and to her delight, Nicole had said yes. 

A chorus of groans echoed through the room and Waverly looked over to find that Nicole had finished the last book in her pile. She said something to calm the kids down, then plucked her hat off her head and let it rest on a young boy’s instead. It slid down over his eyes and ears, but Waverly could see the smile lighting up his face from across the room. A smile of her own appeared when Nicole sauntered towards her.

“Learning anything interesting?”

“Honestly, I’m still piecing together bits of the language. I’m not exactly fluent in Spanish. Not yet, anyway.”

Nicole looked down at the book on the table and the collection of detailed notes Waverly had taken beside it. “Wow,” she said. “You’re really something else, you know that, Waverly?”

“Yeah, well… I haven’t really learned much from it yet. Just that hunched shoulders and long periods of time shouldn’t mix,” Waverly said as she stretched her arms towards the ceiling, only to wince at the tightness near her shoulder-blade.

Nicole smiled and shook her head. “Lean back for a minute and relax, silly,” she said. Waverly eyed her suspiciously. “No tricks up my sleeves, I swear. Just let me help you out, then you can get back to your book.”

Cautiously, Waverly leaned back in the chair and Nicole stepped behind her.

Strong hands rested on Waverly’s shoulders and Nicole slowly applied pressure to the muscles around her shoulder blade. She rubbed smooth circles around the sore area, but avoided the knot near the bone for the time being. Waverly had to bite back a moan when Nicole’s thumbs pressed into the back of her neck. Her head lolled forward and her eyes slipped closed as the muscles in her neck loosened. She was almost positive she was in heaven. Finally, Nicole’s skilled fingers worked their way back down to Waverly’s shoulder blade and this time Waverly did moan. 


Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her hands. She glanced at the group of children across the room, but they were too busy scrambling over Nicole’s hat to notice the sound she made. Their parents, on the other hand, were giving her the stink eye.

“Don’t worry,” Nicole said from behind her. The next thing she knew, warm breath tickled her ear. “I get that reaction a lot.”

Oh, Waverly was definitely going to get her back for that, but for now she was content to enjoy the way Nicole’s hands felt on her.

Samcedes 606 (part 2)

Sam and Rachel shifted nervously as they shuffled their food on their plates and forcing a smile as they would catch each other’s eyes. Sam decided to give it a go and finally they both agreed on a date and location. Sam still couldn’t figure out what was going and from the look on Rachel’s face she seemed just as confused.

“First official date at Breadstix.” Rachel said breaking the silence finally. “This place looks so different now.” she continued. “I remember the last time I came here on a date was with Finn.” she smiled looking down at her plate for a moment as if she was reliving that moment then frowned as she looked up at Sam. “We have so many memories here.”

“We all miss him.” Sam added as he thought back to the conversation he had with Sue. Finn was probably looking down at him and waiting for the day he’d die so he could fight it out like they did with Quinn. “I know it affected you more than anyone else." 

"He was my…” she paused and touched her necklace that had Finn’s name on it. Sam remembered again Mercedes asking him to help heal her heart. He understood what she meant by that now, but how was he to help heal her heart when he couldn’t heal his own.

“It gets better.” Sam replied reaching over and patting her hand. They sat in an uncomfortable silence shuffling their food again. What made this silence awkward is that when he and Mercedes shared silence, so much was said, but with Rachel…well it said a lot as well. It didn’t change how uncomfortable they were at this dinner talking about her ex. “So…glee club, right?”

“Yeah, it’s helping to keep me busy but it’s a lot to take on.” she admitted with a smile.

“With great power comes great responsibility!” Sam said doing an impression from Spiderman. Rachel looked at him awkwardly and then just looked away. “It’s from Spiderman…spiderman the movie…” he continued then they fell into silence again.

“What about you and the football team…things getting better now that you’re head coach?”

“Yeah, I was just telling Sue that everyone is coming around. One of the football players asked me to adopt him saying that I was more like a father figure to him than his own dad.” Sam responded with a side smirk feeling proud of himself. “I wish Mercedes had seen it to see how much I’ve grown. Last time she thought I couldn’t take care of living breathing things and this would show her I am capable of being a great father one day.” he beamed as he visualized coming home from work and swooping up his kids as they cheerfully ran to him along with their dog. He was too busy daydreaming that he didn’t notice the look on Rachel’s face.

“You still have a lot of feelings for her, huh?” she asked causing him to return back to reality. He wasn’t sure how to answer that when he literally told her that he was still in love with Mercedes. “She still has your heart?”

“I don’t know…I just have this feeling that we were meant to be together but I also have this weird feeling that I have to see where you and I go.” he paused as he tried to make sense of it all. Any time he thought of the future he always saw Mercedes.

“That is sweet.” she smiled and sighed. “I remember when Finn proposed I told Mercedes that no matter what I was doing, I always saw my future with him. And, for him not to be here…” she paused and looked away again. “I just feel lost here.” Sam wasn’t sure how to respond. He really didn’t see how he could help heal her heart.

“If I say follow your heart, will that sound too cliche?” he asked causing her to smile and then chuckle.

“If I follow my heart, I’ll be on a stage and broadway!” she smiled and looked at him.


After the wedding-

Mercedes smiled as she watched each member from the glee club say their speech to the couples getting married that day. Personally she thought they were all crazy getting married so young but she didn’t know anyone more deserving than them. Almost as if her neck was telepathically controlled she turned and looked over at Sam who was already looking her way. It was a bit awkward for her being the only single person at the wedding and sharing longing looks with her ex at a wedding. Weddings did that to people but she needed to be strong, especially if she was to move on and let go of Sam finally.

“Alright now wheels, move along and let me get on this microphone and state a couple things to the new married couples.” Sue said as she snatched the Mic from Artie. Artie rolled away glaring at her and shaking his head as he rejoined a table with Kitty. “Now, I am sure many of you have known me to be a sourpuss and may possibly think that I am evil.” she added looking at the crowd as they all shook their head on nodded. “I resent that!” she snapped pointing at each of the glee kids. “I never thought that I’d see the day that sandbags would actually find someone to marry.” she smiled at Santana and Brittany and then walked over to Kurt. “And sweet porcelain marrying young Burt Reynolds and making an old gal happy.” she smiled. “Now for the rest of you glee kids. Take it from these two who understand that true love is hard to find and even harder to replace.” she looked over at Rachel and smiled. “You all need to follow your hearts, only then will you find true happiness." 

She dropped the mic causing it to make a horrible sound before walking out and causing a crazy chain of event as everyone started to think about their hearts. Rachel frowned and looked down at her hands and then over at Mercedes. Mercedes smiled and gave her a nod. She knew what her true endgame was and where her heart belonged. Mercedes watched as she leaned over and spoke to Sam. She couldn’t help feel the sting in her heart as she watched them interact. Getting up from her seat she got up to leave unable to take watching everyone with their supposed heart’s as she sat alone with no one to turn to. Placing her coat on she avoided looking back as she made her way to the doors.

"Mercedes…” she heard a voice say causing her to turn around as she held the door opened. “I wanna thank you for everything you have done for me recently. If it weren’t for you and a couple of friends I wouldn’t have known where I needed to be…where I lond to be. You told me that New York is my endgame and I want to help you see yours.” Rachel smiled as she pulled Sam from behind the door. Mercedes looked over at Sam and smiled. “I’ll leave you two.” she stated before hugging Mercedes and whispering in her ear. “Stop letting him go. You’re right, he’s worth the risk.” Mercedes was speechless as she watched Rachel walk away before turning to look at Sam.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked extending his hand to her. She looked at his hand feeling a sense of deja vu all over again as a smile crept on her face.

“I’d love to!”


I’m so freaking Sappy! this aint happening on glee but dammit can I dream. I still hate Sue though lmfaoooooooo and RIB and a couple other ppl that will remain nameless

Blindness: Part Seven

Submitted by: b0omer

Description: The supernatural issues don’t exist. Everyone is normal. No one is dead, or a wolf, banshee, or coyote. Stiles and Lydia are best friends, and obviously like each other and Lydia is finally realizing her feelings towards Stiles. This is/will be a slow burn of the badass duo Stiles and Lydia.

Rating: T

Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance, Comedy

Author’s Note: Read it on FanFic.com

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